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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hague Express and the Tale of Two Envelopes

Annan has called Kenya bluff. The Hague engine is revving and pretenders are torn between the fa├žade of plastic sovereignty and refusing the local tribunal. Well, you can never bake your cake and gobble it, or can you?

Kofi Annan must have witnessed firsthand original vices made and practiced in Kenya while staying in Nairobi for months last year, He saw through the gimmicks of the Mutula-led delegation to Geneva. He has proved to the scoundrels that you cannot fool all the people all the time by taking them round in circles with empty promises. In essence Annan has hit back hard where it hurt most. Just look at the panic button permanently pressed all over. Political temperatures can only go one direction, up.

The heat is on and there may be no place to hide anymore. Even those who have been entertaining the fallacy of Hague’s long process are stung. They may not show it but the dread and anxiety is written all over their faces. Ocampo’s prompt opening of the envelope handed to him by Annan amounts to another squeeze at the noose tightening around the neck of Hague suspects.

Before 2007, Kenya was a model African democracy until that democracy was heinously bastardized. Nobody ever thought the might Kanu would be politically vanquished at the 2002 polls. That came to pass and the evil Moi rose above all selfishness to hand over power. Make no mistake Moi had all the state apparatus to do as he wished. Even the polarized 2005 referendum came to pass. But not when the political stakes peaked in 2007.

Judge Kriegler may have been diplomatic in his no winner verdict. But the old man knew better than douse an inferno with fuel. Making inference from first principles leaves you asking if there was no winner then why one was sworn in at midnight.

But that is the wrong question. Basic deduction belittles the enormity of the task and apocalypse President Kibaki saved Kenya. Power abhors vacuum and Kibaki had to DUTIFULLY and DUELY fill the void lest Kenyans stewed themselves in their own blood. It therefore defeats logic to examine the genesis of PEV if we are to address its casualties.

Wrong question
Hiding behind empty sovereignty slogans are foxes waiting to pounce on their next prey. True to their colours, they will never a Special Tribunal Bill that demands those implicated to immediately step aside. That is not the way we do things in Kenya. Taking any form of personally responsible for your actions in an alien philosophy here.

The Special Tribunal Bill shamelessly permutes impunity by giving the president the freehand to abuse the powers of clemency. Surely Kenya has its owners and the voters must be ready to either pay rent or relocate elsewhere.

But not just yet. The Ocampo elephant is squarely chocking the room and no political bets are is binding now. And who knows Moreno Ocampo maybe that silver bullet to comprehensively sanitize and then deodorize Kenyan politics.

Game on. It is only us who can free ourselves from this bondage. YES WE CAN and MUST.


Lebo said...

Well put, Taabu. River ICC is flowing strongly from Lake Hague after tributary Annan broke it banks and took all its water at Delta OCampo. River ICC is headed fast towards Stone Kenya and Wetangula is saying the Stone is too strong and will not be pushed by the River. After all, he says, Rivers only move stones that have assumed a round shape and can no longer stand their ground. Kibaki and Company can see the River coming fast and it is roaring. They can see Bashir and Taylor uprooted and flowing downstream. Earlier they thought the River is very small and slow, but now that Tributary Annan brought in so much water and Delta OCampo did not offer any resistance (instead he has promised to open all the gates today!), Stone Kenya is in a panic. Many Kenyans are cheering on the River ICC and they feel the rounded Stone Kenya will roll downstream and gather no moss, but Kibaki and Raila are saying they will create a local river within Kenya before River ICC reaches them.
Haaaa! We are headed for interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Taabu
We the people of Kenya are ready to step in at any time!

Let Ocampo start his work by opening the envelope and let kenyans know who are the first calprits of the slaughter of innocent kenyans - let them step aside

But he must start with the ring leader
1. Kibaki
2 Uhuru the mungiki lord of the Mafia ring
3. Michuki the heartless Killer
4. Saitoti the general Idd Amin in disguise
5. Martha karua for facilitating and fund raising(she was very vocal on BBC)
6. Njenga Karume(Meeting at statehouse
7. Kabondo wa kabondo( now controls the vigilante group in central ordered to finish the mungiki)
and all the MP's and Minister in ODM who had a hand in the murder of innocent Kenyans .. nobody should be spared.. I named the above because they were in government then. they still controlled the government when the clashes happened and they either gave orders to the police and army to shoot and kill innocent kenyans or raised funds to pay the mungiki to go out and massacre innocent kenyans!!
ala hear it from me Most kenyans know who is on the list and Kenyans who lost their loved ones have a very long wish list- All the people who carried out manslaughter, beheading, executions(even mungiki's are human beings they deserve a right to be head in court not executed like dogs..
6. and any ODM and other party Members -who ever hand a hand in the death of innocent kenyans must face the Hague too..

Kenyans are ready to take back Kenya from this army of thugs..
let Ocampo released the names with immediate effect.. those bastards have to immediately resign - from their positions in government and if Kibaki is named then he must step down and let the speaker of the house take over.. Kalonzo the thief was never a signatory to the coalition government!!!

Even in USA Dick Cheny and Bush are in trouble for hiding security program facts from congress!!

Kenyans remember nobody is above the Law of the Land and no human being should be allowed to make you slaves in your own country and start shouting that Kenya is a sovereign country!!

Sovereign Mavi ya kuku when we still have IDP's in camps and our fellow citizens(I mean slaves are starving) while the thugs in parliament are driving around in very expensive cars! they refuse to pay taxes and now we hear Most MP's and Ministers are members in all committees in order to claim thousands of tax payers money on fake transportation and expenditures!!

The Coalition is useless it is about time Kenyans took back their country.. begin with a sit in.. fast track on the New Constitution.. the same way this fools tried to play the cat and mouse game with Koffi Annan is the same way they will play with the constitution if we as Kenyans lets them.


KenyaLuv said...

Why is William Ruto panicking so much though? He's like a deer in the headlights. Can Kibaki and Raila lead the march to the Hague. I hope sheep-like Kenyans don't start screaming trying to protect their leaders. If you believe your leader is innocent then dont cause mayhem trying to protect him/her.Hague is better than local tribunal because tribunal will just cause a respark of violence as leaders will claim their community is being attacked. Hague is the most neutral place.Lets see if Ocampo really has the guts, prove yourself. I want to see Kibaki and Raila,Ruto & Ntimama in a dock! That will be a beautiful sight

Anonymous said...

anon7/12/09 8:40 PM

The warning come first and furious from Ghana! either you stand up and be counted .... no corruption, stand for democracy or get out.

Kibaki and Raila have no stone to climb on in the River.. the River overtook them and slowed them and now the only direction the River is flowing before they are pulled out is directly to HAGUE. there they will find Ocampo's hand waiting to pull them out straight to ICC:):)

the saying goes the last kick of a dying Donkey is very strong .. so lets brace ourselves and see what they come up with..

let me guess

1. I big disturbance ( where more kenyans will die... they might use the Word Terrorists attack..
( this will be to disrupt and confuse Kenyan and buy more time

2. organize more high level assassinations like they did with the dead former MP's this time they might target a minister or both MP's and Ministers

3. Create a scenario and call it Ethnic cleansing again like Martha Karua was shouting on BBC

One can't put any disruptive scenario passed this rogues and thugs in government especially when Kenyans have watched them assassinating even activities...

My advise to Ocampo is to watch closely - this goons are planning something big to disrupt the country and in turn delay the Hague process.. Killings to them is like singing a song..

My advise to Kenyans is to be very vigilante to be on the watch out more than ever... the dying donkeys last Kick is yet to come and remember it is normally very strong!!

Anonymous said...

anon7/12/09 9:38 PM

are you kidding me? where in the world does it show Ruto panicking?

Ruto has welcomed the Hague factor - he fought for it and it has come to pass!! so where does he say or what actions has he taken to show he is panicking??

Try to post your Propaganda else where:)

ha!!ha!!you are hilarious and who did Raila give orders to?? to Kill Innocent Kenyans??
mmmm let me see******

Kibaki ordered the Police to shot dead innocent kenyans in broad daylight-That is a crime against humanity ( his own citizens)
Kibaki met with Mungiki at statehouse and his residence - handed them money to go and behead, slaughter and Kill innocent Kenyans

Kibaki gave the Police the order through Michuki to go out and execute mungiki youth,
ask Maina Kiai for that report and witness accounts


So my friend stop piling up other peoples names just because your thug and thief is a blood thirsty murderer!! na nimesema!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:48
Its Kenyans like you who make it necessary to take all those mentioned in the Waki envelope to be taken to the Hague.Its really disgusting to see someone so passionately defend those perceived to be from their side clean and those seen to be from the opposing side guilty.This is why a local tribunal will never work in Kenya,as long as we continue taking partisan and tribal positions when it comes to how we view the accused.And as the prosecutor to the ICC Luis Moreno Ocampo succintly put it,the ICC isnt interested in the political angle,all they care about is for PEV victims to get fair justice.So can someone pls tell Ruto to shut his trap and wait for his turn at the ICC and then while there explain to Ocampo how a rigged election made them so mad they could only kill,evict and burn thousands of poor peasants houses purely because of their political affiliation.How I long for that day.

Anonymous said...

Excitables Kenyans should hold their breath for the time being. Unless their is more evidence somewhere, the one in the Waki Report can't indict anyone.

The Hague may end up indicting only one or two people at most and that will be after three years of additional investigations. And those two will unfortunately come from one ethnic community and the charges will be for planning ethnic cleansing.

All the other crimes will be declared to be outside The Hague jurisdiction.

Anonymous said...

If young Kenyans are looking for the outside world to come and rescue them from the scourge of corruption, assassinations, and impunity by the ruling elites who consider themselves above the laws, they are going to wait for a long, long time!

The question that young Kenyans must ask themselves is, "why does this International Criminal Court only apply to third world countries and only those countries that have no good relationship with the western corporations?"

The characters taken to the Hague are the fools who have been used by the west for years to loot Africa until these morons have exhausted their usefulness. In the past,the west used to discard these fool through assassinations or coup d'etats. Now, the ICC at the Hague has become very handy.

Has any of you ever wondered why Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Idi Amin of Uganda, or Mobutu Sese Seko of the Democratic Republic of Congo, were never taken to the Hague? Because these elites killed or terrorized ther citizen on behalf of multinational corporations and their supporting governments!! They served the foreign interests until they became liabilities. The corporations do not tolerate liability, they discard them!!!

Kofi Annan, Judge Kriegler or Moreno-Ocampo are merely hired guns for multinational corporations. While Judge Kriegler was able to determine who should go to the Hague, he was unable to determine who rigged 2007 Kenya's elections which gave rise to the problem!!!

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