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Saturday, February 07, 2009

People Power Sneaks In Unexpectedly Through The Back Door

About a week ago, I told you good folks to keep your eyes on two guys, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. You can read that post HERE.

Well, most of you must know by now that Uhuru has just filed a case that has far-reaching implications to have his name removed from a report by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights that names him as one of the financiers of the post election violence. You can read the full story HERE. Even more interesting is the lawyer representing him in the case. His name is Desterio Oyatsi. This is the man who not only got Nicholas Biwott off the hook but also won him some eye-popping damages. I am told that he is a very smart lawyer indeed. Well we'll see. Mainly because the situation has changed and continues to change dramatically in the country as far as politics go. You will know what I am talking about when you finish reading this post.

But before I say what I want to say today, I want you to add one more name on our list of people to watch so that we can tell the direction of where things are headed. Kindly add the name of this gynecologist doctor called Bonny Khalwale who is the MP for Ikolomani. Please watch this man carefully over the next few weeks and months without removing Uhuru and Ruto from your radar. Read a profile on Khalwale by one of the daily newspapers.

This thing hit me when I went to this small up-country shopping centre this week and found a huge crowd outside this cyber that had a TV. Kenyans were watching the proceedings in parlaiment keenly. Actually no analyst yet (to the best of my knowledge) has captured the dramatic change in the dynamiocs of Kenyan politics that has been brought about by the move to air live broadcasts of parliamentary proceedings both on TV and radio.

Let me give you a very simple recent example. The bill currently being discussed in parliament towards the establishment of a local tribunal to try post-election violence suspects has witnessed a strange twist. At the beginning it looked like it was going to sail through. Then suddenly substantial stiff opposition to it emerged. So much so that we can say it is already dead in the water. Yesterday parliament could not even raise a quorum to conclude important discussions on the bill. You know the big culprit? It was TV and her close cousin, radio. There is no doubt that MPs are playing to the gallery (as they should because their true bosses are the electorate). One man (previously unknown) who has made a very big name for himself, thanks mainly to these live broadcasts of parliamentary proceedings is the gynecologist I mentioned earlier, Bonny "Oh I told the Prime Minister. Noooo! Kimunya must go" Khalwale.

The political dynamics, my fellow Kenyans have changed and the have changed in a big way. Before, once elected MPs would go to the August house to cut their own deals to the highest bidder and only report back to their constituents when general elections were around the corner. That era has now clearly ended.

And this is why I told a friend yesterday that although Uhuru has filed this case, there is only one problem. And that is the increasingly powerful (previously powerless) court of public opinion. Folks there are very exciting times ahead.

We'll discuss this in more detail after the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Chrisostim(Chris), as usual you have no idea what you are talking about. I see you are still painfully trying to be optimistic, thinking that recent events are positive. You have never been more wrong. Kenya is going to the doggs. You may foolishly talk about the Hague but how long will it take before anyone is brought to trial,ten maybe fifteen years I ask. Of course these crooks have realized that coz the bill prepared by Martha Karua apparently was water tight and was to be anchored in the constitution. So step one has been achived, scattle the bill then secondly, get our lovely courts to expunge their holy names from all the reports. Neat, ha? Chrisostim, there is NO HOPE. I suggest you think of something better to do other than waste your precious time on kenyan politicians. A good start may be starting a porn site, sort of like redtube with purely kenyan content...he he he.

Anonymous said...

This is another person to watch - Chris Kapila aka Kumekucha, he is loosing his marble and will soon be in mathare.
Watch this space.

Vikii said...

Chris, I see you have, once again, chosen to misrepresent the facts as far as UK's move to have his name expunged from the KNHRC report is concerned. It is wrong for you to atempt to liken his move with the Biwott shenanigans of the '90's.

First, Uhuru is questioning why the KNHRC never summoned him to hear his side of the story before arriving at their conclusion. The law of natural justice demands that since they were compiling a report that has the potential to be cited in future judicial trials as evidence, they should have at least given him an opportunity to confront the charges or explain himself. Uhuru is questioning why the other fellahs (including his cabinet colleagues) whose names came up in that report were given a chance to tell their side of the story.

Look here, the KNHRC named about seven government ministers as the organizers of the post election chaos. It names Uhuru, William Ruto, Dr. Kosgey, Henry Kosgei, Kipkalya Kones, Lorna Laboso, Franklin Bett and Najib Balala as some of the 20 MPs culpable.

The interesting thing about that list is that with the exception of Uhuru, every other minister/assistant minister is a member of the ODM party. The curious thing,is why all of them were at least offered the opportunity to come clean about their alleged involvement. Why was UK not given the same? I mean, common sense stuff here. Is he not supposed to be treated like everyone else? This raises the very possibility that UK's name was dragged in there to help give the report some sense of bipartisanship and objectivity. It looks to me that they desperately had to get a name from the other side of the coalition so that they can use it as a cushion against charges of bias by the ODM.

The thing is, if you want to investigate and recommend suspects for prosecution, then in the name of fairness, subject all the suspects to the same investigation process. You can choose to carry out investigations without hearing the suspects out. That's OK, but you cannot tell me it is proper behaviour to first hear some suspects before implicating them and choose not to bother listening to others.

As for Bonny Khalwale, he is proving himself the epitome of what a Member of Parliament should be. When you hear the less noble beings represented by Ababu Namwamba call him 'a gun for hire', you can't help but laugh. Ababu should be busy clearing his name from the scandals that Khalwale is working hard to expose.

When you look at Bonny's attitude, you can see clearly he is not interested in party politics. He was at the fore front against Kimunya and Mr. Ababu did not consider him a gun for hire then. When he leads the onslaught on Ruto (which raises the possibility of gettting the fine details of Ababu's involvement), he starts running scared. Khalwale is none of the things these morons want to call him. Look at the guys he named as his friends in Parliament; Gitobu, Linturi, Charles, Ethuro and Kiema. All these guys have one thing in common; a stubborn refusal to be anybody's stooges. I have always said that for our politics to be meaningful, elected offficials will have to choose only to be loyal to the people who elected them and not to some larger than life tribal chiefs. And that's what Khalwale has been.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru lives right from his birth from stolen bloody money, Ruto was Moi's servant incharge of hiding the loot, Kibaki is and has been a Mr President for Crisis since independent.

If what is written about Kwalale is really true, then Kenya has a small hope. What worries me is that he has too many wives and children, who need care. Maybe that's why he doesnt support taxation of MPs Salary.

Anonymous said...

Someone in this blog says there is alot of homosexuality in Kisumu. He must be knowing what he is talking about.

To witness how people from Central and Eastern are practising this, go to a dirty structure built behind St Anna Guest House. These are matatu drivers and operators from Central, stone cutters and Mukorinos who enjoy this game. They shout and scream at night because it hurts to penetrate a dry region.

Luos and Luhyas who predominantly inhabit Kisumu dont entertain this evil.

Mama said...

Thank goodness for live parliament broadcasting, I try not to miss it when I can. It has surely exposed the lazy, non-contributing, absentee types that we elected and my MP is one of them!

Khalwale and company are the only good MPs in that House. One thing I know for sure is that he truly has his ear on the ground. Except for his refusal to pay taxes, I think he makes a whole lot of sense most of the time. But even with his refusal to pay taxes, at least he offers solutions, he has said time and again that this bloated governement was brought in for the sake of there is peace...the number should be reduced to 20 with 10 each from each side. At least he has tried...others just say no with no plausible reason except that they help people out a lot (who doesn't help people in this country?) and they offer no solutions at all.

The one thing I wish is that after exposing all these scandalous deals politicians are notorious for, Khalwale goes ahead to sponsor a vote of no confidence on this government, they all go home we are tired of them.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 10:00 AM,
It is not about tribes here it is official from UNAIDS who surveyed people across the country. According to those surveryed in Kisumu, 31.8% of men prefer man-to-man sexual orientation and 25.9% of women prefer woman-to-woman sexual orientation. Making Kisumu the city with highest homosexual activities in Kenya far ahead of Nairobi, Malindi and Mombasa making Kisumu a hotspot for HIV infection.

This report was conduted to provide data on how HIV/AIDS is transmitted in Kenya. Nothing to do with negative ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah blah blah....... VIkki please spare us for once!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:30
U realy sound like a homosexual. Shut your mouth(arsehole)!!!

joe the choma man said...

Happy valentines bwana,kwani you mean you are so concerned about politics mpaka you fail to wish us your loyal reader base a happy love day? i know some of us are EUNUCHS but the rest of need love in our lives

Unfortunately in this country we don't have trial by media nevertheless what we see on TV and hear on Radio carries a great deal of weight because live pictures can't lie-now we'll have captured footage for posterity to show to future generations how bad and useless the 10th parliament really was

However in the court of public opinion many in this current national assembly have already been judged guilty- in real life will justice be executed and swiftly? that is another matter. its unfortunate the media cannot find much hero material to make out of the current lot of parliamentarians because they lack in substance. Khalwale can deliver babies but can he deliver good governance to kenyans?

Taabu said...

Joe C-Man,
Kwenda kwani EUNUCHS sio watu? Are you sexist or a fundamentalist? At least Eunuchs are guaranteed eternal joy from flesh temptations.

PS: I know your glee lies elsewhere. With Vikii 0-0, you have to thank Torres, but just tops for few hours. ONLY RED (Real one) - you will always walk alone.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, SHUT UP!

This blog is not about football!

The title of this post reads;
"People Power sneak in Unexpectedly Through the back door"

If you don't have anything to comment on bugger off!!

Anonymous said...

the problem with the bill 9if you have read it) is that it is geared towards punishing kalenjins, which will not sort out the problem but just ignite fresh violence. given that people from both sides of the political divide died during the post elections violence, more emphasis should be on reconcilliation than vindictiveness. am not a kale but am against the bill and distrust the author (Martha Karua) whom i heard say very partisan things on radio aganaist non kikuyus. that is not how you heal a nation.

Vikii said...

Healing the nation from what? You guys will never cease to amaze me.

Taabu, we have conceded the title. The only realistic thing is to taget a second place finish now. If we don't them may Martin O'Neil and his boys do it. And after that we will buy both Agbonlahor and Ashley Young. Chelsea needs a complete makeover whose highlight is the firing/selling of the following; Big Phil Scolari, Didier Drogba, Deco, Anelka, Michael Ballack and Flourent malouda. What a bunch of overpaid idiots!

Miscellaneous said...

The is no future for Kenya, Kenya belongs to the dogs! And who is to blame, you and I! the way we think is below par. Look at the way we get at each other throats here - quality good commenters like Vikii, Kwale et al are vilified and hated because the don't worship Raila or ODM and hypocritical thugs like UrXlnc are seen as godsend.

We are our own enemies!

Anonymous said...

If you are civilized in your mind, you would not be such a damn tribalist.

Kisumu has many tribes. This is what makes it be called a city. Infact there are more other tribes+Asians living in Kisumu than Luos, if you are targeting Luos.

If you are a homosexual just go there to look for your kinds. I am afraid you will find none. Plse go to Malindi or Mbsa to meet Americans from San Francisco, Germans from Frankfurt and Itialians from Turino. You will enjoy there than in Kisumu. I assure you that.

Dont use these useless statistical data from bogus scientists. Do your own research and open your ass wide, you will get the best treat at the coast.

Mai ma Nguku said...


What goes around comes around. You've propageted lies about people here, your time is coming.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:55 PM, why don't you carry out your own statistical data and see what you will come up with. Warning you must pretend not to be Kenyan otherwise the people will not open up to you. In 2007 faggots in Kisumu tried to gain some recognition an idea that was fiercely refuted by local elders. This was broadcasted in Holland as a part of TV programme series.

This is one of them.

Please note, this is not about tribe but to let people aware what is happening around them. I am anti-gay campaigner.

Anonymous said...

Vikki I support your comments completely except concerning Uhuru, he like the other ODM ministers is most likely guilty, and he is simply attempting to use the same stunts that Biwott used as Chris said, the report was based on evidence from witnesses and let us suppose he was not allowed to refute the claims made by the report, all the authors of the document should have to do is make a retraction to include UK's denial or admission. Other than that I must humbly say I have enjoyed your commentary on hear of late.

-Barry O

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Uhuru's move is very, very smart and has far bigger political implications than people realise.
Already, the sitting Judge has ruled that KNHCR be served with copies of Uhuru's petition meaning that they are very likely to be summoned to give evidence about their claim that Uhuru was funded Mungiki to kill in the Pev, evidence i suspect is mere hearsay and presumption. KNHCR does not have the institutional capacity to carry out Police detective and/or forensic investigation. In this regard, Uhuru is right to call them to account for their claims and how they reached their conclusions, and which Waki used to condemn Uhuru in his report.
The case itself will become a political trial with Uhuru being portrayed as a persecuted defender of poor, traumatised Kikuyu IDPs for merely trying to fundraise for them so that they could get shelter and food. The spectacle will have the unforeseen potential by Uhuru's political enemies to unite the Kikuyu around Uhuru to the chagrin of Saitoti, Raila and Karua. Uhuru's political stock is then destined to rise exponentially as a result of the case whose outcome will very likely be in his favour. Uhuru is now the fourth most powerful man in Govt after Kibaki, Raila and Kalonzo. With his name expunged from the Waki report, he will have the GEMA block vote largely under his influence and the Kalonzo/Uhuru alliance will be well on its way to forming the next Govt., which is as it should be as both are personally untainted by corruption inspite of the great opportunities to engage in it.

Anonymous said...

Why The Hague seems to be our only option
By MUTAHI NGUNYIPosted Saturday, February 7 2009 at 16:44

The problem with “… election jokes is that they get elected”. And nothing describes Mr Ababu Namwamba better than this.

Initially, his aggression was “cute”; now it borders on adolescent mischief. As a result, the guy has fallen from grace to grass. Or has he? This brings me to my first submission regarding the week.

Mr Namwamba is either a dangerous novice or a crafty operator. His polemics in Parliament this week had nothing to do with First Lady Lucy Kibaki. She was just a side show.

The main show was meant to shield Mr William Ruto. And what is more: It worked. Immediately the First Lady was mentioned, Parliament was derailed.

Focus shifted from Mr Ruto and the maize scandal to the possibility that she could be a maize baron. The drama was captivating. And if this was Mr Namwamba’s intention, it was clever.

However, his motive was unclear. Why shield Mr Ruto? On this one, your guess is as good as mine. If, to the contrary, his motive was pure, but his actions were driven by “boyish” impulses, we must ask him to grow up!

My second submission regards Mr Ruto. Do we believe him? I don’t. In fact, the more he defends himself, the more I doubt him.

He reminds me of the Kanu “hawks”: they were devious, shameless and bold. When he paraded a disabled miller from Kariobangi on TV, the minister had no shame. He thought it was good strategy, but I think it was crass. It was an insult to our intelligence. More so when he declared that this was the only miller he had helped. But there is another thing.

Now that he is under siege, he will retreat to the tribe for back up. He always does this. And in my view, this is an insult to the dignity of the Kalenjin people.

This is why I invite them to consider two things. As he whips their emotions in rallies this weekend, they must remember what former president Moi used to tell us: “kama mbaya, mbaya” (if it is rotten, it is rotten!)

If Mr Ruto’s defence on the maize scandal is not convincing, they must not defend him blindly.

Second, and in the words of Nikita Khrushchev, “… if you feed the people with propaganda, they will listen today, they will listen tomorrow, they will listen the day after tomorrow, but on the fourth day, they will tell you ‘go to hell’!”.

I invite the Kalenjin nation to weigh the words of the minister and his cronies this weekend. If they feed them on nothing but propaganda, they must ask them to “go to hell”. To do so is to be liberated.

My third submission is about The Hague. Some MPs are sabotaging the Special Tribunal Bill. And, in my view, they are inspired by God.

Personally, I opposed The Hague before the maize and oil scandals hit us. And when this happened, I realised that we are still in a state of war. That the war mongers have simply changed tact and relocated from the tribe to the coalition government.

Instead of using crude weapons, they are killing poor people using scandals. Now I am even suspicious of the mysterious fires.

In sum, these war mongers are with us and are entrenched. They are wealthy; they are connected. In fact, they are sub-human. And this is why we must hand them over to a force bigger than us. One they cannot manipulate: The Hague.

We want their visas to be cancelled, their children to be expelled from foreign countries and their assets to be frozen. More fundamentally, they should be expunged from our politics. This is the purification we crave as a country.

The “sabotaging” MPs should, therefore, know that they have read the mood of the nation correctly. They must sabotage the passing of the Bill on Tuesday in the interest of Kenya. But there are two complications here.

One, it is possible that some of the MPs have “eaten” money and they feel obliged to support this Bill. But if they are pricked by their conscience on Tuesday, this should be their justification for sabotage: “…you cannot buy a politician: you can only rent one.”

In other words, we have two sets of MPs; those with a conscience and those for hire. If the MPs with a conscience have decided to sabotage the Bill, my invitation is for the MPs-for-hire to join them. We will repay their act of “kindness” handsomely at the right time. Or what do you think?

The second complication has to do with the tribe. Parliament might support The Hague, but the tribes of Kenya can decide to sabotage this. To avert the crisis ahead, we should borrow from the story of General Ts’ao Ts’ao.

As this general was rebuilding the Hans Empire, his army began to seethe with rebellion. Ts’ao Ts’ao knew that things were bad. And so he had to turn to his closest friend and favourite army commander.

He told the commander: “I want the loan of your head to show the troops”. The commander, of course, was surprised by this. He protested, declaring that he had done no wrong.

But Ts’ao Ts’ao made it clear that if he did not behead him, there would be a mutiny and many would die. At this point, the commander knew that his fate was sealed. He was beheaded the same day, his head mounted on a spike and displayed at the entrance of the army camps.

With this act, Ts’ao Ts’ao did not have to say much. If he could behead his favourite general and friend, the other soldiers figured out that they had no chance.

And this is how radical our tribes must be. To preserve the country, they are called to sacrifice their closest and favourite leaders. Especially those in the Waki List.

Similarly, they must be dramatic in the way we do this if we are to serve notice to future generations. Like Ts’ao Ts’ao, they must send their heads to The Hague. And if they fail to, the price of inaction will be unbearable in 2012.

Are we ready for this drama?

Anonymous said...

Chris,at times am tempted to think that even yourself dont believe the stuff you write.Khalwale will continue being famous for organizing bullfighting events in the real KK(Kakamega not Kumekucha,idiot!) and not for any anti corruption.The guy will soon run out of steam once he's drawn in in a juicy tempting mega corrupt offer.Just look at what has come over Namwaba.Can you believe he's still the same guy who used to so eloquently propagate the ideals of a just society?Watch this space

Anonymous said...

Chris, see, like with all prophets your predictions are made after the event. Why did you not tell us about Khalwale before he had proved himself to evrybody. You can call your critics what you want but you really have nothing to show except some voodoo nonesense.

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