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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Raila Steps On Dangerous Snakes At The Mombasa Port

I love the city of Mombasa. Many people do because of the numerous wonderful things that this coastal city has going for it. Crime is low, plenty of beach to enjoy and the place is extremely romantic. Some people even call it the city of love. Kenyans have moved there and loved it, saying that they never suffer the stresses that are common in Nairobi. The pace is slow and yet business wise things still get done.


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But all this is a façade. The truth is that Mombasa can be deadly to the naïve. There is a saying in the town that Mombasa iko na wenyewe which loosely translated it means that Mombasa has its’ owners.

Kenyans will remember the case of the policeman who was sent to investigate some missing containers at the port but was shot dead in circumstances that are yet to be explained. A few arrests were made but the case has now gone cold and will in all likelihood never be revived. That is Mombasa for you.

This is the kind of background that makes developments related to the port over the last few days very interesting indeed.

The coalition government has moved fast and in a well co-ordinated move both the Prime Minister and the president himself have issued statements concerning changes that that the government wants to see, including the reduction of roadblocks on the road leading from the port to Nairobi and beyond. The government has also given port authorities one week to transform operations so that cargo can be cleared 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Predictably this initiative has rubbed the powerful coastal town barons up the wrong way. MPs from Mombasa (obviously speaking on behalf of the “real owners” of Mombasa have come out both barrels firing. They have accused the PM of meddling in port affairs and have asked him to keep off and leave the responsibility to the minister of transport Ali Mwakwere.

Speaking during a harambee in Kaloleni District yesterday, four MPs accused Mr Odinga of undermining Mr Mwakwere and portraying him as a non-performer. The four MPs were Danson Mungatana (Garsen, Narc Kenya), Gideon Mung’aro (Malindi, ODM), Ali Hassan Joho (Kisauni, ODM) and Samuel Kazungu (Kaloleni, PNU). The fascinating thing here is that even ODM MPs are lashing out at their party boss.

Many Kenyans do not realize the real impact of rampant corruption and delayed cargo at the port has on the economy. Sadly the powerful cartels that control the port will not just pack their bags and go. In fact there are those who believe that to clean up the Mombasa port and uproot the cartels will take a full scale massive military-like operation like the one carried out in Colombia a number of years ago to deal with major drug barons.

There is no denying that the Prime Minister is a very brave man to have decided to take on the powerful Mombasa cartels some of whom supported his presidential campaign last December but bravery will certainly not be enough because these “stones are way too heavy to turn."


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Taabu said...

Bravery is a word used and abused in equal measure on these shores of ours. Mombasa just like Kenya has ITS OWNERS. One only hopes that the motions remain sustained and create some real movements.

You cannot blame the coast MPs, they are just being Kenyan. Look around you and what do you see as CEOs and bosses of prime govt institutions? True, two wrongs never make a right but the doublestandards is just too loud to ignore.

We are an interesting lot Kenyans. Selective praise and condemnation are our forte. Objectivity remains just that provided one of our own is not targeted. Brave yes, but can the cat have a permenet bell?

Ivy said...

Taabu you wrote "Brave yes, but can the cat have a permanet bell?"

We hope so oh sorry let me not purport to speak for the people of this country...I HOPE SO

But i love the pace that man is moving he sure has a drive that is leaving both friend and foe surprised.

Phil said...

The problem with short-sighted politicians from the coast is their stupidity. Its no wonder this country is worse-off now than it was at independence in 1963. How does the ethnic origins of an individual make him/her qualified to manage a state parastatal at any locality? I am so glad RAO took it upon himself to directly explain to the employees and the residents of coast that the MD of KPA shall be competitvely sourced!

As a government parastatal, and a strategic one at that, KPA can have its MD sourced from anywhere in Kenya so long as they are qualified.

The operations of the port of Mombasa affects not only the Kenyan economy but those of neighbouring countries too. And as we all know, they pay us a lot of money to use these facilities. When rioters uprooted parts of the railway and roads in RVP were impassable earlier this year, it was only a matter of weeks before Ugandans and Rwandese started feeling the pinch. As it is, that experience forced many a multi-national company back to drawing board and since Kenya is not completely out of the woods yet; these firms are exploring 'alternative routes' from the coast into their countries should the situation in Kenya change. Surprisingly, although Kenya owns the port, ALL its landlocked neighbouring countries have enjoyed greater economic growth in recent years.

Ever since KRA Customs dept ventured into online declaration and processing of imports, weighbridges remain one of the other means of government employees enriching themselves at the expense of tax payers. Driving from Mombasa to Busia, one cannot fail to notice that overloaded trucks are the main reason we do not have roads. If anyone cares for the growth of this country, they should give RAO their full support in streamlining infrastructure in Kenya.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

we can have the MD of the port of Mombasa from any part of the country but the people of the coast must have a say and a share in the manner which the port of Mombasa will be runnned. Even the laboures at the port of Mombasa are from up country, the middle and lower class job at the port must be given to the owner. WENYEWE Ama sivyo mambo yataharibika. I'm a staunch supporter of RAO but he is taking us for granted. We will protest in the strongest term possible. We need to benefit from our natural resources among them the port of Kilindini. Raila unataka ujue baharu ni tulivu lakini bahari ikichafuka HATA Titanic haiweze kusafiri

Anonymous said...

truth be said, I think Raila is working hard. But I'll reserve my full praises until there is a new constitution.

Anonymous said...

molasses raila reminds me of moi, always wanting to be in the news with a bunch of morons. see where that got us.

kibaki on the other hand is like a CEO, he works and leaves press secretary to smile for the cameras.

of course Kumekucha molasses raila worshippers will clap the whole day.


Anonymous said...

Go Agwambo, the thieves are sh**** in their pants not knowing where the whip will crack next. Ever walked into a roach-infested kitchen and suddenly switched on the lights? The roaches are now running helter skelter - am enjoying the show.

As for the coast mps, the less said about their rants the better.

By the way, am I the only one wondering why these Nairobi PNU mps are common criminals? The kamukunji one is wanted for conning people out of money to sell them non-existent cars. The mungiki looking Embakasi one has other issues, Livondo who was being fronted in Lang'ata is swimming in drug money.
Yawa pnu, can't you do better?

Anonymous said...

I think Raila would do himself a lot of good if he just surrendered the Kisumu Molasses plant to the government. It may have been a 'clean' deal and all that... but the truth is, he got Molasses in exchange for NDP.

The Molasses plant will forever be a millstone round Raila's neck. He could as well surely change his middlename to Molasses.

I don't worship any of the three goons in Kenya. But the Raila goon won the presidential race. Why he doesn't show his commitment to the fight against corruption by giving up the Molasses plant, points only to one thing: he is as dirty as they come!

Anonymous said...

anon6:19 AM

I think MOMBASA is telling Raila Odinga to walk the talk!! pissed of yes, wouldn't you if the same PM has let Grand Regency go to the Libyans!! he might sale Mombasa to Libya too..

all this politicians are fat cows including the president and the prime minister.

The coalition means =let us continue to loot the country,

Raila to Kibaki - heY bwana you looted Grand Regency now it IS my turn to loot and i want to start with Mombasa and let us share the loot..

I will start and you better through some statements behind me in the air like 24 hour service at the port after I sack the MD.....

the same scenario is happening all over the country.

So kenyans think again why do you think Raila and Kibaki are happy in the Coalition and they want it to be know???

the question is??

is it good for our country?? after what kenyans have witnessed and corruption still high on their agenda??
if indeed the grand Regency was sold to the Libyans fair and square as they have indicated now(both Raila & Kibaki) then they are both thieves and kenya is doomed -until the next constitution is in place and we as kenyans vote out all the MP's in the 10th parliament ..


who says Raila is working?? he i cris crossing the country covering up kibaki rot so that the coalition continues to work while kenyans suffer....

Anonymous said...

Kibaki worshipper 6:23,

Since when did duckie start working? You mean the quacks we hear from SH long after Raila has tackled the problem? BTW Raila is the news, ever wondered why the main media houses have permanent staff assigned to follow him around and inform the country when he coughs. hehehehehaaaa.

BTW I think you need to correct this....

...kibaki on the other hand is like a CEO, he works and leaves press secretary to smile for the cameras.

Anonymous said...

Railaphobic @ 6:23,

Try masking your stench all you can. We can still catch the pong from afar.

Anonymous said...

Railaphobic @ 6:36,

Try masking your stench all you can. We can still catch the pong from afar.

Anonymous said...

Chinese president meets African leaders, stressing more cooperation 2008-08-09 19:11:39 Print

Apart from leading the cheering squad, I thought Kalonzo went to represent Kibaki. Why is he missing from this meeting?

Let me guess...the idiot was probably shopping or sight-seeing.
And that is someone some people imagine can be president!
Hapana, only for central and eastern.

Kwale said...

Chris, first let me correct you, Mombasa is not romantic. Don't try to paint a wrong picture about that place here. I was born in that area and I call it my ancestral homeland but I cannot live there not even in a million years. Its just too hot, dusty, steamy and slow and definitely not a place of love. Adding to the fact the altitude is on sea level which some people may find the humidity unbearable, I for one.

Now to your post "Raila step on dangerous snake…" I don't think you should be worried too much about the hostility. From what I have heard, Raila is being tested to see if he has the skills to lead and unite the nation before he can take the mantle from Kibaki in 2012. This should explain why he has been dealing with some thorny issues like Mau Forest, KRA and now PA. It's is just to see how well he can handle complex issues and mainly that of ethnicity. Many world leaders want to have confidence in him about this particular area of Ethnic relation that has tainted him and which he has been widely blamed for, especially on the run-up and after last year election. Friends of Kenya believe his supporters carried out acts of genocide and his election campaign was marred by negative ethnic stereotyping.
This should also explain all his recent trips abroad which are aimed to promote Kenya and his own image. Don't rubbish this, its true and it has been reported by a news media outside Kenya.

Anonymous said...

hey at least an article that makes molasses yappers craw out of their dirty wood work.

is a politician working measures by all the hot air he sends in our media waves or the economic benefits of his action/inaction?

while kibs the duckie was resting in state house 2003-dec 2007, the economy of Kenya got back on track with an impressive 7% growth, the shilling strengthened, inflation was down to a single digit, all sectors of the economy were registering growth, education and health ..i need not say..

then enters the molasses warlord. we are talking of 2% growth, inflation 30%, riots and u tell me the molasses fellow is working?
media stunts are not eaten in Kisumu or Kibera or anywhere else his worshippers are holed....

nway, sheeps will always follow each other to their obliteration. give them the charm Taabu, they are petrified..bwa ha ha ha

Ivy said...

Their is a a saying that says beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What might be beautiful to me doesn't have to be prettier to you just coz you have been exposed to other beautiful sceneries.

And again we have heard of so many stories of europeans coming to get married at the coast. Just in Kenya here coast has always been the destination for honeymooners they dont go to Kisumu, Funyula or Eldoret...So what does that mean to you? Relax some people find love in this "Its just too hot, dusty, steamy and slow and definitely not a place of love. Adding to the fact the altitude is on sea level which some people may find the humidity unbearable, and to them it is bearable compared to their countries that dont experiece some sunshine.

Sorry Kwale i just have to do this, pls let me just this one time "you were born at the coast, lived there and you didn't die... and i have never heard of anyone dying coz of the heat "Remember east or west home is best" in this life time never say neva, God forbid

Msema Kweli said...

Anon 6:31 AM, I agree with you

"Go Agwambo, the thieves are sh**** in their pants not knowing where the whip will crack next. Ever walked into a roach-infested kitchen and suddenly switched on the lights? The roaches are now running helter skelter - am enjoying the show."

Mwakwere (he of "zipapa fame") is sleeping on the job. The cartoon should be sacked - unfortunately his boss (Kibaki) is just another incompetent fellow who is also sleeping on the job.

And on this your observation about Nairbi PNU MP's. You are not the only one. I also do find myself wondering:

"By the way, am I the only one wondering why these Nairobi PNU mps are common criminals? The kamukunji one is wanted for conning people out of money to sell them non-existent cars. The mungiki looking Embakasi one has other issues, Livondo who was being fronted in Lang'ata is swimming in drug money.
Yawa pnu, can't you do better?"

For a community that styles itself as hardworking, enterprising and industrious, this reality (of their criminal tendancies) is a stark contrast to what they try, thru deception, to portray themselves as. NO WONDER THEY HAD TO STEAL THE LAST ELECTIONS. THEY CAN ONLY SURVIVE VIA ENGAGING IN CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES. To quote you (anon 6:31 am)again: These people are like roaches and can only thrive in the darkness of FRAUD, DECEPTION, STEALING and OTHER CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES - Ever walked into a roach-infested kitchen and suddenly switched on the lights? The roaches immediately start running helter skelter crying UUUUUUIIII, MWATHANI! NGAI FAFA!

kalamari said...

Looking at the disaster Kenya has been under the hands of political/tribal/regional parastatal appointees, we must all agree that we need true professionals at the helm of these state agencies.

Even the lazy coastal fella wrapped in a kanga and wasting time squatting at a veranda while drinking coconut juice must understand this.

That said, suppose the most distinguished professionals were from that one tribe and were consequently hired into plush mezzanine positions, wouldn't we complain?

Anonymous said...







Msema Kweli said...

I also find it amusing that most of these Pro Panua fellows who are testifying at the current commissions of inquiry are shamelessly and brazenly lying thru their teeth. I have watched several and the looks on their faces - their body language - show's that even they do not believe what they are saying - disgusting!!

We must stop this nonsense of political/tribal/regional appointees, we must all agree that we need true professionals at the helm of these organizations.

One example: That gichangi fellow of NSIS: This goon was lying thru his teeth. His eyes told the true story

Anonymous said...

6:53 AM
You can repeat until you are blue balck on who carried out genocide in kenya..

1. kibaki carried out all the genocide in all parts of kenyan even burning his own tribesmen in Eldoret church(now sources confirm being paid to do the deed)

2. Kibaki ordered the police to shoot and kill innocent kenyans

3. same kibaki with a click of a finger ordered the execution of more than 500 mungiki youth in early 2007 - check the reports on what happened with the human rights commission by maina kiaia(although now he has been bought by kibaki and cronies and left office after spinning a report full of lies and propaganda - kenyans can now confirm- maina kiai will go down in kenya history for selling off the kibaki soul..

Raila is just working on what he promised during his campaign to kenyans as their duly elected peoples president- while kibaki snore in statehouse- i hear he has Alzheimer (thank god for that- i hope the end is soon "good riddance"


Anonymous said...

Kibaki is under performing as usual and the mt.Kenya mafia are worried:)

Alzheimer i hear has kicked in now in a big way.. when will kenyans be told this old fool - can't remember even where to go and pee???

Anonymous said...

why does kalonzo and VPPS team lie? the bank he visited is not china's largest banks. its an african investment funding bank. like EXIM of USA or COC of UK.

the largest banks in china are as follows below with links:



VP holds talk with Chinese Bank Governor
Written By:VPPS , Posted: Mon, Aug 11, 2008

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka Monday held talks with the Governor of China's largest Bank-The Development Bank of China, in a move geared towards increasing and fast-tracking Chinese involvement in building Kenya's ambitious infrastructure programme.

Among proposals on the table for consideration by Governor Chen Juan and his team are Mutonga multi-purpose (Power generation, irrigation and flood control), the Three Gorges on the Tana River and Munyu Dam on Athi River.


Earlier, Mr. Musyoka met the Executives of China's cutting edge technology giant-Huawei, led by their Senior Vice President Mr. Qu Wenchu. They told Mr. Musyoka that their company is currently ranked 35 out of the top 100 telecommunications technology service providers in the world.


Kwale said...

Ivy, I agree. What is good for you maybe harmful for another. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those gorgeous sandy beaches decorated with sun-kissed white sand; or the magnificent coral reef stretching miles upon miles or the panoramic view of blue waters of Indian Ocean, and that's the reason why Europeans flock there in numbers. Most of them are sun-seekers looking for a tan and then return back to their icy countries. Why would I need a tan, I have a natural God-given tan?

Give me Nairobi, a 'green city in the sun' anytime. Yes, its crime-ridden but it's definitely better in my terms. Why do you think the early settlers moved the capital from Mombasa to Nairobi?-because they found a place of 'cool waters'! I can only go to my hometown between May-August when the temperatures are lower and yes home is home but for now let me live with nostalgia.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Raila promise coast Majimbo in exchange for votes? He knew exactly what "majimbo" translates into the minds of means "kila mtu akae kwao". Raila, you propagated this backwardness, not you have to deal with it.

Anonymous said...


What the coast people are saying through their MPs is that the CEO of KPA should not be sourced from upcountry under the guise of "qualified." Coast people are qualified to run any institution in the country just like people from other regions. They were firing a warning short because they had gotten wind that there was a plan to sneak in a Luo under that guise. It is not lost on them that it was during the long term of a Luo MD at the KPA that the port became a major international conduit of illegal drugs; drugs that have finally penetrated the coastal communities and High Schools nationally. There is a plan to put in place a friendly CEO who can protect the operations of people like Harun Mwau who contributed his drug money to Raila's presidential bid. The people of the coast, like other Kenyans want the port to be efficient and corruption free and there are many, many qualified coastal people to make it happen. Also, there are just too many casual workers from Kisumu on the loading bays! The current situation is not acceptable and we want Raila to know that he promised us during the elections an opportunity to enjoy our local resources!!

Msema Kweli said...

Anon 8:07 AM, stop distorting the truth. Majimbo does not mean that only people - the predominant tribe - of a particular Jimbo will get jobs in their respective Jimbo's. No! It means that a certain agreed percentage of resources generated by a particular Jimbo will be ploughed back into that respective Jimbo and used for it's developement and not as has been the case where almost all the resources are sent to Nairobi and STOLEN BY THE RULING ELITE

I shall quote your crap: "majimbo translates into the minds of Kenyans means kila mtu akae kwao" (My take: These obvious lies and distorted thinking can only be "believed" by members of the Railaphobic community). This is a load of crap. even if you have to lie, please try and use some intelligence (and mind you "intelligence" for lying does not exist - so either way you flop; with a big thud)

Anonymous said...


I think what Raila and the other ODM ministers are doing is set a bad precedent. Nyong'o has done it at Kensa and Ngilu has done it at the water companies. The driving force of all this action is vedetta against PNU allies. ODM could not get their cronnies into plum parastatal jobs during the coalition negotiations and now they have found a way around this - invoking their (prime)ministerial powers - with impunity.

Almost all contributors to Kumekucha agree that we need to respect institutions. In other words, institutions need to be allowed to run without undue political interference, especially from the executive. I am not saying that poor performers should not be weeded out, but this should be seen to be well cordinated and above board.

Take the example of KPA. The former MD, Mr. Mwaruwa, was answerable to a board of directors led by Gen(Rtd) Kibwana. This means the board was aware of whatever the misdeeds (if any) of the former MD. If things were really that bad, why did the board fail to act? If the MD was not doing his job, the board is also a failure. Why did Raila target the MD and not the entire board or its chairman? Will a new MD necessarily perform better under the same board?

ODM may be succeeding in finding plum positions for their cronnies (some even recycled from previous regimes), but what will happen if we have a different political order? We are definitely going to witness another round of sackings and dismisals. That is why the new appointees will not perform, coz of what somebody here called 'the fear of the unknown'. The only option will be to milk the parastatals dry waiting for their time to is our time to eat, stupid!


Ivy said...

Anon 8:07 that is majimbo according to you and a few others

Taabu said...

Mombasa raha,
Ati correction with the lies to insinuate otherwise, wacha zako. You don't have to bore us with nostalic tales in colouring the truth. Look at it different and see yourself bereft of any romance hence seeking the EXOTIC/CELLULITE type from without.

In this age and time it perplexes to see one deriving pleasure in sounding EXOTIC. Well, sometimes people try so hard to sound foregin while unwittingly parroting the alien lines like TOO HUMID et al. Ever wondere why a naturally tanned Kenyan cannot ask for mwavuli on Moi Avenue instead slagging BROLLY to exhaustion? Ole wao pretenders to civilization.

Taabu said...

Nicely articulated but put the foot in the other boot and by extention you are implying that PS Kinyua and co should have gone as the non-political boss with Kimunya? Remember Truman's oversued adage THE BUCK STOPS HERE. There can only be one CEO and no delegation of blame can wash, ama?

Ivy said...



Anonymous said...

yes indeed the PM is alive and active while stepping on snakes while Kibaki is smiling at press secretaries like a CEO-all this is taking place in the sleepy town of mombasa beautiful to some ugly to others
negative ethnicity raises its head-what does running a port have to do with where you come from?same dumb argument about leading a country having to do with Kioko
nevertheless, the benevolent dictator in a charismatic bully is better than an old dog trying to learn new tricks with no bark and worse still no bite-he may need some romance in his life try Mombasa

Anonymous said...

anon8:32 AM

go get some education - majibo means each province can use the resources from it's province and taxes collected to improve it's economy, create jobs, build roads and infrastructure e.t.c

good example is Canada- each province does exsactly that and pays some taxes to the federal government and for those provinces which are not lucky to own major resources e.t.c then other provinces pay up to bridge the difference (in more taxes) to the Federal Government which in turn releases money to this provinces to assist in development e.t.c

in a kikuyu's uneducated mind majibo means everyone stay in their won province and that is the same propaganda and lies they tried to spin during the 27th December 2007 election but they lost.....

if yoou can't read or refuse to get proper education don't blame others for faulting you, with majibo kenyans can work any where in kenya- majibo has nothing to do with ordinary kenyans movement around the country seeking jobs or resettling to other parts of the country if they choose to!!

majibo is about provinces being able to sustain themselves with their resources ie. Mombasa Tourism industry, now offshore oil. fishing industry for export e.t.c
Central province: coffee, tea, agriculture products, minerals in athi river
Rift valley: minerals , tourism, e.t.c
Nyanza, Fishing for export, Rice fields revived, Molasses e.t.c

northeastern: Mineral, Agriculture

if these province can collect taxes and use it to build and promote the industries and infrastructure direct instead of paying to the central government - where it ends up not being distributed fairly then why not??
power should be for the people on the ground and which ever province any kenyan lives .. they should be happy to be part of it...

Anonymous said...

Hey Kwale, i thought you were going to say Paris is more romantic than Mombasa-its good to see you showing some patriotism albeit shallow and hollow
later mate

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:30,

KPA is a national asset. why should coastals think it belongs to them?
Mwakwere did exactly what you are saying - sacked a performing MD because he was not a coatal, only for the efficiency at the port to sink to its lowest. Forget about the menial jobs done by Luos, those don't matter in the bigger picture.
You have to admit that these guys failed and it's time the management changed. The acting MD was part of the failed team and if I were you, I would be bracing myself for his exit.
In the meantime, if you are one of the qualified coatals , why not wait for the job to be advertised. (note raila did not say he was going to pick) Let us know if the job doesn't go to the best candidate.
BTW, if the coastals replace all those luos, what happens for example during ramadhan when fasting naturally would slow down anyone. Does the port close?

Reminds me of a community that demanded jobs just because a plant was opening up in their midst. This was a plant that required skilled labour and specifically engineers but the mostly unskilled community members pressed on and demanded for jobs.
In an open recruitment exercise, the management asked any engineers to come forward - nothing. Instead, the majority wanted the non-skilled work like maintaining the grounds etc, how ridiculous!

Anonymous said...


I agree the buck has to stop somewhere. But, don't you think the dismisal would have been more 'acceptable' and no ill motive attributed if it had come from the board (corporate structure - institution) rather than from Raila (outside politician occupyng a temporary position)? Even if the board acts under some pressure, few people would be interested in where the pressure came from. People will see a 'functioning' institution, even if bereft of movement, as you like to put it.


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:57,

Leave daktari alone,

He is looking for goodies for the benefit of all of us. Let us wait and hear the good news when he gets back.
Did someone say he went shopping and sightseeing? C'mon that is the president-in-waiting, he has to get used to what the big boys do and the high life.
we don't want a president who just sits at SH fwaaaa, he has to move around and introduce himself to donors who matter. meanwhile kazi inaendelea because he has delegated duties to all the minions around him.

Anonymous said...

JEFF @9.03 - We all know that parastatal boards have no teeth. Can you name any board that has ever made any MD/CEO appointment or dismissal? The reason is because all these appointments/dismissals are made by the Head of Civil service under the guise that it is the president making those changes. After all they are all political appointees and they dare appear to be performing an "executive" function or they risk losing their jobs themselves.
Let us not cheat ourselves because the axe had to fall from somewhere at the top as long as the MD was under-performing. May be it is the president who instructed the PM to deliver the message. Did I not hear someone say that Kibaki is a silent manager?

Anonymous said...

Livondo scoffs at Karua’s bid for the presidency
Updated on: Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Story by: Dennis Lumiti
PARTY of National Unity (PNU) activist Stanley Livondo has dismissed Justice minister Martha Karua’s bid for the presidency in 2012. Livondo said it was premature for Karua to declare her interest for the post even before the country was still undergoing the healing process following the post-election violence.

He added that being a member of the community President Kibaki hailed from, Karua should have been the last person to show interest in the seat occupied by one of their own.

“Karua’s early declaration that she wants to vie for the presidency is like somebody who has a piece of meat in his or her mouth and even before swallowing it, he starts fighting for another piece. It is like a story of a dog and a bone,” said Livondo. “I was with Karua in her Gichugu constituency and I told her she was messing her political future,” he said.

He was speaking in Kakamega town where he held a meeting with youth and women groups from Ikolomani, Shinyalu, Lurambi and Malava constituencies. Livondo who contested the Lang’ata seat but lost to Prime Minister Raila Odinga lamented that scores of internally displaced persons (IDPs) were yet to be resettled back to their homes and told the Government to speed up the resettlement programme.

JEFF said...

Anon 10:14

So you agree that we need to 'remove' this executive influence on appointments?

My view is this: if you, like me, is not a close associate of the PM or President or VP, DPM, Minister, MP etc, what is the chance that at the moment you will be appointed to any of these posts? Nil. And don't you aspire to be MD of KPA one day? Of course you do. But only after 'profesionalising' these positions and removing (undue) political influence i appointments. It may be a tough call, but it is doable, with political will.

Anonymous said...

Jeff I agree with you absolutely. If your were tasked to come up with a management structure for these parastatals with little or no political influence, how will your template structure look like?

Anonymous said...


8:42 AM

Jeff go tell that to kibaki"mavi ya kuku and muthuria at public service- they and only they have refused to respect government institution and appointing thieves and thugs like themselves without qualification to take over corporations

why the fuck do you think
Anglo leasing, Transcentury(Rift Valley railways), Grand Regency among other shady deals happened??

wacha ugena wewe... start by sacking all those central province incompetent goons in government corporations and public service.... before you start shouting odm and Raila..

Anonymous said...


9:03 AM

Jeff nope no such chance why when it is the PM or any ODM minister doing the sacking you jump up and start screaming and when it is kibaki or his cronies you hide behind Martha karua's skirt claiming the law was used accordingly to sack the individuals..

Jeff do shut up stop boring us with the selective memory - do remember Raila runs 50% of kenya and he has to do his job as he sees it fit just like your darling senile Alzheimer kibaki..

Anonymous said...

Can someone please spell out the DUTIES of the DPM's?

I understand the need for a DPM on the ODM side since they have the PM, what is the duty of the DPM on the PNU side? Don't they have the Presidency and VP?

Mwafrigha kweli ghasia.

Anonymous said...

Safaricom share goes below IPO price
Written by Geoffrey Irungu

Safaricom houseAugust 13, 2008: Mobile telephone operator Safaricom’s shares went below the Sh5 price at which it sold during the initial public offering in May.

The share price closed at an average of Sh5.15 after hitting the Sh4.95 mark for some deals in a market characterised by a bear run. The share sold at a high Sh5.50 in what is turning out to be a hard time for stock market speculators.

The company market value or capitalisation dipped to a new low of Sh206 billion from a high of Sh326 billion in the initial days of trading. Though local investors are feeling the heat, pressure is seen to be more intense on foreign speculators who had hoped to exit with a quick kill, but now face the grim prospect of losses should they decide to sell and leave.

Bear run

The bear run in the market is evidenced by a drop in the Nairobi Stock Exchange 20-share index from over 5,000 points to less than 4,588 points by close of business yesterday. Safaricom is among the 20-share index constituent counters.

Two investment banks, however, gave Safaricom share a fair value — an unbiased estimate of the worth of a good — above the trading values at the NSE. African Alliance at the end of June put the fair value of the share at Sh5.70, only 20 cents above the foreign IPO issue price of Sh5.50.

Morgan Stanley International — who along with Dyer & Blair were the transaction advisors for the IPO — gave the company a fair value of Sh7.05 in their report dated July 15.

Before the IPO trading was launched, some analysts had said the IPO price was high and one even put the value at Sh2.50 considering that it was only returning an earning per share (EPS) of 35 cents.

This was an improvement from 30 cents. Safaricom has the lowest EPS among listed companies, except two firms on the agricultural sector, two on the services sector and five on the alternative investment segment.

See related story

papa plus said...

Calm down guys. Jeff has some valid insights although he still is looking at only one side (PNU) of the situation.

Things are happening because of power struggles and alignments within GNU. We are yet to determine who is more important in the hierachy VP or PM. If PNU was in the position of ODM, they would have tried to do the same. Although you have to admit that ODM is alot more disciplined and forcused in how it carries out its agenda.

But here is my solution to these appointments. The president should choose and a select committee should vet these characters just like in the USA.

Anonymous said...

[b] CBK didn’t disclose hotel was being sold, valuer tells Cockar [/b]
Written by Mwaura Kimani

Mr Masika testifies at the Inquiry yesterday. He said CBK reversed an earlier instruction of valuing the property for accounting purposes.

The Grand Regency HotelAugust 13, 2008: Central Bank of Kenya reversed its earlier instructions to a company it had hired to value the Grand Regency Hotel in January, the Commission of Inquiry investigating the sale of the property heard yesterday.

Mr David Masika, the chairman of Lloyd Masika Limited, one of the three companies that the CBK contracted to value the hotel, told the commission that instructions issued on January 21, 2008 were that the valuation was being done for accounting purposes.

“CBK instructed us to urgently and confidentially inspect and value the property for book-keeping and accounting purposes,” Mr Masika told retired chief Justice Majid Cockar, who chairs the commission.

A week later, he said, the CBK wrote to Lloyd Masika instructing it to value the hotel as a going concern.

Mr Masika, said his company declined to comply with the new orders because of the difficulties involved in such a task for a hotel that had been making losses over the years with an occupancy rate of 20 per cent.

“CBK did not disclose to us that it was selling the hotel and we deemed it fit to continue with the earlier instruction as opposed to the going concern idea since the hotel was in poor condition and was making losses,” said Mr Masika.

Lloyd Masika gave its report to CBK on February 25, 2008, pricing the hotel at Sh1.754 billion, mortgage value at Sh1.27 billion and forced value at Sh1.06 billion. The company valued the land on which the hotel stands at Sh500 million.

Valuation prices returned by various valuers for the hotel, which has since been taken over by the Libyan Arab African Investment Company Kenya Limited, were all below the sale price of Sh2.9 billion.

Goodwill factor
Mr Masika said had the property been valued as a going concern, the figure would have been higher as goodwill would have been factored in.

Lawyers representing different parties at the commission took Mr Masika to task to explain how his firm’s valuation which was below the sale price was conducted.

The valuer said the firm also compared its figures of the 227 rooms Grand Regency Hotel with other hotels that had been sold in the last two years. He said Mombasa InterContinental Hotel with 176 rooms had been sold for Sh460 million in March 2006 although it had been run down by the time of valuation.

Also considered for comparison was Nyali Beach Hotel with a capacity of 212 rooms which was sold in the same year at a cost of Sh650 million.

Last week, Anthony Itui, the chief government valuer said a valuation done for purposes of stamp duty arrived at a figure of Sh2 billion, pricing the hotel land at Sh700 million

Another valuation by the Value Zone commissioned by CBK, put the open market value at Sh1.6 billion, mortgage value at Sh1.2 billion, forced value at Sh1.1 billion.

But Ark Consultants, also contracted by CBK put the open market value at Sh2.17 billion with Sh600 million taking care of the land, building and site works at Sh1.1 billion, plant and machinery Sh350 million, furniture and fittings Sh75 million.

Ark Consultants had written to CBK in March saying Lloyd Masika Limited undervalued the hotel citing what it termed as big discrepancy in the values of the plant and hotel machinery items.

The open market value of the Value Zone Limited did not include the motor vehicles in their report while the plant and machinery items are still operational.

Last week, Westmont Holdings, a Malaysian firm claiming to have approached CBK to buy the hotel ten years ago, told the Commission that it had valued the hotel at Sh4.5 billion then.

Cabinet minister Mutula Kilonzo, the lawyer who said he presided over the purchase of the hotel by Pattni in 1994, indicated in June the price of the hotel then was Sh4 billion.

Anonymous said...

I'll reiterate what I said for idiots these who do not seem to have an iota of comprehension skills.

I am talking about what "majimbo translates into the minds of Kenyans" so regardless of what it means on paper or how it is effected in Canada, where apparently it is not common to hear people slaughtering each other due to difference in ethnicity, in the minds of tribalist Kenyans such as the Coasterins in question, the kales who killed Kikuys to kick them out of their land, majimbo only means one thing..."Kila mtu akae kwao" and Raila knew it when he was selling it to the people. He knew that the uneducated rogues who fervently supported him do not understand the finer points of federalism. Majimbo, if you ask the average Kenyan, means exactly what I said.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:57

And who annointed you the spokesperson for the "average Kenyan"? How would you possibly begin to decipher their comprehension level when it comes to things majimbo?
Just like Kibaki thought that guys would sit and watch him steal an election, riot for a few days in Luo-Nyanza and then the quiet after the storm would set in.

Please do not ever underestimate people's intelligence. Treat them in equal measure and you will be astounded as to how much they "COMPREHEND."

Anonymous said...

side note on the Mau:

Anonymous said...

Mwakwere said it himself that it is not his work to ensure that policies are implemented, so the PM is just filling a void while mwakwere is still asleep like a true coasterian only to wake up to have some kahawa chungu na kaimati wa mnazi, what a lazy minister.

Anonymous said...

A few of us who are still trying to spin the essence of majimbo as a system of governance here is my observation. If my memory is serving me right, then is it not true that it is those supporters of the president who last year were trying to sell to the rest of Kenya the negative aspect of majimbo? On many occasions, ODM tried to present the good side of majimbo but PNU tried as much as possible to sell to its supporters its negative aspects mostly in mother tongue. Does anybody also remember the propaganda material in the name of "ODM-muslim MOU" and those illustrations of someone hanging Moi widely distributed in the RV? Those were just but few examples of events that stirred up people's emotions to eventually boil over during the tallying process and the ultimate announcement of the "winner" by Kivuitu at KICC.

I am not in anyway supporting what happened to the "unwanted" communities in the RV but allow me to use the analogy in business where whenever one invests returns (profit or loss) are expected.
I hope what happened during the post-election violence served us a warning that what you saw is what you reap. Do not blame the outcome on anyone.

Anonymous said...

@3:14. what poopshit. You can sell that drivel to the thick sheep in your flock. They'll buy it.
The rest of us know the meaning of majimbo and the hatred that saw the so-called unwanted communities (who had BOUGHT land) being driven out by some murderous primitives, encouraged and funded by their equally murderous masters, molasses raila included. Did you not yet read the KNCHR report? Its all over the place. Educate your miserable excuse of a brain!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1:25,

it' kahawa thungu.

Anonymous said...

Anon@3.28 - you are the one is truly foul-smelling poopshit! Even when people's brains are maturing up yours has chosen to stagnate. Do you ever listen to yourself and reflect on your words? You have left me laughing by your uninformed statement that you "know what majimbo means". What is it that you know that you can't even express? People like you are the ones taking Kenya several steps backwards because you refuse to wake up to the reality that Kenya belongs to everyone. Get out of your stupid tribal cocoon and join the rest of Kenyans toward realizing the goals of vision 2030 you miserable tribal shit!!!

Anonymous said...

central is wide awake. RV has awaken. Nyanza waking up. Somaliland NEP begins. Coast is on the verge. Where is eastern? where is western? where is nairobi?

Kisumu’s big fish bait investors

By DANIEL OTIENO (email the author)
Posted Monday, August 11 2008 at 15:13

Kisumu, the lake-side city famed more for its Tilapia fish, found itself in the deep end of the political violence that hit the country after the December 27 general elections.

With most of the key establishments in town centre either burnt or vandalised, investors scampered for the exit, leaving a ghost town dominated by bicycle taxis and fish mongers.

Yet even as the brave ones trooped back after peace was restored late February, new investors remain skittish about betting their resources on Kenya’s third largest town.

Technocrats and leaders from the region, concerned that this investor apathy could slow down economic recovery, have created the Nyanza Economic Forum (NEF), held its first meeting last week, to mobilise investments to stimulate economic growth.

East African Community Permanent Secretary Mr David Nalo said the history of being shunned and the impact of the post-election violence should be used to inform the future. The two-day conference, which ended on Friday, identified potential investments and set up teams to mobilise financing for the various projects.

Among them are establishment of a banking institution, Rene Finance, and the Nyanza Farms Ltd to promote agriculture, beginning with the growing of mangoes and chilli. The farming unit is expected to diversify into other areas.

The other key recommendation was investment by locals in the sugar industry when the government privatises Miwani, Muhoroni and Chemelil sugar factories. Mumias Sugar Chief Executive Evans Kidero said the potential of the 200,000-acre Nyando sugar belt was such that it can bridge the national production deficit.

Low pay and infrastructure as well as cane fires and millers’ inefficiency have reduced farmers to a poor lot.

Privatisation of the millers has been in the spotlight with locals saying they have been given a row deal in the government divestitures.

The meeting also came on the backdrop of the proposed Sh20 billion Lake View Resort Project to be undertaken by Kenya Railways in partnership with German investors to create a tourism and economic centre.

The unexploited tourism potential of the region and the exploitation of fishery and irrigation also came up during the forum. The tourism sector, it was proposed, could benefit from the creation of floating hotels on Lake Victoria to blend accommodation and tours.

Fisheries minister Paul Otuoma said infrastructure should be improved to ease market access, backed by cooling facilities and, perhaps, a fish auction market.

He added that an expanded Kisumu Airport with direct flights would facilitate branding of fish products and promote aquaculture. But beyond the conference hall and intellectual diagnosis, the real work now lies on the ground.

As lawyer Patrick Lumumba put it: “Now is the time to cross the red sea of talk in to the Canaan of action.†

Rene Bank is still grappling with how to raise an estimated Sh120 million to start operations. Those behind initiative include Prime Minister Raila Odinga, ministers Anyang’ Nyong’o, Dalmas Otieno and Otieno Kajwang’ and a host of top corporate executives.

Kisumu Town East MP Mr Olago Aluoch said Asians should not be blamed for dominating business in Kisumu. “There are people from this region with the capacity to invest but have opted to seek other ventures because we have not made the environment conducive for business,† he said.

Public Service minister Dalmas Otieno cited poor leadership as one of the problems that had hindered development in the region. Participants heard that attempts by the professionals to initiate projects had been shot down by politicians.

A business incubation expert, Prof Atieno Ndede, said sustainability of some of the projects is key. “It is good to start projects,† he said, “but common sense dictates that we provide structures and roadmaps to allow them to survive".


[quote]Nyanza Economic Conference 2008

University Hotel, Kisumu, Kenya – 7 & 8 August, 2008

Preliminary Programme (Day 1)

08h00-08h30 Registration, Tea/Coffee08h30-10h00 OPENING SESSION (CHAIR: Mr Pete Ondeng’)Opening & Introduction
• Mary Onyango, Chair, Nyanza Economic Forum Official Welcome
• His Worship, Mr. Sam Okello, Mayor of Kisumu

Opening Remarks
• Mr. Paul Olando, Nyanza Provincial Commissioner

Keynote Address
• Hon. William Ruto, Minister for Agriculture

10H00 –10H30 Tea/Coffee 10H30-13H00 SESSION II: KEY SECTORS (CHAIR: Mr George Ooko)10H30-11H00 FISH INDUSTRY: Nyanza’s Unexploited Lake Resources
• Hon. James Otuoma, Minister for Fisheries

11H00-11H30 FINANCIAL SERVICES: Reaching the Unreached
• Mr. Joseph Kwaka, Executive Director, Community Aid International
11H30-12H00 KENYA DEVELOPMENT FUND CORP (KDFC): The Diaspora’s Response to Investment in Nyanza
• Mr. Peter Odhengo and Mr. David Ndolo, KDFC-Kenya
12H00-12H30 AGRIBUSINESS: Towards Commercial Agriculture in Nyanza
• Dr. Peter Okoth, Project Manager, Tropical Soil Biology & Fertility Institute

12H30-13H00 MANGO PROCESSING and Value Addition for Increased Incomes
• Mr. Arshfod Njagi, Manager, GTZ—PSDA
13H00 –14H00 Lunch 14H00-17H00 SESSION III: KEY SECTORS (Cont.)
(CHAIR: Ms Joyce Miguda Majiwa)
14H00-14H30 Vision 2030: Implications for the Development of Western Kenya
• Mr. David S. Nalo, PS, Ministry of East African Corporation

14H30-15H00 DAIRY: Proven Strategies for Small Producers
• Mr. Fred Ogana, Country Director, Technoserve

15H00-15H30 TOURISM: Can Nyanza be the Next Frontier for Tourism?
• Dr. Ongong’a Achieng, Managing Director, Kenya Tourism Board15H30-16H00 SUGAR

INDUSTRY: How to Maximize the Economic Impact of Sugar in Nyanza
• Mr. Martin Owiti Odero, Managing Director, Muhoroni Sugar Company

16H00-16H30 FOREIGN INVESTMENTS IN KENYA: What Does Nyanza Need to Know?

16H30 -17H00 Tea/Coffee
• Mrs. Susan Kikwai, Managing Director, Kenya Investment Authority

17H00-18H00 Plenary Discussion
(Joint Chairs: Mr. Goerge Ooko & Ms. J. M. Majiwa)18h00-19h30 Cocktail/Reception
(Sponsored by KCB, Short Speech, Martin Oduor Otieno)

21H30-22H30 SESSION IV:
(Coordinator, Mr. Pete Ondeng’)
21h30-22H30 Panel

Discussion-live on Citizen TV: “Louis Otieno Live†; (Panelists below)
Nyanza Economic Conference 2008

University Hotel, Kisumu, Kenya – 7 & 8 August, 2008
(Day 2)

(CHAIR: Mr Joseph Kwaka)

08H00-08H30 The Proposed Lake View Resort City Initiative
• Mr. Ndevi Muli, Managing Director, Kenya Railways Corporation

08H30-09H00 How should the Private Sector Contribute to the Rural Nyanza Economy?
• Mr. Sunil Shah, Kisumu Businessman
• Ms. Josephine Omanwa, MD of Jonzavike Stationers & Bookshop, Kisii

09h00-09H30 The Pathway to Success: What should we know about success in Business?
• Mr. Fred Osewe, Proprietor, Ranalo Foods
• Mr. Hasmukh Dawda, Chairman, House of Manji
• Mrs. Munira Gilani, Director Fresh-foods Limited, Kisumu
09H30-10H00 Green Forest Social Investment Trust: The Case of Suba Green Initiative
• Dr. Kim Hartog, Green Forest Investment Trust
10H00-10H30 FINANCIAL SERVICES: Reaching the Unreached
• Mr. Martin Oduor-Otieno, Managing Director, Kenya Commercial Bank
10H30 – 11H00 Tea/Coffee Break 11H00-12H30 SESSION VI:
11H00-12H00 Open Dialogue with Nyanza MPs.

12H00-12H15 Meeting Summary & Wrap Up-Dr. Peter Okoth
12H15-12H30 Way Forward – Mary Onyango, Chair, Nyanza Economic Forum

12H30-13H00 Closing Speech,
Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga, Prime Minister

13H00 – Lunch 14H00-15H00 SESSION VII: MANGO PLANTING (CHAIR: Ms. Mary Onyango)

Selected Guests invited to plant mangoes in a Garden in Kisumu
Panel Discussion live on Citizen TV: (Louis Otieno Live)

Topic: “Putting Nyanza Back on a Path of Sustainable Development†

Time: Thursday Evening, 7th August, 9:30 pm

· Hon. Dalmas Otieno, Minister for Public Service
· Prof. Stephen Agong’, Chairman, Kisumu Action Team
· Mr. Evans Kidero, MD, Mumias Sugar Company
· Ms Mary Onyango, Chairman, Nyanza Economic Forum.
· Ms. Betty Okero, Director, CSO Network (Kisumu)
· Mr Galib Tejpar, Director, Corner House Development Ltd. (Kisumu)

Anonymous said...

anon: 1:10

I had no idea that I needed a special anointment to hold an opinion. Perhaps it would be the case in your totalitarian "jimbo" but in the meantime we chose freedom and democracy.

Majimbo had two layers of meaning, the articulated meaning, which was all the niceties of federalism and the implied meaning, which was "we are going to send them home".

From what is happening in Mombasa and the events of Rift Valley after elections, the "Lesotho" remarks of a particular Minister, it is obvious what the implied meaning was.

When discriminatory laws were in force in the USA, they were not called "anti-nigger laws". They were cutely phrased and justified, just as the "majimbo" evil was.

Anonymous said...

@3:39 pm. One piece of advice. Stick to your vernacular. You might make better sense that way. Bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...



Ruto sues Mungatana for defamation

Published on 13/08/2008

By Judy Ogutu

Agriculture Minister William Ruto and Assistant Minister Danson Mungatana are headed for the courts.

The minister has sued Mungatana for alleged defamation, and is seeking compensation for general, exemplary and aggravated damages.

He wants the High Court to order the Garsen MP to pay him for allegedly defaming him on January 27, at a talk show.

Also being sought for by the Eldoret North legislator is an order for "a suitable apology and retraction given the same prominence as the alleged defamatory statements".

Ruto claims the Garsen MP defamed him in a talk show aired by a local TV channel, K24.

The alleged defamatory statements linked Ruto to violence that rocked Rift Valley after the General Election last year.

Retracted statements

Ruto says the broadcaster has since retracted the statements and he was satisfied at the media house’s attempt to make up for the defamation.

"The defendant (Mungatana) has, however, to date not offered any apology or offered any other means of amends," Ruto’s lawyer Katwa Kigen said in the suit papers.

Ruto says Mungatana’s remarks implied he had held a clandestine and secretive meeting with persons who orchestrated chaos in Rift Valley and was camouflaging violence as an election or a political issue.

"The words indicated therein in their plain and ordinary meaning imply the plaintiff (Ruto) is given to stealth, conspiracies and selfishness, in seeking his own ends using the political office entrusted to him," the papers said.

Ruto says the statements were false and malicious.

"The defendant (Mungatana) is so alleging the same actuated by malice, contempt and spite and the same were calculated to injure, discredit, intimidate and destroy the plaintiff (Ruto) both in his respected personal and professional image as a honorable MP of long standing."


The alleged defamatory statements, he added, had also discredited him as a member of a supreme decision-making organ of a major political party, being a member of ODM, and his standing of having been a presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

anon3:28 PM

this individual is used to wiping Kibaki's ass full time:) no brainer - this are the kikuyu's who are told march left right !!reft light!!reft light and they follow while wiping ass- no idea on what is happening in kenya
let me remind this goon

ODM 50% PNU 50%

Anonymous said...








Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 3.40.
Now that the Nyanza elites have held their meetings, huffed and puffed and generally felt pompously important and good about themselves having identified where and how Nyanza can do business, when do they get down and get dirty and get the show on the road? Or will it be just another nostalgic talking shop more memorable for the night shenanigans post conference?

Anonymous said...

Why dont you wait and see...Pooh

Anonymous said...

Sorry i forgot to add why should it be your concern anyway? Did anyone of them ask you for a packet of milk

Anonymous said...


Yes just like KANU, Mombasa has got it's owners. Surprise, surprise, Safaricom will soon have it's owners as well. It's despicable that Kumekucha remains silent while Safcom shares are being manipulated openly by hidden hands of some very powerful dark forces. Naive Kenyans, true to their tradition, are trooping to their brokers in panic to dispose the shares. Once the panic selling hits crescendo and share value tumbles to around 3 bob, a powerful cartel will buy them en mass using billions of illegally gained shillings and own the most profitable company in East and Central Africa! Tunataka uchunguzi!


Nbi Kenya.

Anonymous said...

I hate people who write here in Capital letters and those who copy long scripts instead of giving a link. village idiots.

Anonymous said...

Raila ni toto ya malaya mbaya!

Anonymous said...

Who exactly owns Mombasa Fazul and his gang of Osama followers, drug dealers and crack cocaine smugglers.This is what its best known for......................
The PORT of Mombasa can be as busy and productive as the ports of SHANGHAI, SINGAPORE or Rotterdam if not better....take the port of Singapore they move 500 million tonnes a year!

Anonymous said...

anon 2:06 AM

kibaki ndio toto wa malaya mbaya na kibaki aliuwa baba yake

wewe mwenyewe ni shenzi sana malaya wa mombasa....

Anonymous said...

anon3:28 PM

don't post your prostituted propaganda here and do not lecture us on maina kiai and the KNCHR -

Let the same bogus KNCHR members deal with the report on kibaki executing more than 500 mungiki youth?? i hear Maina kiai wanted that report buried before he left and in turn he wrote a report to please Kibaki and PNU shiate.

facts are Kibaki and Moi planned and executed the burning of kikuyu's in the Eldoret church so as to confuse the rigged stolen election and kibaki to stay in statehouse.....

note moi has been burning people in rift valley for a long time and kibaki has been carrying out executions on poor kenyans since he come into power in 2002....

why should it surprise kenyans when this two plan and execute the burning of kenyans in the Eldoret church??

one big mistake they mad is they did not kill the people they paid to do the job (and now the same people are taking)


posting here you lies and propaganda won't wash the only people who will listen to your filth and lies are the central province goons who have no minds of their own they follow kibaki the murderer like drugged sheep..

Anonymous said...

Mungiki are claiming now they were paid to burn the people in the Eldoret church and per maina kiai's unpublished records- Kiai had a meeting with some of the Mungiki leaders that were gunned down by the police on their way to visit their leader in prison- The Police had no idea that they had already passed on the vital information and taped to Maina kiai and a few other people in the opposition camp...and some church elders(why are this truths not being published........?????

Kenyans are waiting for Kenya human Rights commission to post that report to for the public and the tapes of the meetings should be aired...

Then we will see who started the Genocide in the Rift Valley planned and executed to the T...

Anonymous said...


Now consider these facts:

* Before the Safcom share issue, the safcom board must have met and agreed to split their shares into such many units as would enable the issuing of the required shares.
* So if safcom was issuing 10bn shares which amount to 25% stake, then the total number of safcom shares are 10bn x 4 = 40bn shares. So some people split their few shares to 30bn shares (now worth Kshs. 150bn based on a price the arbitrarily set) while offering 10bn for sale to an ignorant market.
* Since we know that Safcom makes abt. 19bn profit (or 17bn - as was the case the previous year), but doles out only 2bn as dividends (the board and management gets to decide what to do with the rest), 75% (or Kshs. 1.5 bn) of that dividend would first go to the big boys, then 25% (or Kshs. 500 Mn.) would be shared pro rata among those of you who went rushing for a piece of the pyramid of Giza!
* Upon the 2 Bn dividend payout, each share would get Kshs. 0.05 as dividend , so you the proud owner of 420 shares would get a Kshs. 21 dividend cheque! Meanwhile, Mobitelea with their fraudulently acquired 5% stake or 2bn shares would take home a cool Kshs. 100mn.
* Having paid Kshs. 10,000 and spent only Kshs. 2,100 to receive 420 shares and then realizing that this will only get you Kshs. 21 in dividend payouts, you can either wait and sell high to recover then bolt or buy more to increase your Kshs. 21 dividend and take a leap of faith awaiting a massive pay day when the share price rises. The problem is that with nearly 1 million other Kenyans in the same 420 share boat with you, they probably will sell when you sell and drive the price down.
* Then there are those of us who thought they were the brightest and went took out loans, the banks ensured that they deducted their fees immediately and so did the bank-loan-associated-insurance-companies. I reserve my comments for this not so bright group.

Me, I didn't waste my time, I'm gonna buy on the secondary market when y'all will be selling low.

Anonymous said...


The world has all but forgotten about the turmoil that engulfed Kenya in the wake of the 2007 elections. But the effects linger - as documented in these dramatic picture galleries

Click on an image below to view the audio slideshow

Peter Kariuki is a dead man walking.

Since fleeing from the ethnic violence that followed last year’s Kenyan presidential election Peter has been repeatedly threatened, brutally beaten, hospitalised, had his tent set on fire (whilst asleep in it), kidnapped, interrogated and tortured.

His first crime was to fall in love with and marry a woman from another tribe. His second has been to speak out for the rights of the estimated 600,000 Kenyans who were violently forced from their homes last year. He has paid a heavy price. The last time he was attacked one Kenyan national newspaper described his face as 'looking like it has had battery acid poured over it'.

I first met Peter in March at Nakuru Showground camp in the Rift valley. The camp is one of hundreds hastily erected during the post election violence and is home to some fourteen thousand people.

Peter told me he had made his way to Nakuru after being hunted down by a death squad. He spent two terrifying days hiding down a bore hole before escaping during the night.

Soon after his arrival he was elected chair of the association of displaced people at Nakuru and since then has fought passionately for the rights of those in the camp. In a country described by a recent British ambassador as having less honest politicians than can be listed on the back of a postage stamp Peter stands out with his fierce integrity, youth and above all else fearlessness. He can also claim to have been voted in without rigging the vote.

After our first meeting he asked me to help him highlight the problems in the camp. Elation following the signing of a power sharing agreement in Kenya, negotiated by Kofi Annan, soon turned to despair as those in the camps realized they had been forgotten. Working through an NGO called INTERNEWS, who were supporting the local media to cover the humanitarian crisis, I arranged for Peter to travel to Nairobi and meet with over thirty radio presenters, ten of whom invited him to appear on their shows. During one live interview Peter closed by stating, "Kibaki and Odinga maybe sharing power but it is now time they come down to the camp and share in our pain." Of course they didn't but his comments made him a marked man. Nobody wanted the reality on the ground highlighted, not least the newly formed government who were busy convincing the rest of the world that in Kenya it's business as usual.

The government’s promise to guarantee the safety of those who want to return home has turned out to be as hollow as their promise of justice for those killed during the violence. There has been increasing reports of attacks on returnees; some of whom have been killed. Many displaced people have been driven from the camps on false promises, finding themselves dumped in smaller, less visible transitory camps close to from where they had first fled. Few have been provided with adequate shelter, food, finance, security or basic medical care.

Medecins Sans Frontier alleged that in one camp people were being roughed up and forced to leave by the Kenyan army. At Nakuru I witnessed fourteen thousand people go three days without water after the supply was cut. The Kenyan Red Cross, who are managing the camp, admitted that large numbers of young people had not received food for nearly a month leaving many young girls with little choice but to turn to prostitution to feed themselves. Donations intended for the camp have been siphoned off, making their way into the local community. Everywhere you look someone is screwing the displaced people but few have dared speak out for them, except for Peter and a few brave people like him.

The audio slideshows published here on reflect the raw reality of the situation in Kenya, told by those most affected.

Peter hauntingly tells his story in Praying for the rain not to come, whilst the second slideshow, Enough documents the extraordinary funeral of a young boy run over in Nakuru whilst collecting firewood; an event that has become symbolic of the suffering of those in the camp and those in the many other similar camps still in existence in Kenya.

Just before leaving Kenya I offered Peter a small amount of money that would enable him to be reunited with his family and start a new life. I made him promise that he would leave the camp. During his separation from his wife she had given birth to son whom he named Emmanuel Peace by mobile telephone.

It was time that he put his family first and I was convinced that sooner or later he would be killed. For once Peter broke a promise. He took the money but returned to the camp. Despite telling me that he felt suicidal and despite now having the means to move on he refused to abandon those who had put their faith in him and they refused to let him go. Two weeks later he was kidnapped. He was taken to a forest, subjected to torture and interrogated about his role in the camp. Though his kidnappers did not reveal their identity he believes they were members of the security forces. Sadly the peaceful protest that erupted following his kidnap resulted in the police shooting dead two of the protesters.

Peter continues to risk his life by speaking out for those who have no means to speak for themselves. The last I heard he was still alive, just.

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