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Friday, July 24, 2009

Kibaki: Migingo is Kenya’s Policed by Uganda

Kenyans must learn to take President Kibaki seriously. Now that they have forced Kibaki to declare Migingo as belonging to Kenya, they must stop whining about the one acre WASTELAND. Kibaki came to Nyanza for more weighty business and reducing him to commenting of some rocky patch was a waste of his Excellency’s time.

And in forcing Kibaki’s hand, Migingo fishermen must brace themselves for a prompt reaction from Museveni whose police suffocate the island. We are good neighbours and must learn to share resources. Gifting landlocked Uganda with one acre won’t diminish our national sovereignty or pride.


Anonymous said...

It hurts to be kenyan.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what could possibly have prompted President Kibaki to say such a thing as Migingo is Kenya's while on a trip to Nyanza

Truly we are a product of our environment and hands are never better forced than when expedient

Mwarang'ethe said...

luke said...
I wonder what could possibly have prompted President Kibaki to say such a thing as Migingo is Kenya's while on a trip to Nyanza

Our views:

Kibaki had to have something "good" to tell Luos.
So, as to have "good news," he created or allowed creation of the mess.

As a result, Kenyans have spent time and millions of Kenya shillings travelling to Uganda, doing surveys to "determine" the Kenyan - Ugandan borders etc. All this time, as we saw him say on the NTV video, he knew that, Migingo was in Kenya.

Some will call this stupidity politics, but, we think that, it amounts to treason. It is beyond words that, at a time when many Kenyans have no food, this man, calling himself a grown up man and a President, can have the guts to do this.

No wonder Jesus said:

"They tie up heavy loads and put them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them."

UrXlnc said...


Kibaki has quite a sense of humor.

Of what use is it tell the folks in Nyanza that Migingo belongs to Kenya?

He should be addressing that to M7, while the Air force jets fly past, and some fellows in combat gear on the ready. Unless of course he is suggesting that he is unable to and therefore the boys on the ground should continue to uproot the railway line

Anonymous said...

By confining our thoughts to the usual time tested peculiar way of Kenyans seeing things from a particular angle,we lose focus of the significance of this visit to that area which no less a person than Raila specifically referred to as Luo Nyanza.Raila also went out of his way to drum up support for the visit to the point of going to Kisumu ahead of Kibaki and urging residents not to embarass his guests.Now if you ask yourself,why this sudden camaraderie between the principals and why at this particular time?For the 1st time in a very long time,the two principals shared the same stand on the mau issue.Knowing how Kenyan politics work,it doesnt take a genius to sense something is afoot and someone is being set up.If I were William Samoei Ruto,I would have reason to be very afraid.The message cant come clearer than this!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

another reason to believe that Taabu writes with his head stuck between his legs

go on old man, you are approaching your sunset years and still writing crap

Anonymous said...

many significant things have happened this weekend but you chose your poisoned pen to highhight what you think will enderar yourself to other kibaki haters.
Well the 70+ kilometers of road is a benefit to kenya and even if they are not being build for or by mama yangu they are a step forward for kenyans. toa pamba kwa macho jameni and smell the coffee, Migingo like 2007 elections is old news

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:49 you're spot on. Something is brewing and the whole Kisumu visit was definitely scripted. My guess is that it has to do with the Hague. Strange times...

Anonymous said...

I thought that Kiplagat was named as one of the people who traded in Mozambican elephant tusks with the terrorist/apartheid soldiers Renamo
when he was part of the negotiating team between Mozambican government and the said Renamo? I don't remember him responding satisfactorily to these accusation. May be Mama Graca Marcel should be contacted to tell us about this or may be we can contact the Kenyans who served with Umkhonto We Siswe(the military wing of the ANC)in Zimbabwe in the 1980s.
It would be very interesting to find out what he did then.
Dr. James Mancham

mzeiya said...


Migingo is inhabited by Kenyans(human beings) so show some respect as president is in the vicinity don't you expect him to assure them he is doing everything possible for them to know they are not in foreign territory?

mzeiya said...


where else have you seen a one acre 'wasteland' with that abundance of fish to sustain its own population... wake up maze..

Anonymous said...

Is Taabu aware that Kenya can afford to lose all the islands in lake Victoria with only a minimal impact on Kenya's economy,but cant afford to lose the one and only Mau forest?Has such a thought ever crossed his muddled brain?Why keep on harping about a one acre piece of rock which only benefits a few fishermen while totally ignoring the destruction of the Mau forest which affects the livelihood of millions in Kenya and East Africa.Mr. Taabu you clearly have lopsided priorities!

Wangu wa Makeri said...

Is it true Kibaki and Raila are lining for 2012? Kibaki to be the PM putin style and anoint Raila as the president.

Kweli Kenya politics are funny, really funny!

I know some people will like this but does that not mean we're stucked with these old leaders for life?

M-Pesa said...

What's new here?

We know Kibaki doesn't give a rat's ass what you think of him.

But for crying out loud ODM's demigod Raila Odinga can't even organize a village milking contest!

So it looks like nothing has changed.

Good afternoon.

Anonymous said...

That these luo's are a weird lot has never been in dispute.See,after their god went to Kisumu and asked them to 'behave' during Kibaki's visit,even the ones here at KK have gone dead silent.There's one notorius one who usually calls Kibaki all kinds of epithets but he/she too has gone missing.One wonders what kind of spell this guy is able to cast on a whole community!

Anonymous said...

Looking at that picture of Migingo one wouldnt feel too great a loss if it was just gifted to Uganda. Just let it go.......just let it go.

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

Anonymous said...

anon7/25/09 12:44 AM

Hey lets not be fooled here by Kibaki's declaration that Migingo island belongs to kenyans

Let Kibaki give back to Museveni the money he bought the Migingo island from Kibaki when the clashes where happening in December 2007 and he was hosting the Kibaki family while Kibaki was selling off kenya bits by bits even Kenyans blood...( Museveni's hired guns in western and Nyanza)

Hey Kenyans are not fools and Nyanza people know the enemy but if Kibaki thinks that he is welcome to Nyanza? that is a lie..

all those welcoming him we all understand are paid stogies.. ask each one how much they got paid to welcome the president to Nyanza?

Tax payers money in use..


Anonymous said...

Kibaki and Raila and all those MP's have over stayed their welcome in parliament. Kenyans will never vote for this useless people again

We have a new wave of Kenyan leadership in the background waiting to come out- watch and wait this time no old goats or thug, thieves and murderers will be given a chance

going around in big limo's and dropping breadcrumbs for wanaichi and IDP's while they host big parties and slaughter 100's of goats and cows? while majority of Kenyans can't even afford food for their families??

shenzi sana

we will show them who is their bosses.

New leadership and generation change is coming to kenya- it will come to pass!!

Anonymous said...

anon7:14 AM

my friend don't worry, Luo's have brilliant minds.. so why not call for elections now and we will show you Kibaki's ass out of the door:)

mpumbavu wewe- keeping quite and letting the theater continue doesn't spell fools.. at least we are not out there murdering each other like what is happening in central

Mungiki vs vigilante's what a joke kikuyu's allow their own families to be slaughtered at the command of Kibaki

First he Executed their youth and nobody come out to complain. then he used them in the 27th December clashes to kill innocent Kenyans and they were foolish enough to kill for him and now he has set out the Vigilante group to kill all the witnesses he used to commit murderers!

Central province needs to wake up or forever hold their tongues while Kibaki and cronies massacre more of their youths..
Try defending your Kibaki on here pal.

Anonymous said...

Back in the village when I was a boy growing up,we used to rear and train dogs to see who would have the fiercest,bravest dog to come out tops in these boyhood village rivalries.Now me and my brothers reared and trained this mongrel dog called Simba-by the way most village dogs were called thus maybe to impute bravery-Now simba could understand and act according to the commands we had taught him,simba KUJA!And the dog would come.Simba HUYO,the dog would growl menacingly!Simba SHIKA!Now those were the words that would put terror in to many a village boys' heart as he would be sure to go home minus his shorts(boys used to wear shorts in them days)And after much fun we would tell simba LALA!And sure enough he would lie there panting at our feet as we savoured the victory.Now in those words,KUJA,HUYO,SHIKA,LALA,where do you put the Luo community vis a vis Raila.Who is the dog and who is the master?

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha is fun! LOL

While Kibaki and Raila have buried their hatcht, here Kikuyu/Luo rivalaries continues....Haha!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Taabu, what did i tell you early this week?

This from the EA Standard:

'...each time we have worked together, Kenya has done well...each time our communities have fallen apart, Kenya has suffered. I appeal to you that we work together for the sake of Kenya...'

Can you and other sceptics decipher what Kibaki was trying to put across, given his legendary caution and tightlipped silence? What about what was discussed between him and Raila and is not in the public domain yet? That is your homework.

Anonymous said...

Who said we(kenyans) r tired wth our mps? Not me!!! We r going 2 vote 4 them come 2012! Mau or no mau, migingo or no migingo. Cnt u see hw we throng their mtngs n sing praises 2 them! They r our masters n we r slaves!! Prove me wrong! Naendelea styro hio hio na mimi ni member! Gdnyt

Anonymous said...

"We must end tribalism at all costs if we are to move forward as a nation," he said (Kibaki)
Why cant he preach this to his fellow kikuyus who hate anything and anybody non-kikuyu?
For sure there will be no reciprocating invite to nyeri for Raila.
The whole thing is a total sham and waste of time.
They should have spent that time and money by going to visit the IDPs with food, water and shelter instead.

Taabu said...

I hear you but some of us are not EASILY EXCITABLE with hollow alliances. Ever recall the hitherto dead Bantu alliance and all that crap? Well, a day in siasa is eternity and 2012 is so far away.

While at it what do we stand for a country? Are we comfortable when our favourite politcians craft deads on our heads and floor others with no mandate nor policy to support the same? We are surely our own enemies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:06 PM.
Raila had been to Nyeri, Murang'a, Kiambu, Karatina all this after he became the PM and in all ocassion he spoke to the welcoming crowds. Kibaki going to Nyanza was well overdue!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki kitu gani?

Bure Kabisa.. Hague is waiting for him!!

he ordered the death of my brother..
Kibaki mpumbavu sana mavi yakuku

He is worse than Idd Amin and Suddam Hussien put together

Anonymous said...

Does Raila Learn?

This week, the winner in Kenya's politics is Ruto for the following;
-This TJRC is what Ruto stood for
-Ruto has come out as a more courageous of the top politicians
-While Kifaki dine and wine with Raila, Kibaki's chosen one, Uhuru kenyatta is one and the same with Ruto.Is Kifaki being honest to Raila?

In a few months time, ODM would be no more. Raila will have lost any remaining national appeal and reclaim his position only in Nyanza. That is the script that Kifaki and Moi has crafted for him.
Raila has been duped big time!

History will continue repeating itself.
The kikuyu vote will be for the Ruto/Uhuru Alliance. And this is being done by Kifaki and Moi.
Kweli Kenya ina wenyewe.

Anonymous said...

For president Kibaki to have declared while on tour of the Luo Nyanza that Migingo is in Kenya is a joke.To to add more insult he said he knew this even before the joint survey of the two countries.Kenyans should now take kibaki to court.Why waste our countries meagre resources in this hard economic time in the so called joint survey and yet he knew the island is ours.Where was he when ugandans took over the full control of the Island?Why is he not protecting kenyans in the island?Kibaki has a case to answer soon for we canot entertain leaders of such calibre in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Since when have the two bumpkins started to get along? Sluts insulting our intelligence. This state needs a complete overhaul.

Anonymous said...

Soon the entire country will be divided into 2 in support of either a Luo/Kikuyu alliance or a Kalenjin/Kikuyu alliance, and Kikuyus will themselves be divided by the 2 alliances, just like the 1992 division between Kibaki's DP and Matiba's Ford-Asili.

Anonymous said...

In 2012, nobody is going to State House without the blessings from the House of Mumbi. That is why there are all these Kikuyu/X alliances. Kikuyus hold the KEY. Moi new it all too well. Even when Moi would have no Luo in his cabinet, he would make sure the Vice-President plus one more minister were Kikuyus.

In 2007, Raila thought he could capture power in Kenya without at least a section of the Kikuyus blessing his efforts. He was mistaken. But fortunately, it appears he has learnt the lesson the hard way. That is why his ally, Riaga (the Chairman of the Luo Elders) was busy grooving for the House of Mumbi's blessings. But there was a hitch, he was using the Luo language to do so and expected Kikuyus to understand it and respond! Anyway, Raila's application will have to be written in the proper language so that it can be considered along with that of the outstanding Kalonzo.

Anonymous said...

Come January 2013 and one of the two most powerful people in Kenya will still be a Kikuyu. Those who want to commit suicide before that time are welcome to do.

Anonymous said...

Numbers + Money = Endless Power

That is where a certain community will always be either number one or two.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo deserves the presidency; he has shown the humility of a leader and Kikuyus will reciprocate. Kibaki should not promise Raila any votes besides his and Lucy's.

Anonymous said...


Why should Ruto go to the Hague? Did he steal the 2007 presidential elections which led to the pev?

Why was there no violence in the post 2002 presidential elections? Was it because ''one of our own'' was elected to the post, a Kikuyu, GEMA? John Michuki said it loud and clear that Moi was bad because ''he was not one of our own''

What control did Ruto who then was not a minister, have over the violence that saw the destruction of Kikuyu property all over the country? What control did Ruto who then was not a minister have over the armed forces who gleefully shot and killed unarmed non-Kikuyus, particularly the Luos, minutes after Mwai Kibaki had stolen the votes?

The Kalenjins, robbed of their land by the British, robbed of their land by the Kikuyu Kenyatta/Kibaki government, robbed of their democratic votes/rights by the Kibaki government and to add insult to injuries were being shot and killed by police on orders of the Kikuyu minister of internal security John Michuki did what any ethnic group could do in such circumstances, defend themselves from extinction from the hands of the merciless forces leashed on them by the Kibaki/Michuki/Saitoti/Jenga Karume/Uhuru Kenyatta/Chris Kirubi led GEMA.

The Hague to my understanding is not so naive. It would not accept the Waki report wholesale, a report that shamelessly condemns the Kalenjins and the Luos (the victims) in total defense of the Kikuyus (the killers/election thieves)It might be interested to
know why Koigi Wamwere sniffed and danced with the killer militia Mungiki.

And most importantly, for it to br credible it must hold its own non-Kikuyu inquiries into the causes of the 2007 PEV.

Anonymous said...

Why is Ruto our winner? He is voicing his opinion, thats perfectly fine, but that doesnt mean their isnt a counter opinion.

Ruto supports the ICC, yet he also supports TJRC? WHy support a local truth commission, but not support a local tribunal? When he explains that we can see if he is a "hero" or not

Anonymous said...

The biggest question here is
"why now".
Why is Kibaki visiting western Kenya?
Why is Ruto lately very outspoken?
Why is there a famine in kenya?
Why all the hoopla about Migingo?
Why is Moi in the picture again?

The truth is we all know the answers to these and many other problems plaguing kenyans but we are in denial.We always pick the easy way out and blame it on tribalism.
It's time to open our eyes and let the kenyan elite not to dictate our future.Yes we can.

suave said...

yes we can

Anonymous said...

Looks like there will be a Ruto(Kalenjin)/Uhuru(Kiambu Kikuyu) alliance versus a Raila(Luo)/Saitoti???(Nyeri, Muranga' Kikuyu, Meru) alliance. Not sure where Kalonzo fits in all this.

Anonymous said...

Me, I want Kalonzo as the next president of Kenya. If not, I don't know what to do. Kalonzo is a good man! The best candidate for the job!!

Anonymous said...

anon9:33 AM


If you can allow a snake between you in bed with your wife or girlfriend with huge fangs... a black mamba

then of course you would want Kalonzo Musyoka for the presidency!

Kalonzo musyoka = kamiti without him joining Kibaki the country today would have taken a different course and less blood shed. He has innocent blood on his hands the bustard!!!.

Anonymous said...

Luo/Kikuyu union? So wont happen! Kibaki knows this very well. Kimi and others are allowed their share of political hallucinations. It's not a crime.

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