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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Breaking News: Githongo Expected In Nairobi

According to information that I have just received, exiled former Ethics PS John Githongo is expected in Nairobi in the next few days.

Apparently he is not returning from exile but will merely be in Kenya for "a short visit." All efforts to get an idea of his itinerary by our people on the ground failed only for us to later learn that his handlers are talking to the mainstream media and giving out a lot of information. It is expected that they will break the news in tomorrow mornings newspapers or later in the day in the electronic press.

However the news has already reached various political factions in the country and my information is that there is a lot of anxiety all round. There is no doubt that the visit will cause plenty of ripples right across the political divide.

This piece of news creates many more questions than answers. There is for instance the question of security. Little has changed since Githongo fled the country in 2003 and the threats to his life are no doubt still intact.

Then the question that must be bothering many in political circles is what the real reason for his visit might be. And why now?

Githongo will arrive in the country when political temperatures are way too high considering that it is barely 7 months since the last general elections.

More to follow as I get it.


Anonymous said...

why is this Kuria constituency (Machage is MP) soo poor yet for 45 years of kenya's history, it has always had its MP in the Cabinet?

Leaders have forsaken Kuria District
Published on 26/07/2008

Kuria District is one of the most ignored districts. It lags behind in education and other development issues.

About 80 per cent of Kuria residents live below the poverty line and many households depend on tobacco farming as their main economic activity. The recent tobacco law that bans smoking in public places may affect tobacco farming, thus further impoverishing the community. Primary school registration, attendance and retention are unpredictable, especially for girls. Secondary-school attendance is worse. The Government should boost girl-child education in the district. The female cut has also undermined the education standards for girls who are married off after the rite.

Most youths have not been fully involved in educational programmes as they are engaged in clan fighting and cattle raids to defend their community’s interests.

Residents wonder whether the district is part of Kenya or the neighbouring Tanzania. The Government is insensitive to the plight of residents. The roads leading to the district headquarters are impassable, especially during the rain season. Tarmac roads are not available. The district is entirely served by murram roads and muddy pathways.

Most parts of the district have no electricity. This has adversely affected the living standards of residents, who require power to indulge in income generating activities like the Jua kali business and others commercial enterprises. Piped water is another dream as are many other services.

Debrah Ghati Mupusi,


Anonymous said...

Surely, who cares about Githongo?
Maybe those who want to sell newspapers and advertisement airwaves but i think the common mwananchi will not have the cost of fuelreduce, the cost of floor reduce or the cold reduce just because Githongo is in town.
I think the boy is missing all the BBC attention he had and he wants to revive his dimming small moment of glory.

come on chris, you also know u miss it too remember.

Phil said...

Githongo in town? Well well.

RAO's invitation wasnt invain and the guy is probably in town to test the waters. Cant trust these panuaist u know!

Anglo Fleecers know themselves!

I cannot wait for that press conference!

Phil said...

Or perhaps he has taken up the Tanzanian offer?????

Anonymous said...

what if he's back to work for the DULY ELECTED?

Anonymous said...


"GITHOGO EXPECTED BACK IN NAIROBI SOON" and where in this post did it talk about Kuria constituency or is it the usual why of PNU to deflect hot topic's??




Anonymous said...

Phil, Raila ni toto wa malaya mbaya. So stop giving him credit here.

Anonymous said...

not bad at all- it is about time Githongo come back to tell kenyans openly who looted from them.

1. Anglo Leasing
2. Grand Regency
3. Safaricom
4. Transcentury(Rift Valley Railways)
5. Charter house

and many others he was aware of-

yes it is about time Githongo come out in the open!! he owes it to kenyans to help catch the thieves destroying and corrupting kenya...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Githongo-at least you're better than General Mathenge or Artur Bros guests of the state courtesy of PNU

Anonymous said...

anon9:35 AM

Kibaki is the mototo wa malaya that is why he killed his own father...

as for you i can tell you were born from a kikuyu prostitute doing time in mombasa bora bora....night club f= off!!

Anonymous said...

anon9:35 AM
maybe enlighten us whether your kikuyu mother fucked a kihii ?? to produce a half luo??
Kenya is full of half kikuyu's and haf the rest of the kenya tribes??

from the streets of nairobi to mombasa to the kenya uganda border to Masai land when they were paid the bonus by the British a few years ago now they have half masai and half kikuyu children everywhere:)

what say you?? the Only known malaya's in Kenya are Kikuyu's....

Anonymous said...

BIG WELCOME TO GITHINGO- you are doing the right thing Son!

come help kenyans to remove all the thieves and the thugs in office.

Anglo leasing must be solved today..... and by the way just come and tell the kenya people the facts and we will deal with the thieving thugs out of kibaki's fake court houses..... kenyans have suffered enough.....

Mobuto of Congo stole from his people and look where it got him??
Idd Amin slaughtered his people to remain in power-(he died in exile)

I suggest to kibaki to pack up his suitcase.... I hear Martha Karua is a singing bird now:):)
and the truth will save us/....

between Githogo and Karua's truth!! Kenya will survive..... trust me..

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:42 what about the Malayas around L. Victoria and Kisumu town that has been spreading 'dudu' like wildfire?

Anonymous said...

anon9:47 AM

Hey we are hearing the same on the ground Martha karua has said some very interesting things on what transpired before, during and after 27th December elections and things are getting a bit tense and scary here on ground.

do you have more info on karua's alleged comments?

Anonymous said...

So what if Githongo is coming back? what is he going to do, maybe you should tell us the reason for his return. Just like yourself and Okello you will surely return back to Kenya at some point. Will it be a breaking news then?

Anonymous said...

anon9:48 AM

Go check they are aterere from central province "kikuyu's" I'm surprised you don't even know how far your kikuyu malaya's are ready to go? to trade their wares!! should we call this Kikuyu malaya's "IDP" too?? since they have settled all over kenya for their trade in umalaya??

Spreading HIV/AIDS to un suspecting clients who are ready to pay for a quick fix??

Anonymous said...

anon9:52 AM

why show your stupidity for the whole world to see on here??
Githongo return is big- he was a personal adviser to the rigged in kibaki and he discovered the some of the biggest looting and thieving of government corporations and others by kibaki's closest cronies in then the 9th parliament.

you can try to wish him away and claim he is irrelevant to what is happening in kenya today- bit it will not go away- Anglo leasing is still on and Githongo can help catch the thieves and find where they hide the money.

I understand that was what he was still doing while he was away and now they know where the stashes of money was hidden abroad by kibaki and his cronies,

Anonymous said...

9:55, why do they pay for "quick fix" from Kikuyu malayas? Is there something they are missing or its just emptiness from inside.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:55 Are you aware in late 90s raila was having an affair with these Kikuyus you are degrading. The woman was from Kabete, Kiambu and there affair went on for a long time. i guess you didn't know that but its well known.

Anonymous said...

anon10:01 AM

Kikuyu malaya's are known to drug men in bars before they attack:)
a drugged man does not know what is happening until it is too late.

why are this kikuyu malaya's allowed to travel freely all over kenya spreading aid/hiv? they belong in kamiti...

kikuyu's are know to sell their own mother and children for money
and the highest incest record in kenya is from central yes. kikuyu tribe from the most educated elite, the rich to the poor practice incest! facts be known
and do tell me my learned friend?? why is that??

why fathers sleep with daughters and mothers sleep with sons producing kids??
brothers and sisters no difference they practice the same and forget first cousins this is so normal not even considered taboo.....

Phil said...

Blogger Anonymous @ 9.35 AM said...

Phil, Raila ni toto wa malaya mbaya. So stop giving him credit here.

It is idiots like you who are costing this country the benefit of cohesion and development!

Farasi shenzi kabisa wewe. I can see you made several comments with varying angles so you can confuse stupid people like us. Raila was only but an offspring. Unless you slept with his mother and paid for services, I think it serves no purpose to this blog for you to call RAO's mother a prostitute. If you've nothing to say, just shut the f**k up.

Anonymous said...

We are engaged in a noble research project. your worthy contirbutions are welcomed.

Reseach Project- Is there a direct causal positive (or negative, neither or other) relationship over 30-yr period between a constituency's MP who is in CABINET and Reduction (official studied incidences) of Poverty levels?

Anonymous said...

anon10:19 AM
in the 60's and 70's many people we can name had affairs
1. Dr. Mrs Jane Kiano and Muturi of Mwamba village nairobi had an affair
(which produce a child)
Tom Mboya and the Same Muturi's wife had an an affair(which produce a child)
This are Grown up children now...and i can point out many Luo/ Luyha/ Kalejin/ men who were jumped on by this kikuyu malaya's and if you mention Raila - why not?? the question is did they marry them?? nope- this tribes knew better that kikuyu ladies are malaya's- they used them and damped them and proceeded to marry their own:):)

what was your question again?? was it how Raila used your malalya sister??
or why Kikuyu women are known to be the biggest malaya's in kenya since kenya was a British Colony? look at Peter Kenneth mutoto wa malaya mama kikuyu baba he has no idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Phil: Do not stoop to that level. Normally when we see other people going on with explextives and calling other people names we normally ignore their comments. Now when you join them...... aaii!?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's coming to invest or visit his relaz. Ama pia ame miss mahindi choma ?

Mama Njeri said...

I don't think its fair to brand all Kikuyu woman as prostitutes. There are Kikuyu malayas just like there are Luos, Luhyia, Masai, Taita, kamba, meru, Kalenjins, wazungus, Wahindis, Warabus, Wayahundis, Chinese, Latinos….prostitutes. Beside that, prostitution is one of the oldest profession in the world and its know no tribe, race or colour. Even Jesus came across them but off course in a saving mission. So you cannot say one particular tribe in Kenya has invented prostitution in Kenya.

PS: Men, I have an article I would like you all to read. It’s called "Sex after childbirth" It important you understand the issue raised in that article. It's a well researched article and many men across the world find it very useful. Just click on my name to go to my weblog.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

What's the big deal? I'll also be in town soon, at UK's invitation :-)

Anonymous said...

mama njeri, there are better ways to advertise your blog. And after all the venom you spew over here, who would want to read your blog/ (Hint)

By the way, majority of malayas in Kenya are Kikuyu women.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:02, But Kikuyus are the largest ethnic group in Kenya and so they will always be over represent in all areas.
Aren't you the same people who are always saying they hold all the big jobs in Kenya? They are the single largest tribe in Kenya and thats why you will always find them everywhere and in big numbers.

Mama Njeri

Anonymous said...

mama njeri

having 90% of them to be malayas, watoto wa barara, prison inmates, mapik pokis, ma conmeni, ma criminalis, is not good.

22% of population but provides 90% of malayas, conimeni, pikpocki, prison inmates, watotowabarabara, etc

Anonymous said...

Githongo has been unwittingly praised by many as being a strong anti-corruption proponent.

What is not evidently known is his brand of selective "justice" where scandals touching on the activist were swept under the carpet by Githongo while he exposed the scandals carried out by the "other rival camp" that was comprised of Mwiraria, Kiraitu and Co.

Is it little wonder that the rattling snake's scandals did not see the light of day during Githongo's tenure.

In 2003, the same minister was in the papers week after week for scandals such as exempting his son from legal procedures and the KPA crane tender scandals. Wananchi need to realize that Githongo is not as clean as he seems.

Yes, he exposed some scandals but didn't expose those that touched on the camp he favored as such he too is just as guilty as those he charged for his selective cover up of scams against the nation.

JEFF said...


Every Kenyan living abroad is always welcome to visit home. What's the big deal if its Githongo or Taabu or Chris coming back home? Nothing sensational about it. Atusaidie na kazi iendelee.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

So Githongo comes back, so what? How many sufuria's of Ugali and mgongo wazi or omena will it add to the suffering masses of Kibera, or Nyanza for that matter?

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