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Monday, September 01, 2008

Painful Political Labour Without Conception

A visitor to Kenya may be forgiven for imagining that we are days away from an impending general elections. The present intense political heat in almost all parties betrays the fact that we are hardly into the middle of second half of the year after the flawed December pools. So are Kenyan politicians better at what they do or are they simply creating sideshows to advance their selfish interests at the expense of the general public?

Well, Kenyan politics remains the only profitable venture in besides religion even in tough economic times like now. Every politician is busy feathering his/her nest for a bountiful harvest, both perceived or real. The truth is that Kibaki succession is the singular source of fuel to the political fire. Interestingly enough no political party is spared the theatrics and tension.

Ford-K’s Musikari Kombo must be reeling from the demeaning effects of losing an election. His hitherto cheerleaders are up in arms for his position or worse still demand for a change of the party’s constitution which reserves the presidential ticket to the chair. As the adage goes any politician without ambition is as good as dead and not worth the letters spelling his/her name. While Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula is finding it extremely difficult to take orders from a nominated MP masquerading as boos, voluble Wakoli cannot wait to see his name on the presidential ballot paper.

Still birth
Neither is PNU nor ODM is spared the intense political scheming. With ODM’s fabric stretched to the limit from the reality of coming to terms with her present status which is at variance with the counterfactual premise during formation, PNU is reeling from the curse of a soon-out-of-contract player determined to own the game and play at his own terms. Emilio wants to manage his own succession and is leaving nothing to chance lest Kenya’s present owners are left exposed.
And all that goes around comes around. The baba na mama party Kanu is as rudderless as a boat left at the mercy of winds in the high seas. Jomo Junior is determined to bake his cake and gobble it. UK wants to remain the Kanu Boss as a collateral to prop himself while also keeping both eyes firmly on PNU as the magnet for his dependable Central votes.

All the intensive political pressure that mirros an unending labour pain leaves you wondering when the conception took place. Maybe the pregnancy is artificial and could as well result in a still birth. Who knows?


Anonymous said...


ODM won the last elections fair and square with the majority vote from kenyans which saw many PNU, KNU, and many parties which were affiliates to Kibaki's PNU drop by the wayside

adn we will yet again carry the day in 2012 if not sooner seeing how the coalition is worry there.. Taabu .. no kenyans from others tribes can forgive Kibaki or Martha Karua and cronies for what they did to our beloved kenya!!! we must get into statehouse to correct all kibaki's and cronies crimes starting from 2002-2007

1. Anglo leasing
2. chater house
3. Grand Regency
4. Transcentury(Rift Valley Railway line
and many more money looting nasty crimes against the kenya public.....
Kibaki and cronies must pay for ordering the police to shoot innocent kenyans.......

Crimes against humanity must be addreess.....

Anonymous said...

answer me this one?? how can a Muzungi seated in New york tell us kenyans what we saw happening in kenya with our own eyes after Kibaki ordered the police to shoot innocernt kenyans?? kwani we are blind?? KHRC before even Maina Kiai let I hear from officers in the same organization was compromised by some officers being paid by Kibaki goons to doctor the initial documents where detailed atrocities by the mungiki murderous gang were documented by the same mungiki's in camera and witnesses??
Now there is no detailed mention of the mungiki gang atrocities who were paid by wakina Kibaki, Uhuru, Martha Karua in their last meeting at Kibaki's residence...

BBC had the same report given to them by some mungiki members. where did maina Kiai hide this documented reports????????????

Now we have this muzungu fool lying in broad daylight??

Georgette Gagnon, acting Africa director at New York-based Human Rights Watch early in the year.

papa plus said...

Back in the US election of 2000, I remember going to bed knowing that Gore had won. When I woke up, Bush had won. We all remember what transpired next. What confounded me was the fact that life went on kama kawaida. There were no protests save for the Florida courts. The public was however busy getting on with life kama kawaida.

The difference here folks (among other things)is that Kenyans have a culture of politiking 24-7. We love rumors and conspiracy theories. No sooner are we done with one election than we are planning the next one. Always on campaign mode.

It is a waste of time and resources and brain cells. And our leaders are no better. Instead of focusing on whatever agenda got them elected, they feed off the crowd and head the same direction in a herd mentality just like the wilderbeasts. It never occurs to anyone to perhaps build a bridge and avoid the crocodiles and hippos.

As you can tell, am tired of discussing the last elections, who won, who lost, who killed and who didn't; It just doesn't amount to a sack of beans in Kenya. As you are well aware, Wako has never prosecuted anyone in all his tenure as AG. So why waste time arguing about spilt milk?

Anonymous said...

Ooh Taabu,
are you running a way from the headline story in todays daily?
Mudavadi, Ruto and other ODM big hyenas have cases pending in court over looting of public coffers and stealing land. their lawyers have been delaying the cases with technicalities. Now these are the pentagon leaders who your hero molasses parade as the leaders of Kenyans. molasses himself is still smarting from the cancer of molasses plant that he illegaly acquired (after selling NDP and his morons to Moi for a pittance) from the impoverised nyanza province where his family now get their daily bread. wonder why he still wants us to pay his fat lady 0.5 million for putting up with his dead libido.

am sure if the story had something to do with PNU, you would have posted a thread to that effect.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:31

the initial KNHRC documents had more details and names of how ODM organised to kill people perceived to vote the wrong way. of course you see truth thru' u'a murderous leaders eyes thats why u may not know this.

Anonymous said...

Who is planning for the next elections? Isn't it the central Kenya politicians and the duckie succession that is creating all the confusion in the country?

I hate it that before the dust even settles after the STOLEN ELECTIONS, they are at it again. In their wider plots/schemes they have roped in excited and naive spanner boys - kina ababu and all the other noise makers who are all excited about the endless streams of money and the luxury that they now enjoy. Can they continue trying to outdo each other in central and for Christ's sake leave as alone?

D##### the MKM.

Anonymous said...

anon7:39 PM
You mean reported by yours truly the daily nation Kikuyu gutter press??

How about they start with the latest with their darling Kimunya??

1. Grand Regency( PNU thieving thugs kibaki's cronies.

2. Transcentury ( Rift Valley Railway-again PNU -kibaki and his thieving thugs
3. Charter house- Kibaki and his malaya thieving incest thugs.....

and the list goes on and on ask your cousin or brother in-law Githongo??

Anonymous said...

anon7:42 PM

You wish but that ain't happening tell Maina Kiai and all those goons to produce the initial report that some of us saw.....

BBC was also handed one - straight from the mungiki murderous gang themselves how they had a meeting with Kibaki and his residence before they were ferried to Naivasha, Nakuru and other parts of kenya to Commit genocide....

As for the poor kenyans who were in central Province those ones where slaughtered by the Mungiki like hens- this are the poor soils who hard moved to Central province to work on the tea and coffee farms and no one had heard from more than 3,000 who were based in Central before 27th December 2007

Maina Kiai received this report from independent NGO's and Volunteers and the Mungiki themselves..


1. Kibaki
2. Uhuru
3. Martha Karua
4. Saitoti
and add Kalonzo Musyoka after he joined Kibaki i hear he was heard saying wamalize hawa mbwa...

Anonymous said...

'Painful political labour without conception'

Now this is a perfect description of the Odinga family political ambitions. The older jaramogi died begging for a day in state house, like father lke son, the son is certainly headed there especially considering the fact that he is 64 and has surrounded himself with murderors and looters just like his father.

Poor Odinga family doomed to suffer painful political labour without conception!!!

no wonder molasses is seeking some salary for his wife before he fades into political oblivion of the heyday anyonas.

Taabu's mistress

Anonymous said...

while you small brained hyenas continue to bark at each other, can you take 5 mins off your useless grand standing and say a little prayer for the 1500 compatriots who died for no reason at all other than to give some fascist goons the opportunity to award their wives 400k a month?

I repeat a nation gets the leaders it deserves. We are too small brained a people to have anything else better than the thugs who rule us

Anonymous said...

Its only fair that HIV/AIDS has descended on one community with a vengeance otherwise there would be so many of these miserable folks who never believe in hard work but will wait for an eternity for their tin god to become president for the goodies to start trickling down to them.They just sit there and applaud as their god accumulates more and more wealth and they are so blinded by illusions of grandeur for an entire community when five of their own fly ministerial flags.Barely to they pause to ask of what value is the premiership to the poor folk struggling to survive in the slums of Nairobi and Kisumu.You can only get what you deserve.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wakoli aingie Raila atoke!

Wakoli ni mhesimiwa na raila ni mavi ya kuku!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is Marianne Brinner to make some of you shut up. You all seem to have lost direction.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, check on this one;

Taabu said...

@Anon 3.10,
Thanks for the link and keep it here becasue we are more than a week of al the rest, ama?

M-Pesa said...

MATHIRA MP Ephrahim Maina spent around 60 million shillings in his quest to be a Mheshimiwa last year. That's more than he will earn in salary over the next 5 years as an MP. This cowboy Engineer is best known for his shoddy work in road construction besides being a close associate of Moi and Biwott. When Michuki was roads minister, he quickly banned Maina's giant Kirinyaga construction company from coming anyhere near our roads and asked Maina to refund millions of shillings he had conned the exchequer through inflated tenders and poor workmanship. I'm yet to hear what ODM fella incharge of roads has to say about Maina's big scandals. One law for them and one for us. The joke is still on me and you...

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:13, you come off as one miserable S.O.B

Taabu said...

Ephrahim Maina knows better than you. He doesn't look at it so linearly. His salary may not amount to what he spent to be elected but he needed the POWER/title to protect the loot. 60m is lose change to his cadre you know!

Anonymous said...

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MR PROBLEMS '''"While Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula is finding it extremely difficult to take orders from a nominated MP "

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