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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

PSs List is Political Deception Perfected

Depending on which political horse you are ridding Kibaki’s RENAMING of permanent secretaries was either height of political insensitivity or continuation of his fraudulent mandate. Well, to set the stuck record straight he only STOLE the mandate and was reprimanded to cave in to accommodate others. You may take offense with that fact which will unfortunately disappoint you by refusing to mutate into anything else.

In his latest list of permanent secretaries, Kibaki did what he knows best by contemptuously swinging musical chairs on Kenyans’ faces. In the process he created the impression of motion that in reality is bereft of any trace of movement. In Kibaki's warped mind ODM was a politically irritating rat that now is securely trapped following last week's swearing ceremony. That is why he went to KICC to have Rift Valley MPs rubber stamp his official itinerary to visit the IDP camps. In Kibaki’s books the political dogs have bones on their mouths and they have no reason to bark at him.

We live in interesting and challenging times and no straitjacket ideas can move us an inch. Retaining the same old faces betrays Kibaki’s resolve to give Kenyans a new slate to rebuild their lives. In the books of these old blokes reforms remains just a buzzword to be bandied around for political expediency. With no meaningful efforts to restart Kenya, the engine and her passengers will remain at the starting line for ages.

Return to indivisible tribes
Politics of reconciliation and healing lies more in PERCEPTION than bravado and brinkmanship. You may quote all the statutes and laws on this planet but until and unless the ruled feel a sense of belonging and appreciation, you only end up imposing yourself on them. Localized hostility cannot be legislated and only neighbours can wipe it out. Kibaki is not doing the displaced and dead Kenyans any favour by being indignant and insensitive to their plight.

Yes Kenya is a conglomeration of 42 plus tribes, but the present political practice has made the country so fractious so much so that every minister’s face has a tribal tag. With Moi still calling the shorts from without and exploiting the present leadership vacuum, Kenya is in for a very long stretch of nasty political ride. ODM is squarely trapped inside the box as the marionette has all his limbs firmly at the mercy of his cronies. Kibaki can continue driving Kenya to the next available cliff with ODM top leadership as his distraught passengers. It is foolhardy to overlook structures and fast strack resettlement of IDP using force to intimidate. That same force cannot be extended into homes where IDPs will go to.


Anonymous said...


spot on. nothing more to add. kibaki just wanting to show kenyans and the world that status quo rules with minor cosmetic modifications to appease the tupumbavus. why does this man enjoy crisis so much? perhaps he's never really been a manager and is overwhelmed by the decision making methods and therefore with the backing of state resources can only manage to crash through everything. what a national shame

Mkenya Damu said...

i could hardly beleive that muthaura aka mataharau was still in the list, as soon as i saw his name i did not even bother to scroll to the rest, the more things change the more they stay the same , tinga was better off as leader of opposition.

Anonymous said...

Guys Tinga is cornered and unless he has something cooking under, he will be chart his own downfall. Kenyans might appear amnesic but the truth is that they never forget. Look at Musalia (2002), Uncle Moody, Biwot and Njega Karume and you will see what am saying.


Anonymous said...

I have a copy of the 'secret' Kroll Report. It is clearly listing all the corruption cases, the connection and involvement of politicians and private business circles (mainly Asians) and also the properties accumulated by various groups (Moi, Biwott etc. etc.). The Report also includes all the properties and companies these people own in Kenya so it is not necessary to wait that some foreign Governments block their accounts abroad. If somebody is serious, it can easily be done now in Kenya. This would also give a clear signal to everybody that things have changed. And by the way, the Report also includes the last cases like Anglo Leasing and many more. It is therefore not only pointing the finger at Moi but also at Kibaki and his cronies and explains why he cannot get rid of them.

The most shocking thing for me was the fact that Moi and friends had registered a Company which they gave the name 'Government of Kenya', i.e. making Government business their own private business. And it's interesting to read that the following people are partners in this:

Ex-President Moi
George Saitoti
Sally Kosgei
Chrysantos Okemao
Nicholas Biwott
Mark Bor
JK Musyimi

Two of these 'partners' (Saitoti and Sally Kosgei - one PNU and one ODM) are Ministers in the current Government.

So the company Government of Kenya can continue flourishing!

Is nobody out there willing to stop them?

And why has the Kroll Report never been published officially although Kenyan Taxpayers have paid Millions to Kroll for putting the facts together?!

Anonymous said...

Kroll secret reports also states this individuals at least the one i have- seems yours is selective or there are many secret reports floating out there- that does not surprise me depending on which government was in office at each given time!!Kibaki=Moi=same looting!!

Uhuru kenyatta family stolen millions and land!
Ndegwa's 2 former governors
Chris Kirubi
Matu wamae
and all the elite Mt. kenya mafia group that over the years have stolen big chucks of land from Kenyans- and looted the government corporations so i guess we have the same Kroll report and so who is willing to stop this ones?? your central province other thugs???

By the way Moi does have companies in partnership with Kibaki and some of the Mt.kenya elites that is why during moi's rule they didn't lose their properties except for Githunguri and deceased Samson Mureithi who lost golden beach Hotel in Mombasa because Moi told the banks recalling Loans - the rest are Moi's partners in crime!! go figure!!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki 1- Raila 0 go ask your captain exactly what he signed, that is why he will not complain because he knows the truth the rest of you are just ill-informed, rumour peddlers who just do not know or care to know, bow down to your duly elected President, in case you do not know who that is ask Raila

Anonymous said...

A Successful Resetlement of the IDPs largely depends on the goodwill of the leaders as far as they can be seen to be fair to all communities.
This skewed appointment of Ministers and top civil servants creates and maintains the serious mistrust between the communities in Kenya.
Kibaki should have seen this when making appointments skewed in favour of the Lesotho republic of Mt.Kenya.
The Mt. Kenya Mafia benefits while their kin suffers in those IDP camps.
Calls for a hurried return of IDPs to their farms is also cosmetic since without addressing some pertinent issues,the clashes will be a recurring feature. Kenyans need a permanent and long term solution to the issue of Land.
Kibaki has proved to be the worst and insensitive tribalist of the 3 Presidents in the history of the Republic of Kenya

Anonymous said...

I don’t think resettlement of IDPs should be linked to appointment of Ministers or appeasing some RV MPs. As stated in another article here in Kumekucha, there was a fair distribution of Ministerial appointments. The IDPs cannot be pawns or a bargaining chip in this political game. The government should move ahead and resettle them and those opposing should face the full wrath of law as it is criminal.

The RV and Mt Kenya leaders should realise that the days they controlled everything in the government are long gone especially with the power sharing. This said, Raila and Kibaki should be above party politics and do what is good for all Kenyans. I don’t know why Raila left the meeting with RV MPs prematurely as he is now a Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya, he should be ready to take the heat.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:37

You appear to be genuine, please post the info, in the past we have only had teasers with no real info just appetizers at best or plain hoaxes.

The same message applies post info or forever hold your piece/peace


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:18 PM - The information in the report in my possession includes Bank Accounts (in and outside Kenya), Business Links (in and outside Kenya with names and addresses), Properties and Companies (in and outside Kenya), names of Law Firms covering up for them as proxies etc. - so you see that I am not just talking.

Anonymous said...

I am no longer surprised by Kibaki. He is truly a lost case. These days I am worried more by RAO. We gave him a strong team of new MPs to assist him in spearheading change, but he found it fit to headline ministerial appointments with names such as Ole Ntimama, Kosgei and Gumo. Another minister he appointed has been running in cycles in the courts trying to avoid answering how he sold public land to a public institution and pocketed millions of public money. And when it came to PSs RAO was busy pushing for the appointment of James Nyakil and Mohamed Isahakia - people who are well past retirement age. There are times I cynically wish it were Mzee Moi's time when we knew what to expect because at least he did not promise change or claim to be anti-corruption. If this is the change RAO promised then I might as well go participate in the Safaricom IPO and hope to be in good company of Mobitelea. RAO, our party leader has conned us of change and has gone to bed with the thugs of Moi era. We need to take stock of what is happening to ODM before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Did the Kalenjin MPs really expect Raila to appoint each one of them to the cabinet and their girlfriends to be named PSs. This tribe has five full cabinet ministers and are still complaining? I guess when ticks have been used to sucking blood from a cow for 24 years they find it difficult to share the sucking with others. Somebody put some sense between their ears, please!

Knoppix! said...

Without neccessarily sounding subservient to your current post,i wish to leave my comment herein.

Not so long ago and on a different post which was posted a day or two ago,someone lamented about the way we can't discuss here withtout the tribal soup or issue coming or boiling up.

Again i want to introduce it here but not as vitriolicly as our brethren have but in a milder way.The IDP or is IDK issue is being forced down the throats of the victims as well as the protagonists.There are a couple of theories regarding the origin of the IDP issue which are as varied as they surface both as a problem and the solutions to it.

The Most common we are hearing are two.One is that it was planned and two it was as a result of the electoral theft.We do not have clear cut evidence but mere speculation about theory one.So assuming theory one doesnt wash we might settle for theory two which is that the IDPs came up as a result of Electoral theft.

That aside,personally my take is that,the railroading we are seeing from Kibaki about settling them back is a numskulls path or trajectory.There is something i feel people are not saying or blurting out aloud for Kibaki to hear,which is that, There is Still profound Resentment Towards Anything Kikuyu in most parts of Rift-Valley just as there is the Same Resentment Towards Anything Kalenjin In Central and some other Parts Of Nyanza that i Know of.

As if that were not enough there is the bickering about the various appointments done recently to cabinet and civil service which compunds the whole problem.

In a nutshell i would agree that seemingly Kibaki likes to wade in quagmires and seems to like shortcuts.The IDP issue is still a tough one and not the Muthauras will make pronouncements to make it any easier.On a lighter note the Ps appointments were an insult to our intelligence and an insult to ambitions of younger proffessionals hoping to join the civil service in technocratic positions.We the youth should seriously consider visiting witchdoctors so the old folk give us priority in such stuff.

Again i am open to corrections.

M-Pesa said...

First, ODM side of Govt promised to be whiter than white but we already find they are deeply complicated in two mega corruption scandals in just under ONE MONTH!!

They have not uttered a single word about Grand Regency's stinking whiff of transaction and the dubiously executed Safaricom IPO. On PS list, I'm sorry whichever team would have been picked would not have made any difference at all since HALF of their bosses in cabinet is of checkered record.

Many are well known crooks, thieves, lairs, love rats, grabbers and cheats. Only a fool doesn't know who fits where. Saitoti, Ruto, Gumo, Kiraitu, Kajwang'......someone please pass me a sick bag!

Anonymous said...

Taabu, it must be really heartbreaking for you to see all ODM balloons one after the other busting in front our very own eyes.


Knoppix! said...

Kwale for your info and this is free of charge,ODM is by far the only organised party around with an active secretariat.

Given where the country is reeling back from somethings must create bottlenecks and some balancing needs to be done here and there and if thats what you call baloon bursting so be it so long as we get Kenya back on track.

ODM is still as organised as ever and if anything we are getting to know the TWATS that joined just for the sake of the ticket and the genuine ones with Kenya at heart and this doesn't need a graduate from Harvard Or Yale to tell.

Over to you Kwale.

Anonymous said...

I want to state the following:
Rao will end up most of teh times in the spotlight because he promised us change. We voted on the basis of he will bring young people on board visavis kiabki na waru wake. We did not vote to have gumo, ntimama, kosgey in the cabinet. Ntimama is currently the oldest mp hopefully apart from kibaki? gumo the jeshi la mzee guy - has nothing to offer kenya other than combativeness - some rift valley mp would have done a better job than him. Nkaisery would also have done a better job than ntimama.

Kalenjins should also realise as much as we have seen the lesotho what they have done - they still have enemies in Lesotho and some parts of nyanza. nyanza people can leave in the middle of nyeri and kyuks in the middle of kisumu - but am not sure the kales would be secure to leave in the middle of nyeri. 24 years the created enough enemies as many as kyuks have done in 5 years, out of the psot election violence they came as the most bitter of all kenyans and slaughtered as many just as police did. The future of rv is in Railas hands. They cannot let him just go. they need him more than Raila may ever need them after this. All the same, i gather they now want to build kanu - from where to where i dont know.

I betwe should not IDP issue political - these guys know where they came from, they should go there. in any case what rv mps are saying is we balkanise kenya - we are heading there but they are fast tracking. Just like rich kyuks, rich kalenjins own thousands of acres - kosgey, ruto, bett etc yet they are the first to incite the rest to throw away others - one day kyuks and kalenjins will realise the worst enemies are their elites.

ODM is the only organised party today - but i can assure the leaders we need to mend some bridges in other areas and spread tentacles - we need rv but the conditions they are putting are crazy.

Am dissapointed by the ps's but the last people to complain should be rv- all teh same i cannot understand teh logic of kib and rao - why get past gone by ps's - are they the only people who can bring progress. There are areas you do not need experience - experience to loot and corruption is not helpful - we are better getting a green horn - before he knows how to steal, kenya will be miles ahead.

The expectations on rao and kibs are sky high. Kibs need a legacy and raila needs presidency. They can deliver this - if only they provide leadership. So far rao and kibaki have failed in appointments of cabinet. Will they succeed in settling the idps. its their major test. A test that they know they must do to get international recognition. kazi kwao na mps wa rv.

Anonymous said...


I stand to be corrected but ODM is going to split in the middle. Those royal to the PM will stand while the wobbly and gullible RV mps will be at one’s wit’ end. (They just can’t get over the fact the power is no longer in their hands and no Moi for indemnification).

Remember the great elation that greeted the crowd at Uhuru park back 2002, and the great pain that followed? (I was out of the country by then but I still remember it like yesterday). I am not predicting doom and gloom here but until these RV politicians stop squabbling and get down to the nitty-gritty business of bringing country back to its feet, I am afraid it’s all gonna go to pot.


Anonymous said...

Hold it right there mpesa even the AG does not know about the deal so how was ODM to know? Obviously someone is trying to do things kichinichini I aprreciate your vigilance lakini lets put blame where it should be, these things were done by the overpaid thief appointed by the thief in chief so lets not shift blame. We have IDPs to deal with on one hand and a revolt from RV mps. Its just weeks since kazi ianze lets be reasonable. but we must be vigilant without being petty.

Sir Alex

Fave said...

I think this is a very deep thought from your article. Everyone needs to appreciate that hate and disagreement can not be legislated away.

..'You may quote all the statutes and laws on this planet but until and unless the ruled feel a sense of belonging and appreciation, you only end up imposing yourself on them. Localized hostility cannot be legislated and only neighbours can wipe it out. Kibaki is not doing the displaced and dead Kenyans any favour by being indignant and insensitive to their plight..'

Oh, Taabu, back to more important issues. I read your reply dripping with all the cockiness of Alex F followers, and, I am waiting to taunt you. Apologies in advance. Hope we still remain friends after today. Same to ivy

Anonymous said...

Marianne Briner, we have confirmed that you gave oral sex to Sam Okello and Jeff Koinange. What do you have to say?


Nbi Kenya

Anonymous said...

The IDP's are free to go back to their homes, no one has stopped them from doing so.
Kibaki does not care for them, but the RV mps care for them and their future.
This is why: They do not want the IDP's to be shoved back to their farms only to be uprooted during the next election.
The reasons that led to them becoming IDP's should be looked into. BUT Kibaki does not want any of that to be mentioned because himself, Mt Mafia, Moi and etc are the beneficiaries of HUGE tracts of land.
I have yet to know why RAO is now a puppet of Kibaki who is a puppet of Moi. Na Kazi iendelee!!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon11:49 PM

Please proceed to post- I have my Kroll report too plus the report the government has refused to publish on all the Mt. kenya mafia accounts-ABROAD AND OFFSHORE-So let us see who has who is who on their list!! You see I think you were only going after other tribes not the kikuyu's but as god is with us many people out there in Kenya would like justice to be served and also friendly foreign entities- thus being easily to get all the information the government thought it was hiding- even who did the Grand Regency deal:):) so yes let us compare notes here on Mashada!! you go first since you are the one who started the post on who are crooks!!!!

I'm waiting!!to unleash mine - and make no mistake mine can be proved directly with each bank and each company here and abroad where the individuals own shares in!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 12:38 AM
stop pretending here!! you go take stock of PNU
start from Mungiki- Anglo Leasing, Transcentury- nyaga- and latest Grand Regency!! stop trying to play ODM propaganda here! we can see through your post here!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:46 AM - go on to publish all your information. I am not going into "competition" with you even if you try to tempt me. All what matters is that Kenyans get the facts. Right?

Andy Capp said...

Raila must remember that I still perceive him as the unofficial opposition leader. He must also remember that Kibaki/PNU continue to perceive him as the enemy within, at worst, the greedy bustard seated at the right hand of the high table. Those are the realities. Yes folks, I'm awaiting the day Raila will be fully comfortable in his role so he can bring about the change I want.

That said, he must stop embracing Kibaki at every opportunity. His misguided acceptance of everything Kibaki will see him loose his already dwindling support. Any fool can see that Kibaki's agenda is to shift his sins onto Raila. Every time a headline announces 'Raila and Kibaki' have done this or that, Kibaki wins and Raila looses. When was the last time you heard Kibaki praising or proclaiming the impeccable credentials of Raila.

I mean, we want to see the country move ahead…but towards change. Why can't the suffering of the IDPs be the trigger to a fast paced land reform/reconciliation agenda? I'm sure everybody acknowledges that forcibly resettling our friends is simply planting the seeds of the next land clashes.

Anonymous said...

Blogger M-Pesa said...

Start with the most recent!!!
Grand Regency Hotel!! this are the people who sold it to the Lybians(sources confirm)

KACC crooked boss - Aaron Ringera
the AG- Amos Wako.
Justice Minister - Martha Karua
Finance minister Amos Kimunya
Solicitor Gen. - Wanjuki Muchemi
Goldenberg counsel - Gibson Kamau Kuria
CBK Governor - Prof. Ndungu
Grand Regency Rec.mngr (& Kuria's in-law) -Mr Gichohi

Build By Biwott and Moi(Kibaki's buddies in crime)
YAYA CENTRE (built by the thieves Biwott & Moi).

And wait!! this is the list of names Mungiki has handed over for those people who financed them to commit Genocide!!!!in Nakuru, Naivasha and other parts of rift valley!!- so let us wait and see how they are going to deny this and some of them are on tape !!saying it!! I can see kibaki has to rename his cabinet!!!!!

Emilio Mwai Kibaki,
John Njoroge Michuki
James Njenga Karume
George Kamau Muhoho
Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta
Amos Kimunya
Martha Karua
George Thuo
Dick Wathika
Lee Muchiri
Beth Mugo
Muigai Njoroge
Kamau Ngunjiri.

So mpesa what say you!!! I guess we will wait to hear the tape recordings on air!!

Anonymous said...

anon9:57 AM

shut up and go spew your lies else where-I could see through you and your propaganda selective posts here- you see this days information is not in few hands- and it will never be one sided again in kenya- everyone who knows where and how to find it can!! so your witch hunt on other tribes in kenya:):) other than the central who are the worst crocks even according to Githongo says it all-

I knew that would be your answer- keep your threats to yourself homeboy!! if you want to unleash them here !!we are ready for you!! this is not the Kibaki and Moi era of before!! be warned!!
we are watching and waiting!!
my advise to you!! don`t name names without posting proof along side!! trying to tarnish peoples names here without facts or proof!! post it or else shut up!! kenyans know the usual PNU propaganda!!

Anonymous said...

can those anons with info stop juvenile games (you show me yours and i'll show you mine)

publish the information or link and move on or please just forever hold your peace. most of the information is already in the public domain and i highly doubt that there is any breaking news but just in case you do actually have such news, then state it or push off.

and whether you like it or not, the existence of these documents just adds to the suspect dealings but there is nothing we can do about it anyway.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 9:46 AM - go on to publish all your information. I am not going into "competition" with you even if you try to tempt me. All what matters is that Kenyans get the facts. Right?

9:57 AM

most interesting individual!! first post claims without posting proof but hints has documents!!(I find PNU rubbish and usual propaganda!!why not post facts about your own backyard crocks- latest being grand regency...

second post when called on it- ati claims no competition but all that matters Kenyans get to hear the truth!!
How about starting with Anglo Leasing, then Transcentury then Grand Regency and the most important how KIbaki Rigged elections!!

No wait the Kroll report!! Land Land Land!! Kenyatta and family land!! the koinange`s and all the people who were given land-for free or while the Veterans were banished to the Rift Valley!!

I find this individual post here somewhat trying to hit at ODM to cover up what PNU thugs have been doing - history starts from Independent- Kenyatta and the distribution of land and wealth in Kenya!!

Follow that with Moi and his Stolen $Billions(kibaki protecting him)
Kibaki 2002-2007 bankrupting the government and now the time has come for everything to air out!!!

Anonymous said...

UrXInc - 10:17 AM - I fully agree with your judgement. I had given the link to all this before but it seems certain people either cannot read or they cannot understand how to use the Internet.

So here it is again: go to

If you need help, call a specialist or stop sending some more stupid comments here.

We have more important things to attend to.

For the love of the country.

Anonymous said...


10:17 AM

I beg to differ- with such an attitude- it reads old guard- we the kenyan people the new generation plan to do something about it and that is why during the election the youth vote was very important!!! why because the new generation going forward decided to vote most of the old guards ot the people they felt were stopping the wheels of change out of office!!

Kibaki and his cronies are what!!71-85 in age- they will be history soon!! the point is we would not like the likes of people like you who say there is nothing we can do about it!! wrong attitude!! even the Jews after years hunted and jailed many of the Germans who slaughtered and gassed them in the concentrations camps and just recently one of those German murderers was picked up from Canada at the age of 85! and yes he was put in prison- so you see we will not give up on the crocks and murderers their time will come!! and kenya is already on the way forward to change whether you and your cronies you support like it or not!!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:25 AM

Please- most kenyan have gone through that site- and i thought you had new information!!

Nope we are talking about the real documentation some cleaver individuals in the government who did not agree on the deals and how contracts were being awarded and to whom!! the people behind each deals- letters exchanged and emails e,t,c some records even wikileaks reporters do not have!! this is called pure dirt and facts on some of cabinet that was sworn in with big Salaries!!-and the head of big corporations in Kenya by the appointment of Kibaki(2002-2007)so it indeed up to this kenyan individuals to give the documents to people who can actually do the right thing!! maybe Orengo would have been an option!!!
anyway Wikileaks is old news- every kenyan i know reads it!!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:25 AM

Please take your arrogance and abuse back to central Lesotho!! or go discuss it with your mungiki brothers on here on kumekucha we do not abuse other kenyans - who are you implying that can`t read! you are the retard because wikileaks is not the only place one can find information on corruption in kenya and who are behind it!! there are better and more detailed venues than wikileaks you should be knowing!! right from the horses mouths - kenyan individual who have the raw information!! why bother going to wikileaks when i can get a copy of a deal- or final contracts of the crocks!!eh!! you have no idea what is going down in kenya!! everyone is running around trying to protect themselves- the clever ones kept all information-

start from Mungiki tapes to grand regency signed documents _ the Libyan deal and how it went down:):)
I guess you are the one who does not know but depends on wikileaks for info- old news!!

Anonymous said...

Anons 10:32 and 10:40: if you are so clever, why didn't you do anything those last 20 or more years. The looting of Kenya has not started with Kibaki - it started a long time ago with Moi, Biwott and others. So did the killing of anybody coming into their ways.

So why all of the sudden we should trust that justice will be done if you were not capable or not willing to do something about it.

If the Report was known to all of you, why none of your newfound leaders closed their eyes and ears up to now?

Ever thought about that?

Maybe the answer to all this is very simple - but very difficult if not impossible to digest: because some if not many of them have participated in all this.....

I know it is easier to put the blame always 'on the others' and shouting 'please, it was not me. Id did not even know".

But we all know that the facts speak another language.

Don't we?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:32

Brave words.

Election 2007 was a wasted effort.

Hope you are not waiting for 2012

Anon 10:25 thanks for the link, but yes most of us had seen that sometime last year, thing is so far nothing has come out of it. But thats not all for those interested in reading about small and large scale corruption a real good source is the annual reports and the case profiles found here

I had even forgotten about the saga of our very own Dr. Mohamed Isahakia. But still ODM is still the only real opportunity for real change in Kenya. Clearly to fight corruption in Kenya we need quite many new brooms.

Open for any new insults


Anonymous said...

Kenyans, take things easy.

Now it is more than clear that Kibaki is not interested in power sharing. RAO wants peace and is no longer concerned with the latest unfair appointments of PSs.

But Kenyans, let's face facts. What's wrong when an old PS is performing? We want a change OK. But Kibaki stole our dream of modernising this country.

Kenyans loving democracy should hold hands together and wait for the constitution to come.

Kibaki will favour a excecutive presidency. RAO will need to see power sharing in the constituion. Let's stick together and will the battle.

I ask my people from Central who love Kenya, democracy and peace to support power sharing in the constituion. This country must continue. We can only succeed, if our leaders dont loot. Lets give RAO a chance to supervise the old and the young ministers and PS.

Let's refresh Kenya.


Anonymous said...

ECK AGENTS(confirmed now were paid 5 million to rig vote in favour of kibaki)

ty do not deserve to live after so many kenyans died because of their greed!!!! goons

Anonymous said...

watch report

Anonymous said...

MP-Pesa = Anon 9:38 AM - if you have information on Marianne Briner's oral sex with Jeff Koinange and Sam Okello, please post the details here. We all would like to share this 'juicy' information. Be assured, it would 'make our day'. Don't disappoint us and tell all of us everything you know - where and especially how and do not forgetto mention how long it took Marianne Briner to satisfy them. I have heard that Sam Okello did not have satisfying sex since years because his wife Hellen is a frigid women who has not let him touch her since years and Jeff Koinange is known to prefer men and can only get satisfaction with women in raping them. So, don't let us down and give us all the details. We are waiting to get the details!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Remove all the matutu`s off the road and put-Government controlled survices- this way- you remove power from the criminals to control public trnasport in kenya and government ran survices will in turn create jobs for many people-
like many countries have the government body that control and regulates transportation!!

out with uhuru hippo buses and Thuo!!
and the mungiki matatu mania

the transport committee can advise on roads etc since they will know which parts need repair through shared information from the bus drivers-

remove privately owned matatu`s and buses replace them with corporation(transport) run by the state- this will also control deaths on the roads !!rough driving e.t.c since the individuals will sue the state !!

Anonymous said...

anon 12:06 PM
go ask or post your nonsense on Mashada or Kumekuchas- I always notice when PNU is in dogs and information of corruption is posted here- you try to derail the threads or posts here by asking for okello or mariane!!

go to your cheap blogs that talk about sex- this is a serious politic`s blog if you haven`t noticed !!go through it and read properly- you disgusting goon

PNU supporter that you are read on PNU corruption here and go take your sex life or your thirst of x-rated sex scandals elsewhere - push off!!

Anonymous said...

anon 12:43 PM

thanks for telling them as is this disgusting pervert- go post on mashada or the yes that kikuyu cloned blog kumekuchas!! don`t bring your childish nonsense here you pervert!!

Anonymous said...

as for the so called south rift valley ODM rebellion, here is the proof that the main culprit as Moi and son reinventing themselves and the wheel of fortune

'nuff said


Anonymous said...

hey!!!that is just smokescreen over the real agenda!
when the report come out of Moi looted billions before the elections!why did kibaki get into a marriage with moi for pnu!! Moi sources say used millions to campaign for KIbaki PNU party in the Rift Valley- so how come kibaki did not see this as wrong!!
I say this two are in bed since the 60`s to 2008 and beyond after all there are some companies they each jointly are share holders!!

Gideon and riftvalley is just a smoke screen Re-inventing PNU in Rift Valley!! who doesn`t know that!! hey Kenyans nowadays will not fall for that shiate-
go tell Gideon Moi to return the Billions he and his father Looted that is why he was voted out by the Rift Valley people!! he can re-invent himself all he wants but with the billions on top of his head!!looted from the kenyan people!! it will not wash!! get it!!

Anonymous said...



Panic over Mungiki raid threats

Published on April 24, 2008, 12:00 am

By Standard Correspondents

Tension gripped Murang’a and Nyandarua following fresh threats of Mungiki raids.

Barely days after an uneasy calm returned in Central Province after last week’s five-day mayhem, security officers in the two districts were on high alert after word went round that Mungiki members would strike.

Yesterday, police patrolled Nyahururu town and its outskirts, while businesses were opened late.

Nyandarua OCPD, Mr Amos Ojwang’, said they had received information of a morning attack.

"We did not take the reports lightly and that is why we deployed anti-riot police on patrol. We cannot allow Mungiki to cause mayhem in the town," he said.

In Murang’a, police were on high alert on Tuesday night after receiving reports that the sect members were calling on traders to close shop.

District security committees in Murang’a North and Murang’a South ordered police units to be alert.

Murang’a South DC, Mr Maalim Mohamed, said patrols had been intensified to prevent disruption on the roads.

Meanwhile, some Mungiki leaders have claimed that a Nairobi coordinator has gone missing. They said Dandora leader, Mr Alfred Njoroge Gichere, had been missing since Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

No amnesty for Pattni in Grand Regency deal

Publication Date: 4/24/2008

Goldenberg architect Kamlesh Pattni’s surrender of the Grand Regency hotel to the Central Bank of Kenya did not include an amnesty of all cases he faces over the scandal.

The consent was signed by the law firm of WETANGULA(NOW MINISTER OF FORIEGN AFFAIRS) Wetang’ula, Adan and Makokha on behalf of Mr Pattni and Ms Fatuma Sichale on behalf of the commission.


Anonymous said...

Court bars Ruto from selling plots

Publication Date: 4/24/2008

Agriculture minister William Ruto has been stopped from interfering with 12 plots the State claims he acquired irregularly.

Agriculture Minister, William Ruto. Photo/ FILE
Mr Justice Mohammed Ibrahim, sitting in Eldoret, made the orders yesterday after an application under a certificate of urgency by Mr Oscar Angote of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission.


LET AS HERE WHAT WAKINA KARUA!!WAKO!!! SAITOTI!!!MICHUKI!!KARUME!!AND ALL THE TITLES I HAVE SEEN OF GOVERNMENT LAND THAT THEY ACQUIRED BETWEEN-2002-2007!!! nairobi, nakuru, central, mombasa, nyanyuki and more 2002-2207 was a busy year for this land grabber mambo bado!
if nation does not print it standard and the blog machinary is on stand by the truth will be out for the public to know!!!! domo`s will b e hanging soon! i guess people think if they regester stolen plots in relatives names they can hide!! my advise is you have been caught yet again with pants down!!!

Anonymous said...

anon2:57 PM

hey why worry- PNU is still playing with fire using their nation machinary to discredit Ruto an d bring all the court cases on him- but what they are forgetting tat in their own backyard Ministers MP`s from central sources say- forget Anglo leasing that is a frop in the ocean compared to some reports and titles of properties tat some individuals at lands ministry kept copies of since 2002-2007 - kenyans are in for a Rude shock I hear and some of this individuals are minister PNU team that kibaki chose:):)
They think their crimes are safe and they destroyed all documents:) ati the lands people were told to destroy!!wrong!!proof is in the padding!!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is in for the biggest embarrassment of all- this will change kenyans views of this Kibaki factor!! if i were him i would retire- cosh even his children involved - well let us wait for the reports and Kenyans reactions- Yes I would like to see Martha Karua`s reaction and her explanation!!on how she acquired all her plots and in relatives names:)

Anonymous said...

Daily nation PNU mouth piece- i think we should tell kenyans to let central Lesotho buy it- the rest of kenyans should boycott- did you see how they eve rushed to explain the grand Regency saga ati from sources within they say!!
the fact is the hotel was actually sold to the Libyans- unless they just returned the Libyans money yesterday!!
as if we have forgotten how the Anglo Leasing Money was returned to the finance minister then from ati un-numbered account!!to date we have no idea who refunded part of the money!!

So daily nation reporting is not fooling kenyans!!I hear there is talk on the ground to call boycott of buying nation because of it`s continuous biased reporting favoring the PNU or not reporting facts!!(yani reporting what the PNU arm of the government gives it to report) what bullshit! I hope kenyans boycott it this time for good!!

Anonymous said...

Was looking at that funeral of the mungiki, and was amazed to see that despite all that huffing and puffing (sijui hard work, sijui nini), that village could be any other in western. the abject poverty, and lack of services, etc

If only someone could get these guys to admit they are and have been so wrong and hae been duped time and time again


Anonymous said...

I also watched that Mungiki burial and was shocked beyond belief. Is there government intelligence network in this country? Obviously, yes. So that leaves only one thing; the police is playing games in Mungiki crackdown.

Phil, please tell Raila to stop wasting precious time on that Central Kenya asset (mungiki) and instead concentrate on more important and national issues. Soon the "masters" will be unable to control it and it will go to state house not to have meetings but to extort from the you know what-in-chief.

It is this same problem of underestimating Kenyans' intelligence that got us into a mess late last year. This mta-do attitude is nauseting. Impunity, impunity, impunity!


KenyaLuv said...

Raila Odinga was in bed with President Moi during the height of his corrupt dictatorship...lets not be selective in memory.

KenyaLuv said...

Raila Odinga is yet to come clean on his corrupt Molasses plant deal with President Moi.

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