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Monday, March 03, 2008

Vicious Power Struggle Begins In Kenya

Is Kalonzo about to lose the vice presidency?

The leadership qualities of one Kalonzo Musyoka were clearly visible for all to see this last Saturday in Ukambani. If you are still of the old school and believe that a strong leader is one who hires people to jeer and intimidate an opponent and perceived threat to yourself at the funeral of her mother, then Kalonzo is quite a brilliant leader.

Actually what we are now seeing are just the initial signs of a vicious power struggle that is beginning to unfold in Kenya between the old school politicians and the new emerging generation of political leaders.

But let me start at the beginning.

On Saturday the political action in Ukambani was at the funeral of the late mother of the MP for Kathiani, Wavinya Ndeti. Before I go any further, let me tell; you a little about this gallant woman (who also happens to be a drop dead beauty “supu” at the age of 39.) I will post an appropriate photograph the moment I get it).

Wavinya managed to beat a very strong field of men to make history as the first woman to win a parliamentary seat in the history of Machakos district. That field of opponents was led by the immediate former MP Kyalo Kaindi who poured money like there was no tomorrow. Just to illustrate to you how things are changing in Kenya; money usually works miracles in Kathiani constituency. But this time, the people took the money and voted differently. All signs are that in Wavinya we are witnessing the emergence of another Charity Ngilu (just remember that you read it first in Kumekucha long before it came to pass). Incidentally Wavinya is a Kamba word that means “the one of power” or “the strong one.”

So back to my story. Hon Wavinya Ndeti was in mourning for her dear beloved late mother and deserved a quiet funeral to bury the woman who brought her to this world. But there was no way that VP Kalonzo Musyoka would allow that to happen. Busloads of people were hired mainly from the Kibwezi area and they arrived at the funeral having been carefully briefed on what to do. Before the graveside service was even done, the onslaught began. It was all kicked off by one of the main financiers of Kalonzo’s presidential campaign...

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Phil said...

As I have always said, Kalonzo Musyoka is NOT presidential material, but I will defend and uphold his right to seek whatever elective office he thinks he can achieve. I agree, his purported control of Kambaland politically is the biggest MYTH since Kibaki won the presidential elections.

The most important issue here is how Kibaki himself will manage his twilight term. He already started on the wrong footing by appointing Kalonzo as his VP. Kalonzo is simply the wrong choice.

Does it matter what happens to the likes of Ndile, Kibwana and Katuku who obviously lost their parliamentary seats because of supporting Kibaki? Yes it does. These are grassroot leaders in Kambaland.

Whereas Kenyatta and Moi were the old order politicians who deeply entrenched tribalism in political power and economic development, Kibaki has now a perfect chance to emerge as a statesman in his last 2 year term as president. (NB, general elections are due in 2010).

He must also stop this irritating habit of sitting on the fence in matters of national importance. He should also completely ignore ex-President MOI who obviously misled him in the last elections.

Although he can publicly avoid naming his successor, he can indirectly do so by appointing an NON-GEMA individual who possesses presidential material qualities as VP. Non GEMA because I do not believe Kenyans are ready for a GEMA president for the foreseeable future. Presidential material qualities are clearly lacking in his current VP Kalonzo who also happens to be his constitutional successor.

As a matter of priority, Kibaki can also facilitate comprehensive reforms and come up with a constitution that will satisfy all Kenyans as opposed to serving the narrow needs of a few tribes or individuals like he attempted to do in 2005.

Otherwise, if the succession issue is mishandled, Kenyans will ultimately end up the victims, while Kibaki will soil his won legacy.

Anonymous said...


Kalonzo is not a leader. We the people of Mwingi North, especially those who know him proper, are a disappointed lot. We have absolutely nothing to gain from his veepship. As i have said before, being VP is an end in itself, according to him. He can finally boast to his detractors as to who is boss. We are not surprised by the tactics he is using...even at funerals?!! This is a pale shadow of what he has even done to some of his opponents. Remember his stock answer when taken to task on his development record?...."..i was never president...!". And since it seems he will never be...we are doomed....

Musyoka Mwinzi

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo has come across as a big fraudster..the man cannot be trusted...he goes around using the NAME OF achieve poltical ambition....he defrauded ODM twice and lost out twice !!!!.. he is the ALL TALK and NO ACTION type .....he doesnt have solid roots and rushes wherever the WIND BLOWS in this case the ODM gusts are more like a tsunami-confused kalonzo has no idea what hit him when the DEAL was signed!

Wavinya needs to put her money where her beauty is.....politics especially in KENYA is a different kind of battle!

Anonymous said...

Could somebody throw some light on kalembe's supposed insight on the Vice Presidency. I too was of the opinion that since posts will be proportional, based on their 'stake', and since PNU will have one of the Vice Prime Ministers posts, then ODM should have the Vice Presidency - to balance off. Any informed comments?

Anonymous said...

I just overhead from a kamba man, the day after the peace deal was signed....Kalonzo mimi hanisaidi, hata akitolewa shauri yake....haleti ugali pande ya kwangu.....Goodness si kiswahili is hard


Anonymous said...

Kibaki has a second chance to read the mood of the country and remove the hard-liners and Kalonzo from ministerial positions. This is the only way he can regain credibility.

Steve said...

Chris, now the posturing and infighting will begin. The shakedown is necessary and welcome.

On a separate note,

"The American Government will provide Sh1.75b ($25million) to help the reconstruction process. In Kibera, the rebuilding of Toi Market has started. Traders who had fled the area are returning."

IMO there should be quick, effective and measureable change in the living conditions of the ultrapoor and before anything else. The IDP situation will take time to resolve but where infrastructure has been damagaed or destryed, the ROI can be very effective.

Rebuilding of the Toi market is a very good start. Aside from the politics, can I request that you engage your readers with discussions on any immediate 'ICU situations' that are being ameliorated (or ignored). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

my goodness chris!!....either we are totally reading from the same script or you have telepathic detectors installed on this site so that you can read your readers' thoughts!!

i have said the same exact and elsewhere......that since odm gets the premier blah blah blah, pnu gets the president blah blah is only logical that since pnu are bringing in a deputy premier odm must also 'supply' a vp that way both camps can monitor both the functions of the state and government (that way the 50/50 concept comes in and makes political sense).

of course, my opinion is based on speculation, seeing that i have no evidence nor am i privy to james orengo leakage (kalembe ndile style) but if anybody reads that agreement taking into account odm demands during the mediation process, that is exactly what that document says!!

i dont know much about kalonzo but if he has any sense in that head of his....he should quickly tender his resignation before he is dropped off!! infact if i were him i would run to be the official leader of the opposition...i hear you get paid more for that post than ordinary mps!! hehehehe!!

seriously, he should consider this position and must learn to get with the programme...and see for himself what the electorate is saying!! i wish he had the gift of 'prophetic wisdom' rather than this 'miracle' nonsense of his-anajiaibisha!!

i am also inclined to believe that during that whole mediation process...odm must also have wanted to teach the guy a lesson...its what anybody would do and seeing that the mediation was 'successful'...the one thing am certain of, is that they must have pushed for the death of the guy's political career... he should accept it sooner rather than later!!

one thing that would really puzzle me is if kibaki decided to keep him on...why on earth would he want to do that? to reward him for bringing on board 16 mps mostly from his backyard? (shows how he lacks national backing!!)

kibaki knows as everybody else does, that kalonzo has no value to him any longer....he also knows kalonzo's career is finished, and finally kibaki also knows that this coalition deal is the last chance he has to exercise any semblance of exective authority over this country....he knows!!...if i were kibaki i would distance myself far away from that looser.

moreover, the guy proved to all and sundry that he does not subscribe to any 'democratic' school of thought...that's why his camp was so adamant in having wrong results declared!! he killed his career right there and then!! he has also shown how dishonest and petty he can be...screwing maanzo and julia ojiambo....appointing councillors...that had not been agreed upon....aiii...surely!! even miracles cannot help!!

honestly, for him there is no where to go but down-to the pits of political hell...where he belongs!! remember mutula kilonzo said during the negotiations that this deal would not make some people happy...methinks he was talking about his comrade!!

i hate to admit it but i think that alfred mutua was right (it is so painful!! to agree with mutua) in his statement(in his capacity as government spokesman of course, not pnu marionette) that the government will not share power with loosers!!

so, bye-bye kalonzo (looser!)

Anonymous said...

I think Kibaki will idealy do way with ODM-K and Mutua as well. PNU has ODM smart team and he doesn`t need ODM at all. However, he has a problem with number that ODM-K adds to power sharing ratio.

I would suggest that Kalonzo be official opposition leader. No I am afraid he can be easly bought.

This man has nowhere in parliament or cabinet. He is surely irrelevant.

Where is Dr.Mutua can someone update me.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad to read what transpired to Mp Wavinya Ndeti! Anyone who has lossed a close relative will tell you that funerals can be very trying times! You are thinking of not seeing your relative again and the pains and sense of loss!
But to sit there and see politicians comdemn you during your mother's funeral is beyond explaining! How dare are these councillors! How low can the likes of kalonzo stoop to show their might!
to say that i am disappointed is an understatement! We attend funerals to console the bereaved and not to mock them!
I would suggest that politician should not be allowed to 'greet' teh congregation! It is a funeral for God's sake. Please leave the bereaved alone if you have any problem with them wait for the appropriate time to sort it out not when they are most vaulnarable! That is animalistic instint not human!
Kalonxo and his cronies Muthamia and co shame on you!
Kalonzo lost his mother recently but none took the opportunity to tell him that he is a traitor! They all went to console him at his times of sorrow! Why not recipricate that to Wavinyaat her time of sorrow too?
Poor Wavinya! God will console you!

Anonymous said...

Our brothers and sisters from the Kamba community should give Charity Ngilu a chance.

She is a seasoned politician who has shown her knowledge of the political arena. If one carefully observes, you will notice that she is always manouvres herself to the winning side while still maintaining her principles. But anyway......

Anonymous said...

For those of you who were there when Kenyatta chose Moi as his VP, you will remember statements like "passing cloud" That cloud took 24 years to pass. But then, most of those who supported that statement were dead and buried (literally (Mbiyu Koinange etc) or politically (Njonjo etc)). DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE MUSYOKA. For one Kikuyus know that they will not have any chance if they put one of their own in the next presidential race. So they will support one whom they think is weak enough to be remote-controlled, but also whose ethnic community is not Kikuyu-phobic. Akina Uhuru will keep close by (the way Njonjo and Kariuki kept close to Moi) and hope to take over at an opportune time. But history could repeat itself and Musyoka could have the last laugh. He will need to be quiet and even look foolish and harmless as he bids his time. If he becomes loud-mouthed and try fighting back, akina Raila will not allow him any space and he will end up ruined.
Musyoka is not an overly bad Kenyan. All he needs is to lie low like an envelop and let the Kikuyus fight for him-I thought he was a student of Moi. He should revise his notes.

Kalonzo fan

fave of BG said...

Now Phil,
This quote from the otherwise great piece leaves me wondering...
'...while Kibaki will soil his own legacy..'.
Tell me Phil, how much more can he soil his own legacy than he has already done.
Let me tell you that even weapon grade bleach can not remove the stain upon his (Kibaki's) legacy. He remains a murderer and a tinpot dictator. I unashamedly call him so. And he makes me wonder where heart attacks and strokes, massive organ failure are when a nation so needs them. But as I say the good die young, go figure.
Kibaki's rule with it is fake 'economic' growth is and will be remembered at the most tribal leaning, corrupt and arrogant that this nation has ever seen. Kibaki, makes people miss Daniel Moi and that is saying something. His economic growth is a product of some fuzzy math. More Kenyans are poorer under him than Under the worst Moi years. Food, Fuel, and medical care are more expensive than ever. Do not blame energy prices, the increases are way beyond energy and inflation. I won't go on
Anyway you had a great post then you messed it with the last 6 words!

Kenyan Pundit said...

A friend of mine called me on Saturday morning and told me that in a talk show the previous night on Jakoyo Midiwo's Umoja Radio, the callers were in curious uniformity first congratulating His Excellency the Prime Minister, Hon. Raila Odinga for sealing a deal with Kibaki. Absolutely nothing wrong since even the media has been feeding us with the same story about how Raila will be crowned Prime Minister.

But knowing that I have a devious mind at times, and thinking on how we can keep the deal intact and still deny Raila the Prime Minister's post, I went to look at the Agreement as reported. I also anticipated that the Reconciliation Act will be based largely on what was agreed between the two political leaders before Kofi Annan.

The Agreement provides that the leader of the party or coalition with the largest number of members parliament will provide a prime minister, whilst each of the two parties will provide a deputy prime minister. The Act CANNOT provide for the name of a Prime Minister, so it is not a done deal that Raila will be the prime minister.

So how can anyone that dislikes Raila deny him the post? Well the first thing is numbers. ODM as a party has 97 members and has largely relied on Ngilu's NARC members to fill up the numbers. At the speaker's election, the numbers were pretty close at about 102-102 with the 2 luhyia members filling up the balance. ODM has already lost two sits to deaths in office and it is currently only assured of the Ainamoi seat as the Embakasi seat can be won by PNU is they sort out their confusion of multiple candidates which saw Were sneak through. The Kamukunji and Kilgoris seats are also possible for PNU with Wajir being a toss up following the voter tie. I assume that the Emuhaya seat will be retained by ODM even with the slight majority that Marende had in winning it.

Assuming that ODM won Ainamoi and Wajir, this would give it a total of 103 seats and a possible PNU coalition total of 107 to complete the 210 seats. The nomination seats are equally shared so these would not affect the arithmetics.

So, if PNU were to get organised and marshall the numbers, they could still be the coalition with the largest numbers in the house and hence provide a Prime Minister in terms of the Kibaki and Raila agreement. I am aware that there are members from both sides who do not seem happy with this agreement and the murmurings of the Kalenjins that they were left out to hanging by the deal that did not provide for the safety of their leaders is sufficiently telling.

The other scary part of the agreement is that a PM and or his deputies can be removed from office by a "majority". Now what majority are we talking about? 50% plus one of all Members or just a simple majority MPs in the house? I appreciate I am speculating here, but this is the wording of Key Point No. 5 - The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers can only be removed if the National Assembly passes a motion of no confidence with a majority vote.

In another thread, I have alluded to the point about disollution of the coalition where I suggested that Kibaki can pull out of the deal one year after formation of the coalition and this would revert the status quo as the entrenchment of the Act in the constitution cannot include the dissolution of government and fresh elections coming.

So whilst Kenyans celebrate the birth of a new deal, it is important to read carefully what the two politicians committed themselves to. We just managed to force the two politicians to buy Kenyans a few months of peace before it explodes on our faces again!

Anonymous said...

A Raila Odinga with his wife at his side enjoying the luxery of the Leisure Club (on of the most prestigious - and most expensive - places on invitation of the owners (rich Swiss and Germans), has left a very bad taste all over the world about his serious intention to 'rebuild and change' Kenya.
This is not the way a responsible new Leader should present himself to the world - while the people of Kenya are still suffering - partly also because of him.
Instead of presenting himself spread on the sunbeds of this luxuerous resort, he should have gone out to see the villages around where people are still trying to come to terms with having lost their husbands, wives, fathers, mothers - and children are being oprhaned ------

So the following question lingers in my mind (but maybe not being Kenyan, I am just considered 'an outsider' - somebody who should not ask these questions - but I still dare):

How - Ida and Raila Odinga - could you enjoy relaxing ...... knowing that there are people near you suffering ......... how did it feel to 'enjoy the sun' as you had put it when giving interviews to the International Press .....

Should you feel ashamed, instead????????????

Anonymous said...

Monitor betrays the public again on Kenya talks
dated : 01 Mar 2008, Kampala

By Captain Vincent, Radiokatwe Uganda

We in State House Entebbe have been wondering the whole of this morning what has happened to Monitor which at time claimed to be Uganda's only independent paper. How on earth has it got the guts to list Yoweri Museveni as among the Peace Makers who helped to broker peace between Kibaki and Odinga? See "The peace makers" at end of Monitor news by Eric Shimoli and Lucas Barasa

It confirms what we now know that this paper has been bought off by the only Revolutionary of our time. We shall return to that later.

First to a small side note, our all time Revolutionary has yet to pay a visit to his claimed "god father", one Fidel Castro who is in his last days, and has recently contracted another so called Revolutionary under the misguided slogan that "Revolutionaries never retire"!.

On Monday, the Kenyan Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka paid an official visit to the one and only great Revolutionary at his new fabulous nest in Entebbe and delivered a strong worded letter to one Yoweri Museveni requesting him not to attend the signing ceremony.

Yoweri T. Museveni has been calling his fellow election thief almost every hour on the hour, we hear to advice him on how to deal with the current situation. This has not gone down well with the Odinga camp, who insisted rightfully that Museveni has no business interfering in Kenyan issues considering that he was acting in bad faith and has never shown any good faith during any recorded peace talks with any one in the region, let alone having a known history of betraying people and generally playing the part of a traitor and stooge, never acting in the interests of his people.

Odinga has steadfastly maintained that Museveni is not only bad for Uganda, but for East African region in particular and Africa in general, and he has made this view clear throughout the talks.

He went so far to make it one of the pre-conditions of the talks and was emphatic that should Museveni ever come back to Kenya and attend any talks or be invited to the signing in ceremony, he would not only walk out of the talks, but that will ensure that he never attends any further talks. That is how bad the contempt is, which Kenyans now view our Yoweri Museveni. This also explains why inspite of his earlier efforts to stake out a place on the table and play peace maker, Museveni has been conspicously absent ever since serious talks started.

In one of the most heated meetings between Kibaki and Odinga in the presence of Kofi Annan, Benjamin Mkapa and Graca Machel, at the Safari Park Hotel, we are told, Odinga lost it and told Kibaki to "tell the thug (meaning Museveni) to mind his own business and go to Juba and sign his peace agreement with his creation Kony since he has fooled the world and now wants to take his jokes to another level"!

Most of the Ministers in Kibaki's camp were visibly disappointed with Mzee Kibaki for frequently referring to Museveni, each time saying "Museveni said this" or that as if he was being remotely controlled and did not have his own brains.

One of the Kibaki camp spokesmen, one Mutu who has been in and out of Uganda over 10 times since December 2007, was advised to instead consult former president Moi since in comparison with the Ugandan leader, he was a more principled politician and a fellow Kenyan with indigenous rights and some authority

Odinga told the Tanzanian President that if the East African Federation was to work, Museveni the man has no place in it, since his interests are not well intentioned, but only to show off his vainity as the first East African President. Yet after 20 years and counting, he has little to show apart from stealing the little money Uganda had. He also mentioned that it would be expensive to maintain a "thug like Museveni" who has added to his list of enemies not only the people of Uganda, but now also Kenyans.

In the mean time, all other prominent negotiators and Peace Makers agreed with the exception of US Secretary of State Ms Rice (who visited Nairobi from Dar es Salaam to plead for our man) that Museveni was not part of the solution but was a new problem in itself, and should be avoided as much as possible. Kibaki was also cautioned to avoid Museveni in future as much as possible.

So for a paper like Monitor now to come out and list Museveni as a Peace Maker is both a lie and an insult to the peace loving people of not only Uganda, East Africa in particular but to the entire continent of Africa in General. Shame on you The Monitor, Ugandans deserve more.

Ugandans should know that Museveni was rejected from the very beginning by the Odinga camp while Kibaki wanted to force him on the people of Kenya.

Anonymous said...


Guys why do we seem to rubbish Kalonzo. This is a guy who scopped almost 900,000 votes from Kenyans. He is a leader in his own way. Methinks that this blog is targetting the any future challenge to Raila. Kibaki as has previously been stated is a non actor in the forthcoming political game, the man has been deflated and is left to grow the economy and shape his legacy for Kenya. The leaders left are Raila, Kalonzo, Ruto, Mudavadi, Uhuru etc. Granted that Gema will not vie for presidency anytime soon, the only person who can stand between Raila and the presidency ( assuming the seat has still got power is Kalonzo). Am pretty sure him and Raila will fight over again. Am also not dismissing Ruto. He delivered more votes than Raila or mudavadi. Hi is a guy to watch. My thinking is that ODM is now turning all its energies and tactic to a humble miracle man called Kalonzo. Kenya is big for all of us, give him time. Dont admonish him today. He is still valuable as we seek peace. Lets not demonise a man for just doing what he thought strategically right then. Kenyans - how i wonder we have short memory and keen in destroying other peoples characters. If you dont agree with him, thats fine but why deminise Kalonzo. ODM should have better things to do. This blog should promote peace rather then division in the Kenyan politics.

Anonymous said...


Whereas u have an interest in moderating every comment.I dont think you should allow that to kill the spirit of the blog.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Kumekucha! how come you have nothing posted here on the connection between kibaki`s farm and the killings in western Kenya!!

rumors are afloat that the hardliners in PNU are not going down quietly!! police & NYS transfers was the big plan used for thin operations!!

please get us the news!! if this is the case!then this is serious business and we Kenyans are in big trouble- it was pre-mature celebrations!!

Anonymous said...

Grrrrrrr...why did we struggling for kalonzo campain? For what? I wish I knew what I know now. Kalonzo FOOL ME ONCE....I will NEVER vote for Kalonzo again,

Wished we could have even voted for Kalembe Ndile instead of this greedy man that want to settle the IDP in our land.

nguli syonthe itiania musoani ....never again. fool me once

meanwhile enjoy this

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with you Chris that it is unfortunate for a polititian of Kalonzo's standing to take hecklers to someone else's funeral. But you were wrong to attribute his lessons from Mulu Mutisya. Mulu would never have done that; he came from a cultural past where burial ceremonies were respected. The undisputed master of using hecklers in such ceremonies, and thugs to control and maintain his tribal supremacy is RAILA OMORO ONDINGA. The grapes Wavinya was being fed, Orengo has tasted them in the hands of Raila until he surrendered and trooped, like Anyang Onyong'o, back to licking Raila's boots.

Also, I think the victory of the new style of politics over the old will be gradual and not a one election affair. As such, I don't think the question is whether the types of Wavinya will succeed in establishing their independence, but rather whether Kalonzo is ruthless enough like Raila to snap these seedlings before they take root in Ukambani. My guess is that luckily he is not strong enough, for we don't need tribes imprisoned by their leaders the way Luos are captives of Raila. And while we castigate Kalonzo's behavior towards Wavinya, we should muster enough courage to ask Raila to free the Luos (Remember Orengo was imposed by Raila on Ugenya during ODM nominations).

As for those who count Kalonzo out of future presidential sweepstakes, they better cast aside their emotions, and calmly, coldly and objectively examine Kenya politics. Yes, it is unlikely that the Kikuyus will want to present one of their own as a candidate. Instead, they will have a Trojan Horse in the race. And that is where Kalonzo comes in.

First, if Kalonzo plays his cards well, he will undoubtedly be the candidate for the GEMA and Akamba - and that is about 4.5 million votes before the whistle is blown. Second, I would be very surprised if the Luos, Luyas and the Kalenjins go into the next elections united as a single group (mark my words). This time the Luos and Kalenjins were united by a common enemy and not common interests. Remove the common enemy - Kikuyus, and they start pitch forking each other. You might have noticed that only the Luos are rabidly against Kalonzo's vice-presidency, calling him Judas; it is not for nothing, they know he stands between them and the presidency. I don't like Kalonzo a single bit but I am realistic enough to know that as for now he is the most likely successor to Kibaki come 2012. Raila will have to put together another show with another cast of characters and it will not be easy.

Anonymous said...

hey kumekucha- what is happening to your posts here!!!are you off air!!please let us know- thanks

is Kenya falling apart- kibaki`s farm burned -

and i understand some killings in the rift-valley or western organized - i`m reading other blogs-can you please get this information for us- this seems serious when we are trying to get kenya back to life......

Steve said...

Bongoman your insightful analysis notwithstanding in the previous thread, there's no need to get paternalistic. Kikwete was simply a messenger for Bush who cashed in on the photo-op. It's Kufuor and Tutu who set the stage and Anaan, MACHEL and MKAPA among others who did the heavy lifting.

Chris, maintaining the blog is probably a thankless task but we really need moderation removed or at least more timely reviews & posting or this blog runs the risk of becoming unresponsive and therefore irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is a bogus Christian leader whose hunger for power has taken an unbelievable dimension.

Kenyans should avoid him.

Anonymous said...

what is this about Kibaki`s farm being burned and all the goons on kumekucha seem not to care!!don`t you guys have compassion!!what is this-

politics is also looking at what is happening on the ground - you kenyans on here are full of hypathetical scenario`s without looking at what is happening in Kenya now!!

2. WESTERN KENYA village attacked (gang with rifles!!)PEOPLE THIS SHOULD RISE YOUR EYE-BROWS
since when are rifles being used in attacks in the two months that Kenya has hard unrest!!

Kenyans should be very worried- something is not right on ground in Kenya

You diaspora people all you done is weave tales of what might happen yet people are being killed now as we speak in Kenya!!!

why are you not asking this questions or is it because you are abroad and it does not affect your normal life- you forget if people continue to be killed -

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha are you on or off again - some of us can only post or chat on here from 10:00 at night to midnight or 1:00 kenya time- so please allow us to chat with or diaspora friends - i know you are trying to control bad posts here..................

Anonymous said...

Chris, why are you moderating, you fool? Kenyans want to post their views and you have blocked them, what is this foolishness?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.14AM

comparisons with the past, in a new Kenya will amount to nothing.

The only politicians who will survive are those who truly want change or who can evolve to adopt that line.Kenyans in 2012 will take tribe as a secondary issue, unless u kyuks r still thinking u can gang up against the country. The presidency will not be what it was in 2002.

By that time we will probably have a new constitution with proper devolution mechanisms. With the stage set for equal opportunity, we will just be looking for a good manager with an attractive vision.

Anonymous said...

Folks, there was a deal between ODM and PNU. Let us stop trying to wish that it fails, talking about which tribe is unhappy and feels left out. Most ODM supporters, regardless of tribe feel that Kibaki should've stepped down and disappeared rather than the deal that was borne out of the mediation. I doubt that the world read "dancers behind the curtain" pushed for this deal only for PNU to hijack all the power. Yes, I know we have to be cautious considering the players, many of whom are deeply wounded that this deal came to be. Nonetheless, it is in Kenya's best interest that this deal works. Just because the deal was signed doesn't mean the world has moved on. They are keenly watching the events. Whomever tries to undo this significant milestone, does so at their own peril.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3.30,

please enlighten me, under what circumstances do you see kibaki regaining his credibility?

the man was going to take this country down with him for the sake of power...when it was crystal clear even to my 4 year old niece that he stole the elections....he is a robber, a murderer, a rapist, a ridiculous excuse for a human being and he deserves to be hanged!!

people died for goodness sake!! kenyans are sleeping in makeshift camps as a result of his greed for power!!simply because he and his equally ridiculous excuse of a wife could not hire a lorry to take their belongings to othaya?

there's no credibility to discuss...he will never regain it...even if he atoned for his sins a million times!

kenyan pundit, surely? me when i tell you, his excellency raila amolo odinga will be the prime mean people are still second guessing whether it will be him or not...eii...that is a done deal...we have closed that chapter, just wait for thursday and see...i see you are even calculating parliamentary numbers...heh?!...continue!

moving on, the latest i have heard is that they have already assigned agwambo a presidential (ama is it a prime-minister motorcade?) and state security?! well i guess according to the doubting thomases and the devious people out there, the 'kabaki' government did that just for 'kionjo' then thursday...they wake up and declare kalonzo the prime minister.....if you think there was a problem in kenya in the last two months then you ain't seen nothing yet!

i just hope, even as (devious) people try to scheme and find ways of denying raila odinga (my duly elected president and prime minister) what is rightfully his....they are also aware that, that peace deal is as fragile as the 'peace' that kenyans have been enjoying for the past 5 days-the minute it goes awry-God help kenya!!

kumekucha the moderation today?! yawa....maajabu! please!!

Steve said...

Chris, apologies - having re-read my post from 3:49, I think my words were too strong. It is a measure of how valued Kumekucha is that I felt so strongly about posts not being reviewed more quickly. I realize maintaining Kumekucha must be a labour of love. Moderation is of course important in keeping saboteurs out and maintaining the reputation of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Let us not blame the Contributors for the moderating mechanism in place.


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:14...Pls ...Pls it is Raila Amolo Odinga...Pls there is no Ondinga pls pls and there is no Omoro, can't you just get it right even in writting


Anonymous said...

Kalonzo might have been a favourite candidate for many pple prior to 2007 elections, but not any more. He has proved that he has no stand, he changes his view when it suits him. Sample this '' Will Raila be happy when he is president and all Kyuks are dead?''
Afew days later he is VP yet thousands of Kenyans continued being displaced while others died.
While we were crying he legitimised theft witnessed by the whole world.
If the guy has ever needed a miracle he badly needs one now for his political future bcoz he stands quite exposed now.
Two people to watch are Ruto and Mudavadi. Ruto is actually turning out to be a front runner in many quaters despite what misgivings pple might have of his past.
I think Kalonzo needs to repent and pray bcoz of misusing God's name for political mileage Ngilu is a better lead by far..........

Anonymous said...

And by ze way, why worry about Kalonzo being a serious presidential contender in 2010( remember transitional gava for 2 years...)- bcoz the constitution will have been amended hopefully ...majimbo entrenched in our const, so who cares whether who is president when we can make our own decisions at the grassroot??

Anonymous said...

mrembowaodb, It's all about the legacy now for Kibaki. Would he rather want to be remembered as the autocrat who took Kenya to the brink or would he get more of a kick being remembered as the person who was able to rise above the fray and work with ODM in ushering a new era. I realise this is simplistic but it would be in his own (ie personal) interest to do the latter. The question is will the hardliners have any of it. One thig is for sure - I'm probably going to be hooked to this blog for the next 6 months minimum. :)

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3.29...kibaki is an oldman, what does he care about a legacy? ama are people imagining the man is immortal?

there's no legacy for this man to leave.....he will only be remembered as a murderer, a rapist and a robber......anonymous you are so positive ati kibaki 'remembered for working with odm to usher in a new era?!' we wacha mchezo!!

moi is said to have done a lot of bad things to this country but he did not take us 'the kibaki route' hell!!

does anybody honestly think that after all these, one day kenyans are going to forget what he has done? and then call him a statesman?....

you just wait for that constitution to be ammended....we will banish him to othaya so fast he won't know what hit him!!

legacy my foot!!

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