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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Who Is President Kibaki’s Boss?

Grand Coalition Government Will NOT Be Announced On Sunday After All

Will The Real Duly Elected President Of Kenya Please Stand Up

It is unacceptable that as we enter the second quarter of 2008, I am writing this post.

The latest news is that even the bloated 40 member-cabinet will not be named tomorrow after all. Signs that all was not well emerged on Friday when the government spokesman Dr Alfred Mutua released a list of the proposed cabinet and the way they were going to be shared out between ODM and PNU.

It immediately became clear that President Kibaki had changed his mind after his breakthrough meeting with Raila Odinga, just the previous day. In fact my mind immediately went back to the widely circulated version of what had transpired at the Kibaki/Raila meeting. It is said that President Kibaki had reduced his earlier demand of cabinet poirtfolios from 44 to 40 expecting Raila to still protest but to his surprise, the ODM leader quickly conceded (for the sake of moving the process forward) and that caught the president unwares. He mumbled something about consultation and Raila is said to have asked him if he had other bosses above him. The two men then quickly concluded all details concerning the grand coalition cabinet including how they were going to share out ministries. In my view this list still greatly favoured PNU. (see ODM version of the agreed upon portfolio balance).

However it appears that when Kibaki consulted his bosses at PNU, they quickly rubbished the agreement he had had made with Raila necessitating the statement by Dr Alfred Mutua, this time presenting a brand new list approved by Kibaki’s bosses.

This latest antics from the handful of people who have held the country at ransom since last December provoked great anger in the ODM camp and Raila’s spokesman Salim Lone speaking on behalf of the ODM leader quite rightly pointed out that ODM had conceded a lot to get the country to where it was currently and there was NO way he was going to concede any more.

A government statement a short while ago now says that Raila Odinga and President Kibaki are due to have a meeting tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 10:00. Which makes the President’s remarks at a passing out parade at GSU headquarters on Friday take on a whole new meaning. The president said that the cabinet would be announced on Sunday afternoon. He emphasized Sunday afternoon. Could it be that after the meeting in the morning, the new cabinet will be announced tomorrow afternoon?

I posed this question to some knowledgeable insiders and they insist that it is doubtful. The point to the fact that the bridge to be crossed between the cabinet list prepared by Kibaki’s bosses and ODM’s position is very wide indeed. Besides whatever Raila and Kibaki discuss tomorrow morning will still have to be ratified by President Kibaki’s bosses later in the day.

Which leads us to the million shilling question; who is President Kibaki’s boss(es)?

There was a time when it was widely believed to be...

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Anonymous said...

Is mutua forming cabinet through the media?

Anonymous said...

sorry guys, but kibaki has to be physically removed from presidency for any meaningful change to happen in kenya. the man is an "ass-tute" conman with no equal.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Who names a cabinet on a Sunday afternoon? Why the peculiar timing?

And even if it's named, bad blood is just to much between the leaders. They just cant work together those people.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kenyans,
I am sick and tired of spoon feeding this old man aka Kibaki! For how long shall we tax payers bend to his whims and those of his corrupt lot?
First they steal our democratic right and elected Presidency, then they visit terror on our provinces, districts, divisions, locations, sublocations, villages and even to us individually! Yet they seem to be interested in adding more problems to the poor and suffering Kenyans! For how long shall Kibs keep on sitting on the fence and changing his mind as if he is deputising for someone else? How could we be so unlucky to hand over rigns of power to him and his cabal or should I call them a park of corrupt hyenas? Is it not time for them to let the sick and ailing Kenya recover from their looting and insatiable appetite for power and even more power!
I think to say that enough is enough would be a great understatement. ODM must not give an inch to this greedy lot. Let us take Ruto's advise. If PNU can honour portifolio balance, then call a fresh elections! Let the people decide! These PNU guys can not be relied on to filfill their part of the bargain!
Why should ODM negotiate with PNU ministers whose positions ODM is targeting? It is time ODM moved on and called for end to this ubsurdity and travesty!
Phew... am tired even before this governement is formed!

Anonymous said...

Correction to the above post. I missed a word in my sentenced that read'If PNU can honour portifolio balance, then call a fresh elections.' It should have NOT in it and should read 'If PNU can NOT honour portifolio balance, then call a fresh elections.'
AND who is Mutua to contradict the Duely erected president?'
I wonder is there some relationship between Alfie Mutua and Ezekiel Mutua (obviously other than the obvious demographic)? They both tend to have oral diarrhoea that are difficult to control! Both are very embassing to our society. They and Muthaura need to go home for the sake of senity to prevail in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

wanjiku unlimited i would like to disagree with you on the idea that the two leaders have bad blood between them because I think that is lame. considering the fact that have 'tried' to agree on certain things before, even though the record shows that they have backtrack on their words we can still give them the benefit of doubt on that.

It is becoming more obvious that there is no such thing as bad blood between MK and RAO.However, the mother all wonders remains the mystery to the answer of Kumekucha's question of "who are the boss(es) of President Mwai Kibaki?"

I am willing to sleep over this question for as long as it will take because it holds the key to unlocking this stupid "stalemate".

Fellow kenyans i therefore beseech you to join me in this long sojourn of pondering over who is MK's boss.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

overthrow this illegal PNU regime

Anonymous said...

hey i heard the same on ground- deputy prime ministers position as per thursday when th etwo leader met was to go to Uhuru Kenyatta after passing the local government docket to odm!!Martha Karua and her cronies have said no!!it is hers and they are not moving!! so they scuttled kibaki's well laid plans!! the fight is between kiambu and nyeri mafia really htis people do not trust each other as much as they would like to show kenyans that they are together-

Anonymous said...

wewe chris wacha zako! who said cabinets can't be named even at night?even new year only begins at 12 pm midnight the previous day!
the naming of a new cabinet which will pretty much be simiar to the old cabinet except with more of the same lesser individuals can and will be done at the President's behest-so said Govt. spokesperson
Please,let us enjoy the ride-deroo was off to the pub-i am off to play Golf reading my IPO prospectus-kazi iendelee

Anonymous said...

kibaki should come out and name the deputy pm we all know Mudavadi is for ODM- i think that is the key issue-


this is the fight on the ground i hear!! kibaki yes indeed as per by thursday it had been confirmed uhuru was the one- but things went down in PNU from then on!!

changing the ministerial dockets were done by karua and cronies i understand so let us see what KIBAKI WILL DO!! IF HE CAN'T TAKE CHARGE THEY HE SHOULD LEAVE THE KITCHEN!!!
kenyans are sick and tired of this childish games- the old man is too old or senile now!! can't even control martha karua?? what a shame!!

Anonymous said...

people !!take a guess?? uhuru or karua for deputy pm???

or an unknown pnu? MP??
since both Uhuru and martha won't let go??

tnk said...

we dont care what the problem is

name the minsitries and portfolios then allocate to ODM and PNU in a manner consistent with the peace accord as entrenched in the constitution for this transitory state, i.e real power sharing to reflect parliamentary strength. THat is step 1

step 2 is each party to fill its slots.

step 3 each party may make recommendations to make changes to their sides of the cabinet.

we dont care the uhuru, saitoti, karua, kiraitu or whatever power games, thats there problem. they should have thought of that when entering into their coalition, its not a kenyan problem.

Anonymous said...

kibaki should just pack his things and go home to othaya....he's not doing anybody any favours!! the man lost elections and he still wants to bring kichwa ngumu!!

dont be fooled chris, kibaki is just a conman who pretends he cant even think for himself, so that we can pass the blame to his 'out-of-touch-with-reality' advisors karua, michuki, kimunya and lucy!! what a foolish lot!!

i dont know how this cabinet will work!! honestly can we just go back to elections!!

Abass said...

Chris, I don't wanna believe he has any bosses. I will always blame him ONLY, not Martha, not Uhuru, not Michuki. Why can't we blame him? Why is it that we want to look for excuses for him whenever something goes wrong? He is the one I will blame for every life lost and property destroyed. It would seem that even if we see Kibaki with a gun a shooting protesters, we will still say 'no, it ain't him. It must be Michuki, Karua etc'.

Anonymous said...

fully agree with mrembo and abass

time to off with this bumbling buffoon

Anonymous said...

compare idi amin and kibaki, and amazingly idi amin begins to look very smart.

Anonymous said...

I find this attitude of shifting blame to peripheral people unconvincing. Kibaki has the responsibility to make sure PNU toe the line or else... fire them or he should retire. Kibaki is simply a cunning man and we all seem to ignore that character in him. If my memory serves me well, Kibaki has a history of cunningness, the funding of KICC building when he was finance minster and Kanu official, the wafer-thin election victory over Jael Mbogo(?) in Bahati(?) in 1963, the MoU in 2002...etct. Sorry, I can't excuse him. The boss(es) of Kibaki is Kibaki himself. I beg you please don't look beyond the man.

Taabu said...

Tone down folks, vultures never leave till the last feather is devoured. The Kenyan carcasss is down and why not complete the job and clean the mess?

First steal the election and then keep it, simple. If pushed shake but don't move. The deal was signed not to be honoured. When Ciku speaks of bad blood that is what she means. So bad that the two parties are not only estranged but divorced before marriage.

All the scapegoating on Karua-Uhuru-Saitoti-Kiraitu are smokescreens to blind us from the fraud. The buck stops with the JANJAWEED PRESIDENT Kibaki, period.

Chicity said...

It's time for some drastic measures because the desperate times call for such. When will this end?

Didn't Kibaki authoritatively state that he is the "dury erected President"? If that's still the case then he should crack the whip and exercise the imperial powers he's holding onto to get his brats in line. How is Karua or whoever going to rubbish a list and reassign Ministries because she didn't get the PM post??? Has Kenya become her kitchen where she assigns duties to her domestic staff???

PNU's domestic problems should not hold the country hostage any further. They failed to anticipate that the helter skelter rush to form coalitions - ostensibly to consolidate his illegal claim to the Presidency was going to be costly. Now that things aren't working out, he needs to trash those agreements as he normally does and let Kenya move forward. Enough already!

I have this fantasy that he will soon be so overwhelmed that he will dissolve the cabinet, revoke all appointments then resign. Yes that will leave a power vacuum but, the Speaker is third in line. He can reorganize things while the real winner is sworn in or order fresh elections. Alternatively, a massive heart attack or aneurysm should find its way into the necessary body or bodies! Given Kenya's luck, none of the above will happen and this disorganized circus will continue. Sigh!!

Taabu said...

Why is DEATH so unfair on young Samuel Ndindiri why skirting the right candidate? Makes you wonder where is a LASER-GUIDED heart attack when you need one delivered to the right body.

Mrembo please spare your energy for choir ya Sunday instead of engaging people blogging from pubs.

Anonymous said...

taabu are you calling the 'president of the republic of kenya' a 'janjaweed president'? hahahaha

i hope u dont face the wrath of some bloggers here.....i called him a mungiki president and some people did not like it!!

chicity, sadly the heart attacks fantasy doesnt seem to be materializing!! i know coz some bloggers were asking for it(a massive heart attack) since february....we all know how one(not many) just one, is needed right now....if u ask me that's the only thing that would work!!

Anonymous said...

taabu heh!! kumbe you are around, i see u are asking for me am conserving the little energy i have left.....huko nilitoka!!

i remember you asking for the attacks in feb...i see we are back to that again.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans let`s be be truthful.



Anonymous said...

anon 5.09 surely!! arent you being a bit too much?

i thought it was kibaki and his clique who stole the elections...what did kikuyus have to do with anything?

ei...hiyo yako hapana!! nimekataa!!

just remove the root of our current problem.....the thief-in-chief......and all these problems will disappear!!

Mkenya Damu said...

Please provide link for chat room iam so hot right now , iam breathing fire amidst war cries

Anonymous said...

so mkenya, did you get the link?

Anonymous said...

Upon Kenyatta’s death in 1978, a new partnership of President and Vice President and Minister for Home Affairs, was born. Enter the Moi- Kibaki RELATIONSHIP- UNTIL TODAY!WHY DO YOU THINK MOI BACKED KIBAKI DURING THE ELETIONS(IT IS CALLED HSITORY OF CRIMES SHARED!!

It was under the watch of Mwai Kibaki at Home Affairs & Internal Security that the police began the worst forms of civilian harassment of government critics. University student and faculty staff were arbitrarily arrested, tortured, detained without trial, and even jailed under flimsy and outrageous charges. Politicians like Raila Odinga and Koigi Wamwere were not spared from the spree of detentions without trial. Many critics fled the country.

2002 elections paved way for another new conspiracy between President and Minister of Internal Security. This time, President Kibaki and Christopher Murungaru assumed new roles over the police and state machinery.

Not hindered by Kibaki’s campaign pledge to respect human rights, another wave of police brutality, civilian murders by police and political assassinations arrived.


Police clobbered civilian demonstrators senseless, shot and killed defenseless demonstrators including fleeing children who were shot in the back. This also became the era of revival of the assassination industry. Allegedly, the conspiracy oversaw the execution of the murder of a prominent expert on political devolution, the late Dr. Chrispin Mbai. Police cover-up of the assassination was so shoddy that a local newspaper was able to trail the hired assassin in Tanzania.

On human rights violations, the Kibaki-Michuki duo proved to be the most lethal combination ever, which brought civilian suffering and bloodshed in extraordinary terms


Anonymous said...

PEOPLE I FOUND THIS POST ON JUKWAA AND IT SHOCKED ME AND TURNED ME the threat on Ruto's life. ones the good think is Kenyans blend in so easily you will never know who is in place watching and immediately but they say if they strike ruto ten they will strike this individuals and their loved ones! tit for tat ?? i feel sorry for kibaki and akina karua and their families!! in kenya or abroad they say they will strike!! so i guess the circle won't stop!! just like Ruto they are all living with one leg in the grave!!!

READ ON-someone who thinks kenyans are fools!!

I am continuously amazed at this fear mongering that the death of a person would turn this country into a Rwanda or whatever. Any consequential riots out of a Ruto death would not go beyond a couple of days before it all ends up with more people dead that should not have died......on either side.

It is a known fact that Ruto organised and funded the murders of Eldoret in the company of others and it does not need the government to kill him. There are many people he has wronged, people who lost their livelihoods and relatives on his account, and if he were to be killed, it would perhaps be as a reaction to Kibaki and his government not doing anything to bring him to book. It would be like a civilian reaction to government inaction.

So is Ruto a dead man walking? Time will tell.

chris said...

Mkenya Damu,

The link to the chat room is there. It will help if you use Mozilla Forefox as your browser. Not only will be able to see the link to the chat room, but it will also be much more stable and easier to access.

Anonymous said...

ahh! what the hell if they are routing to finish Ruto- he will die a Hero - but i pity the group that \i here is the master mind of the said plot- even karua will lose her family i hear even if they are abroad they will strike!! what is the Point??? will this people give their families 24 hour security for life? why walk around knowing that for you and your entire family death is at the door??
I do not pity them one bit after all that is how Ruto is feeling now!!I'm glad he has die hard followers who will avenge if anything happens to him!!! people forget this is not the 60's or 70's(J.M Karuiki, Ouko and others!!times have changed with the people!! or even before elections with what happened during and after last years elections Kenyans have changed- they are ready to do anything!! just like mt. kenya mafia mungiki gang-Im sure they have everything in place to counter that!! but a more sophisticated approach!!watching and waiting now i guess-
it would be foolish of kibaki and his cronies to assassinate Ruto!! I don't think Kibaki would see the 10th government in place neither his cronies in PNU!! greed can destroy the best laid out plans!

Anonymous said...

kumekucha did you change the the chat room logon that we registered when you introduced it??? I can't seem to get on - though I haven't tried for a while?? maybe may password is wrong?

Anonymous said...

mutua is now calling the shots over RAO.

eti talks have been dragging on and he is waiting a list from ODM.

RAO should pull ODM out of this shit coalition without any further delay, today.

let kenyans deal with this illegit gava

Anonymous said...

hey guys asking about the chat room,

i discovered that if you use the mozilla firefox browser the userplane chatroom logon appears on the right side at the bottom of the announcements.

however, if you use internet explorer the logon box appears at the very bottom of the page.....past all the previous stories.

you can use any user name and password when you get there- i dont think registration is not necessary.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Anon 2.17 nobody's comments here are lame or disabled or walking or anything. They're just well......comments. Opinions. Before trashing anybody’s opinions as lame, make sure yours are walking.

Chris don't be mistaken by the plastic smiles and handshakes between Kibaki and Raila. Kibaki is a snake to the core. And nobody you see making noise can get up and make noise that Kibaki does not know about. The Muthaura's and other mouth pieces have his approval to say what they say in public.

So Chris Kibaki has no bosses. That's the real guy you're seeing. Going the Kibaki has bosses way is just maybe to safeguarding his legacy. When the history books are finally written, we do not want to read that Kibaki’s faceless bosses this Kibaki’s faceless bosses that. We shall want the read about real culprits who messed up the country. Kibaki is not called a president for nothing- executive or otherwise. This cronies and hardliners business is just hog wash. If presidents are to be controlled by cronies and hardliners and kitchen cabinets, then any fool can vie for the seat. Just get sworn in, sit back and let the cronies run the country.

I agree though that there’s so much going on behind he scenes. Stuff that we many never know about. And it’s strange that people are sort of beginning to forget who stole the votes.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

I can bet my little finger Kibaki on his part did no sign the accord PURELY out of goodwill for this country. If he had any goodwill he would not have stolen the elections so blatantly in the first placed. He signed the accord because he wanted an end to the fighting like everyone else. But that’s as far as his similarities with everyone go. He wanted peace because of MONEY. Not for the good of Kenyans as we can obviously see. The atmosphere then was really really bad for the Safaricom IPO to take place. And who knows how many other silent cash deals were pending? Safaricom was just the public one. He and his so called cronies needed the cash badly. Tourism had nosedived, farming was headed to the dogs, tax payment was starting to get affected. Salaries for Civil servants were nowhere in sight. Etc etc.

Now the IPO is underway and some other deals that are yet to be discovered, why can’t he go back to his politically wayward ways? It’s all about money. The rest are sideshows.

Border Post One (BPONE) see you at Domo. We need to brainstorm and know who will bell the cat. And find out if indeed Kibaki has bosses.

Anonymous said...

Foreing Depository Banks are Kibaki and Raila`s Bosses, while Kenyans continue to starve to death.

We should ask ourselves how much money Saitoti, Wako, Kosgey and Moi and their cronies are hiding in UK and other western countries at the expense of Tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Kenya does not need 40 Ministers and 80 assistant ministers.

Who will be paying them?

Are we first world or a developing country?. What`s our GDP as compared to the developed world?

Our ministers earn three fold the salary of western countries. Who pays them?

Is that the reason we have no electricity, water, good roads and health care.


Anonymous said...

seriously anon 3.29 umesema!!

and yes.... that's the reason we dont have all those things....our 'leaders' have never looked out for the interests of the ordinary folks!

i also believe kenya needs a revolution, and i think we can start one right here on kumekucha. there's nothing stopping us, right?

Taabu said...

Ciku DARE you bet your last finger on a scoundrel?

Chicity said...

Anon @ 3:29/Mrembo - Ditto. And yet people proudly proclaim that there was lots of development in the last 5 years and kazi iendelee! If all the resources were adequately directed, Kenyans ALL over would have each of those resources and more!

Anonymous said...

Mrembo i agree 100%,kenyan need a revolution PANU/ODM will not chang kenya or kenyan kazi itaendelea.only a revolution will change kenya,for good or bad.only a revolution will make 2030 real.

Mkenya Damu said...

thanks chris

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