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Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing Olympics Starts in Style

Today is 8/8/8, a very lucky day for believers in cosmos. What is more, the spectacular opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic has just began. While many Kenyans will only sample the extravaganza on the screens, our politicians have opted to empty the public till as they book the next available flight to Beijing at our expense. Old habits die heard so they say. Our politicians have shamelessly adjourned parliamentary business to embark on expensive trip to China under the excuse of following tradition. Shame on all these scoundrels.

Beijing here we come
Despite all the political selfishness, we can at least take pride in our athletes who are guaranteed to have the Kenyan national anthem played severally as they sprint their way to Gold. If only we would have our priorities right and expand the disciplines in which we compete and capitalize on our strengths. Just imagine if the money wasted by the politicians would be channelled to the right sports and athletes. But trust our so-called leaders to feather their nests in exclusion to what is good for Kenya.

Meanwhile let the fireworks begin in Beijing and let us enjoy the spectacle as men and women sweat their way to glory. Only stringent vetting in modern sports provide no room for deception.


Anonymous said...

Shame on you Mwalimu Taabu-don't you know the GCGovernment has budgeted for soccer in every district in Kenya until 2012? we are a country that recognises the importance of sports and heavily investing in it requires nothing but the best-first class tickets to Beijing to show support to our Kalenjin warrior brother and sisters as they race to the finish
In sport there is no tribalism or elections, it is all about national pride and we should emulate SKM as he leads delegation there by example and from infront
good luck Kenya!

Anonymous said...

What a crap post! Bure kabisa.

vimto said...

Ha ha ha… when Kalonzo travels, he is met at the airport by mere assistant ministers of obscure ministries.

Knoppix!® said...

6:24, I want to imagine that was a tongue in cheek comment!

You saw how the Mps shamelessly championed adjournment,shelving a committee report that was supposed to have shed somelight on the debut scandal that was Grand Regency!

In the face of it,the post was meant to ask what is or are the priorities of the MPs!Obviously a standard 5 kid can tell you the priorities are ,ost definetly warped!Its like building a mansion for a cow and go on to stay in the cowshed for yourself.

Its agreeable that we have to be in solidarity with the atheletes in China but we shouldn't do so at the expense of National good!They claimed that they will be headed to the consitituency to oversee the disbursement of CDF dime and supervise projects but they have headed elsewhere and ain't that the same as taking us for toddlers!

Anyhow,go Kenya Go!

Onyango Oloo said...

Glad you deleted your earlier disjointed crap. This is amazing crap too... but what would one expect from someone like you anyway?

Anonymous said...

Ivy and Knoppix are sleeping together thanks to Kumekucha.
They met here in KK and now the love is blossoming. I heard they are going to get married soon and Chris will officiate the wedding.

Funny, people meet in all sorts of places.

Wish them well!

UrXlnc said...

was that Kajwang in the stands who stood up to cheer our Kenyan athletes

the online video is not as crisp. anyone?

Kenyan said...

guys, come to

It is a little crowded in here.

Those who want to be contributors to regular blog posts, drop me a line.


Kenyan said...

U are one clever son of a gun. why don't you come and post regualarly at

Let me hear what you think.

b-carotene said...

Look at the thanks you get for responding to Kenyan's needs. Are they not the very ones that were calling, nay CRYING, for a fresh posting?
Let this not discourage you and your works, my brother.
For lack of much else, I am inclined as you that resources spent on taking/maintaining MPs in Beijing would have been better chanelled elsewhere. :))

Taabu said...

Don't worry, I should know better. Being a true Kenyan I must have seen it coming - it is typical Kenyan way of doing things. Provided you clear your desk and have the conviction you are doing the right thing let TENA WEMA NENDA ZAKO be your guide. Complaining for thanklessness is to play right into their hands. But again we are in a market and one must be thick skinned to meet all and sundry. Thanks.

@Anon 708,
You can do better than the slunder on people you DON'T KNOW. Yours amounts to kindergaten gossip of whose mother likes white headscarf. Please spare us the insult, won't you?

Since you have outdone yourself in CLONING, why not pretend to measure up rather than muddying your own waters. Boy, even you couldn't getter something distant from DON'T MISS this? You are typical Kenyans and you arrived at your destination prior to starting the journey. Indulge as you wish.

Anonymous said...


It's the name that sells and brings good contributors to your site. So, leave UrxLnc alone and concentrate on building your site.

Anonymous said...

Taabu is gay

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo leads the Beijing cheering squad.

Does he know anything else to do with his time? kalonzo is one guy who enjoys jetting in and out of the country when he is not trying to feel important in the big league that he 'miraculously' found himself in.

Given a chance he would be attending every useless conference, seminar etc in every corner of the world.

Ask him what he plans for his ministry for the next year, and he will be completely useless.

A useless president and an equally inept veep.

Thank God for our vibrant and no-nonsence PM.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody laid his hands on the KHRC post-election violence report to share it with us?

Anonymous said...

Taabu, it's true ivy is pregnant with Knoppix baby.

Anonymous said...

Who is this trying so hard to match-make ivy and knoppix?

UrXlnc said...


kumekucha has come a long way from when it was just a casual socio-political commentary to when it became a heated acrimonious debate house of the different political views and inclinations (e-rage or e-venting) and recently is transforming into a positive platform for tackling head on our national woes. it was and still remains a leading melting pot of the various groups and as can be seen, when they put their minds to it, contributors have a lot of useful and powerful things to say.

i have bookmarked your blog, and will wait to see what direction you take and decide later on participation, for now i will keep it kumekucha.

UrXlnc said...

and by the way taabu

and any other olympics enthusiast

new york times has an excellent interactive timeline on medals won per country.

check it out here

Anonymous said...

Urxlnc. Thanks for sharing. Very cool.

UrXlnc said...

1:19 my pleasure, have you navigated through all the years, there were so many medallists i'd forgotten, the boxing teams, marathon runners 800m guys, etc. all round we've had some really high quality athletes. and did you see we have consistently been either 1st 2nd or 3rd African ranked country. hope this year we do even better and i hope politics is not the reason stopping us from doing more.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

The reason Kenyans do not perform to their utmost potential is that all manner of busybody, utterly clueless know-it-alls are the ones running sports they have NEVER PARTICIPATED in competitively.
Why aren't switched on very well educated people like Martin Keino(Kips highly articulate and savvy son) or former 800m Olympic champion Paul Ereng(now a US based University athletics coach) running athletics for example? Why is it that ODM diehards like that clown Isaiah Kiplagat(you know, the one who looks like a cat when he opens his mouth to speak) are still around calling the shots after all these years? And we want to be taken seriously? Look at Kenyan uniforms at the opening ceremony; what lazy thinker designed those, and was probably paid five times their true worth?

UrXlnc said...


do you or anyone else have a schedule showing when kenyans are participating in olympic events. the international media has a bias to their favorite nations

UrXlnc said...

its very dissapointing how disorganized our managers are

as an example

that is the australian women's basketball team, i.e the bio-data is available, the team schedules etc

but the kenyan homepage

has no other detail other than the officials.

our perennial problem of leadership ineptitude

i mean this event was 4 years in the making, teams were selected at least several weeks before the event, so why couldn't names be published with bio-data


Don said...


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Many thanks for your reply.

Best Regards,


Makini said...

kimi raikonnen....

Is a white Lab Retriever, bred in the angry kennels of Britain...

....that runs after every comment thrown on the web (look around), retrieves it, returns it, and drops it at your feet..... you can throw it out again.

And really thinks that he/she/it "can teach Africans a thing or two"

And sticks around waiting for an opportunity to do that....

...or to defend a white rapist(read Java guy rape entry on kumekucha)

..and in the meantime, spews hot putrid air...

..onto kumekucha for all to bear.

..A useless, yet good dog to have, for its character, to soak up all your negative energy.

..And for the comments and information you may have thrown out and yet forgotten,to retrieve.

Go on kimi, catch, kamata!

Good dog.


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