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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Karua Flogging Dead Anglo Leasing Ghosts

They returned the money back to the government. So Anglo Leasing is truly the scandal that never was. Kiraitu told us as much during his reign as Justice Minister. So what else does Martha Karua want after the official clarification to the same effect from both her predecessor and treasury?

The Narc-K chairperson must know when to stop talking. She served the government diligently and as much as the cabinet is missing her skirt for cover, the Gichugu MP must tame her upper pair of lips. No form nor amount of political tantrums can sanitize sour grapes.

The treasury may have promised parliaments that the government terminated all Anglo Fleecing contracts. But Basic English tells you contract is founded on obligations that must be met by both parties. The fleecers did their part and expensively package and sold us air and it is incumbent upon Kenya to pay.

Anglo Leasing owners are not local DT Dobie who we can generously subject to fiat and raw power in contravention of a signed contract. And Martha must stop being cheeky in sneaking in UNFOUNDED demands knowing too well Finance Minister and DPM together with his PS are on grander mission abroad to oil the wheels of Kenya.

Karua and Bonny Khalwale must learn to respect official communication. The able and decorated AG Amos Wako has himself told Parliament the Government had cancelled five contracts when it became apparent they were fraudulent. We don’t need sophisticated Forensic Science Laboratories when special police units can comprehensively deal with thugs and militias.

Sour grapes
Kenyans must learn to count their blessing one by one. They are fortunate enough to be led by an accomplished economist who remains a genius among his village peers since 1960s to date.

President Kibaki’s austerity measures and prudence in rejecting expensive vehicles couldn’t be more proof that he cannot allow Kenyans to be fleeced on his watch. So Karua’s challenge that Treasury officials present proof that the Government had indeed terminated Anglo Leasing contracts is retrogressive and insensitive to a progressive regime.

Madam Karua must respect the collective responsibility she took oath on and stop revealing government secrets under the pretext of seeking transparency. She is better advised to stop the beautiful circus that hitherto defined her.

Martha speaking of constitutional and legal reforms makes her lips contort so strangely she would rather not try. She must stop shadowboxing His Excellency the President who made her what she is today. Sour grapes as a rule are often juiceless.


Anonymous said...

Martha Karua should report all the Anglo-Leasing thieves and ghoasts to Prosecutor Ocampo, the newly discovered messiah for for a lot of Kenyans. Kenyans will hug and kiss even the devil as long as he is foreign. They kissed the Arturs as foreign "investors." Now, they are busy worshipping Ocampo while they wait for his foreign "justice." Soon, they will be crying for the devil to bring them foreign "fire" to warm their hovels. Silly Kenyans never learn!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Taabu your style of writing is rather thick, difficult to understand. it's like you use physics to write your posts.

Chris, where did u get this guy?

Injeraz said...

Kumekucha has been completely silent on Raila's Ksh 33million private residence upgrade, and on his own sister being given a diplomatic posting. Why does Kumekucha cover-up for Raila and ODM?

Anonymous said...

Taabu,you surely do love Martha now,but wasnt it you who posted that photo showing her legs sometimes back and the unflattering comments about how unappealing they were.So,apart from the fact that she's no longer a minister,what else about her has changed?Or can we say you hated her for just being in the cabinet and now she's out of it she becomes loveable?Consistency Mr.Taabu,some consistency please!

Anonymous said...


welcome to Kumekucha proper where raila's evils are carefully avoided and masked by carefully choreographed
diversionary stories. here raila is simply a god to likes of taabu, sam okello and chris who do not raise a finger concerning his excesses. the sad thing is that all these guys are in their 40's and are still stuck in mediocrity regardless of their journalistic skills.
however the truth is that Kumekucha was long sold and is a propaganda tool for raila and by extension ODM. its a shame.


M-Pesa said...

Injeraz, I concur!

So why has this blog said absolutely nothing about Raila's scandalous Ksh 33M renovation of his private Karen residence to entertain guests courtesy of tax payer? Building a similar house in Karen would cost less than 20M!

With this government, you can bet when they say 33M, they actually mean 75M. This blog also said absolutely nothing about buying BP/Shell building to be converted into PM's luxurious office for Ksh 700M excluding renovations, so that's about 1Billion while decent and hardworking Kenyans starve!

Yesterday a blood soaked cabinet minister made a big U turn from drumming Hague option to the so called reconciliation option, but that as well has been swept under the carpet here as you would expect.

Chris has made a promise to reveal his true identity since he wants to start some nationwide political movement.

But how on earth will his movement change anything on the ground when this blog is so politically and ethnically biased? Just from their ethnic backgrounds, you can almost tell which angle Chris (Kamba) Phil (Luo), Taabu (Kalenjin) etc will take. You are not dealing with kids here.

Come on Chris, if you really want to "come out" of the closet to lead some revolution, you can start by injecting some reforms right here on this blog! If you do that, I may as well volunteer in your movement especially when it comes to PR stunts...FREE!

Anonymous said...

who is screwing Karua these days? I wonder why some priests are marrying in secret. Wamugunda left her and now she is ... tell us chris

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

On monday Raila lead a convoy of 8 ODM ministers on what was ostensibly a working tour of Kisii,flags fluttering in their official limos and 4 by 4's which they have refused to give up as per the budget directive.But this was no working tour,it later turned out it was a campaign tour for the coming Bomachoge by-election.Never mind that these were the folks yapping loudest about misuse of state resources during the 2007 campaigns.Now according to ODM/Raila,rigging isnt rigging,corruption isnt corruption,any form of excess isnt that as long as it is them/him doing it.But let it come from the other side and the rhetoric will burst your eardrums with Kumekucha gleefuly picking it up!

Mwambu said...

Ever observed rabid hyenas devouring left-overs?

What you are seeing now amongst these Kibakistas and PNU types is akin to what one sees in rabid hyenas that have less and less to feed on and are now left to turn on each other.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:08 PM,

Don't blame Taabu for having some "thickness" in his written communication skills, blame it on Nyayo regime which gave him a university scholarship without being qualified just on the account of being a Kaleo worrior. The middle aged worrior now misses to death those "good old day."

Anonymous said...


Those who sit and wait for a triumphant entry into Nairobi by Ocampo on a white horse will wait untill their butts and those of their children flatten into chapatis. It isn't going to happen. And if he tries, Kenya will be his waterloo - a career breaker that will send him into retirement back to Argentina where former Nazis were given sanctuary.

Anonymous said...

Chris Kumekucha,

You have betrayed the trust of your loyal readers (and by extension all Kenyans who hate corruption) by intentionally avoiding to highlight what is obviously a criminal abuse of public office by PM Raila A. Odinga. I don't want to use the overly loaded word, "msaliti," on you, but I hope you can understand the deeply felt anxiety within the ranks of those who treasure Kumekucha and its original mission.

You don't need to highlight any wrongdoing by the PM if there is a good reason for avoiding it, but at least come out and say why you have gone AWOL on this matter.

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