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Monday, May 12, 2008

Why Did The Media Give Raila Incident a Blackout?

Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s homecoming over the weekend was quite an event.

It started off as a very colorful affair. Even our very own Phil briefly reported from Kisumu as the festivities were kicking off. And then suddenly it is like somebody switched the lights off. Everything went quiet. Even the usually brave KTN went silent over what really happened in Kisumu on Saturday. Although the group newspaper, The Standard tried to tell a little of the story.

Actually the shocking events that transpired in Kisumu were perhaps the most significant political development since December last year when Mwai Kibaki in the face of defeat made a decision to steal the elections.

For the first time in his long political career, Raila Amolo Odinga was jeered and there were even very audible boos from the charged crowd as he spoke. And all this was happening right in the heart of Kisumu. Analysts including this blogger watched in disbelief as Raila struggled through what should have been a comfortable victory homecoming speech. Many times he fell back into Dholuo in an effort to win back the charged crowd and sway them to his way of thinking.

Interestingly it had earlier been announced that the guest of honour at the ceremony would be President Kibaki. It was just as well that he did not turn up, because judging from the mood of the people, things would have been very nasty for him.

Many people spoke and it seemed that the more anti-Kibaki a speaker was, the more the crowd liked them. Charity Ngilu for instance received a rousing welcome when she stepped up to mikes to make her speech. In fact the cheers were wilder than what even Raila himself received when he stood up to speak. Agriculture minister and ODM kingpin William Ruto ran into problems during his brief remarks when he mentioned President Kibaki’s name. He was trying to talk about the partnership between Raila and Kibaki. The people shouted him down until he was forced to withdraw the president’s name from his utterances. At one point the razor sharp Ruto told the crowd jokingly; Munataka nifutwe (do you people want me to be sacked?)

When Raila Odinga stood up and also started talking about the partnership with President Kibaki and PNU he was for the first time, since he was born, shouted down by the massive crowd right in Kisumu, his own hometown where he is supposed to have near-fanatical support.

Raila was at pains again the next day in his Bondo home trying to explain why it was important to work with PNU.

This blogger has taken some time since Saturday to make contact with various sources on the ground and especially those who were at the meeting on Saturday. What they have told me has shocked me beyond belief.

They say that the people are very determined that Kisumu will have nothing to do with President Kibaki and PNU. In fact sources in Luo Nyanza went as far as bluntly saying that Raila may not have a political future if he continues supporting and defending PNU. They add that the people are very angered that Raila should speak to them as if nothing happened in Kisumu. As if hundreds of people did not lose their lives. In fact it is now emerging that apart from shooting protestors, people dressed in police uniform also drowned some protestors in the waters of Lake Victoria. It looks like the idea was to ensure that there were no bodies found to raise the body count of the dead in the Kisumu fracas shortly after the disputed elections. People are saying those wounds are still too raw for them to contemplate Raila working with President Kibaki or PNU.

Interestingly in another incident President Kibaki himself was jeered by people from his own Kikuyu community at the Eldoret stadium during his joint visit to IDPs with Prime Minister Raila Odinga about 2 weeks ago.

Analysts are now saying that the most dangerous thing about the current coalition government is the fact that the two main leaders have angered their troops to such an extent that they can no longer count on full backing and support from their loyalists on the ground. That in itself is very scary indeed.

To make matters worse there is a looming crisis the country is about to face which will make matters a lot more uglier.

Impeccable sources have informed Kumekucha that most experts on the Kenyan economy concur that the economy will not recover from the post election troubles. Folks what we are about to see in our dear country is suffering on a scale that has never been witnessed before. More details of what to expect in Kenya over the next few months are in my raw notes.

Already the danger signals are there. Inflation has officially hit the 26% mark (although experts say that in reality it is well over 30%.)

Actually it does not take a genius to realize that the country’s economic recovery is very unlikely indeed. The country’s breadbasket has literally disappeared and the IDP problem is rapidly escalating into a very serious crisis indeed. Meaning that it will take a long time to restore normal flow of food crops from the Rift Valley.

Tourism seems to be in even bigger problems. The world economy is slowly slipping into the kind of depression that is unprecedented and tourist number are likely to be very badly hit let alone traffic to a country that many still do not consider to be too safe.

Nobody can predict what the full political impact of all this will be, but Raila Odinga reception in Kisumu last Saturday was just another sign of things to come.

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M-Fedha said...

Chris, I do not see anything of much worth you have written here. All this is nonsense confirming what we all knew a long time ago. Raila is done, amemwaga tayari na hawezi enda round two (political viagra not withstanding).
Kibaki is at least on his way out, Raila is banking on the support of his people, its over!

Chris, could someone explain why Kenyans are not agitating for change while Ministers, 40 ministers are being paid so much and the mwananchi is dying of hunger?

Did anyone ever read the book AMEZIDI with two characters called AME and ZIDI???

Anonymous said...

To all those PANUAs and their loyalist who always painted Raila supporters as "blinded" and having propped Raila to a "demigod" stature, the proof is right here in the pudding. It is not a blind loyalty or following, but the need to question our leaders and hold them accountable. A far cry from the "Kibakinistas" and "Karuanistas", who are yet to publicly condemn a stolen election as the "duly" elected goes on laying "golden-eggs" at Statehouse.

Anonymous said...

Ababu for president come 2012!

Anonymous said...

Luos just proved one thing....They will never accept a Kibaki president again, i feel sorry for Raila trying to convince his people...They have just shown that luo Nyanza is still out of bounds for Kibaki and yes i thank God that he didn't dare show his face there anytime soon...Remember Jomo's encounter soon after Tom Mboya died i am told it was bad, you see luos can't just be bought na maneno matamu....I am wondering what the reception was for him in my hometown Funyula? The bestthing for RAO to do is do a Research in all his strong turf and gauge the people before hr goes opening his mouth and speaking abt "Huyo mwingine" as Ruto rightly put it.
Kibaki can pumzika in Nairobi and Central province and i am soon seeing him going to a few selected places.

Abt the economy i have given up coz i am seeing Kenya being auctioned pretty soon...If sanity doesn't prevail


Anonymous said...

Ivy, who give a damn if Luo accept Kibaki or not. You are one of a very foolish woman in this blog.

kalamari said...

Chris, I could be wrong but I have a feeling that the people of Kisumu were not booing Raila the person. They were booing the message. These are two different things. Unlike Kibaki whose rejection by his community is approaching permanent status, Raila is just suffering the initial opportunity cost of peace.

Before I forget, I have heard that the entire PNU/ODM-K fraternity are planning a ground shaking homecoming party for Kalonzo in Mwingi. The want to counter Raila's. My only question is, who in their right mind, even in Mwingi, want to welcome our very own brand new prison wader of the century.

Anonymous said...


I rarely like to comment on Raila and Kibaki. I had deceided tukuwavumila. On Raila because any facts on this blog about the enigma, is always taken as panua politics.

Firstt, i did no approve his homecoming. I thought he need to let people sober up, set the governance systems and reduce political activities for Kenya to start working again. Parties reminiscent of political party barazas could be ill advised at this point in Kenyas political turmoil.

On Raila and Kibaki booing - Its either the two leaders are right and teh people are wrong or vice versa. On my assessment, i bet the decision they took was right and at the same time wrong. Right because where Kenya had reached there was no other option, wrong because they were unable to bring their people on board and teh media hype did not help either. Me thinks, and critic me as long as you want, we have an inherent problem in the print media and the FMs. Yet, kenyans trust the media so much. Its gospel truth to many. While political problems exist, some of the solutions will come from how the media manages itself. Taking nation or standard, it will only take you to read their headlines to see where their bread is buttered. Taking FMs, things get worse. Maybe its time, we did away with local fm stations.

Sometimes you have to live with jeers when you know the country is far important than you and when you know where you want the people and the country to go. Leadership is about showing the people where they should go. The most important statement i guess from Raila is that the people of Nynaza ahould learn to stay in the government, they are still plaing opposition. All the same, i know its tough for kibaki in central province - people curse him. The guy is unpopular and only Rail will lift him up. Its tough for Raila as you say - maybe there is an opportunity here for Kenya. Two leaders that Kenyans do not seem to agree with!

Mzee wa kijiji

Taabu said...

Whatever your take the die is cast and Kenyans know what they want. No more sugar-coating of anything. Before divig into any explantion or insinuation one MUST remind herself of teh genesis of the present hell we are in=KIBAKI.

That laid to rest, true leaders are known by how they surmount crises and challenges and your guess is as good as mine who between RAO and the JANJAWEED SHREK has a chance.

It is only the primitive and nostalgic mindset that can tell a people to calm becasue they are in government. The latent message is govt equals incompetence and complacency so please indulge. Kenyans know their goal and RAO only happend to personify that. He is DESPENSIBLE and successor will surface sooner should he irrepairably.

Comparing the Ksm and Eld booing of RAO and Shrek respectively is akin to comparing apples and oranges. One was booed for failing to PROMPTLY share the proceeds of the STOLEN TROPHY while we covered your back and the other for waving his hand for us to move on while glossing over the root cause.

Message: No brush is broad enough to pain Kenyans' anger bereft of TRUTH and JUSTICE=GROWTH. RAO may be learning the ropes fast in urging his people to turn a bling eye but they have the fortitude and no appetite to sit pretty while things go wrong. We are in a new era and either the leaders SHAPE UP or SHIP OUT. No two way about it.

Taabu said...

@Anon 9:57 AM

You only rush to refer to another person as FOOL when your mind epitomizes its very ingredients. Please spare us the floods housed in your skull. It is simple, either engage IVY intelligently of drain off the fluids.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

People dressed in police uniform also drowned some protesters in the waters of Lake Victoria?? That's a new one.

To reduce the body count in this way then they must have drowned quite a number?

No wonder - this bitterness is not going away in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

the people do not want a post (prime minister, deputy + (asst) ministers ) these are plitical expediency and interim or band-aid solutions to a chronic problem.

people want that their right to vote is respected and devoid of mischief. All else is just a sham. I believe RAO has got the message and if not it needs to be drummed in. If he fails to read the mood then PNU will have won the battle to ruin completely any opportunity to ever lead the nation.

the second issue is the misuse of police force to suppress freedoms.

Anonymous said...

I would rather die than live a fool. You shredded your own country into pieces in the name of stolen election and now how you must reap what you have sown. I hope this will serve as a stark warning that resorting to violence is not the way.

Anonymous said...

I would rather die than live a fool. You shredded your own country into pieces in the name of stolen election and now how you must reap what you have sown. I hope this will serve as a stark warning that resorting to violence is not the way.

Anonymous said...

This is a point of order,

I heard the pesident saying that, for each and every minister,assistant minister and PS's who has been implicated in a criminal act should step aside.Why then do we see these ECK's commissioners still holding offices??

Anonymous said...



Abass said...

I think Raila hasn't tried to be a man of the people or to be more specific, a man of his people. Look, during the PEV (post election violence), the Kikuyus suffered a great deal by being killed and evicted. The gov't, effectively a Kikuyu one, is at least trying to help by saying they will compensate them and already resettling them. On the other hand, the people of Kisumu were shot in masses and you never hear Raila talk about that, talk about compensating them at least or even investigating that. Like it it is gone? For him maybe but not for those who lost loved ones. Even Ruto has being calling for the release of those arrested. See? Raila got this wrong, at least for now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.50... The chaos that followed December 27 election was the death of hope for the poor who believed the lies of elite that said success for one side was loss for the other.
You know, when the REAL and the ORIGINAL orange movement started in Ukraine back in November 2004 right to January 2005, it was as a result of stolen election. What followed was mass protest and civil disobedience that resulted in original run-off being annulled, and a revote ordered by Ukraine's Supreme Court in December 26, 2004.
This makes me unable to get my head around why Kenya when faced with a similar situation could not do the same. It all comes as a harsh reminder to me how Kenya as a third world country have a long way to go. We just believe unless we pick up a machete and pangalise our neighbours or burn them out there is no justice to our 'stolen election'.
off course I must be a fool not to know how unequal Kenya society is, infact it's ranked as 10th in the world as the most unequal society.
But if you look at those people who bore the brunt, it was infact the urban and rural poors NOT the ruling elites. And now it's the poor who are going suffer the most as the infaltion is expected to rise even further with food shortage looming ever louder.


Anonymous said...

Chris, its good to see democracy is alive and well at work in the heartland of PMs home territory. Kudos to Kisumu residents for not fearing to show the PM their true feelings which by and large reflect the general mood nationwide.
As equals in the government, i would have liked to see the PNU side of the grand coalition also make a strong appearance by the PMs side here and in other parts of the country as they continue their travels for healing and reconciliation. PNU should do this even with the threat of boos and jeers that might be waiting for them in different parts of the country. Democracy can work in Kenya if politicians via politics gives it a chance-the electorate is way ahead of the elected, and the PM and President set a good example of visiting his home territory last after having visited other parts of the country including visiting the IDKs.
PNU have a challenge before them-do they have their presence felt by proxy in Nyanza and particularly in Kisumu via the PM and ODM or will they be bold enough to accept and learn to live with that provinces low low perceptions of them as being the displeasing side of the coalition government-that is democracy and that is life

Anonymous said...

It is now evident that Luos are not blind supporters of anybody luos are the least tribal kenyans or how do you explain Shakeel or that somali mayor somehere in south nyanza? , what kibaki did was inexecusible and raila must understand that "kuvumilia sio kusamehea au kusahau".Imagine if someone rapes your daughter who is barely 13 how can you possibly forgive such a person ,in some things we only ask God to helps us forgive and this like a wound which needs time , Raila should have never apologised for kibaki this soon , wacha ikae kidogo, my heart still breaks everytime i see that clip of kivuitu squueezed in a leather seat wearing a black suit and black tie as if he was going to a funeral.Kibaki should just ensure we get a new constitition and right his wrongs then take adavantage and exit safely.

Kenyan Revelations said...

Is Dr. Mohammed Isahakia destroying the Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

Chris rather than being an alarmist be knowing we do have brilliant people in kenya both in private sector and government who are going to make sure kenyans do not suffer i.e food e.t.c by already planning ahead especially in the agriculture sector!!!

Chris on the Prime Ministers visit home!! i do not understand why you even think or imagine the lake region!!western and Rift Valley do not speak out!! check your history they even told Kenyatta one time not to dare travel to nyanza and he kenyatta then thought he was above peoples feeling or sentiments and guess what happened!!
i'm actually thrilled that the nyanza people were able to share with their leader their thoughts and feelings openly and that is what you call democracy!!! instead of central where they follow kibaki blindly!!
as for 2012 Nyanza !!western!! Rift Valley!coast! north-eastern under ODM umbrella they have already endorsed Raila Odinga check the news and your sources that you claim you have on ground!! Raila is already guaranteed that support so chris stop having wishful thinking ati someone sponsored from the woodworks by PNU to derail ODM like we hear the Budalangi member of parliament source on ground say he has been paid some millions to form opposition party in parliament after which he will derail and jump out of odm with his group of MP's and derail Raila's chance for presidency:) he is wasting his time- proof of payment bu PNU is soon to be exposed!! what a greedy fool!!
do you not wonder why Martha Karua is now very close to the MP of Budalangi?? they have been spotted together holding secret meetings!! ODM is watching and waiting!!

anyone meeting with Martha Karua is up to no good!! he should resign and join PNU!!period!!he is a traitor!!

Anonymous said...

what Namwamba mp for budalangi a pimp for PNU?? what a greedy guy!! he forgets all the people who died in nyanza and now he is in bed with Martha Karua??

Anonymous said...

Kenya Revelations
What the hell are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

He He, As I said before here, either Raila knows what he is doing or he is toast. By accepting to share power with the THIEF in CHIEF he angered many. You see, Kenya went through so much pain that period when someone was busy calling himself "duly elected" I presume he must have muzed "duly erected" LOL, but just as reverend Wright put it recently, the population is always ahead of the politicians. So, if you fail to read the mood, and conform you will be swept aside, Raila or anyone for that matter.

Secondly, I don't see Raila standing again. He will entrench himself in the PM seat and senselessly defend anything that comes from the collision to his chagrin. He will simply be fulfilling the prophecy by one Elijah that the Luhyia will rise to the presidency before the Luo, but it's the Luo who will propell them there!! Watch this space.


Mkenya Damu said...

Raila knows what he is doing , under the circumstances the power sharing was the best he could get ,remember during the crisis Raila was a citizen and kibaki was a president regardless of the method he used to get there , Kibaki had all the big guns behind him while Raila had only stones and machetes , if war broke out it is clear that kibaki would have ran with it and blamed it on Raila.Raila also had the option of accepting finances from warlords and went ahead to arm his supporters who were ready for anything because emotions were high,but with his visionary wisdom he opted for a peaceful arrangement which has achieved its purpose so far and the elusive stranger known as peace is back at our shores.If it wasnt for Raila's deceision to "swallow his pride" if i may qoute him we would have gone the congo way.Kibaki may be bad but not bad enough to start a civil war for, in 5 years or less he will retire and let another person win democraticaly like he won in 2002 to take over.My advice to Kibaki which i pray he heeds is to stay away from succesion politics , he has already done enough damage.

Phil said...

Chris and others,

Having just landed back in Kisumu from Funyula, I do not think it is sincere to say the media gave a blackout to Raila's functions of the weekend. I am blogging from a cyber in Kisumu.

Like I told you guys before, the Kisumu and Bondo functions carried a lot of political and economic significance for the entire Western regions and to the country at large.

The Saurday and Sunday newspapers dedicated no less than 6 pages (including page 1 headlines) to the Raila thanksgiving ceremonies. Citizen media and KBC aired both events LIVE. These are the official and unofficial state broadcasters in Kenya, and their signals cover the entire Eastern Africa region. If this is what Chris is calling media BLACKOUT, then I do not know what media publicity is!

While I would have wanted to give Kumekuchans live updates from the function, it is impractical to carry a laptop to function like that, and it was impossible to post via my HTC PDA (Chris, please check with google why posting comments or posts through a mobile divice is NOT working).

Chris also talks about Kisumu residents jeering Raila and some leaders. Anyone who has attended a political rally knows crowds will always shout down any proposal or comment they do not agree with. In this case; Raila put forward two proposals: One was a question of people of Kisumu accepting that Kibaki is the president of Kenya and he (Raila) is the prime minister! It was a resounding NO. They recognize Raila as the president of Kenya. Second was whether PNU would be welcome to visit Kisumu as part of national reconcilliation. That was also a resounding NO from the crowd at Moi Stadium. This does not sound like jeering to me, but rather - like Kalamari says - a disapproval of the GCG and an expression of bitterness following the massive electoral fraud. Some of the speakers who attempted to mention Kibaki/PNU were jeered. My opinion is let Kibaki/PNU carry their own crosses, afterall Kibaki was sworn in as President of kenya and he must make a move to visit all provinces and regions of Kenya on his own to preach peace and reconcialltion. He cannot expect Raila/ODM to take flak on his behalf! He can carry the Kauras, Wetangulas and Mwakwere's of this world to help him out.

As a matter of fact, speaking in Bondo a day later, Raila captured the true feelings of the people when he urged them to change their attitude and thinking as they were now part of government. We must all remember that Nyanza province has been economically and politically marginalised since 1969 (that is nearly four decades) and the present council of elders were middle age by the time the Kenyatta endorsed Kisumu massacre took place.

FYI Chris, it is important that when - as a national politician - you speak to rural folk about weighty matters, you speak to them in a language they understand. Some of these people, unlike most of us, do not even own transistor radios and mostly rely on market place rumours to make decisions and develop perceptions. Right?

Time allowing, I will give you guys my take on the weekend functions at a latter date.

Philip Roy said...

You may be right about the issues Raila and Kibaki face in regards to their grassroots support,but you are wrong about the economy of Kenya.

It is true that with high gas prices and food shortages worldwide,things may not go well for Kenya,it is also true to note that the Kenyan economy has come far enough and we can make it work.

If only our leaders can do their jobs right.

Ruto gets my Kudos for gettting the game plan for increasing agricultural produce in the country.

Anonymous said...

For once ever since i set foot on your blog have i noticed a degree of you reporting something negative on RAO. please keep it up. That is what balanced news coverage is all about. Previously you epitomised RAO as a demigod who's issues just go the right way and i'm impressed that this one is a bit polite on the good old man of othaya.

Contrary to your reporting however, citizen tv aired the whole event live all through and i had actually o miss my favourite premier matches to watch the RAO's sychophants idolise him.

Make no mistake I'm a PANUA damu but they say, "keep your friends close, your enemies closer" Watching that live coverage home coming slash thanks giving, one is left with the very clear impression as you rightfully say, that we have a very tough years ahead of us. Tough because the hatred that every speaker vomited on that podium is not going to assist this country.

Take for instance our brand new minister for lands, a reknown political activist, saying that before rift valley IDP's are resettled we should also ressetle the original owners of these lands or move the displaced persons to new areas! Does the bastard realise impact his comments have on the populace especially when he is now in charge of lands docket. Is he going to use his narrow mindededness to assist us formulate land policies or is he just using his position to hit back at people, whose only crime is that their grand parents migrated from mt kenya to the rift valley?

the other issue i had with the so called home coming: Whether i like it or not, RAO is now a nationalist, the guy is in our history books as our @nd Prime minister after Jomo. I also think ever since the disputed election the guy has come out as someone who is willing to put aside his ambiion for the sake of peace and unity. We must congratulate him for that one. However appearing on national television for a whole minutes talking in dholuo really "reduced him to a tribal chief" Speaker after speaker used the language of fish to express himself untill the tanzanian minister present said "we " forgive himj because he does not understand Dholuo. Why invite him if you re going to talk a language he cant understand.

I neither understand and have no intention of learning it but i could see raila at pains saying he now controls saitoti and the impression created is that orwa ojode works in the presidents office as his man. what cheap talk. i undersatand politics is politics but if raila has to keep up with other reknown jaluos like obama, then he has to contain speaking in dholuo to his bedroom and compound out of sight of cameras. Have you ever heard the othaya guy spilling kuyo on camera? FYI the guy is fluent in deep kuyo but he has to cut an image.

Finally, i'm happy that finally spome MP"s are telling Rao to mind his own business and let them form a grand opposition. Personally i dont see what the fuss is all about about having a grand opposition. whether it is there or not, it does not break any bones. RAO seems very scared about having an opposion from within his party. that scares me because i think the guy wants his people to saty together so that one day hey can walk out on kibaki close to 2012 and claim they have been thrown out of govt. I do however agree with RAO on one thing though, the guys who are spearheading the opposition process are just a bunch of fellows who felt left out

Good day bloggers
I expect a lot of insults from this


Anonymous said...


Thanks indeed for your monologue. Frankly its well thought out and balanced. If all bloggers were factual and helpful like you were in your assessment - we could be much far as a people.

On Orengo - i fear he may be thrown out by his ministry staff. Am seeing them soon going on strike. In any case its on the cards. He should shed his activism and tackle real issues. We need a sober minister in this ministry.

Mzee wa kijiji

Anonymous said...

Radical problems call for radical measures and these need radical leaders like orengo, the thing is why should natives of rift valley be landless in their own ancenstral homes while outsiders enjoy from land that was dubiosly aquired , what orengo says is we need to go back to the drawing board and assume nobody owns any land and let us find a way of distributing it fairly to all, not just kuyos .the kikuyus in rift valley were landless in central because the new breed of white men aka homeguards were too greedy to include them , so they coluded and sent them to rift valley to take over settler farms through land companies , the settlers had no right to sell land that was not theirs in the first place.We need to adress the idle land owned by royal families like kenyatta and resettle the landless and charity begins at home.what say you? i dont know of any non kikuyu who owns even a simple mkokoteni in central yet even in ugenya these guys have "mama onyango wholesellers"

Anonymous said...

correction: I watched the live broadcasts of Kisumu and Bondo functions, was shocked that the crowd could say no to the enigma.
I WONDER what the Luo expectation of a Luo president is-a messiah to bring them out of bondage-the elimination of Kikuyus from Kenya and Luo occupation of the small parcels of land in central province? please someone tell me that I may know.

Kenyan Scholar said...

All we have in Kenya and have witnessed and may continue witnessing if the status quo is maintained. is because of the so called selfish ambitions.
Our politicians are selfish and this they have to be told in the open without fear. Personally i blame the fracas from '07 elections on this son of Mwingi soil.
Its Kalonzo who brought all the trouble in Kenya and is therefore not fit to be accredited to any noble office in Kenya, in fact Kaalonzo Should resign if he is a serious christian as he claims.
Kenyans get this clearly; had Kalonzo (the mayhem creator) joined kibaki when he left ODM, it would have been so clear that kibaki won the elections, and he remained in ODM it would have been outright that Raila won.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all kenyain,

My understanding to what become a history for Ralia visited kisumu, Ralia and Kibaki shuold be missecourage not to attende the celberations that was wronge adivce from the people who do,nt evnte know what its for kikuiu or luos etc, Ralia ,kibaki were in kenya, and the all sons of Horor and determind for kenyains people

Anonymous said...

My understanding to what become a history for Ralia visited kisumu, Ralia and Kibaki shuold be missecourage not to attende the celberations that was wronge adivce from the people who do,nt evnte know what its for kikuiu or luos etc, Ralia ,kibaki were born leaders of Kenya and they Horors and determind for kenyains people,
Kenya for people like Ralia will future to your genertion for ever good, This is Sart of hime a leader for Kenyain he is not a triuble person you think make sure he will you intowhat you thinks to bem

Martin Mawien
NSW Australia

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