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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Countdown To Grand Coalition Cabinet

Amidst growing disagreement on portfolio balance between ODM and PNU, President Mwai Kibaki has just arrived at Harambee House (10h30 local time). VP Kalonzo, Saitoti, Muthaura and Spokesman Alfred Mutua have met and escorted the president into his office.

ODM pentagon and party officials have skipped church and are said to have been meeting at Pentagon House since 08h00 this morning. Even William Ruto who only buried his father yesterday, arrived in Pentagon House earlier today. It is unclear what time the ODM will be heading to Harambee House.

President Kibaki had, through Government spokesman Alfred Mutua, indicated yesterday that he would go by the list disputed by ODM saying it was ‘final’ and based on consultations with Raila. Salim Lone has already disputed this and indicated that the list released by Dr. Mutua is unacceptable to ODM and the party will not make further concessions after accepting a bloated cabinet and making numerous concessions so as to progress peace.

Update at 10h55 Local Time

Raila Odinga has arrived at Harambee House for his meeting with Mwai Kibaki. He had earlier met members of the pentagon and senior party officials and left to meet Kibaki without addressing the press who have been camping at both venue since 6.30am today.

According to official program, Kibaki is set to unveil the new cabinet at 15h00 local time.

Uhuru Kenyatta, whose Ministry of Local Government is at the center of the dispute between ODM and PNU, is also said to be in the vicinity of Harambee House. He has threatened to lead what has been left of KANU out of the PNU should his ministry be given to ODM.

Update 11h05 Local Time

ODM Director of Communications informs the press that Raila is expected to reiterate to PNU that ODM has already made significant concessions in the formation of the grand coalition in the interest of resolving the post election crisis gripping our country and that the PNU should not expect any further concessions. In other words, ODM should not be dragged into PNU sucession wars and Kibaki should abide by the peace accord signed between himself and Raila which inter alia says: "........composition of the coalition government shall at all times reflect the relative parliamentary strengths of the respective parties and shall at all times take into account the principle of portfolio balance."

Update 11.50 Local Time

Kenya Government spokesman Alfred Mutua releases statement indicating that Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibai are presently in a closed door one-on-one meeting; without any one from their respective delegations in attendance. ODM Leader had been accompanied by members of the Pentagon while Kibaki's ministers, including the Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka had arrived in Harambee House much earlier than the president himself. It seems Mutua statement is to inform the public that the president and ODM leader are meeting on their own, while the rest are waiting outside.

Update 13h00 Local Time

Kibaki and Raila are still holed up in their meeting. No announcements have been made as yet. The original plan was for the president to announce the grand coalition cabinet today at 15h00 hours, only two hours away. Unless Kibaki and Raila rise above partisan politics and make decisions on the contentious portfolio balance that will move this country forward, then the cabinet will not be named today.

Update 15h00 Local Time

Kibaki and Raila have hit a deadlock. Members of PNU half cabinet and others from ODM are presently trooping into Harambee House in droves. No official word has been released but it appears Kibaki and Raila have opted to expand the meeting by involving members of their own teams into a meeting that will be reconvened at 04h00 local time. It shows determination by the president and Raila to name the cabinet today but it also shows perhaps for the first time, Kibaki and Raila one-on-one closed door meetings have failed to yield acceptable results between the two principals.


Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, glad you are keeping us posted.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Phil - didn't realize it was you reporting.

Anonymous said...

I think we have had enough from PNU...fresh elections please!!!

Phil said...

Tomorrow, Kibaki and co are due to travel to India on state visit. He will be accompanied by Moses Wetangula as Foreign Affairs minister. This is one of the ministries which ODM is laying claim on. Therefore, being that ODM has already announced it will NOT back down on its demanded portfolios, it seems unlikely that the cabinet will be named today. Politically, Moses Wetangula does NOT add any value to PNU.

Uhuru Kenyatta has made his case clear. Take away the Local Government Ministry, without giving me the Deputy Prime Minister's portfolio, KANU will pull out of the PNU. Politically KANU (or what has remained of it) is of no value to PNU, especially one whose president is serving the last term.

It is also emerging that Kibaki and ODM-K's Kalonzo have a written pact in which ODM-K is entitled to 30% of cabinet positions. So far only Kalonzo and Poghiso are in cabinet, and PNU has only 3 more slots, and these slots are wanted by Merus, Coastals and other gorups who supported the PNu in the last elections.

Kibaki is in a serious dilemma and the only person who can help him out of it, in my opinion is Raila's ODM. Kibaki should identify himself more with ODM and forget the amorphous PNU. It is obvious no one in PNU cares so much for Kibaki but are only interested in his succession. If President Kibaki has political advisors, they need to ask him to make a political deal with Raila if his current term is to see its successful end. Otherwise the grand coalition is not going to see more than one year.

Phil said...

Please note when ODM insiders demand for NEW GENERAL elections they are saying:

- Disband ECK and reconstitute a more representative electoral body

- Implement minimum and essential constitutional reforms

In other words, accepting fresh elections is like telling Kibaki to take a rope a hang himself. Nearly a 3rd of his (past) supporters are currently displaced and cannot vote. His PNU party exists only by name. He does not have any political back-up required to drive a successful presidential campaign. As president, he will NOT be able to campaign in most regions of Kenya. Remember he only got votes from two provinces. Fresh elections for Kibaki is akin to political suicide. Him and PNU will not accept this option. Even worse, he does not have a succession team in place - and although the VP is constitutionally his running mate, in reality it has never happened in multi-party Kenya where the sitting president identifies his running-mate (ie VP) before the elections.

Anonymous said...

phil, good job...thanks!!

but this is kibaki we are talking about. i'm not optimistic at all!!

though the idea of a one-on-one meeting with rao makes me want to laugh....we all know who is the smart one there...if it were to happen odm would get everything they want.....unfortunately with that conman around (sigh)

Anonymous said...

There is sometning in journalism called FACTUAL REPORTING. I think it is lacking here. Please let official communication prevail. Sorry. Just a layman

Anonymous said...

Kibaki got votes from two provinces??? Jesus Christ, what is this? I think Kibaki got votes in Nyanza, where Machage and Ongeri were elected. Mohammed Yusuf Haji inNorth Eastern, Danson Mungatana in Coast and Westrern where Moses Wetanguia was elected. We are not that stupid folks.

Njoroge Stanley, from Nevada. MP Kikuyu 2012

Anonymous said...

kibaki is doomed whichever way you look at it....speaking of political suicide? were we ever to go fresh elections kibaki would not be in the running, yes? that would be a third term (so not constitutional)....and i also i dont think he's up to the resounding humiliation he's gonna get from the electorate-again!!

woi...pnu will never go for fresh elections...never!! maybe as phil says kibaki should identify himself with odm what has he got to lose?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates on the ground. Phil your post is similar to my thinking. It is as if you read my mind!
To add to that, I think that it is wrong for ODM to be dragged into PNUs in fighting. It matters less to ODM and Kenyans in general whether KANU remains in PNU or out of PNU! All that matters is for Kibs to follow and defence the Constitution and ensure that peace and Justice prevails in Kenya. KANU and ODM-K can throw all juvenile tantrums like they do but those have nothing to do with ODM!
By the way Kibaki is used to being black mailed! I tend to remember that similar thing happened in 2005after Referendum when Ford-K and Mrs Ngilu blackmailed him into giving them more ministries for their Hommies. It was this blackmail that brought the likes of turncoat Kivutha Kibwana, Mutua Katuku, Wetangula, and the weapon carrying Assistant Minister Wanjala to cabinet!
Uhuru should not hold us Kenyans at ransom. He can go hang. I will never get votes from anyone except the larger Kiambua people. Period.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki to join ODM. Wishful thinking. After all they did by killing innocent Kikuyus. Oh, NO. So that Raila can have an easy access to the presidency. Hakuna. No pact with murderers and people who defend and protect murderers.

Njoroge Stan, Nevada

Phil said...

Even after extensive votes stealing countrywide, Njoroge Stanley, Kibaki only managed to win 2 provinces out of a possible 8. Is that a fact or a myth? In political science, how do you describe that party calling itself PNU? And how many MPs did the Narc-Kenyas, DPs, KANUs and FORD-Ks get? Dont you remember majorty of Kibaki's frontliners (Awori, Nyachae, Kombo, Karume, Ndile) wwere shown dust in 2007 elections?

Please give credit where it is due. ODM is the only national party in Kenya. It has united majority of Kenya's communities into one political course despite being an opposition party running against an incumbent who has the advantage of state resources and an electoral commission that he himself appointed. Please! We are stupid thats why we allow these things to happen. Right?

Answer the questions please; in view of the crisis facing the country; what political value is Moses Wetangula or Uhuru Kenyatta adding to the Kibaki's political interest...either in parliament or elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Njoroge you are too quick to comment on issues after reading one sentence, read through the whole commentary and comment intelligently, By the way do you speak English in Nevada? Revise it and learn to be keen on reading and responding to issues.

Anonymous said...

Can you kindly read the statement you wrote. The devil is in the detail. You said Kibaki got votes in two provinces. Uniting the whole country or not, KIbaki won the presidency. Period. Now, it is a matter of reconcilliation and you should report facts.

Phil, uyou have a lot in you and if you are a true journalists, please stop including matters that are not said or reported about. It is early morning where I am and I think that aruing with a man who has been awake longer dilutes it.

When Mutua informs the press, if you are a properly trained journalist, that is what you say. By adding that 'it seems...' you are not doing the basics of journalism justice.

When you form your own opinionnthat Kanu has no benefit to PNU or Kiabki, you are dead wrong and acting from a pale view-point. Uhuru and Kanu gave KIbaki votes and that is a fact. The simple reason that ODM won many seats in many provinces does not dilute a fact that Kibaki could have won more votes as a president.

Moi won more vores despite having fewer seats from Kanu MPs.

Njoroge Stanley, Nevada

Anonymous said...

The delay is coming from ODM's lack of commitment in weeding out thieves, liars, crooks, cheats and murderers from it's ranks. Once they do this, they can get any cabinet position under the sun that they want. For example, Gen Ruto needs to be dehorned and weeded out until he clears himself from pending grand corruption cases in high court. I'm sorry but this is the only way to move this thing forward.

Thanks guys and blessed sunday

Phil said...

Njoroge: Those MPs you mention do not belong to Kibaki's party. Kibaki was the only candidate who run on PNU ticket.

In as much as I have to update whats going on the ground, I also reserve the right to an opinion.

The post election crisis is now in its fourth month. At this point, it is PNU that is holding up cabinet appointments because its members that were prematurely appointed by Kibaki to cabinet in January are stacking claim on what belongs to all Kenyans. Even if you look at ODMs proposed cabinet list, portfolio balance has been thrown out of the window and ALL lists so far are heavily in favour of PNU, despite the fact they are directly responsible for this mess and some village elements who really dont deserve these posts continue to hold the entire country at ransom. WHY?

We are past the elections, it is not a question of who stole or who won. It is a matter of power sharing on the basis of a signed agreement - which has subsequently been passed into law. As it is, even now, the current cabinet is illegal and the president is operating unconstitutionally. HOW DO WE COME OUT OF THIS IMPASSE in peace and unity? Is Uhuru Kenyatta or Moses Wetangula too important than the nation of Kenya?

I think ODM is too soft on PNU. We may as well say OK. Lets go back to elections and let Kenyans decide this thing for us.

As to who will be the candidates and who will emerge the winner, is another matter altogether.

Anonymous said...

Njoroge don't resort to disguising your self as anon. You know it and you believe it but you don't wanna say it. Kibaki lost and you are aware of that. second, we don't get trained on the basics of a profession to remain BASIC too. I think in my profession pple must be creative, But you seem to have studied a different kind of journalism, where you report word by word from a speaker without critical analysis and interpretation. I think you need to get back to learning some tips of writing to improve on information dispensation.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.42Am. You are dead wrong pal. Yes there could be some people in ODM with some questionable past but that does not make ODM the worst party in Kenya. How about PNU? All the scandals ever to occur in Kenya since Independence has someone in PNU involved! Be it murder, Mungiki, Anglo Fleecing, Goldernberg,Land grabbing, Fence sitting etc name it and you will get a face in PNU involved! You have called Ruto names. Why? Why look the other way in PNU? Thuo provided money and buses that carried Mungiki to Naivasha and NAkuru to murder Kenyans! Uhuru took the bill for it. Michuki organised it! So who is clean?

Anonymous said...

Does Ruto have the powers to prosecute himself in a court of law? Answer yes then I will suggest he does so now and pass his judgment. Answer no and I will tell you then who is holding things here. MARTHA KARUA and AMOS WAKO. why blame others for your inefficiency and incompetence in a court of law. Provide evidences that are beyond refute and you win the case THE LAW IS AN ASS.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates, However I don’t fully agree with you on your comments @ 2:10.You said about a 3rd of Kibakis past supporters are displaced, we have about 350,000 IDPs in country. It is true the majority are Kibaki supporters but that does not amount to a 3rd unless you are arguing that Kibaki has about 1 million supporters. If check your figures right you find that central province alone has about 2.2million registered voters.

It is not a constitutional requirement that VP to be a running mate in Kenya. The other thing is about fresh elections, nowhere in the signed deal it is stipulated that we shall go for fresh elections if the coalition dies. I have said before that we shall be in great dilemma if the coalition die prematurely because the signed accord is silent on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget that Mungiki have said they met with KIBAKI in STATEHOUSE before and after the elections and were given instructions on how to unleash terror of Kenyans of other tribes

Anonymous said...

when someone says kibaki won elections...i think the best thing to do is just to ignore them!! otherwise maybe mcnaughten rules should be applied....if u want to continue engaging them....just my two cents!!

Anonymous said...

ODM worn 6 out of 8 provinces? That is not actually what the results indicated. For ODMers who believe you can’t win with two provinces, I would ask you to check what is happening in US Democratic party nomination. You find that Obama is winning most states but that does not translate into high number of votes or delegates. Clinton wins are in states with high votes and delegates that is why the margin is not significant

Phil said...


The 350,000 IDPs are those that are known to be living in camps. Rumour has it that even many others only go to camps to get daily red-cross rations.

My own survey takes into account that hundreds of thousands others moved out of their homes to settle with relatives in other areas/regions. Many others have relocated permanently. Even in urban areas, in Nairobi slums like Mathare and Kibera, thousands of those who left on 30th December are not back.

According to ECK rules, you vote in the polling station in which you are registered. IDPs in government camps only form a fraction of displaced voters. Believe you me there are millions.

Even others are just simply disgusted by the state of affairs and although settled, they have vowed never to vote again after witnessing the post election skirmishes.

Anonymous said...

@2:58 you are very right. Look at one of Phil's posts...

I said report facts. That is all, the truth and truth alone. There are more than ten wrongs in that post alone.

Anonymous said...

Njoroge, neonate kind of reasoning is not the most appropriate for this forum, its rather tragic that we still have people like you with aspirations of becoming MPs in future, hopefully not so many like you are habouring similar aspirations. The point Phil is trying to drive in your closed head is that Kibaki is done, everybody knows it, except for the lot like you who have no interest in knowing what is really happening, however, to make this remaining last leg bearable, he has to be politically smart, we all know that he has never been smart, and if he was at a certain point then this is the time he really needs those lost moments, the manifestation of that smartness will mean exclusion of those who do not add any political value to his "presidency", and that is what Phil and the rest are talking about, that is what ecerybody else know, and that is what you dont see.
One more thing, no one is a murderer than a mungiki, and that is uhuru, the one who bought all the machetes at nakumat thika road, we all know this, except you chief.
Finally, you have just been asked if you speak english in Nevada, I hope you do, in the mean time, learn to be a good reader, I know you can not force yourself to be intelligent if you were not born one

Anonymous said...

Guys Let's not talk about IDPs. Because to most Kenyans, IDPs are only Kikuyus who ran away from other parts of Kenya. DO Luos, Luhyias, Kisiis, Kalenjins and any other displaced Kenyan count as an IDP to the likes of Njoroge of Nevada? I double it. Neither do these people and others sent back to their ancestrial lands count as IDPs to MK mafia!
All they care is Ministries abd plump jobs otherwise they are out of PNU! For the love of Kenya let the walk out of PNU. Orelse call another election now.

Anonymous said...

Me think Njoroge is entitled to air his views. However if indeed he want to become a leader..just like all wanna be leaders he need to appreciate that the political landscape is chaniging quite fast and i suspect leaders who think narrow along tribal line with not tolarated in the future....

Anonymous said...

in kenyan anyfool can be a leader and just get a mtua to vomit you crap

Knoppix! said...

Thanks Phil for the incisive and critical analysis you are posting these way.Am also in kenya and glued to the set to see what exactly prevails.
I Wish to swing to these egoistic and evidently tribally chauvinistic Njoroge who dreams to be an MP in 2012.That very attitude from you Njoroge is the very one we are witnessing from your tribesmen if your name is anything to go by.

Secondly may it be clear to you that Phil is only making his mind known.The likes of Macharia Gaitho write artcles that i find above board and am saying which tribe they subscribe to or from.They recieve similar vitriolic rants as your towards Phil.The point is,this is Phil's blog and he can post whatever he feeels until google decides to stop him or if he personally stops.Take up some space and do some posts similar to your chauvinistic stances and see any of us react even a dot.

A long comment made short and with all due respect which i still doubt you deserve,you need to style up abit after all for a person in the US of A what do you expect?

We need KIB to take the whip and shed the baggage that is bogging him down.As for William Ruto,George Thuo and the rest that have been mentioned , i take it as word on the street and if there is water tight evidence let them be charged expeditiously even if it is RAO i wont mind but just peddling those thoughts is just unnacceptable.As For Wetangula he is wasting his time and the sooner he finds out the better.I have never had any ODMers let alone RAO bother to answer him so that explains what they think of him.

Anonymous said...

Knoppix! What have you said???

Njoroge Stanley

Anonymous said...

Njoroge Stanley, stop being a fool, you can do better than that. Bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

Latest news.
Kibaki wants to join ODM, But Kalonzo and Lucy Kibaki said NO.

Does Kenya belong to two people.

I wonder.

Kenya needs a Revolution.

Knoppix! said...

Njoroge i have said you need to style up and stop punching holes into Phils Posts' and unneccessarily going against what is believed to be the standard or commonly reffered to be the same.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is a Developed, first world with Poor people.

What a pity.

Anonymous said...

@Njoroge Stan, Nevada

It is no secret that the most brutal murderers are from Central Kenya. Dont forget that you have Mungiki, whom Kibaki employed to do the Kisumu Massacre.

What happened in Eldo is sad, but it was the thugs in PNU who wanted it that way, otherwise the cunning Kibaki could have swiftly applied the CID to stop the plan prematurely...If the chaos were indeed planned (as the gov tries to tell us). A president is always responsible, because he is in-charge of security. Kibaki is double responsible for all the 1500 deaths. The least he should do is to resign. BUT a Pumbavu Na Ujinga may not understand.

Knoppix! said...

Exactly anon, If indeed it was planned,where was intelligence?Does intelligence emerge before or after?I have heard another line that goes......that Kalenjins have a tough secret....hence it could not have been detected.The president should be held responsible for all the deaths as he failed to act if there were intelligence.I personally tend to habour the tought that the killings were as a result of the electoral theft.Only a thought though.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki got his votes from CP and EP only. This is a fact and need not be debated on anymore.

It is also a fact that Kibaki stole the votes and never won at all. Mugabe is doing the same stupid business. An act which makes all Africans become stupid in the eyes of the world.

It is sad that there are still people (even in this blog)who support this kind of backward and silly politics in our continent.

Africa is a sick continent and it is our leaders who bring diseases. We need good leaders in Africa and not tribal figures like Kibaki, Mugabe, Mobutu.

Anonymous said...

what's the latest update people? Is the meeting over?

Anonymous said...

Printed Words will not cut a MUGUMO tree. For one hundred years.

Njoroge Stanlkey, the Earl of Kabeteshire in Kikuyu, not far away from the famous Alliance School, and Thogoto Mission; MP-ELECT 2012; Minister for Finance in 2013

Anonymous said...

Kenya needs the followng ministries:
1. Ministry of Poor People
2. Ministry of Rich People
3. Minitry of Tribes
4. Ministry of Foreign Bank Accounts
5. Ministry of People in Danger.

And of course:
6. ministry of thieves.

What does ministers in Kenya do?

Water, electrity, health, Roads. Hakuna.

We do no need ministries like that.

Anonymous said...

Poor Kenya, poor Africa.

If such minds like the Njoroge will sit in the Cabinet, let alone in the Bunge of Kenya, then you can imagine how many more years we still need to develop. 1000 yrs.

Developement starts in the mind, and has completely nothing to do with wealth.

Anonymous said...

Every village in Kenya has a security intelligence person to inform security and government of any security threat. the government president and security intelligence knew trouble was on the way and they did nothing cos it was seen as trouble in mainly ODM area, Kenyans were killed at foot step of security forces and police had orders shoot to kill.

fave said...

Why you folks respond to Njoroge is beyond my comprehension. Njoroge, as you folks might now realize represents PNU mindset. Ignore him and he will sink in his own ethnocentric cesspool.
Funny quote from Njoroge.. 'Njoroge Stanlkey, the Earl of Kabeteshire in Kikuyu, not far away from the famous Alliance School,..' Now only if Njoroge had gone to Alliance and learnt something

Taabu said...

Chill folks its a Sunday and Njoroge Stan is having everybody worked up. In essense you are playing right nto the palms of the Kabete villeger exported to Nevada. Can't you see the only credit e attaches to his person is Nevada becoz he fears without that he is a neddle lost in haystack. His political touting warants no response and the best gift to him is to provide a bowl for his vomit. Urge him to spit all together with the intestines. Ati MP 2012? Kwani the intelligence of akina Kibugi Muite left school when they graduated? Stan lick the bottom man and show your post molars in shouting, never argue.

Anonymous said...

Njoroge can only be a an elected leader in Cp so let him as long as he does not transport that shit beyond 'lesotho' thats why we need MAJIMBO real quick. We need to contain that crapload in central.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

The crook Kifucky is sturbon.

chris said...

Thank you so much Phil,

Most of all for taking your valuable time (quality family time on Sunday) to take us here in this blog right to the centre of the negotiations on the ground. Even the live TV coverage in Kenya is not as incisive as what you have given us here.

Kudos brother on behalf of Kenyans scattered all over the world.

Those trying to aim unnecessary barbs at Phil are frustrated because their strategy to sell the ridiculous spin that the announcement of the cabinet has been delayed by ODM not handing in their list have been frustrated.

Let the truth prevail.

God bless Phil. God bless Kenya.


Anonymous said...

Someone said here just now that they will be MP in 2012?is that when pigs will fly?As is usual with Kenyans, our lax attitude towards serious matters at life makes the all important job of existence seem like child's play when in reality its life or death
vision 2012 is not open to clowns, fishmongers, pilferers, scoundrels,opium smokers or the stupid in general. if you're not prepared to move and change with the times please keep your delusions of grandeur to yourself and out of government-i also wanted to be a doctor when i was younger but now the closest i get to medicine is when i swallow panadol dry for a headache

ODM-apologetic said...

Forget about njoroge....he reminds me of the only man in central province --Martha Karua

Anonymous said...

Luke acha matusi you got a point but since when did fishmongering become a bad thing? Its a billion dollar business worldwide....and fish is good for your health in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

Phil, thanks for the updates and please keep 'em coming. I do pray and pray that ODM remains firm this time around. Enough with the concessions. PNU in-fighting is not ODM's problem and Kibaki should clean his house on his own. Nobody gives a crap whether Uhuru is in PNU coalition or not. Just name the cabinet and deal with the fallout later. It's called politics and Kibaki is proving his acuity is too low as a leader. Whatever happened to making incisive decisions as a leader?


Anonymous said...

like it or not the final cabinet decission will be Kibaki's, Raila should not be held captive by his ODM team who believe blackmail and making threats through the media will change anything otherwise as it is clearly stated in the coalition agreement they can then opt out of joining the coalition remain in parliament as the opposition and Kibaki will fill the remaining Cabnet positions with whom so ever he wishes. It would be wrong for anybody to believe that because of the Cabinet not being named IDP's can not return home it is not ODM or their supporters who are to decide whether they go home or not. The reason why they are going to go home is because it is the rightful HOME not because so and so is in Cabinet or not. If it is not their home then they will not return full stop nothing to do with Cabinet and political squabbles. As for the Cabinet wait and see Raila has no choice instead of running around and celebrating a document of no substance he should have bargained for a more substantial piece of legislation that clearly spelt out these issues, it seems that KIbaki new exactly what he was signing and Raila did not. Do you advocate the signing of contracts without looking at the small print would you show such laxity if it were a bussiness contract or pre-nup so why be so lax with such an important agreement, YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW

Anonymous said...





This is a joke.. i quote...

"We, the peace and democracy loving people of Kenya will use every peaceful and democratic means available to us to build the Kenya that so many have suffered and died for," the statement said.

"The swearing-in SHOULD NOT take place; we cannot allow the use of public offices to STEAL from Kenyans. WHO are the masters and WHO the servants?"

The International community should not allow this to happen.






Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Phil thanks for the updates.

Mrembo if we were to go back to the polls Kibaki would actually not be vying for his third term. Ama what can we describe as a term? He's been crazy president for 3 crazy months. Before going to the polls the current government would have to be nullified. We'd be going back to say end of 2007 and starting from there ama?

It would just be inconvenient and exhausting, not to mention the possibility of a humiliating loss without the option to rig. I'm assuming he would not attempt to rig again but you can never be too sure. These guys have something in their heads. And that humiliating loss is where Taabu might get his much needed laser guided heart attack.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been searching over the net for the latest news on the Cabinet fiasco. You see, I am not in Kenya but I don't go ahead and advertise where I am. To me that is seeking cheap attention. It's only concrete and focused reporting that will I.D you here. As for the chap from Nevada, lets send him to where he ignoring him. Phil, job well done and keep us locked.


P.S I don't know why some people when they have left Kenya think they can easily come back and get to parliament easily. Ask one Jonathan Mueke, a very good guy but was introduced into Kenyan politics with fire....he he, not very far from Kikuyu.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Kemmy greed happened to making incisive decisions. Greed for power and money. We do not have much of leaders any more. The good thing I see in all this fiasco is the chipping away bit by bit of this disease called impunity. The politicians are knowingly or unknowingly sharpening already sharp Kenyans and preparing their political graves for next elections. The time for careless leaders is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

Can someone pls wake anon 7:15 up
we are realy tired of this personal attacks on ODMers by PNuers. Why is it that know its ROA prob to make sure the the right legislation,.....blah blah. PANUAs as pa kawa.... Thinking they can 'legaly' screw kenyans and get away with it.
If you think that those threats are empty just ask Kifucky to try name the full cabinet....enough talk, put your money where your mouth is and lets see who is incharge. This is our country and whe shall bend the law change the law untill it serves us and relects ours aspirations. Like the only man in central said the law is an ass.......

Sir Alex

mike said...

Who is this talking crap and so called Njoroge from Nevada ????
He is talking so cheap! He looks like someone who just came straight from deep in his village to JKIA for a flight to New York-Nevada. I doubt highly if he is mailing from Nevada and if he is really called Njoroge. What a disgrace to kenyans to have such people like him!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sir alex like it or not that is the reality you can cry and scream all that you like where did it get you before, to where we are now is that a win maybe to you it is but to me it seems like a big LOSS. You can keep claiming that you have this and that behind you but in reality you do not unfortunatly your idle threats are no longer being listened to and neither are those of ODM like it or not that is the reality either Put up or S##t up bro

Anonymous said...

Sir alex like it or not that is the reality you can cry and scream all that you like where did it get you before, to where we are now is that a win maybe to you it is but to me it seems like a big LOSS. You can keep claiming that you have this and that behind you but in reality you do not unfortunatly your idle threats are no longer being listened to and neither are those of ODM like it or not that is the reality either Put up or S##t up bro

Anonymous said...

PUT YOUR MONEy where your mouth is! Its that simple.
We are waiting its you move...anon 8:03

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That is my point the chips are stacked the cards have been dealt and am sorry you lose, and for your info I do put my money where my mouth is that is why I will continue to work here in Kenya continue to invest and not be sidelined by idle threats of this and that the election campain finished on 30/12/07 either move on or continue to languish in the past what is done is done you can not change that but nobody is stoping you from wasting your time and energy prophesing this and that scenerio until the next time, but do not be fooled the more you believe things change the more they stay the same baba

Anonymous said...

8.24 is in answer to sir alex

Anonymous said...

Anon 8: 24
All we are asking is for kifucky to use he saw called legal powers to name the full cabinet by himself don't dodge the issue here.....the thief can't and wouldn't dare its going to be a 50/50 split or chaos. Your persnal investments is irrelevant. we can't prov that on the blog but you can put a call to kifucky and remind him of his powers and we shall see my reaction that is provable. lets get to work.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Sir alex he has already named a legal cabinet and it is a lean one of 17 so what is your problem we can continue to work how we have been for the last 4 months. In case you did not know Ministers do not run ministries but it is actually the PS's they are tha accounting officers so ODM has a simple choice take what you are given or don't if you don't then walk away from the coalition and become the opposition, and am sure they will be a vibrant one, but the question is will ODM hold together if they are in opposition or will it fragment. if it is based on a common ideology and ideal then it will if not and it is just a vehicle to fulfil a purpose which was to get into parliament and government then I think not, which is why they need to incorporated in Government and they are bargaining from a weak position. Pole baba that is the way it is !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Below is the final list of 40 ministries compiled by the President after extensive consultations with Hon. Raila Odinga:


1. Local Government
2. Foreign Affairs
3. Finance
4. Justice and Constitutional
5. Nairobi Metropolitan Development
6. Transport
7. Information and Communications
8. Energy
9. Environment and Mineral resources
10. Trade
11. Livestock Development
12. Defence
13. Internal Security and Provincial Administration
14. Home affairs
15. Special Programmes
16. Housing
17. Women and Children Development
18. Education
19. Labour
20. Public Health and Sanitation


1. Immigration and Registration of persons
2. East African Community
3. Planning and Vision 2030
4. Public Service
5. Regional Development Authorities
6. Roads
7. Public Works
8. Water and Irrigation
9. Lands
10. Tourism
11. Agriculture
12. Fisheries Development
13. Industrialization
14. Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid lands
15. Medical services
16. National Heritage and Culture
17. Youth and Sports
18. Higher Education, Science and Technology
19. Cooperative Development
20. Forestry and Wildlife

Sir alex the more things change.....

Anonymous said...

Now we will see who is a true ODM'er or not those that support the ideals and beliefs of the movement will refuse to take up a position in this cabinet and maybe live to fight another day but I don't hold my breath, the more things change.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 8;52
You haven't a clue. . . . . .There shall be an cabinet with ODM or else chaos, how many times do i have to say that.....its not that ODM supporters want ODM mps to get ministerial positions, they want representation at the highest level until they are satified any peace you now enjoy is temporay.
Just watch the space don't blink you just might miss you investments go up in smoke.
Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex, As I said your threats no longer carry any weight you and which army a cyber one get a grip on reality baba your war is your own take what you are given or do not nobody is forcing you to take it in fact I think the true heros will be those that don't and stand on principle but did we see that when MP's were being sworn in and had to swear allegance to the President no what we saw was a lot of noise and then reality sunk in and they did as they were told, did we see that when people were voting in the Mayoral elections no alot of noise and meetings of so called solidarity which all disappeared in that cloud of smoke. So really what you are saying may sound brave and big but it is not the reality continue to wage your cyber war but I suggest you check into reality once in a while just to know what is going on Pole baba

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, Kenya doens't need a bloated cabinet. Has anybody carefully scrutinized the list put out by one sick Mutua on his web site? Most of those ministries are not neccessary. Secondly, Kibaki is a fox. He is one man who says one thing and does the opposite the next minute. he can't be trusted and ODM must be real careful when dealing with him. One thing that Kibaki is failing to understand as he clings to power forcefully is that Kenyans have not forgiven him for stealing last year's election in broad daylight. He is not the people's president but rather a thief who is occupying the presidency illegally. Kenyans are still bitter and the only way tempers will cool down is if Kibaki shares power with ODM, and I mean real power sharing. Finally, shame on PNU people who keep making noise about having a clean cabinet. Let's be realistic. How many people in the current cabinet are clean?

Anonymous said...

I have had this same arguement over and over from all PNUers . It can't be something u reasoned logically its a mantra passed down the ranks to be repeated .....I guess your so desperate to reduce every kenyan to a selfish person so that we all look a like since your kifucky was caught with his fingers in the coockie jar and that is your definition of reality. Sorry My ANON. But kenyans can see through that we are also greedy way too greedy to see you guys steal from us..... The number of peopl who has simply paused waiting for direction will shock u. don't even talk about councilors ask any kenyan to name thier local councilor the haven't a clue. what people are fighting is the possibilty that one martha karua as misniter of water may influnce development in some remote part of western cause they did not vote pNU. that has not been settled don't mistake the apprent silence to mean compliance when our patience runs out with the ODM principal leaders the odinary mwanaacnhi acting independently is what you have to watch for. RAO n Ruto are just the face of it they don't control it.
just remember kenyans have tried everthing else for 45 yrs, there is nowhere to go. This hill must be climbed at whatever cost. only arrogance can prevent one from seeing this.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

These "leaders" need to stop taking Kenyans for a ride. What the hell? Why are they lying to us all the time? ODM had better not be planning to make any more concessions. Let PNU deal with its own issues. We don't care how they handle it, all we want is a cabinet so we can move to the next agenda: constitutional reforms. Although with all the bickering and ish that's going on between ODM and PNU, I doubt any progress will ever be made.

-Pissed off Kemmy

Anonymous said...

Stole what election fact is that he is the president like it or not if the evidence is there produce it, if not that is a tired argument even Idi Amin believed he was the Kind of Scotland so anybody is free to believe what they want but reality is what you chose not to believe in so I am saying put up or sh.t up You and what army pole baba game is over live with it you tried but you lost with all your stole the election, executive PM, ceremonial president, elections after 2 years how many of your dreams have come to pass none so i beg join the realm of reality it may hurt but you got to deal with t

Chicity said...


Thanks for the update and your detailed analysis.

Note to self: Don't bother responding to or engaging the man from Kabete/near Alliance/Nevada (that must be his greatest and only accomplishment in life). It is a complete and utter waste of your time and intellect.


Anonymous said...

Gr8est accomplishment Chicity, Alliance alumni will disown him after reading his comments...He reasons like one who schooled in Ruiru High school....Njoro si kwa ubaya your resoning betrays the prestigious Alliance High School


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