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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Prepare For Trouble

Uhuru Kenyatta: Want to guess the most popular number on his cell phone just now?

There is a time for peace and there is a time for war. Since the beginning of time nothing has changed about seasons of trouble and seasons for good, a time for war and a time for peace. As the good books says, there is nothing new under the sun. NOTHING!

The dark clouds gathering over Kenya right now, coupled with ominous signs of careless deaths of too many citizens have been sending violent chills up my spine over the last day or two.

Folks, prepare for trouble. Big trouble. Keep extra stocks of food in your house, have a good exit strategy if you live in Nairobi. Or other hot spots of Kenya. At least start thinking about it. I have a feeling that up market suburbs are not going to be very safe this time round (but I could be wrong.)

I can hear you sigh and wonder what has come over Kumekucha again. And maybe that is where I should begin. The trouble with most of you reading this post is exactly the same with that of the key players around whom the events of the coming days will revolve around. You see most of you wonderful readers of this blog without whom Kumekucha would NOT be what it is today, belong to the age group I call the generation of the decision makers of Kenya. Shall we say the younger people of this country? You are the people who are about to decide the fate of our beloved mother-land. But the problem is that you do not quite understand a number of key things that have to do with your country. And I say that with great humility. It is partly your fault and partly not your fault. It is not your fault because you have been brought up during the Nyayo error and a lot of that KANU propaganda has sunk deep into your bone marrow. Yes error and NOT era. But it is also your fault because studying history to you is sooooooooo boring.

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Let me give you one example of what I mean. Many of you are convinced that Kenyans can never abandon voting along tribal lines. This is the same thinking firmly held by Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto (keep your eyes carefully focused on these two gentlemen over the next few weeks. You will know why I am saying that by the time you get to the end of this post.) That is exactly why Uhuru made his biggest political mistake (one that has obliterated his career as a national politician) in the run up to the 2007 general elections. Had Uhuru stayed put in ODM, he would have most certainly lost his parliamentary seat. But he would have made a point that would have now put him in poll position to be the next president of Kenya. And most probably he would not have been waiting for an unsolicited date with the Hague. But alas, he will now never be able to shake off the tribal tag. Not in 100 years, not in 1000 years.

You see what the generation of decision-makers in Kenya does not realize is the fact that tribal voting can vanish overnight if the electorate are given a good enough reason to abandon it. As it is now, they already have 80% of the reasons (thanks to the grand coalition robbery government) and all a smart politician needs to do is ONLY 20% work. Did you know that Kenyans living in Nairobi in 1957 voted in a young Luo and ignored their own Kikuyu candidate? In that year Munyua Waiyaki lost badly to Tom Mboya in constituency where 90% of the voters were Kikuyu. So if it happened then, why can it not happen in 2009 or 2010? (that's right we will have a General Election long before 2012). And it happen again in 2002 when Mwai Kibaki received a landslide victory securing a very high number of votes from all over the country. Although that was courtesy of having an all-Kikuyu race for the presidency, at least as far as the big two were concerned.

Kumekucha titbits: After your long flight into Kenya, do you want to seat in a traffic jam for hours as you try to get into chaotic Nairobi? Or would you prefer a budget hotel in the outskirts of Nairobi?

If President Obama could get elected in country where racism is much more serious than tribalism is in Kenya, then you need to think again. And don't tell me the US electorate is much more "aware" than the Kenyan electorate because a mob is a mob and for your information I can take you to parts of America where they have no idea who the former president or the current president of that country is.

Who has Ruto been talking to too much in private since the events in parliament last week? What name and cell phone number would you be looking for if you had access to his phone now? Let me make a calculated guess. It has to be a certain young politician from Gatundu who still has a serious problem with alcohol but has gotten away with plenty because of his famous last name. That's right. Uhuru Kenyatta. On the opposite corner of the ring, ladies and gentlemen, is Martha "Iron lady" Karua, George "coughing VW" Saitoti and that old man who has refused to go home and rest. You guessed right, retired president Daniel arap Moi. These guys are doing all they can to ensure that Ruto, Uhuru and company end up at the Hague. Of course Martha and George will part amicably the minute their objective is achieved. I think it is becoming increasingly clear that they might just win this fight, although they started as under dogs and most Kumekucha readers still view them as such. Remember that to pass a constitutional amendment bill in parliament, like the one required to establish a local tribunal, a simple majority will not do. You need an overwhelming number of "AYES" in the house. Do you see that happening now?

As I end my post today, let me say where I see the trouble coming from. As Uhuru and Ruto strategize to avoid the Hague, one option will look increasingly attractive to them. That of bringing down the house of cards called the grand coalition robbery government. Kibaki cannot seek re-election and Raila Odinga (whatever the Steadmann poll seems to be saying) is finished as a serious national contender for the presidency. That makes a coup much easier for Ruto and Uhuru, so they think. And of course if Ruto emerges in the next government, the worst that can happen to him over the maize manenos is for a commission of enquiry to be formed to investigate the matter.

Now the problem is that things are a little too dodgy at the moment for there to be no government in Kenya, even for 5 seconds. And that is where I see trouble, as much as we all want an end to this coalition robbery soonest. Secondly desperate people do desperate things and right now Uhuru and Ruto are desperate. Who wouldn't be thinking of the prospect of exchanging their palaces for a prison cell?

My thinking is that Kenya is about to give birth to a new republic but before the bundle of joy arrives, the birth pangs will be terribly painful. Mercifully it should be short. I have been right many times but I have also been wrong a number of times. Lets hear what the rest of you guys (some of you much cleverer than myself) think.

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Anonymous said...

When I read your post, it immediately reminded me of a prophetic word I read recently. Here is the link.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on!!

Vikii said...

Well, I am definitely not "cleverer than you", but I have my own questions.

One, everybody who strategised for the murder and displacement of innocent Kenyans deserves to forever live in jail or to be hanged, be they UK, Ruto or whoever else. There are no two ways about that one.

I have my question though; if at all he did, at what stage of the violence did UK get involved? Not that any form of violence is excusable, no. But my understanding is that UK is accused of meeting with other folks to raise money for his supporters who had been killed, raped or displaced. That's not the gospel, the accusers could be right that he was indeed raising money for revenge attacks. Which makes some sense for us to lynch him, but seriously what would you do as a politician if people sponsor terror on your political supporters for exercising their democratic rights to vote as they wish? What would you do if the President elected by the people is an incompetent President who is not willing to protect the very people who voted for him? I hate violence, but the truth is that you cannot kill my people as I watch. I would petition the President and if he shows the same "maziwa lala" attitude that has defined his life as President, I would organize revenge attacks. Yes I would because there are those times when fire has to be met with fire. I believe if UK will be found guilty, he should still hold his head high.

As for William Ruto, he should have met the hangman a decade ago.

Let's talk politics now.

It is absurd to claim that UK's political prospects would be brighter had he stuck with the ODM. That's the kind of reasoning that I will never understand. What is so special with that party that would make him "the next President" so miraculously? It is the same logic, you guys preached to us in this blog in 2007 when Raila Odinga was prevailing on Kalonzo to abandon his Presidential bid and be named the former's running mate (that happened at the Panari). That was a ridiculous suggestion, but more ridiculous was the stick he got for turning it down. Now UK, the man about whom you and Kalamari composed such hateful posts even before he joined Kibaki is now the man you retrospectively claim would be a favourite to win the Presidency?

"Had Uhuru stayed put in ODM..."
Again this is the height of delusion. First, he was never a member of the ODM. He wasn't! Unless you are saying, had he stayed with ODMK and defected with Raila Odinga to ODM, I do not see your point. Why would he even do that? And two, if staying with ODM really makes people Presidents, then Raila, Ruto, Mudavadi or Nyagah will be the next President. I am sure you believe that, don't you? You also believe that Nicholas Biwott will take over from them, no?

I believe that it is too early to predict the direction of the Presidential race. A successful trial and imprisonment of the Waki suspects will definitely be a huge factor in that race. You can continue living in the false belief that our politics will outgrow tribalism in a hurry. You know very well that we are stuck with this monster for the next century or so. Even the election of 2002 which you guys like to use as a reference on how Kenyans can choose not to vote along tribal lines, was itself a function of tribalism. The village where I come from, they voted to the last man for Mwai Kibaki not because they believed so much in his abilities but because Kalonzo told them to. The Luhya did the same for Kibaki because Mr. Wamalwa and Moody told them so. The Luo voted for Kibaki because Raila Odinga led them there. It was a case of the respective tribal chieftains stepping down for one of them and that's the only reason Kibaki did what he did. There was no principle involved.

The Hague and election 2012; Only two politicians would stand to gain; Kalonzo Musyoka and Martha Karua. Maybe to a lesser extent, George Saitoti. Here is why; Raila Odinga will suffer a serious rebellion in the Rift Valley because those fellows killed in his name and with all his blessings, support and encouragement. In fact he believed they did nothing wrong but were "defending democracy" by raping disabled women. He got into some power as a result and he doesnt believe that any more. They still do, however. Ruto and UK on the other hand will be irreparably destroyed as candidates for any office. President Kibaki would suffer a backlash too, but I doubt if he cares. He is waiting for his term to expire so he can go into a deeper hibernation and the only time you will hear him in the news is when he dies.

As for a new direction spearheaded by "the decision makers", you have Sam Okello. Though I do not have any reason to support Mr. Okello, he appears to me as fallback for those of you who will be orphaned by the fall of your political heroes courtesy of their myopia.


Anonymous said...

Vote for Wakoli Bifwoli in 2012!

Anonymous said...

A hundred and fifty plus kenyans are burnt to death in two fires in a spate of four days(Nakumatt fire and Salgaa petrol tanker explosion)and all you can talk about is the same tired inaccurate political analysis.I dont want to sound vindictive but God works in mysterious ways,his wonders to perform.As the saying goes,those who live by the sword die by the sword.Majority of those burnt to death in the tanker fire are Kalenjin youth who in most likelihood are the same ones used by politicians around the Molo area to block the highway,burn houses and businesses,loot and rape.(Kiambaa church)They burned and likewise they have burned.God does not sleep!

Godfrey said...

Even if Uhuru had stayed in ODM and ODM had won the polls, do you think that they would have behaved any differently? We would still be experiencing massive corruption, looting, disasters, etc. It will take a long time for Uhuru to be accepted as a viable choice regardless of whether he is in KANU, PNU, ODM, ODM-K, etc. Besides, right now, Kenyans are looking way past these leaders.

Anonymous said...

anon 5;30,

your reasoning is so warped in the face of such a tragedy. do you feel good now that you think the majority of the dead are kalenjins?
by the way, you are wrong. tanker drivers usually use this as their resting place, and as you can imagine, women mainly from a certain tribe flock there to 'eat'their money. So....jijazie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kenyans, I usually come to this blog after going through several other forums on line. I come here last because of some semblance of level headed arguemnts and some critical analysis. But to day I feel a little bit let down. The post is confused and not flowing. That aside, Vikii's urguement does not hold.
1. You say that if the Prseident of Kenya is a sleep on the job and that your people are being killed you would organise a revenge act? That is called genocide or ethnic cleansing. The same scenario you brought up is what UK did. Do you remember the machete buying frenzy at Uchumi Hyper Ngong road. UK did it. He paid for George Thuo's vehicles to transport Mungiki with their pangas to Naivasha to kill Luos there. The same vehicles that were used to ferry APs to rig elections. My question to you Vikii is, why did mungiki have to kill Luos, Luhyias and tesos in Naivasha yet the killings in RV were done by Kalenjins? If your revenge through is correct why did UK's murderers have to kill these people whose hands had not harmed a single kikuyu? Remember luos, share borders and boundaries with Kissiis, Luhyias and Kalenjins but not with Kikuyus! So why were Luos killed in Naivasha? Do you know? If the Luos were to fight any body, their neighbours were the first to be attacked. The Kalenjins had a reason to attack the Kikuyus in RV. Land. The land that were bought by GK money under SFT (Settlement Fund Trustees) under Ministry of Lands and Settlement (under the command of King of Meru Angaine) but unfairly distributed giving the kikuyus up hand to the disadvantage of other Kenyans and Kalenjin in particular.
I am from Masaku Mua hills in particular, but what happenned in RV was uncalled for.
2. Can you justify the shotting to kill policy that happened in Kisumu where 80% of those who died had gun shot wounds? They were shot from the back! And none of those who died in Kisumu was Kikuyu!
3. I do not see Kalonzo being president of Kenya. This guy can't even sort the prison mess. He has been an MP for over 20 yrs. Can you explain to me how many water boreholes he has dug in Mwingi and Ukambani in general? Can you tell me how many students he has helped to get university or college education locally or abroad? Has he done a Tom Mboya (airlift) to any person you know of?
Finally, how do you expect us to vote for johnie come lately karua who has been the Kibaki mouth piece till she was not given Deputy PM? Tell me. Do you forget her part in the election rigging?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:29.Unless you are one of those know it all diasporans,if you live in Kenya you would have watched live TV footage from the scene of disaster and it happened in a wooded area and not near any known area.As for your other insinuation,I have lived in Sotik and enjoyed the attentions of some very carvecious kalenjin sisters while dancing to music by a group with the same name and paid for everything.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:29.Unless you are one of those know it all diasporans,if you live in Kenya you would have watched live TV footage from the scene of disaster and it happened in a wooded area and not near any known PARKING area.As for your other insinuation,I have lived in Sotik and enjoyed the attentions of some very carveceous kalenjin sisters while dancing to music by a group with the same name and paid for everything.

Phil said...

Good analysis Chris. But a few glaring errors!

Expressing a different opinion from yours is certainly not being more cleverer than toa hiyo.

Another thing, stop rubbishing the steadman polls and yet you were a strong adherent of these polls especially in the run-up to the 2007 polls. If you were honest with us, you would publish scientific data, perhaps better than what steadman published then we could judge the accuracy of the Kumekucha political yardstick!

Its now almost possible to predict your posts. Infact, the current Kumekucha reminds of the Kumekucha of 2005-6, yes Chris, the one who gave Raila zero chance of ever winning an election in this country. The one who dismissed all the candidates then promising to produce a candidate of its own, only to let us down when things got too tight! Remember those days Chris?

According to you, ALL current politicians are thieves of public funds and none of them is qualified to lead this country. Time will tell.

Fortunately for this country, Kumekucha is not a ballot box and therefore what is propagated here hardly makes an impact on the ground. If this blog trully believes that it can spring a surprise candidate, then let it respect the fact that we are in a multi-party democracy. For that reason, let Chris and Sam Okello and anybody else who think they have what it takes to attract the Kenyan voter register their own political party (KUMEKUCHA DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT) and jump onto the field like the rest of us. The we shall see how far their young and clean candidate will go.

Nevertheless, the PNU coalition (that includes ODM-K) succession line-up is fast taking shape and it appears Central and Eastern Province will be making a two prong attack come the next election. The province is going for the presidency while also gunning for the Vice Presidency.

My own forecast tells me that the best PNU coalition will do this time is taking over the Leadership of Official Opposition in parliament. Sadly, none of the current contenders from that province, save for Martha Karua, shows any potential for performing well at this job. Uhuru himself, once a holder of this job, was especially pathetic in his time for his was completely overwhelmed by the then NARC ruling coalition. On the other hand, Saitoti and Kalonzo - as has been seen in all portfolios they have held in cabinet since their KANU days - are complete failures too.

In contrast, the ODM wing boasts several personalities who can go for the presidency and the prime ministers seat. The contenders are not just members of the pentagon but also those outside it. Like I keep saying, it is a matter of time before you will see our candidate sworn-in, in broad daylight at Uhuru Park. And you can take that to the bank.

I think the grand coalition, if it completes its mandate and brings AGENDA 4 to fruition is actually itself a blessing in disguise for it is exposing those leaders who are pretenders to the the throne.

Anonymous said...

Well said anon 5.30. Let those kalenjins burn in hell! what goes round comes around.
I wait the day I will wake up to hear Raila Odinga is DEAD. That will be the best day in my life,i hope it will be a painful death of Raila!!

Mungu yuko!

joe the choma man said...

we have finally come to the point where the rubber meets the road so to speak-Kenya is long overdue for "birth pangs" as you call them; we are tired of so called "liberations" ad nauseum which turn out to be nothing but more slavery, more bondage and more tribal hoodwinking

Its unfortunate that in Kenya a certain group of people have for long considered themselves above the law-this is the group we have constitutionally vested with the responsibility to lead our country and yet they wrongly mistake that "when the president/MP/cabinet minister/politician does something then its legal" even if in reality its wrong!! the truth is they are the one's who've been wrong all along-since 1963 in my opinion

now its come back to bite them in the backside big time-let it bite them good i say! Those who sponsored violence during the post elections of december 07 should be prosectuted to the full extent of the law without any fear or favour. Those who also triggered the violence by rigging and stealing votes should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law without fear or favour-there should be no justification or distinction whatsoever between taking a human life and stealing an electorates vote!

"Chriso"no retreat, no surrender and no reprieve-from the president to the lowest paid civil servant no one in Kenya should be above the law,whether local, international or Universal law

by the way forget Kazi iendelee or even Kazi ianze, the next generation of Kenya need a new rallying cry-i suggest "No gain without pain" or even "out with the old in with the new" i am not talking age-wise or face-wise or even tribe-wise either-we are not going to birth this so called "new republic" you talk about without a fight taking place

what nonsense are you spewing here?where was God when elections were being stolen and rigged or was He asleep for the first time?don't seek to drag God into this mess we humans have made ourselves-if He choses to step in it its to rescue all of us from ourselves and not to take sides with anyone.i suggest religion 101 for you

Vikii said...

Anon 7.53, your argument is flawed.

Here is why; Kalonzo will not be running for President against Tom Mboya. He will be running against Raila odinga, Prof. Saitoti, William ruto, Martha and a few other fellows. I am not sure how many of these have facilitated educational airlifts. I am not sure why that would be expected of Kalonzo alone.

If the next President will be the man who has dug boreholes in Mwingi North constituency, then he may probably trail his opponents. But that should not be the only benchmark for eligibility for election. We can also demand that the next President be the man who has erected the highest number of toilets (or even pit latrines) in Kibera constituency or the man who has bought the most maasai kitenges in Kajiado North.

All I am saying is that if the next President wil be judged on how he has done on the constituency front,then Kalonzo's record need be considered alongside those he is running against. Unless you are telling me you are satisfied with Raila Odinga's "development record" (assuming one exists) or Martha's, Bifwoli's, Saitoti's or Ruto's (pooh), then I do not see what your argument is.

The very fact that you think Martha Karua should not be elected President because "she was defending Kibaki" alone makes my response to your comment a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Many Kenyans are dying due to ruthlessness and less exposure of our politicians and their voters.

Policemen with guns tapping petrol from a trailer involved in an accident, instead of preventing Wanainchi to get their way through.

Supermarket supervisors blocking the exit and entrance of a burning Supermarket (due to fear of shop lifting?)

This is a country which needs intelligent law makers AND not these intelligent money makers we have at the moment.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:42,

mungu gani yuko? while celebrating the deaths of those burnt to death and wishing a painful death on raila, I hope you will be log that keeps that eternal fire burning in hell.

Anonymous said...

It is official, Kisumu is a city or town with the highest Homosexual activities in kenya!
This is according to UNAIDS.

You wonder why AIDS is ravaging the entire community? Ushoga.

Anonymous said...

There is only one tribe known to do everything for Money.

The first Kenyan Aids casualty died at the Keyatta Hosp in 1986. He came from this money hungry community. He was a homosexual with connections to East London.

Stop your stupid tribal bashing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:12, since you don't believe me here are stats:

A 2004 UN study revealed that in Kenya homosexuality (man-to-man) is the preferred sexual orientation among 31.8 per cent of people surveyed in Kisumu, 18.4 per cent in Nairobi, 18 per cent in Malindi and 4 per cent in Mombasa.

Read more,

Anonymous said...

what's going on there? North American tv is reporting 100 person die in a fire from a tanker and 10 million facing starvation because of maize hoarding and drought...

Anonymous said...

do not forget moi....
in the first and second multiparty all provinces voted for moi regardless of might as well moi to run again..there will be less corruption....

Daniel Waweru said...

My question to you Vikii is, why did mungiki have to kill Luos, Luhyias and tesos in Naivasha yet the killings in RV were done by Kalenjins?

Luos participated in RVP attacks: in Pondamali estate, they attacked Gikuyu and burnt their property on 29 December 2007 (Waki 2008: 101). Examples could be multiplied. None of this justifies the indiscriminate murder of Jengs.

Anonymous said...


Updated 3 hr(s) 46 min(s) ago

By Juma Kwayera in Addis Ababa

President Kibaki has told African Heads of State that the war against corruption was being won, with the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission and Parliament playing a leading role.

In his address to the African Peer Review Mechanism Panel of Eminent Persons at the ongoing 12th African Union Heads of State Summit in Ethiopia on Saturday, Kibaki said the land problem, which was at the centre of the plight of more than 150,000 IDPs living in camps, remains a thorny issue.

We’re winning graft war, Kibaki tells AU


Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel Waweru

You forgot to mention the thousands killed by mungiki in centrak province while they were trying to run back to their western and nyanza homes.... let me remind you on mostg of those coffee and tea plantations owned by the kikuyu elite or flower farms many of the workers were Luo's and Luyhia's and to date they are still missing in action?

there relatives are still searching... not fogetten central province was closed off to police investigations after the clashes..
but mungiki's youths told the horror stories to some independent journalists on how they went on murder spree's in central province..

Can Vikii tell us where these peoples bodies were dumped?? their relatives need closure- I wish they had left them to live they would have been IDP's just like all the others that had to run for their life's- why kill them just because they made a mistake years ago for working on farms in central province???

Anonymous said...

like they say a picture says 1000 words , and the picture you posted resonates with the title of the post.i share your opinion that uk will not take this lying low he is after all the prince charles of the questions is who will win this battle and who will lose the war ?, is it us the wanjikus or the "like my dad would have said" ohuru's?

Anonymous said...

Raila: I asked Annan to extend Waki deadline

By Standard Team

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has asked former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to relax the deadline set by the Waki commission.

Speaking on arrival from Switzerland on Saturday, Raila said he explained to Dr Annan the progress made in implementing the report’s recommendations by the Government and Parliament.

"I met Dr Annan and we discussed the Waki issues at length. We evaluated the progress made in the implementation process of both the Waki and Kriegler reports," Raila said.

The PM said Annan promised to consult President Kibaki on the matter following the halting of legislation of the Waki Bill in Parliament last week.

According to Raila, there was no cause for alarm over the failure to pass the law adding that other players in the process can understand that MPs and the Government have shown willingness to pass it.

"The Waki Report is not cast in stone. No one should panic that the deadline was not met. Everything is on course," Raila said.

He described the failure to enact the law last week as a technical hitch detected by MPs and expressed optimism that legislators would pass the Bill this week.

Legal experts have raised fears that the chairman of Eminent Persons is now at liberty to forward a list of persons suspected to bear greatest responsibility for post-election violence to the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

Blocking Bill

Some ODM MPs, furious at the failure by Parliament to block the Bill, voted in protest for the reinstatement of Kipipri MP Amos Kimunya to the Cabinet.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister William Ruto has termed as inconsequential the move by Parliament to block the Government from enacting a statute for a local Special Tribunal and its entrenchment in the Constitution.

The Minister said Justice Phillip Waki had only made recommendations, which could either be adopted or disregarded.

Speaking at Kaguru Farmers’ Training Centre in South Imenti constituency, Ruto said it was irresponsible for some leaders to imply that the trial of those implicated could only be at The Hague.

He at the same time claimed that some politicians in the Coalition Government had resorted to threats on their colleagues over The Hague issue.

—Stories by Isaac Ongiri, Ramadhan Rajaab and Patrick Muriungi

Anonymous said...

Those who clearly know the ICC statute, they very well know that if trials are in the Hague, even Raila and Kibaki will in no doubt be pulled into it and pursued after leaving office if there is credible evidence against any of them. Seems thats the reason they want to see the trials done locally

Anonymous said...

Vikii, you can never justify any crime. KILLING IS WRONG and only God can take away human life. Vengeance is for GOD alone not for UK. I wish you all the best as you clasify people into tribes and decide who deserves to die and who doesnt. You prorabably think you are better than many people. In fact you are supreme among all Kenyan tribes. Well I wish you luck in this. may KARMA come to you sooner, because it is coming to you, and to all of us who do all the things God hates. The first in proverbs is a proud look and shedding of innocent blood. Another is one who sows seeds of discord among brothers (All humans are brothers)

Anonymous said...

When will Kenyans cease to vote along
tribal lines? That's a billion- dollar question...But here's my two cents, How about you go tell that to the at least 60% of illiterate Kenyans kule mashinani. The time the leadership in this country invests in knowledge, however minute, will be the only time that we can have a paradigm shift-politically. In the mean time the middle class of this sovereign can continue yelling, yapping, heckling and whatever else that will be left of their hoarse throats about bringing 'change' in our motherland.

b-carotene said...

Heh, heh, heh. Quite laughable (and silly), masquerading as a political analyst.
Easier to just fall back on the usual 'no food, no toilets,' heh-heh-heh-heh.
UK is here to stay, whatever you say---read my lips!

Anonymous said...


The Hague versus local tribunal sweepstakes are in full gear. While you are focussing on Uhuru, it appears panic has swept through Raila's advisers and that explains why he was freelancing in Davos persuading Koffi Anan to extend the local tribunal establishment deadline.

Ruto has checkmated Raila. Immediately the Raila-sympathetic MPs blocked the tribunal bill in parliament, Ruto, once again, reminded Raila that in some instances he is on tape uttering in 2007 some words that imply his desire for Kikuyus to be ethnic-cleansed from RV. At some point during January 2008 violence Raila ordered money to be paid so that "Kikuyus can be taught a lesson." It appears Ruto has Raila by the balls because of the evidence he claims to have. This is supported by Ruto's public swagger and snippets by those around him. The problem is that Raila's camp doesn't know how much admissible evidence Ruto possesses. Lately, the famous Raila's brain trustees have advised their boss to do whatever it takes not to let the matter be tried in a venue where Raila has no potential control. Their belief is that in Kenya they can use PM's office and local networks to achieve two objectives: (1) protect the image of the PM, and (2)cause Ruto sufficient political damage even if he escapes prison without being seen as if they are destroying a favorite son/warrior of RV. So, under no circumstance will Raila allow the process to move to Hague.

Contrary to what many political prognosticators are saying, Raila's camp doesn't, for now, care a hoot as to what happens to Uhuru. They still believe that he is still of "sentimental" value. They also believe that in an eventual one-on-one contest between Raila and Kalonzo, Raila can outflank Kalonzo one more time. They consider Ruto a wild card and a "must-deal-with" obstacle between them and State House.

They consider him a wild card because they are not sure whether he will be in their corner during the presidential contest. They think he is too ambitious and uncontrollable. Ruto's side believes Raila's side is out to get him. They point at numerous occassions Raila has tried to establish alternative centres of political influnce in RV, Ruto's back yard. Matters have not been helped by Raila's supporters who, occasionally when drunk, carelessly let it be known that "Jakum will one day have Ruto behind bars." Both sides have reason to worry.

Raila's brain trustees believe Ruto is a "must-deal-with" obstacle because they have worked with him and know his abilities. He is a ruthless and tireless political tactician - to the point of being a conviction politician. Unlike Kalonzo, he has the money and he is ready to use it to achieve his goals. Lately, what keeps them awake at night is the knowledge that Ruto is talking to some Mt. Kenya power brokers and they don't know what is being talked about. They are grappling in the darkness and they hate it. They are so sue that Ruto will tip the balance in the next preidential elections that panic has set in.

As a result, among Raila's handlers, it has come down to this: If Ruto is unwilling to tip the balance in their favor then he must be put out of commission politically. Hence, the urgency to do whatever it takes to have a local tribunal where the police can be corrupted and witnesses either bought or made to disappear in an effort to de-commission Ruto without leaving political fingerprints.

Anonymous said...

As u know these guys 'wanakula ugali na wanateremsha na mafuta' Know what is happeining, kwani the money they used 4 campain came from who n how do you think they were goin to repay back? Didn't here any of them usin the net to get it so they hav to 'steal' from us and repay there old debts using the public money so the reason for them to try and get it. Not even a year is over and we have two main cases with us.By the year 2012, Goldenberg will seem a piece of cake.

Anonymous said...

Am amazed at how Ruto is revered by many a Kiuk or a Jokowiny. One wants him dead another wishes Jakom will put him behind bars.
Well, guess what, the gods will not grant any of those wishes. Can any of the bloggers go to the Hague to testify against Ruto? Can they prove even with a reasonable doubt that Ruto commanded the violence that followed the broad daylight robbery at KICC? Let's wait and see what happens. As for designs against Hon Ruto, bring it on!

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