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Monday, November 03, 2008

Rooting for Obama: Reservations a-plenty

My heart is beating hard even as I type this. With only one day to go to the US polls, I can’t help but fantasize an Obama presidency.

Fantasize, yes. You never know with politics. You might be leading in opinion polls but when the election results are out, you find yourself under the feet of your rival. That’s politics for you.

I know Obama is leading in opinion polls and everyone is exhilarated and some people have started celebrating ‘an Obama win’. But I know better than to get overly excited especially in matters political.

The proverb “Don’t count your chicks before they are hatched” couldn’t be more apt. The eggs in the basket may be big, rich in colour and grace fully oval but this does not necessarily mean that the chicks hatched will do justice to their shells.

The eggs might go bad and produce the most awful of smell. So in politics, if the analogy of the eggs and chicks is anything to go by, it is very important to be ready for anything.

And, more so, as a Kenyan, I have learnt it the hard way not to depend on the opinion polls to gauge who will ultimately win the polls. Of course Kenyans the world over remember what happened eleven short months ago on our beloved soil.

Even as I support Obama (and pray my most fervent prayers for his sail to the White House), at the back of my mind I know he may lose. Do you guys remember what happened to Al Gore?

This guy was running for the presidency on a Democratic ticket in the year 2000 against George Bush on a Republican ticket. Al Gore was also leading in the opinion polls but George Bush won the ultimate prize.

Though he (Obama) may lose, his opinion-poll-standing notwithstanding, I know he has the potential to make the president that America needs at this time when it is teetering on the brink of recession.

Another thing, Obama – my guy – is a young man. Just the kind of president we need in countries around the world. Africa should learn from this.

Young people should be given the chance to take the mantle in their countries and run with it to the finish line. Young people are you there. Go for the challenge.

My eyes, and those of the whole wide world, are closely trained on the United States of America as they go to the polls tomorrow.

Tonight Kisumu is a-fire, as chants of “Obama, Obama” rent the air. Almost each and everything in Kisumu has been named “obama-this” or “Obama-that”.

Sorry for asking this, Kumekuchans whom do you root for between Mc Cain and Obama?


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UrXlnc said...


agreed, there are plenty of nail biting moments ahead.

who am i rooting for?

Obama/Biden! Yes We Can! Excellent combination of leaders

Taabu said...

Si tu puedes (Yes we can)

Anonymous said...

Obama will win. There's even an Irish bookmaker who has already paid punters who bet on Obama. Please google for "Irish bookmaker" coz this blog truncates long URLs.

Hodderway Inc said...

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Anonymous said...

Obama malo, Obama jaber, Obama janam. Lewis Hamilton Malo Malo.

Kenyans, even if he doesnt make it, he has made history. He has proved that Mwaafrika can be more intelligent than a Mzungu. Hamilton has just made history as the youngest blakblad in history.

Kenyans, dont worry, be happy because your blood has proved to be superior.

Rafiki said...

No worries, no reasons for nailbiting - the result is so obvious this time round... Just grab a drink, sit back, relax and enjoy Obama's win!

anon: nothing superior about our blood, remember we were killing each other earlier this year...

Anonymous said...

Even if Obama were to lose (which is most unlikely) you can be sure of one thing he won't categorize those who did not vote for him as "adui" or call for mass akson. He may share with us a few drops of paternal blood but his cultural upbringing does not allow him to rape or murder his neighbours for voting differently as we do here in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1:52 PM

well said.
At all debates, Obama has been very civil. He may have kenya blood flowing in his veins but he sure didnt inherit the "adui" and "mavi ya kuku" strain of the kenyan DNA.
We shall celebrate whatever outcome and we will not call for mass akson because thats the way it is supposed to be.

Nimesema! Iko swali?

Taabu said...

Setting the goal and ideal so high leaves many trapped at the base as evident here. Obama is more than a candidate but a phenomenon and it takes sober reflection to understand what it all means. Diluting the occassion with our village rants only spoils the party. But expect Kenyans to rain on any party with gusto. Obamania has the changed the world for all the good things. He has curved and earned himself a special place in history of Black people and humankind. Only the open-minded not enslaved by trivia will sample the joy.

Anonymous said...

true the above.
let obama be a lesson to kenyan voters:you dont have to take bull* from politicians who like to play you like a violin.
kenyans you are so lucky to have obama redeem the kenyan name.
its up to you to demand for leaders like him.get rid of the 'aduis' and 'mavi ya kukus' and 'wipers' for that matter.
now the question is which politician in kenya is of the same calibre as obama?????God help kenya!

Anonymous said...

For those in Kenya who claim communal ownership of Obama, it is all well and good. But it is not enough to conveniently associate yourselves with a success story. You need to go further and cultivate and own his brand of politics. As a first step you can disown the politics of stone-throwing, of arson, of rape, and of murder.

As we celebrate Obama, the American success story, my earnest prayer is that our lakeside brothers and sisters be turned into something more than Obama admirers; may God turn them into Obama practioners. Amen!


E-cop said...

I am for "progressive politics"! anywhere anytime anyplace...however i am against stigmatization that denies anyone the freedom to participate and practise that brand politic

UrXlnc said...

i think the lakeside brothers/sisters have every right to be proud of this man

and so does anybody else that believes in change, striving for excellence and/or reaching for the skies

Anonymous said...

And by the way have you noticed that Obama will win without urging his supporters not to pay rent. This is the kind of politician we need - a politician who wins without encouraging his supporter to engage in wrongdoing. He also did not harp at the historical injustice visited on the blacks in order to get their votes.

Anonymous said...

When Obama says that he was shaped more by the absence of his father than his presence, what he means is this: if he had be raised by his father he would have been taught the politics of stone throwing and "kabila adui yetu."

So as Kenyans celebrate Obama's phenomenal success, it is wothy keeping in mind that he has achieved it because of the absence of socio-political influence of Kogelo village and the tribal warlords.

Anonymous said...


please give us all a break and join us in genuinely enjoying this moment.

Vikii said...

" Al Gore was also leading in the opinion polls but George Bush won the ultimate prize".

Well, that's simply UNTRUE. Vice President Gore was trailing Gov. Bush before the election. The surprise was how the former actually proved the polls wrong and managed a tie.

That said, to answer your question, I support the Obama/Biden ticket. I just believe their ideas are far superior to the joke that is the Republican ticket's.

And yes we can. We sure can.

papa plus said...


It's "Si se puede" but I get your meaning.

Second that anon 2:31 but in addition, I'd say the whole of Kenya needs to emulate Obama in actions and spirit. Not just those around Lake victoria.

Hopefully in another 24 hours I will be at my local smoke shop puffing on my favorite Cohiba and sipping some glenfiddich in honor of Obama and America.

Yes we Can! Yes we shall!

Anonymous said...

Taabu said

'Obama is more than a candidate but a phenomenon and it takes sober reflection to understand what it all means..... Obamania has the changed the world for all the good things.....

The people say...
this is the kind of twisted logic that slowly generates to fanatism and idol worship like molasses in Kenya.
Obama is just obama, he breeds, has a cheating wife, kids and all that...stop the crap of jaluos and be realistic.

which world has he changed??? the gutter press world of taabus of this day???
IMAO the so called Obama's biological father was in obamas words a drunkard and irresponsible..a man who sired,divorsed and escaped all responsibilities of child upbringing....thats the typical stone throwing molasses worshipping lazy luo for you!!
and now we all harp our throats dry how obama is Kenyan???
shame on you dimwits!!

Sober Kenyan

Anonymous said...

sober kenyan.
you're such a party pooper, wet blanket, name calling tribalist, kenyans dont need your type.

DM-nairobi said...

I'm a Kenyan who is very skeptical about a man who claims to cherish family values, yet he firmly believes and supports Abortion on Demand, and the "marriage rights" of homosexuals in America. Will he popularize the same values on the rest of the world when he is elected president?

But trust tribally blind Kenyans not to question such despicable values in their euphoria for Obama.

I'd rather go with the McCain/Palin brand that still has a healthy respect for family values.

Anonymous said...

dm-nairobi i hope you're white because if not to mccaine and palin you're just another niga from africa of no relevance whatsoever.
also are you God to judge homosexuals and women who decide to have abortions?
stop the holier than thou warped attitude.

Ngunyi Ngunjiri said...

dm nairobi uko down!!!!

The Obama candidacy is without a doubt one of the major achievements of black consciousness in the world. He represents the downtrodden - a random guy with Kanyan heritage can occupy the highest seat in the most powerful nation on earth - period. If that does not excite you, then, UKO DOWNEST!!

Anonymous said...


Have you watched Michael Moore's documentary Sicko? It's available at any popular DVD lib. There's this carpenter in the States who accidentally sawed off 2 fingers but could only afford to have 1 re-attached. This is in a country that's spending $10 billion a month in Iraq. Obama will win and ensure that everybody has health coverage.

Secondly, what have the republicans done to legislate against abortion? It's all talk and no action. Afadhali the dems coz pretenders are worse than murderers. You see, it's impossible to agree with someone 100%, even if it's your bibi/bwana, paros, or best friend. I've been spending 15k a month in Internet costs fighting back against anti-Obama allegations on the Internet, e.g. ati he's a socialist yet Americans will pay lower taxes (20% lower) under Obama than under Reagan, a republican.

This is despite the fact that I don't agree with Obama 100%. I agree with him 99% coz I'm anti-abortion and anti-gay rights.

Kiuks for Obama, Raila, Mudavadi, Mutula, Orengo, Martha, and other pro-Waki politicians

b-carotene said...

Mcpalin tried to spread the poison rather liberally. It was rejected, and WILL be rejected with a resounding NO, unless of course, they pull a fast one.
More, at least we know Obiden will unlikely spread the bullets and bombers around as did Dumbya, who claimed family values and anti-abortion....

Anonymous said...

McCane bin McKiboko was tested and failed: he destroyed four American jet fighters, and always bailed out to save his sorry kundule. Why was he never ejected from the navy? Becuase of his family's high level military connections. I am rooting for Obama so that the oldman (McKiboko) and the sea of failed policies of George wa Kichaka and Republican political fatigue do not continue to fail the country - not once, not twice, not thrice but four times in the same manner McCane wa McKiboko bailed out of four aircrafts that was going down after he had failed his test-flight and bombing runs when it counted most.

Anonymous said...

is it true that jaluos have shipped stones and machetes to america just in case you know who loses?

Anonymous said...

@12:17 AM
People like you are as naive as naive can be, and unfortunately there are legions and legions where you come from.

First of all, I am for life, that is, I am for protecting life from WOMB 2 TOMB. I am for standing up for life and protecting life in all its fullnes regradless of the cost.

I hate it, yes I used the word "HATE", when the so called "cafeteria-pro-lifers" come out of the woodworks during the election year, preaching their well crafted hypocritical messages and highly politicised soundbites about being "pro-life" or "anti-abortion" in order to win votes for their respective candidates and political camps.

When will well meaning people learn to protect life, stand-up for life and speak up for life from WOMB 2 TOMB, and on every continent of the world? WHEN?

What's the use or point of calling yourselves "pro-lifers" and yet many of your people (political diehards) would rather protect the unborn and yet intentionally allow millions and millions of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, European and North American children between the ages of one week to ten years, to die from diseases, accidents and other global causes that are easily preventable.

Talk of despicable values and I will show who the despicable lot are and how many children they have killed around the world.

A real man with a healthy respect for family values would not be easily driven into divorcing his traditional wife in order to jump onto the opportunity to marry a woman who inherited 500 million dollars from her father and refuses to share 10% of the inheritance with her other half-siblings.

What have family values got to do with a marrying someone who is really scared of giving birth to her own biological children just because she afraid that maternity or getting pregnant will mess up her beauty and perfect body shape?

To the cafeteria pro-lifers:

How many millions of pounds of food and valubale resources do you "people of the merciful God" allow to go to waste every day in your lives?

How many people died in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America because they had no place to call home in 2007?

How many children died of malaria in Africa?

How many children have died in 2007because of lack of basic medical attention and supplies?

What was the number of people who died of starvation or diseases in the year of 2007?

While millions and millions of "pro-lifers" were struggling with the issue of to get rid of their excess body weight?

Talk of despicable values and total lack of a healthy respect for family values among some of hypocrites in our midst.

When will the majority of the so called "pro-life" change course and really find the ways and means of protecting life from the WOMB 2 the TOMB?

Taabu said...

@Anon 6.42,
Wow, that was a MOUTHFUL. How I hoped you were wrong but fear you are damn right, Flog the scoundrels till they see the light and banish doublespeak. Shame on them.

VM said...

I can't help but have a feeling of despair at the mention of elections. Now, I know that we as a nation should be working toward peace and reconciliation, but after the charade of an election we held last year - let's admit that the system does not work. Not here, and not in more so called "established democracies". You can ask Al Gore!!
So let's not count our chicks before they hatch, I for one cannot handle another "steal".

But on a lighter note, why do we keep talking about the Bradley effect in regards to an Obama upset.
How about the Raila - Kibaki effect? Now Kenyans will understand that!
Let us pray it is not a village curse.....

Anonymous said...


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