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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Statement on Kumekucha Rumours From Chris

It is said that the way to tell that you are making an impact in politics in Kenya is from how quickly you make enemies. If this is true then Kumekucha has had a major impact since inception but more so in recent times.

Over the last few weeks many of those enemies have shown their faces and indeed their "fangs" on this blog in many different ways. As a champion of free speech I find it extremely difficult to censor anybody. Everybody has a right to their opinion even when their views are pure insanity

However for the sake of the rest of our readers who are still wondering where all the venom is coming from, I would like to make a few facts clear.

* Kumekucha has not been sold and I have no plans whatsoever of selling it at whatever price anybody is capable of offering. It seems to me that I am one of the few Kenyans left who DO NOT believe that money is everything and sometimes there are things which are much more important than one's bank balance.

* I have gone to great lengths to get Oscar on board and he is essentially an investigative reporter, it seems that many of our commentators would prefer that he becomes extremely selective in what he publishes here. I do NOT share that view and I have urged him to ignore negative comments and to continue doing what he is so good at. This blog is not fashioned after some prestige media and therefore if he comes across information on some politicians romantic activities, he will quickly publish it here and if it is too hot I will keep it for the raw notes which I want to report is more popular than ever despite the best efforts of some of our enemies to discourage new subscribers. I take this opportunity to thank you all for your unwavering faith in me and the infomation I work so hard at great risk to my life to bring to you.

* I take this opportunity to announce that I have this day despite my current sorry situation vowed to you all to re-dedicate myself to the core principals I had when I launched this blog in May 2005. Kenya needs those of us who can fight without fear for a better tomorrow. If we will not be there to enjoy it then let us do it for our children and grand children. This is something that I believe in enough to fight for until my last breath if necessary.

You see I love my country... very very much

As always for the love of the motherland.



Phil said...

Thank you Chris.

Na baado. Hatuta choka.

As you rightly put it, this is our country and we shall never ever give up.

Anonymous said...

Is that the blog that other people are insulted for airing their views? Simply because they have a different view. How sorry?

Mwarang'ethe said...

To Chris,

You are missing the big point here. What we are saying is this, lets discuss issues that come move our nation forward.

simply, we do not find stories about divorce and such worthy our time.

Vikii said...

I will not question the literal accuracy of your allegations, but I will ask the same thing I have been asking for years; What is it that you "fight" for?

Phil said...

Quite right and well said Mwareng'ethe.

The morality of the people we have entrusted with instruments of moving this nation forward DOES matter.

For instance, how does it sound to you when the head of state has to issue numerous official statements through the state funded Presidential Press Service to CLARIFY members of his family? And this happens after the fugitive boyfriend(s) and husband-to-be of one his daughters have wreaked havoc all over the country including (a) illegally and irregularly appointing themselves as assistant commissioners of Kenya police, (b) raiding newspaper premises and consficating the days publication and even worse (c) organizing an armed invasion of a classified area like the JKI Airport and assaulting custom officers of our respected KRA?

Its all about MORAL move the nation forward as you say, right?

Meanwhile, can I challenge you to prepare and e-mail to me an article that you think will help move this nation forward so I can publish it as a main post on on your behalf on this very blog - the address is umissedthis(at)

Any other of the numerous anonymouses are also most welcome to send their progressive ideas too!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris.....For the clarification..I was a bit worried....Bring them on


Anonymous said...


i tend to agree with Mwarang'ethe in the sense that those domez would be a non issue if our institutions were functional. for instance that breach of security you mention, if the officers handled it as they professionally should have (subdue and arrest the thug) then nothing more would have come out of it. take it back a little, whoever issued those thugs with security passes, if they had observed laid down structures (no way foreigner can have such access and armed etc). so somewhere in there, there is a breakdown of structure and gross violation of due process, from then on we look for where to point fingers and that automatically goes to conduct unbecoming.

if due process is followed at all times, i believe we'd have less of these shenanigans. its when public officers (try to) suck up to relatives, friends, concubines, etc of the big guy(s) that we run into all sorts of trouble.


Taabu said...

Kwani your contract in HARARE ran out or the fugitives smelt you blood there and you are on the run again? Poor Kenyan! What a thankless job you have in your hands. Anything you write is a magnet of bile and when you go cucko rumour galore. Just how much can a man bear?

In the meantime welcome home and let the fireworks crack.

Anonymous said...

Just leave sex escapades of politicians out of this blog. If they use government money to do that then shout at the top of your voice. If Kibaki uses Kenyan TV to clarify who his wives are then condemn the use of state resources NOT his escapades. Please Please let the escapages go to UDAKU - which I enjoy reading so much.
What we want in this blog is ISUES ISSUES ISSUES AND ISSUES
Talk about Land and how the government is dealing with it. The issue of Pattni and his amnesty - who is to blame - the issue of IDPs and the MPs salary - inflation - my you have alot.

Regean in Butere.

Anonymous said...

Chris, if what you are saying is true then you are a rare species in our beloved country.

Please Chris bring us important themes affecting our nation.


Anonymous said...

Chris you are a hippocrate or did it finally occur to you that you might have lost credibility here and that people were not willing to subscribe to the Raw Notes and support your living abroad? You also claim that your life is in danger in Kenya. How does it then come that you left your family alone to take care for themselves? Many people know your address and they are still living right there. Don't you care about them or is this not just a big bluff? I know your hardcore followers will still believe you, many others won't. Sorry but that's a fact. Kenyans have changed and have stopped believing everything as nice as it may sound. You made a big mistake when you allowed and even supported the reduction of this blog to become a gutter-press outlet spreading false rumours. If you love your country as you claim, prove it and join us here as you did before. Not with shallow words issued from some foreign land, but with ideas and deeds grown right here, in your beloved motherland Kenya.

Mkenya Damu said...

Chris , stop whining and get down to work , what is upsetting some of your loyal fans is when you make grave accusations against prominent people who atrract plenty of public affection without giving any tangible evidence , my point is had githongo not provided recordings who would have believed him ?, if this Oscar guy(who i believe is you alter ego) is a serious investigative journalist then i think he can certainly do a better job , we can not take his word unless he provides some evidence, and finaly a piece of advice this raw notes thing will not work you know kenyans as well as i do and we do not pay for what we havent seen , best strategy is to send your core bloggers one exclusive raw notes story for free then we can make a judgement and please whatever you do let it not be signed by Oscar, he still has credibility issues to deal with.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

mkenya damu - I fully support you your advise to Chris. The only problem I see is that his hardcore supporters will all join together and tell us here that they have read the Raw Notes and that they are interesting stuff and worth thei money.l Ssome have already started in this sense in leaving supporting messages here. I would suggest that Chris leaves this subscription thing aside for the moment and gives us this information for free. I even feel he owes us at least this since it was us, his readers, giving him the 1 Million and more Hits which made Kumekucha famous all over the world. It is therefore very unfair now that he has reached (and again I repeat, thanks to us) this status to give access to some important information which might be of interest for all of us, only to those who can afford to transfer $ 15. In doing this, Chris is creating a two-class Kumekucha society: those who cannot pay, only get the basic information and/or even just some gutter-press news - whereas those priviledged ones able to pay for it, get the real news. Chris, think twice before embarking on this mind-structure of reducing yourself to a money-making-machine. Since if this what you want and expect, then all your promises that you are still the same man we once knew and admired, are false and hollow promises by a man who has forgotten where he came from. You will not only have lost your family and friends, you will at the end also loose your true identity.

Anonymous said...

the lazy ODM dimwits are still begging chris for the raw notes at no fee. ha ha ha ha...and they harp allday that they do not believe. Raila screwed around and those of us who can afford the 15 dollars have seen the clear evidence. chris continue exposing these hammerheads of politicians..


Anonymous said...

taabu - I am not an ODM dimwit but I am a Kenyan who cannot afford to pay those $ 15. I do not think that this is reason for you to spit at people who are poor with a sarcastic hahaha. It only shows your dirty character. If Chris needs money to enjoy life abroad, he should look for a job. And if you have enough money to support him, why don't you send him some thousand dollars so he can stop begging us here. Shame on people like you and shame on Chris too. The Kumekucha we once knew is finished.

Taabu said...

@Anon 2.11 & 2.33,
Why do you engage in AUTO EROTISM? You ask a question and tehn answer yourself while hidding under a name you don't own. You can do better than that even if only to soothe your plastic ego. Even deception requires some tact. I have a handle and will not benefit you with a reply becasue you don't deserve it. Try another one dude.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, this is Marianne Briner impersonating you! That's what she does best.

Anonymous said...

Do these MPs see themselves as gods?

Kenyans should stage a nationwide PEACEFUL demonstrations to force these Thieves (aka MPs) to pay taxes.

If the MPs refuse - then ALL kenyans should follow their leaders example and refuse to pay taxes!

Anonymous said...

someone wants to buy Kumekucha? isn't this a BLOG? as in everyone has one?

Anonymous said...

Somebody here on this blog and only here on this blog is haunted by Marianne Briner. She sees her in every comment even in the ones she is posting here herself using fake names of others, just to demonstrate it's MB again and again. What a poor soul she (H.O.) must be 'While on her knees'.

Anonymous said...

The ODM dimwits are ofcourse led by phil, taabu and ivy. And I understand they have uni degrees!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:08 AM - your assumption that it is H.O. aka Hellen Okello aka Shaddy, the name under which she is sometimes posting here, who continues letting us believe that MB is everywhere on this blog whereas she only exists in Shaddy's nightmares. Sweet dreams, Hellen Okello.

Knoppix!® said...

Thank you Chris for the clarifications,but you'd agree the last thing we need for a working nation is reading about who bangs who and so on and forth.Every morning we see people walk into town that either banged or were banged.Imagine if we were to write about all of them?Mambo ya watu remains just that mambo ya watu!Different blogs different issues but Kumekucha for a moving Kenya if i got you clearly!

If like you stated Oscar is an investigative journalist then lets read concise and insightful posts then we can make our offertory!We normally are quick to appreciate good posts when we see them.

We look forward to read on......!

Good day folks!

Anonymous said...

Chris this is a good blog with independent views but we cannot start being disrespectful and abusive!we are in Africa not Europe.
this is NOT A TABLOID BLOG!on the look-out for who is sleeping with whom!
People the ranks of Salim Lone read this Blog and others, the article on ESTHER PASSARIS was DISGUSTING! AS FOR THE NEW WRITER-A stranger has big eyes but sees nothing!!!
We ought to give CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE!
To Oscar,If you are in one boat, YOU HAVE TO ROW together!
In as much as we are modernized we must respect the people we write about,again this is Africa where a man who pays respect to the great paves the way for his own greatness.

Anonymous said...

From my point of view, this Oscar is only investigating when it comes to reporting on other people's sex life - fake or real or maybe just in his own dreams. Up to now he has not published anything of substantial value, except when posting other people's scripts. So inspite of what Chris tries to tell us, my doubts linger on. The road this blog has started to walk, is a very bumpy one with a lot of loopholes. Unless Chris finds back his senses and decides to embark together with us on Vision 2030 - I would even say, we should try to make it Vision 2020. Some people here have already given us some valuable suggestions. Let's continue in this sense and avoid all other slippery or juicy topics. If this Oscar guy cannot join us in this, he should go and find another blog but spare us his nonsense from now on. I still do not understand why we ever needed him anyway. Chris was doing very well without him before while writing his own articles and also publishing information received by third parties, especially by Phil who always contributed very important insider information. So even if Chris is now living outside Kenya, what does it change? We are living in a cyber world and can connect whereever we are. He told us this even many times himself. So, Chris, here is the challenge: take part or even better, take over again as you did before - unless, of course, you have decided that you have better things to do.

Anonymous said...


Refrain from name calling who is a dimwit?? i guess you should look at yourself in the mirror- since you are the one sharing with Chris the money he is trying to fleece from bloggers here on raw cheap gutter press notes- and the person posing as anonymous is you- so stop playing bloggers as fools on here- you should be ashamed of yourself Taabu-
ODMers are not cheap and neither do they look to read cheap propaganda material- or post on kumekucha that a journalist called Oscar is experienced when we can all see the only experience he has id from the Nairobi River road press that is the guy to call a dimwit or the PNU domo's here trying to spread filth and propaganda - how about we let them into a little secret that they have been hiding??? does kibaki wear trainers- that is seniors diapers?? some source informed us that he does- so is that funny?? nope it is just a fact of life- and so what if he does- but if it were any member of odm in parliament wearing diapers guess how big the domo's would be spewing it on Kumekucha??

look at yourself first Taabu before calling others dimwit's that is exactly what you are " dimwit yourself"

Anonymous said...

Taabu -sorry don't confuse me with the other mad person who trying to use your identity- I'm the one who answered 12:38 AM before i realized that someone was using your identity-

sad this stealing of identity has jumbed from Mashada to here- on mashada it started with PNU supporters stealing odm identities and started using them to praise Kibaki and then ODM bloggers got angry and hit back and now it is mixed grill- what is with this individual?? no intelligence in those heads all they want is to spew hate everywhere - sincerely this PNU -kibaki supporter should know better it will not wash.

anyway mashada is becoming a gutter press blog with peoples personal lifes for sell, what more can one expect....

Anonymous said...

Thursday, June 19, 2008
Prime Minister Raila Odinga in Washington

I attended this talk and wrote the following report.

The Honorable Raila Odinga, Prime Minister of Kenya, spoke at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington on June 17 on the topic of “Kenya: A Way Forward.” The Prime Minister thanked the U.S. and high ranking officials for their support during Kenya’s recent difficulties. He commended foreign partners led by former UN Secretary General Anan and retired President Mkapa from Tanzania for helping to achieve internal peace. He noted that the transition government was now 60 days old. He admitted that the process of establishing the “grand coalition” had required soul searching, sacrifice and compromise, but that the Orange Democratic Movement was determined to make it work. He later added that he and President Kibaki have a viable partnership.

Reflecting on post election violence, Odinga said that Kenya “had lived a lie” in thinking it was immune from such disturbances. It was not an island of peace, but its fa├žade had hidden disparities, inequalities and anger. Some issues dated from colonial times, others came later; all should have been addressed earlier. However, now was the time. A first step would be a new constitution. He also pledged investigations into election irregularities and human rights violations. He supported the creation of a truth, justice and reconciliation process.

The Prime Minister noted that Kenya now faces enormous economic difficulties. The chaos stalled the economy and the rains have been poor. Growth has tumbled. The new cabinet – bloated he said by necessity – will work through committees to redress the nation’s ills. Reviving the economy is a major task. Kenya will count on its friends and outside investors to help.

During his talk Odinga also strongly criticized President Mugabe of Zimbabwe saying that elections there were a “sham” and an “embarrassment” to the continent. He called on African leaders, especially President Mbeki to step up and help resolve the crisis.

In answering a question about how to restore the social fabric, the Prime Minister said that Kenya would draw on the experience of others such as South Africa to help salve wounds. Proposals for a truth and reconciliation commission were being studied. Those persons involved in mob violence would face no sanctions, but perpetrators of crimes would be prosecuted. Abuses by security forces would be investigated. Issues of compensation for victims have not been decided. Odinga noted that in the aftermath of violence, Kenyans themselves discovered their interdependence. Matatus needed passengers, just as passengers needed matatus; similarly for shops and shoppers, farmers and markets. He implied that these interconnections boded well for reestablishment of societal trust.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that land issues remain troublesome. He said that many internally displaced persons - not just Kikuyus, but Luos too - had long been settled outside of their traditional homelands. Generations later these folk have little knowledge of where their ancestors came from, so they have no “homes” to return to. He stated that land reform would be a priority and opined that the breaking up of large European farms into small plots that were increasingly sub-divided had not served the nation well. He suggested that agricultural advantages of scale could be achieved and better services provided to citizens if farms were managed cooperatively.

Comment: Prime Minister Odinga made an impressive presentation to the effect that Kenya is on the way back and on a thoughtful track. Clearly, he knows the issues and appears determined to treat them straight forwardly. Whether or not the governing coalition will permit this to occur, remains to be seen. That notwithstanding, Odinga’s visit to Washington and contacts with policy makers in the administration, the Congress and the World Bank was designed to raise Kenya’s (and Odinga’s) image and to assure interlocutors that serious efforts – that merit American support – are underway. Without doubt, that message is being heard.

Anonymous said...

anon11:41 PM

It has been quite a while since Chris wrote anything for this blog- even the post promoting Oscar does not sound like anything Chris would write- the phrasing of the sentences sounds wrong- it is like the same Oscar posted this post praising himself- it just looked weird or sounded fishy.

so where do we all go from here if Kumekucha continues to post such post and insisting on raw notes for sale?? raw notes that most of us on here would rather pass on??

lets us exchange ideas and news to enable us to forge forward as kenyan bloggers - not mad hateful and spiteful individuals or the whole world to see- it is somewhat pathetic- reading what is on kumekucha this days- others are trying to make a difference while here we are always derailed with hate posts or cheap articles touching individuals personal lifes what a shame.

Anonymous said...

By the way, what is a dimwit?

secondly what is an ODM dimwit?

Pls the link alone will do...Thank you

u guy Taabu inspires you so much that you just have to impersonate him?


Anonymous said...

anon1:00 AM

Thanks for the post- it is very enlightening- not shying away from the problems that face Kenya the PM seems to be making good progress and the fact that he is determined to make the coalition work and he does acknowledge with his patners that is a step in the right direction- like the saying goes "where there is a will there is always a way" and kenyans should pray and hope this coalition works in order to bring to the table a new constitution for Kenyans and meanwhile join forces to bring the economy of kenya which was shattered due to the aftermath of the election- so that ordinary kenyans not bare the brunt-

anyway i think if the coalition sticks together then anything is possible for Kenya.

Phil said...


Yessahh, I hear YOU, loud and clear!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:29

We shall succeed.....yes we shall succeed....Ndio tutafaulu.

And yes As Allan Namu says, saying it so many times will not make us succeed, you must get your butt up and move on for us to succeed. (Sorry that was meant for you...But for the "duly elected" president of Kenya) The people of this gr8 country must see you working...Yes working and not just addressing 101 conferences and telling us something 100 times...the people want to see you more....Imagine a CEO of a company who only appears when the company is having its anniversary or a launch...The other days it is your cronies having a field day, fleecing us of every cent that we "work hard" for


Anonymous said...

Anon 1:19 - you are right, After reading this post again, I agree with you. It really does not sound like Chris. So the rumours that he sold Kumekucha - name and blog being famous and therefore worth some money to invest for certain people - must be true. This Oscar must have agreed with Chris that he can use even sometimes when it becomes necessary his identity so people keep on reading. Chris should have known that Kumekuchans, at least the majority of them, are not stupid. What does he care? He got the money and has moved on. His last trick was the invention of the Raw Notes. They have helped him to make even more money on us. Shame on you, Chris Kyalo (South Bend, Indiana, USA).

Kwale said...

Chris, You know it is said, man greatness is not the money or education he has but the ability to rise above difficult situations including rumours, lies and malice and come out unscratched.
Chris, you have done so and it’s good to see you standing up for what you believe in irrespective of what others says. Not that I always agree with you but I respect mental toughness.

Always remember this quote from a German poet ”Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

And to those criticizing Chris, “If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.”

M-Pesa said...

3 Questions, no, 4 questions

1. What is Hellen Okello, Shaddy and all other fake names doing "while on her Knees". what is there to get on her knees?

2. Is it true that Sam Okello is gay?

3. Is Chris gay as well?

4. Marianne Briner, what is Auto Eroticism?


Anonymous said...

M-Pesa, So what if Chris is gay?

Leave the man alone!!


Anonymous said...


Don't spew bigotry here. Lets be accommodating. In the same breadth lets set high standards for our office holders. Just what will our kids learn when they see on T.V that this is the norm in Kenya.

We can learn a thing or 2 from the U.S, in this country countless public servants have been shown the door for immoral conducts. Latest being the NY govenor Elliot Splitzer (sp), do you remember the Bill Clinton impeachment trial??? An how much scrutiny goes to presidential candidates? Kama ulilala na malaya wewe hauna bahati hapa bana, its called morals and we need to institute the same in motherland.

As they say....for love of country.


Knoppix!® said...

Oscar if you are reading,some of us are waiting for a new post!

Anonymous said...

I also second the fact that 'Oscar' is a fake! The story about Passaris and Pius was in the news, so nothing investigative about it. The other rubbish in 'raw notes' are stright from the gutter - they are written by people who believe that one can not go far without bribing or sleeping around. They are not worth Sh 15 let alone $15.


Anonymous said...

that you post an item to phil? What a let-down. Obviously, like Chris before him, any antii-ODM post will not see the light of day and neither will a story not praising Raila be posted. Close shop guys. Other readers, tugutuke. Njia panda

Mla Chake said...

Eshter Passaris F***ed Ruto & Raila.
More to Come HERE;

Anonymous said...

Folks we should have seen it coming when the design of this blog was changed and then only a few days later Chris tried to sell us the crap that he had to run away because his life was in danger.
Truth is he had family problems because his wife did not like the way he had spoken about her Kikuyu background right here on his own blog and telling private matters which should have been kept between them and not spread to the public to get some HITS.
He ended up in K-Street with Phil and was caught as they say in flagranti. It seems there are even photos existing about their adventures.
Having publlished the 1 Million HIT success, he got some offers from his ODM friends who had the excellent idea to take advantage of the publicity of this blog. They therefore saw a perfect opportunity for themselves and made Chris an offer which he could not resist. Rumours say that the idea was first brought to him by Phil during their mutual escapade in K-Street.
When Chris knew the amount they offered, he accepted. At the same time Sam Okello offered him to publish his essay about Tom Mboya - something Chris had dreamed about since years as he told us here many times. But there was still the question how to cover his living in the States? This is how the idea of the Raw Notes was borne. Not a bad idea if we would not have smelt the rat from afar here.
There is also onather problem which Chris did not solve yet: He has left his family behind. His wife has to fend for his daughter, her son and grandchild without Chris' support. Does this not tell something about this man?
And coming back to Kumekucha. When selling the name, he should have made clear that the reputation of this blog is not damaged. He should have made it clear preferably in writing that this Oscar - whoever he is - continues with serious issues and not let if become a gutter-press blog.
But it seems, money had become more important and in leaving the country Chris gave a sh.. about the rest.
I am just waiting for the 5th of July, the date he told us he would surprise all of us here. My guess is that he will announce the Tom Mboya book right on this blog asking to buy it via Sam Okello's Sahel Publishers Co. - Just wait and see.
Let's face the fact: Kumekucha as we once knew it is finished. Although the likes of Phil and others will try to convince us of the opposite because they are part of the deal.
But let's not allow them to fool us.

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa 3:23 AM - I don't know if Chris or Sam Okello are gay - truth is that Hellen Okello takes care of both 'while on her knees'. So I suggest that you ask her. She should be able to reply to this.
On the other hand, have asked MB if she knew what Auto-Eroticism is. She had no clue. So maybe somebody here can explain what it means.
Coming back to being gay: Chris once hinted to MB (he did this in writing so don't come out here doubting it since as we all know, MB is supporting everything she says with respective mails - and just in case, she is even willing to present photocopies of those mails with all details) that also JEFF KOINANGE is gay.
Chris referred to their mutual times in playing Rugby. As Chris said, many girls were chasing Jeff, but he was never seen dating one. On the contrary, Jeff always preferred the company of men.
Chris' comment to this was that rumours had it that Jeff was gay and that's why he then also became a Flight Attendant - first with Kenya Aiways and then with PanAmerican - something his proud Kikuyu family really hated.
When Chris wrote the article about the Kenyan Rape Journalist, it was out of this feeling. He saw Jeff as a rapist because according to Chris, Jeff hated women. As Chris wrote to MB, this also explains why Jeff got married to a woman 20 years older than himself and then to a Muslim which again - according to their rules - was already quite 'old' being 32 when Jeff married her. So for her family it was a realease that she finally found a man willing to marry her. But for Jeff's family, this was another disgrace and that's why his mother never spoke to his wife as he confirmed himself in his mails to MB.
Why I am talking about all this right here? Because it explains also the dark sides of Chris - the man we all have trusted. A man who has sold his soul (and us) when passing this blog to one 'Oscar' leaving his family like somebody who has outgrown its purpose.

Anonymous said...

anon5:52 AM

again another PNU fool with the usual propaganda- we all know kikuyu's are the ones who sell their souls to the devil="thieves and thugs- so if Chris sold his blog to any party it is the PNU KIKUYU PRESS- sorry your lies will never wash even when you are trying so hard to be a story teller-

I guess as usual it is just yet again the PNU frustration showing:)
I think you PNU supporters never thought or imagined a day will come when facts about your illegal and thuggery ways would be displayed on most of the blogs around the world and you never even imagined that all your PNU dirty laundry would be in the public domain- you were so used to looting behind closed doors that it become such a habit like your second skin-
so they way you pnu supporters post on many blogs such utter propaganda while spinning lies!it is a pity that everyone can now see through your attempts and kenyans do not swallow your lies- another great thing i that many ODM members work in all arms of government and parastatals in Kenya and abroad- and now they don't have to worry anymore- anything that the Kibaki -and his PNU cronies try to hide- all the have to do is post information directly on the blogs or pass it on to be posted by a family member or friend- so You see your propaganda is indeed a waste of time- now information flow is so clear that what PNU has been used to hiding and looting in the dark of the night is going public-
I feel sorry for the likes of people like you who dream dreams and stories and think you can peddle them on blogs like this- do grow up.

Anonymous said...

Mla Chake said...



Anonymous said...

More to Come HERE;

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