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Monday, June 23, 2008

Tsvangirai Seeks Refuge in Dutch embassy

If Morgan Tsvangirai believed he was saving people’s lives by withdrawing from the coming FRAUDULENT polls he didn’t factor in his own safety. Now he has sought refuge in the Dutch Embassy ( in Harare after police raided this MDC headquarters and carting away supporters who had themselves sought refuge there from murderous ZANU-PF gangs.

Mugabe in on the war path and is not leaving anything to chance. He has nothing to lose and not listening to anybody except himself. Leaves one praying why God whom Mugabe taunted recently doesn't do Zimbabweans divine favour by calling his bluff. Meanwhile confronted with challenges posed by MAD MUGABE and his ilk we still shamelessly fall for the cheap excuses of external interference. Well, that must be civilization at its purest as practiced in Mars.

Thambo thumbed
Besides the police force officially doing Mugabe's hatchet job of hounding the opposition at every corner he has the roped in the so-called war veterans MANY of whom were born after Zimbabwe's independence in 1980. And Bob has no apologies in extending the terror to the election observers. Again it is difficult to conclude whether Zimbabwean are reaping the fruits of cowardice or civilization. While cowards die severally before their real death, being civilized by religiously providing your back for eternal piggy ride is definitely not worth the sacrifice.

With the hitherto blue-eyed boys of FAKE new generation African leaders turned despots graying, who will save Africa? One may be tempted to excuse bigotic and sweeping statements from western academic that Africans are genetically programmed to primitively. With Thambo's nose thumbed, no African leader dares hold a candle to Mugabe lest he reminds them that he is only accelerating to catch up with these fellow DINOSAURS. After suffocating intimidation Bob will soon graduate to TOP-UPS.

Updates (2200 hrs local time)
Meanwhile following opposition withdrawal from the polls and the attendant violence, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged that Zimbabwe's presidential elections be postponed. The security council is meeting in an emergency session but whether this will culminate into any decisive action only time will tell. UN is on the spot and the echoes from its inaction during the 1994 Rwanda genocide are ringing even louder.


Anonymous said...

What are we supposed to do with a MAD MAN? U mean their is no mathare equivalent in Zim?


Anonymous said...

There is one disappointing thing in this world.....Evil people live like forever. I hope God and the good ones pass away fast. You remember Wamalwa passed away just as we needed him. And Mugabe lives on......disappointments!!!


kenyanzuri said...

The whole world has been tired of Mugabe for sometimes. Zimbwabeans have beeen opreesed for ages. A new generation of African Leaders is emerging (led by our own enigma, Amolo Odinga) to condemn the injustices against fellow helpless people in Zimbabwe.
I am now seeing the beginning of the end of Mugabe's hold on power and a red card to all forms of dictatorship in Africa. After Mugabe we will be going back to get rid of Museveni, Kibaki and Paul Biya.

Anonymous said...

most zim's dont want the kenya way but now with this its anotha story... time to change tactics

Anonymous said...

Mugabe will be removed wait and see it is the last kick of a dying horse and look at what expense?? civilian casualties as usual- the opposition leader was right not to go into the elections - why look for more bloodshed for your opposition people when you have already seen what ways Mugabe is using to oppress and kill them??

A leader who cares is the one that looks at the interest of his people first than his won- I applaud him.

Now the other African countries OAU, SADAC etc have to join hands to insist for Mugabe to leave office and it is only pressure from other African leaders that will show Mugabe that there is no business as usual with other African countries- add to that then it will be logical the international pressure coming from the background of African leaders-(of course some of them are in power just like Mugabe)but i don't think this trend is all over Africa.

So far
1. Tanzania
2. Zambia
3. Kenya
3. Rwanda
have added their voices South Africa's Mbeki is still confused and asking for both parties to seat down and talk to form a coalition government- I can't see that happening- the situation in Zimbabwe is not like Kenya- Mugabe has been on his killing spree for a long time. add Mugabe and his Police and Army death Squads- to the coalition then the opposition leader will not last a week they will gun him down, in order for Mugabe to take control of the country yet again.

Mugabe insists the polls will proceed but he forgets that the las t elections the opposition won the majority in parliament and it has been said the opposition leader won the presidency fair and square - that means even if he Mugabe proceeds with the polls - he has no mandate to be the president of Zimbabwe from the people of Zimbabwe legally -and what does this mean?? Mugabe will be in power by force against the rules of law and the mandate of the people of Zimbabwe period.

Anonymous said...

this was to be expected as i stated in the previous thread. and even worse, unless the international community intervenes (zimbabweans in diaspora have to apply this pressure for that to happen), then mugabe is going to go on a hate/revenge campaign to permanently mollify and subdue all forms of current or potential/future dissent. in so doing he will then appoint a successor to be "elected" unopposed when (if ever) he gives up presidency. this is such a tired gameplan.

kalamari said...

Let us face it folks. As far as Zimbabwe is concerned, Morgan Tsvangirai has done his part. The rest lies in the hands of the Zimbabwean people.
The problem with us Africans in general is that we fear the sometimes very necessary 'bloodshed for country'. Don't get me wrong, we do not fear death……going by how we spread HIV , drink and drive senselessly and butcher our neighbors. No folks, we in fact are in love with death, especially the one that comes through our Africanized ignorance.
What terrifies most of us is 'death for a good cause'. Next time you see your brother drinking the most lethal changaa while sucking the voluptuous tits of two of the most famous prostitutes, ask him if he's willing to take a bullet for love of country. My guess is that a particular part of his body will wither in terrible fright. On the other hand, tell him that you will pay for his nights lodging with the barmaids and he will sing a patriotic song.
The way I see it, armed struggle has been getting a lot of bad press in the recent past. History will continue to prove that good constitutional and institutional governance has been exceedingly achieved exclusively by the bullet.
If the Zimbabweans choose to continue hiding under their beds until Mugabe is sworn in president in the dark manicured backyards of Harare (Kibaki style), they should forever hold their peace….. especially now that they've been unable to unite and counter the Zimbawean version of Mungiki.

Anonymous said...

discrepancy on detained RV Youths-

there seems to be a major problem. the karua-kibaki axis says we have 130 youths in custody. the ruto-odm axis says there are more. something is fishy. here is what i think. 2 weeks ago, a friend from jamhuri said that he thinks the difference in the numbers is actually 6ft under or in some forests as rotting corpses. in haste of post-election violence before the accord deal, PNU-militia picked hundreds & thousands of RV youths who have never been returned home. this friend says that someone in CID told him the issue is very sensitive. the youths cannot be brought back becasue they are no longer alive. and the way their bodies were disposed off once it comes to ligth will shake the foundations of kenya. i pray each day that it was just a rumor based on wild allegations. but i worry that if it turns out true, we will be back to zimbabwe*10.

Anonymous said...

why do africans still set on each other with whips, is it not possible to intellectually argue a position?

is that asking for too much as another blogger puts it?

Anonymous said...

anon12:04 PM
isn't a stupid ugument for PNU and kibaki cronies wakina Saitoti and the person who keeps harping it in the media about 130 youths in remand is Kalonzo Musyoka??
are the families of the youth stupid enough to let them die in vain??
the government has been told to bring them to court- they have to show that they still exist and alive- the family members saw them being picked up by the army- so where will the army say it dropped them off?? the army is accountable for everyone they picked up and family members witnessed them picking up their sons- so how do they stand up and deny facts and eye witnesses-
My take on this it will come out and that will happen sooner than kenyans think- and i understand everywhere the army buried the bodies in Mt. Elgon and other parts of Rift Valley- the Locals went and marked all the spots they are just waiting for the right people in the government to show them where the bodies are buried- the army and Saitoti plus kibaki this time will not get away with this mass killings the bodies are there for proof- and the waiting game they are playing saying no amnesty will not wash- how does one give Amnesty to the dead?

On Raila I think he should stand up for the dead youth now- not later- kenya can not be a country build back on dead bodies buried by the kibaki then government- the bodies must be dug out and they must answer for all the crimes now not tomorrow -now

Anonymous said...

mugikuyu mukenu June 13 2008 at 7:58 PM kofia mbaya
----------------------------------saa zingine nacheka sana;Juzi mafisi wengine wanaimba wimbo wa amnesty;

Kumbe naye kofia mbaya anacheka tu;

Unajua kwanini-hakuna vijana tumefungia rumande;

Rumande hakuna hao mafisi;Si rumande imejaa na jera zimenjaa sasa mlikuwa mnataka tupeleka wauwaji wapi;

Ninacheka tu;Wewe tafuta vijana kwa shamba uone kama mbwa zimembakisha kitu;

Nincheka hehehe.............wacha udaku wewe rumbwa tafuta hao vijana hapo hapo;

Kwani mnafikilia sisi hatujui mambo,tunayaelewa;

Its tit for tat!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:47, after reading that posting i'm crying and praying hard that is not the case and as for the original poster, i have no words for such a despicable individual...aendelee kukecheka tu, kila mtu duniani anaelekea kaburini nobody is immortal.

Anonymous said...

Now we know we should forever be grateful to Raila for calling on kenyans for MASS ACTION to save our beloved country from our very own Mugabe and for the great understanding of international politics thus leading to the mediation. Clearly, Tsangirai lacks the courage and leadership to marshal his people against their Kibaki . THANK YOU RAILA...

Anonymous said...

This thing has to be sorted out haraka sana.
ODM and Rift Valley MP's claim that about 4000 youths were arrested.

Police claim that they have only 130-400 and claim that the rest were missing.

Kwa nini wamejump to conclusion ati they are missing?

Yaani, things are not adding up here.

This thing should be sorted out haraka as it is potentially explosive.


see the Nation version:

see the standard version:

were these youth demonstrators murdered in cold blood by kibaki/kikuyu forces and their bodies thrown to the forests???

Anonymous said...

anon 12:04

it appears that you are right

the RV villagers/communities are reporting lots of missing youth. the police are saying they only have hundreds. it therefore suggests that the difference have been killed. brings to mind the senseless beheadings and severed heads being given to IDPs.

this thing is about to blow very badly and we all know kibaki cannot handle crisis yet he permanently wades in it. as usual its RAO who understands the true magnitude of this impending crisis and come up with a solution. you can count on that, and as usual the PNU loonies will be shouting no amnesty (i.e we cant produce the bodies) until a resolution then come out lashing at RAO.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:29: your right and just imagine our own homegrown mugabe edition is just 5 years in the making, just imagine if he had done more how crazy it would be today. those thugs in uniform beating opposition supporters together with militia are no different from ali's and kinuthia's boys and mungiki

Anonymous said...

from january 7th when kalonzo was appoined VP and minister for home affairs, a special project to arrest ANY youths found demonstrating was launched. the thousands of youths arrested were quickly and secretely at night tranferred to mt. kenya prisons without being recorded on OB books. what happens next is the stuff that will become material for future state sponsored genocide films. BBC has materials and will soon be releasing some of it. sadly, majority of those demonstrating youths will not be brought back. they paid the ultimate price at the hands of kikuyu militias who used them as collateral damage material to score political pyschological points just before the accord was signed. the fallout, if not managed well, from this scandal will shake the entire political elite and re-draw the electral maps. resettlement might become a historical endevour that failed.

Anonymous said...

Our own Prime minister has bashed Mugabe for being a dictator and telling african leaders to speak out for the poor zimbabweans. and yet He hasnt said anything for our poor neighbours in Sudan where Omar al-Bashir the president of sudan retains his position as the worst dictator because of his ongoing deadly human-rights abuses in the Darfur region of Sudan. Over the last four years, at least 200,000 people there have been killed by pro-Bashir forces. Nationwide, 5.3 million have been driven from their homes, and more than 700,000 have fled the country. But at the UN last September, Bashir blamed international aid groups for exaggerating the problems as a ploy to raise money for their organizations. And in November, he argued that war-related deaths in Darfur were less than 9,000.

Did Omar fund Hon Raila election Bid?


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