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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kibaki-Raila's Lunch: Eating Cooked Goose

The two principals are walking the talk. Wait a minute, whose talk? We have seen it before and only in Kenya where memory goes comatose at the sight of tribal alliances. Raila should count his stars that he managed to pull Kibaki when Muthaura was recuperating.

These two guys are simply preying onto Narc's nostalgic magic. Well, Narc came with the same goodwill until the real power barons redefined the parameters. Serial liars have no shame and woe unto Raila if he buys into an empty shell. All the photo opportunities will head straight to the archives once the realpolitik begins.

Narc nostalgia
Fish maybe a nutritious menu for lunch but it has no political value. Kibaki just wanted to sample fresh fish caught in Migingo Island. All else is predictable melodrama that will only succeed in opening and sheering raw political wounds.

It is one thing to create an impression of leadership by example and from in front, but quite another to fool yourself with fake friendship premised exclusively on expediency. So here we are being impressed upon to embrace a dusted old trick packaged as new dawn while the cabinet meant to formulate governance agenda is pulling in different directions.

Only in Kenya can serial liars hope to attain different results from same cheap tricks. Meanwhile tuvumilie kuwa Wakenya.


Wangu wa Makeri said...

Now, let Kumekucha members emulate Kibaki and Raila-- at least lets have some peace in this blog and stop the long-running Kikuyu/Luo rivalry in Kenya.
If people are at peace with one another, the country will prosper. Together we stand, divided we fall.

Her Majesty
Wangu wa Makeri

Anonymous said...

Look at them.
Two simple-minded twits.
And we abuse and slaughter one another over them?

Anonymous said...

Why Wangu wa Makeri? That was a normal working tour for the president of Kenya. Next month, he will be in the Coast Province and it should not been seen as something extra ordinary. He is the country's CEO and will always have the opportunity to do so.

Very little changes in terms of politics.

Anonymous said...

Am not sure am proud of the roadshow the two put together. It will have no impact on coalition politics. If they were genuine what they are doing now should have taken place in January 2008. Kibaki yesterday stole the elections and has been devil incarnate. Why is he now an angel today? Could the two gentlemen have been cornered and now have no recourse rather than pull together as they run away from Hague, Ruto, Mau, local tribunal, divided cabinet, poor leadership, corruption, etc - Ai - Naendelea kuvumilia kuwa mkenya. Untill and unless we establish a pragmatic and proactive institutional order - Tutavumilia tu!

Mzee wa Kijiji

suave said...

These two leaders have been very consistent.They are politicians and they are playing the role,so don't be fooled and expect anything to change when you wake up tomorrow.

Wake up and sniff the stench.something nasty is in the cooks.

Anonymous said...

Why all this domo domo over Kibaki and the bumpkin ostensibly working together to build the nation?
Kalonzo is still set to be Kenya's next president. Just chill.

Anonymous said...

These two batty boys are an embarassment to kenya, will someone get rid of them please

Kamili said...

Where were his leutenants and the architects of election fraud? These are the people who should have accompanied the president. So is he trying to deceive Raila that he will support him in 2012? Yes he might do that. But alas what about the mafia? remember Moi and Uhuru project? Did anyone see Mwakere(Mr Toilets. I thought I saw him having a sumptuous meal in Raila parlour?

Anonymous said...

Lest you all forget,there's the old adage of keep your friends close and your enemies even closer!These two principals are just playing games,but the question is why now?Is it only now they have realized they should be leading the country?This Hague thing is really working magic in Kenya's dishonest politics.

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