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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Goodbye Lorna, Kenya Will Miss You

Kumekucha Pays Tribute To Lorna Laboso

It was clear from yesterday’s tearful (and yet also controversial) send off of the late assistant minister in the ministry of home affairs, Lorna Laboso that this was a woman who was in many ways very special and will therefore be sorely missed. It is clear that she will be missed by not only her relatives, close friends and constituents but also by many whom her short life touched.

The tragedy of man is that we will tend to sing the praises of fellow mortals only when they are departed and many times people exaggerate stuff at funerals. This was hardly the case with Ms Laboso who has a string of solid achievements she made within her short time in this place where we are all on transition and in Kenyan politics.

For instance the late MP for Sotik had already started setting aside Kshs 100,000 from her remuneration in the August house every month to benefit her constituents.

Amazingly it also emerged that Laboso was down and out only a few short years ago but firmly believed that she would make it to parliament and the cabinet even after an earlier attempt in 2002 badly flopped. Apparently she was known to urge friends who were going through a difficult time to read or listen to the best selling inspirational “The Secret.”

There is really no doubt that this was a very special woman. Little wonder that a well known respected personality could not help falling in love with the late Laboso and they had a love child together.

Kumekucha salutes a great departed Kenyan, amongst the breed of the kind of leaders that our beloved motherland badly needs just now.


Phil said...

Chris thank you for this tribute.

This is what you said of Lorna just a few days ago:

"Sneak preview of the last week's raw notes:
"Indeed it is quite likely that it was the subject of puzzled gossip within the August house where most burly politicians prefer sexual encounters with underage girls picked up mostly along Nairobi's notorious red light district of Koinange street. Most would have wondered what Kones was doing smitten by this over 40 Kalenjin woman when there were so many young and willing girls hanging around daily at the legislators' favourite street of sin in Nairobi..."
- Get your Kumekucha raw notes.

This is trully regrettable and I am disappointed you had to make this allegation about two ODM members who met death in the most violent manner even before they are buried. I just hope this was a slip of the tongue.

Knoppix!® said...

This post is late!

M-Pesa said...

As we mourn Lorna, let's not also forget there was a German pilot and Kones' bodyguard called Bett who also perished in the ill fated flight. The press has given them a near wide berth.

Bett was Kones' bodyguard for almost a decade yet lived in a relic of a mud hut on a meagre pay. He leaves behind a young family facing financial ruin.

The German pilot who owned the plane but had leased it to a charter company leaves behind a son borne by his young "wife" from Ukambani who has now been denied access to 'their' Lavington mansion.

My point is that while all the attention has been focused on Kones and Lorna, we also have other victims here who have almost been sidelined. Let's not forget them and their families as we mourn.

So long...

Anonymous said...

A wonderful ODM woman. May her soul rest in peace.

Knoppix!® said...

Phil your comment at 2:28 confirms my fears.
There is no such thing as slip of the tongue about what one holds as truth or lack thereof.

So that inherently means we have an identity crisis.Eithr this Oscar chap holds this view and Chris the other and or they re posting using one ID but completely diffrent ideology.

I dont want to pull an SPSS on this blog,but can we have this issue sorted out for once!We seem to have a saw here -It eats both ways - posting this then unwittingly conflicting themselves.

Whats really going on here.We want the real Chris.Am smelling a rat here.We now have an avalanche of of doubts and several other theories.Information is power and the right to info is a fundamental right and a civil liberty at that however much the cost.

The undressing of Kones and Lorna was unwarranted.I will state here for a fact that Lorna was my brothers girlfriend months on end and i havent come here blirting about uit.The dead deserve some respect be it they were good or bad ,this confirms my earlier comment about this post being too late too little.The damage is done.

Spare us the moderation,we know the kids are reading as well,but let them give us their pedestrian ideas and through that we can know what their mothers are feeding them with.

Be right back.

Knoppix!® said...

Phil by the way........
For some reason my mails in form of posts are not reaching you.I keep getting a failure notice about delivery.

Anonymous said...

You are advertising the RAW NOTES. Oh, sawa

Anonymous said...

Thanks Knoppix for clarifying and I figure that an apology is in order to all posters here who may not have known Hon. Laboso personally, but who nonetheless regret her passing.
Pity that you (originator of the post) would choose to make money by peddling inaccuracies about her life seeing she's not here to defend herself. Very cheap.

Anonymous said...

to all Karua defense team

in your support for Karua and her defence of why she was demonised in Sotik yesterday, you forgot to ask yourself this Q. if karua had kept her mouth shut and just eulogised lorna (like kalonzo did), would she have been booed? No! so why was she trying to use the funeral to answer some of the amnesty issues? was it not better to just say - we shall review those matters later? come on now. karua has no political skills beyond gichugu. that much is evident. a politician who is booed off BBC just like she is booed off sotik has no qualities of politics beyond here tribe.

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua is hot! I think about her everyday. She is a true babe!!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 6.03 AM

What has Karua got to do with this post? Are you just trying to change the topic? The issue here is that someone is using an unfortunate event to make some quick dollars, stick to the topic.

If you wanna talk about Karua, she was responding to previous speakers who were calling for amnesty in the same venue, wacha double standards.

Anonymous said...

Learning point for Karua: If I were her, I would not have permitted Ngilu to determine my agenda, just as a matter of simple pride. Why react to a cheapshot-type idiot? I would have stuck to celebrating Hon. Laboso's life and achievements. Pretty much like what Musalia did.

Papa Plus said...


I hope that raw notes is not some sought of gossip column filled with sexcapades for which you are charging $15 subscription!

I have always wondered; Kuma usiyoila yakuwachani?

What is this obssession with Kenyans about who is bedding who in parliament? People's sexual lives need to remain private. Kama they like picking up lanyes off K street, then that is their life. As long as they are not picking up underage girls and boys, then shida iko wapi?

Lastly, it is disgraceful and shameful in the way that politicians use funerals as a forum to air their political views. I think this is a true measure of an uncivilized society. Kama Obama, McCain, Bush can sit sit side by side at Tim Russert's funeral and stay out of the way; sembuse sisi? While these funerals are open to the public, MPs need to learn to mourn and let the family run the show as it where.

Very disgusting behaviour!

Vikii said...

So Lorna was this good? I will reserve my comments about her "goodness".

May God take her soul where it deserves to be.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand Kenyans, how can you turn a burial ceremony which is supposed to be sober into a political platform. They take hate with them even down in the grave.

And why is politics so much entrenched in Kenyan society? Nothing can be done in Kenya without involving political emotional. Are there not better things to do with lives?
On another point, the coffin of Lorna was draped with an orange flag? I leave that as no comment. But very sad!

Anonymous said...

This blog has evolved, not only into a fast source of current news, but also an upto-date exchange of info. But sure some bloggers are out to turn it into a means of settling scores. Though i have not been contributing in the comments,i always read everything. Today i have been waiting for coverage of Kipkalya Kones' funeral. I was there and though the family and friends tried to prob Mrs. Kones to inherit the late, no ODM leader took up the cue. The prob fell flat when one family friend said anyone opposing Mrs Kones had a hand in the accident. Many of the late Kones' supporters expected ODM to jump in and impose Mrs Kones on the people. Bomet leaders need to search their souls and let democracy prevail. By the way Mpesa, may Bett rest in peace. I taught him in high school but it is unfortunate that there is little to show for servin the late minister.

Anonymous said...

Lorna gave support to the child killers and ethnic cleasers. No amount of posthumous praise can change that. Same thing with Kones.

Anonymous said...

You mean, Lorna, who ran on a UDM ticket (not ODM) is glorified in death? I rest my case. She was among the Rift Valley MPs who coughed cash to sponsor the mayhem that visited Kenya. Now in death, and to keep the 'ODM family' together, she was a very good person, with qualities that were not felt as she only served as an assistant minister for 50 days. Ironical.

But wonder what is visiting ODM MPs and their families. Nyaga, Dalmas Otieno, Omingo Magara, William Ruto, Kones, Laboso (may be Kones' son again - orphaned) and many more. Did they have a hand in the catastrophe that visited Kenya? If they did, then lets wait for more.

Phil said...


Your articles are always welcome.

You have not clarified which e-mail address is giving you a failure notice?

Please note it is:


Anonymous said...

Lorna has a kid with Kones and is being praised as a role model. Like Vikii, @ 8:28, I reserve my comments for a woman who can fornicate with other WOMEN'S husband and sire a child. A ROLE MODEL INDEED. Raw Notes Kibao.

And, Kones was a great family man, sure

Anonymous said...

Did that poor kid bury the father today? What a pity. This is a story of the year. I am still geting to terms with the condition of the baby. Anon, forget about Helen Okello, she is fine. I am worrioed about this poor boy of 8 years, innocent, a victim of several fates. First, a single parent bringing him up and now, the two parents who were not living together perish in a fatal accident. Can you think about that kid?

Anonymous said...

Chris this is what i call crocodile tears , you are using someones misery to market your so called raw notes , just count your losses and let go this nonsense.

Papa plus said...

Yaani umekataa kuonyesha maoni yangu? Was it because I questioned your content? Anyway, I shall leave that to the moderator.

Lakini I have to reiterate; shame unto anyone who questions Kone's or Lorna's or anyone else's sex life! It reminds me of the republicans going after Monica in the name of impeachement! I would ask anyone throwing stones to first examine their lives. pray tell us if you are a virgin and pure before launching into Kone's and Lorna's sex lives.

it is neausating and sicking. i would bet my end year bonus that everyone posting here is not saving it for marriage and more than half are involved with multiple sexual partners and even some utilize the services of a working girl or even working boy!

Hamna haibu jameni!

Vikii said...

Anon 8.40, chali yangu sisi tuna watoto kibao. I for one mess with many women. That however doesn't in any way stop me from making demands to those in positions of political authority to uphold the integrity of the offices they hold. I am not on the payroll of the Kenya govt and that's why I have the leeway ya kuengage kwa mchezo wa tundu. Wao wanafaa either kutema hizo janta zao na wahanye vile wanafeel ama wazimaintain na wabehave. It is that simple!

Anonymous said...

Now that Kones is buried, we the people of Kipsigis want to remind ODM (aka Raila) that the Ministry of Roads must be given to Frank Bett. Failure to do so will caused the house of ODM to come collapsing down on all those who are inside. Kipsigis must be taken seriously, and Raila must know that the Nandis are our juniors. We need more ministries than Nandies and Roads Ministry must go to Bett to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Civil please. I think you are now taking the blog through the sewer. Please and again please, just rest the case. You remember last week that was a fight here after someone was wrongly accused and Chris never bothered to clarify or even show causew hwhy he deleted the same. Thye were all on the wrong. Now, it is getting nasty. Really bad. Still waiting ffor Kevin Trent story.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you stop subscribing to the RAW NOTES. Simply call for boycott instead of making it look bad here. As you say, this blog is turing into a money making machine, way above the noble calling of discourse. Just stop it or call for its boycott. Matusi wachana nazo.

papa plus said...

Your sex life is yours and your alone. The difference we have is you think that people who hold public office need to be above the behaviors of average wananchi.

I couldn't disagree more.

What, pray tell, would make a public servant anymore morally upright than his environment? we are all leaving in the same community, tuna tabiya sawa, they are also humans with faults and have fallen short of the glory of mwenyezi mungu.

What should happen ideally is that we should stop printing tabloid like material. We all know there is alot of screwing going on in Nairobi, London, DC...after all, as mutukufu rais used to say, how is that going to increase the plates of ugali on the table?

Anonymous said...

How would you ask our so called leaders to aspire to a higher moral standing than we would ask of ourselves?

Don't you think this is probably the genesis of most of our problems in Kenya? It is unrealistic to ask someone to do something that we our selves can not do. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

For aall who visit death upon others, remember that death will one day visit you too, and reduce you too a stinking corpse just like your victims, albeit with an eternal tag of murderer to distinguish you from other noble souls in the netherworld.

Go face your judgment alongside the thousands you murdererd

Thats all I can say to the dead roads minister.

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