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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Is There Really A Government in Kenya?

As you read this there is a biting fuel shortage sweeping right across the country.

The whole thing is a mystery and nobody quite knows what is going on. We know though that fuel prices have been falling for some time. So what is this fuel shortage about? Is it that somebody wants to make more profits or what? Is this yet another "deal" similar to the recent quick-profits-from-maize-at-the-expense-of-the-starving-masses saga? Our investigations are ongoing and we will report back to you soon on what is really happening.

Well the really interesting thing here is that in Somali where there is hardly a government, there is fuel right now. So surely there can't be a government in Kenya at the moment? Not when this fuel shortage has been on for over a week.

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Anonymous said...

Was it not Nichilas Biwott who owned Kobil? And isn't it Kobil that imports most of the crude oil?

My gut feelings is that this is an artificial shortage to help increase the cost of fuel.

Early this month the price of petrol came down courtesy of Shell. Are we being punished before a price hike?

Watch the space. The hard working people are at it again. This time we Kenyans should remove their balls! Leave the poor neighbours out of it. Just these rich thugs.

For how long are they going to milk our sweat and blood while we are silent? How long?

sereast said...

Those gas guys are a cartel in Kenya.......maan. I don't think OPEC has acted on their threat of removing 2.2 million barrels from the market in order to send the prices up. The powers that be are hording this commodity to create an artificial shortage, then prices go up...then release the stuff slowly as they reap the profits.

Here is US, the prices have gone so low....$1.60 (Ksh 120) per gallon (3.78 liters) much is gas there again? What we have is not leadership...just a BIG joke!

Anonymous said...


These are the things that happen in a country where there is poor leadership right from the top. Kibaki has been sleeping on the Job, and is still sleeping. This "sleeping" trickles down to various "sectors" that make up Kenya - and VOILA! YOU HAVE, FOR EXAMPLE, SILLY FUEL SHORTAGES THAT DO NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!


These silly nonsensical episodes will continue playing out during Mr Pumabuvu's last "illegitimate term"

Anonymous said...

No we don't have a government, but a club of greedy, insensitive thugs who did everything from stealing elections, to killing to get 'elected'.Can't anything ever go right in Kenya? Our illegitimate, inept, lazy sloth of a president is busy drinking wine/beer and eating kuku and nyama at SH mombasa while majority of kenyans are praying for a single day's meal of ugali and salty water.
Raila who has always been sensitive to the suffering of the common man is trying too hard not to rock the boat - it's annoying because no one sees the difference AGWAMBO!!!
As for 'empty suit' musyoka, the less said about him the better.
i pray that the poor hungry kids will soon be free from all this suffering.

papa plus said...

Only in a banana republic like Kenya do you have such stunts pulled with no word from the GK. And that includes both PNU,ODM and ODMK

Chmeee said...

What I find very funny (not hah hah funny), is we all know that our so called leaders (used in the loosest term possible) are and will continue to fail us.
They steal from us. They lie to us. They, with our permission, for what else can it be, misuse us constantly.
My question is; what can we do as writing on blogs doesn’t bother them at all? Nay, they would prefer we keep ourselves busy venting here while they continue as business as usual.
What can and should we do?

Anonymous said...

We can start getting involved in our governance. Start participating in local politics and build from there.

Mama said...

Chris, this is an all time low. There's no govt in this place, huku ni everyone for himself and God for us all. Now even the failed state of Somalia has better leaders than these mad people we elected.

Even when Moi was there, people said he was bad but never did we ever lack fuel on these catastrophic levels.

Why should people living in Ngong Road go looking for fuel on Thika Road, when there are a million petrol stations on Ngong Road and vice versa? Why should Nairobians start carrying jerricans and plastic thingies in mats to go look for fuel? Are we back in the 30s? Ama the soon to be metropolitan imekuwa ushago? Why should planes at the Wilson Airport lack fuel and have to go begging JKIA authorities? How bad do we look to the tourists flocking this place right now? How many millions of shillions have we lost this week alone?

And the whole lot of GCG thieves are all mumb.

Vikii said...

Kama hakuna mafuta ya gari, si watu watumie bike zao. Mii nishaadust ya mine.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, thats very insightful!

Taabu said...

You have no reason to spoil the Xmas mood with your rants. Either join the party-exploit the opportunity or beg. The govt is on holiday (ask Karua) and HE is recuperating from hard year's job at the coast. People must learn to survive.

Now you say Somali has fuel. Si we can borrow just like we did business with the militia there early thius year? If anything they are holding MV SERIUS bound to US.

If you serious;y think you have evidence of govt incompetence of culpability please stop being a guard fly like Tutu on Zim. We are an indepnt state and soverign, take any evidence to court, will you please Chris?

Thank God for small mercies you have a bike. To many that is a luxury they only dream. Meanwhile please stay sober while enroute, Merry Xmas lil bro.

Vikii said...

Come on Taabu, I am offended. Everybody who has a car has a bike, or at least they can afford one. If you look at what mama said above, they are carrying gas cans in Matatus to go look for mafuta on the other side of the town. Si waride tu bike. That's my point.

Anyway, kuwa na krisii poa na usichome sana.

E-CHANGE said...

Kweli you are spoiling for a fight this year? merry christmas and someone amrudishie chris "nyake" zake-of course there is a government in place headed by Dr. Kibaki and Dr. Odinga the dynamic duo

we signed a peace accord in Feb this year and now we have a President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Deputies Prime Minister and 40 ministers to help "spread the wealth" and represent all 40 tribes of the country-don't worry if you don't have fuel your minister is keeping it safe for you

Not only that Chris but we have 220 MPs in parliament we are well represented and we don't need an opposition

(munching nyama choma) "wacha wale(munch munch) wanataka kupigana(munch munch) wapigane" who's fault is it there is no fuel?

Taabu said...

Kweli wewe ni Joe the choma man who also SPREADS wealth. Watch the size you gobble lest you choke in the same. Merry Xmas and as I warned my bro Vikii, please CELEBRATE and don't drink/eat Xmas.

Eric said...

MY challenge to PHIL on this blog is still valid.
a.) ODM is not delivering
b.) Sam Okello is the future...

PHIL I challenge you to respond.

Sayra said...


Why are you complaining on a whole christmas eve. Atakama mashida ni mob aje lazima utu-show mpaka saa hii. Aiii man, si afathali ungetuambia merry christmas. Kaa huna bike this is the time to go natural ... walk!

For now guys celebrate till 27th.

Merry Christmas watu wa Mungu.

Singa said...

Chris wacha wewe
Need i remind you that as a VOTELESS diasporian the money you keep sending your folks to buy wheelbarrows and solar panels buys the same TAX FREE hence the fuel shortage and you dare complain. And you neither stay in Kibera nor eat matumbo and athola so how can you know what is happening?

Joe the choma man (formerly E-CHANGE) said...

Mwalimu Taabu,
merry christmas and spread the wealth this festive season

won't you spare the turkey(gobble) this year? we already sacrificed the biggest one(Kivuitu) what more?and please mpe Chris nyamchom kidogo

Mimi said...

Whatever they do. Just try to have a merry christmas Kumekuchans.

John Maina said...

May be the leadership failure/mass suffering is a blessing in disguise for Kenyans to open up their eyes and proactively hold the inept so called leaders into account.
It still amazes me that someone can call kibaki a president despite the clear failure to lead and never making sense much of the times he opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Do you hear the defeaning silence of the PM (govt surpervisor and coordinator) on the fuel shortage? Guess why he has gone AWOL on the issue? The largest Kenyan holders of petroleum products in the country are Biwott (former energy minister and a kingpin in Moi's govt) and Raila (former energy minister and Moi's KANU Secretary General)!!

Let those who want to fight, fight; Moi's former students are waiting to fight them in the air, in the sea, on the land, and anywhere else in between!! And remember some of their followers have proved to be good murderers and rapists.

Anonymous said...

Where is PHIL, the vote-ful, with his Kibera wisdom and matumbo eating experience?

Anonymous said...

Why should Raila say anything about every case of MKM instigated THEFT, DECEPTION AND FRAUD while the energy minister is busy eating kuku over christmas and the illegitimate sloth is relaxing at the coast after 'working so hard' the whole year.
Raila accepted to share power, this does not make him party to the shady deals.

Anonymous said...

John Maina go back to your shiate hole!!!! We are not talking about Kibaki here, we are talking about failure of our leaders. Clearly you are out of touch, Sam Okello message is for people revolution-- none of our current leaders are worthy to lead Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 12:33

It is very wrong to infer people in Kibera, including Phil, have both questionable wisdom and matubo eating experience

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 1:41 AM

Don't defend the indefensible. People, like Kiberans, who kill their neighbours and burn their neighbourhood, as they did in January, are not very smart leave alone wise. As for PHIL, his only claim to fame is his expertise in human worship and matumbo eating. He also claims to be a Kibera social worker, which means that if you are writing a thesis on human flying toilets, he is the guy to go to first.

So, when I ask where PHIL is, it is because I want to hear the latest from the frontlines of human worship and the latest developments in matumbo eating habits. As for the flying toilets, he can keep his knowledge to himself untill a curious academician comes knocking. That is all, nothing personal.

Anonymous said...

You mean the toilet problems in Kibera have not been fixed by the PM. I thought digging a toilet requires only two guys, a hoe, a shavel, a empty debe, and a rope. How much does it take to supervise and coordinate that in his constituency? Bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

Same miserable anon hater at 10:00 and 10:10. People are busy rejoicing at the birth of jesus and being with family and friends and here you are spewing hate and answering your own posts. Get a life you Railaphobic idiot.

Mkenya said...

The Govt is not in conrol of anything,and the same guys who were supposed to bring change are nowhere to be seen.Tiz evry man for himself.

bloggeratti said...

There is a government in place.
It is fully in control.
It is dutifully carrying out its mandate of 'service to the people', "service" meaning fleecing y'all till your belly button and backbone are fused together.

Lakini, si ni nyinyi tu muliwachagua?

Shucks, we Kenyans are so predictable that Ivan Pavlov should have used on of us instead of a dog in his epic experiment. :b

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