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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Presidents, Passaris and Mama Supu

See also: Esther Passaris second wife "clande" saga

Jeff Koinange has a great show on K24 where he interviews political personalities while mostly seated on some park bench so that he has to fold one of his knees sometimes as he faces them. This creates a very intimate atmosphere and usually his guarded guests end up opening up considerably. He started the show at the Norfolk Hotel but I have just viewed a tape that indicates in the credits at the end that he has now moved to the Fairview Hotel.
Interested in intimate details on Esther Passaris including the controversial list of BIG men she has dated? It is way too sensitive to dare publish here. It can only and be sent direct to your inbox.  

 to receive this hot dossier. Do it NOW.
Jeff is of course an excellent journalist, one of my favorites and recently he did not disappoint because he had a rather “hot” guest on his show.
Esther Muthoni Rosana Passaris talked at length about her election petition against Ferdinand Waititu after the recent Embakassi by-election. Passaris alleges that the election was rigged in favor of her opponent. She further said that she was NOT moving to any other constituency and that she had pitched camp at Embakassi so to speak. The only other political office that she would be interested in, she said was that of a mayor directly elected by the people (apparently both the president and the Prime Minister are eager to change the law ASAP to make that possible.) Passaris called herself a “city girl” to emphasize the fact that she was interested in only this single city constituency or the city Mayor’s seat.

Dwelling at length about Kenyans having to elect “quality leaders”, she openly named most of the people who have been going out of their way to frustrate her every move. That was a little shocking because she even said that Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta had spent a lot of his own money at Embakassi to ensure that Mama Supu (as her supporters in Embakassi now call her) did not win. She even went as far as jabbing Uhuru under the belt so to speak by making a quip about “Uhuru Kenyatta and land.” She was of course referring to the rather thorny issue of the land that the Kenyattas own which is bigger than the size of some provinces in the country. Naturally this land was acquired under obviously questionable circumstances.

I am in total agreement with Passaris views on quality leadership if we are to achieve the change we all desire so much. However they say charity begins at home and Passaris did not bother to prove that she herself is one of the “quality leaders” she was referring to. Regular readers here know that I have a detailed dossier that talks about Ms Passaris' past and her real motivation for going into politics. Sadly Mama Supu’s reason for getting into city politics is too similar to the same age old reason why the current dinosaurs got into politics in the first place. That is a much bigger problem than the question of her character (although the two are related) which most readers here seem to believe is a non-issue. Incidentally “Supu” is the Eastlands slang for a “beautiful girl,” a clue as to why Passaris seems to love this nickname so much. Admittedly for a woman in her 40s she is still strikingly beautiful.

Quite clearly had retired President Moi and his associates had this information about some of the electorate’s controversial views on a politician’s personal life, there is a possibility that Dr Robert Ouko would still be alive today. Still unknown to most Kenyans is the fact that the slain foreign affairs minister (the best that Kenya ever had according to most people) did not die because he was working on some corruption dossier. Rather he died because of this information he had about the then president and some women. It was felt at the time that under no circumstances should the information which Dr Ouko happened to have get out to the public. By extension the long list of witnesses who were privy to some details on the Ouko murder who also promptly lost their lives, died because of this rather explosive piece of information.

P.S. There is just too much anger in the country at the moment and both sides of the political divide are much more interested in outsmarting the other side rather than in the cooling down of emotions and genuine reconciliation. For a long time now the raw anger and personal insults flying back and forth between the two sides that have been witnessed in the comments area of this blog have been a matter of great concern to me. Mainly because I am aware of the fact that they reflect the general mood and feelings in the country (despite the many NSIS planted comments mainly designed to divert attention and deal a blow to the credibility of this blog). But to make matters even more worrying, during the last two days that the Kriegler commission has held public sessions at the KICC, members of the public have almost come to blows over their differing views on what caused the chaos in the disputed presidential elections last December. At one point the rather elderly South African judge had to stand up and reminded the participants; “We are not animals.” Yesterday the poor old judge walked out at least twice, once as a scuffle ensued on the floor.

It is clear that national healing and reconciliation is not a priority of the current crowded grand coalition government. This is a deadly ticking time bomb that will go off in our faces sooner rather than later. Months ago I said in this blog that the IDP resettlement programme was going to badly flop and even result in loss of life. Some commentators retorted by calling my sentiments “rubbish” and asking me if I preferred that the IDPs remain in the camps in the inhumane conditions. I also pointed out the fact that the re-settlement was being forced on the IDPs. Readers of this blog who have been reading the news recently will have realized that they had the information that is coming out now months ago. Yet another good reason to keep it Kumekucha.

In the same way Kenyans need to push their elected leaders to address this serious national problem of emotions and the raw hatred that many Kenyans now have for each other over the disputed presidential elections ASAP before it is too late.


Vikii said...

I cannot pass judgement on Esther Passaris, but like Chris said, she needs to tell Kenyans and the people of Eastleigh why they should believe she is different from the other politicians. "Quality" leadership is too vague a concept. She has to tell us what parameters, according to her, define 'Quality' and how she has met them. Anything short of that is hot air.

About mr. Kriegler's commission, we have to stop the culture of heckling. We are not animals. I watched the first "Louis Otieno Live" show and I remember Martha Karua losing her temper and calling James orengo and Anyang "Kamotho" Nyong'o hecklers. She reminded them how unacceptable their lack of civility was. Now, this is the same playbook Ishrad Sumra is drawing his antics from. I am not sure, but I think it is all in the ODM DNA. I know how senseless this sounds to most of you though because respecting the rights and opinions of political opponents is considered too risky by those whose lives are dominated by fear.

Anonymous said...

Ni kitu gani Esther alikukosea? Do you have anthing personal against her? Why go for issues under the belt always. Focus on ideas man. Not the beauty - puleeez! Otherwise this is just another gutter press.

Anonymous said...

The secret love life of the former President was no secret at all. It was known in the political and diplomatic circles in Nairobi. It was also known that Biwott together with the former CID-Director William Kivuvani had set up a prostitution ring at the coast to serve mainly the visiting American Navy personnel in the late 70's and early 80's. This ring was based in the New Florida Club and was managed by some Germans. Most of these girls came from Uganda being refuguees after the Idi Amin turmoils. Biwott then also introduced some of the most beautiful girls to Moi. Kivuvani even married one of them. But the main interest of Moi had been and still continued being young school girls who were supplied by the Headmasters of these schools whenever he visited. Robert Ouko did not know about this. He only knew about the prostitutes. But as John Troon said, he did NOT believe that this matter was the reason for the killing of Robert Ouko and the witnesses who also lost their lives. He is still sure that the reason lies in the corruption and the danger of its disclosure which was endangering the deals Kenya was making with some donor countries and private investors.

Anonymous said...

Somebody once asked a question....What the work of an MP is...That is duties and responsibilities of a honourable MP.
I waited for answers to come but i didn't see any. May this always linger in my mind as i cast my ballot why am i doing it or what are my expectations? I was so amused when one suggested that the minister of health should start writting prescriptions that is for another day...Anyway back to Embakasi i will leave looks and beauty for now, it is never a standard but i am still convinced that Esther would have made a difference if the people had elected her, Waititu having served as a councillor, i cant vouch for him coz of his achievements coz i know none.
The issue of IDPs, we can do so much PR in the media, e.g take a kiuk woman and a kale woman and tell them to hug and laugh infront of the camera, it is easy they will do that but it is vanity. In my PR class i was taught i can never care for someone unless i love that person withoutt reservations. Imagine your own brother is missing then you are told to welcome a person you believe is the cause....Common sense dictates it will be hard na tuwache kujidanganya...I cannot be forced to love and smile oout of the abundance of my heart.
Kriegler's commission shows we are still far from healing and reconciling with each other..We have even gone far just in kumekucha here the way the dialogue goes i am always imagining if we were talking physically with each other (imagine Taabu and Kwale in one room)...Tuko mbali....It needs more than rhetoric

I thought Eastleigh is in Kamukunji...i stand to be corrected humbly


Anonymous said...

Just wondering on Tuesday PNU's Coordinator Moses Kuria was kicked out for shouting down an ODM member..Is that still an ODMDNA?


Anonymous said...

This heckling culture was best displayed last year at Tononoka, Mombasa when Raila thugs were transported to go and heckle and wave hammers at Kalonzo. The aim was to initimidate Kalonzo into endorsing Raila for presidency. More recently, the ugliest aspect of this culture was demonstrated at what was supposed to be a solemn burial of Lorna Laboso. It appears that there is a small segment of the population which is determined to grab national leadership by initimidation and if allowed through violence. We cannot afford to have Robert Mugabe replicas in Kenya and all peace lover must unite to stop this political thuggery which is clothed in freedom of expression. The silent majority must stand up to these hooligans before it is too late.

Kwale said...


Today is Nelson Mandela big birthday bash in Hyde Park, London. Please let us celebrate it here too. The guy has done us proud, so let’s not ignore this great occasion. The whole world seems to be celebrating but KK is still going on about some rotten Kenya politics. Let’s honour our African hero here.

If you live in France, Belgium and the UK, please make the effort to attend the party. It’s open to all. The Eurostar return train ticket from Brussels to London is only 69 Euros and 55 Euros from Paris.
It probably the only chance you will ever get to honour this greatest statesman Africa has ever produced.

Bobie Bristol said...


Marge Simpson is beautiful, Esther Passaris is NOT. Period

Pliz, why must you insult our sense of judgement time after time..? Trite

Anonymous said...

Those people who think Passaris is beautiful and therefore deserves to be an MP should take her to their respective constituencies and leave the people of Embakasi alone. Or should wait for Mudavadi to sneak her in as a councillor and make her the mayor - lakini kura ya mwananchi ni ya Waititu, wameze wembe wakitaka.

Anonymous said...

I see you have started to admire JK again after Kumekucha had been the one spreading the infamous Date Rape Story around the world. Did you go through a healing process with JK or what made you change your mind?

Anonymous said...

A comment has been posted about the love life of Moi - it is a well written comment without the bias that we have seen in some main posting on Passaris. This is what we want to see here. Let the comment be without bias. Why condemn Esther when Moi did and is still doing worse and we are quiet. We are being insensitive.
Regean - Butere, Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Chris, will you stop glorifying brown skin as beautiful. Is it because you are so black like charcoal that when you see anything brown in colour you find it beautiful? There many beautiful women in Kenya who are well over 40 years and they are strikingly hot. I would rate Bishop Margaret Wanjiru hotter than Passaris and I think she is in her 50s.

M-Pesa said...


It's "writing"..not "writting!"
And that goes to all other Kumekuchans since many are having difficulties in grammar.

CHRIS, it's "supuu"..not "supu" or "Kasupuu" for a younger chick but for Passaris it's "supuu" since she's an older woman. (I'm from Eastlando, I should know!)

Still on Ivy, thanks for coming out of your cocoon and being a strong, confident and objective in your posts unlike before when all you did was jeer from the sidelines.

From the look of things, I bet you must have got yourself a brother/mentor from the slopes of Mt. Kenya who instilled confidence in you. Go on, you could be the next Martha.

Away from that nonsense, you guys wouldn't be so nice to Passaris if she was a PANUA, would you? Ahemmm... imagine all the bucketloads of muck she would get if she was to defect and criticize your demigod AKA Messiah? Hio ni ya another day!

Nice wkend.

Anonymous said...

Why do you spell it "Embakassi?"

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Ivy 1:05 thats a good reminder

We can bash the character or morals of MPs but if we dont know their work then its meaningless

What is the work of an MP? But maybe that's not as important as the driving factor i.e what are the expectations of an electorate when they spend considerable amounts of time and effort in their lives to campaign for and support a candidate and eventually elect the person, and then post elections pay "courtesy calls" (if the MP does not suddenly disappear for 4.5 years). also how do these expectations change when the elected MP is appointed to government (cabinet), or some other committee and what happens when they are also unexpectedly dropped, what happens if they defect or otherwise deviate from ideals of the electorate.

suprisingly, looked for a job description for an MP and didnt quite find any in the Kenya Constitution or on the Parliament website but there is detailed info on what the functions of parliament are

this article by kashililah was interesting and states that an MP is a jack-of-trades not sure if they mean jack-of-all-trades (master of none) or (maybe jerk/oaf/trader that the majority are)

it then states that MP has no real job description, and then immediately follows that by saying that they spend many hours at work. mind boggling.

went across the borders and looked at where we inherited some of our peculiarities and found this rather interesting fellow here

so basically we elect people who then proceed to define what they want to do and if we dont like it, too bad especially if they somehow manage to get into the good graces of the president. comes back to what we said here a few weeks back, its time for constituents to chart their future, define their local projects and priorities and try to fit these into national programs, then find and elect MPs who can further these interests. currently MPs can do anything they want to because they have not been asked to do anything specific other than go to parliament and come back with give-aways. No wonder in the absence of concrete job description we are left or led to bash character of our "beloved" mps and aspirants.

Lets face it, we are as much and more part of the problem than we are generating solutions. But as someone reminded me a few threads earlier, am expecting too much from this blog, or am I?


Anonymous said...

anone12:53 AM

It is people like you who peddle rumors and lies here that kenya is what it is today-
So tell me how much do you know about my relatives ie Kivuvani's wife Diana? since you are calling her a Prostitute??and i guess you know wakina Mukina and Eddy his children from his first wife??

So we should also come out and tell the world Kenyatta every single month had to be brought a 12 year old virgin after which he prayed facing Mt. Kenya the ritual was to make him more powerful - with pumping fresh blood- other times Human sacrifices of some of the child virgins were made
Were this Rumours Nope!!this were facts- some of our relatives work was to bring the 11 to 12 year old virgins-
This are the tabu facts that kikuyu's forget some kenyans know!!

if you want history and facts go research carefully before you post lies here- by the way Diana Kivuvani was never a prostitute - if going to disco's and enjoying life in the 70's and 80's was prostitution them most of the kenyan women must be prostitutes including:
1. Mrs Kiano- who had a childen with Muturi of Mamba Village
2. Mrs Kiereini(former nurse) of Breweries who was prostituting with Mr. Karume, Michuki, Kibaki e.t.c
3. Mrs Beatrice Karanja- prostituted with - Chris Kirubi, Kibaki, Moi
Wakina wanjiku Kahiu(karumes Daughter) full blown prostitution while Married to Jimmy Kahiu
5.Mrs GITHUNGURI OF LILLIAN TOWERS who was Moi's lover years when she was dating her current husband-

you see in the 60's. 70's and 80's then we can assume many of those elite women in kenya married to prominent people were all prostitutes!! if that is the way you want to label others - and we can jump to the late 80's and 90's where their children took over!!
if you want to abuse and smear peoples names here- well some of us have more than facts-

Anonymous said...

Chris this post is written the same way Oscar wrote his first post:- Mixing different posts all into one. Tafadhali separate each post and then expound on them. I personally see almost four post in this one post. Surely u can do better than this.

Now: Esther Passaris and Kenyatta have had their beef for a long time and believe me, u havent even touched a spec of the iceberg. When she semas about land, it's just uchokozi because Uhuru knows why he blocked her "mayorial" ambitions. Dig deeper and u will find what u are looking for.

As for the IDP's, I clearly remember that u had posted a group of Elites who wanted to stop the bloodshed and it finally stopped. What u fail to c is that some local chief i.e Kendagor has done a lot of work by himself. (He personally talked to elders of both tribes (Kiuks and kales) and that should have been the way to go from the very beginning. He has achieved a lot for his sublocation and he is still doing it. Why havent u commended him and others who are doing their best to embrace proper reconciliation?
Surely with all your "ears on the ground" u can play a bigger role in spreading the love" but you are always quick to find fault. We already know that gava was in a hurry to resettle the IDP's because they have something to gain. Please focus your research on those people who have nothing to gain and u will find some real human beings who are doing a lot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:01 AM - although your post was meant to correct Dana's description of a prostitute, it has exactly confirmed the opposite. She was known to sleep around in certain circles in Nairobi until she hooked Kivuvani whom she met via some of her sisters from Uganda (you see, I know that she is Ugandan - although she is halfbred since her father was of German origin who never married her mother). Although I admit she was beautiful and that's why Kivuvani left his wife and his children. Therefore, putting her on the same level with all the other well-known Kenyan women you mention in your post, is an offense to them. It's like comparing a smelling fish to some exquisite lobsters.

Anonymous said...


No you are not expecting too much in this blog....our standards are too low and that is why you find people bashing each other ati Kibs is a better president than Moi...coz who decided that Moi was the standard. When we voted in 2002, were you looking for a better Moi...I HOPE NOT

Keep drumming it in..Until it sinks.

Chris bana what is happening ....Are the cables on go slow or what? SOS


Anonymous said...


Sorry after reading that piece by Alan Meale on the role of my MP, i am left wondering are my expectations too high? Trust me i don't even know the name of my councillor.
I think kenyans expect so much from them from footing funeral bills, attending every burial, we even invite them for our pre-weddings, eductaion fundraising and trust me back at home my MP's job performance is rated on how many functions he attended.
Then another scenario for example is whereby i stay in Langata but i am casting my vote in funyula, u get the drift then when things are bad i am busy complaining My MP this, my MP that forgeting that i never voted in Nai in the 1st place.


Anonymous said...


It has now emerged that KACC Director Ringera, Finance Minister Kimunya and Civil Service Boss Francis Muthaura have colluded to sell off the Grand Regency to Libyan Investors.

The tag price is 2.5 Billion Kshs. Recently the property was valued independently at 7-Billion Kshs. A net competitive potencial loss of 5-Billion Kshs.

4 weeks ago, at the peak of the IDP resettlement program, our Govt declared that it did not have enought money to compensate for their losses of property, land, life and limbs.

Many IDP's were given some container food, a tent, iron sheets, packets of unga, 10,000 Kshs and

A recent harambee for IDP's resettlement launched by the Govt of Kenya managed to raise only 500-million Kshs against an expected budget for 2.5-billion.

WOULD IT HAVE BEEN PRUDENT FOR OUR GOVT, IF IT REALLY LOVES US SO DEARLY, TO HAVE SOLD THE GRAND REGENCY FOR THE MOST PRICE IT COULD GET (could have been 4-7 billion) and used the diffence towards IDP resettlement budgets, construction of roads, purchase of land to resettle those IDP's who dont want to go back to RV, and do other devpt work?

YES. but we expected too much.

The rich and political elites dont care. They will cry for their separate tribal mafias but when the rubber meets the road, they will engage in corrupt activities that will only benefit them.

So while Karua is singing hymns and turning a blind eye on the illegal sale, Kimunya is declaring the budget has a deficit while signing the purchase forms, Muthaura is extolling vitures of being ethical while endorsing the illegal sale, Wako is calling for rule of law while keeping mum on the deal, Orengo is telling us what happened while suggesting its not in his mandate to intervene, etc ...

While all these political elite are pulling the deals on one hand AND on the other hand talking loud about "tribal rights and tribal development projects and tribal plans for 2012", the IDP's are still stuck in hostile lands and left on their own to fend for food, shelter, clothing and the like.

I tell you. Kenya is a bombu waiting to happen. Once those IDP's realize that they gained nothing, be prepared for an additional memebership to militia-like groupins which will eventually turn inwards and start finishing each other within the same province or region.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Ivy 1:05 thats a good reminder

We can bash the character or morals of MPs but if we dont know their work then its meaningless

What is the work of an MP?

Our comment:

Yes, indeed, we asked Kwale to inform us what he understand to be the work of an MP. We are yet to hear from him.

That someone can keep on shouting about lack of toilets (social amenities) in Kibera, but, when we ask him to educate us what he understands to be the work of an MP, he decides to keep silent, tells us the kind of people Kenyans are.

We are a people interested in creating heat, without producing any light.

Anonymous said...

mama supuu only because her skin is of a lighter tone. we still have a long way to go before we are fully mentally decolonized.

Anonymous said...

Karua stirs storm behind Kibaki
Published on June 28, 2008, 12:00 am
By Joseph Murimi

Justice Minister Martha Karua says she is going for nothing less than the presidency and would not be seeking endorsement from President Kibaki.

Karua spoke on the eve of a crucial meeting where she is expected to formally take charge of Narc-Kenya and introduce a new structure for one vice-chairman, shutting out the eight bigwigs who were appointed to the deputising position last year.

They include Cabinet ministers Prof George Saitoti, Suleiman Shakombo as well as former ministers Kipruto arap Kirwa, Prof Kivutha Kibwana, Mohammed Mohamoud and Mutua Katuku.

Karua, whose Narc-Kenya plans to go it alone in 2012, also got the position then. However, she is now planning to turn the tables on a former colleagues in the vice-chairmen category, and this could take place in the party’s retreat in Naivasha.

Karua said she would push her own candidacy because she believes in merit and not lineage or connections. "I am not looking to be handpicked or pushed forward by anyone. I will take myself to the people. It is the people who will push me. It is the only sure and sustainable way,’’ says the Gichugu MP.

She said the past is a signpost for every politician and those, whom outgoing presidents have supported, were rejected by the people. As for her credentials the minister who came close to Deputy Prime Minister’s post and who has taken charge of Narc-Kenya, argued she would be in the race on her own merit.

"We had Moi (former President) name a successor and you all know what happened. Leaders who are handpicked do not end up achieving their goals,’’ said Karua.

She said even in the last General Election some ministers got direct nominations and the President campaigned for them, but they were floored.

Karua added support by Presidents only works when it coincides with what the people want otherwise they consider it as improper and an imposition. But Karua explains it is within President Kibaki’s right to name a successor if he so wished. But whether people will follow his advice is another matter.

Karua’s interest in taking over from President Kibaki, who completes his second and final term in 2012, has triggered party realignments in the Mount Kenya region. The region is the theatre of intense post-Kibaki succession wars, first within the political bloc, and secondly at State House.

She spoke ahead of today’s two-day Narc-Kenya retreat in Naivasha to discuss, among other things, the party’s strategy and preparation for the 2012 General Election.

On reported cold war with Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Karua wondered which position has been reserved for the Kanu chairman.

"Does Uhuru have a reserved post? Who has a birthright to positions in this country?’’ she asked. She also wondered why central Kenya seemed to attract more attention than other regions.

The Gichugu MP who has assumed the leadership of Narc-Kenya says no one has a birthright to any position. Karua who was tipped to clinch the DPM position explains she was not bitter when Uhuru got it.

It has not affected their relationship, she says, adding that during the last by-elections they campaigned for Party of National Unity’s candidates. It is only people with ‘limited horizon’ who imagine that there is a power struggle between her and Uhuru, she says.

She does not understand why people ‘fear’ her and why they panicked after she was made Narc-Kenya chairman and when she declared her interest in the presidency.

The minister said she had declined to take up the position of Narc-Kenya chairmanship due to pressure of work. That is why she explains she does not understand why they reacted they way they did after she accepted the position.

Karua said it was not unusual for anyone, including herself to position oneself to succeed President Kibaki through democratic means, adding there should be as many contenders as possible. There should never be a sole candidate, she says.

"There should be no sole candidate. Politics is dynamic. Today you could be at the top and tomorrow at the rock bottom,’’ said Karua.

She said Uhuru or any other politician for that matter, does not have reserved posts and what those who aspire for the positions should fight it out, fairly and freely.

[b] Karua argued just because Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka and Uhuru have run for the presidency before should not pave way for the assumption that the positions are reserve for them. [/b]

She further dismissed her critics who claim she cannot finance a presidential campaign, and wondered what amount Kalonzo had in last year’s elections. President Kibaki, she claims, did not have money to run the campaigns and PNU depended on affiliate parties and friends.

Money talk

What is important for a candidate, she advised, is the ability to raise money because one can’t be expected to campaign on personal or family resources.

She said the money talk is an irrelevance and is a sign her declaration has rattled some quarters. Among those said to be ruffled by Karua’s interest on the presidency are Internal Security Minister Prof George Saitoti, believed to be eyeing Democratic Party, and Uhuru who is said to be looking out to PNU because of ownership wars in Kanu and the plummeting profile of the Independence party.

It is not clear where Finance Minister Amos Kimunya and his Energy colleague Kiraitu Murungi, who are members of the flower party, stand in the new equation.

Youthful current and former MPs from central Kenya led by Water Assistant Minister Mwangi Kiunjuri have taken over the Grand National Union (GNU), after informally breaking ranks with Narc-Kenya and PNU.

Kiunjuri, who is the GNU leader, says the party is targeting the youth and will be launched next month.

Apart from causing party realignments, Karua’s entry into the Kibaki succession has renewed the traditional rivalries between the larger Nyeri and Kiambu political blocs. Karua draws her support from Nyeri, Kirinyaga and Murang’a Districts. Uhuru draws support from Thika and Kiambu.

The entry of Kiunjuri and his youthful team of MPs is expected to eat into Karua’s and Uhuru’s turfs while drawing more support from Laikipia.

Saitoti is said to be looking for another party rather than be junior to Karua in Narc- Kenya once she is confirmed the party leader.

Medical Services Assistant Minister Danson Mungatana claims Saitoti has abandoned the party and has not attended a single meeting this year. The party holds parliamentary group meetings every Thursday.

On Narc-Kenya, Karua said the party has been operating on a distorted structure that needs to be reconfigured. Though she declined to discuss the proposed structure, it has emerged the eight positions of vice-chairman would be scrapped.

Should Saitoti lose the vice- chairman’s position he would have been edged out of the mainstream Narc- Kenya leadership.

Karua says the strategy meeting will also discuss how to complete the electoral process that stalled at the branch level. She attributed Narc-Kenya’s bloated and distorted structure to disagreements on national elections.

The party manifesto, rules and the constitution, she added, are best tuned when there is no pressure of a General Election, now more than four years a way.

She also revealed the meeting would also discuss how to expand the party’s reach and how to nurture internal democracy. Speaking ahead of the retreat Mungatana, who is the national organising secretary, confirmed the proposal to have only one vice-chairman.

He said they would also agree on rules for nomination of Members to Parliament as well as candidates for Prime Minister and the President.

Mungatana said they have proposed that there should be no direct nominations of candidates and that all members should fight it out.

He conceded the retreat was part of a serious preparation for the 2012 General Election.

Anonymous said...

I am a true believer in justice and Rule of Law for All peoples of the world - Kenyans included! There is no need for us to say that all those Kenyans who were messilessly killed by thugs in uniforms and those called warrior should go invain! Their lives and blood was not spilt for nothing! I request all Kenyans to insist for justice for all those victims of these awful injustices and destruction of property.

On the same breath, let us not condom other ills in our society! If the Kenyan law says that only a third of the total elected councillors should be nominated, then that is the Law of Kenya. And the law must be upheld by all Kenyans including the Minister for Local Government! I am so disappointed that one UK who swore to defend our constitution is the first one to break the same laws he took other to defend! I find this hypocracy and even abuse of office. If and when the Rule of law is upheld in Kenya, UK should be arraigned in court for abuse of office for NOT following the laid down rules.

Likewise, one AKimunya is guilty in the court of public court (punishable by mob justice) for selling Grand Regency to the Libyans but cheat us that he has not done so. He too stand accused of abuse of public office. History of Kenya and Kibaki government when written will judge these ministers hushly.

The same history will equally judge one Amos Wako of sleeping on duty while everything wrong is taking place under his watch! and finally, the back stops at the office on the hill!

Anonymous said...

Anglo Leasing II??

Its as if we should be proud of Anglo Leasing I

Look here you PNU supporters just admit those PNU top leaders are corrupt even if you still keep supporting them. You can cook up some more excuses for this sale for these guys, but they are killing the future of kenya(ns) with these corrupt under the table deals. Guys be reasonable for once its not about kikuyu's or central or hate or what, its just these thugs at the top that must go. period. Just look at how Kimunya is cornered and at pains yet he's probably just a very "informed messenger" with pockets too.



Anonymous said...

If I were an upright man from central/eastern lets say Gitobu Imanyara or Mwangi Kiunjuri

I would immediately redeem my community by standing up in parliament and moving a motion of no confidence against the government for defrauding kenyans and acting against the public interest. Just thinking aloud folks. THat would certainly heal the nation and that person would be recorded in history as the one person with no billions to spend who singly saved kenya like a true hero. Any takers out there? anyone not hiding behind ...

Anonymous said...

because of persistent shenanigans now our neighbors no longer trust us to do trade without suspicion.

Anonymous said...

Chris - first, please let's forget all personal grudges we had during the last weeks - you know where my heart is - and that's why I ask you: let's embark once again on the road to uncover and discover all the wrongs, not only of the past but also of the present.

Let's start with the sale of the Grand Regency.

It is not the property and never was the property of Kamlesh Pattni. He only took over after its real owner, Mohammed Aslam, Chairman of PanAfrican Bank, was killed. He had agreed to give evidence to the Gichuru-Commission and 'died' the evening before. He is amongst those people John Troon had asked to investigate their real cause of eath. Kamlesh Pattni became the 'owner' afterwards without having paid one shilling for it - because he was the proxy of certain people at that time.
The real owners - the Aslam family - were paid several million dollars to keep quiet when his family decided to leave Kenya because his wife feared for the lives of her children.

The new owners - the Ghadaffi family - have tried since some time to enter the lucrative tourist market - they were amongst those bidding for the Kilimanjaro Hotel in Dar-es-Salaam but were refused although offering the highest price. But the Tanzanian Government did not want to deal with them and instead accepted the offer by the German Kempinski Group. The Tanzanians feared that the Lybians - Ghadaffi's son - would use this transaction for their political reasons and as a 'port' for other businesses.
It is known since some time that the Ghadaffi-family is very keen to enter the lucrative tourist busines and with it to take over the control and some political influence of of who is controlling the Government of these countries.

In taking over the Grand Regency, they have finally reached their goal and there is much more to come.

Kenya and Kenyans have only one choice left:
L i v e o r d i e ........
No other option left.

Unless somebody takes over the responsibility.

And mever ever allow James Orengo to tell you that he cannot do anything. Remind him of his times as a lawyer - before he became Raila Odinga's personal lawyer. Tell him to open his draws and not to select between those he feels are valuable now - tell him that his conscious is and should continue be with those he defended in the past.

Only if and when he can listen to their voices, he will become a true and real servant of the country of Kenya - and the man I together with Paul Muite always believed he could be: A man who will change the destiny of his country to the better.

And just in case you have some doubts: I am talking about the country we all love: Kenya.


Crest said...

Now more than ever Kenya needs an elite hit-squad to finish off Kimunya and his ilk. Seriously this kind of egregious behaviour should only be punishable by death.

Where the f**k is Al Qaeda when you need them?

Anonymous said...

Kimunya bite the dust............

"AND Speaking in Kiambaa, Prime Minister Raila Odinga said he will on Tuesday meet the Parliamentary Finance Committee to deliberate on the Grand Regency Issue".

Finance Minister defends decision to sell hotel
Written By:Milicent Awour , Posted: Sun, Jun 29, 2008

Caption: Kimunya says hotel was sold legally

Finance Minister Amos Kimunya has told his critics to stop making noise over the Grand Regency Hotel sale deal, stating that the deal is final.

Kimunya asserted that the government got more than the value of the hotel and that the required procedure in disposing off the hotel was adhered to.

Speaking from his Kipipiri constituency Kimunya said three independent valuations were made on the hotel and counter checked by the National Housing Corporation.

He said they all put the value of the hotel at between 1.6 to 2.1 billion shillings and that the Libyan bid of 45 million dollars an equivalence of 2.9 billion shillings was too sweet.

He said he worked closely with the Public Procurement Authority that gave advice on the deal.

Kimunya also said the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission was also in the know about the whole procedure.

He at the same time said there was nothing sinister in the De La Rue currency-printing contract.

AND Speaking in Kiambaa, Prime Minister Raila Odinga said he will on Tuesday meet the Parliamentary Finance Committee to deliberate on the Grand Regency Issue.

Anonymous said...

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