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Friday, June 27, 2008

Grand Economic Vultures, Deception Galore

Just how much must a country stomach before her back breaks from the weight of DECEPTION? The politician may be grudgingly excused for expediency purposes but then how can you excuse one high court judge, the dragon slayer, KACC director Justice Aaron Ringera lying on oath through all spaces in his dental formula? NO, NO, NO. This is UNACCEPTABLE to have the troika of Ringera, Ndungu and Kimunya fleece Kenyan in broad day light.

Even some decorum and pretence of smartness is needed in times of grand deception. No singular word can aptly describe what this action by Kibaki through his Finance Minister Kimunya portents for Kenya. Haki you mean you can serially RAPE you own country even when already on her knees? May be Kiraitu knew something we didn’t know with his analogy of raping the willing. This sickens the stomach andleaves its contents threatening to EXPLODE. I just hope nobody pretends to defend this despicable and unforgivable act with grave and long lasting economic consequences.

You don’t engage in juvenile game of figures with a nation’s resource. Mathematics to any base never equates 2.9m to 2m even when you round off to the nearest million. So here we are LAZY mortal left to discuss the political amnesty smokescreen while brother Pattni bartered the Grand Regency for economic and judicial amnesty in the corruption courts. And AG Amos Wako provided the official government seal of approval with his trademark smile. The charge of abdication of duty and conspiracy to DEFRAUD disabuses him of the excuse to claim ignorance. May be after over 17 years of being a political AG makes him complacent and consequently sleeping on the corrupt wheel.

Economic aphrodisiacs
We attribute our failure as a nation lack of institutions but even the few that exist are run roughshod with IMPUTY. Now we understand why last years polls couldn’t have gone otherwise. The stakes were too high and the deals too SWEAT. Toss all the watchdog through the next available window. Poor Okemo! Him together with his PAC can continue retracing their circular paths inside the kraal while the horse bolted long time ago.

It appears Anglo Leasing and the Goldenberg scams were not BIG enough to sink Kenya. And the Grand Regency rip off is just the tip of a massive iceberg. Maybe the contemptuous kindergarten rider that FISHY deal would deepen relationship between Kenya and Libya is all the deceptive therapy we needed as a nation to offer our back for eternal pounding. Throw in the equally FISHY SafariCON IPO and we have the potent aphrodisiacs concoction to keep us economically and emotionally hallucinating for the next many years.

You are judged by the company you keep. First came Daudi Mwiraria whose career and reputation were smoked by the ghosts of Anglo Leasing and now Kimunya is gleefully edging for the trophy of integrating Anglo Leasing and Goldenberg both put together. And cap it all by tracing some of the most corrupt deals minted in NOSTALGIC 1970s under the reign and watch of one and only one DURY ERECTED. Folks, we are in a deep hole and the sooner we stopped digging the better otherwise Mugabe would look a saint for at least he brutalizes and rapes his people overboard.


Anonymous said...

Who has DEFRAUDED Kenya? The State took over the Grand Regency (I dont know why, because money used to cpnstruct it was the government's), then it was supposed to be sold. Agreed.

The government of Kenya should not be in the business of running lodgings and kiosks. Agreed.

It was then supposed to leave the government's hand at the earlist possible time, lest we see what happened to the chain of hotels that were once run by the state, including Milimani Hotel, Sirikwa and the rest. Sawa.

Then they were to find the highest bidder. Orengo is a lawyer whose mathemetic interpretation leaves alot to be desired. 2 billion or 2.9 billion is not the question here.

The question is the underhand dealing of the same.

Just like the funds used by Patni to develop the place after tens of kiosk stationed at the same Plot NR, it remains suspect. That is my argument. Forget about the figures.

Does that include the cost of the LAND and the DEVELOPMENTS around the place.

Honestly, these guys cannot be defended any longer. They are getting into my nerves.

Anonymous said...


Well said,

PNU supporters am sure even you did not know the treachery of these guys at the top, no need to look for dirt in ODM, just man-up to this corruption pure and simple. its not about their tribe or province or policies just corrupt guys, period.

i can only hope there is no more, but i fool myself, impunity knows no bounds


Anonymous said...,-govt-admits.html

I also dont think the govt sold this property, the govt is a collective term refering to many players, and so far we know (Lands Ministry) is not party to the deal, neither is the PM, we have also heard that neither is the AG party to the deal

so its individuals that have done this and used govt stationery and emblem in abuse of authority. this is the exact same reason one Mr Chris Kirubi is currently charged with Uchumi Supermarkets fraud, so someone tell me, we'll see a big name in court, HA


Anonymous said...

All this nonsence makes me want to EXPLODE. I feel the 'heat' even though am a nobody. I wonder how Raila and the other folks in the 'cabinet', who were not privy to the underhand dealings must be feeling. When ODM ministers are busy talking about bonding and reconciliation, the okuyos and Kalonzo (who apparently ate some of the Libyan money), are busy auctioning the country. What is the next shocker?
Now we all understand why KIBAKI had to steal the elections - the stakes were just too high.
Mpesa and the usual haters, what is your view on this? In your foolishness you must be thinking MKM have 'scored a major victory'.

Anonymous said...

This is too disgusting now...I thought at last that Kenyans had began talking loud and clear about this showdy deals these sons of crap would atleast have the decency to respect them...(voters) and steal when atleast nobody knows.(I say this coz honestly i dint expect them to stop fully since a thief only stops when in jail or has a bullet planted in the head or on other vital organs!!!)For heaven's sake,u dont need a Gizmo to tell you that something that cost 2.5billion over ten years ago cant cost 2.9billion currently.Even the little kids know this.This is pure rape of what the poor kenyans are being forced to pay as tax.Until when???
This Kimunya fella is a real piece of work...last week but one ati theres no sale then he jumps out of his bed and he goes like..Hey look!I sold it just and we got our money back!IN HIS DREAMS? Please somebody who knows him should ask him what he takes us for?We dont have monkey brains you looser.

Think am gonna throw up on this.Sick of this cancerous stealing.


Anonymous said...

Yawn yawn....woll someone wake me up when the noise dies?

Anonymous said...

Well, well I had talked earlier about this fragile coalition and the what-if scenario that an MP is errant and the PM decides in his capacity as whatever his role, to discipline errant ministers, what does he need to do and second what will kibaki do, and if they both disagree then what?

we have two errant ministers already, Uhuru and the nominations fiasco that Mudavadi is attempting to mend right now, and Kimunya and the Grand Regency scam. Does the PM have a the will to address these issues and does Kibaki have what it takes to take action or what?

Let the games begin

btw jamaz moderation ni sawa but you are sleeping on the job. moderation means content parsing and release as quickly as possible not throttling and delay until it becomes yesterdays news. we know you could get overwhelmed but do not become as mediocre as the leaders we currently have


Mwarang'ethe said...

Hear, hear this:

1. When ODM refused to go to Court after the 2007 elections, it was accused of belittling our justice system. To the defenders of the system, our Courts are functioning very well.

Now, hear Kimunya speak:

Mr Kimunya said CBK speedily sold the hotel because it did not want to be dragged back to court.

Our comments:

(a) Yes, indeed. The GOK does not want to be dragged in Kenyan courts. Yet, it has been asking ODM to go to the same Courts. As we speak, it is still dragging a lot of suspects in these same Courts.

(b) The CJ was heard to ask the Executive to bring the suspects to Court as soon as possible. Well, now, he is silent.

2. On June 6, 2007, Kibaki informed Kenyan that:

I am delighted to note that the outcome of discussions between our officials in the energy sector and their counterparts in Libya was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Tamoil Africa Holdings Ltd on behalf of Libya. In this Memorandum of Understanding, it was agreed that Libya, will provide Kenya with Petroleum products at concessional rates."

Kimunya also said that one of the reason for this speedy "sale" is that CBK did not want to engage in the hotel business.

Our comments:

(a) Yes, in deed. Can someone tell Kenyans which petroleum products Kenya has been getting from Libya at a concessional rates?

(b) Is it possible that Kenyans get this concession, but, is not passed to Wanjiku?

(c) A few weeks ago, we heard that the GOK seeks to re-enter the oil retailing trade. We remember asking, why does the GOK want to enter into oil trade when its fleeing the telecommunication sector and other sectors?

We were quickly answered. It is good business and there is a chance that in three years time, the GOK will exit and make money.

It is curious that a govt. is seeking to speedily dispose an asser, while at the same time acquiring oil assets. What makes it reasonable to run away from hotel business and not oil trade?

Is it possible that someone wants to acquire the oil at a cheaper rate and sell thru the GOK owned company?

(3) We will not dwell on domestic law here. When Kumekucha reported this deal, we observed that Kenya has entered into a number of Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs)with a number of nations.

All these BITs, do contain a Most Favoured Nation Clause (MFN). The implication is that any concession given to investors from one of these nations, must be extended to the investors from all other nations,that have BITs with Kenya.

That being the case, it seems to us that we are in a clear breach of our international obligations.

Were for instance a UK investor to take Kenya to international arbitration, there is a possibility, we may lose. If that were to happen, who will foot the bill for the damages?

trukenyan said...

if we have learnt any lessons from history's lessons, me must move on to a Parliamentary system and eliminate the autocracy of the Presidency. We must adopt a constitution that makes public officials and the elected accountable to us. This is a must or Kenya will implode come 2012. we are not out of the woods yet.

Anonymous said...

I posted this article earlier before this real thing came up. Lord behold I was right and wrong. I shaould not have talked justice being in Kenya.

I finf it very difucult to say that one Aaron Ringera should be called Justice! This is a jke and a mockery to our national intellect! This man together with Patni, Kimunya and even Kibaki belong to Kamiti MAximum prison. They should be jailed... as my late dad would put it... by 'Crown'. i.e. no appeal. And the key to the prison be thrown in deep Indian ocean.
#The next paragraph will read and sound hollow but just read on.....
I am a true believer in justice and Rule of Law for All peoples of the world - Kenyans included! There is no need for us to say that all those Kenyans who were messilessly killed by thugs in uniforms and those called warrior should go invain! Their lives and blood was not spilt for nothing! I request all Kenyans to insist for justice for all those victims of these awful injustices and destruction of property.

On the same breath, let us not condom other ills in our society! If the Kenyan law says that only a third of the total elected councillors should be nominated, then that is the Law of Kenya. And the law must be upheld by all Kenyans including the Minister for Local Government! I am so disappointed that one UK who swore to defend our constitution is the first one to break the same laws he took other to defend! I find this hypocracy and even abuse of office. If and when the Rule of law is upheld in Kenya, UK should be arraigned in court for abuse of office for NOT following the laid down rules.

Likewise, one AKimunya is guilty in the court of public court (punishable by mob justice) for selling Grand Regency to the Libyans but cheat us that he has not done so. He too stand accused of abuse of public office. History of Kenya and Kibaki government when written will judge these ministers hushly.

The same history will equally judge one Amos Wako of sleeping on duty while everything wrong is taking place under his watch! and finally, the back stops at the office on the hill!

Anonymous said...

This is not tribal. But the politicians in this guys will tell them to start running to their tribes, because once they are found they say they are being finished as usual.

Let us be fair kikuyus did not still. It is the top guys!


We entrust him with our money and he just toys with it.

I am so dissapointed, i do not want to be a Kenyan anymore.

Mavi ya punda!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those bloggers who see this Grand Regency thing as a PNU matter have a problem with putting issues into perspectives. This deal is messier than many people think and involves bigger boys across the political divide and across nations. For a start, where is the "coordinator and supervisor" of govt when we need him most? Is his silence pregnant with ... you know what? With Kibaki, do not even bother waiting for him to answer pumbavu questions. And as far as Gaddaffi is concerned this is just but one of his little games with black Africans south of the Sahara - he has now the largest mosque in Kampala and the largest luxury hotel in Nairobi!!

But at the end of the day only the three men (Kibaki, Raila, and Gaddaffi) can clear the air. To understand the high-stakes games involved, we may have to go back to 2002 and the three million dollars from Libya which was donated to NARC through Raila for political campaigns.

As Kenyans we have a right to be as mad as hell and we need to hold Kibaki and Raila by their balls until we get a satisfactory answer. This deal was way above Kimunya's pay grade. We need the answer from the principals!!!!

We must unite; PNU and ODM followers we are being raped together while we look at each other's tribe and party!!!!

Anonymous said...


Just one quick question to the ODMorons. have you heard you highness, Raila say anything about this deal?

hahahaha. Fools. You rot in poverty while your heroes wallow in illgotten wealth and then cme here and see thmeselves absolved by their fanatical followers

Anonymous said...

Libya paid 2.9bill but the real value is over 9 bill. Because of the bargain Kibaki made to the Libyans,
rumours say the Libyans have paid Kibaki 1 billion, Kimunyua 1 billion, Prof Ndungu 1 billion and Ringera 1 bill kshs. They have saved at least 3 billions.

Where are all these people coming from? Is it not self explanatory?

Wako pleaded to get even a quarter. They kicked his ass.

If we cant throw these Kikuyu Mafia from power as soon as possible, Kenya will be bankrupt by 2010.

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