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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kalembe Ndile's Latest Donation Could Save The Tax Payer kshs 800 Million

Former Kibwezi MP, Kalembe Ndile: Making a name for himself with his donations.

Kalembe Ndile donated a TV set to stop Kenyan so-called leaders travelling all the way to Washington to watch the Obama inauguration on close circuit TV screens. Naturally his donation was violently rejected. Now the former MP is at it again with yet another donation to save tax payers hundreds of millions of shillings.

Interviewed on a local radio station a few hours ago, Ndile expressed concern that the government would want to waste Kshs 800 million on the Prime Minister's office. The government has already purchased Kenya Shell House along Haile Selassie Avenue and plans to refurbish it ionto the prime minister's office at a cost of Kshs 800 million.

So Kalembe says he is willing to donate his small parcel of land in Mlolongo and will even go further and build an office for the Prime Minister right there.

Now you might laugh at this suggestion but surely this is one of the few Kenyan politicians thinking in the right direction. This latest generous little donation will save the Kenya a whooping Kshs 800 million which could come in very handy at this time when people are starving in many parts of the country.

Maybe even the presence of the prime minister's office at Mlolongo can help reverse the terrible reputation that this small town has. For those who don't know, Mlolongo is a sex town filled with lodgings and hotels where lots of sex goes on as Nairobians slip away (it is about 20 minutes drive from the city centre) to have mostly illicit sex with colleagues and friends.

Have you visited The Olive Garden Hotel Nairobi?


Anonymous said...

Kilembe Ndile for president..NOW!

Sir Alex

Joe the choma man said...

i think it will take more than just comedy Kalembe's one man show to shake some sense into the entire 10th parliaments heads especially in light of corruption scandals which no heads have rolled yet

you are right though, this is one fellow who is talking some sense, and for that i give him respect, but may he continue to do so especially if one day he has plans to re-capture his former constituency seat

Sir Alex
not so fast....not every tom dick or harry for presidency please

Kwale said...

I thought you wrote here a while ago Kalembe Ndile only like to converse in Swahili because his English is bad.
This is what I have been saying all along, don't judge people by lack of Education or where they come from, but judge them according to the content of their character.

This world we live in was shaped by people with no formal education.
The other day I commented briefly about Conrad Hilton the Hotelier, who came from humble beginnings to open up a worldwide chain of 5 stars Hilton Hotels. In fact he used to work in a factory when he dreamt of opening bed and breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Am not doing an ad hominem but i know him and i know loves publicity. But cant disagree with the point you/him are making.

Anonymous said...

Many people are starving in Ukambani and the best he can do is to donate to the local churches who are struggling to feed this people. This guy is a politician and he still wants to stay relevant by making unnecessary stunts to drive media attention. Lets hope for the day when Kenya will cultivate selfless leaders who with or without the cameras flashing will attempt to do what is right for the common good.

Kings Manyuon

Screamer said...

Kalembe is simply trying to pull a stunt for the cameras, he is not serious. He a political comedian, trying to mock those in power. Even he were to fulfill his offer, it doesn't make him any much a person worth paying an excessive amount of attention.

But he has a point. Only that there is nothing much he can offer us. And what he is doing is not new. We don't need charity, yet we so welcome it... What we need are solutions. That can only come from visionaries and Kalembe is not.

UrXlnc said...

screamer @ 6:44

well said.

Anonymous said...

Let us praise Raila for once. At least yesterday he behaved and did not go to US to gate-crash his Ka-Chini's inauguration. Also, he did not whine that somebody around Obama undermined him not to be invited. That is a major improvement and he deserves our pat. Finally, there is hope that the big boy in him might become a man.

KenyaLuv said...

Good job Kalemebe, the former clown is having the last laugh. Kenya needs a revolution! Wipe them out, Karua,Kibaki,Raila,Ruto...wote! Wake up Kenyans, we need a fresh start. Throw the lot out, otherwise we will play musical chairs for another 100 years!!

Anonymous said...


Just imagine Ndile was brought up like Obama away from our rotting cultural environments. Just imagine.

It is a blessing that Obama was not brought back to Kenya by his father to be raised as a Luo boy. He would be fighting to inherite his brother's wife or at best acquiring power through violence like Molasses Odinga. Or he would be another TAABU who was cheering last year as Kikuyu peasants got murdered saying that they deserved it for naming their villages Kikuyu names and aspiring to be councillors in Mogotio in RV. That is the type of lunacy some of these cultures bleed.

Thanks Heavens, Obama was left to be raised by his mother and his maternal grandparents away from "kabila adui yetu" talk; the world witnessed something historic yesterday.


Mama said...

Publicity stunts or not, whatever people may say about Kalembe Ndile at least he reasons like a patriotic Kenyan in these dark times unlike all those other goons in parliament!

What is the point of wasting money all the time here when people are dying of hunger? Let Kalembe continue with his donations at least he is doing something about it....I wonder what his critics are doing to alleviate our problems. What solutions have they provided?

Anonymous said...

And thank God Obama has no DNA programmed to defraud. Otherwise he would have opted for shortcuts and would have been damn rich industrious style.

Anonymous said...

This guy is my new hero , enyewe he killed it when he delivered the tv set, that was ingenuis! Kalembe 2012!!!

sereast said...

Kalembe Ndile is just a bitter loser. Also, Raila will hear none of it. Do you think you will deny him the luxurious offices.......he is so looking forward to it. BTW people are just watching how this "people's president" is handling himself and the small powers he was given. If he gets drunk with the PM-ship, can he handle the presidency? We might be digging a hole for ourselves!

LilJOHN said...

..."a sex town filled with lodgings and hotels where lots of sex goes on as Nairobians slip have mostly illicit sex with colleagues and friends." Hmmmm,quite interesting. Btw, are u speaking from personal experience? Good to see u are a jack of all trades bwana Chris, spicing up your post with some hot pornography. You should consider putting a permanent link to

Anonymous said...

I found this issue on Jukwaa?


Is this for real?? and if so why are the figures not stating what we have been told all along? that the largest tribe in Kenya is Kikuyu??
If this population figures are true in each province
then the Othaya captain sure did rig elections by head count too,

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Justice ALUOCH on her appt to the ICC - no mean feat for a woman especially. Hebu remind me what part of the country she comes from?

Anonymous said...

anon5:02 PM

what is your beef? si she is from central province!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:34 PM

Slow down, Lady Aluoch is not yet available to be inherited. Her husband is still alive - correct me if I am wrong.

Vikii said...

The message Mr. Kalembe is sending is simple, that we should meet our needs as per the Abraham Maslow's hierrachy. We miss the point when we set out to discuss his relevance in politics or his comical ways.

One, those who travelled to the US should foot their bills. As long as the US state department did not send an official invitation to a government delegation apart from the Ambassador who represents kenya in that country, then those who travelled should be treated as tourists on a skiing vacation. Such people pay their bills.

On the proposed sum for the Prime Ministerial offices, someone somewhere needs a shot of sense. What should be the priority here; feeding a nation 10 million of whose citizens are facing death by starvation, resettling internal refugees who were displaced from their own farms and made to live like chokoras or providing a Prime Minister who already has a top-of the-range office with additional monies that will end up in individual accounts? We need to have our heads examined, folks. Something is seriously wrong.

And that is all Mr. Kalembe is trying to say.

Mama said...

I concur with Vikii 100%. If Kalembe who has been called 'illiterate' gets it, what is so hard to understand? There are things that need to be prioritised in this government and the Prime Minister's office, is not one of them! Going to America forcefully by hook and crook is not one of them!

Anonymous said...

Everybody has enough to eat in Cuba and access to excellent free health care - see the movie Sicko with Michael Moore

Anonymous said...

seems like africans had their own inaugural ball in washington but the highest ranking US official to garce it was only jendayi frazer.

Anonymous said...

it baff;es me how you can buy a mercedes for yourself when they are so many people on low wages and or starving

Anonymous said...

kenyans are always looking a gift horse in the mouth. we hav e'clever' things to say all the time thats about it....
one does not need to be sophisticated to rule, its about having the heart in the right place and Ndile has it. Americas financial sytem came crumbling being run by armies of graduates from the worlds most prestigious universities.....Why? greed...and obam said it to boot!
Like someone said 'college does not make foolish people clever nor does it make clever people foolish it just makes fools more dangerous and clever people more usefull'....Example...Obama was a community leader before he went to Harvad. Havard did not make him, he used it to tool himself up.

Ndile has his heart in the right place and thats what is lacking here and that is why kenya is screwed.....too many 'educated' greedy pigs.

VIA Ndile!!!!

Sir Alex

Screamer said...

Ya just wouldn't stop your trivial attacks on one other? Much like the politicians you are complaining about.

Anonymous said...

" Kalembe is a clown ohhh Kalembe is doing this for publicity...". Kenyans you are clowns. I dont car ehwy he is doing it, but he is doing the right thing. And who are you to judge?when one does wrong we condemn him , when one does right we condemn them. Damned if you do damned if you dont. Kenyans love whinning and bit chi ng all the time and they never do anything. At least Ndile is making a stand.I dont understand our way of thinking. We love to critisize all day and offer solutions on the net but we will never get involved in actual work. Kenyans, remove this complaining and attacking mentality saa zote. Thank God we have Ndile. What have the rest of Kenyans done to condemn this useless trip to America or the construction of a premiers office? What? We are really useless people.

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