Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Raila Hands Kenya Football A Lifeline

Prime Minister manages to reinvigorate Kenyan patriotism that is reminiscent to the 2002 NARC dream

Through the personal intervention of Prime Minister Raila Odinga, the circus that has been Kenyan football seems to be on its way to sanity and recovery.

Raila has in the space of only one month (something that the GNU/PNU government could not do in five years) managed to have the stars back to winning ways and consequently also given the sharply divided Kenyan population what is, in my opinion, the single most important unifying factor since the disastrous elections in 2007. While some ethnic chauvinist and rookie politicians refuse to accept the reality that the PM did this country a big favour when he accepted to drop political demands and is now in an equitable partnership in the coalition government, the youth of this country have found a national bond in sports and are rallying behind the national team and the prime minister – whose name, together with that of Senator Obama and Oliech, they chanted whenever Oliech raced towards the Zimbabwean defence last Saturday. The red-hot Dennis Oliech put Kenya on the road to a World Cup and African Nations cup qualification on Saturday with an 88th minute goal against the Warriors of Zimbabwe. Oliech’s goal two minutes from the final whistle plus a 12th minute goal scored by MacDonald Mariga took Kenya to a 2-0 victory over the Zimbabweans. Oliech ended the game as stand-in goalkeeper after Origi was stretchered off with a knee injury. Kenya are now at the top of their group with six points.

It is no secret, but the hottest ticket in any man’s wallet in Nairobi today is not a ticket to the movies and what-have-you but a ticket (and a miniature Kenyan flag) to watch any of the Harambee Stars matches. Tickets to these matches are selling-out two days before D-day and crowds are filling the 30,000 capacity Nyayo Stadium hours before kick-off. While it is clear the PM and the country has moved on from Kivuitu’s antics, it is a pity some politicians still want to play power games humiliating the PM in have been caught flat footed and are a busy criticizing the Prime Minister for accepting to be installed as a Gikuyu elder.

Even more importantly, and in accordance with the ODM manifesto, the recent grand coalition government budget allocated Kshs. 1 million to each of the country’s 210 constituencies for development of soccer and purchase of sporting goods. During his recent trip to Germany for an eye surgery, Raila not only met Sepp Blatter (FIFA President) whom he convinced to allow him (Raila) time to sort out the mess in management of soccer, he also had the German government pledge to support the stars by way of supplying technical support to KFF, even if it meant seconding a qualified coach to head the stars technical bench. A similar pledge was made recently when Raila met South African President Thabo Mbeki during the World Economic Forum in Cape Town. No doubt the PM, himself a former player with disbanded premier league side Luo Union, having recognized the importance of sports in economic development and has made it his business to give hope to the youth of this country through sports.

During his meeting with Mbeki, Raila also managed to set up a crucial appointment for Sports Minister Hellen Sambili. The minister will this week be visiting South Africa where she will attend a summit in Durban which will strategize on how Africa can explore the many socio-economic benefits arising out of soccer. This good news was delivered to media through a news dispatch from the Prime Minister's Press Service in which Raila said Sambili would also visit Johannesburg to meet South African government officials and the National World Cup Committee to explore better cooperation, technical assistance and sponsorships. Additionally, and in what will sound like sweet music to rural communities who have no access to pay channels DSTV or GTV, Raila also revealed that South African government will provide giant screens for 2010 World Cup live matches to urban centres in Kenya. Details of this arrangement will be handled by KFF.

It is hard to imagine that just early May 2008, the country was staring at the prospects of an indefinite football sanction when World soccer governing body, FIFA, angered by the a court ruling barring KFF officials, gave the country a 72-hour ultimatum to rescind the move or face a total ban. This was after the High Court in Nairobi kicked out the KFF executive led by Mohammed Hatimy for being in office illegally. High Court Judge, Justice Hatari Waweru, ruling in a suit filed by the faction led by Sam Nyamweya that had demanded the removal of the Hatimy group, said Hatimy and his group were "strangers" who were in office illegally. The court ruled that the Hatimy group, which enjoys the backing and recognition of FIFA, could not be entrusted with running the federation. "Football is a serious sport in this country and it cannot be left in the hands of strangers," he said, technically giving the Government-recognized Nyamweya team the mandate to manage the sport. But FIFA Secretary-General, Jerome Valcke, in a letter to Hatimy, accused the Nyamweya group of "colluding with a former sports minister (read PNU’s Maina Kamanda) to orchestrate the crisis in the federation to maintain their control of Kenyan football". Last week, the High Court, on receiving Hatimy’s appeal and recognising the folly of antagonizing FIFA, overturned its own ruling and reverted the management of soccer to the Hatimy group as per the KFF constitution and FIFA statutes which provide for elaborate mechanisms of dispute resolution and even bar football officials from recourse to courts of law.

The prestigious FIFA World Cup is due to take place in South Africa and for the first time ever on the continent in the year 2010. All African countries have their sights set on sending a team to this event, and indeed all of us have a patriotic duty to drop the politics and support the PM in his efforts to ensuring Harambee Stars qualify for this event. This may sound like a dream to many people out there, but I have every confidence that Harambee Stars may just surprise you!


Kwale said...

Phil, I am really flabbergasted you are back at your element of infatuation with RAO. Just when we thought you have gone over it, there you go again with your fixation for this man.

“Through the personal intervention of Prime Minister Raila Odinga….”
If his personal interventions are divine, then he should intervene for the plight of people of Kibera not for a leather skin pump up with air.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering ...When Taabu was going to drop this bombshell...

Knoppix you mean you are too MANU untill you forgot patriotism...I have beef with Taabu and Knoppix, ebu u guys dont make me cross over to Arsenal...I thought we had an agreement that East or West...We still have our stars...MANU doesn't need us that much...But trust me i am so proud of those guys....GO stars Go we will show them...South Africa here we come!!!!
Fave be elated for the stars at least.

Phil just after the excitement....Now i know the haters are around the corner...Just wait and read their comments...You see s'things cant be good just coz it is RAO who is championing for it...But watado? Nothing

You are right Raila & Sambili have done s'thing that the govt couldn't do in 5 years.....Maina Kamanda was busy fighting Wanjiru wa Kamangu to realize that football was going under....U know women rule i am so sure Sambili doesn't know even when the ball is offside or corner but she does know how to cheer....and she beat Kamanda hands down....U know football is RAO's thing i was just wondering what would have happened the day i saw him golfing...

Phil na bado...Watch the space ....ODM will strive to deliver in every ministry that they have been placed...PNU picked all the lucrative ministries, ODM's ministries are almost about service delivery to the people...Love him or hate him look at the pace that Ruto is working, Kones was also rising too bad that death came knocking...and i know after the excitement of the flag, Otieno Kajwang will do a superb job. Can't wait for my MP to get down to business and ensure that the fishing industry is revived...Wee ngoja watch the space...Service delivery to the common mwananchi and that is what we want!!!!

Knoppix, you see i wasn't sitting on the fence ndungu, i just dont do propaganda....If i dont have facts i shutup!!!


Anonymous said...


you and others always criticize, what really is it that you hate about RAO, its not RAO's fault that Kibaki and PNU are completely moribund

am also reminded that, a journey of thousand miles, begins with one step and proceeds one step at a time.

you claim to be knowledgeable in matters economic, so why dont you outline in detail, the steps RAO should take for kibera.

also like i asked a long time before, why is RAO associated with Kibera, while Philip Leakey was associated with Karen, and yet it is Langata Constituency?

you are extremely shallow and hollow. Kibera and all the other sprawling and growing slums are not a creation of RAO or their respective MPs, its an indicator of lack of government policy and framework to create and spread economic base (inequality). your trivial envy of a person trully committed to change is just amazing and juvenile

Anonymous said...

Aiish Kwale boy relax.....I read intervention...Phil didn't write divine intervention....

"If his personal interventions are divine, then he should intervene for the plight of people of Kibera not for a leather skin pump up with air"

Do we really have to go through this again?


Anonymous said...

Precisely Anon 3:29.....You have said all that i couldn't say.
You have hit the nail right on the head... I can't wait to see Kwale's points of uplifting the standards of Kiberians......But to say the truth we have sang that song from October 2007 till today...Personally nimechoka


Anonymous said...

Seems there are still guys who eat and drink Raila. Just like brocken records u always want to associate this murderor with all success. Fanatics, its a pity. So Raila worked his 'majic' on football just coz they won. Good. As he says 'magical words' on KFF, his constituents are wallowing in abject poverty. They have become a tourist attraction of late. Hope he says 'abra kadabra' to them too and also his fanatics too from Luo Nyanza some who own such websites as this. The all expect miracles from this master of theatrics. Woe unto simple minds.....always expecting handouts...

Anonymous said...

Well guys, it is important to note that football in this country has not been encouraged or supported by successive governments. Reason is that it is given to certain people just like athletics and other giftings are to others. Have a look at composition of players in all clubs including harambee stars. Even currently, majority on the line-up are either jangs or lunyes.

This thing requires long haul, resilience and direct. There are no shortcuts or deals in scoring goals. That is why even with a PNU former minister only looking for money but not having ideas on how to progress the skills.

Look also at rugby, who thrills in it. How about cricket. Look at athletics. Do anyone see shortcut or deals in these sports?


Phil said...

I am looking at this from a socio-enonomic point of view.

Predictably, the Kwales of this world are looking at it from their narrow political lenses that can only see Kibera slums but conveniently fail to see Mathare, Mukuru and the other countless slums spread all over Kenya including Nyeri itself where the president and former long-serving VP hails from!

That FIFA has opted to work with Raila in resuscitating football speaks volumes about how influential personalities and international investors view individuals within what has been the government of Kenya.

NARC government failed to provide adequate education, employment and opportunities to millions of Kenyan youth. This is what has lead to the growth of armed militia and bred a security nightmare in this country. The PM is opening a new frontier for youth to earn a living yet others still see it as a 'fixation with Raila' (whatever that means!).

We are moving on. Those of you who prefer to engage in useless rhetoric can proceed.

Anonymous said...

Next week please author write an article: RAILA BRINGS AIR & LIGHT TO NAIROBI AFTER BECOMING A PM.

then use many convincing words and call people with different views all sort of names. of course the usual guys will support and chear you on...

its called Kenya

Anonymous said...

The difference between ODM and PNU is that whilst ODM is feeling previlaged to serve kenyans PNU think they won the right to Lord it over kenyans and give them 'trinkets' and cheap toys ala kalooser style who was busy dishing out districts in wajir North, while fleecing the economy of the real money.

Kenya is probably one of the easiest and the simplest countries to develop economicaly , culturally and socially....the people are willing...

to screw it one needs the shear dunderhedness of Mo1 or the blind greed of mt kenya mafia.
the rather decent efforts of RAO and making such a huge impact because the ground is fertile.

Kenya has suffered from wilful negligence on the part of irresponsible officials they cannot even claim that they did not have funding.....they just slept on the job. To busy hunting for deals. What is nyamea and co trying? Soccer is governed by FIFA whats their problem?

The PNUer agenda was to creat a cloud of activity and steal....

that meant they could only work with clowns they trusted and since those are few, kenya is a big country, and if you try to have your finger in every possible money fleecing scheme you will have to hold up genuine development in some areas while you ensure that you eat what you currently control...

thats PNuer management, not far from the mo1 type that ended up with gideon selling mutumba cause they heard there was good money in it.

In other words they only busy themselves with something they think they can generate some loose cash from and give token attention to things like football that can not only bring the country together but provide income for a lot of unemployed youth.

Kenya is a power house in long distance running but can any one name the current top athlets? Ya cause there is no money for gava thugs in that........

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

anon 5:06 its either write that as you put it, or write about PNU blocking public service delivery, PNU aided corruption and looting, I'll settle for let there be light and hopefully you too can "adopt a light"

Anonymous said...


I applaud what Raila is doing for football in Kenya. He is bringing back our sense of pride in the national team that has all along eluded. But my problem with you is when you infer - its only Railas magic that can change Kenya and football. Secondly you hit the point as you have done but oil it with ODM/PNU politics - it looses the gist of the matter.

He is the cordinator of the Government and he is doing what you and me are taxed to do. He is doing what he should do - this is his kibarua.

All the same Kudos to the PM if he met blatter and sooner we shall get a coach to make us win as a country. Asante Rao

Mzee wa kijiji


Anonymous said...

Raila was doing what all greedy politicians do best, jostling his way to steal glory from the ones who deserve it. Trying to rub himself with other people's achievements. Wanting to steal the shine from the real heroes called Harambee Stars. The least Kenyans want is greedy politicians bringing their vile politics into our sports. Did you guys watch Raila dish out thousands of shillings in bundled notes from a huge envelope...PROBABLY THE MONEY CAME FROM HIS UNTAXED ALLOWANCES! Thank you very much but please no politics in our beautiful game.


Nbi- Kenya.

Kwale said...

Anon 3.29… It’s an insult to suggest I should envy RAO but I think I should remain panache about something that is utterly trivial.
What RAO is doing is nothing out of the ordinary; he is just doing his job.

Ivy, Anon 3.29, If I have any power or influence that Raila have, I for sure would alleviate poverty and improve the standard of living for many. There would be no more slums and no-one should ever live in a mud hut.

Raila has been in politics before you and I was born, so what change should I expect from him. You forget the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

Phil, FYI, Fixation means obsession.

Phil said...

Alhaj Mzee Wa Kijiji

Thanks. Kamanda was there before Sambili. We all know what he did/did not do. No government in this world has ever gone to war with FIFA and won. Kamanda used to thump his chest and say Kenyan constitution is bigger than FIFA! It never got us anywhere. As you can see from remarks attributed to the SG of FIFA, even Fifa know it is Kamanda who has been a stubling block to football development and is now pulling strings to frustrate current administration. Even as we talk, Kibaki's choice of sports ministers is the genesis of all these problems. Why appoint ministers who have got no IDEA about their respective portfolios, eg. a former city councillor hailing from Muranga never having been in any sporting event and never understood significance of sports in today's world as sports minister. Ppuleease!!

M-PESA, Raila met with Sepp Blatter and it was this meeting and a written pledge from Raila that averted a FIFA ban. This is NO politics!

If you knew the reasons behind the lack of Kenyan players in what is arguably the worlds leading soccer league - the English Premiership - then you would just cry for some of our talented fottballers like Mariga, Oboya and Oliech. Although some premiership teams have in the past expressed interest in signing Kenyans, our FIFA ranking is so poor that the British government will not issue working permits to Kenyans because of this pathetic ranking!

What will be the implications of Kenya just QUALIFYING to play in the FIFA world cup? Can you please answer me Kwale?

(of course I know what fixation means - the context in which it applies to this story is what I do not understand).

Anonymous said...

The only thing (and the best thing for that matter) that RAO has given Kenyans is hope. Kenyans feel that at least there's some light and we need to work hard towards it. That's why Harambee Stars have worked hard and at least brought a smile to our faces which was used to frowning over politics.

However, I still think there's something cooking. Mo1 and Kibaki plus his entire Mt. Kenya gang are just waiting for the right moment. However, what they are failing to realize is that Raila is already re-building his profile again. Many people will agree with me that since RAO signed "that thing", his supporters have been left open mouthed! Personally, I had started writing his political orbituary. That's what he's re-building now. PNU & Moi hope that RAO will press a self destruction button soon. But that wait might be longer than expected!

By the way Phil, what happened to the youths being held for post-election violence? Have they been released? If not, why is ODM silent on that???

Always, Chief Dr. Al Hajj M.A. Minus Opportunity, Nanga, MP.

Anonymous said...


exactly, RAO is doing nothing out of the ordinary and simply doing his job and so are the ODM ministers. which begs the question why havent PNU MPs done their jobs since 2005 and that's why they look so bad.

you could be right, its an insult for RAO to be envied by you, haha, he deserves better

i actually tho't you have some economic sense, so you would alleviate poverty, world back, IMF, donors countries, the kenyan government, and many other agencies have been working at this for more than 2 decades, what a laugh, please spare me the theatrics. you think its a magic wand? there are no children here bwana, get real. you produce your blueprint for poverty eradication tafadhali au acha upuzi

and FYI since you continue to ignore the obvious, RAO became MP for langata on the advent of multi-party politics

prior to that there was
Joseph Murumbi
Yunis Ali
Mwangi Mathai (yes was husband to Wangari Mathai)
Philip Leakey


the slums of kibera developed and mushroomed in the KANU one party state days, explain how this became an RAO creation.

you really are not informed at all, please use another passport

Anonymous said...

Yawa Kwale, u didn't get it....How are you planning to do that?

what you are saying is like ...Sample this...I wish i had a cool Compressor, pink in color if possible.....You get the drift...It just remains a wishful thinking coz i dont have the money right now buy one so it just remains A WISH...Tell us in summary how you will go about ensuring that we dont have slums in Kibera...And as you do that give the same advise to Wanjiru, Waititu (zake ni mob) and who else? Shabbir, MP in waiting for Kamukunji....Just assume that you are the MP fro Langata and give us your manifesto....That is what we are asking....only that...You never know Phil might just whisper to RAO on what to do


Raila Kibaki said...

This is a good article. It is uplifting to read about the improvement of HS soccer standards. I am however saddened that RAO is pushed down my throat in almost every paragraph. There is just too much mention of him... making the author come across as another RAO worshiper. To him I say: 'GO EAT FIS'

I hate Kibaki coz of his love for corruption. I don't think Raila is any different. The only diff. btn god RAO and Kibs is that RAO is a populist who loves to excite crowds. Kibs is too busy stealing and hiding his loot to even bother meeting the people. To worshipers of Kibaki I say. 'GO EAT GITHERI'!

To worshipers of both who refuse to reason, you are the true enemies of Kenya! How dare we refuse to admit that both are lowly thieves?

Kibaki Raila said...

Justus Karani for presidency 2012. Raphael Sempeiwan Kariankei for Vice-presidency!

To hell with Raila, Kibaki and their thieving friends!

Anonymous said...

You have to love the haters on this blog. They can't find anything productive being done by their PNU thieves so they have to take evey chance to hate on ODM and Raila even when they are doing something good. You haters are great, it just lets us know that ODM MPs are hard at work while you Panuas are busy scheming!!

Anonymous said...

I was folowing the US primaries on the big Washington post and newyork times the hate I saw there for Obama was crazy.....I'm not suprised that some RAO haters in this bloog can spew such crap....

repeating RAOs name is just excitement.....on the part of phil why do you want to get excited about kenyan footbal without getting excited about the people making it happen?

RAO has opened up a stalemate he deseves the credit....that someone like phil may be overthrilled is no place to focus .......Some loony is even bringing in ati RAO is a thief......eish use that enegry to put giths on the table..

Now I think its a fair challange nxt move Agwambo should bring LIGHT nd AIR to niros....

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

THere are two equally balanced sides to this debate/hate soap opera, ben running longer than some of the TV soaps, i guess

defender of "inertia of rest" a.k.a status quo, prop PNU who believe things are as they should be

and defenders of "inertia of motion" a.k.a change agents / reformist pro ODM who believe things should change

of course there is ODM-K who are still wondering what this is all about

anytime "motion" takes a step "rest" feels intimidated. anytime "rest" arrests (used in the sense of the word meaning stops or inhibits) "motion", there is acrimony

this is life, at some point they will both win, i.e "Rest" will change to "motion" as "motion" grinds to a halt.


Anonymous said...

with the Kes6m per head that he collected from people that were promised nomination and betrayed bila refud, surely sponsoring a national team is spare change...
Phil ukileta domo yako in reply utaniona..your god is a thief! period

Anonymous said...

"_________whose name (Raila's), together with that of Senator Obama and Oliech, they chanted whenever Oliech raced towards the Zimbabwean defence last Saturday______"

Obama too? LOL. We need help!

Anonymous said...

I turn to Kumekucha to read the garbage that pasted him every day disguised as journalism. Of all the crap I have read on this blog, this story about Raila’s magic giving Kenya soccer a lifeline is the most filthy articles I have read. It was such a bore.

This blog is about idiolising Raila for things he has not achieved and he will never achieve. If he is such a magician, why doesn’t he turn the poverty that is wallowing his tribesmen due to laziness into overnight riches. Did we see Raila enter Nyayo stadium to play or score a goal on Saturday?

Did Raila appoint the Mkamba Harambee coach? In fact, had it been Raila’s wish, the coach would not be near Harambe Stars or Kenyan soccer because his name and the VP Kalonzo Musyoka (Raila’s Public Enemy No 1) come from the same tribe. The Harambee Stars that beat Mugabe’s boys comprised players from the Luo and Kikuyu communities amongst others. That’s why Harambee Stars is a national team and not a Luo team. I was shocked to hear the primitive Luo fans shouting ODM! ODM! and going into a frenzy when their god Raila entered the stadium. When did Harambee Stars become ODM’s property or part of Raila? Shame on them. The fans who had turned up to watch the match did not belong to political parties or ODM to be precise. So, why shout ODM party slogans?

The person who should take exclusive credit for the revived Harambee Stars is the coach and not the ODM gangs led by Raila. We know Gor Mahia is belongs to Luos and if it was the one playing, Kenyans would not have been interested. If Raila had worked magic in Gor Mahia, we would not even bother commenting about.

As I have said in this blog before, Luos need to mature up and stop being primitive. Word hard like other Kenyans and stop whining and expecting for free things from your god Raila.

Now that your god is in America, why cant he perform a miracle and turn the poverty-stricken Luo Nyanza into another America? By the way, when is Obama coming to save Luos from their poverty?

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha writers are as dumb as to believe in some of the garbage they write. Some of it, like the post in question, are meant to prick emotions and thereby generate a lot of back and forth to give the impression that the blog is popular.

Anonymous said...

oops meant to say "Kumekucha writers and NOT as dumb...."

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:32....LOL....give us a break....

Anonymous said...

Hey Kumekuchans you amaze me alot...You just dont get it?

I wonder why some come to read dumb articles by dumb writers or even garbage.....On your way out shut the door and pls dont bang.



Anonymous said...

Anon 6:43

You have a problem so big its difficult to find room to add insult to it. Oliech is Luo so how did he lazily score the Goal Obama is luo how imature was his campaign to beat Mr and Mrs Clinton? You surely have a interesting defination of lazy.

RAO united kenyans to see off KANU and feat Emelios had long given up on he was practically dusted off the shelf of oblivion and thrown back to the ring.....

RAO a luo again beat the same Emelio in a fair contest inspite of the thief staeling votes.....that is no job for a lazy man.....No lazy people get called professors like Nyongo......

.Why I'm I even talking to a guy who is taking issue with things said at a footbal match?

you urgently need to see a luo psychologist please direct your juvenile hate some place else. Try grow up while at it!!!!!

"Raila Hands Kenya Football A Lifeline"
That quote read ....kenya football...lifeline...

I don't know your mental age but a lifeline is just that a start, some hope and its even in quotes.

But retards will be retards all you do is hate.....You have never seen a good luo in your whole life......Is mathare full?

Sir Alex

kalamari said...

Where can I buy an authentic Harambee Stars jersey?

Supu, to suggest that Kikuyus cannot excel in physical sports because there are no known shortcuts is unfair and very bad for a country in search of national unity. You haven't heard of performance drugs? That aside, there are many exceptional footballers from GEMA….also take a look at the long distance runners recently. And by the way, do not forget Patrick Njiru and other celebrated golfers. Excelling in sports has nothing at all to do with tribe. It's all about physical ability, keen interest, resilience, discipline and dedication. Folks, I have played rugby with some very tough and steadfast skinny Ethiopians.

Phil, anyone throwing barbs at you for recognizing Raila's efforts in improving football in Kenya is not our friend. Such underestimate the power of football. What Kenya needs today is a truly legitimate national pastime. International marathons used to excite Kenyans lakini we've won so many times that nobody cares anymore.

Now that Kibaki lacks the charisma and fortitude to awake a mangy dog from it's slumber, we must rely on Raila's support for Harambee Stars to unite all Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex i was leaving until i saw your comments...Did you have to do that....Let us invest our energy somewhere like building that ka kumekucha bustop....Just leave the dude, did you read his comments...He needs help and we dont do that here, as Taabu says Kumekucha is yet to outsource the services of Dr. Njenga


Kwale said...

Ivy, I am usually very polite to ladies. I always treat them with dignity and respect and since you ask me to detail my manifestos, I so do it here dutifully.
And please don’t ask me to elaborate them now, cos I don’t have time to do so.










Have a good evening!

Anonymous said...


I have gone to sleep....Wake me up once you are awake.
Pls dont reply i know you are a busy jamaa.. I can see you are a visionary leader with your 8 pointers.....As Anon 5:41 suggests get a new passport....You are just too good for Kenya. Adios usiku mwema and bila night mares if you have one just know that the blanket was stolen.

It was nice talking to you!!


Anonymous said...

Eish kwale I thought your brighter than that...ebu remove that last contribution and start over cause its embarasing.....

I can give you hints....first you must describe the current status as is....

The spell out the factors that led to that...

Then give a detailed plan with time scale an cost implications...

prefeably with at leats three different scenarios and finaly choose the best option with reasons

Thats my simple understanding of a blue print.....

What you just put out there is shameful

plaese start again and we shall forget that you just did what you did.

We just hammerd the zimbos so we are in goos spirits so start al over your forgiven.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Phil did not say this, or did he Kwale and other haters?

Former soccer stars back Raila
Last updated: Thur, October 04, 2007

ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s campaign received a major boost when soccer heroes declared their support for him.

Under the banner Soccer Veterans for Raila (Sovera), the players who included the who-is-who in Kenya’s football history said they chose to back Mr Odinga as they believed he is the only candidate who can revive the sport and return the country to its lost glory.

The football stars were Mohamed Abbas, Peter Dawo, Henry Motego, Dan Shikanda, Gabriel Olang’, Bobby Ogolla, Aggrey Evayo, Elly Adero, Martin Atito, Sammy Omollo and Paul Onyiera.

Former Harambee Stars coach Joe Kadenge left before the veterans, who were accompanied by ODM treasurer Omingo Magara and official Joyce Ongera, addressed journalists at the party headquarters in Nairobi.

Dr Shikanda said football standards had declined in the last 15 years due to neglect by the Moi and Kibaki administrations.

“Our former soccer stars are now paupers, beggars and so we need to see them go forward to greater heights,” Dr Shikanda, said.

He regretted that Kenyans had been reduced to watching “the Rooneys (Manchester United player Wayne Rooney) and Beckhams (Los Angeles Galaxy player David Beckham) of this world yet we have enough talent to match outside there.”

Praising performance of Harambee Stars player Dennis Oliech who plays in French League, they said more professional footballers would boost the economy.

“This government promised to create 500,000 jobs annually but football alone can give us 200,000 jobs if Mr Odinga wins,” Dr Shikanda said, adding that many youths will export their talent and live well if government takes keen interest in football.

The former players were happy with Mr Odinga’s recent promise to ensure Kenya features in the World Cup and that the country hosts the Olympics during his tenure.

Mr Magara, the South Mugirango MP, said that despite making Kenya proud, the former stars were living in poverty.

Meanwhile, former Kenya Football Federation chairman Alfred Sambu has resigned his position and joined ODM.

He resigned from his position as Webuye Narc Kenya branch chairman after meeting with 280 former party delegates from Webuye constituency who mandated him to join ODM.

Party ticket

He will now run against Ford Kenya chairman Musikari Kombo should he clinch the ODM party ticket.

The majority of delegates at the day-long meeting at Webuye Motel on Tuesday preferred ODM to New Ford Kenya.

They made the move after it emerged that nominations in the PNU would favour Mr Kombo, one of President Kibaki’s point men in the campaigns.

He said after the meeting: “The people have spoken, they want change and have indicated ODM is the party that will bring about that change. I will abide by my people’s choice and meet Kombo at the ballot,” he said.

Anonymous said...


that is pathetic

Anonymous said...


You are trully an incorrigible human worshipper. How dare you snatch all the glory of Helen Sambili's hard work and heap it on your deity, Raila? Then you abuse the national NARC dream by equating it to a few fleeting goals by Harambee team. And in the confusion you say that Raila (a deity) is being humiliated (read victimised) by rookie politicians (earthily mortals); if this is happening Raila must be a plastic doll deity and you should hitch a ride on these rookie politicians while the sun is still shinning.

Add to this nonsense your talk of Raila being "installed" as a Kikuyu elder. Installed by Kuguru and Njonjo? That is quite an installation! Has it ever occurred to Raila that these two guys are now regarded worse than village chicken thieves. If he associates with stray dogs he shouldn't complain of fleas later.

Please, let Raila settle down into his constitutional role of a COORDINATOR without overloading him with your Luo Union mumbo jumbo talk!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

kwale, I am not a RAO supporter but, brother, jealousy is a terrible disease. Please appreciate positive contribution even if it is from a person you and your ilk consider the devil reincarnate.

If you want to know why our sports has been on a free fall in the last five years, here is a statement made by a top GNU Minister in a private conversation,

"In all his cabinet presentations, Kamanda looks at sports as an ODM/NARC issue and he considers any support to sports as propping up ODM".

Anonymous said...

there is no way that anyone can turn around a sports team in just a month. I am not disputing that Raila is doing marvelous things with the sports department but to believe that ANYTHING let alone ANYBODY could profoundly affect the performance of a football team in such a way that they turn from mediocrity to stardom in just a month is rubbish. There has to be other factors that have been in play for much more than a month. But of course if you worship Raila you opt not to see that...optical selectivity?

Anonymous said...

anon3:05 AM

Kwale it is people like you who can't see past RAO and what ever good he does - you can't accept- now talking about Kibera?? don't you think the finger point's at Kibaki?? who send out the Police to shoot and Kill innocent kenyans in Kibera?? RAO's constituency?? which kenya do you live in?? opps i forgot you must be abroad if you still maintain such propaganda- actually now i find you are ridiculous and shameless- you are the type of people who should not think of returning to kenya- since you worse than rat poison for a country that has decided to move forward!! look at your ugly face in the mirror and pray to god that you are still alive and you are not one of the mungiki's Kibaki executed!!pus the kibera folks.

Anonymous said...


3:39 AM

People still forget when in 2003 when Raila was in government with Kibaki he tried to bring in doners to help build kibera slum and the government blocked it- have we all forgotten that? why did kibaki and his cronies block it then?? because many of the kibera house owners are kikuyu's and they did want to be out on rent collections- I remember it was a big set back for Rao who already had doners ready to jump in and rebuild Kibera- i'm sure this time it will be done- watch and wait !!

Anonymous said...

anon4:13 AM
You sound like a woman scorned??
what is your beef- something good has happened to our football star be happy stop sounding like the nyamweya broken record who tried to use kibaki's elected judges who were trying to use the law of the jungle to overturn duly elected kff officials- shame isn't it??

push off and go and spew your filth elsewhere- and i suggest Mashada is the place for you!! nitwit

Anonymous said...

Raila has personally intervened and all Kibera people have toilets!

Raila has personally intervened and services have been delivered to Luo Nyanza which has been neglected by previous regimes!

Raila has personally intervened and AIDS cure has been found!

Raila has personally ....!

Finally, Raila has personally intervened and my children do not disobey me anymore and my wife cooks better!!

Raila! Hosanna! Raila! Hosanna!

Anonymous said...


Nbi- Kenya
why don't you go post your crap on mashada?? who are the greedy politician may i ask that you are trying to compare RAO with?? which won't wash in any Kenyans eyes except of cenral province goons
go lick people like Kibaki, Uhuru, michuki, saitoti, Karua those are the ones who rigged for their greedy selfish reasons that is why kenya is in shambles today-
go Rao, go and mpesa i suggest go eat your heart out and lok for your to drop the shiate and i suggest Central lesotho kikuyu is the place.

Anonymous said...

Kwale5:28 AM

How so?? go ask kibaki to do his work instead of continuing Murdering innocent Kenyans and I can advise you kibaki will not stop at killing kenyans- he enjoys it and guess what he started being blood thirsty when he executed the more than 500 mungiki youths in 2007- you have your work carried out for you to convince him otherwise- maybe it is Kibaki you envy- you blood thirsty sucker!
As for Rao he doesn't need your envy like you said it his his job and guess what Rao and ODM are doing a damn good job all over Kenya-Look at your thieving PNU?? Look at the finance Minister?? Sold Grand Regency and gave Pattni IMMUNITY?? what crock! because he is the peoples chosen President whether your warped mind can admit it or not!! get cracking mpesa you sound like an angry hyena......

Anonymous said...

anon7:30 AM

and your point is??

what i say to you is! thank god Raila did not order the police to shoot and kill innocent kenyans like kibaki did and fund mungiki to slaughter and behead innocent kenyans in central province, nakuru and naivasha and thank god raila used persuasive politics to convince people to join odm without threatening to execute them like your Emilio kibaki did and that is the difference between Rao's politics and Kibaki's it is nice of you to point the difference out. people followed Rao and changed parties because they believed then and still believe now that odm is the change that kenyans want- you can post all the negative material which actually turns out positive compared to the kibaki style of politics:)thieving, assassinations and murder of any innocent kenyan that does not agree with his policies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31 AM,

There is something called motivation. Ever heard of it? It can move mountains!

Yes, it is possible to change a team in one month even one day is enough. Just motivate the players and it does not cost much.

In this case, a senior member of the government had shown personal interest in the team. That was enough. The players knew their effort will be recognised and this did wonders. Even the Nyamweya's melted away and it was all "Gooo, Stars Goooo!!!"

PNUers, please read some of the contents of Blatter's letter to RAO that were widely published in the press.

"Oh, silly me! the letter was actually addressed to Emilio!!!" kwale and group, does this make you happy since you are incapable of seeing the obvious?!

Anonymous said...

anon8:51 AM

You surely sound like a 6 grader?? why not go sing hosanna to kibaki to get saved with all the innocent kenyans blood on his hands??

that is worse than kibera people not having toilets i would imagine and as for aids look closer to Martha Karua and saitoti they have aids and i can even direct you to their doctor in south Africa paid for by the government funds! Kenyans should be told this- those funds used on Martha Karua and Saitoti among many other PNU Mp's who have aids- can buy many aids kits for people in Nyanza tha you sing about? why are they getting different treatment??

and sorry to disappoint you- go check the Ministry of Health disribution department?? Most of the HIV kits are send to central Province district hospitals?? why is that??? I thought Nyanza would have been receiving more of the aids Kits since like you claim nyanza has the highest rate of HIV- so why are the HIV kits landing In central province district hospitals??

Isn't it a fact that central province has a high rate of HIV and this has been a kibaki government cover up to protect the face of central province?? no more my friend the truth is now out-

Look at THIKA! NYAURURU! NYANDARUA ! NYERI AND KIAMBU- DEATH BY HANGING IS ON A HIGH RISE AND WHY IS THAT?? study shows many youth in central province who can't admit to having aids rather hang themselves rather than confronting their families and friends with the news and now it is happening to even married couples in this areas- "hanging" is the key word-

now keep gloating like we kenyans can not find out the truth about central province and its hidden aids epidemic??

Anonymous said...

annon6:43 AM

Waaaow!!! my friend you are in pain- go take a pill- You can shout all you want but Rao will keep moving forward not backwards like your kibaki- go tell kibaki to start dealing with his crocks of Anglo leasing, Transcentury, charter house and now add Grand regency which he sold to Lybia and gave Pattni Immunity what a shameless man Kibaki is- ati no immunity for youths who were demonstrating about the rigged elections but he dares gives Pattni the thug immunity?? bullshit!! kibaki should step down- kenyans can see through his thieving ways since 2002........

Vikii said...

You guys give me a break. Ati Raila has done what the Kibaki govt could not do in five years. Najib Balala, a Raila surrogate was Sports minister in three of those five years.

What has Raila got to do with the appointment of Star's coach, Phil? Wee na wee umeshinda.

When we were killing giants like Cameroon, Guinea and Nigeria in 97/98 (Fabisch days), was it at the divine intervention of Raila?

We will support the Stars like we have always done, my suport for them will however have nothing to do with anything Raila has or has not done.

Anonymous said...

anon8:14 AM

are you really a kikuyu?? how dare you abuse our on people on here?? just because they are not going the direction of kibaki's normal politics and want to embrace other tribes now you make noise?? by the way one of the two individual is my relative and i'm proud that they took that step to bring peace back to kenya- you fool- no wonder the other tribes in Kenya want to burnish kikuyu's to central lesotho- and one wonders why- instead of looking through the smoke screen that the kikuyu's have been living with and open your eyes to the possibilities that as kenyans we have to reach out and if the only way to do it is to embrace Raila as a kikuyu elder to make peace with his people so be it- and it is not Kuguru or Njonjo who send out police to shoot innocent Kenya's in Nyanza- it was the leader you worship Kibaki(I as a kikuyu do not worship Kibaki blindly)

You should be very thankful and greatfull to Kuguru and Njonjo for going an extra mile to mend fences you goon- i can't just believe what I'm reading on here from kikuyu's are you blind or what?? go wash your eyes and look at Kenya again or else if you are the shit heads abroad please remain there you are not fir to come back to Kenya- you are a disappointment to us kikuyu's on ground here.

Anonymous said...

9:50 AM

Go tell Kibaki to return the money Libya gave him for his elections in exchange for Grand Regency and how dare he give Pattni Immunity in exchange for Grand Regency-
As for Rao- he is moving with the speed of Lightening in all sectors of kenya see where and who is meeting today as we speak:) now stop the scorn and start acting positive-

why did you and your kikuyu folks call Raila a "hero" in 2002 when he siad Kibaki tosha??

Because deep in your minds you knew then like you know now that he is a "HERO" and that indeed scares you Central province folks to death.
it was good when your guy was being given the presidential golden ticket on a golden platter for free- since we all know without Raila kibaki would have never smelled the statehouse- grow up and stop your nonsense vikii you sound like a lame duck...... should i say more... Raila Tosha and the kikuyu's that know the truth are making giving him the deserved honer soon:):)

Phil said...

Blogger Vikii said...
You guys give me a break. Ati Raila has done what the Kibaki govt could not do in five years. Najib Balala, a Raila surrogate was Sports minister in three of those five years.

What has Raila got to do with the appointment of Star's coach, Phil? Wee na wee umeshinda.

When we were killing giants like Cameroon, Guinea and Nigeria in 97/98 (Fabisch days), was it at the divine intervention of Raila?

We will support the Stars like we have always done, my suport for them will however have nothing to do with anything Raila has or has not done.
9:50 AM


When Najib was sports minister, that was no half loaf grand coalition government that has today made it possible, for once, an opposition party to have significant say into the national budget allocations. (imagine even the long forgotten NEP is getting Kshs2 billion this financial year!) Infact it was at the height of betrayal of the NARC dream and when the Anglo-Leasing scams were being hatched! For instance, we all remember how the roads ministry was denied funds by the same finance ministry just to show Kenyans that Raila cannot perform, right?

Kimanzi, the current stars coach, found a team already moulded by Ghost Mulee. He can claim very little credit for getting the massess back to the stadiums or creating high demand for game tickets. Someone talked about motivation. If Raila cannot turn around the fortunes of a team within a month, why should Kimanzi do so within the same period? Also please remember KFF and national team matters are under the management of KFF, not the PM's office. If you re-read my post again, nowhere have I said that The Rt. Hon PM sits on the Stars technical bench! Sio kwa ubaya, lakini enyewe chuo gani ya wakamba ama ya masapere isha cheza ball kwa nationals??

When the stars surprised themselves by helding nigeria to a draw and beating cameroun and guinea in the season you mention, I was at what was called then 'the notorious' Kasarani stadium to witness it all. I am not surprised you do not mention what happened when the stars went to play the same teams in the return matches - they were all a shame, ata Namibia ilitu bwaga Windhoek. Wacha tu!

Lets give credit where its due. Kenyan players would by now be languishing in, at best, the Koth Biro's and Kiko Cup's tournaments had Raila not prevailed upon Mr. Blatter to spare us the ban. Remove your political lenses then examine it again, please.

I will ask you what Kwale could not answer. What do you think are the benefits of Kenya qualifying for the world cup in 2010 - leave alone winning a single game?

Vikii said...

Phil, do u actually believe the Starts lost to Cameroon in Younde? The return leg for your information was in Nairobi after a draw in Cameroon. That aside, you have not told me what it is Raila Odinga has done to revive Stars' fortune.

Let us give credit to the players and the coach (both Ghost and Kimanzi). Otherwise you are telling me we need not credit Christiano Ronaldo,Ricardo Carvalho, Deco and Big Phil Scolari with Portugal's prowess. You are telling me van Nilsterooy, van Persie, Robben and van Basten should not get primary credit for the dutch ruthlessness in the Euro cup. We may as well stop talking about them and start heaping praise on government ministers in those countries. You are a dishonest brother and you know it, Phil.

I wish both you and Raila Odinga luck in these little endevours. sina ubaya na nyinyi.

Anonymous said...

Amnesty debate: Forgotten Kenyan conflict exposed

Political and land rivalries have reinforced each other this year
Medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has exposed torture and appalling levels of sexual violence in a conflict in western Kenya.

It says people there are caught up in fighting which it claims is being ignored by the international community.

A major military operation to neutralise a militia group called the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) has left thousands of civilians trapped.

The militia took up arms over a land allocation scheme it considers unfair.

MSF says there are victims of "indiscriminate violence" on both sides.

But Western Provincial Commissioner Abdul Mwasera told the BBC's Focus on Africa that accusations that the security forces had used excessive force were unfounded.

I saw men beaten on their genitals, and their testicles pulled out

Male witness

Rise of Kenya's vigilantes

The SLDF says it is fighting for ancestral land in the fertile Mount Elgon region belonging to the Sabaot community, but has been accused of killing members of rival ethnic groups.

Correspondents say much of the chaos witnessed in Kenya after the country's presidential election in December was sparked by long-running disputes over land.


The MSF report paints a picture of a civilian population caught between a heavy-handed military - accused of extra judicial killings - and a vicious militia, the SLDF, the BBC's Karen Allen reports from Nairobi.

One woman cited in the report described how the militia took five people a day to the mountains and killed them.

"If they targeted a home, they took every member of that family, irrespective of age and sex," she said.

The militia extorted fines from people who were drunk, chopping their ears off if they had no money and killing them if they resisted, she added.

"One of my brothers-in-law tried to resist one day and his head was chopped off and his body was thrown into a pit latrine," she was quoted as saying.

The report also sets out testimonies of men, suspected to have been militia members, being subjected to torture and appalling levels of sexual violence at the hands of the police and the military.

"I saw men beaten on their genitals, and their testicles pulled out," said one man who had been taken to a screening centre Kapkota.

"The military told us to confess we had guns, otherwise the torture would continue," he said.

MSF has also condemned the cramped conditions in which suspects are held during pre-trial detention, and warned that the violent response of the military is simply making things worse for an already traumatised civilian population.

Mr Mwasera said his own interviews had found that people in Mount Elgon supported what the military was doing.

He also said that it was the government's responsibility to care for those civilians displaced by the violence and that they had been offered food and ongoing assistance.

Anonymous said...

can somebody find at least one good thing kibaki has done so that we can cheer him on and just maybe these RAO/ODM haters can give us a break. anybody... even if its a game of golf ...

they are starved for praise and have resorted to mud-slinging... so please someone ... tell us which golf game kibaki was at recently adn we "sheer" the man ... priz prriz

Anonymous said...

Agwambo, just do it.

Anonymous said...

Vipi wote?

I have been reading this blog daily for sometime since october last year coz like many kenyan passport holders (i dnt use 'kenyans' coz some arent worthy being called that given the vitriol they pour on the country's image...the i dnt give a hoot about it..characters) living away from home i needed to get update on the election fever then.Couldnt rely on papers coz they were caught up in the campaigns.
I usually dont post but today after Phil's topic and the response i read i am forced to.Firstly i am pissed when someone verbally runs down the blog as being pro ODM and whatever.Listen i read a lot of posts and comments which are both pro PNU and ODM,so idnt see how its favouring one side.If u dont like what somebody else wrote the speak ur mind and opinion without resulting to castigate the blog in bad light,thats democracy and Kenya ought to be one.If u think u got monopoly of ideas then go to Mugabe.We have to agree to disagree.Kenya is for all of us and we all entiteled to opinion without suppressing others.
Secondly,i used to see things from a certain perspective when in kenya but since i came here to study i have learnt how diversified our country is.To break it down,am from Malindi and i got two friends a Luo who lives in Nrb and a kiuk from Thika in my University.We all aint that well off but my friend from Nrb is in a position to save us financially most of the times when times are hard here.So it pisses me off when dunderheads keep saying "abject poverty" when they talk bout people from the lake region.How comes my dude from Thika aint supa rich but yet hardworking like any of us????Cut the crap,theres two tribes in Kenya....supa rich and those struggling to break bread...thats it.It doesnt know where u come from,the seeds were planted at indipendence am sorry to say by people we know well but pretend not to.
Thirdly,about soccer.Am so proud to be Kenyan at this time coz i got friends from African Countries who used to say to me we cant do shit in soccer but now its proven otherwise.Guys,theres only one harambee stars,lets all support it without asking where Oliech comes from kinda like u can score mor goals!!!Its a national team and keep ur partisan ideals out of it.Am not afraid to say it...fuck kamanda and the KFF,s.If its Raila who is motivating the team,kudos Agwambo keep it up.Wheres Kibaki??i see leaders watching their national teams and cheering,whats it with him?He wasnt elected to sit in State House drink.He needs not only to lead but to be seen to lead.I actually would have voted Kalonzo if i could but not anymore,thought he is mature but nah,the guy is a joke too caught up in his ambitions to say the least.I used to see Kibaki and Raila as extremes but i now know who the most extreme is.He doesnt have my interest as his voter at heart.For the ministers i like what Ruto is doing coz i know lots of folks in kenya are farmers first then something else.Kudos...

Did i read that some 'Kenyans' are hating on Barack Obama???Give it up coz u aint stopping him from movng into the WH in Jan.Sorry ur votes just dont count..even mine even though its cool coz i prefer him to the rest.Even for once can u just keep ur tribal sentiments aside and see urself as a kenyan.See,the truth is that this guy is not even kenyan and possibly his policies may not drastically change our lives in Africa but the fact that hes blak should atleast make u proud that hes put ur race on the spot where many have tried.I live in the US and this guy is loved by many here and theres no denying it,hes gonna win it.Every other lady around the campus think that dating educated blacks is cool coz of Barrack....do u know what that means for me????I rest my case but trust me son,ur hating him coz his father happened to come from people u love to hate is misplaced and AMERICANS i know are gonna elect him...Unfortunately ni vote yao that counts!!!!

Lets be proud to be kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Like Agwambo once said....the noises made by a frog cannot stop a cow from drinking from the river.Raila is doing a good thing putting personal interest in kenyan soccer.Its worked when Roman Abramovich decided to change Russian soccer and hired a coach in Guus Hiddink for them.See them eliminating England and i must say they showing some beautiful passes at Euro 2008.
Greetings from Russia to all you haters there!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 9:51

stay strong, even if its uphill, you are one in a million. we are totally in agreement with those like you. many are too sacred to come out in the open. do your best to remain a beacon of hope.

Anonymous said...


You need to appreciate that not every non kiuk is a Rao fan. There are many non kiuks who think, and they (like mungatana)know odm ni bure. So quit your habit of assuming that every poster here who refuses to worship rao is a kiuk.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:04.....Please blog more often.


Vikii said...

Who really are haters? If refusing to endorse mediocrity is hating then I am one, and proudly so. I will be a hater for as long as I live.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:04 - I also second, blog more often. We need level headed debaters here.

Mzee wa kijiji

Anonymous said...

Im not surprised Raila has a keen interest in football, he's a big fan right? Anyway, I cant fault on this, even if he's still sinister

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:04

I fully concur.

"Tulikuwa tuende huko (State House), tukae and tujienjoy!"

Do you remember this statement? If you do, why ask where Kibaki is or what he is doing? "Hako pale, pale tu anajienjoy!"

Can anyone highlight Kibaki's achievements since he was appointed KANU's EO in the 1960s? The so called economic development of the 1970's when he was minister for finance was guided by Sessional Paper No. 1 of 1965 drafted under the guidance of Tom Mboya. Any fool could do what Obako did in the 1970s!!!

Who mid-wifed the economic policies that guided the first five years of Obako as president leading to the 6% growth that some people are now shouting about? Certainly neither the Kimunyas of this world nor any of the GNU ministers!!!

Anonymous said...

hi all?
i posted that anon 5:04 because i was pushed to by the vitriol people were pouring senselessly on somebody simply because of diff party affiliations.I appreciate the response and i will share what i got from time to time here with you guys.I have just read that somebody refering to what others post as garbage...it is an insult:sample this,why dont u get chek'd coz i really think you arent fully usin ur brain capacity.Please disagree without refering to this blog as garbage.Or better still just go back to whichever blog u run away from time to time to chek on us here,i would respect that.otherwise next time i will be hard on you.Keep the motherland safe as we try to get knowledge that we may use in the future hopefully.I wish the young guys in kenya could be inspired and given REAL hope like the young americans are getting from Senator Barack Obama.Trust me,its so infectious around here tht even americans that dint know Obama's FULL name are checking him out and contributing to his campaign,....yes,students saving on stuff to give to his campaign and make Barack move into the house on Penn. street in january.Thats how i wish we could all love kenya and give our best in whatever ways we can.They feel like its their responsibility to put the right person in there.Please lets not politicians take away our country,they are there to lead and not to take pieces of it leaavin us nothing.

Greetings from Michigan,

japanophyle said...

I will read from time to time for that.

Anonymous said...

Raila Amollo Odinga will be the next president.
Right now Kibaki is leading but Raila is shining.
You see what happened in South Africa? Zimbabwe will share same experince with Kenya politically.

About the ICC, if nothing is done to the vote thieves then prosecuting suspects will not prevent violence after yet another stolen election in 2012.

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