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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mungiki’s Violent Message to Government

So Mungiki has 'officially' called off visiting terror on Kenyans secure in the belief that they have cut a niche in marking their territory as a political force. That leaves one asking why didn't they announce the start in the first place. That the spokesman calls media houses without any fear of being apprehended exposes loads of complicity and incompetence.

It is time we put the twisted philosophy and identity of this murderous lot into its true perspective. For starters nobody with a heart can show his post molars in glee at the pain of others. With that declaration cleared we dive gloveless into the thinly clothed TRIBAL SUPERIORITY COMPLEX Mungiki is fashioning as cultural purity.

Mungiki’s orgies of violence are just the primitive version of wider GEMA ethnic thinking. They are simply attempting to violently institutionalize utter contempt for other Kenyans. You don’t need to think very hard to see the pseudo intellectuals contrasting Mungiki’s present bloodletting to JUSTIFIABLE protest against election theft. When other Kenyans demand their birth right they are branded lazy but that vice acquires an objective sheen when these crude extortionists suck other Kenyans blood.

Mungiki is reminding all and sundry by sending a political message that whatever and whoever is in the new coalition we are not going anywhere. With patrons in the right offices, the sect is simply pinning their mark on the political sand. Mungiki’s antics amount to nothing but unsophisticated peddling of superiority complex that has been plaguing since independence. When Jaramogi wrote NOT YET UHURU the same calculative lot demonized but on hindsight he saw ahead of time Kenya replacing the white colonialist with a native one.

Complicity and incompetence
There is industry and deception. Only in Kenya do we have the two meaning the same thing. According to these local masters the word HEAD START (unfairly dished of course) is being savvy and knowing when to make a kill by having the right nose to smell opportunities miles ahead of the rest.

Mungiki must be seen for what it is as the unpleasant face of a section of Kenya who believes the rest owe them gratitude for populating this geographical location. Kibaki’s election theft dovetails in that realm of thinking and saying otherwise to live in self denial. Kenya is at war with this calculative group who only makes you feel relevant when they want to ride on your back by globalizing a local problem. The plastic clarion call najivunia kuwa Mkenya was cleverly coined to make us bend our backs for the masters. Patriotism is never taught.

Even the conventional church has not been spared the expanding sphere and smell of deception and selective amnesia. This vice must be genetic. Just look at the present church and the hitherto vocal clerics and compare that with the late Muge and his steadfastness during Moi’s regime. Kenyans are only fighting back to reclaim their country from THIEVES and SCOUNDRELS in various shades masquerading as champions of cultural purity.


Anonymous said...

The conflict in the Republic of Kenya isn't some internal African implosion, it's about keeping resources pipe wide open to the West, UK in particular, followed by USA, and other minoritiy white guys. Neo-colonialism.

I believe so, who are the Mungiki`s? How about the other thugs that sends everyone freeing when they strike?

I think the coverts in Kenya know the answer.

I believe...!

How come after 40 years people all over sudden start killing neighbours?

Kenya does not only need prays but repentance.

Anonymous said...

I must say that I was utterly disgusted with one MUNDIA MUNDIA JRS' Letter to the Editors in Yesterdays Standard!!
Taabu you are right, a section of kikuyus & their sympathisers..if any..think Kenyans backs are to be ridden at their pleasure.
This particular fool, too bad thats what he brought out, wondered why mungiki were being termed as criminals, for had tried them in a court of law for them to be thus termed??



Anonymous said...

The only thing that caught my eyes was that the Mungiki violence is being stopped by the people's president. Even their leader and coordinator said they should heed Raila's call for ceasefire. Man, I think this is what we call leadership.


Anonymous said...

by the way. wait for the flood of kikuyu bloggers back to this forum now that they have nothing to fear since our very own captain Agwambo has once again shown what it means to be a leader

Anonymous said...

rhymemaster, you and i think alike

Anonymous said...

Chris - if you can please erase the post on us elections. You may not be helping the cause.

Frank said...

Taabu wishing and praying for the destruction of a section of Kenya is unhealthy. Drink some orange juice and heal your mind.

Anonymous said...

You mean that Raila is a MEMBER of MUNGIKI and they ACTUALLY VOTED for him. What a conincidence that their SLOGANS are the SAME. NO RAILA NO PEACE; NO MAINA NO PEACE, the uprooting of the Railway copied or rather the one they did during the fracas. The destruction of property and finally, they are going to have dialogue with man. Their LEADER. What a pity. I hope it is not TRUE. But the destruiction bears the HALLMARK of thuggery during the violence.

And what about the timing. Exactly an houir after Raila was sworn. Oh No. I thought so anyway

Anonymous said...

Taabu, Oh yeah, I was so taken aback by you stopping just short of asking if there was a good reason why some Kenyans went on the rampage to Kill their neighbours.

Was this fighting back to reclaim their country from THIEVES and SCOUNDRELS in various shades masquerading as champions of cultural purity.According to your well writen article..!

Anonymous said...

like i said the kikuyu blog gangsters are back now that mungiki have responded very maturely and positively to Aguambo. Please note in the words of their very own chairman.

quoted below from the E.A Standard

Jailed Mungiki leader, Mr Maina Njenga, who talked to The Standard from Naivasha Maximum Prison through an aide, said he had been touched by Raila’s remarks that Mungiki members could be productively engaged in nation building

"Let all the youths involved in the countrywide strike stop and help Raila build this nation. We believe the Prime Minister will create jobs for us," Njenga said

End of quote

Can those kikuyu hard workers go tell mungiki that they are lazy?

i think mungiki should fundisha those arrogant elite kikuyus some adabus

Anonymous said...

Yes I support Mungiki for standing up for the downtrodden and productive youth and other Kenyans who have been unable to gain meaningful employment or self employment because of the upumbavu policies of the goverments of Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki especially the elite Central Kenyans. This is the same ideal as that of many reformists who have said it time and again.

I however abhor and find their (Mungiki) methods of expressing this discontent extremely distasteful and despicable and not worthy of a democracy. That Njenga fellow should be engaged in dialogue.

tnk said...

ok bloggers

time for the next step on this hard road back to the future/sanity

i came across the link provided at the end and it gave me some hope and hope it will give some of you some hope too. my faves list still holds true

take a long look at what you see on the link provided below. scroll through the entire page right to the bottom of the page. take time to read the various comments posted there. (if you've already seen the site, well it wont hurt to look again, but if you haven't please do take a very long look) but before you look read below,

i would urge you to

ignore some of the arrogant, abrasive nonsense that guys continually spew here. sieve content and capture the sometimes little intellect widely interspersed and lets build on that.

whenever possible reach out to those around us still hurting and bitter either from our own doing or from that of others

strengthen the fighters amongst us pursuing real democracy and justice for all.

encourage the entrepreneurs and other diligent workers, colleagues, students and many others who are struggling

revamp and re-energise your/my self to build synergies with those around us/you.

break down the barriers due to diversity in ethnic, cultural and even political ideology

help break the vices of crime, corruption and deceit in the "little things" we do and in the gigantic sins of our leaders

and lets start to build a better nation for ourselves and future generations. let what you see in this site be just a beginning of a brighter future

all credit goes to the guy who captured those images. its a far cry from what is constantly portrayed in western press/media. the sad thing is that this is just one bright spark in the entire nation of kenya

for those interested there are other pictures depicting the slums, the rot and poverty of Kenya, we will see these time and time again, to remind us why we must work together for the common good of all

Chicity said...

Rhymmemaster - I'm with you on that one.

Now wait, those who've been silent for the last four days will now crawl out of the woodwork with all sorts of "wisdom".

Tnk - Hey! Thanks for the link. I'd seen it but it was nice to look at it again.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:35

Another ungrateful kibaki supporter spewing hot air here- why then were you not here before denouncing the mungiki mayhem and now that they have agreed to listen to Raila through his voice of reasoning instead of Saitoti who wants to execute them!!!yet again you find fault in that and start throwing around innuendo's - it not a wonder that kenyans prefer you kikuyu's in central Lesotho you are so ungrateful and selfish beyond anyones imagination- you should really shut up now and listen to Raila's voice of reason or go park in Othaya were even Mungiki was proofing to you that they can get at your President kibaki anytime - that was the actual message between the lines you be knowing!!such nonsense!!you spew here!!

Daniel Waweru said...



This vice must be genetic.

is naked racism; the rest of the post is emetic nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Typical of this well known Kikuyu bashing. I Just read a few lines and ZZZZzzz almost started snoring. If TAABU digs deeper into that black worm infested rot which he calls his soul, he will realise he's really a cheap tribalist quite obsessed with anything Agikuyu.

I have my take on his raw anger against GEMA, that he was either dumped by a Kikuyu girl or severely bullied in school. Please put that heavy luggage down and live free old son. All the best!

Knoppix! said...

Well obviously,there is evident posting of somewhat silly and frivolous assertion from so and so but it calls on us individuals to accomodate each others positions given that most of would be anons are hardly out of the juvenile crunch thats why we find lots of vitriolic lashbacks in their comments rather than basic intellect even like that of a kid watching girrafes at the animal orphanage.

Secondly its evident Mungiki had no clear cut agenda for inconviniencing Nairobians and others in the wider rift-valley and central Kenya.The last person i expected them to heed advice from was obviously RAO.I have this sneaky feeling that UK must have played a role and again thats just a feeling and certainly i cant lord it over the readers of this blog.

I really doubt they will disintegrate and get into serious and meaningfull work apart from extortion.My take is that they will hang around,wait for another round of promises which might not be honoured and then they will strike again.That aside,If Mutula Kilonzo's ministry will seriously undertake its work and get down to business it will inherently mean they are off the streets.This will be to our detriment.Move from the city they will,they wait for us at the doorsteps and here am at a crossroads coz where should they rather be?CBD or my doorstep?Again someone help me.

My take is, this is only a temporary cooler and i find it hard to believe we Kenyans are past their menace.

Again optimistic we remain.

Anonymous said...

Time magazine
Monday, Apr. 12, 1954
An Eye for an Eye
It was a routine week in Kenya's brutal Mau Mau war:
¶ At Kiambu, near Nairobi, four-year-old Andrew Stephens, son of a retired R.A.F. officer, was pedaling his tricycle outside his home when a terrorist bounded out of the woods. The terrorist swung his panga at the child's curly head and all but decapitated the boy. Captured, the Kikuyu tribesman said he had just taken the Mau Mau oath which pledged him to behead a European.
¶ In Nairobi's supreme court, a 17-year-old Briton serving in the colony's emergency police force was found guilty of technical assault for tossing lighted matches at a Mau Mau suspect, and his Kikuyu assistant was convicted of pouring paraffin over the head of the suspect and setting him afire.
¶ In the Aberdare forest, after a British battalion had killed 25 Mau Mau in a running fire fight, one wounded terrorist, lying on a stretcher, opened his eyes and said: "I am General Kago" (a major terrorist leader who last month planted the severed head of a British district officer in a maize patch). The African trooper guarding Kago simply said "Are you?", raised his rifle and shot General Kago dead.

Anonymous said...

The ongoing Mungiki terror, isn't history repeating itself?
The three stories straight up from that day's Time magazine, illustrate what freedom and justice is all about and who and how our history is written.

Anonymous said...


You are either intellectualy lazy or an incorrigible tribalist. It doesn't follow that since Mungiki are Kikuyu and violent, that all Kikuyus are, as a corollary, violent. To advance this position without supporting data is to engage in flawed logic - the kind that finds comfort in in a lazy mind. Alternatively, if you believe that all Kikuyus are violent or sympathetic to violence despite all the evidence to the contrary, then it exposes in you an irredeemable Kikuyu hater. Otherwise how are you able, without qualms, to say that "Mungiki's orgies of violence are just the primitive version of wider GEMA ethnic thinking?" If an educated man like you can make this kind of generalizations, what should we expect from those who have not been blessed with an education, or are not widely travelled? If the aim of your posts has been to inflame passions then I bet you are doing a good job. If, on the other hand, your aim has been to inform and advance inter-ethnic dialogue you have failed miserably.

Majority of the Kikuyu people are a peaceful people - granted there are criminal elements in every community. If you don't know that then I suggest you travel into Central Kenya and acquint yourself. However, if you know they are peaceful but prefer to hawk distortions, then I will leave you to your conscience if you have any.

Anonymous said...

In the nosie of this Mungiki madness we have lost a very important landmark that has happened in our beloved country. The mps who promised us things in the last parliament and did not deliver were sent home, so i take the recent pronuoncements by the new ministers assuming the know what will happen if they don't deliver,as a sign that there is going to be real change, a few that I liked; Ruto is working on the price and availabity of ferterlizer, kajwang has even given out his cell number and invited all complaints in immigration to be directly sent to a pause here some of us know what it is to miss an opportuity cause some idiot made it hell to get a passport or ID and fellas Orengo is back in parliament, he already fired a salvo on education in western kenya.....we are in for interesting times forget mungiki they were going nowhere in the first place. There is something I'm very passionate about..What to counilors do? Someone asked about DOs but what the heck to councilors do? we need to engage this people or name and shame the useless ones they are the most accesible of elected repesentatives
these guys ought to be put to task to show their relevance.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

I agree with you TAABU, Mungiki has no shortage of friends in high places. They just acquired a new patron - PM Raila. In Kenya unless you have the muscle and the will to use violence as an instrument of getting attention, then you can't be invited to the high table for dialogue. Poor TAABU, get used to it buddy!!

Anonymous said...

Finally, there is a likelihood that all the tribal thugs - Mungiki, Kalenjin worriors, Luo stone throwers and arsonists - might be finding a home in ODM. Talk of birds of a feather. You think it is a coincidence that Maina Njenga is communicating through The Standard - the platform which has been effectivly used for propaganda by ODM in the last five years?

Mungiki has split into two and the stronger wing is identifying with ODM. In the last one and a half months there has been a lot of communications between ODM and this wing. The split was occassioned by the "image problem" and financial differeces. The wing that has defected wears slightly cleaner clothes and are slightly media savvy. Whether the move is tactical or for real, time will tell. RAO could be biting now more than he can chew in the future. There is more than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Even from behind prison walls, mungiki are telling Kibaki and co., "We have the capacity to bring you to your knees" - chilling.

Either Prime Minister Raila (I like the sound of that :)) is a very a shrewd man or he has just made the biggest folly of his political life engaging with this lot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:00 wacha propaganda, read the back page of nation....Kweli u guys never stop....Violence doesn't beget violence as Saitoti sits pretty no negotiation with the sect, it is the common mwananchi who is suffering....RAO had a choice of ignoring them coz afterall it is guys in bizna, and the folks in Muranga and Othaya who were suffering but he chose to do one right thing for this nation....Did you see how mungiki were silenced in Eldoret within 30 minutes, they disappeared....So give credit where it is due

Anonymous said...

Railapopbia is back why u hate this man so? The guy just did the sensible thing, that is try and see if the clout he has as peoples president and noe peoles primeminister will help stop the killings and it did, now some people want what? the kilings to continue? or for taliban to reserect? pls before you critisize give a sloution, Mungiki saw a man who wants to solve their problem permanently and not one who wants to just use them. Its hard being mungiki they all would rather be having jobs and business and living the good life and i'm sure the will work with whoever wants to help them archive that.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Yes - condemn the act of killing but their philosophy needs attention. Narc came to power promising to create employment for the youth and deal with land issues - did they do that? No. It is time we started listening to our youths - if not they will continue with their mad orgy until we sit down with them and start talking. This is not the issue of tribalism.

Anonymous said...

I deploy violence but I hope you lot read on the Mungiki, their origins, dynamics and aspirations.At least they have something to live for unlike many who post and repost, theorise and try to look intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break!! Raila giving jobs and business to Mungiki? What history of helping jobless people does he have in his Langata constituency?? Wacheni DOMO! DOMO!
I doubt Raila would understand what job creation is even if he were to be taught in school. The guy is a party activist in his blood, and will remain like that till his last days on earth. When he talks of dialogue with Mungiki, his eyes are on Mungiki votes for 2012 elections. To him everything including human misery is all politics. He is ready to dine and wine with all types of goons in exchange for votes. Mungiki are murderers and their date should be with a hangman. Raila's duty is to help the president enforce the law not to dance and hug criminal. I guess it is hard for a man to quit his past.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between Raila and Njenga Karume who proposed that the government talk to Mungiki last year and was condemned. This brotherhood between Raila and Mungiki is dangerous for Kenya. People must be taught that violence doesn't pay.

Knoppix! said...

I notice some undertones of plagialirism around.In other words the same thing is being succesfully repeated.Sometimes i admire mungiki.Where i am at i like the order with which the matatu queque flows.

Sometimes i also imagine what things would have being without them around,municipal Askaris come into mind then bribery staggers my mind sick.For that i give them 3 out of a possible 10.After all not evryone is fully bad.Let me be the first to give some credit undue as it may seem.

Anonymous said...

Well well if I remember correctly Raila also asked gava then to talk to Mungiki so it was not just karume, infact he was the first to suggest that. Unless otherwise the information that is in the public domain is that RAO asked Munguki to cease fire, my question is what is wrong with that? RAO cannot give anybody a job Mungiki or non Mungiki what RAO has always said is that we as a nation will create an environment where jobs will be created. Why are people so shaky when RAO talks to Mungiki? The guy has right of assosiation for as long as he is not financing them or using them, they can have tea. lets face it what has gava/kibz done with mungiki? Use and abuse thats what. RAO is also their prime minister let them dialouge but we are wacthing them.its not like kiz has arrested these guys and other known godfathers.
People who want Mungiki quickly gotten rid fear that Mungiki will reveal secrets that will shame kibz, nevermind we alredy know. the guys have agreed to cease fire lets train our energies elsewhere

Anonymous said...

Precisely Anon 5:50am as Sir Alex says railaphobia....Even Wangari Maathai said negotiation is the way to go....Kwani do you think raila forgot that mungiki went on a killing spree in Naivasha and Nakuru? How many should be killed so that we become a sane nation? Violence has never won anything anywhere, but it make guys see sense....So if Kibs and his cronies cannot pay the debt they owe mungiki.....We need our nation back from the hands of mungiki and if it is dialogue that is going to sort us out so be it....Leave the prime minister alone to do his work then judge him after that!!!

Why are people behaving like "gumzo mitaani" ati leave those mungiki we deal with them, then when one person shouts mungiki mungiki you all run away...Ei Kenyans take a break from domoing


Chicity said...

Anon @5:50 - they are afraid because they think that RAO will use Mungiki for the same purposes that Kibz has - that they all support, BTW.

Anon @ 2:28 - RAO is a criminal? Please give us facts. What crimes he was charged with and convicted of. He was detained without trial. Just because your beloved Moi told you that he is a dangerous criminal doesn't mean he is.

I have no problem with the dialogue. Kibaki tried executing them and it didn't work. The whole nonsense about them promoting kiuk culture is just that. They are a bunch of landless, poor unemployed men and women who have been used repeatedly by politicians. If talking to them gets to the root of the problem and keeps them off the streets, and thereafter all Kenyans similarly situated get assistance, so be it!

Anonymous said...

They should make Mungiki leader the secretry of defense. I am sure there is room for more criminals in this grand coalition. If the two killers; Raila and Ruto made it, then Mungiki is equally deserving. RAILA SHOULD AVOID MAKING FALSE PROMISES TO MUNGIKI. THEY ARE NOT AS GULLIBLE AS JALUO IN KIBERA AND KISUMU. They will not follow him blindly like sheep.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:03

return of the abrasive and arrogant relics from a not so distant past

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:03 Please go spew your venom where it might be deserving, "kumekuchas". By the way there is a larger number of Kyuks that live in kibera than Jaluos, ever wondered why the Kibera people riot, who is their MP? Its called deductive reasoning...why even waste my to "kumekuchas" pal.

Anonymous said...

The Mungiki`s have already been very well documented in the encyclopedia of anthropology,I quote

"Mungiki are listed in the encyclopedia of anthropology as direct descendants of Muturapithicus, a tobacco chewing, tree-dwelling species that roamed the forests of Mt. Kenya more than 20,000 years ago. The species is characterized by a sloping forehead, an overhanging brow, discoloured teeth, laboured intelligence and deep-seated hatred for anything female". end of quote.

It seems to me then that, Mungiki`s have some sort of root and Mau Mau must have been descedants. Mau Mau managed to send the Britons freeing for their lives and Kenya managed to talk to the King or Queen of Britain and kenya got Independence.

Does the other thugs who send the IDP freeing have some sort of roots? I mean all the Eldoret killers, Mt Elgon bandits and the IDP attackers elsewhere? Nobody should be treated guilty until found and proven guilty in a court of law, including our newly sworn ministers Ruto, Kosgey, Michuki, Ntimama, and don`t forget Moi,Shariff Nasir, Biwott and others, the list goes on an on and on.

People talk..I support Railas initiative 101%

Otherwise, there are a lot of Kenyans who will put their foot in the mouth and Raila is NOT going anywhere, he is our Prime Minister in charge of the Government. Full Stop.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans...please please ..! nawa omba. mungu..mungu atusaidie..

watu wamekufa.. watu wamefukuzwa nyumbani kwao, wazee na kina mama na watoto, wana njaa kwao nyumbani ...!

Na wazungu...wana kula vizuri...!

na watu wame-vaa masuti hata kuliko viongozi wa nchi za ulaya/ngambo, KIBAKI NA RAILA amboa wanasema wanatusaidia. Watumwa wa wazungu..........hata Museveni aliwambia hadhalani............Lakini hawana aibu.................hawa watu wame shiba....wamejaza matumbo yao lakini wakenya wana Nja.UK na Canada,na USA. Are Neo-Colonialists.
Wanakenya sisi amboa tuna jamii zetu na kaka zetu na ndugu zetu na wenzetu, tunavaa masuti? na tunakula vizuri kama hawa wazungu? hiyo ndio kwa Sababu watu huamua kufa badala kuwa watumwa kama wenzetu wa Africa kusini.

Anonymous said...

You lot are all lost Mugiki is are here to stay but hug on a minute who are Mugiki you? me? most probably you dont know. Lots in US and UK think are? whot can you do about it? nothing so shalape and do your part create jobs in Kenya and mugiki will just be gone.

Mwangi Ki said...

its time to learn to live with Mungiki, just as on does with asthma. There is no cure, but it can be controlled once you know what leads to an (asthma) attack.

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