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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama’s Clear Warning To Kibaki And Raila

Even as Kenyans cheer and celebrate Obama there are folks in the country who are not quite as excited about the Obama presidency. If anything they will not sleep too well tonight.

In his speech a few hours ago, the new commander in chief in Washington, made it very clear that America will not work with leaders tainted by corruption. Indeed the fact that President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga were NOT invited to the inauguration is a clear indicator that President Obama is not pulling any punches on this one.

But what must really worry the political class tonight is the fact that no American president in history has understood Kenyan problems more. The 44th American president rode on Kenyan matatus and slept on couches in middle class estates. Not to mention the fact that he traveled to many parts of the country. Not the kind of person who will be hoodwinked on policies and decisions on Africa and mostly Kenya.

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The Bush administration in sharp contrast tended to look the other way when dealing with Nations that would help America in some way in the fight against terror. President Obama is clearly a completely different kettle of fish and so it will be fascinating to see what happens.

P.S. It is really sad that Obama senior died a very frustrated man in 1982 having given up on life. It would have been really nice for him to have lived to see today. The lesson here is that no matter how bad things are in your life, you never know what will happen a few pages later in the novel of your life.

I mean Obama Jnr is now the most powerful man in the world. President Bill Clinton in his biography talked about that man with the nukes briefcase following him all over the place at all times. That is exactly what’s happening to President Obama from this day onwards.

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Kwale said...

Dear Kumekucha,

I would like to apologise unreservedly for my tribal language earlier on, particularly I would like apologise to Sam Okello to whom I have come to like.
Although my rants were directed to Joe, I realise others may have taken offence and to them I apologise. I am not a tribal person but sometimes I am very irrational especially when attacked by a person who I loathe. Joe like Ulxnc and Phil are people I have always wanted to settle scores with. I absolutely loathe these three idiots but today I have finally managed to rest these ghosts.

It's my prayer that today's dream of Obama will inspire you to do great things in life.

UrXlnc said...


...wanted to settle scores with...
... am not tribal ... am irrational ...

thats just too juvenile.

this forum is to discuss governance in and of kenya and how we compare to other countries. we dont care about your personality which you keep touting here.

stick to the issues under discussion.

Kwale said...

I always stick to the discussion but if you attack expect hails of thunder! I am aware you experience terrible inferiorty complex and I hope you choke in them!!

cicero said...


I did notice that you - for reason - elected to indulge in the futile exercise of fighting bigotry with bigotry.

There are people who are corrupted to the core and will always see things from a tribal perspective; those ones never worry me.

It does give me shivers though when seemingly level headed people begin to head down that path.

Anonymous said...


Ala, I thought your apology was genuine. Are you starting another battle with the ever gentle UrXInc, hapo, not even Vikii will come to your rescue. Learn to put your tail bewteen your legs sometimes as we all do, didn't Taabu make that so clear and simple?

Chris, why drag Raila's name just to pacify the haters(who will still spew their hatred anyway). the message was clearly for the illegitimate sloth at SH and kina Mugabe.

Anonymous said...

Can some body who is not in the current political system step up and run for president come the next elections? , i cant believe that we can produce an excellent American president and fail in our own back yard.My take is this, we have all watched how parlliament can be evil if given the absolute powers and also the pm can equaly be careless so let us just leave the powers with the presidency and get someone honest , responsible , respectful to have these powers and use them for good of the country.
So will the real President please stand up and kenya will have its first president come 2012.

KenyaLuv said...

Kenyans need to revolt like seriously. We need to wipe the plate clean. From Raila to Kibaki to Karua to Mudavadi and everyone inbetween. Kenyans wake up and kick this government out! We should not wait five years. Are there any legal ways the people can kick out these leaders before the five years are up? Kumekucha get on this and advise. we need a change as soon as possible.enough is enough, we cant suffer for another 40 yrs.

Anonymous said...

Oii you children grumbling out there, you are in the wrong place! What are you fighting about? Kwale et al, you are out of order! You can easily join Vickii in that dead thing called hakujakucha malaky! Shame on you and those of you ilk!

Today, unlike any other day, is not your day to fight over your infantile juvenille deliquencies, insecurities, irrationalities and inferiority complexes! In deed you are quite out of topic!

We are discussing the fate of the corrupt mainly in Kenya! I share a lot with President Obama. I very very very humble begins, from western Kenya, self made and educated. And finally I loathe corruption and the corrupt. I can't wait to see Kibaki out of my life and my country!
I couldn't believe tat Michuki is begging the RV people to feed that hard working people of Central province! How times have changed!!

And back to the topic of the day. Obama used 2 distinct Kumekucha words! Does he read this blog? Just kidding. He said CORRUPTION and DECEIT! Your truely uses these words here almost every day! Are these 2 fgreat minds ama nini?
Kibaki kaa chonjo the yankees are on your case! I can wait to this old man and his Muthaura clan at the Haigue! That day I will do cut wheels bila afuongo!

And Kwale et al, have you heard this phrase before? If not take it from today. If you have nothing to do, don't do it here. This place is for serious minds. Ok.

Good day Mr. President.

Anonymous said...

If you meant thaose words then that would be a truly nobel thing to do , but you are still allowing yourself to be dragged back to the same things you are apologising for,doesnt that look ridiculous to you?

KenyaLuv said...

Kenya needs a revolution. Time for KENYANS to take over and not tribal warlords!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm watching the Obama inaugural parade and the CNN commentators just won't shut up! We wonna listen to the music dammit! Those soldiers and school kids urakod like crazy but you're drowning out their musical talent with your endless commentary. It's now 1.58am and you've been yapping endlessly since I switched on the telly at 10am. A good commentator knows when to shut up dammit!

Joe the choma man said...

To Barack Obama,
Congratulations Mr.President and God speed on your historic journey

to the rest of us Kenyans,
the struggle continues, another 4 years yet to go,we'll get there one step at a time...

Anonymous said...

read what anon 2:47 wrote to get a glimpse of how hopeless Kenyans are.

the guy brags about having a lot in common with Obama and then the next second he is in glee because Kikuyus are starving!

these fool obviously has no clue what Obama stands for but somehow has the audacity to claim similarities.

Anonymous said...


You seem not to have learnt anything about politicians and American Politics,

let me teach you for free;

America will look the other way when politicians are running their country dry as long as the policies in that country serve 'American' interest. Obama is just a puppet and a good case is how he responded about Israel terror in Gaza. in fact i bet that Obama will be friendly on ODM with all the killers and corrupt fellows in it as long as molasses agrees to have americans set an army base in Kenya. you can brag about this little prophesy later Chris.

so stop being silly and be realistic. Americans are in for a rude shock coz nothing ain't gonna change just because they have an obama in the white house.

smell the putrid coffee silly!!!

Taaabu's Mistress

Vikii said...


First of all, President Obama has all the ingredients of a successful President, potentially. Four out of every five people in the world want him to succeed. With the kind of goodwill and talent at his disposal and his level headedness, I do not see why he cannot succeed even beyond the likes of President Clinton.

When it comes to the importance of kenya to him (as President) or even his importance to Kenya, I think we are a little bit delusional. There is so little that the President can do outside the official foreign relations structure. Still, the US is not a one-man show business as our hand-out culture has led us to expect. We are the only people who can solve our own problems. Obama can't and never will be able to.

Now as regards his warning to rogue regimes, well, this is the kind of permissible "feel good" rhetoric that so many other Presidents before him--actually all--have engaged in. The US government has always been a perpetrator of tyranny outside their shores and IT WILL continue doing that.

Look, President Jimmy Carter is the one man who came into office in circumstances and under expectations similar to Barack's. Today, President Carter is an unpopular man in America because of his desire to speak the truth which Americans like to confuse with unpatriotism. But this fire-brand is the same guy under whom the US effected an unconstitutional coup in Iran triggering those nasty suspicions with the ayatollahs that are the connerstone of the US-Iran relations today. President Bush likes to talk about America's role in "spreading democracy", but a quick look shows the opposite. He is the same guy who just last year said this in praise of Mr. Putin, "Vladmir is not just a good friend, but also a phenomenal leader".

The United States has been a near worshipper of King Abdullah and his lethal Saudi government. Even under Bill Clinton, they had a too close relationship with SA, and even under President Obama they WILL CONTINUE to be "too close". You do not have to be a genius to predict that President Obama (with the kind of spending he is rolling out) will be knocking on Chinese doors begging. So in short, you cannot pretend to be against tyranny and corruption if your biggest trade partners are Saudi Arabia and China. You just don't have the moral authority to lecture people about good governance and it is this kind of dishonesty that Americans and their leaders excel in, that I find off-putting. Unless Obama changes all this, his threats today can only be interpreted as the old American expediency, you know, an excuse to meddle in the affairs of others with eyes singularly trained on self interest. It's that simple.

Now, Kibaki this Raila that, do we honestly believe Obama is Kenyan?

Anonymous said...

well the sperm that fertilized his mother came from a Kenyan. Alas, Kenyan sperms can run too!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sending your apologies to Sam Okello even though the verbal runts were not directed at him.
What does this imply?
Answer: Your gut tells you Sam Okello is the next Obama Kenya is been waiting for.


Taabu said...

Obama is a phenomenon and more than the letters that spell his name. Forget the cheap historic take on world order. There comes a time when one makes a difference and that change must be epitomized by a single individual.

Cheap rationalization premised on misinformed ideology is trash in disguise. Obama's warning is not hot air and will definitely rattle minds. We declared Obama holiday and look at the reward to scoundrels. The guys undertands our CORRUPT and DECEPTIVE ways just too well.

Next we will mouth generation change and fly the e-campaign as the ego bloats. As Vikii said in all honesty we have very littel with Obama. And Kenya has missed an historic opportunity to reap handsomely in this epoch thanks to our penchant to fool around believing that others are equally fooled that cheaply. OLE WETU.

Anonymous said...

Just a Thought,

It is a blessing that Obama was not brought back to Kenya by his father to be raised as a Luo boy. Most likely the Luo culture would have taught him to limit his ambition to wife inheritance or at best to acquiring power through violence. Or he would have become another TAABU who was cheering last year as Kikuyu peasants got murdered saying that they deserved it for naming their villages Kikuyu names and aspiring to be councillors in Mogotio in RV. That is the type of lunacy some of these cultures bleed.

Thanks Heavens, Obama was left to be raised by his mother and his maternal grandparents away from "kabila adui yetu" talk; today, we have something historic to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

By not inviting the tainted molasses to his inauguration,Obama has sent a very clear message to to these thieving,murderous,lying scumbugs who were expecting to ride on his presidency to further their political intentions and sanitize their rotten past.Of late havent we been hearing how now that we have a 'luo' at white house,we can have another one at state house.We all remember how certain people went out of their way to claim Obama as one of their own,he has our genes,he has our blood,he even has our name.We even saw that dimwit Phil post trash here about the three 'O's'.Well,well they may have gone overboard trying to claim a piece of him but certainly he doesnt share their enthusiasm.They may have tried to prove he's one of them but Obama clearly is not about to descend to their level,so for all those prone to wild fantasies,can you snap out of your pipe dreams I have said before so there's no harm repeating,OBAMA IS AN AMERICAN!

Anonymous said...


And to you Chris,

Wacha upumbavu, CORRUPTION & DECEIT, CLINGING TO POWER...where does Raila come in?
You can only cling to power if you're already in power=Kibaki
Corruption & Deceit=Kibaki.
Chris it's got to be hurting you too...GET OVER IT!!!

King Charles said...

I am back from my long travels. I hear there's someone here causing trouble by using bad language.
Let this be a warning.

Mama said...


I think I also heard him saying something about leaders who want to silence dissent! Hehehehehehehe and we all know who those are....arresting people for wearing t-shirts, passing and signing draconian media Bills. I love that man!!

Power to Obama! And congratulations MR PRESIDENT.

Demogod said...

Its great that the world is witnessing a historical event by having the first black president in the highest office in the US.

The question is that although he has given millions hope for a batter America, I doubt his policies will make a deeper impact into the socio economic fabric in the US.

Unfortunately, America is and will always be dictated by the big corporations, and as we know alot of truth has been hidden by the US administration on the 9-11 events, and events that followed that!

I fully embrace change, and I hope Obama does well, but I have my doubts that he will bring the change everyone is looking for, as for now its all euphoria! Let's see the real impact of his policies, especially the economic policies which I see are going to be disastrous especially for the US currency in the long term, its doomed for failure.

Anyway, if you guys are interested in learning about the factual truth about Christianity, US Federal System, and the 9-11 events then I suggest you watch this documentary, it will open your eyes -


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to wonder about the iq of the people who post here. So kibs and rao were not invited. Which presidents and/or prime ministers were invited? And I dont think barry hates corruption that much. Ask Tony Rezko.

Phil said...

Chris said: Indeed the fact that President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga were NOT invited to the inauguration is a clear indicator that President Obama is not pulling any punches on this one.

Chris - which head of state from our part of the world was invited? Did you not see the statement from the state department which was circulated worldwide through the US Missions that no heads of government would be invited?

I seriously do not understand what has come over you Chris. If you are desirous of high level debate at Kumekucha, then it surely must begin with the contents of the main post itself. The first mistake you are doing is that you have not appreciated the UNIQUE situation that is the Kenya government. You also do not appreciate that the Kibaki succession battle was on the go as soon as the coalition was formed. You also do not want to appreciate that the biggest challenge we face presently is to draft a constitution that will be acceptable to all Kenyans.

Yesterday, it was a pleasant coincidence that the Prime Minister was addressing the media (which includes blogs like this one). He said; Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Tuesday called on the media to participate in constructive national debates and dialogue.

He further appealed to them to raise their reportage standards by seeking to authenticate their facts through consultations, investigations and clarifications.

“Our debate nationally is so low we must raise the standard of reporting in the country. Its only when you go out there you realise that we focus on trivial and so cheap things that even when I don’t say something, it is a story,” quipped the Premier.

Obama's inaugural speech is opening a new chapter, urging restraint, urging reconciliation; Kumekucha is still playing the same old tired line. too bad.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:38,so much about questioning other peoples IQ.But if yours is any better,how many world leaders called for a public holiday after Obama's win and how many world leaders have claimed him to be their 'cousin'?If you dont know what you're talking about you better shut up!

Sam Okello said...

Bwana Kwale,

It takes a big heart to apologize. Obviously the scores we settle here at KK are just differences of opinion, and I have come to learn that they make us stronger and leave us better friends. Even the tirades have their place in what we say sometimes. I know I've also gone off the deep end sometimes when I feel frustrated by one thing or another. That's human.

That said, I listened to the Obama speech and was very encouraged by what I heard. It's clear now that corrupt, inept governments like ours will have no place at the table of integrity, where President Obama's democratic equals will meet. Let it be a warning to those who aspire to lead Kenya that the truths of yester-years are today's lies. The families that have lead Kenya into ruin will have to pave way for new leadership. That will be Kenya's rebirth.

Keep the gloves on, folks.

Anonymous said...

For all those who say they don't know who sam okello is, the Nairobi Star has tday caried an interesting inteview with the man. The man is as handsome as he is inteligent. i want to know a bit more, but i feel comfotable enough with okelo after this inteview. He can lead!

Anonymous said...

Sincerely I didnt know a luo can be rational. Read article by one paula odhiambo in today's nation titled "time to wake up to reality".

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.16pm. Are you saying because we had a holiday and someone talked of being a cousin, kibs and rao should have been invited? Also I understand in Nigeria they were given more than one day to celebrate barry's win. Yaadua shaould have been invited, no?

Anonymous said...

You guys are so petty. Muzungu is coming from all over to see Obama's birth place but some Kenyans think it is crappy. I tell you some muzungu are already doing research on the genes from kogelo, for the betterment of the future of humanity. We can tap on this and better our own circumstances

Anonymous said...

Kwale iam diassapointed, why did you apologise.I would never apologise to these Luos.

Anonymous said...

king charles, is that not Luo character trait. Ati "I am back from my long travels", only Luos like to flaunt for nothing.going to nairobi is not something to brag about here in Kumekucha.

Joe the choma man said...

by the way, why is it that President Obama's so called "clear warning shot" to Dr.Kibaki and Dr.Raila evoked no response in like kind except from their ardent followers and foot soldier apologists who elected the two PhD holders in the first place?

maybe President Obama should have included a challenge to the electorate of those countries who keep on re-winding the same old tired leadership that churns out garbage policies and trivialises the dignity of people in a nation

but anyway, what do i care? lets stop living in a fantasy world. we are the only ones who can solve our problems. There is a conference in March organised by Dr.Raila to "chart the way forward" ,...lets see what happens then

Kwale said...

Sam Okello,
The reason I apologised to you and all other level-headed people is because I was aware what I said was not right. However,I do not regret engaging with anyone here. In fact I kind of enjoy it. Kumekucha revel in bullying, but that is something I know how to play very well; I refused it long time ago when I was school and I’ll never tolerate anywhere. I went to an all white school and l never gave in to any of the bullies.
And so to anyone who thinks I will give in their bullying you're simply wasting your time. You either stick to issues posted in this forum and ignore Kwale or spend your time in tit-for-tat with Kwale. After all this is internet and no one know who is who. I could be anyone.

Non Kikuyu, Non Luo said...

Anon @ 11:47 PM,

You said:

"Kwale iam diassapointed, why did you apologise.I would never apologise to these Luos."

This is just to inform you that not all who post comments here that you, I gather, do not like hearing are Luo. There many people from the other tribes of Kenya, I know several, who post comments on Kumekucha.

Please do not live a pumbavu lie that it is only Luo's who post here THE TRUTH THAT YOU DO NOT LIKE HEARING.

Anonymous said...

Note to duly Elected.

Thats how you do a legitimate swearing in ceremony, in broad daylight, and a decent speech. Not under the cover of darkness the proceed to hide behind karua's skirt.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Is Sam Okello on Nairoibi Star for real? Can someone confirm this? I want to see his face and confirm that he is goodlooking.

Anonymous said...

Do Kiuks realize that they have becoming the laughing stock of not just Kenyans and Africans but also the whole world?
What kind of people are this hateful? Do they seriously believe that there is anyone who doesnt see through the jealousy that they have for Luos? If Luos are really as useless as they would like us to believe, why are they so preoccupied with them? By the way, what happened to those shady Kiuks who were demonstrating in London claiming that other Kenyans are just jealous of them in their defence of Emilio?
Can you people imagine what they would have done to us poor Kenyans if Obama was Kiuk?
Thank God for big mercies!
Something tells me that the Luos are way ahead. Like they say where I come from,'money any idiot can have,superior intelligence is what sets men apart'! Ha...

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.39am. You are assuming it is only kiuks who have an aversion for luos. Am not kiuk but i have an aversion for luos, like the way whites have an aversion for blacks. I agree with you if obama was kamau kiuks would be bragging about it but what paula odhiambo and others have said about obama/kamau being an american (with no luo/kiuk mentality/mindset) would still be correct.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.39 said;You are assuming it is only kiuks who have an aversion for luos. Am not kiuk but i have an aversion for luos, like the way whites have an aversion for blacks.

Oh puleeees what kind of a psycho writes such a line? Are you saying that there is something to be proud of in irrationally hating others? Who tells you that whites have an aversion for blacks? Only sick ,really sick ones hate blacks. Kiuk or not, intelligent doesn’t come close to describing you. Thank you Americans for letting a Luo lead you!! I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of things to come. I can only imagine how much confidence and self belief Obama has instilled in young Luos and most other hapless and poor Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.19
Jealous and hateul people die so often that by the time they really die,they have died 1000 times before.
Now what happened to the chosen ones? Werent we told that a certain people were the chosen one? I can only imagine how much bad luck they are wishing would befall the son of Kogelo. While I dont support discrimination against anyone based on whatever, its a bout time some people realized how whatever they write here influence the readers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.37am. Take it from me that most whites have a strong aversion for black people, especially charcoal black people. Anything else they do (including electing barry) is merely being PC. If barry's win gives you confidence to also accomplish something then thats good. Actually that is what his win should do. But his being elected is his accomplishment, not a luo/kenyan/black/mullato accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:00 AM Take it from me that most whites have a strong aversion for black people, especially charcoal black people. Anything else they do (including electing barry) is merely being PC. If barry's win gives you confidence to also accomplish something then thats good. Actually that is what his win should do. But his being elected is his accomplishment, not a luo/kenyan/black/mullato accomplishment.

Is this the inferiotity complex behind your thinking? I have no doubt that there are white people who hate black people but is that a standard to emulate? Do you realize that for most white people black is black regardless of the shade of blackness? Do you realize that for the haters the shade of your skin plays no role?
Do not try to understate the relationship between Obama and Luos. Dont we Kenyans know that Kiuks have repeatedly waged a hate campaign against Luos culminating with Emilio swearing himself in so as to stop a luo from assuming office? As they say,he who laughs last laughs longest....
How do you complain that others hate you and in the same breath proudly declare that you hate others for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they belong to the unfortunate tribe?


Anonymous said...

Please do not try to make political capital out of the fact that Raila and Kibaki were not invited to Obama's inauguration. You are just displaying your sheer ignorance. No foreign leaders, repeat NO FOREIGN leaders are ever invited to such occasions, they are usually reprresented by the Heads of their missioins in Washington. Your constant insinuation about the invite or lack there-of is now getting old.

Screamer said...

First, i hate that some people have chosen this decent forum to spread hate and disgust to the rest of us loving citizens of Kenya. Please exchange emails and take it there. Sad.

Second, I don't why everyone expects change from Obama, only Americans should expect change, not us! Any change that will come from that gentleman Obama will be in the interest of Americans!

Everytime Obama speaks I want to cry... because it reminds of how far back we are as a people. Sometimes not even in terms of development but in terms of our values and our spirit as a people. And some posts in here confirm my fears. Too much hatred.

Sometimes you have to lose to win, have to lose one to get one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.39
Do Kiuks realize that they have becoming the laughing stock of not just Kenyans and Africans but also the whole world?
What kind of people are this hateful? Do they seriously believe that there is anyone who doesnt see through the jealousy that they have for Luos? If Luos are really as useless as they would like us to believe, why are they so preoccupied with them? By the way, what happened to those shady Kiuks who were demonstrating in London claiming that other Kenyans are just jealous of them in their defence of Emilio?
Can you people imagine what they would have done to us poor Kenyans if Obama was Kiuk?
Thank God for big mercies!
Something tells me that the Luos are way ahead. Like they say where I come from,'money any idiot can have,superior intelligence is what sets men apart'! Ha...

My sentimentiments exactly. Where are those who embarassed all Kenyans in London? Its really good that Obama made it and more importantly that he believes in a just society. Even if he does nt give Kenyans a cent, we all know that just like the Americans, we have experienced something special. As for the haters, this might just be the beginning!

John Maina said...

Screamer you have nailed the point home.
I think africa should be the 10th or 20th planet rather than amongst planet earth continents coz much of what majority of our people do just demonstrate we are indifferent. Not even to give many examples just reading comments posted on kumekucha which i assume are done by majority in the west is just shocking to see that even when some pple have been exposed to development their mentality still remains the same. Just wondered what happened to the saying that we are product of our environment.

It seems kwale-my tribes mate(kyuk) is becoming moderate considering some of his last years postings.

Kwale said...

John Maina,
I think you would like me to be a Kikuyu which cannot happen. You tried so hard to link up with me but that will never happen too. Let me tell you, I care very little what you or your ilk write and say about me here in Kumekucha. After this is internet.
Have you noticed instead of commenting on issues posted in this blog you only come-out of your closet with the name Kwale up in your sleeves? does that not say something about you?

And yes, I am western educated, western part brought up and forever will live in the West(I kissed Kenya goodbye ages ago!) , but I do not apologise the way I react when you or your ilk want to fit me into your boxes. That too cannot and will not happen!

Anonymous said...

John Maina,
if you really are kiuk, then please keep up the level headedness.I had no idea how bad the reputation of Kiuks has become until a non Kenyan asked me in a really alarmed tone if I was Kiuk.As a Kisii,I have no problem with Kiuks but I have to admit that its difficult to understand or support some of their irrational hatred towards Luos, Raila and even Obama.
Reading what the likes of Kwale, Vikii and Kimi Raikonen write usually leaves one wondering if they dont realize what world they live in. Iam glad to see people like John Maina come out to defend their fellow Kiuks.These are obviously the normal kiuks who are no different from the rest of us Kenyans. While Phil , i presume he is Luo is sometimes delusional in his defence of Raila, he is hardly ever abusive or hateful.
I can see how easy it would be for anyone who reads through blogs like this one to come to the conclusion that Kiuks are hateful people.

papa plus said...


Here is how one offers a genuine apology:

I am sorry for ___________________. I know that words/actions hurt you. What can I do to make amends?

Leave the unnecessary pontification ( not a tribal person...settle scores...) and BS out of it.

papa plus said...

As for Pres. Obama's comments with regards to far off villages ergo Kenya and corruption; all you have to do is look at how he managed to become the 1st black Havard Law Review editor and his run for the IL congress to realize that he was not interested in exercising affirmative action. So if African and Kenyan savages in particular think that there will be a direct line to the oval office, they are in for a shock. I for one hope that Obama will not have any white guilt in calling a spade a spade and telling African leaders to shape up if they want to work in partnership with him. The mzungus have always felt the need to throw Africans a bone, much the same way you would tip an enthusiastic stripper - not because you really care for her!

Taabu said...

Kwale said:
...I went to an all white school and l never gave in to any of the bullies........

Ever heard of reverse psychology and bullying? Or better still ever heard of postponed and anger extrpolation that manifests itself in old age? You project your anger to your spouse who turnd to the kids who finally land on the pets. Living in denial can be very catastrophic but only if you know.

papa plus said...

Yup, and I have always thought that Kenya in general is in serious need of psychotherapy. Extend that thinking of going to an all white school and bullying to our leaders and parents who lived in an all white ruled country where they were bullied and denied citizen rights and you can understand why Kenyatta, Moi and now Kibaki perfected intimidation through killings, arrests and divide and rule, no?

Kwale said...

Papa Plus,

My apologises were sincere. And it is to people like you that made me offer that apology. Although I differ with you politically, I find you a true gentleman which is very rare in this cyber of bullying and intimidation.

You know, I always find asking myself what I am doing in this blog, but then again this thought always crop up in my minds 'everything under the sun has a purpose'.

"Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and grieves which we endure help us in our marching onward. " quote by Henry Ford

papa plus said...

I don't recall you ever being mean spirited towards me on KK. Somethings I take in context. The elections were an emotional time but I really like to hear your point of view. Most of the tribal rants I tend to ignore especially from the anons who are apt to spew hate under the misguided notion that anonymity offers safety on line.

So don't leave KK. After all we are all Kenyans.

UrXlnc said...

taabu, papa plus

appears to me the peculiar habits of kenyans (as Safcom CEO once said) are inbred

some here just cannot bring themselves to divorce their resumes/cv/background when advancing an argument

for instance john maina above makes a fairly casual observation that recent contributions of an individual (in this case kwale) appear more moderate as opposed to prior comments

one hopes for response to agree/disagree with the observation i.e - well said John or I diasgree with reason x y z

what i dont get is the value associated with prefacing the argument with a "resume" thus

".. as a 4 ft, laterally endowed, harvard (miss) educated, intellectual midget (regret the pun), i strongly agree/disagree ..."

feel free to replace the "resume" part with whatever tickles your fancy. i mean if there's a bolder blocking traffic on a street, then its just that, whether its a madman making the observation, a baby or nobel prize nominee, its just still a rock. similarly if any sound argument or presentation of fact on how it got there and how to get it out need be evaluated on merit of logic advanced.

no wonder there is still some boardroom practice where

candidate "short-listing" is done by looking at the first section of the resume/cv also known as bio-data (how tall, where from, spouses, children, party affiliation, no of teeth, goats owned etc) - insert mug shot or beach wear shot here for added impact

for such the next 2 or 3 (substantive) parts of the resume - relevant experience/skills/training is of absolutely no value

Kwale said...


Like I said yesterday, you suffer from acute inferirity complex and this is where we have been crashing. You feel inferior when one talk about themselves because you are an idiot! Now that i realised this is what has been eating you up, wait, my CV and everything about my life will be included in my comments, and this is to make you sick and if you don't like it go hang yourself!!

Taabu said...

Papa+ said:
....much the same way you would tip an enthusiastic stripper - not because you really care for her..

Now on you use of the pronoun, can you please confirm or deny whether you are a SEXIST? Stripers belong to both sexes, ama?

Kwale said...


Someone of these things I write them deliberately because i know there are people in this blog who feels inferior because I know until they deal with these issues they will never be anything in life.

UrXlnc, i urge you to get the book "what is wrong with being black" that will help you overcome insecurities, jealousy, inferiority complex and all other issues that affect black people.

papa plus said...


You know it amazes me that online one can get very extreme opinions with the sole intention of eliciting a pugnacious response. However, I have socialized with a lot of Kikuyus and had many political discussions (while imbibing alcohol I might add) but never once has it ever degenerated to an insult-fest.

So while some folks choose to use salty and derogatory language here; I tend to think that they are merely baiting and spoiling for a cyberfight. Then again I could be very wrong. Maybe, just maybe their opinions are shared by a majority of Kenyans and would gladly get into a fight to the death!

papa plus said...


Of course you are right. That was sexist of me. Strippers can be male or female or even transgendered. I stand corrected.

Kwale said...


Infact I have a copy of that book, if you want i can post it to you free of charge. But it will for sure change your life for the better. You will learn why you have those feelings and how to overcome them. It is a very informative and powerful best selling book written by an Nigerian. In fact you can check the reviews on Amazon.
It a shame for you to continue to suffer when you can learn to be free.

Kwale said...

It is amazing that it only black people i.e of African extract that have UrXlnc's kind of feelings. If you visit white people's forums, people talk about their lives freely, about their jobs, their spouses, what they have, pending holidays and all other kind of stuffs, and its no big deal to anyone. I guess here it is poverty mentality and African backwardness that make black men feel unhappy when people talk about themselves.

Taabu said...

Kwale said:
.....I guess here it is poverty mentality and African backwardness that make black men feel unhappy when people talk about themselves..

There lies the chronic disease gnawing at your albeit without you knowing or chosing to live a lie by ignoring. You try so hard Bw Kwale to impress and you know what basic psychology says about such characters? You better not find out.

Your amounts to REVERSE LOGIC and the mad man syndrome where one insame person takes offense with normal people around him as mad.

Just be honest to yourself Kwale that all your sense of self imporatnce rest on such trivia as CV and address. And the reverse inferiority complex manifests itself when you shamelessly speak of whites and their lifestyle while on the same plane you speak of being bullied in school by them.

You have no clue of what character and person you are and trying too had to hand onto straws to stay a float. Any discourseyou venture into only succceds in revealing the ankle-deep quality.

Taking personal wars with everybody seems to be your forte in expanding your ego. And while at it your insecurity glares so much you harp on anything to stay a float. Only people like you unwittingly open themselves up as magnets of sting.

On a positive you make the society complete. You may have been a village hero as unwittingly revealed in ypur post but how you would be better by knowing that all Kenyans are not at the level of your village.

People like you Bw Kwale reve more in shouting and attention seeking by self branding as touphies rather than arguing. You referensh to anything foregn betrays your limited exposure or failure to imbibe in the plenty you wollow in.

I remind you once again ASSUMPTIONS IS THE MOTHER OF ALL EMBARASSMENTS and avoidd if you have the eye for it. But again mbizi never dances to any tune.

Finally please reflect and address issues while divorcing your personal from your posts. If only you would know that employing reasoning from the lower faculties only makes you smarter than a lamp post. Indulge.

Kwale said...

Here are some of the issues and question raised in that book " What is wrong with being black"

* What is responsible for these 2,000 years of “Black backwardness”?

* Why do we seem to fail even where we are in the majority?

* Is the Black man victimized; and is he a victim of his own circumstances, pathologies, or of other people’s opinions and decisions?

* Have Blacks always been this way?

* Are we descended from “Kunta Kinteh” or from kings?

* If Blacks are not cursed, what did they do to deserve almost 2,000 years of oppression, lack, etc?

* What is responsible for Africa being the richest continent and yet inhabited by the poorest people?

* If Black means only one sixteenth of skin, why are Blacks un-able to overcome the “victimitis” or pressure that comes with it?

* Is there a conspiracy to keep Blacks at the bottom?

* Why do Black nations constitute the biggest borrower nations?

* If Blacks are not cursed, is their land cursed?

* Africans are religious by nature, and where they have become Christians they have been committed. Why are they still not making progress?

* Why is there such a gap between White dominated and Black dominated nations?

* What are the pathologies responsible for the state of Blacks in different settings?

* Can there be healing to the atrocities committed against Blacks in the past?

* Some African nations have the highest number of educated citizens, yet Africa in modern times has not contributed significantly to discoveries or inventions.

* What is the future of the Black person?

* If there is a future, what is the key to that future?

* When will the Black man’s day of manifestation come?

Anonymous said...

Kwale please read, won't you:

....employing reasoning from the lower faculties only makes you smarter than a lamp post.

Sayra said...

Lol ... humans are truly amazing. Interesting discussions.

UrXlnc said...


the level of intellectual association you are pushing for is embarrassingly juvenile.

...visit white forums ...
whats that exactly ?

... people who feels (sic) inferior...

but wait a minute who is it that bought the book/prescription to "overcome inferiority complex" and is now prescribing for "free" and can also quote freely (read memorised key verses)

the mind boggles

fyi - kindly familiarize yourself with the term "quack"

some excerpts from the dictionary below

1. a fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill.
2. a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to skill, knowledge, or qualifications he or she does not possess; a charlatan.

Anonymous said...


Wuuuuuuooooi Ngai fafa!!!! wewe ulirogwa na nani? If somebody want to seek attention or show off let them. why waste your time with those kind of verbal attacks? Surely you can do better than that!

Anonymous said...

i am asking the same question.
Is this what Kumekucha has been reduced to? blogger fighting another?
Kenya truly is a nation of violence!
God have mercy on us all!

Mai ma Nguku said...

Taabu, kwani Kwale alikula mbuzi yako? Why do you like involving yourself in all his battles. Jana the battle was between Kwale and Joe, you got yourself involved unnecessarily, toady is UrXlnc and Kwale and you are still involving yourself. Have you seen anyone else getting involved? And even Kwale has completely ignored you. Pole sana.
Why cant be a man and leave wale wanataka kupiga wapigane. Be a man or am I asking too much?

Dr Murinho said...

Taabu and UrXlnc,

I have a question for both of you; Why does it matter and why should it matter to you if someone choose to "use their CV and address"? I want an honest answer from both of you and I will take you on a journey of your emotional state. I will also show you what has led this campaign of your hate and verbal abuse towards Kwale. You will be amazed to learn how jealousy has seriously left you paranoid.

Taabu, I have warned you in the past about your deranged jealousy state of your mind. I just cannot believe what I have read from you. Man you need help, proper help.

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

Dr Murinho said...

People don't allow Taabu and UrXlnc opinions influence you, Jealousy is a serious and deadly psychological disorder. It is the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety that occur when a person believes is being threatened by a rival. Jealousy often contains a mixture of emotions such as anger, sadness, feelings of inferiority, low self-esteem and disgust. Even in Christian church jealousy and envy is considered as seven deadly sin. On the other hand according to studies Jealousy/envy is one of the most potent causes of unhappiness. It is a universal and most unfortunate aspect of human nature because not only is the envious person rendered unhappy by his envy, but also wishes to inflict misfortune on others. This may explain why one anonymous blogger here asked UrXlnc , how many people he has ever bewitched. I will not be surprised if he struggles with thoughts of harming somebody he feels is a threat to him.

Be warned.

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

Taabu said...

Dr Morinho,
Happy new year. Nice to have you the faith healer around. My only advice to the herbalist is to take full dose of his own prescription. Just look at your own preface. It has nothing to do with jealousy only that your sense of self importance is so corrupted so much so that you have to tray gaining relevance with CV/preface.

BTW you fall at the bootm pit of embarassment from assumption. You obsesion with PHY 100 only goes so far to expose the thin quality of grey matter separating your ears.

You are in good company though in making the market place complete. You recall offering us your EULOGY about staying in Porugal as if that was any special place worth mentioning.

Please bro stop extrapolating your village reverence online. If only you woudl know that many people have ben at your level ages ago and look down upon you as a naive high school kid in matatu who imagines nobody else went to school. Indulge and recite your memos.

Dr Murinho said...

Your love-hate obsession with people who lives in the west is very well noted here. You feel threatened by them, perhaps you want to live there but you are not able to. This is where the jealously is coming in. Poor soul!
Don't you know you can go to any embassy in Nairobi and acquire a visa to go to your country of your choice? That is what people do you know.

BTW, where did you learn reverse pyschology? I have been in this field for more than 20 years but this is a term hardly known. maybe you can teach me something.

Dr Murinho

John Maina said...

Taabu you have given Kwale some therapy that he desperately need. I have no doubt that this young guy has complex issues that remains un addressed which he regularly project on others.
Problem is that he does not know he is doing it.
Kwale I comment on your views coz you are classic example of some the clients I work with who deep down are good people only that they have distorted thinking.

Taabu said...

Dr Morihno said:
....You feel threatened by them, perhaps you want to live there but you are not able to. This is where the jealously is coming in......

Good faith healer there you fall for assumptions again. Never imagine or premise you take on assumptions. You may have stayed in one/2 countries oblivious of teh fact that others may have experience living in continents.

It is that dwarf mentality that betrays you preface indentity. Please if you want to measure to what you wish up the game, won't you?

As for REVERSE LOGIC you have exposed your lack of basic psychology. Ever had of smart fools tricks to bring opponents down to their level and beat them with expeience? Now you know and indulge. Just come off the face edifice and represent your persona instead of being typically deceptive Kenyan from without.

Dr Murinho said...


Thanks for that basic pyschology teaching.

I posed a question to you and Uxrlnc, why does it bother you and why should it bother you if people wish to include their Cvs, addresses, spouses, children etc in their comments? Why does that troubles you and what is it in there to make you insecure?

And if for whatever reason, valid or invalid - which mostly likely you would like to argue this blog is to discuss important matters, what motivates your thinking when you say as such because you know very well this is internet and online opinions comes in all forms and the way some people may choose to express themselves may not necessarily be according to "our beliefs" ? E.g you like to talk about football here irrelevantly but do you know there people here who do not like football? Do we come to attack you, off course not, and if anyone attacks you for talking about your passion - football, I would come into your defence. Why ? Because this is internet and people are feel to express their views on many wide varieties of topics and have fun.

Your long running battle with a certain individual here is based on nothing other than the feeling of inferiority.
A primary inferiority feeling is said to be rooted in the young child's original experience of weakness, helplessness and dependency. It can then be intensified by comparisons to peer group especially if they are better off. A secondary inferiority feeling relates to an adult's experience of being unable to reach an unconscious, fictional final goal of subjective security and success to compensate for the inferiority feelings. And in your case and Uxrlnc, you feel inferior because you have always believed your are the best and seeing yourself being outsmarted and outclassed is what has been driving you paranoid.

It is very unfortunate people here don't see you of who you are, and that is you are a dangerous individual severely handicapped by Envy/Jealousy in form of inferiority complex. This is the reason you cheered the slaughter of Kikuyu peasant farmers in the RV. You felt they were a threat to you.
There is help should require it.

Dr Murinho
Psychologist Consultant

Taabu said...

Thanks for coming out of the woodwork. Noe if you re-read your lastest post you will see what I do speak against-CLOTHED BIGOTRY aks DECEPTION Kenyan style. You are simply living a lie that cheats you to draw attention to yourself with CV preface to your name but as soon as that is penneed you are exposed for the lack of depth.

Blogs are not employement burea and why would you chose to insult out sight and inteligence with cheap biodata? Look at yourself bro and see the deceptive belief that by attaching DR to you name makes your take weight. Common quality reveals itself without advertisement. Yours amounts to the glee on a first year psychology student mesmerised with basic logic packaged in PHY 100 lectures.

If you are smart enough you must have realized that some of us don't peddle their professionaround here because we put a different hat befitting blogs. Otherwise abusing contemporary communication with cheap street academics only succeeds in separating pretenders like you from the real stuff. Realize that I am consciecious not to fall your you gimmick and not giving anything away.

You said......."Your long running battle with a certain individual here is based on nothing other than the feeling of inferiority.."

Really? What makes you so categorical to be so ACCUSING? Don't shout bro, argue, will you? It appears your consulting mind is so corrupted so much such that the only accusing you readily bandy is inferiority complex/envy/jealosy.
FYI you would wish to know that accusation is often a product of inverted logic-projection of insecurity from the accuser.

You inwittingly reveal your class Bw Mourinho in your last stanza. That is so cheap and I will not reward your ilk with a reply, sorry.

b-carotene said...

Why on earth would anyone imagine that Obama was sending a warning to Emilio? How stupid can posters here get? The issue of corruption is believed to underlie the US's current financial crisis. In this statement in his speech Obama was talking to his very own. Thanks to the financial crisis, the US has lost any moral authority it may have had to point fingers at corrupt states. Go think about it, you dimwits.

Dr Murinho said...

As you know in this profession we like to tell as it is and it up to the patient to seek help.

Dr Murinho

Anonymous said...

Thank you Daktari for confirming what we already know, Taabu is a dangerous psychopath. Tribalist consumed by bitterness and jealous towards Kikuyus.

"your love-hate obessesion with those living in the west is well note"

Well said Dr.
Taabu, remember Mama njeri?

Anonymous said...

Why do characters over exercise their imagination to come up with fictitious matters?

Can you name a single foreign leader other than ambassadors who were invited to the inauguration? Where were Gordon Brown, Nelson Mandela, Putin and other world leaders? Can we presume that Obama's warning included them as well?

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