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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Muthaura’s Grand Scheme to Reward Mrs. VIPs

As a nation we never cease to amaze in coming up with brilliant ideas designed to please the political class at the expense of the national good. Now the fossil head of public service Francis Muthaura is at it again proposing KES 400,000 allowance per month for the wives of PM and VP. The most ridiculous thing about this is the fact that the constitution doesn’t have provision for these offices in the first place.

But again what the heck if cow Kenya can be milked some more before she drops dead. Here we are busy proposing new offices complete with allowances while the FIRST LADY office which is constitutionally recognized continues to suck public money with no face to match the bill. Enquiring on the whereabouts of Mama Lucy will predictably elicit ethnic vitriol cleverly clothed to question lack of humanity in such queries. It is more than three months since Kenyans saw Lucy.

Well, maybe the law has changed and we can now pay people from public coffers to run personal errands or enjoy MEDICAL holiday/quarantine. Or better still maybe Lucy has borrowed a leaf from within by being the laid-back boss. After all economic growth remain the harbinger to our nirvana and all else are mere appendages.

Disguised impunity
Muthaura’s proposal is another insult into our national conscience. The old guy is contemptuous of what Kenyan feel and only concerned with pleasing politicians at our collective expense. At this rate I fear the Grand Coalition will soon transform itself into a GRAND MONSTER to rape Kenya of all her resources. All these insensitive moves leave you wondering whether the proponents of grand opposition would be handy with their noise if only they were not sulking from missing out in the eating table.

This GCG must be the most expensive edifice in political history. And with the OLD and tired civil servants’ boss like Muthaura whose realm of operations revolve around archaic ideas while superlatively allergic to new ideas, we haven’t seen the last selfish move to milk Kenya dry. At this rate you can be forgiven for being mad at the bill to the Kenyan taxpayer were the PM and VIP to be polygamous. That will definitely ignite the debate in last parliament about MPs and their wives/mistresses.

The wives of the PM and VP must learn to live within the budgets of their spouses. These mothers must not assume imagined status which they never applied for from the Kenyan people. And Muthaura must not continue his insensitive gimmicks as if Kenya is a bottomless pit of gold. Mzee Muthaura's antics is nothing but disguised IMPUNITY.


UrXlnc said...


agreed, it seems there's just no end to these guys dipping into the public coffers. whereas we appreciate the efforts of these ladies and gentlemen who support their political halfs, there is no reason at all for them to be compensated for "allowing their spouses" to engage in politics.

it comes with the territory that they will have to socialise and sacrifice and certainly no cause for pocket allowance. all official functions need to be channeled through proper procedures and resources with specific events calendar for which the MPs are already provided with generous monthly allowances that they granted themselves without consulting the public. any excesses must be footed by the MP just like every other ordinary kenyan with added burden or responsibility beyond self or nucleus family.

it doesnt make sense to provide an additional on the side entertainment allowance for their spouses.

but we are courting disaster, what happens if the MP has more than one official wife as allowed by some religious or traditional practice if say the VP, PM or Prezzo is from a culture that allows say 4 wives this guy will pocket 1.2m for himself and 1.6m on behalf of his wives (every month). I wont even go to Ritch's story a few days ago of some jamaa with 80 something wives.

we surely need to stop the muthauras of this world otherwise we will be milked dry.

Anonymous said...

How comes the PM is not rejecting this new allowance for his wife????
why is he avoiding this issue???
because as hard as his admirers may find it hard to believe, he has been consulted and i suspect he strongly supports this rape of public resources. Lets not start blaming the dog (Muthaura) but the owner (Raila et al..).

on other issues, the PM usually is the first to issue opinions, so his keeping mum is quite telling...

i like the was he was told by ODM mps over the weekend.."Bwana Prime Minister, raise something small for mama just like the rest of us,"

now thats hitting the nail on the PM's head..

Anonymous said...


And what became of taxing MP's allowances that costed honourable Kimunya his job?

Anonymous said...

Leaders oppose allowances for PM and VP’s wives

(read how your molasses deity wants to freece kenya)

Published on 25/08/2008
By Biketi Kikechi And Osinde Obare

Members of Parliament opposed plans by the Government to pay the wives of the Prime Minister and Vice President an entertainment allowance.

Meeting in Kitale on Saturday, they condemned the proposal by Head of Public Service Francis Muthaura.

MPs Cyrus Jirongo (Lugari), Ababu Namwamba (Budalangi), Musikari Kombo (nominated) and Bonny Khalwale (Ikholomani) said Kenyans were overburdened.

"Bwana Prime Minister, raise something small for mama just like the rest of us," said Kutuny.

They said Muthaura had proposed the PM and VP’s wives be paid Sh400,000 entertainment allowance.

Charity work

They advised the two ladies to do charity work.

Nine MPs from Western Province resolved to pick one of their own for the presidency in 2012.

The MPs led by Jirongo, KADDU, said disunity and leadership wrangles had worked against the Luhya community’s desire to produce a candidate for the top seat.

The MPs argued that unless they embraced unity capturing the presidency would be a dream.

They told President Kibaki and Raila to retire from politics and give room to youthful leaders after 2012.

Power game

But Raila rubbished what he termed tribal leadership and warned the MPs against relying on the community’s vote to ascend to power.

"Kura ya Waluhyia pekee itapeleka wewe wapi? (Where will the luhya vote alone take you?" asked Raila.

Jirongo lsaid Deputy PM Musalia Mudavadi avoided the unity debate and based his speech on the need to give the country a new constitution.

Anonymous said...

Raila insults Luhya's voting it spiting at the feet of your donor... it seems power has gotten into the head of this molasses dimwit

"Kura ya Waluhyia pekee itapeleka wewe wapi? (Where will the luhya vote alone take you?" asked Raila.

b-carotene said...

You Taabu, your mischief knows no bounds…medical quarantine...indeed!

Kenyans have mastered the art of sidetracking critical issues. Instead of focusing our energies on reining in the untaxed salaries and perks that our silly, lethargic MPs continue to draw, we are obsessing with proposals aimed at creating and institutionalizing offices for the spouses of the PM and VP. Tempest in a teapot if you’d ask me!

anon@4:21 pm. Such disdain of an entire community should not be taken lightly and calls for swift and strong response. The Bondo bumpkin feeds off others' insecurities and fears. He thrives on creating and sustaining divisions. High time he were stopped in his tracks.

Papi said...

Kenya is a relatively rich country, just so much inefficiency and lack of focus. The PM said when campaigning last year that inefficiency in the public sector (note: not corruption) results in 50 billion shilling loses year. Now that he is in government can these loop holes be sealed? If so and we can save even half of that amount yearly, then we can comfortably create these two offices.

Papi said...

But my earlier point digressed a lil, thing is the normal way of doing things in Kenya must stop. I see a trend where the PM only dwells on issues where he has no interest. Now he is mum on taxation of MPs allowances. I am a Raila admirer NOT worshipper, worship is to the LORD GOD alone, I have every right to question anything he does that in my view is side-tracking.

Papi said...

The PM better be advised the Luhyia will not take insults sitting down. We can easily deny him votes come 2012.

Anonymous said...


tumewajua kabisa. ati munajifanya nyinyi sasa noi kabila zingine.

i dont get it. why is deceit, lies, deception and crime and umalaya a secodn genetic nature of agikuyu?? why? is it an INFERIOR cultural completely incapable of folloing VALUES and LAWS???

btw- the reality is simple. relying on 1-triba; block vote wont take you to state house.

ask kombo kombo of ford-k. he lost webuye and western and is now a mice (not even a mule)

Anonymous said...

this molasses fool runs around talking of good governance while bargaining for 400,000kshs per month for his wife.

he should do like all other politicians, take care of his wife like a real man.
No wonder circumcision is important!!!

Vikii said...

I think we are whipping the wrong person here. Mr. Muthaura cannot just wake up and let such information into the public domain without talking to the husbands of these ladies. It is that simple. If you really are true and serious in your opposition to this daylight robbery, then you should tell the leaders themselves to turn it down. Like someone said if they saw it like you, they would have denounced the proposal the moment it was reported.

Again, the buck eventually stops at the President's door. If these people do not turn these allowances down, President Kibaki should come out and tell Kenyans where he stands on this. It is time this President exercised his authority for the benefit of Kenyans. He needs to earn his money!

I personally like and respect Kalonzo Musyoka. I like and respect his wife even more. I would expect them to come forward and denounce this archaism.

P.S; PKW talked of the first lady, the second lady and the fat lady. Has anyone found a different name for the Prime Minister's wife or that still holds. Not that it is important, Im just curious!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kenya is composed of hypocritical cartoons from top to bottom.

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha ha...

good one..1st lady, 2nd lady and the FAT lady....

made ma morn....

Mcheku said...

Taabu, I am happy someone has said it!! This is just grand theft!

b-carotene said...

I had no intention of further partaking of this conversation until I saw Ida Odinga drawn in in a rather objectionable way. Though I personally think she's quite pretty and well presented, I dont really care about that, and wouldnt use that to put her or her bumpkin husband down or score them points either. Very weak line of thinking.

I think Ida Odinga is among the few people I have seen which such strength of character and a rather sophisticated view of equity and social justice and how to go about fostering that in society. I really hope that a broader swathe of Kenya gets a chance to benefit from this (as did some individuals who studied under her tutelage), even as her infamous bumpkin husband continues to overshadow her potentials.

Nonetheless, if allowed, I think I'll take back what I'd said earlier that we're focusing our energies on the wrong things. In retrospect, I think the wives of these politicians do also play a leadership role in society and have great potential of moving forward some public policy goals, if not outright helping in their definition. So I do think we should stop scoffing at Muthaura's proposal. What we should do is to think of how best to channel that influence, how to structure the offices, make them accountable to society and coordinate their activities. I actually do see a place for each of them in public life.

In the meantime--let's take up the debate on taxing our ?*%#$@! MPs, whose contributions to society can be outlined very quickly and with even less controversy.

Knoppix!® said...

Thanks Taabu,

Personally this is one of the best posts i have ever read from you.

I dont think that proposal if indeed it is one,is really meant to make the PMs & VPs wives functional,i think its intended to hoodwink those that matter atleast politically.

This move should be defeated at all costs possible.This is not impunity but some form of disguised grandiose theft in all manner and nature.

My prayers are that it doesn't see the light of day!

b-carotene said...

Funny how it becomes 'grandiose theft'....extending the very same loose logic: is not the MPs salaries and perks (about the highest in the world) grandiose theft as well? Or is that theft more palatable because you elected them into office?

Perhaps one way of starting off the PM and VPs spouses offices, would be to draw a minimal official budget and seek support from elsewhere eg 'development partners' who might benefit by having enhanced influence/clout around some particular agenda that dovetails with a given public policy priority eg AIDs, child trafficking, drought/disaster prevention, slum upgrading etc...

There are several ways of thinking about this and I really wish that instead of just thoughtlessly shooting down proposals, people would be more constructive.

b-carotene said...

And no, unlike many others on this blog, I have no anticipation of being a beneficiary--I have absolutely NO personal links with any of these people. I just see an opportunity for getting a little more creative in how we do things.

I will do some homework on how president's spouses can be used to further public policy (or not) and share that at some point because I do think its important.

But let's not forget that some salaries and perks must be taxed. After all, where does accountability begin and stop? Give unto ceasar....

Ivy said...


I agree robbery without violence.

JEFF said...


Just what could Ksh 42,000,000 do in the next four years and five months? In Tseikuru, where the VP's wife hails from, the cost of building a classroom is around Ksh 500,000/=. This 42 million money (what the two VIP wifes are set to earn till end of 2012) is equivalent to 85 classrooms, or 10 primary schools. Even if you split this by ahalf (say 5 schools) it would be enough to take Kalonzo to parliament for life!

Anonymous said...

Ivy, feeling better? effects of morning sickness and early pregnacy?

Phil said...


Quite right.

The PM's spokesman Salim Lone is on record having said that Muthaura's scheme has yet to be officially communicated to Mrs. Ida Odinga. Mind you it could be one of the many political landmines that are being set up on the PM's path.

I can assure you that this 'award' will not be accepted by the PM's wife. Even if it is accepted, that money will in wholesome be promptly diverted to help some girl-child project that Ida herself will choose.

Meanwhile, can you please do similar math for what the now-you-see-me-now-you-dont 1st lady salary can do for this country?

b-carotene said...

OK. So now we have figures nicely cooked up to support a most sinister interpretation. The only problem being that this sinister interpretation has been made under some assumptions. Assumptions of which are not entirely justified as there is virtually little or no past experience to ground them.

Now, if those assumptions were changed, eg the office would be structured so as to make it accountable—then the conclusions reached would not necessarily be as sinister as that presented by Jeff above and others. Why is there a rush to conclusion that the VPs or PMs wife’s offices will be corrupt? I am extremely puzzled. So the issue is not even the amount of money being proposed, which I imagine can be revised downwards.

Below is something that Mrs. Odinga recently said, which I thought would help Phil ponder carefully on whether or not she was planning to use her life savings:
“I am trying to formulate an office but most of the time it goes beyond my capacity. I need more personnel for I cannot deal with everybody directly. And because of the nature of the issues I attend to, I need moderators who could sieve through all requests and set appropriate time for me to address them,” she adds.

Anonymous said...

Phil, why should Ida accept any money while majority of her tribesmen live in abject poverty. Ida and her husband continue to enjoy the money they stole from Kisumu molasses, living like King and queens in land thats not their ancestral land.

Karen and Runda is not a Luo ancestral land. Raila and his family must leave our land. watu wakae kwao!!

mama njeri said...

These women, first lady, VP and PM wife should all go to work like everyone else. What is so special about them?

When Tony Blair was the PM of UK, his wife Cherie a mother of 4 children worked full-time as a QC (barrister), a highly demanding job and still was able to support her Prime Minister husband and travelled with him on all foreign visits . And she earned more than her PM husband. It was reported her monthly salary was twice of that of her husband.

Becoming a President or PM wife does not mean you should kiss your career goodbye and live on taxpayers' money.

Anonymous said...

Who told the likes of Ida that they count anywhere in Kenya??? the only service they offer is servicing their husbands which i dont think we should cough 400K per month for..

let her stop pretending she has a busy shedule of entertaining stone throwers....

Anonymous said...


I will quote you

'Below is something that Mrs. Odinga recently said, which I thought would help Phil ponder carefully on whether or not she was planning to use her life savings:
“I am trying to formulate an office but most of the time it goes beyond my capacity. I need more personnel for I cannot deal with everybody directly. And because of the nature of the issues I attend to, I need moderators who could sieve through all requests and set appropriate time for me to address them,” she adds.'

this cleary shows that Molasses raila and mrs. molasses knew all along and actually proposed this salo...

shame on them..the other dayy there was an article showing how half the Kisumu population is living in slums and the only thing these buffons think of is milking Kenya to its knees???????????????

shame on them

b-carotene said...

Mama Njeri, that's just ONE model of doing things. There's other models--look at the US, where certain positions are recognized as having a public service value and function even though not elected . As a side note—a recent president’s spouse was a Yalie Law--perhaps she couldnt find a high paying job that would sustain her family?!! That reasoning is waaay besides the point. In fact, I'd hate to speculate on the intimidation and/or influence just the thought of Cherie’s husband's position may have had on Cherie’s peers and others facing her in court and elsewhere. And let’s not for a second pretend that Cherie, a hardworking mother of four, could approximate any ‘ordinary’ hardworking mother of four.

I think the more relevant question that Muthaura and others (like myself) should be pushed to answer is: what is the value addition to society/public service of formalizing and institutionalizing the PMs and VPs wives roles? Might the benefits outweigh the costs, under what conditions? Do we need both or would one suffice?

Likewise, those opposing the proposal should also be pushed to provide solid arguments on why they believe it is another form of grand theft not too different from other grand thefts that we already know.

Absent some reasonable answers to these questions, a lot will remain in the realm of political pandering, slander or just naive wishful thinking.

JEFF said...

b-carotene said:

"Why is there a rush to conclusion that the VPs or PMs wife’s offices will be corrupt? I am extremely puzzled."

I don't think anybody has said that the two graceful ladies will be corrupt. Rather, what we are trying to highlight is the level of wastage that this government is subjectibg us to, in addition to an already bloated cabinet with duplicated functions. The opportunity cost is phenomenal in terms of delivery of ambitious promises including V2030. As mama Njeri is saying above, i understand the two ladies already have well-paying day jobs. What is the extra cash for? Are they going to resign from their day jobs and embark on an entertainment spree? Entertain on behalf of whom?

Will it be the DPM wifes next? Then the ministers wifes? Then the MPs wifes, albeit indirectly through demands for higher pay perks? Taabu, this IMPUNITY must stop!

Phil, as we call for accountability from every government official and demand that they sign performance contracts, there should be no exception. Including the 1st lady. (But Phil, is not being seen around an indication that you are not doing your job?)

b-carotene said...

OK, Jeff. I hear you on wastage and limits. But your Tseikuru example was pointing to something else--thanks for clarifying. Guess I could have done a better job of talking about wastage and criteria in my points above re objective way of drawing some kind of conclusions on whether or not we need some of these proposed offices.

Anonymous said...

To you all Kikuyu haters, the last national anthem to be played at Beijing was in honour of Sammy Kamau Wanjiru! The first Kenyan ever to win an Olympic marathon. The only other Kenya who came close to that was Douglas Wakiihuri (another Kikuyu) when he won a silver in Seoul 1988. And another Nyahururu born Eric Wainaina won bronze in 1996 Olympics and Silver in 2000.

I wonder how many medals the loud-mouth Luos have won for Kenya.

Anonymous said...

What about Julius Kariuki another Nyahururu born athlete who won 3,000 m steeplechase at the 1988 Summer Olympics.

JEFF said...

Ok Anon 6:14. Now go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Oh do shut up!! if the grand Coalition is 50% PNU 50% ODM then it makes sense for Prime Ministers wife to be given an office and paid a salary why not??

Why does Madam Rucy have an office and Salary then?? was it removed when the grand coalition happened?? is it why she has know say in statehouse affairs this days???

and not to be embarrassed the proposal for PM's wife was put forward??

V.P did not sign on the coalition !!so why should his wife get a salary(Kalonzo the sell-out thug)

b-carotene said...

OK anon 6:26 am. I shut up. This has been a rather lonely conversation for me.

Anonymous said...

anon4:21 PM

some more kikuyu vomit!! even if you try hard us Luyha's will never vote for you kikuyu murderers - we did it by mistake through wamaluwa kijana and it will never happen again.

Luo's are our cousins and friends, those are just young foolish politicians paid to talk we all know Jirongo and ababu have been paid by Martha Karua....

You sincerely think Luyha's are foolish to listen to them???
without the Luo and Luya Block we all know there is no Presidency to be found and Raila is very right -so do shut up and go peddle your kikuyu vomit in central/..

Anonymous said...

7:35 PM

Papi which foolish Luhya are you when the facts are presented to you ati you come out screaming foul??

I'm a luhya too and the facts is without the Luo vote block it is a fact we can never produce a president- so why when you are told the truth by Riala you don't want to hear??

So what did our leader Mudavadi say?? did you say Raila was lying or that this were not facts??

ati you want to listen to Jirongo the thief now?? and Ababu the turn-coat??

shame on you if you are indeed a Luhya but i think you are the usual kikuyu with a stolen luhya identity..... because most luhya's know that the jirongo have been bought by PNU and Martha Karua!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh No yet again the bought PNU mouth pieces are making noise!!

Jirongo= Martha Karua
Ababu = PNU

so what is new??

Luo and Luhya votes every body from Western Province with brains know it has to be a block vote for either tribe to win presidency

So what are this KIkuyu Identity thieves on here pretending to be Luhya's posting propaganda here??

Only a true Luhya not a bought Luhya would know Raila is indeed saying facts!!

Kikuy shenzi sana - go spew your filth elsewhere..

Anonymous said...

what is the big deal if PM wife is paid an allowance?? isn't the coalition 50% ODM 50% PNU??
So why should Rucy Kibaki get an allowance and not the PM's wife??

why the double standard??

Then madam Rucy should get no allowance the deal was fifty fifty not 40% 50% PM's wife must get an allowance...

as for the VP he didn't not sign on the coalition government so why should his wife get an allowance?? Kalonza is nothing to kenyans!!!

Anonymous said...

ODM 50% = PM's wife gets allowance

PNU 50%=Presidents wife get allowance

VP Kalonza?? what?? where did he sign on the coalition ????

His wife gets 0

Anonymous said...

anon12:07 AM

Yes we did

First lady= rigged lady

Prime Minister wife-= First lady

So what is your beef?? sucker everyone in Kenya knows that.....

and let me remind you the lady at statehouse from 2002-2007 was know as the mad Senile lady by the rest of Kenya except central Lesotho:)

Anonymous said...

You idiots hate kalonzo but he will be the next president of kenya. mpende ama msipende. PM is the closest you will ever get.

Anonymous said...

Ida Odinga fat bitch with a rotten pussy!

Anonymous said...

3:25 AM
Jeff do shut up and go look at the your kikuyu first lady spending spree in statehouse and travels expenses plus underwear that kenyans have been paying for since 2002-2007

Facts are Rucy each year spend 80-100 million shillings??

Can you Kikuyu Jeff explain that and tell Kibaki to pay back tax Kenyans payers???

Wakukuyu washenzi sana and you actually thought the facts would be hidden for-ever?? with the accounting this days one can't hide facts from budgets......

shenzi nyinyi


Anonymous said...

4:40 AM




Anonymous said...


The last road for Kalonzo is Kibaki's senile rigged ass!!

pole sana yes kalonzo is an idiot and will always remain and idiot we saw that through Moi's rule and now kibaki's rigged rule:):)

stop fooling yourself:)

Phil said...

It's not so difficult to figure out the notorious 'anonymous' back posting insults and answering himself.

How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

anon6:54 AM

Lack of education of the usual kikuyu malaya's like you or is it you were born by incest between your father and sister... for you to use such abusive language on here- i guess you don't know any better!!

Kikuyu incest genes are working overtime and makes you spew vomit!

Anonymous said...

anon7:05 AM


The serious people on Kumekucha do not insult others but when you kikuyu's start insulting our ODM leader and his wife then the gloves come off! you should know that by now!!

50% ODM 50% PNU

Lucy Kibaki= PNU allowance
Ida Odinga = ODM allowance

Prime ministers wife must be allocated an allowance too that was what the coalition signed on!!!

Anonymous said...

kenyans are just stupid !!!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Any Kumekuchan with HIS eyes on any of these 3 offices? Doesn't matter if you are single or not. I just want to be paid for being the publicly declared wife.

Anonymous said...

HERE is UHURU Kenyatta, the prince of impunity in the 1970's.

Anyone who was in Nairobi in the mid-1970s has probably heard the story, perhaps apocryphal, of the young man, the nyama choma (barbecue) and the urine.

[b] A young man, who was very close to the Kenyatta family, is said to have driven to an up-market, roast-meat joint in the city in the company of several female friends. Upon arrival, he spied a large, succulent piece just about ready for consumption.

Without much ado, he ordered the meat roaster to carve up that piece for them and roast another one for whoever had ordered that piece. At this point, however, the owners of the prize piece arrived on the scene and flatly declared that nobody would take their meat, no matter what.

"Do you know who I am?" the young man coolly inquired?

"We don’t know and we don’t care," came the reply. "Order your meat and wait for it to be roasted like everybody else."

"Then none of us is going to eat this meat," the young man snapped. In one quick movement, he grabbed the chunk of meat, marched through the door with it and dumped it on the lawn. Then he casually undid his zip, urinated methodically on it and then drove off in a huff with his entourage. [/b]

More than 30 years after this story began circulating in Nairobi, its impact has stubbornly failed to fade from my mind. Every time I hear the words ‘impunity’ and ‘arrogance’, it is this story which first leaps to the mind. But that is not our story today.

Taabu said...

PKW said:

......Doesn't matter if you are single or not. I just want to be paid for being the publicly declared wife.........

My dear do you know what nest you are stroking? I would hate to imagine what you are latently promoting. Hope it was tongue INSIDE the cheek. Cheeky gal.

kalamari said...

A PNU enthusiast friend of mine bet me $50. The wager was that Raila will be a shell of his current self come 2012. I'm usually a good gambler but on this one I'm beginning to loose my money. That Raila is the custodian of the 'people' is precariously in doubt today. Our man is being co-opted and may soon be corrupted by PNU strategists. It seems to me the goal is to expose and define Raila as the 'normal Kenyan politician'. So far, he's been gullible…..and of course the ODM fraternity is hugely disappointed.

I too believe that there's no way Muthaura conjured up these proposed wifely salaries prior to speaking to Raila (and Kalonzo). We must watch very closely how Raila reacts. Should Ida accept this money, even with fantastic excuses of funding charities alongside ad hoc women groups, we must forever forget Raila…..after all, he will have fallen into the PNU trap. Yes folks, let us not support this fellow come rain or shine.

The fact is that Ida has no government portfolio that needs taxpayer monies for anything. If she wants to do charity work, it should be from her own pocket and never never never from my paycheck.

The way I see it, we should only provide Ida with one rungu armed watchman….and this only after much deliberations and debate. In fact this watchman should be hired through an intensive competitive bidding process.

Anonymous said...


kenya politics is now permanently tribal. so if you think kenyans will accept a gema-backed plan, you must be in for a SHOCK.

and the next one will end at Laikipia. trust me, next time there will be no stopping.

kama hujasoma label, shauri yako!

Anonymous said...

ati pnu is busy settting traps? whoich pnu? is it the DP one?, the narc-k one? the kalonzo one? the kanu one? which one?

and while you are busy setting traps, what if you are the ones walkin into traps?

kenya politics is so fluid and changing and fast and furios.

except one thin- the anti-gikuyu passions are all over the place.

wacha tu. the day kikuyus decide to stand for the seats again is the day the passions rekindle.

either munyamaze and support who you want from other areas or stand and deal with the anti-k passions.

catch 22 if you ask me. damned id you do and damned if you dont.

either way, whicheve none-gema wins in 2012, expect the gema to be betrayed.

remember MOI and what he did. it was gema that put him there and it was GEMA that paid the price.

the agikuyu hubris arrived.

Anonymous said...

are you confusing the word kikuyu with kenya hubris? think about the bloodiest, longest civil war you've ever read about, then shut your goddamn trap you imbecile.

Anonymous said...

anon11:02 AM
are you confusing the rest of kenya with one kikuyu tribe? what civil war?? it is a none starter - the kikuyu's will be packed to central Lesotho by all the other tribes in KENYA!! before they even have a chance to steal!!
stop dreaming of your misplaced tribe- go settle your IDP's on KIBAKI AND UHURU large chunks of farms and shut up!! mpumbavu wewe!!

Anonymous said...

ODM in coalition government 50%

PNU in coalition government 50%

Ida Odinga must have an allowance and an office just like Rucy Kibaki !!

No double standards here!!

na nimesema....

Muthurua must be very careful when he tries to Sneak in his buddy kalonzo's wife!!!!


Kalonzo's wife must share Rucy Kibaki's allowance si they are on the same side?? PNU!!!!

Anonymous said...

10:07 AM

Kalamari do shut up and which ODMers are you speaking for that told you that are disappointed in Raila??

Please take note Jirongo is not odm while Ababu we all know he has been bribed by Martha Karua!!

For your information the last time i saw the coalition government signing on 50% 50% power sharing and that means if Lucy gets an allowance Ida had a right for an allowance too!! so what exactly is your beef on this??

equal powers is equal power sharing right in the middle so Lucy kibaki and Ida Odinga should get the exact same allowance!!!period!!

as for VP's wife!! that is indeed a JOKE! WHERE WAS KALONZO IN THE COALITION SIGNED AGREEMENT?? NOWHERE!! his wife gets nothing...

Anonymous said...

11:18 why wait to 2012 for lesotho, why not central lesotho now? mnangoja nini? your ignorance surpasses all understanding you retard....jaribu your lesotho NOW if you're really what you say you are...ya kuku! Bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

Pumbavu Anon 11:18 which other tribes will pack Kikuyu to central lesotho? it's only you Luos and kalenjins who have issues with Kikuyus. leave other tribe out of your stupidity. No amount of Kikuyu bashing will amount to anything!!

Anonymous said...

KIBAKI MUST GO- LOOK AT THIS KIKUYU SHIATE!! ati a private investigator with powers to order the police around to demolish private citizens houses?? a kikuyu malaya what is this bull shiate??

watch this-

kibaki and his kikuyu malaya's must be chased out of statehouse with immediate effect....

Anonymous said...

shenzi11:34 AM

add me on the list I'm half Luyha and half Masai and I will kick kikuyu's right back to central Lesotho
ala.. wewe shenzi bure sana..

Anonymous said...


the chants of MTA DO nini coz we have rigged and ruled ended on dec-31.

by the time YOUR KEGUOYA relented, 0.8m agikuyu IDP's were in camps.

si mujaribu upuzi tena. kila mtu sasa yuko ready.

has it occured to you that even the western powers have let it be.

i mean by allowing your sorry arses to be scared back to lesotho.

nani anataka kuka karibu na waizi, malaya, wakora na watombaji wanaume.

Anonymous said...

Jinga sana11:33 AM

Look around you!! jaribu what? you are already in central lesotho and your IDP's are in central chiate land waiting to be deported or finished at our pleasure- shenzi wewe ati dare who?? it is a done deal central Lesotho already is happening - who is waiting for 2012??

as for your mungiki foot soldiers Kibaki is still executing them left and right and centre just like last year!! more than 500 executed by kibaki:):)i hear he is scared that they might toboa siri... mpumbavu mavi ya punda wewe....
So who is going t o protect you goons:)

Anonymous said...

ANON11:34 AM


Anonymous said...

11:48 rudi ulikotoka. mongrel wewe!
11:52 kamilisheni mlioyaanza, tujue nani simba na nani paka. try a repeat performance, you idiot, and you will see what ended the violence in the rift, upto and including naivasha. Shenzi type. and as you do that remind your God molasses raila to evict those in and around the mau forest that he had promised to evict. bloody useless domo!

Anonymous said...

Mimi ni Mkamba and we together with other Gema tribes we will finish you Jaluos. Wait for 2012 when kalonzo take over. wewe ngoja tutamaliza nyinyi nyote unciricumsed pumbavu.

Anonymous said...

mimi ni muhindi na nitarudi england since I have citizenship. Its interesting watching you uncivilised fools waste each other as i play you all against each other and make some bread in the process. stupid africans.

Anonymous said...


kwani what did your othaya bumpkin do? alfanya nini? si bado muko thousands kwa matent. MTa DO nini!

nobody gives a damn about agikuyu rants anymore. this time solution will stop in laikipia. boxed in.

mark my words. chezeni tena and you will see fire. dont blame us.

Anonymous said...

This blog has been taken by one disturbed anonymous blogger. Usually the first few comments are free from this sicko and then come this time of the day the sicko emerges, which suggest he is blogging somewhere outside Kenya and most likely US. I have been watching this trend for the past 2 weeks.
His job here is to post comments and then answer them back usually in Caps letter and when challenged he calls everyone a Kikuyu buffoon.

Chris its time to take actions.

Anonymous said...

12:18, mdomo tupu. what is stopping you right now? what has changed? sisi sio watoto kugutushwa na maneno. anzaaaa! endeleaaaa! tuone vile ulivyo muclever sana. mukubafu. kwenda kisimu, or if its too filthy for you rudi uingereza or wherever. shenzi type.

Anonymous said...


that myth of mau mau bravery was BUSRT deadly by kalenjin warriors.

just to see agoikuyu running helter skelter like chickens was a sight to behold.

na mbando.

Anonymous said...

This disturbed anonymous is the same person all the way from half page of these comments - "half luhyia half Masai", "Kisii", capital letters idiot ata swahili ni ngumu.

Anonymous said...

anon12:00 PM

wewe wacha upuzi

sasa Simba gani ina wika?? and your Kikuyu IDP"s are still homeless??even with Police escort:):)
look around you?? what have you done to get them back to their homes?? they keep running back to the camps! if you are Ndume- then resettle your IDP's in the rift valley and we shall see shenzi wewe!!
ask your mungiki shenzi cowards who had to wear police uniform to go on attack?? why they didn't wear plan cloths?? and ask them what happened to their brothers ferried to burnt Forest to slaughter innocent kenyans:):) they were slaughtered instead:)

Kikuyu shiate threats- you come and try - central lesotho will not even have grass - yani we will send you back to Somalia- you have somali genes look at your thin legs mpumbavu wewe....

Anonymous said...

Order Order Honorable Members!
Kenyatta SWOT Analysis

1. Assertive Leadership
2. Educated and had good grasp of fundaments in Economics, Politics and social strata of New nation
3. Hardworking at his age Mzee was on and about building the nation
4. Elitist - Believed only the “educated should have positions of leadership. Kenyatta had very young cabinet and Permanent Secretaries.
5. Populist ( some of the government policies were just populist) Land resettlement, education for all, healthcare for all etc but they were not sustainable

1. Kenyatta did not understand how “democracy functions…nbsp; he was a confused man who believed aristrocracy was democracy.
2. Greed for Land and wealth.
3. Failure to reign in the Kiambu Mafia
4. Advanced age and ill health (man had a coma in 1969)
5. Broken Family life ( separation from Wahu)
6. A recovering alcoholic (Rumored to have dried up after his stint in detention)
7. Affinity for Dictatorship – the Man caned anyone and everyone
8. Failure to uphold the original constitution which guranteed a devolved system.

Anonymous said...

anon12:00 PM
Mukamba- Kalonzo shiate musaliti wewe.. go poke kibaki's ass shenzi kamba wewe- like you kamba's make who shiver?? only kikuyu's that you are used to looting with.. we will kamata and kamba you into kibaki ass where your leaders head Kalonzo musyoka is stack......

Kamba what?? never heard of such a tribe- you mean Kambakikuyu shiate...

Anonymous said...

anon12:18 PM

what exactly is your beef with this blogger?? looking at the first post on here most were kikuyu's abuses on odm leader and his wife- and the blogger had the right to post his posts against all the abusive posts towards his so called leader!!and so what if the blogger comes out fighting this kikuyu goons ??

asi.... kwani you don't want bloggers here to protect their own??? parties?? and fight till death:) get real!!

You now call Chris to protect your kikuyu goons who post abuses on here?? shame on you!! as kenyans regardless where one resides -everyone is allowed by Kumekucha to argue, protest, and post material here....

Anonymous said...

anon12:31 PM

better Kisumu than incest filled central province with misfit individuals born out of fathers sleeping with daughters!!brothers with sisters!! mothers with sons producing misfits like you!! perverts! wewe jinga sana!

Anonymous said...

anon12:40 PM
You kikuyu Malaya born shiate should know better! do shut up and tell your senile Alzheimer filled kibaki to get out of statehouse with his other malaya third wife!
here she is ::

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:58 i am not worried about this sicko blogger, he can insult Kikuyus all he wants. He is probaly on ODM payroll and invited here by Chris to spew hate. But i have noticed his trend here in Kumekucha. In the mornings we have more sober comments but it all change in the evenings when this blogger wake up. That suggest he is in USA and doesn't know what is really happening in kenya other than his hate for people he doesn't even know..

Anonymous said...


do you honestly think any kenya not from mt. kenya takes your words at face value as truth anymore?

come on now. the kalenjins warriors burst that thaiyu thaiyu BS of mau mau bravery.

hehehehehehehehehehe. in 31 days the kalenjin showed they ruled.

na mlifanya nini? signed on dotted lines. after all the muthungu was ready to allow the whipping to continue until the lesotho lines.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is a Kikuyu kingdom. They will rule over you forever and ever. If you don't like it, move over to America you have better chance of a Luo president there.

Anonymous said...


really? haha? if it was, why did the sorry matakos move so swiftly and cowardly out of RV when the true owners of kenya (the kalenjin) served notice?

why are the kikuyu elders so in need of peace missions and wanting to make amends?

my friend, that thaityu thaityu BS of kenyatta kikuyu kingdom has been RUDELY stopped.

now an agikuyu BS cannot feel that safe in wester, RV, nyanza, coast, NEP and parts of NBO.

yes thats the kingdowm you have becopme. LESOTHO KINGDOM. HAHAHA

papa plus said...

I have a solution where the spouces, kids, girlfriends, boyfriends and any other dependant of our MPs can earn a living without costing the tax payer anything out of pocket;

1.Let MPs file who their dependants are
2.Divide the said MPs salary/allowance amongst the dependants

Anonymous said...

I thought I read about two VIP wives in the salary matter (Mrs. Odinga and Mrs. Musyoka), but for heavens' sake, here I am reading the comments, and for every one Mrs. Kalonzo I read, there are fifty Idas I can read. Isn't this some kind of mudslinging and blackmail aimed at Ida?

Remember the one and only First Lady we recognise is Ida, so please save it!!!

Unless and until we stop attacking the personalities of H.E. the recognised President of the Republic of Kenya Raila Amolo Odinga and First Lady Ida, then we are doomed to fail in national reconstruction.

People, please tell us where and when Ida ever said she'd accept the allowances. At least we know one culprit in the name of the Ugly Muthaura, who stops @ nothing to humiliate Raila, and the latest being the dangling 400,000/= carrot that only Mrs. Judas Iscariot is going to be more than willing to accept – you know how cheap and desperate they can be.

Anonymous said...

Taabu @ Anon 4:46, Kikuyus are still in RV, Nairobi is there ancestral land, so what are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Paying spouses is very tricky surpose the spouse has a full time job or business? And has no interest in playing 'spouse' to the big man/woman. What about aour famous politicians with more than one wife?

They should just pay the politicain enough money to take care of them both, they can go fight about the money amongst themselves, pure waste of time.

I'm all for good pay for anyone, but they should deliver or be sucked.....poor pay is never good, nor desirable and all those proposing less pay and taxation would be the first to increase thier own salos if they were mps.

There is a good side in having more kenyans with alot of money...they have to spend it and thats how cash enters the economy and jobs are created.
Broke mps will have to steal and hide the money in swiss banks.

Sir Alex

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