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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kumekucha Exclusive Coming Up

A Full list of the perpetrators of the post election violence....

Coming later today.

Only in Kumekucha.


Phil said...

Chris, bado unadoro nini?

Publish the list ASAP!!!!!

Anonymous said...

come on chris...shame the ODMorons..then Phil here and kina Taabu, Kalamari will do a Sam Okello for weeks...

bwa ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...


Please publish the list.

Kumekucha's, I need your 2 cents on this:

Assume this:

1) Kibaki had watched his daughter raped by 10 men
2) Raila's son had been forcebly circumsized using a broken bottle
3) Ruto's family had been burnt inside a church
4)Uhuru's mother and sister's had been hacked to death.....

Would this motherfuckers still be talking about amnesty????

The only reason they talk about amnesty is because none were directly affected.

Can someone please educate Raila and tell him we are not talking about REVENGE. We WANT JUSTICE.

We are not interested in the small boys who were throwing arrows, we are interested in the assholes who paid those small boys to throw the arrows.

Amnesty has become Kenya's middle name. Goldenberg = Amnest, Anglofleecing = Amnesty, 1992 Clashes = Amnesty, 1997 Clashes = Amnesty, 2007 Geonocide = Amnesty.

We don't hear amnesty for the common people who steal chicken and rob banks. They rot in jail.

Who the FUCK do these leaders think they are??????????????????????

Can Raila and Kibaki go and sing the amnesty song to Wanjiku who was raped while her family watched, to Akinyi whose husband was forcebly circumsized with a broken bottle, to Moraa whose family was burned in a church?????????

Ngunyi Ngunjiri said...


Cant wait. The ultimate list of shame. Anon @ 11.36, i totally feel you.

Anon @ 11.19, PNU guys are also there. Wote Washindwe!!!!

No justice, no peace!!

Kwale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kwale said...

What's the point of publishing names and not do something about it?

If you are serious, we what you to go one step further and campaign tireslessly for those names to be brought to books. You will be surprise how many will join you on that crusade both in Kenya and internationally.

It's about time Kenyans wake up and demand justice! This is your best shot to show the world you can rise against injustice and weak leadership.

Kenyans, the ball is in your court!

Anonymous said...


If your list doesn't name Taabu, then it is a fake list from the alleys of River Road. Where was Taabu in January when some houses belonging to Moi Univ lecturers were burnt? And how much money did he contribute toward the commission of that heinous crime? Kenya will never heal until this archetypal tribalist is made to answer truthfully these questions before a competent judicial tribunal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is your list complete or we expect more? Is it the same list compiled by Waki and sealed in an envelope, please respond we have trusted this site!

Ngunyi Ngunjiri said...


The list is out. We have to campaign for these idiots to be brought to book. Are u ready??

Joe said...


When the list is out, everybody will be empowered to start the campaign. And that includes you!

Kwale said...

Ngunyi & joe, I am sure ready! I have been waiting for that moment!
And the international community will be with you on this one. Don't forget to send the list to human right campaigners orgainsations across the globe and pile-up the pressure.

Again, Kenyans, its your destiny, if you don't demand justice now, sorry your grandchildren will have you to blame!

JEFF said...


Please publish. But ofcourse we know them. We just want to compare with our list.

Anonymous said...

Dates around 30th Dec , correct me if am wrong there is nothing like spontaneous there. lakini talk of retaliatory ..that is justifiable...i mean u rape ma sister and i do not retaliate...kuna hiyo shndwe kabisa lakin next time retaliatory will be with bombs u muthafuckas ..tatalala na bazookas hakuna cha ambush will mbomb the shate out of u

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