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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Can Change Really Come To Kenya Without You?

As I write this, President Obama of the United States has just finished his tour of Ghana. Before he left that Cocoa country, he said a few things about Kenya that our leaders are not taking lying down. Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula has suggested Obama’s comments were ill-informed.

On this Sunday morning in Kenya I find that very funny. And you will too after I reveal a few things about the matatu-riding president of the United States.

As usual our politicians are quick to defend themselves even as the rot all around them stinks to the high heavens. They also conveniently have very short memories.

It is a fact that President Obama and knows more about Kenya than all the past Presidents of the United States put together ever understood about Africa.

On Obama’s first trip back to the home of his ancestors in the 90s, the guy slept on the sofa in some seedy Nairobi neighborhood and rode matatus all over the place. And remember those were the pre-Michuki-rules days when breathing inside a crowded matatu was not for the faint-hearted. Indeed Obama knows more about the life of an ordinary Kenyan than Moses Wetangula or any other cabinet minister will ever understand in the next 100 years. When was the last time Kibaki, Raila or Wetangula rode in a crowded Matatu? Or slept on the sofa?

If there was any ray of hope for change in Kenya to be found with our current crop of leaders then their response to President Obama’s remarks would have been much more intelligent and less arrogant. But alas, if you are like me then you know we can never have change until we remove the current crop of jokers calling themselves our leaders. And they need to be removed by any means possible.

It should be crystal clear by now that for anything good to happen in our motherland all the current crop of leaders MUST go home. Kenyans need to gain courage and come out and insist (at great risk to their own lives) that these people go home. Tom Mboya then a young man barely out of teens did exactly that in the 1950s and it is instructive that President Obama would never have existed had Mboya not made that bold decision to help rid Kenya of colonialists.

This time it is going to be a lot harder than it was back then and so as many Kenyans as possible need to come out and say NO. In fact I have made a personal decision to make my real identity public very soon and to come out and start campaigning for change in Kenya from the trenches. I will make an announcement soon. I am of course well aware that with the kind of information I have published here in the past about some very dangerous Kenyans, I will be at great risk doing something “stupid like that.” But my reasoning is that Kenyans are already dead with the kind of life we have in our country now. “The living dead” would be what some folks would call us. Besides there is a saying that it is much better to live 100 days as a lion than 100 years as a chicken.

The time has come and the time is now for you my brothers and sisters to put your own selfish interests and comforts aside and arise to fight so that we get our country back before it is too late. Enough has been done on the web, now we need to hit the ground running and walk our talk here.

Obama did it and so can we. For our newer readers let me point out that Kumekucha was the first blog in the world to predict an Obama presidency and you can guess what the reaction to that “ridiculous” suggestion was. My own dad bluntly told me I was dreaming and should wake up.

Well, I am now dreaming once again. Of a young Kenyan president. Selfless, tribeless and ready to put their lives on the line for mother Kenya. Where are thou?

P.S. It is one thing to speak ignorantly about something you don’t quite know or understand (because later you can deny you ever said anything of the sort) but it is quite another to put it in writing for posterity. My brother Phil’s recent post on Tom Mboya was hilarious. Apparently A Francis Atwoli-like character played a major part in bringing independence to Kenya. I am still digging deep into my history books looking for this Atwoli twin from the 1950s.


kevoh said...

no change can come to kenya without ME giving it the chance. Simple as I and my fellow wanainchi are in our masses we are the ones who control our own destinies.
We can choose to operate on our own or with parties or with governments but the results will only depend on the goodwill we have in mind. The problem is most of this goodwill we wanaichi have has time and again been hijacked by selfish personalities and in some sence foreign influence like world bank and THE MONEY CHANGERS who control the globe.

What will make it hard for me to come up and express my thoughts and plan for the nation even on a siple issue will always be sabotaged and that is why Me and my fellow Kenyans shy off the responsibility of improving living standards in our nation.

AS most of us know what is COPY AND PASTE, in my opinion; policies of a functioning society/country could be copied and pasted in our constitution without discussion.... what im trying to say we could loose our sovereignty if we fully adapted example United Kingdom constitution, laws and policies and loose nothing else other than improve from there on.

that is why i can help kenya by COPYING and PASTING, and will do it for my fellow country men free of charge in just one day of goggling.

Anonymous said...

Ha,so now the likes of Chris wants to crawl out of the woodwork and start trying to change Kenya in real life? I dont think he's likely o achieve much,after spending so much of his time posting partisan and at times tribal articles in his blogs.Just a few examples will suffice.
1.Chris will never tackle the Mau forest saga and the real original beneficiaries which list reads like a who is who in ODM.
2.Chris will never touch the 3 maize sagas whose main actors are well known.
3.Chris will never attempt to talk about the deep division tearing down ODM and mainly caused by how to try perpetrators of PEV.
Now what makes such a decided partisan person think think they can change anything in Kenya by coming out in person?What we need in Kenya are people/leaders in the mould of Kagame of Rwanda who will hang even a friend and close supporter if need be,period!

Kamili said...

I am really purtubed by the sentiments by Foreign Min.Wetangula, though I have personally not seen it anywhere in press. He was one of the chief architects of the 2007 election rigging anyway. He in fact lost the seat. So I can imagine if he can withstand the sense President Obama is unleashing. It's a shame to Kenya's leadership and woe unto them that are already scheming/planning to steal 2012 election upfront. I was double sure immediatly after his speeches in Ghana that this man really has a big heart for Kenya. Had it not been for the Vultures in power, Kenya and Kenyans at large would have benefitted immensily from suppport in various areas of eceonomy from US. But alas tuta do?

Kamili said...

I keep wondering why should some contibutors here keep commenting on Maize saga, Mau and IDP's? Are these the only problems afflicting kenyans really? You guys have narrowed minds and always think about youselves. If we have to narrate unfairness in Kenya in terms of unfair distribution of resources, including employements in Gov,you will be suprised. Talk of daily unseen corruption involving millions, and you will be mesmerized. Public looting and theft is a common thing in government. Please you are not the only Kenyans. We have immediate issues affecting every Kenyan thus; democratic ideals, constituition,human rights, hunger, diseases, education, emeployment disparities. ALL these affect every Kenyan and that's why we need change in Leadership. Leadership change will come one day and we will even see a President from a very small unknown community in Kenya rule. We believe God will open a way one day, just as Obama won US presidency of US when many doubted.

Taabu said...

YES WE CAN. But pad you skin bro and expect the predictable naysayers latently propping status quo. Obama spoke as candidly as a friend would. He globalized our own AGENDA 4 on reforms thus: Africa doesn't need big men, it need big institutions.

Look around you and whom do you see handling any institution that matters? All we have are gatekeepers holding brief for their masters and cronies.

Obama reminded us that 50 years ago we were better than S. Korea and now? And you know what? Upto 2005, we were an African model democracy after defeating Kanu, Moi handing over power and referendum. But not when it came to the ultimate 2007, NO WAY, said the lords of impunity-let the blood flow.

As you crawl out of the woodworks Chris, just remember we have more FOXES and very limited lions. Both are carnivores and there ends the similarity and begins he difference. Take your pick and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Minister Wetangula has a brother at City Hall who though on a wheel chair (after being involved in a road accident), is reasonable, rational, sober and positive. Wetangula the Minister is finding himself irrelevant in the direction things are taking and so he has to saber rattle and make make comments that are totally out of place for him to get some attention. Wetangula is saying that if Obama was really concerned about Kenya, he should have come and talked in Kenya. Has he so soon forgotten that Obama did come to Kenya when he was a Senator and the group of akina Wetangula spit at him and thro' their spokesman Mutua, said he was just a junior American leader? I am very sure if Obama comes to Kenya, he will be reminded that he is an American and that Kenya is a sovereign country. Obama said very clearly in Ghana that no part of this world can live in isolation, least of all Africa where Kenya is found. By the way, why did this Wetangula waste our money going to America to witness the inauguration of Obama from the roadside when he had so much disdain for him? Wetangula should know that ordinary Kenyans are disgusted with him from the time he put his lot with the election looters. He is irrelevant and all he is turning into is a court poet and master of platitudes. Does he listen to his own words when he talks?

Anonymous said...

anon7/12/09 6:24 AM
No wonder you are Anonymous - why don't you post your real name and picture here then say what you just said fool! You are one of the rotten eggs in Kenya who does npt want to see change and I bet you -you are collecting chai from somewhere or your relatives are wealthy because of it..

if you don't have any positive ideas of change to post here then go back to the filthy hole you appeared from!! period!!

We don't need the likes of you one here.. Kenyans are ready to change Kenya and remove all the rotten filth from the office..
like i said before the Coalition ain't working and the more we keep them in office the more the cost us..
Push for a new Constitution should be all on kenyans agenda- so that we can have elections earlier!!
Time up for impunity.. it is time to act!!

Anonymous said...

anon7/12/09 7:00 AM

Bravo !

I share your sentiments - are you standing in the next elections?
You already have my vote...
Please bring more of your friends who share the same sentiments and together will will conquer the filth that sits in parliament and is bringing our beloved country to it's knees through corruption e.t.c

Anonymous said...

Ledama ole Kina is our man. Join him.

Anonymous said...

anon7/12/09 7:13 AM


wooaaw! such encouragement! for Chris, I guess you are one of those who will shout and spit but continue crawling under the stone..

Taabu there those who are brave enough to fight for Kenya - Chris among others and I distaste when you get on your high horses to advice them and use fear tactic's like Bush used in the states..

After what Obama went through during his campaign (abuses, death threats e.t.c) if he hard walked away in fear? where would he be today?

Taabu let Chris be a voice for Kenyans and do shut up -let Chris open up his Blog to encourage Kenyans to come out and demand their rights as Kenyan citizens and slaves in their own country.. what is the difference to the slaves in the early centuries??

they had visible chains and ours are invisible but we are still in the same position the only difference then their masters were colonists but now our masters are our own tribesmen who control everything and force us to work for peanuts..
and if and when we come out to complain they execute us, shot us.. slaughter our youth e.t.c




Anonymous said...

anon7/12/09 9:37 AM

No No!! again you are falling in the same trap as usual.. whose man is he?

Just like people say Uhuru is their man or Karua e.t.c

No persons to hold political office should be passed on as our man..

that is old politics and that is why Kenyans have been picking the wrong politicians every time there is an election..

Let your man go out door to door - ask for votes from voters
let him stand in front of kenyans and present his platform why he should be elected..

1. No bribes or dishing out money



I can see your man has only helped his own community and if he was a man for all kenyans?? why didn't he help all other communities or by now traveled to all different parts of the country to understand all kenyans??


Anonymous said...



I'm glad you have decided to be one of the voices for the Kenyans people! and isn't great you have this blog to carry out your work of encouraging kenyans to stand up and demand their rights and hold the fake coalition government in office today accountable.

I think the Hague issue should be carried out with immediate effect and heads should start rolling instead of wasting more time.,,

I believe that will be the starting point for Kenya. people will see that at last the justice will is working and Kenyans will come out and start the processes of weeding out most of the current politicians in office.
I strongly believe know of the current politician in parliament now should be allowed to go back

1. not agreeing to pay taxes is the key
2. Now they are using the parliamentary committee's to siphon as much money as they can even sometimes claim on travel expenses when they never left Nairobi

We have the most crocked and dangerous group of MP's in parliament today.. they do not deserve to represent the people of Kenya.. and it is about time tghey were kicked out.

but first as Kenyans we must force them to speed up the new constitution and Agenda 4-we as kenyans tax payers are already paying them humongous salaries with nothing to show of it-"no work to show"

Kenyans must demand to speed up the process and when time comes to vote them all out of office!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, i don't think you will add value to anything by coming out of the woods. Your anonymous journalism at least serves to release classified information to the public. When you show your face, you will find that you have to watch what you say and when you say. And though your blog may be very popular and widely read, it will lose its flavour and readership once you show your face. And why do I have this gnawing feeling that you have political ambitions and you think this is the time to rveal yourself?

Anonymous said...

Dracula Wetangula is a shame figure. He has been barred of travelling to the US, UK. A bloody failure.

What type of a foreign minister is that? No wonder Raila has taken over this portfolio.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

It is amazing how some people still think Obama is our Daddy and that he will somehow wave a magic wand and voila! All things will be nice and dandy. Well dream on!
If you havent noticed, Kenya is in a very fluid political situation right now. The Ocampo elephant is in the room and all political bets are off. For 2012 schemes, for PNU, for ODM, for Kenyan politics, EVERYTHING!
In that regard, you need to realise that Ocampo is about to fumigate and then deodorise Kenyan politics forever. New principled leadership will emerge as a result and it will have nothing to do with Obama, just confident Kenyans who will no longer tolerate bullshit.

Anonymous said...

A wise man says something only once and leave the fools to quarell about the meaning.They know themselves to whom these words are directed to.The fact that I choose to express myself in easy to read language doesnt dilute the fact of what am putting across.Period!

Anonymous said...

Obama did not add any value to Africa with his nice speech. We have heard those recitations of Korea having been behind us and about functional institutions. In fact Bill Clinton said the same things when he visited Tanzania. Even our local primary school headmaster talks about the same things when he has taken more than three beers. Fellow Kenyans these foreigners (the Obamas and Ocampos of these world) will not be our saviours, infact if you listen carefully you will notice that they get a form of wicked satisfaction when commenting on our problems.

It is only us who can free ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Obama brought his family for an exotic African summer trip. He took his wife to see the fort from where her ancestors were shipped off as slaves. He got tearly and all that stuff to feed the gullible.

He then added a few exciting words to excite the usually excitables Africans. Yes, he reminded us of what we have heard from the likes of World Bank and IMF and in return we gave him an african jig with drums. Yes, the excitables got excited and the idlerers got some distraction and the motorists of Accra got stuck in traffic jam. Then what, my friends????

At least George Bush brought some relief for the AIDS sufferers. What is Obama about? Just a high-sounding speech?? No roadmap, just domo domo??

If Obama loves Africa as he professes, he should remove the trade barriers between Africa and US, and let him silently sit back and we will help ourselves. Speeches have never fed a starving child!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Please, don't feed us your crap! Ati Obama knows Kenya well because he travelled in a matatu and slept on a sofa. That is trully hilarious. It is like camping in a forest overnight, hugging a couple of trees, coming out the following morning and declaring yourself an expert in forestry.
If that is all what it takes, then where do you rank former US president Theodre Roosevelt who hunted and camped with Africans in Kenya for months nearly a century ago?!

Stop this tomfoolery and human idolatory.

Anonymous said...

ONLY Kalonzo Musyoka can bring the change we want!

Lebo said...

All Obama did was to tell Africans that they must believe in themselves, put their act together and move on, not keep waiting to be sissyed by donors and depend on IMF/World Bank loans and grants. Even as he was saying this, Mugabe was pleading that Africa should be given more aid!! Our being compared to South Korea is a wake up call. If you have heard it before and are doing nothing about it then you deserve to be reminded until it sinks. Those who are seeing Obama as a spoiler are myopic, selfish and narrowminded. Obama is not our daddy. In fact he is our younger brother who has overtaken us while we were procrastinating, trivializing issues and setting wrong priorities. If you want to know a retrogressing country, it is when you can have headlines on major newspapers and lead stories in TV stations all politics for 7 days a week. In other words, we eat politics, drink politics, dream politics....while South Korea advances economically. Shame on us.

Anonymous said...

sadly ordinary kenyans are so divided right now that it doesn't matter whether President Obama or Mr.Ocampo turns the heat on us.we are a house divided that cannot stand.

If only a poll would be conducted right now here in this blog for who would you vote for as president if elections were held today you would see e-pev(post election violence) worthy of guiness book of world records

the best thing we can do for ourselves now is to remember what it is that we stood for in 2002 and become united again before any envelopes are opened

Chris i am sure your picture will reveal you are a handsome man like our vice president

Anonymous said...

Obama made the Ghana trip for the benefit of African Americans (there is also an oil angle). Otherwise Obama hates Africa because of the backwardness of its people. Michelle was also vey disappointed by what she saw when she came to kenya. She found a country of beggars and when they went to see the grand mother, people were visiting without being announced and asking for favours. We are always talking about our leaders, ignoring our own stupidity. And now Chris seems to be saying he made Obama president! Btw why shouldnt our foreign minister answer the US president? Is it not his job to defend his country?

Phil said...

Blogger Chris said.....P.S. It is one thing to speak ignorantly about something you don’t quite know or understand (because later you can deny you ever said anything of the sort) but it is quite another to put it in writing for posterity. My brother Phil’s recent post on Tom Mboya was hilarious. Apparently A Francis Atwoli-like character played a major part in bringing independence to Kenya. I am still digging deep into my history books looking for this Atwoli twin from the 1950s.

I have noted your sarcastic response hidden away beneath this 'change' post. Its been a week since I posted the Mboya rebutal.

I would like to see your point-by-point response to the issues I raised. They were quite a number.

As regards this Atwoli twin, I have nothing more to add, if you want to deny that Mboya was not a trade union official but a leading nationalists in the 1950s. I think we read two completely different accounts of history. But I stand 100% by what I posted.

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