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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Breaking News: Mungiki Call Off Terror Attacks

Njuguna Gitau Njuguna Says That They Are Answering Calls For Peace From The Prime Minister

News That I have just received indicates that the Kenya National Youth Alliance has this evening announced an end to their national terror campaign called to protest the killing of the wife of their jailed leader Maina Njenga.

The really shocking part of the statement called in to the media by the groups' infamous spokesman Njuguna Gitau Njuguna was that the group has made the decision to call off their protests in honor of Prime Minister Raila Odinga's appeal for peace. Sources indicate that Raila Odinga who was sworn in as prime minister earlier today has entered into dialogue with the group.

Njuguna appealed to
matatu owners to return their vehicles to the road tomorrow morning (Kenyan time) without fear assuring them that there will now be peace.

Earlier today two more public transport vehicles were burnt in Nairobi's Dagoretti area. Meanwhile a serious fuel shortage loomed when Mungiki adherents distributed leaflets daring lorry drivers to try and deliver fuel to a major fuel depot in Nairobi's Industrial area. The leaflets warned that any lorry seen carrying fuel in the area would be torched.

Yesterday as a result of Mungiki terror a curfew was imposed in Othaya and Nyeri.

However it is now expected that after the strange statement this evening, all will be well and Nairobians who have had to contend with the virtual crippling of the public transport system can now go back to some sense of normalcy.

Love blossoms into the most unlikely couple


Anonymous said...

There is a learned friend of ours who commented i quote "Mungiki are listed in the encyclopedia of anthropology as direct descendants of Muturapithicus, a tobacco chewing, tree-dwelling species that roamed the forests of Mt. Kenya more than 20,000 years ago. The species is characterized by a sloping forehead, an overhanging brow, discoloured teeth, laboured intelligence and deep-seated hatred for anything female."

Honestly, i can`t stop laughing and my ribs are and have been aching since i read this blog, but i was reading the encyclopedia of anthropology this morning and never found any information about that. This blogger who wrote that hopefully is not a PANUA "Is he pulling our legs? just wondering"

Anonymous said...

Yes, I found that coining of phrases to be extremely funny! Now let us thank God that mungiki has seen fit to take a break from their daily terror on Kenyans.

That is what life in Kenya has become. The GSU is only good for unleashing terror on defenceless kenyans. When faced by gangs of mungiki, the GSU are no where to be seen. Coincidence?

I think not.
Over to you who controls GSU...

Anonymous said...

mind boggling

Anonymous said...

since when do criminals unleashing terror on innocent civilians get a chance to negotiate? honestly this country!!!


Taabu said...

Swimming against the TIDe is not only exhausting but can also be fatal especially when nearing a FALL. The murderous lot believe they have passed the message and regrouping to strike another day. Meanwhile kazi iendelee.

Anonymous said...

If I were Mungiki, and heard Odinga's speech at his swearing in, I too, would turn into a model citizen.

I am no Raila supporter, but his speech gave me goose bumps. Not of fear, but of hope. Of hope that he meant what he said, and that it will rub off on his otherwise less than credible cabinet. That his endless energies will go towards service the mwananchi.

But I am old and wise enough to know and have heard it all before. I am so very anxious that he proves me wrong.

Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I were Mungiki, and heard Odinga's speech at his swearing in, I too, would turn into a model citizen.

really interesting -so when was Raila ever in a position to work for kenyans and give back with power powers invested in him??? wasn't he all this years either under Moi and Kibaki both dictators who controlled everything and minister even if they had good ideas were told to shut up except for their cronies who were given a chance to loot??? lets not point fingers or the usual i have heard it before- don't you realize tat kenya has changed?? or you are still in the past?? why then the coalition government and a prime minister? could you in your wildest dreams early last year imagined what has happened in kenya??/

Like Raila said do not judge us by the bloated cabinet!!!!judge as by our delivery of our services to Wanaichi!!give the guy a chance to work- stop being wishy washy on here!!

Anonymous said...

So we went from a multi party KANU, KADU, KAU to baba na mama KANU to FORD, DP, KANU to NARC, KANU and now we are back to GK of national Unity which sounds eerie similar to KANU with NO OPPOSITION to speak of.

Wasn't this what Moi used to sing about all the time? Opposition ni bure, kila mtu ingia ndani ya KANU!

What gives? Anyone see this as a recipe for disaster? A 40 + cabinet with no watch dog?

It's true, history does repeat itself. And in Kenya it is on heavy rotation and can repeat itself many times within one's lifetime!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Whoever it takes

Chicity said...

Ditto! @ Anon - 4:54. I was moved when I read the speech. It spoke to Kenyans in an honest manner, without sugar coating the circumstances that led to this point. I hope that he will finally get to implement his vision without any sabotage. This is his chance to show Kenyans what kind of leader he is.

As for Museveni's outburst - ho needs to sit down. He's collecting billions in aid from the West and talking about "stop meddling in Africa?" Pleaaase! But for their intervention, he would be back in Uganda sending in more of his troops to kill Kenyans, and not attending an historic occasion.

Anonymous said...

I pray that Kenyans will sit down and think without making any hasty decisions and come back to their senses.

As Raila said, democracy in kenya is maturing, i don`t expect him to do magic/miracles but atleast, atleast encourage rural development and that`s the only way the slums in Nairobi will dimish.

All these people in the slums immigrate to nairobi in such of work and most importantly to be able to put food on the table.

What do you expect, the muindis will hire for $.20 an hour because after all, you have no choice. "Too much cheap labour" But if Rural development can be encouraged and people especially the youth make a kill/work in the rural areas, who will ever go to live in the slums in such for work. That`s the point i`m trying to make.

Answer me guys, answer me....!

Diversity of resources to Rural areas is the Key. And the PC`s, DC`s, DO`s and chief`s should tell Keyans what they Administer. All they do is to cruise the rural areas with 4x4 full tank with petrol looking for vulnarable women. Ask them what they do...

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