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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Backstabbing ODM: Moi’s Secret Hand

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ODM Rift Valley MPs Running Errands for Retired President

Writing recently in the Sunday Standard, Jason Kap Kirwok presented startling figures that actually show that the current grand coalition cabinet is the most ethnically balanced ever. Said he:

“.....Our source of statistics for Kenya’s ethnic composition is the March 2008 edition of the CIA’s World Fact Book. If we map ethnic composition against the distribution of full Cabinet positions, we get the following statistics. The Kikuyu, our most populous ethnic group, compromises 22 per cent of the population. Their share of positions in the Coalition Cabinet is 19 per cent. The Luhya, at 14 per cent of the population is the second most populous ethnic group. Their share in the current Cabinet is 19 per cent. The Luo come next at 13 per cent of the population; they occupy 12 per cent of the slots in the Cabinet. The Kalenjins represent 12 per cent of the population and their share of Cabinet positions is also 12 per cent, while the Kamba are 11 per cent of the population with a share of seven per cent of Cabinet positions. The Kisii represent six per cent of the population and have six per cent of the Cabinet positions, while the Meru are six per cent of the population with a two per cent share of the Cabinet. The rest of the other 35 African ethnic communities comprise 15 per cent of the total population. Their share of the Cabinet is a surprising 21 per cent. Finally, the non-African "tribes" — Europeans, Asians and Arabs — comprise one per cent of the Kenyan population with a share of the Cabinet of two per cent. The picture changes only slightly when we include the Assistant ministers. We may quibble about a percentage higher here and a percentage lower there, but a it is reasonably balanced. ....”

How come then Rift Valley Members of Parliament, particularly from the larger Kericho area, be so adamant that their community has been left out of cabinet? Why would educated and presumably civilized politicians suddenly rise up with unreasonable demands on their party leader? Is someone controlling their utterances by remote control……to sabotage ODM unity?.......or perhaps to ensure IDPs are not resettled..?….or maybe to undo the grand coalition…..?...reinvigorate KANU….? YES to all the above!

Looking at the history of the Orange Democratic Movement, it can be vividly recalled that during the period after the 2005 referendum when ODM-K was formed, it was none other than former President Moi who took it upon himself to politically undermine ODM-K and his efforts in infiltrating the party led to its eventual disintegration. First it was Uhuru Kenyatta who made history in the world as the first official opposition leader to abandon his post and support the incumbent. Uhuru, however, did not abandon the salary and other benefits that come with that office. Closely following him, Kalonzo Musyoka also purportedly ‘defected’ from LDP to LPK, while his puppets Chairman Maanzo and Secretary Chepkonga refused to hand over ODM-K to legitimate party secretariat officials. Shortly after this, the same Rift Valley politicians were on the frontline calling some ODM presidential candidates ‘unelectable’.

Fast forward to the highly publicized ODM Kasarani nominations where Raila Odinga reigned supreme and was elected party torch-bearer, the former President then opted to make it his personal business to campaign against ODM at every given opportunity in Rift Valley and elsewhere. It was telling that everywhere he went Moi was not campaigning for the PNU candidate that he had endorsed but rather campaigning against ODM and its candidate. Some of his utterances were picked up by PNU adherents and this led to a marked rise in hate speech against the ODM candidate all over including those notorious vernacular FM stations.

Prior to Kivuitu’s astonishing announcement, the very day almost everyone expected Raila Odinga to be declared president (and Kibaki was said to be willing to concede defeat because Raila was ahead by an unassailable 1.2 million votes during which time more than 90% of votes had been counted), it is rumoured Moi made a night visit to State House via helicopter. What happened to this country after that visit scarred Kenya forever.

In the period after Kibaki’s swearing-in (bedroom Chris?), Moi’s respected peers from other African countries were in town in an effort to reconcile the ODM and PNU factions. Whereas it would have been natural for Moi to lead his peers in these efforts in his own country, his choice to engage in murky partisan politics could not allow him to do so. Even with Kenya at the brink of disaster and Koffi Anan shuttling between the Serena Hotel, State House and Pentagon House, ‘statesman’ Moi was nowhere to be seen. Instead, the same political forces unsuccessfully tried to intimidate Annan using crude methods and eventually leading to Annan resolving to deal directly with principals. At about the same time, senior figures in ODM were approached with cabinet appointments if only to sabotage the grand coalition plans that Annan was insistent on.

After Anan’s effort bore some fruit and the grand cabinet was about to be announced, Rift Valley MP’s were at it again, demanding that one of their own be appointed Deputy PM. To end Moi’s political maneuvers, it took Raila Odinga’s personal intervention to compelling William Ruto to publicly support and show respect to Musalia Mudavadi. At Pentagon House, behind-the-scenes maneuvers were that Raila had to prevail in ODM cabinet appointments because some elements from Rift Valley did not want to see Joe Nyagah appointed to cabinet, something Raila did not take very kindly. Incidentally, save for Arap Moi, the Rift Valley MPs were conspicuously absent at Nyagah’s funeral last week. Nyagah himself was present at the funeral of Ruto’s father just three weeks ago.

As if to show a deeply divided country who is in-charge, ‘statesman’ Moi was sitting at the presidential dais to witness the swearing-in of the grand-coalition cabinet. His presence at the swearing-in of a grand coalition cabinet and that of former Malawian President Bakili Muluzi, was in bad taste and it clearly shows, people still imagine the retired president has a role to play in the destiny of this country, his own disastrous reign and that of Muluzi notwithstanding. The whole inauguration ceremony was organized by the State House protocol officials. (Muluzi served a 10 year constitutional term from 1994 to 2000 in office as president of Malawi, but is now planning a comeback for the presidency in Malawi’s general elections due in 2009. Muluzi’s corruption CV is very similar to that of Moi. Both men have mega-fraud and embezzlement allegations following them like shadows).

Today, Raila and Kibaki are due to meet with Rift Valley MPs because it has emerged it will take much more than Annan’s efforts to resettled individuals who had been displaced from that province. Rather than fight ODM, the advise to Moi’s (and his Moi Africa Foundation) to re-direct their efforts in re-settling IDPs in Rift Valley and elsewhere. Or better still, to please retire honourably at his farm in Kabarak.


M-Pesa said...

Moi the prof of politics is a bitter man. His billionaire sons failed miserably to win the elections in place of ODM candidates. That was a real kick in the teeth of arap Moi and he is hell bent on dismantling the machine that is ODM. First, he's already read the riot act on them...and dozens of his full time paid up spies are allover the party. Moi is not to be taken lightly since for decades he has prove one thing. Vile he may, daft he ain't!

Taabu said...

Phils please understand Toro. Moi belongs to the old school like his ilk who believes wisdom starts and ends with them. One common thread among these dinosaurs is ACUTE BOUT of NOSTALGIA. Well don't ask nostalgic about what.

You see Moi offering his uninvited advise at Nyaga's funeral ati Kibaki is having difficult job and the burden of presidency. Kwani who was dragged to SH? Reminds of of his village rants MULTIPARTY kitu gani, kwani ni mama zenu? That was Moi-Mulu speak reincarnated.

Granted every politcian aspires for higher posts but can all be ministers? It simply amounts to political tantrums. But ole wao if they get stuck under the shower without stepping aside to drip dry. Kenyans are far ahead of their leaders and seeing Bett warming to Moi antics may not be in Frank's long term political interest.

Yes, Cheruiyot and Bett owe everything to Moi but whose mind do they think they are playing with? The political goal posts have shifted and players better watch out lest they score own goals.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see Moi's potrait,seriously I feel like "Puckinig" will this man please stop making statements??

Anonymous said...

Guys - lets leave Moi alone on this, he could have done and said all that - but the more we remember Moi, the more we loose our focus as a nation and as a people. The man did his beat, managed and mismanaged and al the business of maisha baya. I bet we are giving him a focus and a role he is not cut for. Lets all agree with Kiraitu and let the man shephered kabarak uni and the grandshildren.

The thunder on the above is on Kibaki and Raila. I believe if they are astitute politicians they would had seen this coming. Raila said it his focus is settling IDPs and i believe he means on - i believe Kibaki will is an early convertee on this. Both are having too much pressure from the international community and Kibaki from his people. Their statesmanship is hinged on the IDP issue.

I bet Rao could be held at ransom by the rift valley guys and this could be machination of ruto - if he told these guys to keep quiet thet would have. Rumours have it rao is being forced to make a written committment that ruto will not be scarificed for the psot election violence - and thats where the gist of the matter is. In the prevailing circumstances i believe rift valley has harvested from rao than any otehr community - check ministers, assistant ministers and top government officials. Palaver (in standard newspaper) had in early march warned about a purge in the civil service in the name of distributing positions - teh reason ODM would suffer most. True to it, if there was public service jobs balance today - riftvalley would be most hit, most of its sons and daughters would make room for others. This is because of the 24 years and the fact that mwizi never drastically changed the mid upper management levels in public service. The above distribution you have given above would be a pale shadow of the national balance.

All the same, Rao can pull this one out. Its still early in the adminstration and no one should hold him at ransom. All what i know its going to get murkier soon in riftvalley. The MPs for reasons they know best believe they are shortcharged yet arithmetics do not show. If Rao does not move in with the issue of IDPs and constitution making then his political future could wane. He is in delicate balance - the interest are just too many for him - kibz, riftvalley mps, idps, constitution, kalooser, lesotho - will teh man make it? I believe he has what it takes

Knoppix! said...

Well said and done.I take your post (Phil) with all the seriousness it deserves.I had a similar sneaky feeling about the pockets of murmurs we have been reading about in the papers regarding the appointments.Maybe am wrong and somebody better correct me if i am.

Firstly,Moi proved to Kibaki that he lacked the collateral he appeared to posses for Kibaki last year.By now the Kibaki handlers should have known he is just that - useless!In other words,as far as Rift-valley siasa goes he is not that influential like he is imagined to be if at all he is.

Secondly,i should think RAO and Ruto are still reading from the same script like they were doing last year.So in retrospect they should all be able to handle Moi and the few dissenting voices within ODM without breaking a sweat.

Thirdly,we have some gradual campaign pressure building up by the day and RAO is pretty much aware of that and he should not sleep dreaming on the PM job at the expense of his political carrier.

I stand to be corrected.

Anonymous said...

Moi is not a fool; he has been in the game well long before you were born Phil.
He knows exactly what he is doing and I couldn’t agree more, he need to retire gracefully in his Kabarak home.
Don’t you wonder why he told mourners at Nyagah’s funeral, it’s not easy to be a president? There is a lot you don’t know about Moi-Kibaki saga. Trust me on that one.

Phil said...

Thank you Anon@8.33AM

However, It is Kibaki who should be told to let go off Moi. This country does not need Moi, and unfortunately despite his advanced age and liability to this country, Moi himself refuses to settle down to retirement.

Rift Valey has issues because of recent violence. It seems being in cabinet buys some insurance, but then also imagining that Ruto will be hauled to court for Rift Valley killings in taking it too far.

There is also deep fear of the truth and reconciliation commission. 95% of this grand coalition cabinet will find it very had holding on to their positions, let alone holding on to their stolen loot, after publicly confessing what SINS they have committed against this nation. And that goes far back to Kenyatta's time.

Anonymous said...

Well said Phil, but i guess anonymous 8.33 and 8.37 seem to have a convincing line of argument - check it out

Anonymous said...

Phil, …Yes, William Ruto will be hauled to court. The idiot should be in the nick. It’s only in Kenya people kill time and again and get away with murder
He is an electoral liability and like many gullible Rift Valley Mps, he is at one’s wits’ end.

Have you not noticed his spiel since he was implicated with mass murder? All these glib are aimed to cover multitude of sins but it will soon unravel in front of our very own eyes.
Just can’t wait to see this nitwit banged up.


Anonymous said...

Bw. Phil, please i will comment on your post in just a second, down to business first....
Taabu ati Gerald anaenda wapi?wacha kuspread e-gossip hapa-hatutaki PRE-MATCH UCHAWI. All is set for LIVERPOOL v CLINTON(Chelsea), and please don't wake me up tomorrow my hang-over from celebration itaanza leo, i don't need to watch MENUSELESSs game-kwani watado?
meanwhile AVRAM aendelee na style yake nzuri smoking opium-there's a time for war and a time for peace.compliment is NOT surrender

Anonymous said...


Those RV MPs are exhibiting the exact same characteristics as the Central MPs. Having tasted (absolute) executive power, they are totally blinded by it and cannot imagine functioning outside of it pure and simple. All those other manenos are excuses, ati Kibaki, ati Moi, ati ploys and counter ploys etc. Nope these guys want when they go gichagi over the weekend, with bendera on the fuel guzzler to shtua the villagers and "mummy na daddy", its the same colonial spill-over or hangover where muthungu was looked at in awe and fear. We all inherited it, and even in the little fiefdoms of our house (where at least we have absolute control) we exaggerate our importance to those dependent on our meagerly resources


Anonymous said...

this is the price to pay for

a) Demonstrated total lack of social values and ethics by the executive

b) State and local authorities abdicating the role of providing essential public services or alternatives

c) Which trickles down to the lack of ethics in state controlled public service delivery

d) Which leads to total impunity by anyone rendering any form of commercial public service because the common mwananchi has no other alternative


Anonymous said...

Moi is a devil, Kibaki is happy to have him on his side.

These are people who are not interested in Kenya. Moi wants protection and will do alot to make Uhuru win.

The plan is to revive Kanu. Moi wants Kanu supremacy in RV. RV will join hands with CP to make Uhuru become the president in the year 2012.

Moi's worry is the intended new constitution. It will reduce the president's powers to protect criminals like him. So wants to start now to disperse ODM, the only party in Kenya today with good intentions for ALL Kenyans.

Kenyans, the future of Kenya is gloomy. Can't someone get rid of this old man?

Anonymous said...

Moi and his sons plus Biwott own and control Kenya's economy. I find it disgusting to read that he should enjoy his retirement in peace. People who have brought Kenya down in its knees (economically and politically) should be jailed and not enjoy their life because there are millions of Kenyans who have suffered and still do because of them. And if Moi is too old to be made responsible, then at least get his sons to pay back what their father has stolen, as well as Biwott and others like Kulei, Pattni etc.

And just in case you wish to know more (but make sure that you sit down and have a strong heart to digest the figures), go to

and you will realize what these people have done.

No forgiveness or 'peaceful retirement' - they deserve to be burnt in hell.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:07 and 10:26

agreed, and the problem is that Central province has shown that they dont care the crimes as long as one of their own. So lets find a way to ensure we have the upright RV province, Coast, Western, Nyanza, Nairobi, N.Eastern firmly rooted in principles of good governance, but even more importantly we need to decentralise control to the provinces.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile the grand corruption circus continues unabated

Anonymous said...

anon 8:33

sorry we can't let Moi be- he was involved in what happened after the elections and he is still meddling in the Rift Valley politics's with his buddy Biwott- yes that Helicopter trip to statehouse is a fact and the terror unleashed on innocent kenyans is a fact too- Eldoret- do not be surprised when you hear who planned that?? tht is why Ruto is not bothered or scared- believe me ODM did not release most of the dossier they had because they needed the country at peace first?? what documents so you think were sent to Hague?? and why sunddenly sis the International community change their tone and supported ODM? why did Martha Shut Up after the fact of claiming the Eldoret Genocide?? b ut send PNU foot soldiers on the Blogs to blame Ruto in a ruthless way that we had never seen?? You see they could not change the facts- Theirs a full dossier handed over by a renegade police of 4 on what actually went down and how it was plaaned!!
Remember ODM has refused to remove thier case against the Government and the people named in it from Hague- ask yourself why?? that was the only place to post such a case on crimes against humanity-

so Moi has planned a big Role in what happened before and after elections guys!! he is a scared rat -with his billions I hope they will be all frozen and handed back to the people of Kenya for investment in all sectors- to me all the years of Moi's rule- he is no better than kibaki many innocent kenyans have died under Moi's watch too and still are- he is also the adviser on the Mt. Elgon Sabaot front sources confirmed!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:34 - instead of saving Central Province, the slogan of the day should be to finally make them responsible.

Why should the rest of Kenya starve and suffer while these crooks (and this includes Kibaki, the Kanyattas and others too) live to enjoy their looting?

There are too many Kenyans dieing and starving, too many lives wasted, too many children robbed of their future.

Just igamine what 10 % of Moi's money (only his personal wealth and that of his sons is estimated to reach 6 Billion $ according to the report whose links I have listed in a former post) could do ..... and stop talking about his Africa Foundation. It does not include one cent of his personal money since he went around collecting it from others including some stupid foreign Government who accepted his Foundation as an NGO - what a joke!!!!!!!!!)

So if Raila is serious and I still think he is, he should not bow down to these Rift Valley MP's but ask them to join him in building a better Kenya and that also includes making Moi and his cronies responsible and not having mercy for the Old Man.

And don't forget there is still also Biwott. Another big criminal. Now that he cannot hide anymore under his MP-immunity, he should finally face the courts of Kenya not only for his looting but also for the killing of Robert Ouko. He has been clearly implicated by Scotland Yard and should therefore face his judgement.

Kenya and Kenyans have to wake up and take their destiny into their own hands. They have demonstrated to be mature when conducting peaceful Elections in December.

Now they have to continue the struggle and show these elected politicians that 'enough is enough'.

Kenya has changed since December - but it still has a long way to go. It will be hard sometimes. But if everybody - and really everybody - joins hands, it will be a successful journey to make Kenya again what it was: A country to be proud of, a country where one wants to live and have a future for its children.

Anonymous said...

Now that the powering sharing has happened everybody want to kick the RV guys on the rear .
You want to resettle the IDPs Kimangoto .People are being tortured at Mt Elgon,people were evicted at Mau and Likia last year, they have never been resettle to date Can were travel back in time and ask ourselves how did all this happened or else after every five years I see smoke.sawa mwendelee.
Kipkutuny Kokumng'ueny

Anonymous said...

Update 9:15 pm

Following Kibaki and Raila's decision to not listen to the Rift Valley MP's demands during the meeting today the Rift Valley MP's have just concluded a meeting in Parliament in which one of their threats to Raila is that since they were shortchanged in the appointment of Ministers and PS's they will pass a vote of no confidence in Raila and push for one of their own to take up the PM position and have accused Raila of treating them the same way that Kibaki treated Raila after 2002 elections.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:23

Now that is where I agree Moi/Kibaki's hand is being played.

Master of divisive politics, i.e destroy from the inside that which you cannot penetrate from the outside.

RAO response should be pure and simple, approach the people that voted these guys in and have them understand what ODM stands for and whether these individuals represent the ODM vision or were just joyriders looking for a way in.

Let them decamp and form or join a party of their choice and go for election re-run and stop agitating for toe-holds from within.


Anonymous said...

Never again will the Rift support Raila let us see how he can win a election he can go back to getting 800,000 votes like he did in 1997. We should have learnt that everybody he has dealt with he has betrayed never again.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:32

or maybe the flip side to that coin is that everyone that Raila has worked with or helped gain political mileage has ended up betraying him once they are in parliament or given plum jobs


Good Night

Anonymous said...


The proffesor of kenyan politics was shown serious dust by RAO not once but twice and I am honestly waiting for the day when Moi or anybody else will be able to play, outsmart and put RAO down completely.....RAO is unbwoggable......the Riftvalley mps can continue being used by that dinosaur, as you so aptly labelled your post but they will go nowhere!!

UrXlnc you said it......."RAO response should be pure and simple, approach the people that voted these guys in and have them understand what ODM stands for and whether these individuals represent the ODM vision or were just joyriders looking for a way in."

ODM's platform was change and honestly if people dont get that by now...then pole kwao!!

Anonymous said...

Anon Update 9:15 pm

Ha!ha!!another joker, and maybe that is a kikuyu dream for vote of no confidence in the PM:) thew only vote of no confidence I can see coming in with the President for lack of controlling the murderous mungiki's and the crocks that keep looting the government coffers- look at the Grand Regency now??? Amos Wako hs denied involvement so that leaves Martha Karua
Kibson Kamau Kurua and Mutula Kilonzo- corruption to the highest!! the truth will be out soon wit all the signed document between libya and them- someone has already found them wait and see!! so again the greater Rift valley will never ever give a vote of non- confidence to the PM - do you really think they can take a chance of a mungiki central option??? never!!

anon 11:32 AM

I'm surprised at your comments so i ask?? when did Rift valley=Kericho only?? Please stop posting nonsense here- so you want to say because kibaki did not choose more Meru MP's in Parliament and some kikuyu's are complying in central the kikuyu vote is divided?? bullshit- Rift valley knows what side it's bread is buttered!! it will never ever join the kikuyu central blog to vote! believe they rather shut themselves!
so you will wait for a very long time to see the Nandi separation!! it is politic's as usual!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with blogger here- rift valley at large is behind Raila 100% except for the view elements that we now hear from sources were paid by Moi through his sons to cause Havoc and kenyans can't see that then we are all fools
son number 1 in court disputing his elections -first he with draw then he went back again to court
son no:2 waqs the one with the first group who appeared on media saying Uhuru had sold KNU down the drain!! so the dots are now starting to fit!! Moi will always play the destroyer card- but we will get all his billions lazima atowe yote!!
sources say he has been busy handing out cash to those disgruntled MP's to keep appearing on Media complaining- Kenyans should tell MOI if he continues interfering with the country moving forward Kamiti is the final step(Billions Stolen)

Anonymous said...

Why were the Mothers, wives, and sisters of Mungiki running to RAO for help while they did not vote for him. Why not seek help from their duly elected presi?

They should know that it is the poisonous vernom from their pet Snake that killed their sons, husbands, and brothers.

Will they vote for him come 2012?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I cannot understand why should we start politics - 4 months after the concluded election. I bet the rift valley mps are on a mission to derail raila. Why cant they njenga nchi and leave politics for sometime. The needs for kenyan people are just too much - they should atleast give raila a chance. Before raila goes to tell the people ruto should be seen to manage these people. I agree with the post and 8.33 this was the best it could get. Jameni wacha kazi ianze

Anonymous said...

The start of healing in Kenya will be when M1 passes on and goes to answer to whatever he did on earth. But as they say....evil men live for a very long time.


On other matters. I watched some pictures of Obama and Clinton's campaign in PA, In one of the pictures clinton had the illuminati sign on. If you don't know what illuminati is then folks you need to spend sometime on the net and do some search. Seems this world is ruled by a few people from the same bloodline that has ruled since 1776. Can we break from this? I think Barack is up to a very BIG task or he is the present day messiah that will come to uproot this evil from earth. Without uprooting the illuminati, Africa will never move anywhere, believe me, its a plot and we are all pawns in the game. Read guys and be informed.

Anonymous said...

This is stupid. Why blame Moi? PNU members of Parliament like Dr. Eseli and Eugene Wamalwa have issued threats against their party leader, Kibaki. Charles Kilonzo and Kiema Kilonzo have done the same to their party boss, Kalonzo. Was Moi involved in these two 'disquiets' as well? ODM is not special, it is a party like any other and will always be hit by internal rebellions like all its competitors. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time we stopped being worshippers of men. Only fools should be comfortable with that.

Anonymous said...

Worshippers and disciples of Raila. All Luo are anyway. Now, they will start fighting the Kipsigis and lie about them. Watrch this space. Kericho Mashakani.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Worshippers and disciples of Raila. All Luo are anyway. Now, they will start fighting the Kipsigis and lie about them. Watrch this space. Kericho Mashakani.

only a fool would say this with Mungiki worshipers in their backyard- so why don't you tell us why the whole of central is quiet of the mungiki thai thai murderers??? ati luo;a disciples of Raila at least they chose a good one who doesn't go around with his foot soldiers beheading people like one central othaya leader we kenyans know- go face off and follow your mungiki othaya leader blindly!! your head will be next on the chopping block!!and who will rotect you since your own leaders from central can not even dare to voice it!!

Anonymous said...

anon 1:27 PM

Stop huffing and puffing here and go tell all those Mp's in central to tell us why they can't condone mungiki acts of violence even on their own kikuyu women?? why are they quiet?? that I believe is more serious then the grumbling among members of parliament for positions!! unless central has agreed to be ruled by mungiki foot soldiers then the rest of kenya is in agreement- but just make sure you keep them mungiki gangs in central Lesotho!!period since you groomed them!!paid them!! and let them loose to slaughter and behead innocent kenyans- let them stay in your backyards now!!
An Moi is trying to safe his Billions through the Kibaki protection card!!!! he is dreaming even Mobuto of Zaire his best friend died while his banks were still frozen!!who knows who took the money- since Zaire then was at War- I bet that was what Moi advised Kibaki to do- get Kenyans to fight and people will forget what you and me stole!!NOPE!!WE ARE STILL HERE AND WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN!!WE ARE COMING AFTER YOU IN FULL SPEED YOU THIEVES!!

Anonymous said...


I just got done reading Sam Okello new book The Mau Mau Prophecy. Brilliant! You want to know why Kibaki thinks Kenya is a Kikuyu kingdom, read this book.

Anonymous said...

from the foregoing, the issue of achieving national harmony, inter-ethnic integration and which touches on resettling IDPs and perceived central province domination cannot be separated or ignored anymore and will not be resolved easily. further, the issue of mungiki as a local problem threatening to go national is an added problem. there is too much hurt and anger. it would be so much easier on everyone to agree to go our separate ways.

Anonymous said...

"ANON 2:56 PM" - Hellen and Sam Okello.

Anonymous said...

Fake stories here..all meant to malign, defame and incite the population...shame on you ! most of us are now very clever to know what is true and what is not true...

if you gave profiles of both ODM and PNU politicians then you would be helping us to make better decisions as citizens..

You are fake !

Anonymous said...

I mean all Rift Valley MPs, who are now arm twisting ODM, most PNU MPs are all products of KANU and by extent Moi's rule...

Mtoto wa Nyoka ni Nyoka...

Your blog paints them as if now wao ni vifaranga na babao ni Nyoka...

Tell us about the good Kenyans who are around for us to support them..not praising yesteryear's dictators, warmongers, looters, it...

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