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Monday, August 25, 2008

Allowance: Pay as you Sleep Romance

As the debate rages on the proposed allowances for the wives of the PM and VP, other Kenyans are taking the quest for material wealth to another level. A kilifi man has been denied his conjugal rights by his legally married wife because he cannot make enough money from his job of extracting coral blocks from the floor of the Indian Ocean at Bofa.

To spite her husband even more, the unhappy lady had the audacity to bring in her civil servant lover to pose as a cousin in counseling the STARVING husband who had threatened to commit suicide if access to the goods were denied. What is more, the lover even had a sumptuous lunch made the very lady who is the item of both lust and tension. So what does this sorry story tells about the Kenyan society in general?

What happens in our homes and houses is a reflection of the wider national philosophy distilled to its indivisible parts. The quest for material wealth overrides any virtues we stand for a society. The worst bid lies in the fact that DISHONESTY has become the defining trait for most Kenyans. We live our lives for others and SUCCESS is measured in the obtuse magnitude of opulence no matter how the resources were acquired.

Peddling fleshy goods
While products and beneficiaries of fraud will readily dismiss such concerns as thinly-veiled jealousy/envy, its remains an unsustainable lifestyle that only succeeds in massaging you ego to the detriment of your integrity. You don’t have to be a preacher to leave within your means and peddling what lies at the junction of your lower limbs in the height of self low esteem.

Trust typical Kenyans to stop at nothing in their quest to join the SUCCESSFUL club. No wonder one commentator here tongue-in-cheek offered to marry any aspiring PM or VP without any conditions provided she was guaranteed the legal spot to earn the proposed allowance. You see, no price is too steep to pay as the end apparently justifies the means.

Predictably, we will be shamelessly atop hills condemning the Kilifi woman in public but the truth is that our own lives are but variations of the same selfishness. Surely DECEPTION and FRAUD remain our collective forte as a nation.


Anonymous said...

Taabu, Shut up!! have you ever been denied your conjugal rights? If not, let me tell you, it is very frustrating.

Taabu said...

Anon nothing personal here. But come to think of it. Some of these terms buffle me. How something becomes a right on one hand and on the other it is DENIED is a paradox don't you think so?

Anonymous said...


the woman actions sounds exactly like your art Taabu.
you purport as a learned fellow to speak for the evil in Kenya but you bury the evil in ODM while magnifying the evil from Mt. Kenya. Case and point, your stand on the corrupt individuals in ODM is known...according to your ethics book, there are none. your stand on ethnic cleansing is also known, as far as you are concerned, Kibaki is to blame.
so u better take a deep look into the mirror and see the rot between your ears.
now that would be getting converted from your own sermon...

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha Prefect

3:42 PM

why are your bashing Taabu?? of course kibaki is to blame!!he rigged the elections and denied kenyans their democratic rights!!
what is new!

Anonymous said...


Farmers abandon tea as production cost rises

Updated 5 hr(s) 30 min(s) ago

By Francis Ngige

Tea farmers in Central Province are uprooting the crop due to poor returns.

The move, first witnessed in Othaya, has spread to Mukurweini and Tetu constituencies, where farmers are replacing tea bushes with food crops.

Contrary to Agriculture Minister William Ruto’s advice, the farmers have uprooted several acres of tea plantations.

On Monday, a group of farmers in Tetu said they had opted for dairy farming, saying income from tea had diminished.

Mr Samuel Wambugu, a farmer in Gathuthi village, said tea farming had become a liability due to high costs of production.

Wambugu said he replaced tea with nappier grass and food crops.

Poor returns

"There are minimal returns in tea farming and people in this area are considering doing away with it. The money we get from the crop is hardly enough," said Wambugu.

Another farmer, Ms Mary Warugongo, said a local tea factory was paying a paltry Sh10.50 a kilogramme delivered while price at the Mombasa auction was more than Sh150.

Warugongo said high input costs had made the venture expensive.

Last month, Mr Ruto made an impromptu tour of Othaya to plead with farmers not to uproot tea bushes. Ruto, who later visited Mathira, promised farmers that the Government was in the process of rolling out incentives to make the venture profitable.

He announced that his ministry was in talks with Kenya Tea Development Agency to reducing fertiliser prices.

To boost tea production, the minister said the Government would give loans to farmers under the Kilimo na Biashara scheme, launched in May.

Loan facility

He said although the first phase of the loans would benefit cereal farmers in Rift Valley, they would also be made available for tea farmers.

"We are urging farmers not to uproot tea since the Government is determined to ensure that farmers enjoy the fruits of their labour," Ruto said.

The minister also said he would consult the Ministry of Energy to seek ways of reducing power tariffs for tea processing factories.

This, he said, would reduce production costs incurred in processing.

Vikii said...

This is serious folks. Matters under the sheets 'is not joke, omera'. Very complicated aisee!

Anonymous said...


Nothing about this post - looking at the comments from the previous post, one would think this was mashada or misterseed.
Yawa, why let kumekucha drop to such levels?

Anonymous said...

seems mrs. molasses will be paid kshs. 400 000 for servicing mr. molasses down there...

wonders never cease...

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity Taabu, do any of your post ever miss the words "FRAUD and DECEPTION"?

As far as am concerned, those two words are your favorite and while I expect them in your regular political posts, this post is not one I would expect from you. This "family" issue is a civil matter that I dont think is affecting millions of Kenyans as you may allege. I expect to read such stuff on udaku. Stick to politics!

Anonymous said...

411 updates on Ivy and her pregnancy

yesterday she went to a gyna and the ultrra sounds showed that the kumekucharin is healthy and kicking. ivy is still suffering from bouts of morning sickness coupled with spitting every time.

so please understand her absence for now. we conglatulate our Kumekucha bro who did an excelent performance after a couple of outings..

Anonymous said...

congratulations to ivy for offering congugal rights to the friend. no need for lover counselling.

Anonymous said...

why dont this guy just get another lady willing to live with him, he is an idiot as if committing suicide will give him sex.

Anonymous said...

I sympathise with the Kilifi man and regret how low our society's morals have dropped. It is even more horrible how far ladies can go. I wish in Kumekucha we were able to debate issues and exchange ideas without resorting to hatred and non issues. Why would the woman go to that extend? How many other similar cases are there? Please let us discuss this topic. Paul.

Anonymous said...

Paul, Sex is not everything.

JEFF said...


If you link your article with the VIP cash with the adage 'No Romance Without Finance' are you implying the GCG could be in trouble? I take it you mean there will be no romance in the GCG unless the VIP wifes get the cash? Please clarify.

Anonymous said...

the kilifi jama is bure mafi ja kuku, kwania sabuni ja panga or vasiline imekosa,he can jerk himself, HIV free risk

Anonymous said...

the kilifi jama is bure mafi ja kuku, kwania sabuni ja panga or vasiline imekosa,he can jerk himself, HIV free risk

if you apply it to our kenyan siasa and gover. I think kenyans should stop waiting for Rila and kibaki to provide,self determination

Kwale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kwale said...

Men tend to think just because you are married, you have the right to access the goods at your will. No, that's not the case. Marriage is a mutual contract of two consenting adults and the woman has the right to say no. Men especially in Africa thinks women are just for sex, as-of-when you want it. That's a misconception, if you show a woman affection and a little bit of pampering, I can guarantee you there will be no need to ask, she will be there waiting for you with her legs wide open pulsating for the moment. The more affection you show to the woman, the more passionate and wild things will become in the bedroom. I have written an article about this on my blog.

In case of this Kilifi man, whatever the reasons for brewing trouble in the bedroom money or whatever can be traced from other problems, and can serve as a warning sign for still bigger troubles ahead. The most likely cause is they let the flame that brought them together disappear.

A point to note, keeping the sexual spark alive in a marriage or in a long-term relationship is easier said than done. However, couples who take time to cultivate and maintain healthy and satisfying sexual relations tend to be more connected with each other and do not suffer from depression, heart problems and other health maladies, experts say.

Strategies for Keeping the Spark Alive;

• Treat your partner as if you're dating
• Romance your spouse outside the bedroom
• Plan a date night
• Talk with your partner
• Listen to your partner
• Understand your partner's sexual needs and desires
• Keep physically fit and attractive for your partner
• Maintain perspective on sex as life ebbs and flows
• Resolve any underlying conflicts as they will spillover to the bedroom
• Have fun and engage in foreplay, whether that's kissing, sexual banter or anything else
• Be adventurous and creative in and outside the bedroom
• Exercise, preferably together
• Watch your weight and cholesterol

Taabu said...

No romance without finance is an over used adage. But you application of the same to this case may be subjective. I take it as a tongue-in-cheek otherwise you have all the right to INFERENCE provided the data is right. Hope that clarification suffices.

Taabu said...

That is a superb synopsis of DIY. Hope you are penning one soon. As you rightly say most of these thing are easy to propagate and preach than practice. but again you have to try and the more effort you put in the more rewards.

Treating women as sex object is our bane. The mentality of GIVING also help negate the essense of romance. Emotional ransom is cheap but peddling fleash for cash is the lowest one can go.

M-Pesa said...

Do these greedy ladies have the guts to turn down the cash bribes from old Muthauraura the insensitive snob who is in his job merely because he's Gema? Do they have the guts really? Do they?

I seriously doubt it. They can pocket our hard earned cash while ordinary Kenyans starve to death and prices keep sky rocketing. How on eart do these callous, cold, calculating and evil people sleep at night?

Kibaki and Raila are some of the richest men in Africa and 400k per month plus allowances for their dears may sound like loose change to them but they ought to know millions of decent Kenyans barely have supper in the evenings, living under a dollar (67 bob) per day.

Ok, we all know Kalonzo is a wimp who will grab any leftovers thrown to his family but who can forget Raila urging 1st lady to turn down her salary when it was first implemented? Say what you like but it just goes to show we have two sets of Kenyans here. The rulers and the ruled. The joke continues to be on us.

M-Pesa said...

This is the SHOCKING! story of a white supremacist MADMAN who wants to ASSASINATE our Barack Obama. Shindwe kabisa pepo mbaya!

Anonymous said...


They should come to Kenya and assasinate his 'cousin' molasses.

Anonymous said...

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