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Friday, October 10, 2008

Should Parliament Abolish Moi Day?

Today is Moi Day in Kenya. Under Chapter 110 of the laws of the country, October 10 of each year is recognised as a public holiday since the year 1989 when it was passed into law by parliament during KANU's rule.

However, since Moi’s retirement in 2002, the day has become a low key event without the traditional military marches, fly-overs and traditional choirs at all provincial and district headquarters.

Instead, most Kenyans stay away from school, work and their businesses or stay at home even as they wait for yet another public holiday on October 20 known as Kenyatta Day. Moi himself says Kenyans should reflect on this day by helping the less fortunate in society (sic). Walking through Nairobi Wests' Birongo Square today, the picture one gets looks more like a car wash / beer drinking day.

This month alone Kenya will have three public holidays given that Muslims celebrated they Idd Ul Fitr just last last week. Hindis also have their Diwali in October. The Hindi faith is a major employer in Kenya.

Whereas it is quite in order for humans to have adequate rest periods for purposes of health and safety and also to allow necessary participation in family, recreational, social and political activities, I have tried to figure out the relevance of these two public holidays and to be quite honest, I cannot see any benefit Kenyans get out of them.

Not only are the two October holidays a regrettable waste of resources and man-hours, they are also complete waste of time which is a tragic reality considering the gigantic task involved in turning this country around. I believe it is high time parliament relieved Kenyans of the huge burden arising out of these two holidays. If parliament sees it necessary that Kenyatta Day be retained because of historical significance, then I can only suggest that it be renamed Heroes Day or Wazalendo Day or whatever, but just not to name it to one individual who caused Kenya more harm than good in their life time.

On the other hand, the origins and current purpose of Moi Day does not provide any value addition to the Kenyan of today. Moi Day was made legal as a result of the egoistic nature of the then President who wanted to feel at par with his own predecessor (Kenyatta) who had a day (October 20) named after him. Moi even went as far as christening just about any public institution in his own name.

These are some of the favours that Hon Linturi and Hon Ababu should be extending to Kenyans in the 10th parliament au sio jamaa?


UrXlnc said...


i agree, maybe parliament should collapse the two presidents days into a single presidents' national/holiday to cater for past, current and future presidents in the month of october.

maybe a heroes ( memorial ) day should be seperate in another month or combined with Jamhuri day

Bobie, Bristol said...

Happy Moi Day

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh! why start attacking Moi day?? lets start with Kenyatta day(kikuyu day) before running ahead to attack Moi day after all kenyatta day was coined for the liberation of Kenyatta and his cronies taking all the land from the Mau Mau veterans and their families- it should be abolished with immediate effect and the Mau mau Veterans and families should not be in IDP camps as we speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Moi Day! haha

And its not hindis, its hindus!

Taabu said...

Spot on but you are addressing the symptom. Can you imagine in a year a Keyan public servant rests 112 days and gets paid for it? If that si not fraud tell me what is? We are living colective lies and fraudsters at best.

Now on Moi day, the whole concept is based on false and selfish premise of EGOCENTRISM. Jomo came and colonized Kenya after the Brits and Moi wanted to outdo him. Look around you and see what Emilio has done in less than 6 years.

Although Kibaki may not have all high school toilets and dormitories names after him, he has outperfomed Uncle done is soothing the BITE to Kenyan flesh. And his apologists will jump to defend the zombie making unfortunate comparison to Moi's ruineous ERROR.

BTW why would a country have military guard skeletons at the heart of a city? If that is not IDOL worshipping/late impunity tell me another.

Anonymous said...

Moi Day? Kenyatta Day? Rubbish Day. A waste of time.

Anonymous said...

rename it Mwai Day. Kibaki revitalized the economy and presided over the most democratic, free government Kenya has ever seen. History willl show that. Kenya was well on her way to being a bastion of power in Africa during Kibaki's first term before the ODM goons lost the election and reversed all the gains that Kenya had made under Kibaki. 100 years from now you fools will realize that Kibaki is the best president Kenya will ever have. Had Raila been president every public toilet, garbage dump, street alley etc would be named after him. Kibaki preached tolerance and tolerated dissent to an unbelievable level. ODM hardly entertains dissent even within its own ranks. YOU KNOW THIS IS THE TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

If Obama was not a proud Luo he could have changed his name to sound Hawaiian or American.

Look at the Central people. We have those even in the cabinet calling themselves Mr. Joseph. They shun their Kikuyu names and take up Mzungu's.

A Luo man will always stick to his Sir name. Obama is a proud Alego man who doesnt want to be called Mr. Jackson or Mr. Joseph. He inherited the proud Laker's blood.

If he were from Central, he would have disowned Alego Kogelo. No, he would not be. He is not Kifaki, who disowned his second Wife and daughter.

What a shame Kimi.

Jatelo Mano ego. There is a difference between Thugs and cultured people. The above example clearly exhibits it.

Anonymous said...

Ndiyo Kibaki is the best plesident Kenya ever had. There is 20% growth. Every body in Centlol owns a car, Mangu is reading in O-Revels, Coffee tlade is booming, Nailobi is crean and tidy. Lesearch is at its peak: AIDs lesearch is international. Even the Ruos will appleciate. Prof Mwangi found the with a cut, only 60% of the Ruos will die.

What does Kenya need more?

Vikii said...

This is a debate that Hon. Kiraitu introduced when NARC came to power. The suggestion was the abolishment of Moi Day and the renaming of Kenyatta Day (To mashujaa day). kenyatta may have done something worth of note, but so did Odinga, Ngei, Karumba, Oneko,Kubai, Kaggia and many other Kenyans. It was pretty selfish of him/his minders to sanction a day for himself and totally ignore the contributions of the other Kenyans.

When it comes to Moi Day, that is another story. Moi (and to a lesser extent, Kenyatta) presided over the worst plunder of the country, he embarked on a shameful systematic pillaging that can rival any dictator's on this planet. He inherited a country that was arguably one of the continental powers, milked it dry while killing or maiming anybody who dared question his ways, and dangerously diminished the country's standing in the eyes of the world. To reward such despotism by naming airports, "national holidays", mortuaries, streets, hospitals, primary schools, high schools, universities and even cattle dips after him is the single stupidest thing any nation can do especially when you consider that the recepient of such honour doesn't have one single deed that stands out in his 51 years as a national leader. It is just a shame.

It is not uncommon to have national institutions named after Presidents. People like Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy and Reagan have college schools and faculties or airports named after them. But the difference is that these were named so after the death of these people. It was mainly a case of society recognising their contribution. But when you look at Kenya, it looks like the push for this cryonism is sanctioned by statehouse itself. Why any President would want his potrait on the country's currency while he is still in office is hard to understand. Sheer myopia is what I would call it.

Other than that, I have no strong opinion on the matter. I have a question though; What is President Moi doing with his time in retirement? I think it is time Kenyan politicians stepped up to the plate. Can someone tell Moi to write a book before he dies? Halllllooooo!

Anonymous said...


You were an adult when Moi Day was started, weren't you? Why didn't you raise your coward finger then when Moi was in power? Moi sio Kibaki angefifinya makende yako sawa sawa!

Moi, himself, says that he doesn't want it to be a public holiday but a day of reflection. Leave Moi alone - if anything, he should be honored for having imprisoned Raila to preserve national peace.

And while you are at it, why don't you agitate for a Agwambo Molasses Day to honor Raila for grabbing the molasses factory from the govt and revolutionalizing Luo culture through circumcision.

Please, leave Moi alone; he led this country peacefully for 24 years and his name deserves to be on the logo of every institution named after him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:02, Please keep dreaming we will wake you up when the script is finally written.

They need to merge OCT 10 & 20 to President's day and it should not be a public holiday but a day of REFLECTION of the horrendous PRESIDENTS that Kenya has had thus far.

A day of relfection of the PLUNDERING of the Kenyan Economy, stealing of public resources, the reinstitution and ingraining of tribalism by the 3 presidents into the very fabric of the Kenyan society. The impunity and assassinations that we have witnessed in the last 45 years.

Yes, let's celebrate these "GREAT" men that served our GREAT nation and lay a foundation inaddition leaving a legacy to what a future Kenya should be.

Anonymous said...

Ati Agwambo Molasses Day!
Jamaani, hiyo ni neno ingine. Afadhali Luo Day to celebrate what is remaining of that community's culture.

Anonymous said...

yes yes agwambo molasses day!ha ha ha!
hear hear to that.
at least it might make kenyans laugh and stop the non stop fighting fighting with each other.

Sukuma Kenya said...

Ban them all...makes me sick to think that we have remember Moi...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.23

Obama is not a Luo. You are a part of a particular group if you share the same culture and Obama does not share the same culture with Luos. In his nominition speech he blasted his father as a womaniser whom he never knew, a part of life he would like to erase from his life.

Common, he doesn't even have any of your harsh features, like broad nose, gappy teeth, sore eyes, strong jaws, big flat feets and you still want he to be called Luo???!!!!

Anonymous said...

At least we must have a day set aside for a legendary man in the league of the great Lwanda Magere,the one and only who just has to say 'CUT' and grown men lower their pants all of them from teens,20 somethings,dads to grandpa's.What would be more befitting than to replace Moi's day with the grand lakeside warrior,he who talks and men weep,YAWA!conqueror of the Kikuyu empire,the one and only cousin of Barry!The great molasses owner husband to one plump lady,AGWAMBO DAY!!!! Yeah!We just kill a few Kyuks and the day is ours the great fighters from sudan

Anonymous said...

Halle Berry, my girlfriend was voted the sexist woman alive. she is hot, suppu suppuu!!!

Anonymous said...

While you are celebrating Moi's day I am celebrating my girlfriend's day. YES, Halle Berry was voted sexist woman alive in this month of October and she is 42 years old!!!!

Black women rules!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Phil. Both Kenyatta and Moi days are simply a waste of time and money. An excuse to party and maintain a lazy stance for the whole day.

While we are at it, why is it that companies in Kenya close shop on or about December 22nd only to reopen on January 3rd. Hii mambo gani bana? Must everybody go to shaggs every Christmas?
This is the height of un-productivity.

Andy Capp

Anonymous said...

In case I didn’t tell you before, I used to bang Halle Berry in our teens. FACT.

Anonymous said...


You are spot on Phil. These are the issues we should be discussing. Moi and Kenyatta should be done with or collapsed to one.

We should also make sarturday official working day in Kenya.


Phil - With this then, why dont you use your networks in ODM and with Rao to bring this issue in parliament. Atleast we shall remember ODM for it. You should not whine like the rest of us in this blog on this issue. Kazi Ianze Phil.

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...

kenyan entrepreneurs

Anonymous said...

for the jamaa asleep in the house on the hill

from kenya times a message from his predecessor


Former President Daniel arap Moi yesterday said only President Mwai Kibaki had the authority to issue policy guidelines on matters regarding weighty national security issues. .....

The former president said it was astonishing that unauthorised civilians and junior military staff were left to comment carelessly on such sensitive issues. He decried the current multi-parrelled system of governance where there was no clear leadership, and thus advised President Kibaki to take charge, on such phenomenon, as spelt out in the constitution.


Nuff said


Anonymous said...

Kibaki day should be crafted in to the new constitution .

Anonymous said...

3:51 PM
with what?? incest d..k??? Opps kibaki belongs in kamiti prison for his shoot to kill order to the police who slaughtered more than 1000 innocent Kenyan - kibaki belongs 6ft under like the people he ordered dead- yeye mpumbavu sana...

Anonymous said...

what a waste of time on an issue that is utterly trvial.

why abolish moi day when the parliament has failed to abolish the use of a neo-colonial language for the last forty years.

if there is anything that needs abolishing, then it should be our slavish mentality and the insatiable national appetite for anything european and american.

ever wonder why tanzanians, rwandans, burudians, ethiopians, somalis, other african people, europeans, indians, arabs, koreans, japanese, candians, chinese and above all, the brits have made kenyans aka "wannabe little europeans" the butt of their daily jokes?

as a people, we have no national identity but a well cultivated plantation mentality.

we are our own worst enemy.

abolish the names of presidents on the kenyan currency and let the names of dead president appear on them instead.

soon to be dead presidents; moi and kibaki who will soon be carrying around a mavi-bag with him 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Christians understood the meaning of collective honour and set a side a day for all the Saints, the past and the ones to come.

Kenyan MPS and their voters seem not all that intelligent to understand that Kenyan independence was not brought by one person only.

Infact the people who did least are the ones who are being honoured most. That seems to be the Kenyan culture. Eg. the less educated (and the less industrious)are the richest in Kenya.

It is high time Kenyans woke up and set a side a day for ALL national freedom fighters. AND I MEAN NATIONAL, not regional.

ALL Freedom Fighters' Day should a NATIONAL HOLIDAY and should replace Kenyatta,Odinga, Moi, Raila, Kibaki,Masinde, Koigi, Chotara etc days. Each region can celebrate their star the way they want, but not as a holiday.

Example: Naivasha can celebrate Chotara day, Kiambu Kenyatta day, Nyeri Kibaki day, Kakamega Masinde day, etc.

b-carotene said...

If theres one man who doesnt care bout kujionesha na kuonekana--tis one and only Emilio Mwai Kibaki. I really like that. I wish more of us were like--just working very hard behind the scenes to propel kenya to new heights, not running our ,ouths in nigeria and elsewhere. let him work.

b-carotene said...

oh yes parliament should abolish moi day, almost forgoth that

Anonymous said...

I guarantee you even if Kenyans were to decide to have a Kibaki Day, Emilio would say "Thanks, but no thanks." On the other hand, look at Raila's juvenile materialism and super ego. Driving around in a gas guzzling hummer and wearing pimp-like suits, posing with a photo of him posing with Obama, claiming that Obama is his cousin even while Obama denies any relationship!!!!!

And as far as pride in culture and Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Wangari Mathaai, Kiraitu Murungi, Koigi Wamwere, Mwangi Kiunjuri etc

Jaluo? ati Polycarp Omollo! GovernmentBailout Olouch.

40% + is the AIDS prevalence in Nyanza. I wonder why Luos even bother with politics while they are faced by such a catastrophic wipe out.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:11

may you choke on your luo hatred vomit. you sound like a product of incest.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:34

Luo hatred? I am giving you the tough truth. Point out one thing in my post that is not true. Just one. I am trying to help, you need to focus your energy on what is killing you and it is not Kikuyus, it is AIDS!

Anonymous said...

Al, I thought you had choked on your vomit. The post as about whether or not Moi day should be abolished.
Feel free to start a post about your obsession and hatred - am sure you will find good company.

Anonymous said...

Too many prostitutes die in Mombasa and Nairobi, all from Central but are counted as Coastal and nairobi AIDs deaths.

This is how statistics can lie and thus used as a weapon.

The first AIDs patient was from Nyeri, residing in London (and a homo-sexual). The Last will be from Central and maybe a prostitute.

Get the message once and for all.

Dr. O (Kenyatta Hosp.)

Anonymous said...

Nearly Half of Nyanza is HIV positive. You keep arguing over who got it first. Well, it was a Mzungu who was the first ever recorded case of AIDS but they have effectively combated the pandemic. They only did that by first recognizing the problem and giving it the attention it deserved. The number one problem facing Luos, the biggest fight of their generation is the AIDS menace. Keep heckling and looting and worshiping Raila while your population is being wiped out. Nearly 50% HIV positive!?

Anonymous said...

AIDS is more than menace in Central. It has only been statistically downplayed. I have lost many Kikuyu friends and I'm afraid it will be worse.

I have worked in Karatina and Nyeri in the health branch and I know what I am talking about. Nearly all cases of deaths in Mombasa are prostitutes from Central. Even all Nairobi, Nakuru and Eldoret cases involve predominantly Central people. The figures have been confirmed by medical people in these towns.

There are many Kikuyu and Kamba women now trooping to Kisumu to make a fortune there. They are all infected and will do more harm there.

Prov admistration should stop free movement of Kikuyu prostitutes in the cities.

Anonymous said...

Yep they need to abolish all those redundant holidays, and the other thing parliament should pass is the faces on our denominations...a law should be passed saying that only dead presidents should be on our notes and coins!

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