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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hague Express Watch: The Centre Cannot Hold

Martha Karua saw it and shouted GENOCIDE the loudest. And nobody can credibly fault her given all the insider knowledge accumulated in between her ears. The cabinet must be sorely missing the iron lady’s wits and guts. Just look at rudderless PNU’s gerrymandering.

The arrival of one Moreno Ocampo has changed Kenya’s political equation forever. All the bravado and brinkmanship are no more. The heat is on, the temperature boiling and with every new day the noose gets tighter around the necks of the scoundrels.

Make no mistake, President Kibaki is in total control. Just as he saved Kenya from stewing in her own blood, Kibaki will deftly but COMPETENTLY pull through this ICC crisis. His fierce patriotism will not allow him to abuse his oath of office by surrendering our sovereignty, NEVER.

What is more, Kibaki and PNU have the victim on a leash. They know too well that the ICC does not prosecute REGULAR acts of criminality which his opponents wrongfully yap about. State shooting of protesters and isolated cases extra-judicial regional killings is just proof of who has the monopoly of violence.

Last laugh
The ICC does not interfere nor investigate organs of state used to beat into shape unruly citizens. Killing, shooting to maim and tormenting citizens is an exclusive right of any regime worth its name.

ICC will find ready and incontrovertible evidence in our streets of Kabila adui, Madoadoa and Sangari. Moreno will be ruled out of order if he tries to delve into cause and effects. He must listen and act on the heat chasing the rat while the house is on fire.

The rioters shot dead from behind by police is a local matter. Moreno must act swiftly to protect those who shout loudest lest they break our eardrums. They have the number and the power to twist justice in their favour. They will have the last and longest laugh, game on.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

UrXlnc said...

na bado

Anonymous said...


Are you trying to write a book or a movie? on Kibaki, Uhuru, Saitoti, Karua, Michuki, Karume, Kabando wa Kabando, Njenga Othaya, Muhoho (kenya-airways e.t.c? on their stay in the Hague Jail ??

The above listed personalities are among the ones who attending the meetings with the Mungiki gang members at Statehouse and handed them money $$$$$ to go finish, slaughter innocent Kenyans all over the country especially in Nakuru and Naivasha
( Believe me pals this is from a recorded meeting by one of the mungiki guys who had his cell phone recording the statehouse meeting!!
why the hell do you think The state Machinery was unleashed on them?? after they paid them to slaughter innocent kenyans in cold blood?? didn't you ever wonder?


Anonymous said...


If you read history, genocides and ethnic cleansings are preceded by some genocidal leaders using dehumanizing words aimed at the prospective victims. In Rwanda, the Hutus called the Tutsis snakes in political rallies and on radio for months. In our case, in rallies, day after day, across the RV the signal words were "kabila adui yetu," "madoadoa," and "sangari." If you go back and watch the videos, when those words were uttered the crowds would get electrified. Words have consequences, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I hope that when this man Ocampo is finally done with Kenya he will still have balls to go and indict the Chinese for the on-going killings of thousands of rioters by the army in Urumqi province.

Anonymous said...

Only in Kenya is murdering neighbours and raping babies blamed on historical injustices. Ocampo better be prepared to hear some of the most barbaric tales and defenses.

Anonymous said...


Kenyans are really hungry for a messiah to worship. They used to worship Raila but he ended eating the nusu mkate with his mafia. Then, they turned their worshipping gaze to Obama, but Obama disappointed by going to visit the Ghanians first. Now, the roaming eyes of the ever human-worshipping Kenyans is on Moreno Ocampo. They are waiting for his entry into Nairobi on a white horse.

Oh, Messiah Moreno, don't disappoint or else we will kidnap ourselves and extort justice from you.

Mwambu said...

During the referendum of 2005, and also preceding the 2007 elections, the most vile anti-Kalenjin and Luo matusi were being tossed around like freesbies by PNU politicians, leaders and wananchi alike.

I would advise Ocampo to get recordings of the interviews on Kikuyu radio stations, where Kikiuyu politicians could be heard referring to Kalenjin and Luos in the most derogatory and dehumanising terms.

That being said, many a Kikiuyu politician even threatened to unleash the Mungikis on those whom they believed were not supporting Kibaki.

Do your research Ocampo or I will do it for you.

Anonymous said...

The Hague melodrama goes like this:

The Kikuyus think that the option will fix Kalenjin leaders (read Ruto).

The Kalenjins hope the option will fix Kikuyu leaders (read Uhuru).

The Luos are watering their mouths thinking that the option will fix Kikuyus (Uhuru) and Kalenjins (Ruto) and finally open the door to State House.

Your guess about Akamba (Kalonzo's)thinking is as good as mine.

So, as we speak, people are hostages to their kabila thoughts before they act on those thoughts come 2012. For me I have ironed my orange kitenge ready to jet out with Ocampo, if need be, before the Armageddon. Please, Ocampo don't pass me by!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mwambu for putting the record straight.

Panua mongrels have been spewing and FARTING a lot of LIES and DECEPTION over here... that they have been sinned against the most by being called kabila adui, madoadoa, sangiri etc. What a HUGE PACK OF NONSENSE!

The truth is that they are the ones who have been hurling a lot of very DEROGATORY and DEHUMANIZING and very VILE insults to the rest of the other Kenyan communities for ages and then they come here to pretend that they are holier that thou. PUMBAFF!!

Mwambu your comment deserves repeating:

"During the referendum of 2005, and also preceding the 2007 elections, the most vile anti-Kalenjin and Luo matusi were being tossed around like freesbies by PNU politicians, leaders and wananchi alike.

I would advise Ocampo to get recordings of the interviews on Kikuyu radio stations, where Kikiuyu politicians could be heard referring to Kalenjin and Luos in the most derogatory and dehumanising terms.

That being said, many a Kikiuyu politician even threatened to unleash the Mungikis on those whom they believed were not supporting Kibaki.

Phil said...


Having considered the prevailing circumstances and knowing what taking these Waki cases to the ICC means, it is my opinion that Kenya has no option but to form an acceptable tribunal to try the suspects.

Knowing what Kenyan politics is all about means, the tribunal impasse will have to be resolved in political terms.

The two principals, but mainly the president, still holds the ultimate triumph card. The president, perhaps more than the PM, stands to lose most should the cases proceed to the Hague. It will mean the Kenyan state is a failure and as such the GCG has no business governing the country. It would also mean a serious dent on the legacy of one President Kibaki if he had any at all.

Consequently, the president may resign (unlikely) or he may dissolve parliament (likely) as a means of buying time because the 10th parliament has refused to pass the Special Tribunal for Kenya 2009 bill. And I think if he took such drastic measures, which automatically disqualify him from running for a third presidential term, the donors and the ICC may just give Kenya more time to elect another parliament and form a new government and hope that the 11th bunge will be less burdened by 2007 PEV and hence be more likely to pass the STK 2009 bill.

And for Kenyans having experienced the disgraceful behavior of MPs of the 10th parliament will welcome the chance to elect new and supposedly clean leaders with open arms. The independent electoral body is in place, and although they currently lack capacity to register voters and conduct a full scale general election, i think the UN and donors can step in and assist in facilitating a new electoral process.

If that happens, Kibaki could easily swap places with ODM's Raila making himself Prime Minister and Raila becoming president in the subsequent government. Most MPs would end up losing their seats and awaiting their fate with Ocampo and anti-corruption courts.

Alternatively, Kibaki could still proceed to retirement and let his troops carry their own crosses. That could still give him some credibility and a little legacy. He will likely be tried for PEV but I do not think he will be jailed. He will be given amnesty on account of his age and position as a former head of state.

But this will be a last resort....the notorious and unholy KK alliance seems very unlikely to agree to a local tribunal whichever way it is constituted.

But I am not ruling it out all together. In Kenyan politics one week is a long time. Cheque books have yet to be opened.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the same would happen to all vernacular stations that broadcasted hatred. The recording in campaign rallies is also very important and remember NSIS also submitted their recording as evidence. It is not going to be easy for politicians who incited people during 2007 campaign period

Mwambu said...

Local tribunal will simply be a means for Kibaki/PNU to:

* trade for favors especially if the president retains his constitutional powers for amnesty, pardons or to forgive

* use Gicheru to shop around for an acquiescing pro PNU judge/judges

* a tool to blackmail and woo leaders that the PNU wants to use to build alliances pre-2012 elections

Kenya has been a failed state for eons, what with the Armenian Artur brothers being appointed to the rank of Deputy Commissioners of Kenya Police with authority and powers to:

* beat up any Kenyan immigration and custom officers at JKIA;

* pull their guns on Kenyan citizens at our major port of entry JKIA.

* Ride around our capital city, Nairobi, in vehicles with no license plates or tags!!

Heck, Kenya is, was, and has been a failed state since probably 2004 or 2005.

Mwambu said...

@12:23 AM, I totally concur with your sentiments there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:23 AM,

You say:

"NSIS also submitted their recording as evidence. It is not going to be easy for politicians who incited people during 2007 campaign period"

You "conviniently" choose to "forget" that the NSIS, under the leadership Gichangi was also heavily partisan - read Panua leaning. It allowed itself to be used to do spying, progaganda and manipulation "work" for the Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki camp long before the elections were held and then STOLEN in broad daylight.

Anonymous said...


Why are you afraid of The Hague, is because Ruto might decide to go down with Raila? For once, let your gods fed for themselves!

Anonymous said...

Let us forget this Kikuyu-Luo-Kalenjin nonsense. Lets have Kalonzo and Mudavadi as President and PM respectively. Those two come from peace-loving cultures.

Anonymous said...

When Ocampo comes to town, some people are promising to give him their best dish. Guess what it is - matumbo from Kibera washed down with chang'aa. Karibu nyumbani Bw Ocampo na ujue yakwamba hakuna matata.

Anonymous said...

All this pumbavu talk by the PNU wing of government that Kenya is a sovereign and not a failed state is utter BULLCRAP.

Kenya, thanks to Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki and his huge horde of thuggish and clownish supporters - the born fuckin' thieves, is already a FAILED STATE.

Mwambu put it so accurately thus:

"Kenya has been a failed state for eons, what with the Armenian Artur brothers being appointed to the rank of Deputy Commissioners of Kenya Police with authority and powers to:

* beat up any Kenyan immigration and custom officers at JKIA;

* pull their guns on Kenyan citizens at our major port of entry JKIA.

* Ride around our capital city, Nairobi, in vehicles with no license plates or tags!!

Heck, Kenya is, was, and has been a failed state since probably 2004 or 2005."

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:03 AM,

Whether they bribe him with matumbo and chang'aa or not that will not stop him from indicting their messiah.

Mwambu said...

@12:52 AM, you too, do have a point there.

How many recordings of anti Luo, Luhya, Kalenjin recordings and threats did NSIS' Gichangi share with Justice Waki? Did Waki independently search for for threats and anti ODM recordings independent of what he was given by the partisan Gichangi? These recordings should include pre and post election recordings, including those encouraging anti-ODM violence.

I do vividly remember the many despicable threats condoning violence that were uttered by PNU controlled media, especially Kikuyu radio stations and politicians, including Kibaki, against ODM supporting groups.

Kibaki is belatedly figuring out that he is not out of the woods yet, and is now sweating bullets knowing that if Ocampo does a thorough job, then his goose is cooked- and cooked very well.

Anonymous said...

On a recent business trip to Kisumu, I was shocked by the high number of madmen walking the streets. When I returned to Nairobi, I asked my doctor why it is that way. He told me that in Luo Nyanza their is a very high incidence of cerebral malaria. Because the GCG govt has failed to highlight this catastrophe we need to report them to the World Health Organization. Period!

Mwambu said...

@12:57 AM, Kalonzo Musyoka is a career opportunist.

There is no way in our life time that someone like Kalonzo should ascend to the presidency of the ROK, particularly given that he is "Baba" Moi's project numero uno.

If you want a Kamba for president, at least choose one with gravitas or msimamo, neither of which Kalonzo posseses.

Anonymous said...

Some power hungry idiot thinks that he will ride on Ocampo's back to State House. He will wait until he dies like his father, howling at the ceiling.

Anonymous said...

Now that you have come back to Kumekucha, can you please remind us the date when Raila is being installed as a Kikuyu elder in Nyeri. Also confirm whether, Kamaru, my favorite Kikuyu musician will be gracing the occassion.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else thought that most of the problems Kenyans face come from that group of confused thugs calling itself the cabinet and their collective irresponsibity.Yesterday,when I heard they were all holed up in one room playing dice with our lives as they always do,I got some very unholy thoughts,what if something were to..... God forbid!But surely the rest of us would get to live in relative peace!

Anonymous said...

If Kalonzo is a career political opportunist, then what do you call Raila? A career political thug?

Name one corrupt deal Kalonzo has ever been involved in, or name one of his political followers who raped or murdered in Jan 2008. Please, give the man a fair assessment.

Anonymous said...

And what makes you think kenya is not a failed state. Indeed it is. You are all living the lie that you have a republic, a nation, a state called kenya. No nation or state can exist where its citizens do not share basic fundamental values that make a society. In kenya we cannot continue to cheat ourselves that we share these values.
Killing another human being for a mobile phone is so easy in kenya and you claim we have a working state. what this means is that the govt cannot claim to protect its citizens, the justice system is in shambles and worse of all the citizens do not share the same values that could bring them together as a country. A look at our polititians is even depressive no need to comment.

Anonymous said...

Hear this about the cabinet meeting of yesterday Tuesday 14th July 2009:

"Majority of the PNU-allied ministers are said to favour a special division of the High Court."

This is for obvious reasons. It will help the PNU wing HIDE THE TRUTH and get away with their ELECTORAL THEFT and PEV crimes against humanity.

It is on record (check the Hansard if you doubt me) that Mr John "the rattlesnake" Michuki stood up on the floor of parliament and said the following:

"We want a local tribunal because we will be able to "CONTROL". it"

Your guess is a good as mine as to what this "CONTROL" by Mr Rattlesnake meant. (Hint: to cover up the truth about the STOLEN elections and the PEV crimes of the PNU wing)

Anonymous said...

For once I agree with ODMorons. Lets go to The Hague so that we can smoke out Raila "Kabila Adui" Odinga. We don't want a local court where Raila can fix Ruto.

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:57 AM,

Ati Kalonzo for president? You must be out of your mind. If all you are interested in is a Kamba for president, you should be thinking of somebody like Madame Charity Ngilu.

Ngilu has over a BILLION times more GRAVITAS and leadership abilities that Kalonzo "msaliti."

Kazi ya Kalonzo ni Kulamba lamba matako ya whoever is calling the shots.

Anonymous said...

sarcastic. Kibaki must face the law whether in Kenya ,Othaya or abroad! the blood that ali spilt on his behest is crying more than ever before and the hague is just the tip of the icebag. our kenyan law is clear on hanging the murderer and hussein saddam served as an example. hussein Ali is on the list with kubaff. Last laugh indeed!

M-Pesa said...

It's sad that the issue of justice has been reduced to personal, tribal and party propaganda by pea brain Kenyans. This is the time when we should be united against the ruling Mafia elite that wants to scuttle justice.

This cabal of politicians have been consistently raping this country through corruption, extortion, tribalism, deception, extra-judicial killings and other vices.

It's little wonder that Kenya has been named as a failed state by the US based Fund for Peace think tank. I mean, just look at queues of desperate wananchi fighting for water throughout our major towns in this day and age!

There are militia groups in every corner, rampant poverty, thousands of jobless graduates, impunity and fraud while our leaders bicker over pecking order, limos, salaries carpets and toilets! These are some of the hallmarks of a failed state that we have become.

This is our chance to unite and demand justice for those murdered in cold blood, raped, mutilated, evicted, forcibly ejected from buses and circumcised during post election violence in a politically organized mayhem.

This is not the time to act as a cheering mob for ethnic chieftains but to round them up and frog march them to The Hague. Kila mtu abebe mzingo wake. Justice must cut both ways. If we can't inflict a bloody nose on the ruling elite now, then when?

As I said, it just curdles the blood and boggles the mind to think we have killers lurking around in cabinet and parliament. That's the sad part!

Philip said...

The issue of Hague has become another ODM-PNU fight. Okay. I'm still surprised that we have learned people among ourselves who still support or have a soft spot on our leaders and their "leadership".

I have lost all hopes in our leaders that I don't think I'll support Local Tribunal, unless maybe they are replaced by good leaders. A Local Tribunal to me is like allowing Hyenas to set up a Kangaroo court to prosecute fellow hyenas for glutton and scavenging.

PEV was bad because it grossly violated freedom of life, expression and association, that eventually led to deaths of around 2,000 people and displacement of nearly 300,000 people. But what is this compared to the number of people who die daily from diseases, hunger, crime, accidents, most of which could have been avoided if we had good leadership that could have improved our standard of living and mitigate such deaths?

When I think on this line I see guilty people want to prosecute other guilty people. Even if I ignore looking at it this way and decide to see the events 3 months before December 2007 and 3 months after December 2007 I still see most of the leaders in Parliament, if not all, in both ODM and PNU side guilty.

Nonetheless we need to kick these leaders out of the government.

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa @2:17,

While I agree, to a large extent, with what you have said, I must stress this:

We cannot blame the ruling class alone. This ruling elite is a very accurate mirror image of the Kenyan society whose values are very silly. We average Kenyans admire mediocrity and abhor excellence. We admire thieves and looters while looking down upon those who try to make an honest living through honest hard work. In fact, isitoshe, we regard such honest people to be FOOLS.

Now, with such kind of thinking, it would be a miracle if our ruling elite behaved in a upright manner. The ruling elite are just a mirror image of us. It is us who must change before the ruling elite changes.

Anonymous said...

Kenyan politics is just plain shady, the politicians are even shadier and kenyan people are the shadiest for believing in them and supporting them.
Infact Kenyans dont deserve that beautiful land they live in, what a waste of natural resources on loosers.

Anonymous said...

You have said what ever one juwas,odm is cooked! I will never forget when raila was been given free air time by the b.b.c(yep,they were odm damu!)and he said the ppl burned in church attacked first!!Ati it was self defence!Now wacha they use that excuse huku HAGUE!!

Anonymous said...

We, the average, common Kenyan, HATE the truth and adore and love LIES.

This can be seen everywhere, even on the comments section of this blog. For example, several people have insisted since the begining of last year and even upto now that Kibaki won the elections fair and square. That is absurd. That is a very big, fat and blatant Lie. The truth which many Kenyans refuse to accept is that he stole the elections in broad daylight. He is a THIEF!

Anonymous said...

Daily Nation

Cornered Kifaki to meet Kikwete of Tanzania after meeting EU Heads of Missions accredited to Kenya.

Move to slow the Hague Express?

SHOKED said...

It is very sad that the conversation here indicates that young Kenyans believe that Kofi Annan (a Ghanaian who failed to stop the 1994 Rwanda's genocide when he had the power to do so as the head UN Peace Keeping Forces in 1994), Judge Kriegler (white supremacist South African who do not give a damn about black person), DONOR nations(who have strangle hold on Kenya's and Africa's affairs as well as the natural resources while driving 99% of Africa’s to disease and slum life) and Luis Moreno-Ocampo(the multinational corporations hired gun) will bring some order to Kenya.

The plain truth is these guys are hired by well organized foreign syndicates solely interested in the Kenya’s natural resources and the Kenyan elites who can help them control these resources. This has been the motivation for these foreigners since 1963! If this was not the case, Daniel arap Moi would not have ruled Kenya for 24years while operating the "nyayo house" under the noses of these international communities and getting awards after awards for it! Kenya's Institutes of higher learning became the battle grounds for GSU. Those Kenya's students (future leaders) with opposing voices were detained, killed or driven to foreign lands.

The donors are interested in local puppets, selected and groomed to represent the organized interests of these foreign syndicates. Tribalism is fiercely promoted by these foreigners because that is their preferred mode of operation as it places the blame squarely at the doors of the warring tribes. The 2007 election turmoil killed and displaced poor Kenyans. However, the international corporations shipping resources out of Mombasa port was severely disabled. These folks were hit where it hurts most (in their pockets). This was the main rationale for creating the coalition government that would restore the flow of resources out of the port of Mombasa.

The deaths of poor Kenyans have nothing to do with why the Kenya’s ruling elites in the Coalition government are being coerced into forming tribunals to bring themselves to justices. Why would there be a “Quid pro quo” with the very ruling power brokers suspected of causing death and displacement of thousands of poor Kenyans? How do Kenyans who were murdered or lost everything benefit from this coerced exchange? Why can’t these foreigners tell us who rigged the 2007 Kenya’s elections? After all these elections were supervised by them! Instead of jumping on the turmoil that followed from the rigged election, wouldn’t finding who rigged the election be the best starting point for the investigation if a genuine political solution has to be found?

As for the Kenya’s youths, start thinking for yourselves instead of depending on or trusting DONORS and UN and regurgitating what they feed you in the media while taking food away from your children and leaving them only with death, despair or perpetual hatred of one another! By promoting tribalism and hatred of among Kenya’s tribal groups, these foreigners have you exactly where they want you to be and that is being taken to The Hague after you have exhausted your usefulness to them!!

Taabu said...

Well, conspiracy theory just like rumours is an excitable subject. Lessons from such a class for the first time makes you think so highly of yourself. But after few weeks, you discover to your disappointment that what hitherto seemed superlatively intellectual was nothing but high-sounding nothings packaged singularly to soothe and expand the ego of those who refuse to think an inch further than their short sights.

Woe unto you who dismiss the obvious and instead foolishly opt for the grandiose and abstract sounding theories.

Anonymous said...

Why do fools like to argue from the tribal point of view?

KIBAKI is the only criminal who stole elections, ordered police to shoot innocent tree banch carrying civilian demonstrators. He allowed children in Kisumu and Kakamega to be shot.

He met with Mungiki in the State House and later hid there uttering nothing when Kenya was burning.

Whoever wants to occupy that dirty stinking State House after 2012must be insane. That's why Kenya wants PM to lead Kenya in a true democratic manner and the President sleep in the SH, like the one occupying it now.

He will soon continue his sleep in the Hague.

Anonymous said...

He is rejecting DT Dobbie Car orders.

Why is Kibaki cheating the small man. A contract is a contract. You can not breach it.

Dont fool us Kibaki. You want to divert the money into your private account?

Daniel Waweru said...


During the referendum of 2005, and also preceding the 2007 elections, the most vile anti-Kalenjin and Luo matusi were being tossed around like freesbies by PNU politicians, leaders and wananchi alike.

I would advise Ocampo to get recordings of the interviews on Kikuyu radio stations, where Kikiuyu politicians could be heard referring to Kalenjin and Luos in the most derogatory and dehumanising terms.

That being said, many a Kikiuyu politician even threatened to unleash the Mungikis on those whom they believed were not supporting Kibaki.

Do your research Ocampo or I will do it for you.

The research came in a while ago. The Kenya Human Rights Commission's Violating the Vote found that more than a third of all reported incidents of hate speech aimed at promoting ethnic hatred came from the Rift Valley (The table is on p. 23 of the report). That's more than double the number of incidents reported in any other province.

Paul Collier's Wars, Guns and Votes has a section the Kenyan election (around p. 71, depending on your edition) which draws on the research he did when he was here. It's pretty unambiguous: he identifies Raila as the main culprit of the ethnic mobilization for violence. That follows both from his Kenya research, and his wider finding that opposition parties in Africa are likelier than incuments to resort to ethnic violence because oppositions lack the incumbent's advantages in money and logistics.

Mwambu said...

Sorry Daniel Waweru your post is specious bordering on trite.

And so you point out that most speech promoting hatred was in the Rift Valley- so what? The Rift Valley is a multiethnic Province predominantly inhabited by Kalenjins, Kikuyus, Luhyas, and others. In order to figure out which group was more offensive towards the other, one would probably need the equivalent of Nielsen Radio meters or TAM electronic meters keeping tabs on ALL forms of hate speech- media, stump speeches, political rallies, etc, of what constitutes hate speech, a fact your KHRC reference abjectly fails to do. Does news from the plethora of Kikuyu radio stations relayed across airwaves from, say, Nairobi, Nakuru or Nyeri, that were disseminating anti-Kalenjin broadcast count in your specious reasoning?

Colliers research is equally weak, in my opinion. As far as mobilizing ethnic groups, unfortunately it has become the raison d'etre of Kenyan politics perfected by your very own PNU and Kibaki.

If you and Collier attempt a modicum of objectivity, you will realise that during the campaign period preceding the 2007 elections, your PNU sponsored Chinkororo thugs under the command of the Gusii warlord, Simeon Nyachae, almost killed Ruto, et al, near Keroka.

As for Colliers other shallow statement, the theory is not supported by facts in the Kenyan situation, and even in other cases from Africa. The incumbent party and candidate, such as Kibaki and PNU, used public resources to tilt the field to its advantage, in addition to exploiting the ethnic factor to its advantage; carving out Kisii as Ford-People territory, Trans-Nzoia and Bungoma as Ford-K fiefdom, etc.

Additionaly, the state resorts to monopolizing its use of violence, justified or not, as the cases in Kisumu, Kakamega, etc illustrate. In these two ODM strongholds, as well as in Nairobi, Kibaki and his PNU regime commited grievious crimes against humanity; many innocent Kenyans lost their lives or were critically maimed for life.

Waweru, as you are well aware Ocampo and the ICC is very interested in my last point, because many state actors, including Kibaki, Michuki, etc, will have to answer to the ICC for their massive violations of human rights, violations of rights on accounts of ones' ethnicity, illegitimate use of force, and violence against innocent Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

I am sure some of you are flapping your lips here imagining you can tilt the Hague guys to your person's favor. You wont. Just keep quiet until that envelop is opened, then you can confirm the names of the murderers. One of them is not making a secret of the fact he is scared witless. Kenyans are downright stupid and they deserve the shafting they been getting from their useless excuse of leaders. Dumb idiots cant even agree on what constitutes murder. mathafakas!

SHOKED said...



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