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Friday, March 13, 2009

Paka Akitoka Panya Hutawala

Lack of leadership in the nation and in our homes has everything to do with been a near failed state and having dis-functional homesteads. And in there between a home and the state are many other institutions that are not working as they should.

Life is easy and fun and swift but things get complicated and very hard when basic human rules and roles are not adhered to. There never is a vacuum in anything … one thing moves and another takes its place immediately be it for good or for bad … and that is for us (humans) to decide. An end to something means a beginning of something else … a start of something means an end of another.

When that that needs to be done is not done, be it out of ignorance or arrogance or procrastination or sheer stupidity there are consequences that must follow … and all must be ready to carry the cross. It doesn’t matter if you are/were innocent or not at the time the crime was committed … all MUST carry the cross (burden) and its fruits because when it RAINS it rains on all.

That begs the question of – who then should act. Anyone who has ears and can hear or has eyes and can see or can move from point A to B or all of the above should be responsible in every way to ensure that all the unborn will not be loaded with burdens that we created and continue to create … burdens that we could have eliminated … burdens that could have been avoided.

This is not the time for blame game. In any case the energy for such a tempting and nothing but an ego 'satisfier' game should be used constructively for the improvement of the situation we find ourselves in.

As the 1st step … can we stop the blame game … it does not add any value to anyone or anything, even to the air. It’s nothing but a POLLUTANT.

PS:- All kikuyu, luo, etc kind of rubbish comments will be deleted.


Anonymous said...

What about Hindu, Gujarati comments! Will they also be expunged?

Anonymous said...

whether Luo or kikuyu, we are suffering. kibaki has sold fish island (Migingo)belonging to luos to ugandans and now you threaten us. how dare you? delete it. we will not bother with your postings if you are a dictator.

Anonymous said...

Moi ruled from 1978 to 1992 - the bulk of kenyas problems in this era were caused by:
-international events (end of cold war),
-USA (insisting on western style multi party elections and human rights now that it did not need kenyan bases for its navy/airforce),
-international institutions (IMF policies including sale/dissolution of state corporations and assets that of course went to rich corrupt connected individuals and families).
-incredible population growth rate
because there was peace
-there is nothing much more a man can do when he is surrounded by pickpocket ministers
-at least during mois time 2000 persons did not die, thousands idps were not the result
-corruption is caused by greed. greed is caused by always looking to western consumerism and wanting the same goods at the expense of the poor, and at the expense of the environment, and thinking western culture is superior to indigenous culture
-what value is western free speech, multipartyism when it ends with more ethnic strife, more violence, less security and less food
-south korea progressed under military rule and one party state
-cuba and venezuela is progressing under similar conditions
-moi punished the few pseudo intellectuals to ensure the masses had peace - now you have followed these intellectuals and have chaos - they preach free speech, multipartyism, free enterprise but they are enriching themselves at the expense of the masses
-you only have to follow mois speeches and talks to see he puts enya first - as proof of this - following the dec 2007 when he saw the wanton looting and killings he had to be hospitalized for back problmes obviously from stress
-there was peace under moi because he compromised - which is why odinga was back in govt after detention etc
-had it been moi in dec 2007 he would have compromised in 3 days not 3 months
-if kibaki won in 1978 you would have escaped 24 yrs of peace

Anonymous said...

mimi kenya sirudi.

Anonymous said...


If the people of Kenya want to dissolve the country, they have an inalienable right to do so and go different ways. Nobody should try to force us to love each other or share the same country. The time has come for a honest discussion about the viability of our continued pretence to nationhood. My suggestion is that the large tribes (over two million people) be allowed to become independent nations. The smaller tribes will be absorbed by the bigger tribes according to their cultural affinity. Alternatively, the Bantus can go their way and the Nilotes their way. After thinking long and hard, I don't see how Luos will ever live with the Kikuyus in peace, and the other tribes will always be sucked into their silly wars. So, the earlier this marriage which was forced upon us by the British is called quits the better for our sanity.

Anonymous said...

-if you follow what the media wrote from 1978 to 1981 you will see this was the golden era - lively discussion and free speech. The peacefull open environment was used by some to instil discord for their own purposes - this does not work in the west becasue of 100+ yr old stable institutions that have strong internal controls preventing corruption, educated, skillful populations that have jobs and income and who are non ethnic and non racial and think of the national good

kalamari said...

Sayra said:

“When that that needs to be done is not done,…” What exactly is that thing that has not been done? Either way, I passionately agree with you that every vacuum must be filled.

In Kenya, it’s time for the panyas to take over. I tell you, it will be a beautiful life. You see, it’s not that we don’t have leadership in Kenya, we do. The problem is that the paka leadership is leading us in the wrong direction and we blind panyas are following without question. We forget that pakas eat panyas.

In fact the larger problem is that we live in a country of wild cats and domesticated mice. The wild cats are true to their nature and are feasting on us, the domesticated mice. Yes folks, we see the cats sharpening their claws and we walk right towards them to shake their paws.

There are two solutions. We can go back to the forest and embrace our wild natural habits i.e. refuse to walk into the traps set by the wild cats at every election. Yaani, we can refuse to be eaten. The other solution is domesticating the cats i.e. making our politicians respect us by doing the right thing when in office. They should stop eating us mice.

Now, I have never seen a cat eat vegetables. Please follow me to the forest.

Phil said...

Sayra, its a long shot with very little chance of success. To change this country requires nothing short of a revolution.

We can only hope that the citizens, including those who think they are in power, have the will, the guts and the ideas to go for it. We have been ready since the 1990s!


PS: Vikii, you remember the drink I promised? If you are still up for it, tukutane Kililimbi night @ carnivore 27th. Starring ken wa maria syindu sya mutongoi, among others. Utapewa kitu. Chris is also invited.

Anonymous said...

Kumbe Phil goes to Carnivore? r u not supposed to be a Kibera social worker Phil?

One Wife Man (formerly joe the choma man) said...

Kalamari aka Kalamari,
we cannot follow you to the forest because we're further ahead in the DESERT-please offer to lead us out of the wilderness because even an E-MOSES is better than nonexistent leadership-that is what Sayra is saying

anyway,while you're there in the forest please enjoy the scenery and don't forget to say hi to Lucy for me. i love that woman

Philip said...

I still have hope that one day, yes one day, Jerry will lead us and Tom and his friends will be in trouble, and the future will be prosperous for all of us.

I have hope that someone most of us don't know, yes someone most of us don't know, will stand up and we will give that person our votes.

Philip the visitor.

Vikii said...

Sayra, I told you once before that your posts are awesome, they are very well intentioned. The problem like Kalamari tells you is the ambiguity. When you talk of "that which needs to be done" or 'that which has not been done', I am left, not just confused, but also having to guess.

Phil, "Syindu sya mutongoi", sio? I will be there and i hope you are not trying to ambush me with some crazy and desperate political suggestions. Make a point of bringing two or three luo female friends, yes, mamanzi wawili ama watatu wa kijaka.

Anonymous said...

All Kikuyu, Luo rubbish will be deleted!!

For the first time a Kenyan has acted very responsible. Kenyans, are in Africa, very tribal minded. Kenyans are corrupt and seek their tribal support to hide their loot.

I wonder why Kenyans are that, although they are known to be very intelligent and educated.

Do we require education to get mental superiority or to acquire stupidity by looting public money?

Can anybody mention to me a Kenyan who is really focused on research and has not stolen money?

Anonymous said...

Delete Vikii's comment pronto!How dare he ask to be specifically brought 3 jang'o ladies,isnt that outright tribalism?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:36,clearly you have never heard of prof Arthur Obel.Do a google search and see his work

Anonymous said...

what Kenyans need is some admittance, regret and penance. Everyone be they kyuk, luo, luhya, mjikenda, taita, kamba,kale, teso, meru, embu etc etc, and rich or poor.

Once we admit and say sorry for getting ourselves into this sorry state, we can look for common ground. What are we? Kenyan, bound by a red, green and black flag to symbolize our our struggle, our land and the people, a blue booklet with our shield that we proudly should carry outside our borders, a tendency to say sasa, sema, 'me I', and last but not least, a helluva lot of charisma, intelligence, hospitality.

We are not that bad, we just need a little bit of humility, if one minister could say I am sorry, that we are not doing our jobs they way we should be doing, I will make sure, that from here on out there is a concerted effort, to improve the services of this ministry, at least there will be a mutual agreement.

Phil said...

right Vikii,

its a date. there'll be plenty of kao's am just hopping the politicians will not come to mess us up!

Chris, are we on?

Vikii said...

Cool. Am looking forward to it. As for politicians coming, you have to be serious. The Kamba people have a political leadership they chose themselves. That leadership is led by Vice President Kalonzo and ministers Mutula and Ngilu. We will be getting together with them.

Umesema mamanzi utaleta kaa wangapi?

And Phil, if Chris dares show up, I will freaking chop his head off. He better come in a hood if he has to.

Anonymous said...

Kenya has been Injected with tribal disease since independence

Anonymous said...


No offence, am a lady and from your comments, you come across as very abrasive, self-centered and unromantic. Let me give you some free advice, if you are serious about Phil bringing along some jang'o ladies, you'd better get some lessons from him first. Jang'o men know how to take care of their women - in all departments, jee utaweza kweli?

Anonymous said...

I think you should cancel carnivore meeting - nsis and others probably knows about it

Anonymous said...

Kibaki blames media for unpopularity
Posted on March 13, 2009 by nairobichronicle
President Mwai Kibaki has blamed Kenya’s media for massive discontent brewing against his government.

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka also rapped the media saying it is “sensationalising” issues rather than focusing on development matters.”

Prime Minister Raila Odinga joined the fray saying that the Giant Coalition government was alive and kicking. “We are working and those who think the Government is not working can see the work we are doing,” said Raila.

Anonymous said...

I still want to know why the history of mau mau was not in school in kenya - why is it that I had to learn about it in a north american university

Kenya: Justice for Mau Mau Would Boost Transition to Democracy
Makau Mutua
13 March 2009

While Kenya is formally a democracy, it lacks the political culture for this form of governance to thrive, says Makau wa Mutua. Wa Mutua argues that the successful investigation into and accounting for of British atrocities committed against members of the Mau Mau liberation movement currently being led by the Kenyan Human Rights Commission (KHRC) will trigger the process of national healing necessary to the sense of national identity and common purpose Kenya needs in order to succeed as a democratic state.

Since the British founded it in the 19th century, Kenya has largely been a graveyard for progressive or transformative politics. Only gradualist and conservative political projects seem to enjoy any measure of success. Although Kenya is now formally a democracy, it remains illiberal and without the requisite political culture for such a government. But the recovery and restoration of the proper history of the Mau Mau is bound to have far-reaching repercussions for transitional justice and democracy in the country.

No people can truly cohere into an irreversible nation without a psyche forged on the anvil of their history. A people without a proud historical record lacks the anchor and moor to create a great society. That is why dominant states recite and embellish their histories repeatedly and without apology. It matters little whether such history is fact, myth, or fiction. What is important is that it is the tapestry through which the national identity is consolidated and perpetuated.

Anonymous said...

terrible idea to have this in kenya.
if located in kenya it would be rife with corruption, mismanagment,ethnic strife, theft, EA assets would be sold without anyone knowing, fudging of accounts and budgets.....?!?!?!

East Africa: Kenya Now Wants EAC Organs Shifted
Gashegu Muramira
12 March 2009— As speculation becomes rife over a possible shifting of the East African Community (EAC) headquarters from Arusha, Tanzania, Kenya has come out to openly request for the relocation of EAC organs.

Kenya's Minister for East African Affairs, Amason Jeffa Kingi, yesterday told The New Times in Mombasa that organs like the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) and the East African Court of Justice (EACJ) should be relocated to enhance equity and ownership within the regional bloc.

"Being alive to the trend the world over in regional blocs and where their organs are placed is what we should do. There is no single bloc that has all its organs under one roof. We are suggesting that the EAC organs be decentralized to enhance ownership of the community," Kingi said.

Currently, all the three organs of the EAC namely; the Secretariat, EALA and EACJ are based in Arusha, Tanzania.

papa plus said...

This is what I want to know,

Q.How does a poor land locked country like Uganda run rough shod over Kenya which has a port and basically holds Uganda's economy in its hands?

How does this clown Wetangula and Saitoti go to hold a meeting in Kampala? Why couldn't they hold that meeting in Nairobi or even Kisumu? WTF!

This GNU has no teeth whatsoever. When someone says bend over and touch your toes and spread your cheeks, the GNU asks how many toes!

Anonymous said...

If Kibaki had any brains, he would listen to Hillary Clinton who has bigger balls of steal than he does and realize that the lesson of the week is:

A crisis is an oppotunity not to be wasted.

How? By simply playing tough hardball with Museveni and the Ugandans. Tell them in no uncertain terms that if those soldiers are not withdrawn in 48 hours and the Island vacated of all military/ police presence, he would cancel any goods going through Kenya to UG mara once by shutting down and amass troops at the border. He should do this in the name of protecting Kenyans (luos), thereby earning political milage with this constituency.

Lakini I can see that is not a priority. Kenyan politicians behave like kids holding grudges and offering the silent treatment.

Anonymous said...

The ugandan mice are playing.

There can be positive ethnicity, same as racial relations.

Save kenya.


papa plus said...

Well what am amazed by is the effortless ease with which one can brign terror and death to his own people but when an outsider infringes on his territory, it is time for negotiations.

sereast said...

Good people of Kumekucha, fellow Kenyans, I said it here in my earlier posts. We need a marshall plan to rid Jamuhuri of the rot and sleaze brought upon it by greedy, selfish, tribal leaders. Did you people hear some youthful MPs say that the KK alliance was broken by some bad pepos from lake Victoria. Surely, if we are to rid Kenya of tribalism can we allow this kind of loose talk? What happened to legislation that was meant to punish such talk? What about ethnic relations act. I am convinced Kenya is yet to be a forgone case, we just need new leadership away from the takataka of leaders that we have.

Philip said...

The few posts in this blog makes me worry, but I still have hope that there is still a good future for Kenya.

Does someone know of someone who will vie for presidency who is not among the current sitting politicians?

Let's start naming the people we can support in future and start our own shortlisting, then whoever will be selected to see the best way to support him, for the future is in our hands and we can collectively shape it the way we want.

Philip the Visitor.

Anonymous said...

Kalembe ndile, k.j na sam okello n BTW chris where is sam? The last i heard of him he was smwhr in Moi avenue!!

Anonymous said...

We have kalonzo Musyoka! He remains our first choice come 2012!

Anonymous said...

Searest, We have Jimmy Kibaki in the waiting. he is not among the current corrupt leaders.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. Let us divorce. Divorce is bittersweet..and go down as afailed state, but as a free one, free of imposed colonial boundaries with tribes that have never and cannot ever get along. Divorce- or else throw the kalenjins, luos and kikuyus out!! Stupid people!

Anonymous said...

if moi did what you wanted him to know he would have had the same fate as oscar....

Anonymous said...


As with every field of human endeavour, you cannot enter politics at the top. This idea about supporting some one who is not in politics to run for president is not going anywhere. In fact you cannot engage in presidential politics in kenya without a tribal constituency. I know you will say we have to change that. But it's not gonna change.

Philip said...

anon 10.58

I had to think hard before I said, "current sitting politicians".

Be careful with your statement so that they don't be like those which could have discouraged Obama from running for Presidency.

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