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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Project Uhuru Ready, Rattles Karua and Saitoti

Martha Karua must have seen it coming. Uhuru has mastered the game and the gloves are off. Make no mistake. Jomo Junior is not in the ring to fight but to scare pretenders to the throne before he offloads his rented mouths and walk them into a SAINTLY union.

Poor Martha Karua can try all the gimmicks available in the book but her disguised political tantrums will soon bust out in the open. And who knows, the PNU legal and public face during the trying PEV months may be having an ace up her sleeve just waiting for the opportune time to unleash it. Or does she?

The gatekeepers are not leaving anything to chance and Karua has no trace of royal blood. Even the good Prof George Kiarie Kinuthia will soon rue the folly of truncating his middle names. It is political crunch time and UK is out with all that money can buy. No amount of topological mapping and metric spacing can match the raw tried and tested antics perfected over the years within our borders.

Uhuru was not naive to go in history books as the first opposition chief to abscond duty and support an incumbent. Instead he was alive to the wisdom that true payback is not only handsome but sweet too.

What is more, Uhuru is a safe hand pair of hands for Kenya’s gate keepers. All they need is to consolidate that support now and all the rest will MIRACULOUSLY driven to political nirvana.

Annan ni nani?
You can smell it from afar. UK has unofficially taken the reigns of PNU to the chagrin of Saitoti. When Uhuru dismisses Annan using the WE word, he is simply gloating with the intension of throwing his acquired political weight. Any good student of Kenyan politics will tell you that UK’s latent contempt effectively scuttles Geneva invitation.

Koffi Annan should know better that he is past his relevance sell by date. The owners of Kenya have regained control and he is better advised to enjoy his retirement in peace.


Anonymous said...

it's okay, the GEMA tribes can have him, 6 out of 8 provinces certainly don't see the 'leadership' qualities that they see in UK.

Anonymous said...

Mtoto ya nyoka ni nyoka. Chunga mwakenya.

Anonymous said...

I like Martha Karua. She is hot! I have a big crush on her.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru Project, the Sequel= Flop

Anonymous said...

I thought uhuru from uk was in june 1961, which is why jomo jnr uhuru was named uhuru...and whatever happened to uhuru ni kazi...does it mean you work I enjoy your fruits???

Anonymous said...

well moi said no coalition will bring fruits....

Anonymous said...

looks like the idps will suffer the same fate as mau's your fault if you are poor??....

kewowo said...

Its still too early for 2012 ambitions and by now Saitoti, uhuru and Karua are already up 4 the job. My own opinion is that Uhuru's move from opposition chairman to the govts in 2007 sealed his fate and if he does not know he is in the G book of records for that, he should as this is what will haunt his aspirations 100%

other than that distancing themselves from ALL THE FAULTS of the Kibaki regime which Kenyans will never forget should be the hard part.....unless its the usual tribal jargon......

Anonymous said...

kenyatta was smart to choose moi as vp and not kibaki....??? imagine kibaki as pres in 1978...

Anonymous said...

is it true uhuru is an alcoholic....?

Anonymous said...

Killed for plotting radical change
Posted on March 8, 2009 by nairobichronicle

Murdered human rights activist, Oscar Kamau King’ara, was mobilizing Kenyans to massively vote against the country’s cruel and corrupt rulers in the 2012 General Elections.

The Liberators Movement was seen by certain powerful personalities as a threat to their political ambitions in the 2012 General Elections. These personalities were scared enough to organize the termination of Oscar before his initiative took off.

The Liberator movement has an elaborate membership plan: “We are organized into cells of 20 people from grassroots to national membership. And as a member you are required to form your cell, inform others why change is needed, share with them initiatives undertaken by Liberators family and call up for training and recruitment,” reads part of the information on the Oscar Foundation website.

In Kenya, such talk will provoke an immediate and brutal response from the ruling elite.

Oscar printed huge posters of President Mwai Kibaki, Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Environment Minister John Michuki describing them as examples of tyranny in Kenya. Raila is shown with duct tape covering his mouth, implying a policy of silence.

Oscar wrote that the “Liberator” is a movement of people whose mission is to redeem Kenya from the captivity of political leaders. It is meant to unite all Kenyans who are tired, unhappy and feel suppressed by the actions, nature and structure of the current crop of political leaders.

Vikii said...

Uhuru kenyatta is Kenyan and like all of us, he has the democratic right to run for whatever office he aspires for. UK's expression of ambition and acceptance of his colleagues' endorsement is perfectly legal and conforms with proper democracy. We should direct our grievances to those who would rather perpetuate anarchy, murder and intimidation in pursuit of power in an erreneous belief that it is easier to cow people with stones than it is to win them with the strength of your ideas.

Taabu, as someone with a little understanding of literature, I can see through your veiled condemnation and criminalization of a possible Kalonzo/Uhuru ticket. Statements like "Uhuru plans to walk his rented mouth into a SAINTLY union and "...all the rest will be MIRACULOUSLY driven to political nirvana" are just lamentations, you know, statements of fear. Fear not my brother, all is gonna be just fine.

About Martha Karua, she is a good lady, no doubt. She is thoroughly qualified to be president and a potentially successful one at that. What I do not understand, is the pain, hate and disdain she seems to have towards those others interested in the job as well. UK has always ignored her, but she wont ever stop accusing him of having 'a sense of entitlement'. She wont ever stop attacking his family heritage yet he has done absolutely nothing to flaunt his background. Martha should stop running scared. She joined national politics volitionally. Her childish obsession with UK only serves to highlight the difference in their pedigrees. One of them is playing in the Premier league and the other in a lower league. Think about it, first, it was accusations that UK was being lined up by the President to take over the PNU and use it as springboard for his candidacy , now it is an accusation of guilt for being born in some family. What's more, UK is not the only candidate and she better diversify her attacks if she wants to be seen not as parochial.

As for Prof. Saitoti, what besides big bucks is the pillar of his campaign? Why should people vote for Prof. Saitoti? Not that he is not entitled to run for office, but if I were him, I would spend my time explaining away my involvement in the Goldenberg scam and the Robert ouko murder. Saitoti remains the kind of excess gabbage that nobody should really associate with.

Anonymous said...

What comes out in Kibaki: Economist for Kenya is a very sympathetic and misrepresented
face of Kibaki who is painted as a democrat who has always fought for human dignity, freedom and prosperity. Democrat indeed. But how does Mbugua explain Kibaki’s opposition to the introduction of multi-party politics in Kenya? Reading through his speech on the day he became President of Kenya, Kibaki left no doubt that he wanted NARC–the conglomeration party outfit that catapulted him to power–to be transformed into a single party: “NARC will grow stronger and into a single party that will become a beacon of hope not only to Kenyans but to the rest of Africa. ” Kibaki: Economist for Kenya, remains just that: a poor attempt at falsifying history

Anonymous said...

Despite his lack of gratitude, others have always sacrificed for him. Kibaki’s third cardinal sin is his failure to acknowledge, thank and compensate freedom fighters or even those who have fought and sacrificed for him.

Like one who has never heard that when a cow suffers injury in the pastures, it drags itself home for assistance, when freedom fighters and their families turn to him for acknowledgement and support, he looks the other way. Without being taken to court, Kibaki’s government has refused to acknowledge, thank, compensate and apologise to freedom fighters for all the pain and ruin they suffered with their families.

By failing to compensate freedom fighters, Kibaki’s fourth cardinal20sin has been perpetuation of past injustices like corruption and ruin of freedom fighters. Mau Mau freedom fighters who lost land remain landless. Fighters for second liberation who lost their jobs and incomes remain destitute, hungry and sick.

The State will pay them neither compensation nor pensions. Even their children lack employment because their parents could not educate them from graves or prisons. The fifth cardinal sin of Kibaki comes to mind when you read about Italy’s recent paying Libya $5 billion for colonialism or Germany’s earlier compensation to Jews for holocaust.

Unlike Gaddafi, Kibaki has failed to stand up to Britain for Kenya and demand both apology and compensation for colonialism, Mau Mau brutalities and wars of colonial conquest.

Instead, like Kenyatta and Moi before him, Kibaki bows to Britain as if by colonising and robbing us, she did us a favour. But many Kenyans share Kibaki’s guilt. We supported and voted for his presidency, despite our clear knowledge of his weaknesses.

Kenya must never fail with another leader the way it failed with Kibaki and Moi.

The writer is the author of Towards Genocide in Kenya: The Curse of Negative Ethnicity.

Anonymous said...


You ask some interesting questions - why would people vote for saitoti, and what would be the pillar of his campaign? You seem to be in the know, what would be Uhuru's pillar of campaign - the kenyatta name, or the ability to finance mungiki and KANU NDC meetings? If I may ask,what is the difference between uhuru 'born with a silver spoon in his mouth' and saitoti? Aren't both of them beneficiaries of ill gotten wealth? Saitoti at least has some 'experience'having been 'mtukufu rais's VP', would you say the same of jomo junior whose only known badge of honor is a pathetic failure as opposition leader.
He may go ahead and team up with 'empty suit, but without another kivuitu, their efforts are a total waste of time.

Anonymous said...

what happened to raila odinga for president?

Anonymous said...

word is that uhuru is an alcoholic

Anonymous said...

saitoti's election victory in 2007 only came about after he complained to ECK of having lost....some election fudging?
moi...had his doubts about saitoti by firing him from vp....

Anonymous said...

kibaki the known alcoholic has been around for a long time, so hiyo ya uhuru sio shida even if he pees in his pants.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.14 - that is what is called a thinly veiled Ethnic chauvinism. Be forewarned that intelligent Kenyans are seeing through it because they know what it represents and they are waiting to deal with it come 2012!

UrXlnc said...

this move is as to be expected, no surprises so far.

Anonymous said...

Winnie Wangui Mwai is feeling right now after seeing front page headlines where her own biological father is brazenly denying her very existence?

President Mwai Kibaki wa Wambui:

Do you remember this story that was carried in the Sunday Standard of December 14, 2003:

She may not sit next to the President at public functions, and is not in the limelight much but within the Kibaki family and among friends and relations, Mary Wambui is no secret.

Anonymous said...

Kanu chairman Uhuru Kenyatta’s political star received a major boost on Saturday when 14 MPs from across the political divide endorsed him as Central Kenya leader, and for the presidency in 2012.

Mr Kenyatta marshalled the support of the MPs during a fund-raiser in aid of Kimunyu Secondary School in his Gatundu constituency as the fight over the control of the larger Mt Kenya region votes moved a notch higher.

Apart from Mr Kenyatta who is the Finance

Anonymous said...

By NATION TeamPosted Sunday, March 8 2009 at 21:14

More than 130 corruption cases are pending in the courts, effectively bringing to a halt the fight against sleaze, the Nation has learnt.

Among the cases are those involving Cabinet minister William Ruto, MPs John Mututho and Zakayo Cheruiyot as well those against Goldenberg architect Kamlesh Pattni who is accused of defrauding the public of more than Sh5 billion.

A list of corruption cases and their status seen by the Nation shows that 132 of them are stuck in the courts.

In most of the cases, the suspects have gone to the constitutional court to complain that the charges are a violation of the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Mungiki's are stupid and are treatED like dogs by Kibaki and Uhuru they deserve what is happening to them because they have allowed themselves to be executed!!!

How can they see their own brothers and sisters being slaughtered by Kibaki, Michuki and Uhuru in the name of politics??

No kenyans can understand this??

As for Oscar foundation head.. he was trying to help and fight for them and look what happened to him?


Anonymous said...

anon1:50 PM

Good for you - you can share Martha Karua's HIV and even a condom won`t protect you.

Hot and deadly isn't on most men's menu's.

sereast said...

Vikii, you sound like a gramaphone...bla, bla, bla. Give yourself 5 more years, by the time you hit 32 come back and comment with other mature kenyans.

eddlove said...

If you will notice that Uhuru and Ruto are forming an unholy alliance. Uhuru has seen an end game in Ruto thats why PNU mps supported Ruto during the censure motion by staying away from parliament or by showing direct support like Mututho and Kiraitu. So 2012 look for a Kikuyu- Kalenjin merger.

Anonymous said...

who will count the votes in 2012?

Anonymous said...

is ruto in odm? nyongo issued a statement saying the accord should be renegotiated but ruto has now said there is no need for this. he also seems to have the same opinion as uk on annan. eddlove you may be on to something.

Anonymous said...

and where is musalia? it's like there is only one dpm.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to project kalooser? Goes to show how cocky central has become this move is informed by the false theory that there is a full proof hermatically sealed plot for central to rule kenya, some fool most likely another central 'consultant' on such matters as kulaad a lot of money and come up with hare brained hellish masterplan....the guy obviously planning to be hearing the goings go from the saftey of europe on cnn while kenya will be going up in smoke same guy proably as anothet plan with Artur like characters waiting to come in and pillage what they can................

U c kenya has no minerals worth talking about, thats why is stupid to start a civil war..war is expensive and even the african countries that perpetually have wars only manage because they have acces to something that can readily be transformed into large sums of money....we do not have that....the cash cow that is kenya is the hardwoking people like edward clay says.....for the interllectually challenged simply put u only make money out of kenya when its a civilised happy nation
you go to war and your better of seeking your fortunes in TZd......One huge miscaalcultion about war is its easy to shoot people its another thing to occupy and rule by the gun....ask the US in iraq or the isrealis or the Americans in vietnam.......
and certainly not with mungiki around......

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Searest, Who told you Vikii is 27? He is 60 something! There are two vikiis in this site, one that is 27 and the other 60+, so take your pick which Vikii you want to engage to.

Anonymous said...

Vikii is at it again. Dragging Kalonzo's name even where the VP seems to be irrelevant. I doubt if his campaigns for the colourless VP will be bought by other Kenyans other than Ukambani but I do encourage him to keep trying. Getting back to your constituency with a handful of sycophant waheshimiwas to fire a political salvo to your opponents should not be big news in Kenya today. Within the GEMA region, Martha is admired by many because of her courage and consistency. The son of Jomo always waits to read the mood of the public then moves with the tide. That is what he did during the 2002 elections when he thought the MO1 rigging machine will propel him to the top. During the 2005 referendum he read the disquiet amongst his KANU supporters then opted for the orange. The 2007 elections he new the Kibaki wave will sweep him from his Gatundu seat, then he went back to the bananas. Applying the same Uhuru formula, come 2012, if Karua remains with the disgruntled masses maintains her fight against the power brokers of Mt. Kenya then the son of Jomo should not appear in the shortlist of those who are in the 2012 race.

The current pretenders to the throne should hold there horses till the outcome of constitutional review referendum next year, because based on the structure of govt Kenyans will adopt this will be a prelude to the 2011 or 2012 elections.

Anonymous said...

bad and bad

Anonymous said...

Vikii, the Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka ass licker and the Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka shit gobbling maniac.

This Vikii actually believes that Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka is presidential material? He is very sick!

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka, ati christian, "saved" ? No! Mundu wa kamutii (African remote control)

Anonymous said...

Excuse me the GEMA tribes dont even want him, how can he have endorsers such as Ephraim Maina, the biggest thug in Central Kenya? Hatutaki let him run for some other province men

Mai ma Nguku said...

Kalonzo WILL be the next President!!

Uhuru as VP

You can sure that on your dear life but thats what WILL BE!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.20, By the way it is not Kibaki bowing down to Britain, it is actually Raila, whom is supported by the UK government covertly of course. He even has a secretariat dedicated to assisting him.

The US is the Kibaki supporter, so there you go.

Anonymous said...

Raila will never become the president of Kenya. You can take that to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:17 AM
Ati UK support Raila? Don't make me laugh. did you get that from your backside and post it here? I live there and raila is not known to the British. Raila is blamed for post election violence after dec 07 election. He is seen as a communist and tribalist.

Unlike raila they love Morgan Tsvangarai dearly.

Anonymous said...

I said it here before just after Kalonzo "stole" his way to the VP position last year that he was just being used like toilet paper by the Mt Kenya community with empty promises that Kikuyu's will support him to be the next President.

The Kikuyu's have finally come out in their true colours. Kalonzo stands no chance in getting the Kikuyu vote, Uhuru is their choice.

Kalonzo was being a bit too naive, Kikuyu's can never vote for anybody from another tribe to be president, they will only vote for a Kikuyu.

Furthermore, you all know how Kyuks have a very low opinion of Kambas, it a long story but I'll just repeat, because it is known, that they derogatively and contemptously refer to Kamba's as "MUIKABA" (Kyuk pronounciation)

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:25 AM, go drink your vomit of Raila hatred. You think repeating a lie a 1,000 times will turn it into the truth? No way, it will remain a LIE.

You are the kinds of nitwits who actually believe that Kibaki won the elections of Dec '07 fair and square when the truth is that he STOLE it.

I said it here last year, on this blog, that these 5 years that Kibaki has STOLEN will not be easy for him, they'll even be worse than the first 5 years that he really won and did not STEAL. Last week we saw him at that silly and embarrassing press conference to tell us what? Silly and Pumbavu lies. Ati the members of my family are Lucy etc. Pumbaff! We know about Mary Wambui and their daughter Winnie wa Mwai

Anonymous said...

anon 3:42 AM,

YES, Kibaki STOLE the election! Now go kill yourself!!!!!!!!

Raila will never become President of Kenya!!!!!! Go hang!!

Anonymous said...

I keep telling fellow Kumekuchans that they should get ready for a Kalonzo-Uhuru-Ruto electoral machine. The current brief for Ruto is to hold Raila's balls until Raila is irreparably impotent. Then he will join an already energized Kalonzo-Uhuru team.

As for Karua, her goose is cooked. She will be a miracle worker if she gets re-elected as an MP. It is not a matter of her family background; no. She has done so many DON'TS within GEMA politics. It didn't help that late last year some ODM mandarins were openly saying she is welcome to join ODM pentagon, and she did not strongly distance herself from that nonsense. In GEMALAND there is no faster way to kill a promising political career than to appear to be a Raila agent - the Raila of "kabila adui yetu" infamy.

Why is Ruto acceptable to the Uhuru camp after allegedly masterminding the RV violence against Kikuyus last tear? Ruto is both ambitious and smart. However, his unbridled ambition sometimes makes him do some damn mistakes. If you will recall, in the initial fights in ODM-K between Raila and Kalonzo, Ruto supported Kalonzo but suddenly changed sides in August 2007. Kalonzo and Ruto differed on one fundamental issue. Kalonzo had adamantly refused to endorse an anti-Kikuyu campaign platform that would lead to forceable removal of Kikuyus from RV. In one meeting, Kalonzo told them clearly that he predicted that such a massive cleansing would lead to disintegration of Kenya and he was not ready to be associated with it. Driven by his hatred for Kikuyus and a desire to win the presidency, Raila sensed an opening and promised Ruto that as president he would make sure all the lands occupied by Kikuyus were given to Kalenjins. He also indicated to Ruto that he would like the Kikuyus to be "taught a lesson" in the process. Ruto was ecstatic. Ruto has since learnt that such an undertaking was foolish and evil and he says openly said that he doesn't know which devil made him listen to Raila.

Because Ruto is smart (actually smarter than Raila), he has found a way of quietly reaching out to Kikuyus. He even personally delivered his apologies to a few wazees in State House. The apologies were later taken to a larger council which conditionally accepted them. The condition was that Ruto has to do something of his own choice to demonstrate his sincerity. He has chose to spearhead the return of the remaining IDPs to their former shambas and to close the camps. He has beaten Raila on that count.

When Raila had an opportunity to score on the IDP issue, he placed very silly, pedestrian, and tribal conditions. He demanded that he be made a Kikuyu elder in a ceremony attended by Kibaki. Secondly, he wanted a summit between Luo elders and Kikuyu elders during which the Kikuyu elders would apologise for the alleged mistreatment of Luos by Kikuyus and in particular of Oginga Odinga by Kenyatta.

The wazees were livid. They were ready to let him be made a Kikuyu elder and the ceremony to be held in Kibaki's home district, but they thought he was a mental case for him to expect the president to attend. They also thought that Raila has a loose nut to expect the Kikuyu elder to stand before Luo elder and apologise for what Kenyatta did or didn't do to Oginga.

So as we head to 2012 elections expect an Akamba-Kikuyu-Kalenjin machine to spearhead a generational change in political power. If ODM survives, it will be, at best, a Luo-Luhya thing, and at worst a Luo "thingamajig."

Anonymous said...

the alliance that will win the next election will be formed in the year of the election. no need to panic.

am a muikaba and a supporter of uhuru. He is much better than many of the people who will stand. And we know the people who will stand. No obama surprise.

Now the people who are saying kiuks will never vote for someone from another tribe appear to me to be driven by fear that it might happen, only that the person will not be from their tribe. But go back to my first sentence.

Anonymous said...

Wajir District has quit ODM and pledged their support to Uhuru.

Anonymous said...

The Uhuru, Kalonzo and Ruto "team" fantasies continue. Reality will hit you people like a brick wall, you'll wonder what hit you.

Somali Pirate said...

Anon 4:29 AM, Somali people are PNU! And those who are not will be very soon.

There is also this alliance many people don't know of---Kikuyu-Somali. Go to Eastleigh.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:57 AM, That's a good piece of fiction you've written. It is full of lies, half truths and outright distortions. Anyway I can't blame you. You live a lie and you need believe lies to be able to live a lie.

Reality, my friend, is a tough cookie. When it strikes, you'll notice how naked you have been. You will look like Kibaki looked at that silly press conference - a fool, with lucy at his right waiting to "deliver" the SLAPS.

Anonymous said...

Come 2012, I am voting for Wakoli Bifwoli!

Luyhas lets unite behind Wakoli. Raila is finished!!!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

I do not believe for a minute that Uhuru actually intends to run for the Presidency and if he does, then he might as well just handover to Raila as Uhuru could never win. The numbers just aren't there, no matter how massive the GEMA vote and I do not think Uhuru is that foolish.
Far more likely, this is just the opening salvo in an effort to effectively consolidate the GEMA vote behind one popular man in Central Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta. Karua's campaign is dead in the water before it has began. She is too abravise and therefore lacks humility, principle No 1 for any aspiring national leader. Saitoti has too much political baggage especially corruption, is a legendary miser and has no rapport with the youth of Central Kenya. Can you imagine him saying 'vipi wasee?'
The formation of and the cementing of the building blocks of the Kalonzo/Uhuru ticket has therefore began in earnest and this tells me we could have an early election, very likely in late 2010 just after the constitutional review process is completed.

Anonymous said...

To the Kikuyu a Kamba is somebody beneath them, not worthy of being an equal. At best, a kamba will always be used to foolishly "help" the Kikuyu achieve KIKUYU objectives. Nothing less, nothing more.

They will continue to derogatively and contemptuosly refer to Kamba's as "MUIKABA" as the Kambas foolishly allow themselves to be used like toilet paper to wipe kikuyu anuses after the Kyuk has shitted FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT on thier faces.

kenyamoja said...

Its saddening to see that people still talk of politics in terms of tribes and tribal alliances. Kwani when will we learn? What has the kibaki presidency brougth for his tribesmen? Apart from the elite around him I dont think all kikuyus have seen a sudden surge in the amont of ugali they have on their tables. What has Raila being a PM brought to luos? Nothing much. Some kikuyus are still in IDP camps and some luos and kalenjins are still languishing and in jail. While the people they fought for and killed for and were ready to die for are cruising around in the latest SUVs and heicopters and holding press conferences to explain to the nation how many wives they have.

We all suffer, whether one of ur frigging own is in "power" or not. Hunger, crime, police harrassment, joblessness, disease etc do not know tribes. The people here should forget this issue of tribal alliances, even if it is the sad reality on the ground, and start discussing people as individuals, their pasts, their policies etc. We need to start having politics of ideals and principles, where one can just jump from one party to another or from one alliance to another, even if it means not being reelected, because it will be against his or her principles. Tuwachane na hii politics ya kabila it is primitive and backwards and has no place in the 21st century. Besides we have seen time and again that it brings no good whatsoever, just division and hatred among kenyans. Kwani sisi ni wapumbavu? When will we learn!?!?! Even a child doesnt touch something hot twice, are we kenyans this stupid?!?

2012 is not tomorrow, we have many issues facing us right now. A good way to filter good and bad leaders is by observing now who is campaigning for an election that is in december 2012 and who is trying to address the issues that we are facing now in march 2009. So UK and martha karua might as well forget my vote. UK was a non starter with me anyway, when he gives back the land his father stole to poor kenyans he will be considered. He was brought up on our stolen money for god's sake. How do such people have the nerve to present themselves in front of kenyans and ask to be elected president? Haki sielewi kenyan politics. We had pattni presenting himself, and moi's sons. Yani they really think we are stupid and we live up to it.

The politicians strive in the stupid primitive tribal politics that is why they will never do anything about it. They present frigging blocs to the negotiating table and advance their selfish agendas. Na kondoo ni sisi. Tunafuata kama kondoo.

Please let us wake up and try to identify a new crop of people if ever we want to advance. This is just too stupid to be true when you stop and think about it. We are being played big time. I am spreading the message among my peers and family and we should all do the same and identify a new crop of leaders under a new constitution that guarantees equal distribution of resources.

My ideal candidate would cut MPs salaries and tax them, cut the presidents salary, cancel the first lady's salary, curb corruption at all levels, auction all the SUVs being driven around and replace them will cheaper and reliable cars like volvos, solve angloleasing, goldenberg, arturs, ouko murder etc, equip and retrain the police, invest heavily in transport and communication, build communty centres around the country where young people can hang out and engage in different sports and games, make sure that civil servants are well paid and trained and deliver their services swiftly and politely and much more.

If you do not aim to provide these things just keep away from politics, it is not for you! I will not vote for you even if you are my mother let alone my tribesman. Politics is not supposed to be a get rich quick scheme, its supposed to be by people who have a vision they believe in and want to share it with the nation in order to advance together. We have gotten it all wrong. We have to get the right people by closing all the loopholes for corruption and reducing the salaries and privileges associated with politics. Even the mheshimiwa title is to be deserved not reserved.

That is my take and I am 25 years old, I have the time which the oldies up there dont and the youth shall overcome sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

You people are just here praising Uhuru, Ruto, Raila, Kibaki and Kalonzo. What do you have to show for yourselves, ama ni kupiga siasa tu? What have you done for your country as an individual? What about your children? What is their future like? Or you dont care as long one tribe looks 'superior' to yours? Remember all the above people meet in exclusive upmarket Nairobi clubs and discuss business deals while you choke of your tribal hatred. No wonder you are so dependent on your tribe and cannot do anything to support yourselves. Even Mungiki, uneducated and crooked as they are, are standing up for their rights. Kenyan middle class and academic dwarfs in the name of diasporans make me sick!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kenya Moja @ 6:04AM,

I agree with you 100 percent that we need as a country to take a new direction. But what bugs me is this: Those selfish, thieving, corrupt and dishonest politicians up there are just a brutal and exact reflection of we Kenyans down here.

It is us Kenyans down here who are selfish, thieving, corrupt and thoroughly dishonest. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it is us Kenyans down here who are the problem. The politicians up there are just a reflection of who and what we are. The politicians will only change if we down here change first, It can't work the other way round. In a nutshell, I blame our upside down values.

Sample this:

Our morals are debased and what we call a value system stinks like the skunk’s odours. For example, when you want to take a matatu home, the temptation to jump the queue is irresistible. At the banking hall or when paying bills, no one sees the logic to wait for his or her turn.

Then we have traffic jams and drivers who just cannot let go of their accelerators. We overlap the jams with wanton abandon and when we get nabbed, we part with a bribe — simple. Typical Kenyans.

Ours is a society where a parent and teacher will steal exams for his child or student and be the first one that is up in arms against MP's who does not feel philanthropic enough to pay tax?

It is the same man who does not respect the queues or who parts with bribe for a favor that ends up in Parliament. Why would anyone expect him to pay tax?

It is common that when a car is involved in an accident, ‘Good Samaritans’ search the pockets of victims for cash. Have you seen images of young people who consume alcohol from a truck that has overturned, not giving a hoot about the injured driver or his turn-boy? Or when a supermarket is demolished and a man holding three chickens and a bottle of beer gleefully poses for a photo and we laugh at his comic features?

The Leaders/Politicians are bound by the values that make us as Kenyans. We are the problem. On top of our warped values, we adore and worship mediocrity and abhor and hate excellence with a passion.

JEFF said...

Taabu, you say

"The owners of Kenya have regained control....."

What is the relationship between this political positioning and the assasination of King'ara and Oulu, you may ask?

The political class was beginning to lose the grips of power in the country, evidenced by the mass dissatisfaction with the performance of the GCG, barely one year after it was formed. The middle class was beginning to assert themselves and acting as the official opposition. It was just a matter of time before the middle class and lower class converged and threatened the status quo. There was talk of a revolution. The political class panicked. Something had to be done, with the ultimate aim of silencing the middle class. With the threat of a bullet in your head as you drive home/to the office, who is willing to stand up and shout 'thief'? Exactly their idea.

Now they think that the middle class will think twice before engaging in the criticism of the government/politicians. That is why they can come out in the open and declare their intentions for 2012, a whole four years away, while we have more pressing problems such as food and fuel shortage.

From where i come from, the politicians are even taking advantage of the food crisis to register political points. They are using the food as political bait, using the food distribution to the poor to gain political mileage, casting themselves as the 'liberators' of the hungry poor. Surely, the poor will not forget this gesture when the it's time for favours come 2012.

The two young men had started the fight, in whatever form. It will be a big let down if we fail to take over from where they left and hide in our collective cocoons.

Just like the Kibera and Mathare residents are willing to die for a cause, the middle class should follow suit and be willing to sacrifice. Let them not fall for this political gimmick. In any war, there has to be casualties. I belief we can win against them. The assasinations are just a statement that we are a power that cannot be ignored. We should not let down other Kenyans who are willing to put their lives in the line.

Where is Sam Okello?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:43 AM this is excellent stuff you have spoken although a bit heartbreaking because it is the whole truth and nothing but the truth and that is why people like John Githongo are rejected at home especially by his own community (they consider him a traitor, why? your guess is as good as mine)and have to seek refuge outside the borders of Kenya. We are a rotten people

Anonymous said...

Karua wants to slap Uhuru

Anonymous said...

Guys we cannot import leaders. We thought we had a leader in Ababu Namwamba, but then he stole our maize. So, we have to deal with what we have and for the time being I am for Kalonzo Musyoka because he is the cleanest out of the whole lot. He has never been involved in any scandal or threatened other Kenyans based on their tribe. I don't agree with those who call him msaliti because he did not agree with the violent ways of Raila. I don't want a violent president who is always blaming others. I want peace and Kalonzo is my choice.

Anonymous said...

Mary Wambui has coughed, Winnie wa Mwai is sobbing and Lucy is itching to slap Kibaki until his cheeks are red with pain.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 5.17am. Stop your ignorant, spiteful and futile attempts at dividing Kikuyus and Kambas.
We all know how you hateful ODMers especially from the west used the 2 tribes as the foil on which you built and united your evil and nazi-like ODM electoral machine in the run up to election 2007. We especially remember how you have always hated Kalonzo ever since he walked away from your house of horrors and eventually joined the hated 'enemy' Kibaki. It is why you have never forgiven him and constantly and venomously refer to him as 'msaliti'.

Now here you are, ati purporting to advise Kalonzo and his people about betrayal?! How puffed up and full of yourself can you be? Are you people really normal? Newsflash, Mister! Kikuyus and Kambas are coming together not so much because of close tribal relations, or democratic and even reform considerations, but because of the need to SURVIVE as dignified people in this country called Kenya.
They have bitterly learnt the lessons of January/February 2008, seen the malevolence, hatred and sheer ill will directed towards them, and realised that if they dont unite, they will become second class citizens in a country ruled by a Govt of evil minded, ruthless and arrogant bigots who already loath them with a passion. That is if they are not ethnically cleansed and even massacred. We KNOW YOU and HAVE SEEN your evil and what you are capable of. We have NOT forgotten.
The juggernaut IS coming so just brace yourself and hold fast to your knickers.

For your info, 'MUIKABA' is NOT derogatory but simply means a person from Ukambani as said with a Kikuyu accent, just as there is a 'MUGIKUYU' from Ukikuyuni or a 'MUJARUO' from Ujaluoni or a 'MUBARUHIA' from kwa Waluhyia. Or maybe you think the Kikuyu language is derogatory? Bure Kabisa!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:34 AM,

You are for Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka. You must be either a Kamba who wants to vote for him because he is your tribesman or another "blind" Kenyan.

Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka is another great disaster waiting to happen should he be elected president or as a result of electoral THEFT Kibaki style. This man is a great admirer of Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi's leadership and leadership style, both are said to be staunch, "saved" christian's but the devils incarnate when it come to character, some of the biggest hypocrites we have in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikkonnen,

You say that

"Kikuyus and Kambas are coming together not so much because of close tribal relations, or democratic and even reform considerations, but because of the need to SURVIVE as dignified people in this country called Kenya."

Dignified people? That is a big joke. There are many instances I could use to debunk that MYTH, however, I'll only use three, time does not allow for many more that I have:

* Kyuk's who go into murderous binges of chopping their fellow Kikuyu's heads off? That is what you call dignified living? You must be nuts.

* Kimunya telling Kenyans to buy safaricom shares when he knew that there was a lot of monkey business going on at the Nairobi Stock exchange only for many members from his own community to vigorously get their fingers burnt!

When Raila warned them that these shares were not safe they hurled insults at him, ati he is making his usual noise "domo domo" and that the NSE is not a fish market.

Many upto now have not got back their refunds; some have been ruined financially. That is what you call dignified living? You must be nuts.

* Kamba's who boil raw mangoes and raw pawpaws to kill robust hunger pangs just to be able to survive? That is what you call dignified living? You must be nuts.

I still insist Kyuks will continue using Kamba's as toilet paper to wipe their anuses after shitting FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT on their faces. You will doubt me now but when they shit on Kamba faces that is when you will believe me although a bit too late.

sereast said...

I am a diasporan Kenyan, I have no apologies for being one. It was never my intention to leave Kenya and that is why after completing my bachelors at UoN, I stuck in Kenya for two years...two years with a 1st class honours degree and without a job. I sat as I watched my classmates who had relied on me all along to even get their measly 2nd lower grades get plush jobs at such places as EABL. Why? Because they have a last name that does not sound like mine. In one interview at Cosmos pharmaceuticals, the interviewer asked me what I was doing in Kenya, why couldn't I just get a scholarship and move out. I told him it not my priority. But as fate would have it, one year down the line I did just that. Applied to several graduate programs in US and was accepted in one.

Now, much as I may have love for my country, how did it help me? Have I not worked for what I have? Now, for those still in Kenya, why hate the diasporans so much? What have they stolen from you? Ain't we the people who remit close to Ksh 70 billion p.a back to kenya to strengthen your weak shilling and at the same time support families back there? Ain't we the same people who when Kenya was burning in 2008, we blogged, made calls and put pressure for a solution to be found.

We are the same people telling you that unless you change your thoughts, unless you stop tribal worship, you will drive Kenya to the dogs faster than you think.

Folks, why are you so bitter. Yes we know from the diaspora we have loose canons just as we do in Kenya, but these are not to be misconstrued to mean all of us.

Now, coming back to the Uhuru/Kalonzo/Ruto axis, my take is that none is fit to lead Kenya. It will be like disaster. What we need is a clean break from the current crop of leaders. If we can find someone (a new comer who has a track record of service delivery either in Kenya but mostly from the diaspora) we need to rally behind this person and come up with a campaign machine that will rattle the political class. The reason I insist on a diasporan is simple and I stand corrected. Someone who has seen raw poverty in Kenya, was forced to seek refuge (due to the corrupt nature of our country), has made it bottom up, and has experienced how governance works in other parts of the world can easily bring change than the recycles of leaders we have back there.

My two cents.

Anonymous said...

You could say that again. Declaring yourself Diasopra in this site provokes extreme hatred and jealous.
Disclosing of your academic achievement or your address abroad normally cause some people here to hit the roof. You are OK as long as you don't mention you live abroad.
Just ask Sam Okello or Kwale, they have faced constant harrasment and extreme hatred because they happen to live abroad. Notably from Taabu, Phil and UXrlnc who probably were denied visa. UXrlnc particulary is EVIL!
I too live in diaspora and would never dream of returning to Kenya. I live very comfortably in a peaceful country.
In Kenya you can dream but your dream ends there. Abroad you can become whatever you wish.

Anonymous said...

I have some Kenyan wocolleagues and I have been reading this blog ever since the terrible war in Kenya last year.
It seems like you Kenyans have never learnt and will drown in your dirty shallow tribal politics.
Why are you Kenyans so fixated on tribe and tribal groups, it's almost as if you are stuck in a moment many many centuries ago.
Why do you people vote on tribal lines and not on political agendas?
I thought it could be blamed on illiteracy but some of the comments here seem to be from well read people.
I think you Kenyans are just lucky to have a strategically placed country, hence the reason why you had a lot of international support when you had your war last year.
It's pathetic really the way you people operate.
It's a real pity because Kenya is a beautiful country, only the citizens are extremely primitive and backward.

Anonymous said...

the way out is to have a merit based system; one get good grades in school because of hard work; on gets a good job because of hard work....not based on race and tribe!!...this has to start from the top

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