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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mungiki Cripple City Transport System

Nairobians worry how they will get home this evening after work

Last night I reported that sources close to the police had informed me that the Mungiki problem was getting worse.

News trickling in this morning has shown exactly what was meant. In the most daring attack yet, Mungiki youths pounced on the Nairobi CBD firing in the air and causing fear and panic amongst commuters waiting for public transport back home.

The attack met its' objectives as matatus vanished leaving tens of thousands stranded in the city centre. The few matatus that were brave enough to stay on started charging fares as high as Kshs 150 to Kshs 300 for trips to various city estates.

Mercifully the crack GSU unit moved in quickly and restored security as the Mungiki youths melted into the night. As you read this there is a very serious commuter transport problem in Nairobi which has been made worse by the fact that Commuter train services were suspended on Tuesday after two trains were derailed by Mungiki youths on Monday.

Police moved in and helped ferry most stranded commuters home in an exercise where they were assisted by a few army lorries.

It is now clear that the well co-ordinated Mungiki attacks are set to continue for sometime in the country as a spokesman of the Kenya Youth Alliance said in an interview with the K24 TV station on Monday.

Interestingly in a function this morning involving the two deputy premiers, Uhuru Kenyatta refused to make any comments about the Mungiki terror currently being unleashed countrywide. Uhuru was handing over the Local government docket to ODM's Musalia Mudavadi who is deputy premier and also the new local government ministry. Interestingly this was a ministry where his late father Moses Sabstone Mudamba Mudavadi served in for many years under several Moi administrations.

Who is behind this fresh Mungiki attacks and what is the real motive? But even as long suffering Nairobians and indeed Kenyans puzzle over that question, it is clear that the new guerrilla tacticsnow being employed by the group have been well thought out and will continue to cause lots of chaos in the country for weeks and maybe even months to come.

I am following some useful leads and will bring you more background posts on this worrying trends as soon as I have some solid information in my hands.

P.S. Former powerful Coast PC in the Kenyatta era and the man who was crucial in preventing the country from ending up in the hands of powerful Kenyattta kitchen cabinet members and their Ngoroko militia, Eliud Mahihu died quietly yesterday Morning at Nairobi hospital. Mahihu's action enabled the then Vice President Daniel arap Moi to peacefully take over the reigns of power after Kenyatta's death. By some divine intervention, the night Kenyatta died was the only night in over 10 years that Mbiyu Koinange was not at Kenyatta's side. Koinange was linked to the Ngoroko plot meant to grab power and stop Moi from ascending to power.

P.S. 2 A group of 60 back bencher MPs are seeking to push through a proposal to have a grand opposition created in the 10th parliament to counter the huge grand coalition government. Very clever way of postioning oneself for victory and bigger things in the next elections which most Kenyans believe will happen within the next 2 years at the very latest.

Childless Riruta housewife welcomes man into her house who claimed that he "would open the way."


Anonymous said...

My best wishes go out to Mahiu's family - he was a good man - and I had the pleasure of knowing him.

It may be of interest to know that Edwin Yinda - a successful businessman and now one of the hopeful young politicians being elected as new Member of Parliament - is married to Mahiu's daughter and therefore his son-in-law. Mahiu must have been proud to know that the 'torch is carried on' in his own family, besides the fact that his daughter had founded a charity organization at the Coast taking care of underpriviledged and orphaned children, also this based on the ideas and education received by her father.

Anonymous said...

It might be coincident or not, but Jeff Koinange has named his son born last year 'Mbiyu' - assuring that the line of the infamous Mbiyus is continueing: the grandfather being implicated (according to Jeff's own words published in the book about his grandfather) for the killing of Chief Waruhiu and Minister Mbiyu Koinange (brother of his father) implicated for the murder of Tom Mboya and JM Kariuki. And now Jeff establishing contacts to the Mungiki leaders and with this assuring his political career 'I am dreaming of becoming President of Kenya - to be honest, that's all I wanted since being a child'. In naming his son Mbiyu, he then makes clear that the Kikuyu rule shall continue forever in the true Koinange tradition: looting, bribing and killing.

Taabu said...

Bandit administration headed by BANDIT president, Bandit DPM also doubling as Mungiki patron. What do you expect? UK cannot afford to condem Mungiki lest the key to pandora box is handed out. It is rule and eat no matter what. Well, not for long in the present Kenya. When you steal elections you are a BANDIT and the effects lasts forever, period.

Knoppix! said...

Well Anon 4:08 i would defend JK but again bash him coz he pretends to be very westernised or civilised but i find him equally sheepish.After all what comes into mind at the mention of K-Street.

You could also name your son after your dad but knowing what they stand for one just shies away.On the other Hand Taabu we asked for so little and got soooo much.

Like Eric Wainaina sings ''Unadamu Mikononi na Asali Mudomoni" and thats what i think of UK.Lets see what unfolds.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. And to complete the picture: President Kenyatta was married to a Koinange (Senior Chief Mbiyu Koinange's daughter) and George Muhoho (Mama Ngina's brother and therefore uncle of Uhuru) is married to a first cousin of Jeff Koinange.

This also explains why the Mungiki spokesman has chosen Jeff Koinange as his trustee. The phalance Kenyatta-Koinange-Mungiki has gone into force right now.

Kenya is firmly in the hands of this trio of powerful families and this sect.

Believe me, the worst is still to come since also Kibaki and his cronies will not dare to stop them - nor Raila Odinga since his son is married to a woman belonging to them.

Anonymous said...

Well Taabu, I think some of us are quite familiar with Greek mythology, and we can identify ODM inside the Pandora box, where all of evils of mankind are contained. And we know when Pandora (goddess) was given this jar by Zeus (King of gods) and was instructed not to open it and she did, all manners of evil escaped out but thankfully she was quick enough to close it and salvage one value, and that was HOPE.

And talk of Hope, that what ODM and indeed Kenya need. The state is too fragile and we don’t even know what is going to break next.

Mungiki is copying ODM who rioted, killed, raped, looted, panged their neighbours, burn their neighbours out, shouted, scream to the top of the roof - "No Raila, No peace", police continued brutalising innocents civilians , food price skyrocketed, inflation rose to all time high and then Mungiki re-emerged with a new tune “ No Maina Njenga, No peace”

And still the same people who shouted with loud-foul mouth “Kibaki must go’’ must now work under his “bandit” administration. Talk about eating a humble pie.
I am actually ashamed to be a Kenyan and I fear for my children they might be poisoned by this ongoing tribal hatred and gang warfare. I am even contemplating taking my family out of Nairobi or even out of the country if things don’t change.

Yesterday I said, I will leave your blog for good, and still am not gone. No, I am not going anywhere just as yet.


Anonymous said...

Word on the street is EVERYONE OUT OF TOWN BY 3PM!What nonsense are these losers trying to SHOW KENYANS.WHERE WERE THEY when the election was being stolen infront of our very eyes!
LAZY THIEVES who want things easy..i can tell you people get up at 5AM to WALK TO INDUSTRIAL AREA, work all WITHOUT A MEAL while LAZY MUNGIKI THUGS COLLECT free money THE WHOLE DAY under the pretence of PRTOECTION!
WHO ARE THESE SHAMELESS PEOPLE and what do they stand for...where were they when Kenyans were dying for JUSTICE......IT'S ALL A LIE...A SHAM AND A SHAME.
We dare them to try and hold Kenya ransom....they will know Kenya belongs to Kenyans all 30 million of them!

Anonymous said...

kwale what are you waiting for?

si u go!

Knoppix! said...

Kwale yours are tired comments to say the least.Even the kids you will sire say in 2020 will known by some way that there was a man called Kibaki who stole the elcetion and decided to give some carrot to the one he stole from.Simply put the 41 of us i.e communities were and are still fatigued and infact feel raped by one community.

What you were seeing people shouting no Raila no peace they were simply saying they were tired of the load loaded on an us from one community.

The pride we experience from the one community is tiring and you have now extended it to us through mungiki.I wonder how many times you can rape a woman or a man for that case and feel satisfied honestly.What the protests were about in Dec thro jan was about election theft and not about marginalisation like mungiki are projecting it to be.

So should every luo,kisii,kale and so have you form a gang and chase every Tom Dick and Kwale out of town?Even those guns they are brandishing other communities can also acqire them much easily,they are not exclusive to them remember.

In short we are FATIGUED now starting the 6th YEAR.Give us Fair break please!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that too much to ask Surely?

Anonymous said...

what are you waiting. Just go to Koinange Street. That's the safe haven in Nairobi since Jeff Koinange has made a deal with the Mungiki's: he gives them air-space on his K24 channel and they in turn sponsor anybody who claims to be Jeff's friends and believe me he has a lot of them especially amongst the Koinange-Street Female and Male Prostitutes. The word has gone around in Nairobi since Jeff is 'back in town': have sex with JK and you are safe from any harrassment including Mungiki.

Anonymous said...

Nairobi and kenya has its owners the rest are just slaves to the system, or refugees in some far of land pretending to matter. NO RAILA NO PEACE led to NO NJENGA NO PEACE and the trend will continue when you play with fire prepare to be burnt

Anonymous said...

knoppix you will continue to be loaded with the load and raped and you better get used to it, like it or not the more you believe things change the more they actually remain the same.

Knoppix! said...

Anon 6:29 i believe 6:32 has absolutely nothing in between his ears so we better let him.

Anonymous said...

How some lazy thinkers have arrived at a ODM mungiki link just goes to show how bigoted thinking can poison reason. There are so many kinds of organisations out there to copy why pick on ODM that is assuming its ODM as a party that planned anybodys murder. The only ponit they have is that the kikuyu mafia understand only the language of violence. On that they have a point but to blame that on ODM is plain luck of ideas. Mungiki have been used and are now being abused their strategy is a big flob cause they all come form the same tribe its easy to contain them....every kikuyu is a suspect untill proven otherwise. That will help. The police anyonimousy carried out a Mungiki extrajudicial massarce it can be done again. mungiki randomly killing people will hasten majimbo/lesotho like nothing else and that will not serve Mr Uhuru.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

knoppix I agree with your judgement regarding Jeff Koinange: A man who calls a certain part of his body 'A weapon of Mass Dstruction', a man who conveniently forgets that he was married before to a (white) American 20 years older than himself and instead claims to have known his present muslim wife since 20 years before finally getting married to her - a man who is known to have bribed and paid people (not only in the famous MEND story) - a man who has raped women also in Kenya - a man who has infected women also in Kenya with Herpes according to their own admissions - a man who raped a woman who could have easily been his mother (Marianne Briner) according to his own admission expressed in various emails asking her to forgive him - a man who has been fired by CNN for having bribed terrorists and even worse, a man who has even hired actors to pretend being MEND-people just to cover him up with his fake story ....... this same man is now pretending to become the saviour of Kenya in becoming President in 2012 or 2017 latest - being sponsored by his whores Rose Kimotho and Esther Passaris.

Just read his interview with the Adam Magazine (March Edition) and you will know what to expect 'staying tuned to Jeff Koinange'.

In becoming the Publicity Man of the Mungiki, he has opened the doors to his political dreams - or at least that's what he he hopes for.

But maybe he has made another mistake - just like his grandfather and his uncle did when they killed their opponents.

At least, that's what I hope for. Kenya and Kenyans have grown up in the meantime and are capable to see beyong the nice assuring smile of one Jeff Koinange.

Anonymous said...

The argument being put forward is that ODM protested and got cabinet posts,so Mungiki is trying the same ...... all the while forgetting that kibz stole the election and negotiated for presidency it all depends on wether you sane or not its like the half empty/full glass phenomenon. Mungiki have not sought the mandate of the people they are impossing themselves. they seem to have a problem with gava but they are fighting the ordinary mwanaanchi. ODM PNU battles can be explained as supporters of two legit teams there will always be crazies n hooligans on both sideds even uk has to deal with that.
Swali. which team are they supporting? who is their paymaster?
On the ground they claim to be poor jobless peasants wanting a piece of the pie, thats 90% of kenyans....they have no story there. but if its strue that they are just a bucnh of broke guys then they sould be easy to contain.
One needs expensive weapons these days to fight a decent war and poor people have no chance....if we see any activity that requires money then we shall know that they have well heeled sympathizers and with RAO incharge they shall all be exposed.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Everybody out of town by 3 pm? I am sure this does not apply to Jeff Koinange since he is belonging to Mungiki. So he will be the only one reporting while Nairobi will be deserted.

Shame on you, JK.

Anonymous said...

I think Mungiki is a terrorist group and it should be dealt with just like the world is dealing with Al-Qaida.
And 'bout Eluid Mahihu being a good man I totally refuse that sentiment the man stole left,right and centre from the coast people.May he burn in the hell fire.AND I REPEAT MAY HE BURN IN THE HELL FIRE!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:46 AM - I understand and suuport your sentiments about Eluid Mahihu - maybe that's why his daughter started this charity organization. Or was it just because she wanted to support and promote and support her husband's political career - I understand that Edwin Yinda competed already in the last General Elections and failed................

Knoppix! said...

Anon 7:05 Ouuuuch!!!!!!!!!!! So much detail that was.Its detail i never knew so much.I am appalled by JK's conduct and all that is very telling that something is cooking unless they decided to halt the onslaught.

JK and his MEND gimmicks is one telling trait how (G)ema can go lengths to achieve their ends and certainly thats what we are seeing unfolding.Secondly i take it K24 belongs to Rose Kimotho and the connivance begins there.To me JK is a person of double personality just as morality of is could be.A gay on one side and a straight on the other.Esther Passaris used to fuck with the CEO of Next Level Productions one Mr Nderitu but seems stuff has since changed and that shows how short minded our lady CEOs are if we have to believe the rumours.

Thirdly,much as irritated with the reckless mungiki antics,fine guys leave town by three who loses?I reckon they own the major businesses in major towns around kenya both Micro and Macro;so we dont go to their businesses,we dont work for them they lose.Most if not all have loans and mortgages all over courtesy of Equity Bank and ilk,so we dont board their Matatus all those intrests shoot up so basically it goes without say they are the losers.So in a scale of 1-10 they lose by 9 and we the lazy slavish communities gain or retain our status 10/10.And i repeat some communities have very very very high Affinity for gaffes if not goofs that could ashame even Kamangu himself.

Lets watch.But i cant in wholesale blame the subscribers from The (G)ema coz there are those humble and straight thinking lots among them who hate all these crap we are getting from the likes of Jk.

All in all i believe its all some lazy mob psychology eating us coz i believe most of them dont even know the cause.Sometimes i admire alqeda coz they have a cause.Coz honestly dont we all have grievances and relatives jailed for this or the other rightfully or wrongfully,so should we all form gangs on tribal lines and start torching and macheting our mothers and sisters in the name of demanding justice?Did i hear someone say NO!!!!!

Anyhow am waiting to hear UK distance himself from the grouping that is Mungiki and pray that something Pricks RAO and he tells us the bits he know coz i trust his intelligence sources and or detail......

Anonymous said...

Where is Sam Okello when Jeff needs him? That book Distance Lovers, why didn't Sahel Books Inc release it? I think it would be sweet if this matter of Jeff and Marianne is settled. Let's see who did what. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:11 - I agree. Sam has always been Jeff's most stounge supporter - at least as long as did fit into his own patterns. But since Sam Okello has exposed himself of being himself interested to become Kenya's next President, this has changed? Or maybe Sam has realized that Jef has used him as his tool to get into the sentiments of Kenyan women (a white (Marianne Briner) against a black (Jeff Koinange)?
Or is the answer to this question more simple: Sam Okello wrote to Jeff Koinange asking him to write a forward to his new book 'Her Excelleny' and Jeff declined - very diplomatic and more open when commenting to Marianne Briner as she has published in her blog

And just in case you are disappointed to see that her last post dates back from February, she has assured me that she will continue from now on.

She had decided to give JK a chance to settle, to find a new life.

But after having read his interview with the Adam Magazin, she has decided that he does not seserve this chance.

He is a crook - a cheater - and as certain circles confirmed: he continues being a drug addict taking cocaine and with this financing the criminal sources in Nairobi.

arap chito said...

Annon 6.03 calling itself Kwale.. You PNU MoFo's don't really get it do you? You remind me of Sam Nyamweya on the eve of the cabinet announcement. The idiot was waxing lyrical about how the Prime Minister was sub-ordinate to the president. How stupid. Kwani he had been brain dead since you guys stole the vote?
DON'T COMPARE ODM WITH A TRIBAL OUTFIT. Odm's were protests of justice and prevention of impunity by the illegal government...and it worked..Did it not? That is why the spontaneous violence was from Busia to Mombasa (with Kale's and Luo's the harshest of course).

Post election violence was a matter of millions of Kenyans being raped by you kikuyu sycophants. Now, Mungiki could be having serious tantrums about how Uhuru or some other rich central Kenya leader duped them...but it is of no national importance that they are allowed to behead innocent civilians and deny women their rights to dress code. WE ODMER'S RESOUNDINGLY REFUSE OUR STRUGGLES FOR EQUITY AND JUSTICE TO BE COMPARED TO THAT OF ONE TRIBE AT WAR WITH ITSELF.

Mungiki are going down..and they will not take the rest of kenya with it..shida yao!

Chicity said...

The chickens have come home to roost (insert Rev. Wright drama here). The Mungiki monster has come to bite its purveyors in the butt! Somehow, relentless ignoramuses like "Kwale" and co. have found links between them and
ODM. Get a clue!

Kwale was supposed to leave KK yesterday but he's stuck. Need directions? Use that mysterious 'x' at the right hand corner of your screen or that cute back button.

Anon @7:05AM - your diction and syntax will always expose you despite your efforts to post as anon. Hehehehehehe! I ain't mad at you though ;-))

Marianne Briner said...

Anon 8:11 - and everybody else interested:

if you want to get the whole scipt of the Distantlover - just send me an email and I will be pleased to send it - I repeat the whole script including all emails exchanged between Jeff and me - also all the 'juicy' ones.

Just write to:

and you will receive the whole 'shit' - free of charge.

Why I do this: because I am interesting to expose the man - the real man Jeff Koinange.

M. Briner

Anonymous said...


6:03 AM
such a fool on this blog or is it lack of education- tell me which kenyan lined up on the 27th of december 2007 and cast a vote for the mungiki gang member??? to be elected on the mungiki for president or for cabinet member on an election platform??
ODM stood as a legitimate party in kenya stood for elections in all provinces in kenya and won in 6 out of 8 provinces- can you point to me where the mungiki's stood for elections?
and you dare equate a criminal gang to ODM!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:22 AM: Why are you so eager to get rid of me? Let me leave in my own time plz.

You need someone audacious enough to speak the inconvenient truth even when it hurts.
It’s always better to treat the wound when it hurts than to leave it to fester into a nagging pain or a malignant which can lead to death.

Anon 8.50am...I will say it again, much of Mungiki antics they have learnt it from ODM - you can get what you want through violence. No Raila no peace, No Maina Njenga no peace…and the films continues…destruction, mayhem, destruction, a bit like déjà vu here.

According to the national reconciliation accord signed under Kofi Annan, all militias groups should be disarmed. Disarming should be made a top priority for the new Govt. And it should be done sensibly, humanly and in a dignified way. No more police brutality.


Anonymous said...

all hands up!! anyone on this blog who voted for MUNGIKI FOR PRESIDENT, OR MP?? EXCEPT FOR KWALE AND anon 6:32 AM who seems to be confused equating Raila who won the presidential elections to Mungiki mania??

Mungiki is the central problem and they should be all banished to central!! hands up which central MP has condoned them from Muranga(even though they have shut down the whole business district here) Kirinyaga??? Nyeri e.t.c who of this MP's has gone on Media to condemn the mungiki's?? NOPE non of the members of parliament from this districts have said a word and yet they were busy shouting and screaming after elections when mungiki was burning and beheading people in nakuru and naivasha saying that it was a lie - tell them to stand up and tell us how much they share with the mungiki when they force innocent kenyans to pay them protection fees for their businesses- in Muranga as per yesterday businesses were being asked to pay 10,000 in order to be allowed to open!!
I say KIKUYU's are fools to allow themselves to be forced to pay money by this criminal gang- they are the ones allowing it to happen- but who care- they have stolen from kenyans for a lon long time and they should be dealt with proper with their mungiki monster they created!!!! let it bite their asses till kingdom come!! waccha wa shike adabu they deserve the shit they created- and now they can't flash it away!!! eat the shaite suckers!!

Marianne Briner said...

Anon 8:11 AM - you should know that people like Sam Okello are your friends as long as it supports their own cause.

But things have changed. Sam Okello is trying to be come Kenya's President (his goals: becoming an MP in 2012 and then President in 2017).

Whereas Jeff Koinange has to overcome some more obstacles:

He does not have a Kenyan Passport anymore - so he is not even allowed to vote according to Kenyan law.

He carries a United-States-Passport - and being very proud having achieved it.

How he got it?

The answer is very simple = although for a member of the Koinange clan not very honourable:

In getting married to a US citizen.
And in his case even to a woman 20 years older than himself..........

Just read the rest of it ......
in giving me your email address to:

and I will send you the complete -Distanttlover-

FREE OF CHARGE ...........

Marïanne Briner

Taabu said...

Kwale you write so passionately about bequething a legacy to your kids. Would please be kind enough to extend that burth to speaking the TRUTH. I know that is aking for too much especialy when you appear to yourself as the only sheep in a crowded kraal of wolves. But then in retrospect you would just hit that buttom of genious that reveal to you that you cannonly fool yourself.

Mungiki is not continueing from where it left-SKINNING SKULLLS. Don't equate it with ODM which is a legal entity. Disgusing your tirade for ODM in twisted logic only soothes your ego. you are simply engaging in monologue and the ego trip must be pleasant. Please try sportsman and come off what you are smoking.

Anonymous said...

Brothers and sisters - Its very unafrican to despise the late, the witty laugh when others cry. Just wish the happy guy is not from luo land or kikuyu. Its a taboo.

Two - Mungiki will be a problem to the kikuyu today, after they are done with them, they will turn on you.

Three - Briner, you are just a scorned woman. Lead your life. Why would you think your emails were juicy unless you were luring the young man. You should be ashamed of yourself. Why are always the wronged party. You are right others are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 6:22 AM: Why are you so eager to get rid of me? Let me leave in my own time plz.

the truth only spewed from a mungiki's ass!!the tactics mungiki has used is directly learned from kikuyu tradition of stealing from people and then killing then- down from Kenyatta when he took land from the mau mau veterans and when they went to him to ask he slaughtered a few then they stopped asking - when they were send to Siberia known as Rift Valley today!

I can see when you went and stood on the lines to vote - you cast your vote for a mungiki president and member of parliament for your constituency- well kodo's to you- let me assure you most kenyans from other provinces in kenya and non-kikuyus did not vote for nay mungiki!!and as for demonstrations any kenyan who voted in the 27th December 2007 had a legal right to demonstrate on the streets of any province in kenya because your mungiki thieving president that you voted for rigged the elections "facts" so you see your criminal mungiki gangs are just that foot soldiers paid to commit crimes by central province politicians they are not a party of any sort in kenya but a criminal gang-

now you being one that used them - I would imagine you should pay them what you promised them as criminals to go commit genocide in Nakuru and Naivasha or else go execute them as you did last year!! you seemed very happy doing so- but now they have come to bite you in the ass!! the beast you created will swallow you soon!!

Anonymous said...


when mungiki was beheading kenyans in nakuru and naivasha you were clapping your hands!! when the police instead of following criminals in mt. Elgon but went on the rampage of killing and torturing innocent villagers and damping their bodies(children & womens bodies found in mt. Elgon forest with bullets) you clapped and said kill those apes)
now when it turns to the mungiki's you say they should be disarmed and no police brutality?? why?? so you now have selective justice that mungiki's should be treated with kids cloves??

I would like to see the police react like they did in kisumu or other areas where the innocent kenyans had no weapons to defend themselves!!mungiki are even using petrol bombs - what do you call them?? "terrorists and they should be dealt with as such!!they are terrorists!!period!! criminals !!

plus all that support them should be treated the same!! uhuru, kibaki, martha karua, wangare maathai, michuki, karume, njenga, kabondo wa kabondo and the rest of the PNU suckers that have used them in the past to do their dirty criminal work!!I understand there are quite a number of them!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.32 am, One thing I have never done is to support police brutality now or in the past whether in Mt Elgon, or rioters in Kisumu or anywhere for that matter.
I am anti-violence, a human right campgainer and like I said the other day, I have evolved from this kind of mindless behaviour be it by civilians or by police.
If you are a neutral you should be able to see things from my angle and not get stuck in ODM arse.

Anonymous said...


like i said kwale, has joined the line of many who claimed they'd leave after one post, and now is quite the regular. heheheheheeee

Anonymous said...

Mungiki is a Kikuyu domee problem, and those guys are so terrified of them they are trying to turn it into a national problem so that they get help. Sorry! your problem, you created it, supported it, fanned it, live with it. We have no business addressing your cultural issues and internal land theft rackets.

Lesotho it is.

Abbas said...

Marianne Briner, we are told that you had sex with Sam Okello, is that true? Is that why you two hate each other so much?

Please explain, what EXACTLY Happened between the two of you?

Jeff and you two had sex, did he rape you or is it true that you gave him some oral sex as the rumors are saying here in Nrb? Let us know,

Thanks for the information, Marianne, expose these crooks in your books!

Marianne Briner said...

Anon 9.12 - I am not a 'scorned0 woman as you claim.

I am talking on behalf of all women of the world being raped by men like Jeff Koinange.

I do not say that it is only 'black' men who act and behave like that, as you claim in your comment.

I think that all men - no matter who they are, no matter where they come from - no matter which 'colour' their skin has - are the same or better, should be the same,

i.e. having a respect to women - because if they don't, they demonstrate that they even don't respect their own mothers .... the root of their being here on earth ......

Just think about this when you judge a man like Jeff Koinange.

He likes to remember his Grandfather when it suits him.

But he also likes to distance himself from the rest of his family whenever it fits into his schemes.

Why I say this?

Just go to

and in case you have questions or want to receive the complete Distantlover, send me a short mail to and you will receive the complete corespondence between Jeff and me including those mails confirming his guilt for having raped me in London (something he still tries to 'erase' from his memory).

Marianne Briner

Marianne Briner said...

Abbas 10:47 - I do not even know Sam Okello - I have never met him in person - although I now wish I had because I am sure I would not have made the mistake to trust him.

Regarding Jeff Koinange: go to

and in case you have more questions, send me a short mail to

and I will send you the complete corespondence between Jeff and me (including all the 'juicy' ones).

I am sure after having read them, you will see who and what he is........

Marianne Briber

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 9.32 am, One thing I have never done is to support police brutality now or in the past whether in Mt Elgon, or rioters in Kisumu or anywhere for that matter.

very weired way of showing your none violence when you are busy equating A criminal gang to a duly voted for party in kenya- i think that is ignorance to the fullest- so i ask you again who voted for the mungiki gang party during the 27th December elections?? unless you mean mungiki PNU party?? if that is your stand on that then the PNU members should come out and raise their hands on whose ticket mungiki campaigned on and who is who is the member in this criminal gang-

I agree with some bloggers here it is indeed a kikuyu problem and mungiki should stay in central and do what they want there- since central province has supported their crimes all this years!!! time out- can all the central Members of cabinet and mungiki gang members raise their hands??? that equals to all central province MP's!!!

Anonymous said...

Build up to more violence/ prelude to assassinations?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kenyans, It is long since I used this blog but I wish to comment on an issue that is painful to my heart. I lost a dear relative during the post election violence in Molo. But I won't indulge further in my personal predicament!
We are still lossing Kenyans even after the formation of the 'collision' or is coalition government. But I am more perpelexed by the behaviour of the Kenyan security forces! How do you explain these two scenerios?
How come Police are handling Mungiki with Kid gloves? When there were demonstrations in Kisumu Police shot to Kill innocent people in Kisusmu (Read Luos)! Those in Kisumu did NOT Kill anyone yet Mungiki have killed at least 12 people this week alone!Mungiki have burnt property all over Kenya!
Why this double standards by the same police force in the same country under event worse cumstances than were in Kisumu barely 5 months apart?
Is it because members of Mungiki voted for PNU? Or is it because they are from the President's tribe Kikuyus?
You harvest what you sow! Central province sow Mungiki they are ripping their rewards! Violence! Violence... violence begets more violence.
I once talked about Mungiki knowing no tribe and I was called all sorts of mayusi by some tribal bygots. But I am afraid that my fears are being confirmed! If these people can even act Kibaki's home town of Othaya then where is safe in Central, Nairobi and parts of RV provinces.
Someone once said that if you are ridding a tiger, you do not alight till the tiger is dead! Mungiki the saviours of Kikuyus have finished their salvation duties and now they are demanding their pay! We look forward to more beheading in MTt. Kenya and Nairobi region.
Hmmmm it sounds like deja vu again! Watch the space! The birds have returned home to Roost! Wuiiii... Ngai!

Anonymous said...

I have it on authority that Mungiki voted for ODM. Why? Because they were tired of being hunted and killed by their "own". The thinking was if ODM won, and the kikuyu were in a corner, then mungiki and kikuyu would combine forces to fight ODM.

Second, the violence by Mungiki and other youth gangs has one element in common. A frustrated population that sees no hope in the future, and that believes they have nothing to lose. Why does mungiki have such an easy time recruiting? Because there are a lot of young disenfranchised men. If this is true of central, it is true of the rest of the country - It is just a matter of time before Taliban, Kamjesh etc make a grand entrance. You want to stick your head in the sand like an ostrich and call this a kikuyu problem? Be my guest.

Third, Kenya has only two tribes, the have and the have nots. And the have nots are losing any hope they might have had. The hardest enemy to fight, is one who has nothing to the movie "a man apart".

Fourth, blame the police, the govt, Security minister etc. But when you have 1 policeman for every 3000 kenyans (and what percentage of those Kenyans is unemployed, hungry, frustrated and susceptible to negative influence?), the police don't stand a chance.

So, what we need is a concerted effort to create employment. "A new deal" if you please. This will engage a large population of the youth. It will not eliminate the criminals - every society has some - but it will offer those who want to live within the law, an option.

Anonymous said...

I had started to laugh, then decided to cry but finally am way too perplexed.

This guy must think we smoke strange plants.

Anon 3:38 says
I have it on authority that Mungiki voted for ODM

THe same guys that butchered ODM supporters and even went ahead and chopped genitalia with matchetes.

These PNU supporters are in such a tight corner, they are inventing lies which are incomprehensible.

Hey bwana, you need to move to a fresher climate.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.38 pm.

You are a very interesting person to say the least.

You are an informed Kenyan who should be listened too. You are talking a lot of sense and just to add to your contribution, unless wealth and resources are distributed fairly across the country, not necesarry equally, gangs and terror in Kenya will never come to and end. Haven`t the Government killed more than 10,000 young people as we speak? And who were all these people demostrating after election, Young people, i never saw aged men and women throwing stones and burning tires on the street. These are young people who have a lot of potential, but they have been locked out by the system. They do all their shopping in `Gikomba` and have nothing to loose.

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