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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Something Important Happened in Bondo...So Do We still Need The Hague?

That lunch was good. When Ida's food is on the table, you always wanna be there.

But it wasn't the lunch that was important. It was the fact that it took place deep in Luo Nyanza. The easy and cordial atmosphere within which it took place made it even more significant. But again, all those will mean nothing if that critical gesture by Raila is not reciprocated by Kibaki and the community he comes from.

Admittedly, it will largely be upon Raila to woo the Kikuyu community, make that community comfortable with his style of leadership and temperament. But it will also be up to the Kikuyu to watch Raila's steps and evaluate soberly whether he is someone they can vote for and eventually support his presidency. The past, where he was dismissed merely because he didn't come from the House of Mumbi, should firmly be behind us. That is why I think something important happened in Bondo. I think a new chapter, one that must be guarded by our brothers from the Lake and those from the Hill, was opened.

So what's the way forward?

Mau Forest

Just last week I lamented the fact that Raila seemed to be the only one concerned about the Mau. It seemed like a set up. To hear Kibaki come out resolutely about the Mau was truly refreshing. And though Michuki's colonial style approach to issues sometimes scares the hell out of me, I agree with him that there can be no backing down on this critical matter. Let the government find a humane but firm way to move those who occupy that zone. Ruto and company must be told in no uncertain terms that we will not tie a noose around our necks for political expediency.

The Hague

This is where Raila and Kibaki are still on the wrong side of an issue. By a wide margin, the Kenyans who want perpetrators and enablers of the post-poll violence tried at the Hague have spoken. What Kenyans are saying is that we have no faith in the Gicheru-led Judiciary. And not only that. We also have no faith in our other institutions as presently constituted. Does that mean we will forever be skeptical of these institutions? By no means. It means when they are streamlined and can act with credibility, we will have faith in them again. So let the camaraderie that started in Bondo, and must spread through the nation, not blind us. We must punish those among us who committed acts that led to massive deaths. That's why the Hague is the choice of most Kenyans to accomplish this goal.


I would have dismissed this thing as a waste of time, but something tells me it may end up doing some good if given a chance. With the humility of a man who understands the fragile nature of his past, Ambassador Kiplagat has asked Kenyans to support his team. I will do so for now. In the long run it may turn out that this TJRC thing is a waste of everybody's time. When that time comes, the support Kenyans may give it will slowly erode. What I find curious is this habit of always dismissing people, calling them names when they are appointed. Can Muite show us a Kenyan without blemish so we can appoint them? Can Koigi show us such a woman? We've all done things that we wish we never did in the past. If Ambassador Kiplagat learned from his mistake and past associations and wants to use his experience to heal this nation...give the man a chance.


The President finally came out and declared that Migingo belongs to Kenya. He couldn't have picked a better venue to make this dramatic statement. With those few words, what President Kibaki did was tell the folks from his Prime Minister's backyard that he listens to their concerns. Since this matter has not been resolved with Uganda yet, it helps to know that the commander-in-chief will do whatever it takes to protect the sovereignty of Kenya.

Does this Mean We've Turned a Corner?

Folks, how we handle ourselves from now on will largely determine whether a corner has been turned or not. Relations are nurtured, they don't just happen. So let's give the TJRC a chance, let the Hague punish the evildoers, let the President and Prime Minister take their friendship from Bondo to every corner of this nation, and let's worry about the Kenya we turn over to our kids by taking care of the Mau Forest situation. Should we do this...and fix that colonial constitution that perpetually fails to protect our collective interests...I'll say we've turned a corner.

And it will be said Kenya was reborn in Bondo.

How sweet!


Anonymous said...

Hey ati I should vote raila coz kibaki ate lunch with him! How absurd?

Anonymous said...

We care less about the Bondo lunch. The wholse bunch of Kibaki, Raila, Ruto, Uhuru and Co should be hounded to the Hague to answer for their crimes against humanity.

We should discard politics of tribalism. After the Hague train has departed, Kenyans should looks amongst themselves and decide on the future leaders regardedless of tribe. The next president should be visionary and ready to serve - a people's servant.

Cheap tribalism about tribes will not take Kenya anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Ours is a nation of tribes that are as disjointed as can be. It will take the unity of our leaders to get us to a point where tribalism is put behind us. Until then, we have to act within the political cage we find ourselves in.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is OUR next president upende usipende!

Kalonzo is the man!

M-Pesa said...

What's wrong with Kikuyus and Luos bwana? Don't they know if they gave each other a chance and got on well they could rule Kenya forever?

Hawa Wasapere bwana, wanataka tu kutawala peke yao...

Anonymous said...

For the first time, I am somehow in agreement with your post. I believe for Kenya to heal from PEV, The two principals need to incorporate leaders from other communities.

I would suggest they harmonise the activities of all party members. This weekend Ruto-Uhuru KK alliance advocates contradicted the principals on Mau issue. It seems there is great competition between KK and Luo/Kikuyu alliance.

I would say the battle for 2012 is starting to shape up but the Hague and STK issue might change the political landscape in a way we cannot predict at this stage

For 2012 purpose, there might be no contender from central province though Karua said she intends to go for it. The central province voters have preference for Kalonzo at moment because they think he can take care of their interests.

If RAO can negotiates and get the backing of Kibaki, Uhuru and Saitoti, He can get a good percentage of votes from the region and also capture Kipsigs vote in RV. Lets wait and see his next move.

Anonymous said...

It is quite depressing when people, including self-styled intellectuals, would peg something as important as cross-ethnic reconciliation to their vote-seeking agenda. Clearly we have not turned a corner.

We would have turned a corner if the message of reconcialiation was sold and accepted independently of peoples' aspirations to statehouse. Once again, our lakeside brothers have displayed their selfish interests that transcend their purported claims to nation building. Will they, in 2012 promote another so-called 41-1 situation, with this time around, the Kalenjins as the so-called 1? Or will they, if the Kikuyus decline from supporting Raila, resort to the easy and fallacious 41-1 numeric? What happened to DECEPTION, FRAUD, IMPUNITY? Or has that died a natural death for the mirage of statehouse?

The only corner I see is the one that Raila has been boxed into. Desperate situations call for desperate measures.

Anonymous said...


Keep sleeping on the steering wheel and I'm surprised you accuse Michuki for his colonial stand when you turn round and do the same " rule the herd" by fake appearances and forced clapping of hands singing the fake praises.. while the pot is boiling soon to overflow.."anger for the innocent dead" in Kisumu... you would be a fool to think the people in Kisumu have forgotten and forgiven!! Hague is = Kibaki.

Kenya turned the corner when clashes happened in December 2007...Ala

So ugali and nyuka in Bondo does not pan anything.. Kenyans are already ahead and that is why 68%-80% of Kenyans have said the HAGUE option is the best for the murderers..

So eating Ugali in Bondo has no bearing on what kenyans feel or want.. it is just a waste of Kenya Tax payers money..

Ask Kibaki to step In Bondo alone without Raila just for a visit?
I bet you -they won't find even his hair..

The dead are weeping 6ft under.. Kibaki ordered their death..
as for Raila thinking that our People were happy with his theatrical and fake acts in Kisumu with Kibaki? he has it coming to him..
Notice - Paid laborers and guys ferried just to welcome Kibaki from elsewhere.. most Luo's stayed at home.
all Bure Kabisa...

Sam like I said keep sleeping of you think Kibaki being in Bondo is when Kenya turned a corner.. I thought you were smarter than that!!Pole sana,

Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong about the Hague option. Kenyans are saying Hague because they dont understand that you can have a local tribunal with international support and expertise.

It can run the same way special tribunals run, but with us it should be done at home. There will be international judges, as well as Kenyan judges, but it can have considerable scrutiny and oversight to ensure that there is minimal influence in the decision.

At the end of the day Kenyans must realise that reform is a painful process. We cannot continue to think that when things dont work at home, we go somewhere else. Our judiciary has to reform come what may.

Running hastily to the the Hague is running away too hastily from our task of reforming our judiciary, legislative and executive leadership.

If more Kenyans are assertive about the situation, they should see that ICC should be a last resort. We will be the first country anyway to go to ICC with political violence on this scale.

The main organisers of the violence will be tried at ICC. However, what happens to those who actually carried out the violence? Shouldnt they also be tried before a court and sentenced? I dont think the ICC will be enough even if we use it, we still need the local tribunal.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"I am sure there was no man born marked of God above another for none comes into the world with a saddle upon his back, neither any booted and spurred to ride him."

These were the last words of Richard Rumbold before being hanged for planning an insurrection against the tyrant Charles II, 1679.

Now, Mr Okello, we feel obliged to ask:

- where is a Turkana with creative ideas in this scheme of yours?

- where is a a creative and talented Maasai in these tribal schemes?

- where is a Ogiek man/woman with creative ideas on how to rebuild the country?

In our view, all RO needs to do is to present his ideas to Kenyans. From there, reasonable Kenyans of all walks of life anf from all corners, shall judge him, not based on his tribal origins, but on these ideas and their effectiveness in transforming Kenya.

Otherwise, it seems to us that, you believe there are those who are born to rule and those who are born to be ruled. We reject such a fallacy.

Simply, sell RO's ideas, and not his TRIBAL ORIGINS.

Anonymous said...

Lets be honest in Kenya, we strongly identify with tribe and with nation. Involving leaders from other communities is definetly a good idea, but not in the current state of affairs.

They should be trying to strengthen local governance so that leadership that is community based is strengthened.

Our central government is inefficient because the line between a meritocracy and governance based on tribe, is not clear. We should incorporate the fact that each ethnic group must be represented and accounted for at the central level, but they must meet general criteria on a merit basis in the first place.

I dont like this form of positive discrimination, but its worth doing it in Kenya's case, then when they see the results of that they can decide if they prefer positive discrimination or a meritocracy.

If we have stronger regional and local governments, it at least gives some more equal opportunity and responsibility.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong about the Hague option. Kenyans are saying Hague because they dont understand that you can have a local tribunal with international support and expertise.

Our response:

You mislead yourself on what Kenyans want. If you read Waki's recommendations, it was that, those who BEAR THE GREATEST RESPONSIBILITY for the violence are the ones to be tried in the Hague, if there is no acceptable local Tribunal.

Thus, all what Kenyans are saying is, take those guys who bear the greatest responsibility should take a hike to the Hague.

That, does not amount to saying that, there will no be local Tribunal thats meets the required standard to try the small fish.

M-Pesa said...


I feel you and that's the way is should be, selling Raila the man and not his ethnic background. If only things were that simple! Unfortunately, this is Kenya where tribe determines all our aspects of political landscape. It's all about scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Maybe things will change some day, but surely not in our lifetime. The current crop of our leaders are just too narrow minded. Imagine trying to sell another saintly Mugikuyu to be president? Fat chance buddy even if he was an Obama clone! "It's our turn to eat" mentality will be around for some more years. Baba Jimmy shove over, Raila is sick and tired of kicking his heels impatiently. Kiuks have eaten enough.

M-Pesa said...

MICHELA WRONG, authour of "It's our turn to eat":

In the West it's become a politically incorrect word to use the word TRIBE but most of African society and politics would be incomprehensible if you eliminated the tribe, or the ethnic concept from the equation.

In Kenya, as in so many African states, your entire life's chances are based on which ethnic group you belong to. And there is this mentality spread across Kenyan society that once your tribe gets into power then state assets are yours to do with as you wish. And since the previous tenant had exactly the same approach, then of course you are completely justified to be very greedy to compensate for how your group was treated in the past.

So, "It's Our Turn to Eat" really means, "It's our community's turn at the trough."

Anonymous said...


Daily Nation

October 27 2012

In what is seen as political gimmick by his opposers, Prime Minister, Raila Odinga has issued title deeds to squatters living around Mau Forest. The ceremony was presided over by Mr Isaac Ruto who recently joined hands with Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The Prime Minister was also given the mantle as the elder of the Kipsigis community and Ogiek community. He later said that the government has always been concerned about Ogiek community and Kipsigis community that lives around the Mau forest. The Prime Minister said he never supported the eviction of the squatters from Mau Forest, and in 2009 he had proposed the introduction of the Shamba system, which was quickly igonored by the task force he had formed.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by among others, the newly appointed Minister for Agriculture, Honourable Martha Karua, Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi, Minister for Lands James Orengo and Kibwezi parliamentary aspirant Kalembe Ndile.

Kalembe Ndile made everyone to burst out laughing when he said, "kama ingekuwa Raila ile wakati wa njaa, wakambaa hawangepata nguvu ya kulala na wanawake wao. Kalonzo aliwasahau lakini Raila akawaletea chakula kwa meza". Translates, "kambas could have been impotent due to hunger but Raila fed them."

Meanwhile in a funeral in Gatundu South, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Uhuru Kenyatta and Mr.William Ruto, lashed out at Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Minister for Agriculture Martha Karua for pretending to be concerned about the people around Mau forest.

"Enyi watu wa Mau, mchukue shamba lakini msiwapigie kura." Ruto was heard saying. Ruto further said that the people of Kenya should not be cheated by Martha Karua and further Mutula Kilonzo who didn't give us the constitution. He also said that he tried his best to stop the selling of maize from NCCBD back in 2009 that eventually created shortage of maize but he was stopped by Raila Odinga who by then seemed to have vested interests in the saga. Simon Mbugua who also accompanied the two said that Kikuyus should not support Raila simply because he is with Martha Karua, but they should unite and support only one leader, and that is Uhuru Kenyatta who is the true king in the "house of mumbi". Kiraitu Murungi who has been with them all along was not present at the function.

Meanwhile, Kibaki has been silenced all along on who he supports between the three major contenders of Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta and current Vice President, Kalonzo Musyoka, however sources are saying that Kibaki may support Kalonzo Musyoka.

Continue on page 3

Anonymous said...


Kalonzo is the man, like it or not!

Anonymous said...

Mpesa is right. mwarangethe is talking about a nonexistent Kenya. Kenya is basically dominated by the kikuyu and the luo. While the luo have never been at the trough, they are the only tribe which can effectively challenge the kikuyu and their greed. That is why kibs said whenever kikuyus and luos work together there is peace in kenya and when they work against each other there is suffering. The luhya and kamba are docile and kikuyus can easily walk over them. While the kalenjins are militant, they are intellectually challenged and kikuyus find it easy to dismiss them. So may be those of us who are neither kikuyu nor luo should be grateful for the presence of luos in kenya, otherwise kikuyus would rule us for ever. Notice the tribes I have mentioned, their numbers matter. The other tribes just dont count. Perhaps things should be different but I know reality is real and fantasy is not.

Anonymous said...

"In our view, all RO needs to do is to present his ideas to Kenyans. From there, reasonable Kenyans of all walks of life anf from all corners, shall judge him, not based on his tribal origins, but on these ideas and their effectiveness in transforming Kenya."


Yup, from 2005 onwards with a peak in 2007, Agwambo did not know this?


Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is the man, like it or not!

Our response:

If Kenyans, in their collective wisdom or folly were to decide to elect him as the CEO of the country we shall live with it.

All that, we need ask thee is:

(a) What are his policies on the question of debasement of our currency, i.e. inflation, that is robbing the poor while transfering wealth to the few rich?

(b) What are his land policies? We read a few days that, the monied interest is already buying land in Lamu for speculation purposes. Does he have any views about this situation which is detrimental to our economy's competitiveness?

(c) What are his views on taxation system we have?

(d) Does he see a way, we can end famine in the Eastern province in two years?

Anonymous said...

Good points Mr Okello.
Pragmatism = Peace, opportunity and wealth.
Bull headedness = Tension, War and loss.
Like the sage observed, only fools don't change their minds. Sticking to the same opinions inspite of changing political circumstances under the guise of so called 'principles' (a very funny concept in Kenya, hehehe) or even worse because of 'suspicion' (another Kenyan excuse for shifty eyed cowardice), is not only extremely foolish, but is a display of outrageous and unforgivable ignorance. Progress always comes to Kenya whenever the Kikuyu and Luo kiss and make up. A day has hardly gone by and the Kalenjin elite are already feeling the heat over the Mau issue and panicking, with Ruto even threatening to break with Raila. Not even Uhuru can rescue Ruto if Kibaki is in Raila's corner, and this is just day 1 in the rest of the life of the GCG.


Jigga said...

I think this Bondo meeting is the highest level of contempt to the people of Kenya. Here you have our president and prime minister acting as though they serve the country on behalf of these two tribes. Then you have some imbicile luo elders requesting the kikuyu president to support their luo prime minister to become next president at tax payers expense. Where does that leave the rest of us Kenyans ? Instead of leading from the front these two disagraceful leaders are shamelessly supporting tribal alliances in broad daylight. These alliances brought us the worst violence this country has ever seen.
Prepare for round two my friends if these are the characters we shall be giving our votes to.

Anonymous said...

I like the comment about no one has no blame. Muite still has the 20,000 USD Paul Kamlesh Pattni gave him as a bribe.

arap chito said...

its with great disgust when i read comments disparaging the kalenjin yet...90% of commentators know nothing about the rift valley issues..only what is fed to them by the skewed media who we all know the owners.
The Mau is important..and that much the kalenjin have agreed.
Question? when kenyatta grabbed kalenjin land to settle kyuks, thus pushing the kalenjins into the forest, and validating it by giving them titles.. didn't his government know what they were doing? why do you think there's something called the kikuyu diaspora? have you ever had of kale's luos or luhya's having vilages in the heart of central? we are nilotes. pastoralists..not bantus. So, why is it that when our leaders..who by the way echo the sentiments on the ground.. seem to express dissatisfaction of how this matter is handled...they are branded tribalists.

So our peasants are first pushed into the forest for kyuks to live..then in 2005, kibaki decides to torch their houses, beat them up and try force them out... setting up the stage for 2007.
now, this insensitive talk, forgetting that these are human beings being talked about, comes up and everyone talks about it as if the kalenjin are weeds to be uprooted.

as pastoralists, we only know how to defend our land and cattle. No amount of posturing will dissuade us,if the forest is to be conserved..then the normal thing to do is explain to the people on the humans...give them alternative land and they move. no one has objected to that yet. if anything, its not the peasant's fault that his land was taken away from his grandfather and driven to the forest..the man on the ground is a victim in this case.. anyway, all the posting and writing will not change the fact that someone who has lived their for more than 50 years faces an eviction he has no idea about..and though the police will be brutal, the struggle will be just that..a struggle..and Taiwan will be a republic..many bullets .later
otherwise, as it happened in 2005...

kiplakwet said...

i wonder aloud.. do these people from mount Kenya ever learn anything?

You all witnessed how Kibaki was welcomed warmly in luo land.Despite the many people he killed last year through his administration police.

Kalenjins lost patience with the Kikuyu in 2007.. but why? the kikuyu have been accommodated in the heartland of eldoret, you hera of villages called, kiambaa, mukuru kwa njenga etc. in kericho, we have nyagacho, kwa mbugua etc...
what does this say?

kenyans are largely an accommodating people.. they have lived with their kikuyu brothers for generations..but when it comes to impunity and politics, central kenya peeps are very selfish and nonreciprocal.But they are also stupid..they forget that as they are unkind to non-kikuyus, they have their kin living as sitting ducks all over the country.
Then after they provoke others, using cops to kill, their kin get the brunt of reciprocation.for shrewd business people they are un-calculative.

Kyuks need to lean that they are a problem..and crying wolf every time or seeking sympathy by playing victim when they are indeed the root of the problem wont hold forever.

would RAO get the same treatment in Nyeri? ama his githeri would be laced with arsenic?

Injeraz said...

Raila should never be voted for, even if Dedan Kimathi himself woke up and endorsed him. Kibaki can have 1000 lunches with him, but that doesn't mean Kikuyu's will automatically follow. Raila Odinga is just a poor leader, period. It has nothing to do with Kikuyu this or Luo that. People should vote on issues and not on who has lunch with who.

Anonymous said...

Now Kales are saying they will support a Kyuk(Uhuru) in a KK alliance for the Presidency with Ruto as No 2(PM or VP) in exchange for votes and the sorting out of the RV land issue once and for all. No wonder Ruto told Raila he is ready to cut ties and that ODM is dead.

Mwarang'ethe said...

kiplakwet said...

Question? when kenyatta grabbed kalenjin land to settle kyuks, thus pushing the kalenjins into the forest, and validating it by giving them titles.. didn't his government know what they were doing? why do you think there's something called the kikuyu diaspora? have you ever had of kale's luos or luhya's having vilages in the heart of central? we are nilotes. pastoralists..not bantus:

Our question:

Firstly, we do concur that, land allocation in the RV was not done properly. It is a realization of this, we believe that, Kenya must revert to common land ownership if we are to avoid war in the near future.

Having acknowldged that fact, let us ask:

(a) wasn't Moi, the vice president when all this was going on?

(b)and, when Serony and Chelagat Mutai spoke about this issue in 1960's and 70's, didn't Moi and his close friends denounce them? Why?

In the Mau forest:

(a) How much land was given to real landless Kalenjins? And, where were these people before?

(b) How much of this land was given to the politically correct and connected Kalenjins?

chola said...

Kenyans are very good at cutting corner, especially those from central, if Raila cant learn from the past then PM office will be the highest ever for him, just like his mzee jaramogi who was one time VP and the rest is history.
If raila stick’s with RV, MAU is an acid test if he wants to see ikulu come 2012 then he has to choose. He won the 2007 election, if he wants to win it again , how he plays mau will determine .Just like his father he will see the presidency from a distance, and wonder where it all went wrong

chola said...

Mau Has and will always be kalenjine land, before Kenyan exited mau clan’s men from kalenjine tribe lived in mau.
Mau has its owners

Anonymous said...

In your dreams Mr okello. These two tribes are as different as day and night and nothing can bring them together not even suffering. Greed and honesty does not mix.
It needs a major revolution to bring every kenyan to their senses.

Anonymous said...

The famous lunch has neutered some politicians especially in RV. ODM Mps from Nyanza now have the guts to tell Ruto off on the Mau issue and dared him to leave the party.

RV Mps have been blackmailing Raila and the government with threats and the usual chest thumping. The kalenjin votes were crucial in providing a swing in 2007

But 2012 is a different ball game all together, it is the GEMA vote that will determine the 2012 winner. This means no serious contender can ignore this voting block and that where the battle is.

Anonymous said...

anon7/27/09 3:29 AM

I guess you are one of the fools who think Kenyans are stupid and lack education!!

My question to you is? why do we have a coalition government in place? ( the thief Kibaki stole elections and Kenyans if they had been given a chance he would have hanged like Saddam Hussein

Hey Kibaki went on killing spree but how many millions of Kenyans can you imagine he would arrived at before Kenyans wrestled him and his goons out of the power the stole??

Kenyans are very educated and smart my friend and that is why the Hague Option is Key
No impunity and no one is above the law.. Kibaki and any one else who Killed innocent Kenyans must face HAGUE na mambo bado!!

Anonymous said...

kweli my guy you are optimistic.......this are the same tricks...

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