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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Alternative Voice

'Chris', Your email is not working or something. Is there any way we can get alternative voices here? It's almost impossible to voice a different opinion without risking all manner of cheap shots and assaults to individual contributors and entire tribes, you know what I'm talking about :-)

I for one, ensured that the reading skills of some silly Kenyan tribe went out the window the moment we differed, but still, open mindedness has never been known to hurt a blog with a million hits-and counting!


Anonymous said...

I don't get it PKW. What is your post about?

Anonymous said...

PKW dada yangu whats up? whats angered you? but since when did you start comprehending issues in this blog. I thought you come the region accused of not mastering the queens english. This is kumekucha for you.

Poa lakini


Vikii said...

PKW, don't you understand modern intellectualism? Just identify the right deity to worship and put unenviable tags on anyone who subscribes to a different faith. If they come within sight, stone them. If they hide behind their computers, just remind them of the country we just discovered the other day called Lesotho. Kenya ni yao, si yetu.

xs said...

Did i come visiting at the wrong time...?

Anonymous said...

folks, fwd from a friend

I met up with a couple of friends in Europe today and in the course of our discussion, we spoke a bit of politics and Obama's majestic campaign came under discussion.

But what stunned me most was the question I got from some foreigners as regards their reading of certain blogs that suggest the american republican party aka GoP is rumoured to have links to certain tribal forces or partners in africa and want to use obama's cultural linkage to derail his presidential bid.

so naturally, when they knew i was from kenya, surprise surprise, i was asked, which region do you come from. Thinking i would just say my area and it would be left there, then I was asked if I was "Chichuyu". I did not get what they asked, until she repeated 3 times. Then I realized what she meant/wanted to understand.

I firmly stated I'm not "chichuyu" and have heard rumors of the same but until I see them in action, I cant say yes or no. However, we all agreed that given africa's corrupt nature, it wold be fool hardy to expect african govts or politicians to pass up on making money by authoring fake documents on obama's links.

I even heard the following that shocked me. That there is rumors of the Republican operatives have got access to copies of:

-Obama's father identity documents and passport copies
-Obama's father family history, monogamous or polygamous
-Obama's father clans identities and passports and religions
-Obama's father intellectual links at GoK and university
-Attempts to link some form of radical islam with Obama's father
-Obama's father professional work style and job performance
-Obama's father's tribe and distortion of them to be like Warriors
-So much is being paid for to be written by some mafia journalists

Imagine, all these from people who supposedly will tell you "dont snitch on muafrika, wakoloni ni wabaya, support our own".

But when the monies and connections are too good to pass, the same people will turn into tribal monsters at night quickly. Talk of peopel who preach water daytime but drink wine at night!

I'm just shocked at how much the international citizens who are following closely the usa elections have come across this info from blogs and newsmedia. Naturally, they asked me the question: "will it come down to a kenyan tribalism and distrotion syndicate mafia to stop Obama?" I had no answers. Just hid my head in shame.

But why would I be surprised? If you can steal votes in broad daylight and bring on chaos without flinching, why would any body expect you not to sell your soul to the highest bidder(s).

Vikii said...

Anony 4.34, sorry, what was that again?

Phil said...

I do not know what is meant by 'alternative voices'.

This blog has been swamped by all manner of attacks from porn posters , war mongers, cyber stalkers to state security agents! There was never any intention to moderate comments but Wakenya wakipewa za bure, wataka wale yai na kuku alie mzaa!

The strange thing here is some well known names were given opportunities to publish (unedited) main posts lakini walishindwa. Kujipiga kifua tu.

They were also given an e-mail address to send in their articles to be published by the blog owner as main posts - hiyo ikawa ngumu.

If Chris is caught up with personal matters and fails to publish here for a day, they all complain.

What is mean by alternative voices?

Vikii said...

I will not engage in an essay competition with the likes of Phil. I posted articles here, PKW has and many other people have. Unless you have hard facts that actually nilishindwa or anybody else for that matter, then I will call you a DOMO monger.
Spare some time and read my posts at Like I said, Phil, stupidity is a right I will deny you.

Anonymous said...

Phil, what makes you feel that you are clever than anyone and why do you label people?

Phil said...

The guilty are afraid, did I ever mention the name Vikii?

I am still waiting for someone to tell me me what this alternative voice is all about in Kumekucha.

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