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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why John Githongo Would Be The Ideal President For Kenya

Since the ill-fated referendum of 2005, the country has rapidly sunk into an abyss of tribalism that climaxed in the ugliest spate of violence ever seen on the continent last January. Surely even in the bloodletting in Rwanda they did not burn women and children inside churches, did they?


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Two men will be judged harshly by history for what has happened in our beloved motherland. The first one is Mwai Emilio Stanley Kibaki who ignored advice from several quarters, including the church, to postpone the referendum until tribal tensions cool down. Instead his blundering administration has continued on a steady path of taking Kenyans to the slaughter. The second man whom history will judge harshly is the director general of the NSIS, Michael Gichangi. Of all spy chiefs in the history of the region the man has made too many mistakes and Kenyans should now be asking themselves why he is still in office. His remaining at the helm of the NSIS is a threat to national security. See the long list of deadly blunders Gichangi has made (it is FREE) that have brought the country to its’ knees.

Most people fail to appreciate that one of the advantages of having a free speech zone on this blog (although some folks have badly abused the privilege to further their own selfish agenda) is that one gets to see a clear reflection of what is happening on the ground. Complete with the emotions and prejudices. If this is true (and I have plenty of evidence to prove that it is) then the comments here tell you that the country is very far from being healed. So why should anybody discuss 2012 and the presidential elections when clearly the country will never be ready for another general elections at this rate? More so when our so-called leaders are ignoring the clear danger signals that tell us all is NOT well.

Am informed that in the ongoing spate of secondary school strikes, disciplined schools that have previously had excellent reputations like Machakos Girls, Machakos Boys and Hospital Hill high in Nairobi amongst others have now joined the rapidly growing list of schools where students have gone on the rampage destroying property worth millions of shillings. As usual the government is busy treating the symptoms rather than the disease by arraigning many youngsters in court to face criminal charges.

If there ever was a clear and obvious hint for our leaders to prove that all is not well countrywide, then it is the current spate of school strikes. But still they ignore all the fires being lit in schools all over the country. The latest statement from the duly elected president is that parents will have to pay for the damage their children have caused in schools.

You see the truth is that Kenya currently has no leaders. What we have are some immature and very selfish men and women thinking only about themselves and others jostling for power and the presidency ahead of 2012, even as the country continues to spiral dangerously towards disaster.

Now is the time for a new generation of leaders to emerge. Their time and their chance is NOW. Currently the younger people of Kenya, born after independence are busy chasing money in various corners of the world. Many of them read this blog on a regular basis. And sadly many of them have been dragged down into the ongoing silly and primitive “tribal wars.”

The young people of Kenya need to come back to their senses now and take back their country from the hands of “the wolves” that now have it firmly held in their grasp for selfish ends.

One man whom I see as vital in getting Kenyans to rally around this noble cause irrespective of their party or tribal inclinations is former ethics PS John Githongo. We need somebody with a track record of saying “NO” to corruption and John is exactly that person. I mean the guy risked his life when it would have been easier to take the money and look the other way. We also need somebody whom we are sure will never fall back to his tribe in a crisis. John is that person. The guy cannot even speak Kikuyu properly. For all intents and purposes, he is tribeless. Above all we need somebody young and born after 1963 and yet somebody who has the experience to make things happen. John has that and already works with various worldwide organizations and lobby groups.

I stand to be corrected but I cannot think of any better qualified person to rally all Kenyans from all tribes to do something like yesterday for the motherland before it is too late.

I am of course keenly aware that this post will upset many of my dear readers who are staunch supporters of the Prime Minister, Raila Odinga. These guys don’t want to hear about any other president for 2012.

But my dear beloved brothers and sisters, please let us reason for a moment. I need to ask a very simple question. Will a Raila Presidency unite a country that is badly torn right down the middle? The answer to that question is NO. Raila is a great man, but he cannot pull this one off. Let him prove his greatness beyond any reasonable doubt by making the greatest of all sacrifices and stepping aside for a new generation of Kenyans to take over.

I must also ask if a Martha Karua, Uhuru Kenyatta or George Saitoti presidency is capable of uniting the country. The answer again is a resounding NO. We need a fresh start and that that start needs to have its’ foundation in fighting corruption.

My dear fellow Kenyans we need to start thinking outside the box and it needs to happen NOW. This is very very urgent.


Ivy said...

I asked a Qn in the previous posts, Do we just make noise coz we are not the ones eating?

Trust me with the current constitution that we have even the cleanest of men will be damned. I reiterate let us put in place institutions that will check on the excesses of the judiciary, executive and legislature. John Githongo might be the president today...SO what happens tomorrow? I mean he is not indispensible.
With one word you say RAO can't unite the country and then in the same breath you entrust the leadership of this country to another man? That is the irony let us empower our instituions that even if we have one like Mo! himself we will rest assured that that he will not go overboard and on an eating spree.But will ensure equity irrespective of tribe, gender and region.

P.S Never underestimate people, I am a RAO fanatic and with no apologies to make to anyone. But here iam i think i have maintained my cool.

Again what makes you think that John Githongo will not run away when the going gets tough. He must show himself a MAN, and again not knowing my samia fluently doesn't make me a lesser samia

Phil said...

Chris said....I need to ask a very simple question. Will a Raila Presidency unite a country that is badly torn right down the middle? The answer to that question is NO.

As someone whom we have followed political developments with for the last few year Chris, I can say that the above statement comes as a great surprise to me.

First, the result of the last general election whereby Raila brought together more than 40 of our 43 ethnic groups and in the process won 6 out of 8 provinces in the presidential votes. This is a fete that NO OTHER single individual has achieved in the multi-party era, indeed since independence - 10 general elections down the line. If this is not unifying Kenya, the I do not know what unifying is.

No mean achievement considering this has been done with an opposition party which incidentally remains the most popular in this country going by last week's Steadman's opinion poll survey.

Secondly, Raila is so far the only high ranking politician to have publicly invited Githongo back to Kenya from his self-imposed exile. As yourself why? I have read Githongo's interviews since he left this country, I have listened to him on BBC Hard Talk but regrettably, he strikes me as a man with ZERO (NIL) patriotism credentials. However long Githongo stays overseas, Kenya still remains his country... So the question I have for you is; is he ready to face jail, detention without trial or even death like the JMs, Pintos, Railas, Anyonas, Chelagats, Koigis of Kenya? Going by his actions and his disdainful utterances since starting his self imposed exile I highly doubt Githongo can make sacrifices for this country like the way YOU AND ME have been doing for a while now.

And again Chris, the common thread I see in these names I mention is PATRIOTISM, something that your brother JG lacks.

Thirdly Chris, going by recent developments in parts of Eastern and Central provinces, can you not see that people of these regions have already accepted Raila Odinga as a leader and a nationalist? Dont you find it strange that Raila's initiative to open dialogue with 'proscribed' Mungiki leaders has made the real members of Mungiki come out in the open? Or that the mere fact that some elders in Central want to install RAO as a Kikuyu elder has thrown some political camps into panic? If you soberly answer yourself these questions, you will be able to see that Raila is reaching out to the people because the leaders are all but protecting their individual interests while purporting to speak on behalf of the millions of the peasants they oppress.

It is only after you loose what you have when you realize how much it was a missed opportunity. Raila Odinga is one of the best things that ever happened to this country and history will prove me right. No single president can win 100% of the vote Chris, not even John Githongo.

Chris, please allow us to democratically choose our president in a free and fair elections as per the constitution. If that person will be John Githongo - so be it.

Anonymous said...

I admire your well articulated article and the fact that you have taken an informed stand against the thought that the 'messianic' raila is the answer to Kenya.

however, like someone wrote here yesterday, i believe having a constitution that builds strong institutions will do us better as a country than simply replacing personalities much as you admire githongo..

however, the current breed of old recycled politicians on both sides of political divide (read Kibaki and Raila and their clonies) are not as enthusiastic today to give Kenya that gift as they were when begging our votes.
but i believe strong institutions bypasses personalities unless we have a 'Mandela' in Kenya which i doubt.


Anonymous said...

Now this is the best humour i have read since the whispers days...

phil said..

Dont you find it strange that Raila's initiative to open dialogue with 'proscribed' Mungiki leaders has made the real members of Mungiki come out in the open (he he he ...and ODM lost the Embakasi seat)? Or that the mere fact that some elders (which elders and why was the installation cancelled???) in Central want to install RAO as a Kikuyu elder has thrown some political camps into panic (ha haha ha ha ah)?

Raila Odinga is one of the best (they said the same about Hitler and Amini) things that ever happened to this country and history will prove me right (sure, with over 1000 people dead to win him a PM post before he called the murderors off).

kenyaone said...


I agree that strengthening of institutions is critical. I have always maintained thought that we cant have one and not the other. Our problem has been first of all poor leadership or as Chris put it, NO leadership. If we had good leadership since independence they would have already strengthened the insitutions, instead they systematically weakend and interfered with them. While John may not be the answer, I for one cannot see a better place to start. There is not a single person in parliament today, that can take this country to a new level. Not one. Kenyas must learn to distinguish between leadership and political leadership. Politicians got kenya into this mess. I can guarantee you that they will not be the ones to redeem it. Leadership does not need to be political. Thats where were going wrong. When a country has sunk to our levels, then leaders from other sectors must step in and take over the leadership of the country, Note i said the leadership not Parliament, or the executive or the judiciary. None of those have any leadership in Kenya today. It could be a sprots person, a media person, business, labour, (leave religious out cause they have also shown their true colours)or anywhere else. But a political leader cannot and will not rescue Kenya. Our politics is far far far to compromised.
Moses Tanui anyone, Paul Tergat, John Githongo, Tom Mshindi, Chris, Ivy how about you? Vikii, Taabu, Phil? Kumekuchans in general...... We have to think outside the box. If if doesnt come from us then.....Its not coming!

Anonymous said...

what has Githongo done to Kenya? by enjoying life in UK while folks suffer back home. i dont see him as a patriot. period. we would rather have Orengo, Koigi, Maathai and most importantly, we deserve a Raila leadership. our own president. the peoples choice not that corrupt man giving RVR to Jimmy and now crying under the bed. Malipo ni Hapa hapa duniani.

Vikii said...

Chris, Machackos Boys has had more strikes than any other school I know in Kenya.

Two, if Raila Odinga can ever be considered a "great man",
then fuck Githongo's 'greatness' as well. It just means your understanding of the word "Greatness" is fucked up.

Phil, when Raila odinga went to exile in Norway, Kenya's prisons were not left empty. He left them full with sons and daughters of kenya. You will have to spare us that little delusional opinion you have that because Githongo is in exile (ati what????), he is a coward.

About opposition parties being "popular" in Kenya's presidential politics, Mwai Kibaki won the election of 2002 with a 63% majority. Show me a meaner achievement and I will call you a liar.

P.S 1: I am very fluent in Kikamba. It fucking makes me whole.

P.S 2: Anon 1.o4, they told me Hitler was also popular, wasn't he?

Kwale said...

Raila molasses did not unite the 42 -1 tribes. He tore the country into pieces by his Majimbosim ideologies. He destroyed the core fibre of our society that has united the Kenyan communities together since independence. Like Moi said, what Raila molasses would have done is to destroy what Kenyatta and Moi built – unity. We may not be a prosperous nation but we have been known as the beacon of stability in the troubled region all across the world.

I have said it here many times, if you want to lead the country you must be willing to love everybody and I mean everyone. Kikuyus and the Mt Kenyan tribes are part of Kenya society. You cannot wish them away because they will not go away.

If is the Luo president you want, why don't you find someone else other than Raila molasses, he is not fit for the purpose. Period!

Ivy said...

I thought the Question was " Why John Githongo would be the ideal president for Kenya? or did i see my own things....Beats me

Knoppix!® said...

Ivy the real,less said the better.Congrats for getting a handle to ward off competition!

Besides when i sample the comments,i realise we are all in tandem but we haven't decided which Matatu we should board to Milimani.All the ideas reflect one and the same thing,so which way???

Anonymous said...

chris i understand your point of view, but for kenya to heal, Raila has to be the president, this man has the right policies for the country. Lets give this man a chance and he shall prove himself, by the way he is the one who will make Githonga among the most powerful men kenya.Koros

Anonymous said...

as usual Kwale is totally off topic and does not understand what is being discussed-the sterling british pound is brainwashing this man

Proud Kikuyu Gal said...

I agree with you 100%. Githong'o should succeed Kibaki. JG's anti-corruption stance is impeccable. Mr Molasses Odinga's has been cunning in trying to keep his grabbing frenzy secretive... but hey, Molasses got out - the other scandals will come out. I just don't know why any reasonable Kenyan would support Mr Molasses, Kalooser or Karua. Let's hand it to JG!

Mwai Moi said...

I suggest Mr Orengo if JG doesn't wanna come back. But not Mr Molasses... hell no.

Taabu said...

Trust Kenyans to throw spanner into any works before them. The philosophy is to try to paint an above board take while neck-deep in the same murk you deride. The wit is to demonize the foe to your for with the latent intention to prop your favourite whom you dare not market openly.

Working institutions make the whole different but just as the tattered katiba now is a product of selfish marrionates, any angel will surely pain the new katiba with a Lucifer's brush. We must start from somewhere but you can't fail to see the common thread of pro status quo demonizing any trace of light that would dim their cronies.

PS: Vikii welcome to the BRIDGE on 8/16, OLE WAKO. With Ballack as historic SERIAL FLOWER GIRL (loosing 4 finals in one season-FA/PL/CL/EURO). BTW the cup at OT still has traces of Terry's tears. Message: there are clubs and there are institutions. You cannot BUY reputation or pedigree. With R Keeane at Anfield I won't be surprised if Abrahamovich sells soon. THERE IS ONLY ONE UNITED lest you forget.

Anonymous said...

We dont seem to have much of a choice when it comes to choosing a president...its the same old recycled politicians since we the youth are too busy calling into radio stations and grumbling the whole day!
Chris you should be thinking of running for president in 2012,Mobutu, Castro and a whole lot of leaders took the the reigns of power at under 30 years,it wasnt any easier then, how long will we let people think for us, we must be THE NEW REVOLUTION, young youth have everything at their disposal.
At a conference the this weekend, a young man-22YRS from Nyanza area was telling us how he had no money and went door to door ASKING FOR VOTES...he came THIRD beating couple millionaires and my is HE PROUD!
Will you wait till 65yrs to run for an office.Our Great Grandfathers are the one's in office.Africa- whether or not the cock crows daylight will come...time waits for no man..
we MUST BE THE REVOLUTION.It MUST start immediately.Who said they cant be Chris for president 2012?

Kwale said...

By the way last night UK channel 4 news aired an exclusive report from Kenya about Kenyan special paramilitary soldiers trained by British troops and then sent to Mt Elgon.

Here is the link:

Vikii said...

Charles, Nairobi; yeah Chris has all the traces of a very promising small Castro or Mobutu.

Taabu, I want to bet this time round. We also decided to court luck, mark you?

aMERUcan said...

I agree with IVY, what we need is strong institutions that have laws that govern them.These laws should be guided by the 'new' constitution.
What happens is that we are depending on humans to lead us.Without direction it can have disastrous effects.
Look at USA, the strong institutions prevented a 'bungling idiot' to take the US to the dogs.
Look at European countries, where institutions are the leaders and not humans.
Humans are prone to err and history has many example.Just accross the border...a visionary leader who took over by a military coup in 1986.He was hailed feted and praised in raising the profile of the pearl of africa and delivering them from 'hell'.22 years down the life he believes he is the only one that can lead the country.Down South we have a 'comrade',exemplary freedom fighter....26 years down the line.......As i say history is a teacher...for example the institution of the Kenyan presidency, once the maximum a president can serve was cut to 10 years we can look at that clause and use it.It works, whether the president is the best we have ever had or a tryrant.
But as you see the changes were piece meal so effectively the institution is a slave to the human leading it not the other way round.
We as Kenyans should stop looking for 'heroes' and be our own 'heroes' and ask for the things that we better our strong institutions.
I fall back on history(the best fore teller) and sya that the stable European countries we see today were as dis jointed and tryranical as our current situation is.What they went through in hundreds of years, we are going through in lightning speed.What changed it for them?Their constitutions.They were the foundations.It started with the USA in 1776, then the French revolted against the ruling class, even switzerland had its Helvetic wars that culminated in a new constitution that governs their country upto today.

Anonymous said...

I guess - Just like any other peddler, you are peddling goods that will not be bought here-
Presidency has to be earned not given- and as for your Friend Githongo, i do not see how he earned it for people to rally behind him.

There are many Kenyans who condone corruption and have worked to stop it in many different ways in government- "there names are not Githongo and they are unheard of"

Just becuase they are not in the media or not known does that make them lesser than Githongo??
what exactly did Githongo do?? he blew the whistle too late and nothing even changed after he blew the looting whistle-

my thoughts
Githongo ain't a fighter- who the hell wants a run away president?? any time the heat is in the kitchen a man like Githongo will take a run and leave behind a vacuum for the thieving looters to continue destroying our country.

There are more kenyans in kenya who have fought and are still fighting for Kenya's democracy and Githongo does not even list -

please peddle your kikuyu mania else where no one in the rest of kenya is voting or putting another kikuyu in power in kenya any time soon even when you change the labels on the individuals ati Githongo can't speak kikuyu??
what nonsense!

Anonymous said...


i think this business of saying so and so tosha is misleading and has gotten old

we need emulate the other democracies and borrow a leaf from some of the workable methods

e.g some countries the presidential candidates crosses the entire country where they are hosted by various groups and field questions covering various local and international interests. this gives the electorate a chance to evaluate how the candidate will react to issues or at least the direction the country would take under the leadership

they also have a chance to know whom the candidate will support/choose for deputy which also consolidates or represents how the candidate will relate to others.

e.g Martha has declared interest in presidency, those civil bodies should be all over themselves clarifying and querying various policies and manner in which she arrived at some of her decisions. e.g was she just a blind youthwinger for kibaki/PNU early this year when many people refered to her as a PNU hardliner or did she believe then in what she was doing, and what is making her suddenly become more rebellious than others (face value)

we have no business declaring other people tosha especially if they have not even offered themselves. individuals must step up to the platform and be ready to present their case and field questions from the electorate and then let the electorate evaluate the intention and leadership capacity of the candidate.

i have this impression that kibaki has been pushed into issues all along whether that is true or not i do not know.


Anonymous said...

A Kikuyu is a Kikuyu whether white, black, yellow, red, gren- they are still kikuyu.

No other Kikuyu shall be voted in to statehouse in kenya for a long long long time. Please go peddle Githogo goods elsewhere- maybe in central province- it is just like selling uhuru and martha Karua no diffence.




Anonymous said...

Ha!ha!! madness on Kumekucha now??

Now they are peddling Githongo for sell? how desperate can kikuyu's be and you sincerely think Kenyans are foolish?? or their have thrown their intelligence out of the window??

1. githongo is =kikuyu
2. githongo will never be presidential material(coward)
3.Githongo did not stop the corruption - didn't even lift a figure- when he noticed- he waited for it to happen then started screaming.

it is like a lady letting a man have his ways with her and there after -screaming
i have been raped i have been raped somebody listen but guess what she didn't scream rape for months and months but a chance meeting she meets this man and decided i will scream i was raped so that to get some money or something out of this man he looks rich ........... this is Githongo....

Anonymous said...

Seems to me Chris is a messager just trying out a merchandise packaged and it is being sold as "Githongo for presidency"
I actually heard the same at a high level kikuyu elite meeting and I hear it was actually endorsed from the highest office.

surprise surprise- then i read it on Kumekucha by the owner of the blog called Chris??

I can see you Chris quoting the usual kikuyu song.

1. Raila will never rule kenya
2. We the kikuyu's will never allow a kihii to rule us
4. kenya needs another kikuyu to be president no other tribe deserves kenya.

first and foremost Raila won the 2007 presidential elections
and has not been given a chance to run his mandate that he promised the people of kenya during the elections.

Raila has to start and finish his mandate first before any other person will ever be given a chance for presidency in Kenya and yes Chris is indeed agreeing to be used by the same elite kikuyu group to peddle Githongo here MY QUESTION IS HOW MUCH WAS CHRIS PAID??

people like Chris?? we know where you are coming from and we are ready for your propaganda here send by your kikuyu masters ati Githongo?? what a kikuyu joke!!

Anonymous said...

and also thinking outside the box

lets suppose it does happen that we get a champion anti-corruption crusader for president

and in the first year corruption is eradicated, what do you suppose we will do for four years? i think thats part of our troubles, we zero in with so much intensity on our today and nearly always fail to plan adequately for after that. case in point the just concluded elections.

my point, lets have someone who can clearly spell out his/her 5 year leadership agenda.


Anonymous said...


12:54 AM



Anonymous said...





who ordered police to shoot innocent kenyans


who ordered the army to torture and slaughter innocent kenyans


who funded the mungiki to go commit genocide in naivasha and nakuru and send them to burn their own tribesmen in eldoret church in order to stay in power(it is called human sacrifices- a Freemason practice that kibaki & MOI belongs to)



even if you try posting and peddling propaganda here or anywhere else- it will not wash sucker!

Anonymous said...

Vikii go peddle you lies like the Kamba prostitutes- those we know always flat out peddle heavy lies

kibaki what?? 63% i guess he must have been on his back being massaged by Martha Karua then in the statehouse Bedroom when she was busy telling him we stole and rigged the votes and now Kivitu is going to read out the result that you won 63%

but hurry up kibaki i have serviced you enough- we have to swear you in before the Kenyan realize that we will never allow a kihii to rule Kenya even if it is a fact that he won the 27th December 2007 elections!!!

and Kibaki and Martha Karua did exactly that Rigged and denied Kenyans their democratic right of votes cast for President Raila Odinga-(he is the peoples president)
Vikki whether you like it or not or peddle your lies and propaganda here or in ukambani to VP Musyoka

Kwale said...

Just when the country was moving forward with 6% growth rate, low inflation rate, better standard of living, then came along ODM. Why couldn't you let Kibaki do his second and final term? If you allowed him to finish the work he started we won't be here where we are today.
High inflation rate, low standard of living, unemployment, student's strikes, High HIV prevalence and many many other things all brought about by this stupid party called ODM. They promised us change and now look at the CHANGE they have brought upon us.


Anonymous said...

anon4:16 AM

you are a Kikuyu:) no body in Kenya cares who you vote for - go Githongo if you like- but Molasses Raila is and will still continue to be the president of Kenya(peoples choice he won 2007 presidency)
Just being a gentleman waiting for the thieve and thug kibaki the murderer to get lost!!

Anonymous said...

anon3:18 AM

Now this shiate head is even telling us what to do and who to vote for- kikuyu filth!
Raila it will be whether you kikuyu shiate heads like it or not

ati Githongo shaite coward??

kikuyus will not cease to peddle smelling goods..

Anonymous said...

Tribe is the main identity in Kenya and as in USA, BIG MONEY controls everything. So to win the presidential election you need the right combination of tribes backed by BIG MONEY. Other stories are just wishful thinking.

Ivy said...

Reading comments on the other post i thought we had grown up. What happened again?

Yes Knoppix i got tired of running around with my twin sister/brother. But you see he hasn't given up...No big deal we can share the name.

By the way who gives a damn? I can also be the President of this gr8 country

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.45am. HA HA HA! You sound too angry - lost elections and kamba prostitutes lying to you! Please move on: even rao has moved on. And Vikii was talking about the 2002 election. Look at the post again and calm down.

Anonymous said...


kibaki IS doing his 2nd and final term.


Taabu said...

Don't get worked up. You will never be disapointed here, you must have seen it coming. Hope you have learnt some SLANG atleast.

Two weeks to go and the pretenders will be relegated to where tehy belong. Fireworks galore. BTW I din't know that people can shed coloured tears. Terry's tears on the cup at OT is acquiring all shades of colours.

Anonymous said...

Talking of change,

Kwale, please look at the comments you made in the previous post.

Now, why go back to your 'old self'?

Is it because the haters are back?

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, where art thou? Your weekly sermon is deperately needed right now.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe sombody here miss Okello?

kalamari said...

Taabu, I want you to do me a favor. I know you don’t live very far away from St. Anthony's College. Please go there and ask Githongo what he wants. Please be 'Britishly' polite and observe the 'tea time etiquette'. Does he want his old job back or does he want to be president? Ukimaliza come back here and report to us.

I think we run the risk of crowning a reluctant prince.

Ivy said...

Definately Taabu...Kudos to Kumekucha i am putting my slangs to good use. Remember my name will also be in the ballot come 2012

Kwale said...

Anon 6.58

Who told you I have been 'born again'? Not even the Greek baptismal of lambades, Lathopana, bobonieres, Boubounieres can convert me to ODM. I hate that party (ODM) with everything that is within me.
If I was president Kibaki I would outlaw that party and jail all the followers. It's not a political party but a doomsday cult!

Taabu said...

Much obliged but at WHAT IS MY CUT IN THE DEAL. No free lunch and you know I am a lazy bone so chota bro.

While at it UK has refused to declare how much land he own on HARD TALK. Shakur couldn't let him off the hook and Jomo Jr had his eyes popping out and sweeting to his toes.

UrXlnc said...

hehehe kwale, definitely born again. you are now speaking in tongues and foaming at the mouth

Kenyaone said...

Go for it ivy. As Kalamari said 7.26. Can someone simply put this debate to rest by asking the fellow. If he says yes he's up for the challenge lets support him. If someone has a 'better option' can they speak now or forever hold their peace.
Whose that who finds it impossible to miss Sam.......)7.18am.
Sam give us a sermon NOW

Truth said...

Chris told me last year that he had convinced Githongo to come back and run for Parliament and even more. Obviously, Githongo decided to stay in the safe UK and who can blame him? On another note: would he be more acceptable if he would be Luo? I read some of those Kikuyu haters' comments and just wondered. Does the intelligence, the character and the courage of somebody not count more than where she/he was (accidentally) born? Why can't you leave all this (rubbish) tribal talk behind you once and for all?

Anonymous said...

high inflation rate, low standard of living, unemployment, student's strikes, High HIV prevalence BUT THANK GOD NO THEFT GOING UNREPORTED

Anonymous said...

Chris, anyone is ideal for anything-didn't someone even imitate Kumekucha with a blog called KumekuchaS? it must have been a Machakos high student
Chris, not everyone is ideal for leading a country-the days of endorsing others is over

nyargine said...


Good article, but I beg to differ on some of the points you made. Do you seriously think Githongo would be the ideal PRESIDENT for Kenya? I hope you meant a company president. If the latter is the case, then he would be a good candidate.

Kibaki as the president is answerable for all that has gone wrong during HIS TERM. However, Gichangi just like all presidential appointees should be held accountable. Ultimately the buck stops at Kibaki's doorstep what are 'the executive powers' for?

Personally, I do not think Kibaki should be the CEO of any country, he may be good at running his businesses and smaller constituency but he has failed BIG TIME as a president.

To be fair to the guy, most of the problems we are experiencing today did not start in 2003. These things have been going on since the 60s but because very few dared ask questions, the rot continued unabatted.

My beef with Kibaki, is the dishonesty he displayed after being voted in overwhelmingly. He soon forgot that his landslide win was mainly because WE WERE TIRED OF MOIS WAYS AND, WENYE NCHI WOULD HAVE VOTED IN ANYONE WHO CARRIED THE NARC FLAG (whose theme of zero tolerance to corruption was music to our years). If popularity counted, Kibaki would have long been voted in as president on DP ticket.

Seriously, we need a president who can help the country heal. Here is my wish list for what I think would make an ideal President for our present situation:

-someone who will make healing of the country part of his/her agenda. This will involve among other steps, 'periodically visiting' all parts of the country to assure the population (just as a father would),and not sitting in an office waiting to be briefed by PCs, NSIS etc.

As we have seen, these guys are all too happy to mask the truth and send signals that they are working therefore all is well. Until, we have mechanisms in place that make public officials accountable, 'micro-managing' to a certain extent, by the CEO may be one solution for a start.

-someone who is brave enough to 'hold the bull's horn and wrestle it to the ground'. The bulls in this case are all the thieves who have robbed and continue to rob our country.
Moi was the bull before Kibaki, and as we all know, nobody coughed without his authority. Need I remind anyone who the real reformers who dared hold the bull's horn are.
Where were all the johnie-come-latelies when the real men and women were in the frontline? Werent't they busy heaping platitudes and mtukufu....

-our next President shouldn't be one with unnecessary baggage (we all know that one who is tainted will make it his/her responsibilty to shield the partners in crime). I could write a long list about some of the names being bandied around and why they are not fit to be the President.

-someone willing to make radical changes. This will, to a certain extent involve make tough and snappy decisions that may throw us in unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory. we all fear doing things differently and dealing with changes don't we. See how the technocrats are running helter skelter because of some of the chamges being executed by 'their bosses'.

-someone who will continuosly remind us of our collective responsibility for making the country what we want it to be. Why must we abet corruption by bribing a clerk in an office to do his/her work?

-We need a visionary leader. VISION 2030 comes to mind. I wonder whose vision it is and who was involved in formulating it. Assuming it's the president' vision, shouldn't he personally sell it? He needs to get us all excited about this vision 2030 for it to be achievable. Otherise all we will remember in 2030 is the pomp and lofty speeches during its launch.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, these are my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Wierd...this separation of individuals from institutions, and vice versa.

Anonymous said...


Did I mention salvation/being born again. I'm aware that you are far from that.

Aii, where does the ranting and raving about ODM come from?

Take a chill pill bro-still picking on you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kenyaone. Sam Okello we need your sermon or at least your statements on Kenyan Affairs. For the love of the motherland, don't disappoint us. And something else: Do you know that Marianne Briner is offering all your books FREE OF CHARGE via For now A Shining Star in Darkness, Her Excellency and the White Girl. But she has already announced that also the MauMau-Prophecy, The Night Bob Died and others will be available soon. ALL FREE OF CHARGE. She says that this is her revenge for having cheated her. I have to admit, I could not resist her offer and wrote to her. She replied the same day and sent me all three complete scripts (including the Jeff-Koinange-Saga Distant-Lovers). Quite fascinating read. I printed everything out and have given copies of the scripts to friends of mine who always wanted to read this, but had been a bit reluctant to spend money for it. Now this obstacle is erased and we can all enjoy the books without having to pay one cent.

Anonymous said...

John Githongo would not be the ideal president for Kenya. Do you want to know why? Because HE IS NOT HERE, and most likely he will not want to return.

My idea basically is this. Kenyans, we are so steeped in idol-worship of politicians and illiterate local fools it almost seems like we have lost faith in ourselves.

Instead of merely whispering about this or why Kibaki and Ralia are both failures, why not stand up and declare with authority that the two are no better than illiterate morons? Why not RUN FOR OFFICE in your locality?

Stop talking, start organizing. If Raila and Karua want to run in 2012 so be it. What we should be focused on is reclaiming our Parliament. Right now, it is full of village idiots, illiterates, thieves, jackals, snakes, liars and all sorts of hopeless people.

If the power is in the hands of the people, then Raila and Karua can talk all they want. What is needed is for you and me, to actually aim for positions of responsibility. Councilors, mayors, professors, MPs, civil servants any position.

Forget labels such as "the youth" and "women". These are merely platitudes Kibaki, Kalonzo, Raila and such use to "keep us in our place" and offer us a role in their dysfunctional regime.

Until we get over tribalism we cannot achieve freedom from such people. What is needed is for you and me, people with functioning brain cells unlike our leaders, to seize the institutions of governance. They have had 45 years since independence to prove how incompetent they are.

If you are relying on Raila (who is part of the dysfunction) to change things in Kenya, I can only say you are a fool. You are better off relying on yourself to break the status quo. We need to do this before more violence breaks out in Kenya on a wider scale. Don't be fooled thinking it cant happen or will not affect you. That is what we thought in December.

There are no leaders in Kenya, the ship is crashing into iceberg after iceberg because no one is steering it. Will you rescue the good ship Kenya? Can you seize the day and bring about sanity in our country? Can you reverse the destructive trend, eliminate tribalism, arrogance and bigotry?

Together we can do this. The time is now.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Kenya and its so called "leaders" is that they are reactionary instead of being proactive. They run around putting out fires instead of finding out the cause and averting one in the future.

It has been barely eight months since the Jan-Feb 08 PEV. The country was on the brink of collapse, yet this is all but almost forgotten by these so called "leaders". Come 2012 or sooner, they will revert to the same old rectionaries that they so well known to be. After the dust seems to have settled for the moment, they are right back to their old merry ways, clamoring for anything and everthing that one can lay their hands on. Posturing, forgetting all too soon from whence we came.

Addressing the root cause of the problems, being proactive and coming up with a template for the future and implementing it, is what is so desperately needed.

Forget V2030, they have yet to get to the bottom of the violence earlier this year and find lasting solutions and not just a quick bandage fix.

As Ivy said, we need strong institutions, with checks and balances that eliminate the excesses of the various branches of government. Led by men and women of integrity that are ready to put COUNTRY first before self and tribe, but then again, it just dawned on me, THIS IS KENYA.

trukenyan said...
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papa plus said...

Kenya one mentioned something very important thusly...

kenyans must learn to differentiate between leadership and political leadership

That my brothers and sisters is the genesis of fixing things in Kenya. And to start this process, we need some changes to the constitution.

We have been mixing politics and management for too long. Thus you have Awori claiming that he was unaware that he had signed contracts with Anglo Leasing because technocrats deal with the fine print and his job is just to weka muhuri hapa on whatever is placed infront of him.

So my suggestion would be to have the PS be elevated to ministers. Get rid of the current minister and Assis. minister. The PS should be someone whom is held in high easteem and capable of running a department and answerable to parliament.

The MPs should be making laws and debating issues.

The system we have now is one where the president has to choose from whatever the voters give him, and ends up being a reward system for votes. If Mps want to be ministers, then they should resign their seats and become civil servants.

Lastly, this will allow kenyans who are well versed in economics, planning, tourism, health management, industry, finance etc, to go after these jobs and put their resumes out there. Also the president can then recruit these people to do the job.

trukenyan said...

If the current events are anything to go by, I think the relevance of the Presidency in 2012 will be reduced to that of a ceremonial President.

Take a walk with me.

Martha Karua has come out defiantly against PNU, something that most political pundits are scratching their weathered scalps implicitly ignoring the on-goings around the Country.

Karua, I might add has little else to fear, not from Saitoti nor Uhuru nor the Gema Group conspicuously silent of her defiance. One also has to understand that she wields the Legal Authority within government to either scuttle the constitutional review or go with the masses and to do so, he had to separate herself from PNU. Her
Presidential ambitions could incredibly improve if she did the following:

One: Ensure a new constitution within a reasonable time frame as Minister of Constitutional Affairs and deputy leader of Government Business in the House

Two: She would win ODM support if she ensured a ceremonial Presidency with the power vested in Parliament and the Prime Minister. This has long been the wish of the populace and that of the Bomas Draft, as concluded.

Political timing, who knows, however most would agree in this forum that a new Constitution is long overdue and in fact, we must have one in place before 2012 to avert the complete disintegration of Kenya as we know it. Thanks to NSIS, they are quite comfortable being asleep at the switch.

If the trend continues, and Raila asserts his authority as the PM,as he should by law, Kenyan's will welcome such checks and balances within the Executive. It is a feeling that no mater your leanings, these checks and balances allow you to dream for the Country.

Point is, Karua will indeed get the support of ODM and to some extent, from the larger Central region, given a ardent defense of Kibaki at a time of need (post-election) if she vied for a ceremonial Presidency than an Executive Presidency. Raila of course would settle to be the Executive Prime Minister and Leader of Government as envisioned in the Bomas Draft.

Kenya's Presidency as we know it will cease with Kibaki's Exit. The Executive has been the bane of our you democracy and men & women of vision and reason will not settle for less. That movement indeed does exist.

PS: The issue of IDP's must be addressed and done so fast. The Mau issue ought not to dominate precious time in as much as it is just as essential to the social well-being of the Nation.

Anonymous said...

What a powerful statement. Raila and Kibaki have more in common between themlseves than any of us can ever hope to have with either of them. Brethren, get over your fanaticism of either, get organized!, and lift the obscure darkness that shrouds the future.

Anonymous said...

And Chris just to ask lets we 4get for I kno one thing kenyans have short memories(very) Last year you had a candidate who wanted to run for presidency but he realised late that he was to do his masters first so he went to do it!!! but I think by 2012 he will b thru kwani your guy hataweza that tym?????? we still waiting 4 Him or else no more voting in Kenya!!!! as Ivy said(real one) we need strong institutions not individuals even RAO can b a dictator ask maalim(D.speaker) in Raila book!!
South Africa is one of the most insecure place n poverty is rampant n youth joblesness(hey dont count somali) but they had one the greatest presidents in the world only second to Obama but with poor institutions mbeki has brought down the country to square 1!!! ama tujaribu Marende!!!

kenyaone said...

since were on this topic. The value of our leaders and who can be trusted to take us onward from here with regard to our institutions and constitutions. Have a read about direct democracy here:

papa plus said...

We all know that there exists enough reading material on any topic under the sun; 10 things that men don't know about women, weaving for beginners, Democracy and you... the list is endless. So clearly, poor leadership does not exist for the lack of reading materials on the topic.

In my opinion, these leaders we always castigate are a reflection of you Ivy, Kenya One, Chris, Kwame, and myself. They are US. If we are to have proper leadership, we must examine ourselves beginning with our homes and families. How do we relate to our kids and spouses and relatives. Do we lie, do we ask the kids to lie, are we bringing them up to be proud Kenyans, and to honor their words and to be humble and kind and have respect for others.

Or are we just singing bible hymns on Sundays to be forgotten by Monday?

Githongo may have done his job but he was mistaken that the president was capable of doing anything about it. The Kibaki administration declared that it could not stick to the MOU because in their estimation is was not the right thing for the sake of the country. Someone said that you can not rape a willing woman meaning that corruption is a matter...nay, case of mind over matter - If mwananchi doesn't mind, then it doesn't matter if we steal. And just the other day someone declared on the mic that they have malizad watu 600 to 1000 and wewe leta watu wako na nitaleta watu wangu tuone.

These my friends are the realities of Kenya not withstanding all this pontificating and high foluting ideas and ideals espoused here on kumekucha. Sadly...

Chris, why haven't you started a Ntimama watch over the horrendous revealations he made on tv??? Surely this is a case worth highlighting.

Anonymous said...


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Don't be so naive. The moment Githongo stands for the Presidency on a platform of reform purportedly to be elected because of his anti-corruption credentials, he will be reduced to a Kikuyu tribal ogre before you can say, blah! The Luo fundamentalist Taliban fanatics who form the core of the ODM will make sure of that. After all, that is what keeps the ODM house together, fear and horror at the prospect of another Kikuyu Presidency. As a matter of fact, anybody who stands in the way of their prophet Raila will be so demonised. Just look at Kalonzo.
As Kwale has so eloquently put it, Kenya does not need a doomsday cult like the ODM if it is to survive.

Anonymous said...

And who is this idiot who keeps using caps as if the rest of us are blind. Moderate him out of the blog! said... very happy that Kenya has at least where i can go online and post an issues to reach my MP blog is a good example

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