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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Who Killed James Kamangu?

I received numerous alerts and SMS messages to the effect that James “went to court to get his conjugal rights back from Televangelist Margaret Wanjiru” Kamangu was dead.

The news spread like wildfire around town and the country at large long before any news media had reported it. On many people’s minds were some unspoken questions which I will dare voice here.

Was Kamangu killed by the God of Bishop Hon. Margaret Wanjiru for trying to frustrate her and her work for God? Especially when the woman of God was looking for happiness in marriage?

Or was Kamangu’s death something to do with the fact that the good Bishop admits that she used to be a serious witch who made a certain woman who annoyed her go insane?

Mostly those who fear God will be asking the first question while those who do not will be asking the second.

Was Kamangu’s death an ordinary death for a man who was said to have loved his changaa a wee bit too much before fortune shone on his door and money poured in from still mysterious sources which changed his life even as he was thrust into national limelight? Or does his death have something to do with him getting mixed up with people whom the good book warns we should not point fingers to?

Suspicion was further raised by a clip shown on the TV news last night of the deceased man's angry brother storming his residence to try and find answers of why Kamangu had died so suddenly and under such mysterious circumstances.

His current wife (how was he going to get conjugal rights from the Bishop when he has another woman?) says that the man complained of abdominal pains and was rushed to a nearby clinic where he was promptly referred to Kenyatta National Hospital. She took him there and he was admitted and she went back home. Only to return the next morning to be told that her husband was no more. Sources close to the late Kamangu say that he suffered from ulcers for a long time. But stomach ulcers ordinarily do NOT kill people. And surely not as suddenly as the way in which Kamangu expired.

Well we also know that in many African cultures people do not die. They are killed. Even when they are over 100 years old and with every bone and organ in the body creaking for rest.

Whatever you think of this post, one thing is for sure. As the civilized, well educated Kumekucha readers read this post and laugh their heads off in sarcasm, ordinary folks in villages, small illicit brew dens and women cutting sukuma wiki next to smelly, overflowing drainage in some slum, are busy this minute discussing and speculating on one question; who killed James Ndimu Kamangu?

P.S. I have just remembered that the good Bishop spoke some deadly words about conducting the funeral of Kamangu when he was still alive. That will surely add fuel to the already burning fire. Ama?


Taabu said...

Malipo ni hapa hapa and there is no free lunch. The plastic lifetyle came with the ultimate prize. But how unfair Bw death is when you need to strike the right heads, he goes for surogates. RIP Jimmy, may you head straight to where you deserve.

E-cop said...

If we can't tell who won the elections last year....
then there's little hope of us ever knowing who killed JK-his demise joins the long winding list of unsolved deaths that remain a scar on Kenya's collective conscience

unexplained deaths and and secret assassinations continue to feed our insecurity fears in our own country yet we're supposed to feel safe because we have a public security apparatus in the name of the police why this oxymoron?

Phil said...

What so you mean Chris that ordinarily ulcers do not kill people?

His own son intimated that Kamangu was vomiting 'normally' before it got worse and he started vomiting blood. This can only mean peptic ulcers. You need to do some research on peptic ulcer so you can realise the fatality rates for this feared ailment.

On the other hand, alcohol, especially the cheap ones that Kamangu developed a liking for, was not helping his case. And his wife actually confirmed that they had been having frequent arguments that he should stop drinking himself to the grave.

How about word on the ground today Chris; that Kamangu was killed by someone whom he was balckmailing. He had apparently threatened to spill the beans on those who misled him into demanding conjugal rights from his estranged wife although deep inside he knew he was just building castles in the air.

He got so used to being financed that when the money stopped coming, he threatened to expose one Maina Kamanda as the person behind the woes of the Bishop. He could no longer sustain his string of Gachie wives. Maina did not have any other option but to silence him.

Anonymous said...

Kamangu was a victim of PNU. They funded his 'conjugal rights case' in order to bring down Bishop and her ODM. Kamangu then started over drinking and boasting how his godfathers - Kamanda and Beth Mugo were financing him. So he had to be silenced - end of story.

Anonymous said...

So will we see Livongo vomiting blood or pus soon? Now that he has been used but without success

Anonymous said...

Why not wait for the postmortem before you become a rumor monger like many people?? you blog should have a respectable analysis not who killed Kamangu but how brought about his death?? as we all know in kenya many poor people don't go for regular or yearly check ups(too expensive and even if one has a tumor - they don't even realize it - those pains?? were they ulcers or other more deadly deceases?? when did he get a doctors check up on his health last and which conditions of health has he been living with if no recent reports from a doctor are available???

Chris on this not I rest my case- I'm quite shocked to see the heading of your blog "Who Killed Kamangu" just because he has a case in court does that mean someone killed him?? and does that mean you Chris if you have a case in court now and the person suing you dies?? does that hint that you killed them??

Lets get real here and get to more serious blogs about what is happening in Kenya to the normal wanaichi and how our words of wisdom collectively can be of help to them......
Let the Postmortem find out why this fellow died and due stop spreading rumors and hints and trying to tarnish other peoples names "if everyone in kenya with a case in court against the other were blamed for their deaths then we would have a monkey republic....

Anonymous said...

Have you all forgetten Wanjiru was a hirearchy witch? She confessed in the past of trying to kill business rivals and knowing inside out all forms of witchcraft.
You should look no further, wanjiru is the culprit. She is no longer a christian--backslidden and lost soul!!!!!

Vikii said...

Who killed Kamangu? That's a good question.
What killed Kamangu? That's also a good one.

BUT what people do not get is that we dont really have to know. God knows and he will answer such questions in a very interesting manner when the time comes. So guys, there is absolutely no need for spin.

kamangu's soul is surely where it deserves to be.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Chris, man your memory is so sharp, the part in bold.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is a dangerous country. There is no rule of law and nobody waits until the corrupt lawyers and judges decide a case.

Kamangu was killed by the one whom he took to court.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Okuyu negore kendgi ero.

Anonymous said...


this man had a family that no doubt is grieving.

do not lead kumekucha to a legacy where we dance on the graves of the dead.

lets have some respect and feeling here for those who have to endure the pain of losing their loved ones


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:44,

jo rabuon onegre anega tipoka wayueyo - thoooo!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.08,
who do you think can watch anything from you?
You the most foolish thing ever lived. I will get mungiki to administer the cut for you.

Chris said...

Proud Kikuyu woman my friend,

I confess. Your comment kind a jogged my memory.

Pole sana.


Phil said...

UrXlnc said......


this man had a family that no doubt is grieving.

do not lead kumekucha to a legacy where we dance on the graves of the dead.

lets have some respect and feeling here for those who have to endure the pain of losing their loved ones

UrXlnc, I do not see how Chris' post constitutes dancing on the graves of the dead. The late Kamangu introduced the public to his life and the public shall surely want to know what caused his sudden death. Speculation does not in my opinion mean dancing on his grave.

Talking about grief, there are those of us who do not even talk about our loved ones who disappeared from the face of earth just because they questioned Kivuitu's declaration. I need not say there are those who found themselves in mass graves while others are languishing behind prison bars for participating in ODM sanctioned mass action. Yet, we claim to have an elected government and an independent judiciary. Perhaps these people I am talking about do not have families that are equally grieving for their loved ones?????

Anonymous said...

How can you tell PKW "pole sana kumekucha"? what do you mean by that???

Anonymous said...

What about innocent women and children burnt alive in church for what??
May their spirit haunt you and your idol Raila for the rest of your lives!!!!!!!

UrXlnc said...


I do not see how Chris' post constitutes dancing on the graves of the dead.
the post does not, its the multitude of crazy responses intermingled with a few genuine ones

The late Kamangu introduced the public to his life
my understanding is that he challenged the decision/utterances of his ex. its the press that blew the issue to gigantic proportions on account of the ex's status

and the public shall surely want to know what caused his sudden death. Speculation does not in my opinion mean dancing on his grave.
agreed. see my first response above

Talking about grief, there are those of us who do not even talk about our loved ones who disappeared from the face of earth...
exactly my point, sometimes the pain is so great that people may want to grieve in private for a while

this is not to say that the cause of death should not be established.

Anonymous said...

What about those killed by mungikis in Nairobi and Naivasha?? May their spirits haunt you and your Kibaki and Uhuru.

Kwale said...

Phil, I dont know you and I don't like you. What you write here is very embrassing to say the least.

Anonymous said...

wuuuuwwiiiiii wuuuuuuuuwiiiiii


Protests as police hunt for Mungiki
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By SAMMY CHEBOI and FRED MUKINDA (email the author)
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Posted Thursday, October 9 2008 at 22:08

Matatu operators and traders in Nairobi’s Kayole estate protested against a police operation on suspected Mungiki sect members Thursday.

Public transport was paralysed and business at the main Saba Saba Market closed for the better part of the day.

The protesters had placed old tires on the roads but were dispersed by police before they could set them on fire.

The officers also maintained vigil on the roads to prevent youth gangs from stoning vehicles operating on routes not affected by the protest, but passed through Kayole.

Others continued

“Only matatus plying route 17 and 19 failed to operate, the others continued with business,” said area deputy police commander George Tonui.
Thursday’s protest started after police raided the main market at 5am, arresting a trader Mr James Mbogo.

According to witnesses, Mr Mbogo, a tomatoes broker, was picked up by police who had been hunting him.

They claimed he was one of witnesses cited in the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights report which accused police of carrying out extra-judicial killings.

The protesters also claimed Mr Mbogo’s evidence to human rights bodies had implicated the police in the disappearance of youths in the area.

Other youths were said to have been arrested in Soweto area at the same time, but the actual number could not be established. Matatu crew who were interviewed accused the police of harassing them in the name of hunting down Mungiki followers.

“We decided to remove our vehicles from the road to demand the release of those arrested. Many have been apprehended but were never seen again. We are no longer safe from the police,” said one who declined to give his name for fear of police reprisal.

Attempts by some demonstrating youth to block the road at Saba Saba were thwarted by plain clothes police who fired in the air to disperse them. Police officers patrolled the estate to prevent any chaos from breaking out.

Mungiki spokesman Gitau Njuguna Gitau told the Nation that another man, Mr Peter Theuri Kihoro, was arrested at the market last Thursday.
“Since then, he has not been seen and we don’t know where he is,” he said.

Mr Njuguna said area residents would carry out a public arrest if the Government failed to arrest officers he said had been picking up youths, who were later found killed.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Bullshit!What a load of Bullshit!This is what Kumekucha has became?Glad i stopped been a regular.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Luo intolerance and self delusion that they can dictate terms to other Kenyans can be seen here when these morons for lack of brains resort to insults in their vernacular.They are so full of their self importance that an mp from the region couldnt submit to a body search at JKIA.Felt it was beneath him to be subjected to such indignity.Ha ha ha!He was sharply reminded the law exists after all.PS.Are those the ideals that Kumekucha reminds us so often that ODM stands for?

Anonymous said...

It leaves us all wondering.Why did this guy resurface just after Wanjiru`s poll success.He would have at the least been attending her sermons.

b-carotene said...

I dont mean to derail the conversation (RIP, dear Kamangu), but I just want to belabor a point to the Bumpkin's fanatic, zombie-like minions in this house: Read the article below and get an education on tolerance.
My apologies to Kimi, Kwale, Kijiji and others who get it, but we do have to try.

Kicking Corsi out felt good but left a bad taste in the mouth.

ARE WE SUPPOSED TO cheer the fact that the Government threw out the anti-Obama author, Jerome Corsi? Boo to the person who made that decision. Whoever you are, you have proved once again that this country is the bedrock of intolerance.

The book is a hatchet job, by most accounts. Corsi probably knows it, hence his attempt to sneak up to us with it. But that is no reason to hound the man out of town. The Big Brother mentality went out of the window ages ago.

You could simply have asked him to apply for the right visa and let him try to convince us that the man from Kogelo is evil personified. There’s no reason to underestimate our intelligence – though you can never be too sure about that when the issue is political.

Instead, you fell into a predictable trap. The man must be crowing to high heaven. Now the discredited Corsi has yet another reason to flog his book to the masses of people who want to see a conspiracy in everything under the sun.

The legend is that Corsi went against the terms of his visa, which indicated that he and a friend were here simply as visitors eager to see the best of our wildlife and game parks.

Launching the book on the man he loves to hate was officially a commercial agenda, and supposedly enough, reason to put him on a midnight flight out of Nairobi.

But there are times when our actions can be hopelessly counter-productive, and we must be on the lookout for such pitfalls. Negative publicity is the last thing we want hanging over our heads right now, no matter how justified the response to provocation.

And that is precisely what Corsi’s business was all about. He must be laughing his head off, wherever he has taken his malicious propaganda. Now he has material for a second book, if he is up to it.

The antidote to people who lie and seek cheap publicity is not to play the game by their rules. Deporting him definitely fits in that category.

Obama Nation is hardly worth the aggravation, going by every account I have come across. We have made a victim of a nondescript writer of a book that has been trashed elsewhere for its inaccuracies.

The knee-jerk reaction to people, things and situations we do not like will be the undoing of this country. We saw it in January. There is no blood on the floor this time round, but the co-ordinates are the same.

Yet there is an undeniable feel-good sentiment about his eviction in many of the people I have met since. There is a good basis for that, if you have a traditional outlook on life.

In this scenario, letting Corsi loose on the Kenyan public would amount to rolling out the red carpet for a guest only for him to turn around and hurl insults at you and your family. You would be a lucky guest if you came out of that homestead unscathed.

INDEED, THE JOKE DOING THE rounds is that the immigration guys need not have done anything more than approve the launch, the only condition being that it would be held at the biggest stadium in Kisumu and advertised widely.

This is the point at which you are supposed to laugh until the tears come to your eyes. But we cannot even afford to smile. Corsi was here for only a handful of days. We have to live day in, day out with the same kind of mindset that his book pushes.

Scare-mongering and deliberate efforts to fire up ethnic tensions is the staple of our politics. In the US, the bogeyman is communists. Here, communities are demonised wholesale because it is politically convenient for the other side to work up fury and tribal tensions in order to cheat their way into power.

Entire communities are fed daily propaganda that they can only survive and do well in Kenya if one of their own is in the top seat. To achieve that, they must stick together and find one “vehicle” that will champion and protect their interests. We are never told how different those interests are from those of other Kenyans, and why those concerned want to hoard the goodies.

We sing and dance to this kind of music virtually every weekend, yet I have never heard of an official reprimand from anyone in Government. Whenever the “incitement” charge is made, it is very selective and soon fizzles out. This is why the action against Corsi rings so hollow.

The political climate we live in is silly, when you think of it, and a greater threat than anything that is happening in America now. But you are more likely to find people who go along with hate speech rather than those who will disagree and ask the authorities to lock up the culprit.

Yet when you buy bread, milk and sugar, you do not instinctively check the label to see where it came from and whose hands processed it.

You can entrust your treasured car to a mechanic from the dreaded community and rush your ailing child to a doctor from the region made up entirely of greedy people, but unquestioningly retreat into a tribal cocoon when it comes to politics. It doesn’t make sense. But then prejudice never does.

I have my doubts about Corsi’s prowess as an academician and researcher, but it is not anything to do with Obama. He was either unusually daring or congenitally foolish to try his latest stunt. The verdict is yours.

Anonymous said...

anon4:09 AM
Your argument does not wash ati.. Corsi should have been asked gently to apply for a working Visa while still in Kenya and it should then have been given to him??
instead of they way he was deported out of the country??

are you for real?? how many of our brothers and sisters are deported from the USA and Britain for lack of proper or valid Visa??(unceremoniously)
are you one of those kenyans who believe white people are more superior so they should be treated differently even when they do not follow rules??(lick the white mans ass) No such chance my friend..

The Kenya government should have treated this Corsi guy as a terrorist- coming to Kenya to claim falsehood and spread propaganda and religious hatred is an act of terrorism period this guy should have been locked up in Kenya Kamiti jail and not deported in my view the government treated him with kids cloves!!! because the PNU branch of government is the one which invited him to launch lies, propaganda and a smear campaign against Obama and Raila- the goon should have been jailed without trail for being a terrorist and hate in kenya.

My suggestion to you is to stop licking white ass and thinking that they are superior to you... this is not 1930's....

b-carotene said...

5:45 am
Corsi had a visa. How many people work and live in Kenya without visa? Why isnt Kajwang (and molasses) going after those? Your reasoning is fit only for the putrid cesspit that is your mind. Keep it to yourself. Bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

As predicted, huyu alikua mtu waku pewa...kupindukia

RIP Bw Ndimu

Marinne Briner said...

Anyone knows what happened to Sam Okello?


Anonymous said...

sam okello went under after mollases issued a cut order....a coward!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys.Please lets stop this Luo-kikuyu crap,its so 2007.We are so tired of it.Rememeber how much it cost us?

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