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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Torture for Saboats as Genuine IDPs Exploited

The world has eventually been awakened to the mini genocide taking place Mt. Elgon as perpetrated by the Kenyan army. Reports of systematic torture of the Saboats by the army turned investigators ( is another proof of the shepherd turning on his own flock. Selective logic will rush to the sanctity and respect of rule of law while conveniently glossing over the double standards practiced by the Kibaki government.

Reports of rape and gruesome practices to Saboat males by the military bent on making these people confess to owning guns and being members of the Saboat Land Defence Force (SLDF) reminds one of the fates of prisoners of war. First the military are the least qualified in investigating domestic militias. As much as two wrongs never made a right one cannot fail to smell a big rate why the exclusive concentration on SLDF while other deadlier urban and village militia are left to roam and terrorize Kenyans throughout the country.

The fact remains the army was sent to Mt. Elgon at the height of post-election violence as a show of political/force might. Kibaki wanted was sending the message that through the army (and police) he had the monopoly of force. Formation of the Grand coalition government never watered this original objective as evident in the army operation mutating into a mini genocide.

Shameless commerce
Meanwhile the official DECEPTION watch takes a new twist as genuine IDPs find themselves outmanoeuvred by their SMART kinsmen. IDPs funds drawn in cheques through Equity Bank are propping up established business with the surplus going to entertainment along the coast. Industrious (never LAZY) Kenyans smell money miles away and registered promptly in camps and within no time it is harvest time. Meanwhile the REAL IDPs still remains hosted in the sordid camps with bloggers here turn blind eye to fellow ENTERPRENEURING Kenyans do brisk commerce with their plight. And why not when blaming LAZY Kenyans is the cheaper option?

Morality is a never a virtue for good business. Ordinary IDPs is ready cannon fodder and not good for business. Join the dots and see why the fund for resettling the IDPs was never streamlined. Prosperity the Kenyan way stops for nothing. And why not, we have done it before killing others through deals meant to save their lives and giving amnesty to architects of the same scams. You can hit the keyboard spewing all the vitriol in defence all the mush you fancy but these two issues of Mt Elgon genocide and IDPs being short-changed are recipes of a looming larger crises that negates all the hollow intents of national reconciliation and healing.


Anonymous said...

sorry to digress taabu, but aside from the IDPs being given a raw deal, in this article, MPs shamelessly still scheming ways on how to make kenyans pay them breathing.

when will this absurdity and impunity end. surely here is a golden opportunity for kibaki to stamp his authority and declare no more perks, or pay hikes in whatever form until GCG is dissolved and only after much needed reforms undertaken, perhaps they can speed up the process then.

these guys are incurably obscene insatiable hedonists


Anonymous said...


If you do not have adequate facts stop this inflammatory language of MINI-GENOCIDE. It is either there is genocide or there isn't.

And this habit of quoting BBC by ODMites without a second thought as if it was a bible is silly and stupid. Just because a mzungu or his organisation said something doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

why are crooks negotiating to return stolen goods and even allowed to keep some of them

i guess it starts right at the top with the confusion of votes

then Pattni, followed by Kamani and now Tum.

This is abasurd. But on the bright side, public property looted is slowly finding its way back to the coffers. Its not enough to refund the stolen loot, interest and/or jail time is required otherwise more public servants will continue to "borrow" from the kitty and refund as they please.


Anonymous said...

Poor Saboats. Their security and welfare is being played with by ODM. Remember last year campaign song by Raila and Ruto of, "Deploy the army!" "Deploy the army!" It will be slowly turned into, "Genocide by the Kenyan army!" "Genocide by the Kenyan army!" Regardless of its truth, as long as the song makes these elements relevant in the eyes of their international sponsors, they will shamelessly sing it untill they are hoarse. The peace which our distinguished armed forces have brought to the Saboat people is irrelevant to these idiotic minds.

Anonymous said...

So now the Saboats have become freedom fighters just like the post election violence freaks that the luo god 'Raila' is demanding unconditional release? I never seem to be amazed that even the most learned of these minions seems to bathe in the idiocity of their political elite. So the gava should lets the Saboat force continue chopping pples ears and killing innocent people? The author is talking abt torture? visit guatanamobay where the US is doing worse. U dont treat murderors as prisoners of war, they even deserve worse. By the way, its easier for the author of this garbage to make fun of IDP's since he assumes it cannot happen to his family....never mock God, never mock God.

Anonymous said...

anon3:56 PM

Yes all kenyans cried for the army to be deployed to assist the saboats who had been facing all the mayhem for more than 2 years kibaki did nothing- and you must be a fool or ignorant or a goon to think by us kenyans asking for the army to go in was a mistake-the fact is we did not ask the kenya army to go and rape !!torture!! and kill innocent saboats- it is a disgrace and they should be jailed or court Marshalled plus their bosses those fools- I hope the UN does not allow them to go to other countries on Un watchs until we find out who in the army gave the orders for such atrocicites to take place and which army captians or others were involved- and you blogger I'm ashamed that you even call yourself a kenyan - maybe you are one of those mukasa kabila you fool- How dare you even excuse such acts and we have all seen the proof of it!! are you on ground in Kenya?? I could use stronger words on you but i will hold my tongue - just shut up or move on if you have no relatives in Mt. Elgon like some of us do. and if you are a Kenyan like us people of Mt. Elgon then i wish the same on you and your tribe one day- you are the animals that Kenya DOES NOT NEED IF YOU CAN EXCUSE ARMY OFFERS RAPING OUR MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS AND CASTRATING, TORTURING AND KILLING OUR SONS AND FATHERS- YOU ARE A POOR EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING - I PRAY THAT GOD STRIKES YOU DEAD- YOU DESERVE IT

Anonymous said...


Did you read the authors article or you are spewing filth from your ass??
This are villagers ordinary people who already suffered from the saboat worrier's and to add insult to the wounds that were not healed they had the army which was to offer protection RAPE!!TORTURE!!CASTRATE!!MURDER there loved ones you skunk- what english don't you understand or from the beginning you never read the maina kiai's from human rights commission reports and other independent bodies and villagers themselves traveling miles to report to anyone that could listen to them - yes yes and you must have forgotten the army helicopters caught damping bodies in the Mt. Elgon forest right- you shiate head= you are the kinds of kenyans today who will pass your neighbor or even a stranger being murdered and say one down and it is good for the country.
i sincerely hope you are abroad somewhere because if you were in kenya and opened your mouth to spew such shiate - you would be dead-

Saboat villagers are no different from me or you- what makes you so special?? being a kikuyu shiate head?? Let me give you some advise- when Kibaki leaves that statehouse(we hope soon) you kikuyu's will remember what you spewed from your filthy mouths and i pray to god someone will feed your mouths to the dogs- because you do not deserve to live among other kenyans with your attitudes ati you think the saboats villagers and ordinary people have no rights for protection from the kenyan Government - but instead they deserve the army to rape and kill them?? you must be a relative to the army commando- he will go down - he ordered the atrocities that have been taking place in Mt. Elgon and he will pay. You must think that kenyans are stupid- but what i know is kenyans of other tribes have patience because they know kibaki ain't there for too long and guess what - no other kikuyu will be given a chance to seat or shit in statehouse for a long long time- red my lips clearly you goon...

Anonymous said...

anon3:46 PM

Kibaki's army in Mt. Elgon = genocide period. and those musungu's that you keep mentioning when your kibaki army goons have been caught with their pants down for torturing and killing innocent villagers- do not lick kibaki's ass like you do- they say it as they see it- and i guess Maina kiai of human rights organization was also lying when he pointed this out and yes the journalists from daily nation newspapers that saw with their own eyes the army torturing villages and they were so scared to print the stories(Nation refused to print it)and the other news reporters that were beaten up when caught interviewing the villagers -by the army were not telling the truth right? you are a sick kenyans living in denial- I pity you because the army will not get away with torture and murder this time and guess what the UN is already involves and i hope they will not be allowed on UN missions- because how can the UN trust sending kenya army out to other countries when they the same army is involved in raping. torturing and murdering it's own citizens?? no chance of that- they must be brought in for court marshaling- for Once wako has stood up to be counted - normally he is just a passenger in many horrible things that happen in kenyan- for an Attorney general- but i can see even the Grand Regency he is not standing with the thieves like he could have done two years a go- he has come out and said no he wasn't involved and I hope for Mt.Elgon the truth shall previal with the parliament committee being send in- you goon.

Anonymous said...

too many words by ODM goons shows lack of concrete information. just continue to spew propaganda. at the end of the day,u need to pay rent and eat. the Army is tough on the Saboat Army not civilians and they have managed to kill their leader. so the snake has been neutralised meaning the illegal gang will not continue killing and extorting money from poor saboats. but all i read is hatred here from supposedly sympathetic pple. ODM leeches i guess

Vikii said...

My brother here has caught the disease of always seeking to generate support for the party he loves by appealing to a combination of resentment, envy and guilt.

Anonymous said...

It is hot in here, i better leave the kitchen. The day i saw KTN's Allan Namu (Obviously the ODM Mouthpiece)interview NTV's reporter on what was going on in Mt. Elgon I was shocked and concluded just how inhuman it can be for people who are supposed to protect life (Utumishi kwa wote) to destroy it irrespective of how old you are. Children and women have been tortured and no one gives a reason why they have to go through that.
I am surprised and amazed just how greedy kenyans can be.....We are a funny lot one day we are shouting that our tribe is being malizwad...Then they are displaced and just when an opportunity comes up for them to be resettled and compensated.....people who were shouting loudest are now quiet as they are being swindled...We are a selfish lot tusamehewe.

By the way ...Where is the venue for collecting cash? I just might need some.

Pls can we try and leave ODM and RAO from every post...It becomes too boring...ODM this, that eh..Let us move on...."The post is on torture for saboats as genuine IDPs exploited"


Anonymous said...

Anon 3.46 pm

Pilis, do not pour vitriol at Taabu. Why don't you allow criticism over shoddy work being done by the dury erected prisident of the repubric of GEMA. Do not use ODMites to cover for your lack of foresight.

Kibaki messed and he will continue messing. I do not see him making any sane decision in his last days in office. In fact his last name is Mwai 'blunder' Kibaki. A tribalist! who even my 13 year old son asks what has he said? when he repeats himself on TV with non - issues and pot bellied, thirsty hungry blood thirsty thieves clap and praise him. Give us a break.

Why didn't gava arrest Matekei the leader of SLDF leader and give him the same human rights opportunity like Njenga of the Mungiki? Was crime committed by SLDF on torturing people (which I do not in anyway support), different from that which is committed by Mungiki - chopping off people's head? You kill Matwekei and leave Njenga to have a chance with justice. which justice? May this skewed justice turn out for good and not for the evil that the ballot thief saitoti and his vampire boss kibaki intended. And for poetic justice, this mungiki thing will turn against Kibaki and his GEMA people who are not condemining it. All others, throw Mungiki out of your villages, so that when their deeply rooted cultural practices that of killing people and getting free money that is embedded in their psyches mutates, it will affect their own who have supported them by omission and commission.


Anonymous said...

As for the torture of defenceless individuals in sabaot, am not surprised. Look at their leader. Did we really expect anything worth writing home about these unplanned executions in the name of splashing out SLDF?

Na wacha tu, Kibaki stole the votes. These IDP's even in their state did not dare quote for him the seventh commandment 'Usi ibe'. And seriously, some bloggers here will not allow you to quote for him the fifth commandment 'Usi uwe'. Is it that we are trying to eat more than we can chew and risk chocking? Can someone define for me culture goal.

And now, we really expect them to say 'stop stealing our money meant for our re-settlement.' MTA NGOJA.

Can someone please tell me why government monies have to be disbursed through Equity Bank. Does the state not have state bank, what happened to National Bank or KCB? I was shocked to learn that public monies, including loans to be granted to Kenyans for agricultural products and implements is channelled through Equity. Is Equity a public entity?

Has anyone tried defining 'Ulafu'?


Anonymous said...

wow. taabu

kk has gone or is going to the dogs. on issues such as this and others requiring mature thinking and creative ideas, we get a handful of responses, but on sex scandals, the response is overwhelming (see the next thread)

but like was pointed out to me, there are many who come to kk for that.

no wonder we are not getting anywhere with change and reforms, too much energy spent below the belt leaves very little for above


Anonymous said...

You can say that again.....Adios
What is the opposite of kumekucha....Yes that is the word!!!


Anonymous said...

Taabu, "mini-genocide"? "Mini-genocide"? You must be kidding to say the least. Please define the term "mini-genocide" in Swahili or in your own native language for a better understanding of the terminology?

For your belated information, the so called "Saboat warriors" a.k.a "sabotage weasels" have been involved in wanton destruction of human life and property since the early 1980s. Yes early 1980s! And have been allowed to get away with it for whatever reasons that were known to the powers that be at the time.

Where were you and your cohorts to cry out for justice, law or order during the days when thugs (sabotage weasels-cum-"Tasmanian devils") were involved in the maiming, killing of innocent farmers and raping thier families, and then rustling the victims' cattle and disposing them in a neighbouring country? Where were you and your kind?

Where were your and your kind to cry out loud for justice, law and order on behalf of the victims and survivors of the Mt. Elgon killings that have beem going on for the last two and half decades?

It's become so easy to cry foul when the shoe is on the other foot but not when the murderous thugs have been wearing the very same murderous shoe for the last two and half decades.

So many lives have been lost and wasted at the hands of the murderous gangsters who espouse the semi-Nazi's evil philosophy of getting rid of hardworking farmers (Kenyan citizens) of Mt. Elgon, just because of greed, hatred, gross ignorance and sickening evil.

By the way, if there are any elements (rotten apples) within the Kenya army who have violated ...'uniform military code'... and have been involved in any acts of lawlessness, dishonest acts, indecorum, dealing unfairly, injustice, acts of cruelty, unlawful detention, maiming and murder of an unarmed innocent civilians, then they should bare the full brunt of the law and be court martialed by any means necessary.

I have a lot of confidence in the Kenya armed forces, and I am sure that they WILL and DO TAKE CARE of "rotten askaris and affendes" who are a bad influence or give a bad name to the three branches of the armed forces.

Otherwise, the rule of law and order should be the norm in any region of the country, and any murderous thugs masquerading as the so called "land militia" should be tracked down, captured, and imprisoned. Or when all fails, they should be tracked down and wiped out from the face of Kenya.

I would like to reiterate that the Kenya military is not comparable to the armies in the Democratic Republic of The Congo or Somalia. Some of ... are borrowing a lot from what has been written by journalists and said by witnesses from the Congo, Somalia, Darfur, and above all, Rwanda of 193/94.

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