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Monday, March 03, 2008

ODM’s Deadly International Media Spin Machine

Go to Google or any search engine and do any search you wish to on the disputed general elections of last year. You will quickly note that the International media seems to be very ODM-friendly. I can assure you that that is no accident. Somebody worked very hard to make that happen.

Now let us not be naïve to start jumping to conclusions here. It is true that the December 2007 general elections were stolen. Ask most 3 or 4 year old Kenyan children and they will tell you so. We all saw it happening live on Television. However the International community didn’t, not really. Many of them were not really paying attention and at least one super power that has since done a 180 degree turn, assisted in that rigging exercise that horribly went wrong. Actually most of the world’s attention at that time was focused on Pakistan where former Prime Minister Mrs Bhutto had just been assassinated.

So when trouble broke out in Kenya, they wanted to know what really happened. The reality in this harsh media dominated world we live in today is that reality is not as important as perception (although the two are related as we shall see later in this post). So it is terribly important that your story is told. And that is the work of spin experts. I personally prefer to call them spin artistes.

The difference between reputable spin artists like ODM’s Salim Lone and a spin quack like Dr Alfred Mutua is one very simple thing. There are those who believe that they can spin anything and there are those who know that to be successful in the long term, it is important that you spin only the truth. You remember the famous president John F. Kennedy quote that ends with; you can’t fool all the people all the time? In fact fake spin doctors like Dr Mutua have always ended up being a liability to their employers.

The other difference is that reputable PR experts (if you prefer to call them that) are noble and will not hesitate to make personal sacrifices. Salim Lone’s life was threatened by somebody a few weeks ago and he would have given the world his story and attracted all the limelight and media attention to himself. But at what price? The attention would have effectively been shifted away from his client. So, because he was able to deal with the problem of his personal security, he was determined that the attention of the media remains focused on ODM at a very crucial time leading up to the signing of the historic peace deal last Thursday. It is this kind of character trait that wins the trust of journalists who are crucial allies in any spin effort. In sharp contrast police commissioner Maj Gen Hussein Ali is of the view that...

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Anonymous said...

Let me echo Mutahi Ngunyi's sentiments...Kibaki needs to fire his speech writer not now but yesterday...That man is doing a shoddy job and a diservice to the "DULY" elected president of Kenya.....For crying out loud compare the president's speech and Raila's speech the day the peace deal was signed, it leaves one to wonder, the prezzo was suffering from verbal diarrhoea and i am thinking it was good when he read it in english but when he came to speak in swahili...Ole wangu it was pathetic, he kept on repeating himself mpaka you get bored..>Sample this na wale wamepoteza maisha yao...Basi where is the sanctity of life, he rubbished life that were lost as if they didn't mean anything...Mr. "DULY" elected President you can do better than that.


Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

PNU, as noisy as it can get, is seriously short of fresh ideas. That's how come they managed to produce a president who is also numerically speaking the leader of official opposition.

I've always thought their most miscalculated goof was the Livondo for Raila, hummer for hummer, Ida for Ida thing in Lang'ata. But Alfred Mutua for Salim Lone! That's the mother of all goofs. Infact Alfred Mutua for anything.

Anonymous said...

Executive Prime Minister designate Raila Odinga should be sworn in at Uhuru Park. He should sack fake spin doctors like Dr Alfred Mutua asap.

Anonymous said...

That is great thought. RAILA TO BE SWORN IN UHURU PARK we all want to attend.

Kibaki stole it but it is soon coming back to the owner. As the power is shared Kenyans will soon discover the president they were denied to have. By action nothing else.Then the real domo-domo will be known. Do you realise that the corrupt,incompitent,lazy ministers are currently panicking as they think reporting to Raila? The mungiki headache will slip away immediately the man is in office. I love that.

Anonymous said...

Who is that pressing hard on the door? That must be Ms Karua. The one doing the actual stealing of couse represent the police head.Hoo! the load is huge, they really stole alot of our votes that even the strong hands of the policeman cannot lift.

This must have happen in Meru or Molo.

Poor skeleton ODM agent, pressed out, soon you will get some flesh to your bones.

Where is Kivitu as all these are done?

Anonymous said...

Kibaki was always a man under siege ever since the day he hurriedly swore himself in-BARRICADED state hse to watch KENYA crumble on TV!
Alfred Mutua and co have little chances of survival once the ODM CONTINGENT he MERCILESSLY HECKLED and BOOED from day 1 take office and become his superiors-ALFRED THE CROWS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST!
DAILY NATION'S front page picture of the PRIME MINISTER on holiday is totally in bad taste....NATION seems to have a personal vendetta against the ODM leader...the pic did not warrant any sure someone is trying to spark a flame...Kibaki's cronies must admit YOU DONT CHANGE BECAUSE YOU WANT TO....YOU CHANGE BECAUSE YOU FEEL THE HEAT! its a done deal!

vipi said...

very true i so salim lone on aljazeera the on day of the deal he was there speak on issue and brought fourth the ODM angle. Definately ODM is a well oil machine with people with very different tasks.

An lety tell you guys I gather they are already strategizing on how to mobilize people for the next election.

heres the link

let watch this space

Phil said...

Chris, ODM Orange HOuse is the secretariat, while PENTAGON House is Kenya's alternative power seat and one of the most important addresses in this country. Please note Pentagon house is where Raila has been holding high profile meetings, including yesterdays.

IVY, I concur. Kibaki needs not just to fire one or two people, but overhaul his entire think tank and part cabinet. These guys have proven to be liabilities.

Anon at 11.53. Thank you for bringing this up.

As a matter of fact, this is high on the agenda today as Raila meets Kibaki 'informally' at Harambee House. Lets hope hardliners will not discourage Kibaki. They fear he may receive the same treatment as Moi did in 2002.

Meanwhile, ODM is planning the mother of all inagurations. If its proposal to have the swearing in done in Uhuru Park on Sunday is agreeable, then you can expect a news-stopping ceremony that will remain in Kenyans minds for a long long time. The guest lists reads like who-is-who in global and African politics. Guests are expected from afar as Australia, Canada, Korea and even Nigeria.

While this grand coalition is by all means not the third and final liberation, it certainly is the means by which the final liberation will be won.

Anonymous said...

Phil, receiving the same treatment as MOi..I think Kibaki is yet to receive worse it is said what goes round comes round, When people were singing yote yawezekana bila Moi, if i can remember well though i was young at that time Kibaki was not only singing he was singing and clapping....What changed? There was a dream that Kenyans had in NARC that was shoved down the drain by Kibaki and his kitchen cabinet and for that one kenyans are yet to forgive for being played....I actually dont envy him at the moment, you know i have just realized that wazee wa Kenya wameamka that you can't fool people all the time, this man is in a tight corner and i agree that for him to have just a little credibility he has to fire almost everyone though it would not help much....He lost it long time ago with his aloofness. As much as we kenyans want to be governed, it should be by right and not by force. We are a generation whose dreams were cut just when they were about to be realized and that is why during the electioneering period many young people identified with ODM than PNU....
You see if Kibaki had honoured the MOU in 2002, i think the 2007 elections would have been a walkover for him...But he let some people who can't face the electorate to advise him. I and my coleegues were just wondering the other day, is the peace deal the MOU that Kibaki and his friends dishonoured?

Kenyan Revelations said...

Mutua has no place in PM Raila's administration. And we are waiting to hear what he will say on Thur. Life can be soo unfair, one day you curse and insult and the next you have to take orders from the same devil.

We have asked in our blog, will Mutua wait to be sacked or he begins to pace now. How about Muthaura, Gituai and all those others whose preoccupation was pwer and theft over delivery of quality service to Kenyans.

The other thing that must be said is that ODM's international spin was won courtesy of the freelancing blogers of justice like Kumekucha and Jukwaa. In fact PNU was inept at stealing, marketting and defending their heist. All these because we, the freelance bloggers, we a source of the unspoken truth. It would be unfairto mention Lone and fail to recognize yourselves. I was shocked the other day when I read the Guardian quoting Taabu at Kumekucha. Jukwaa has become some Bible in ideological battlefields and these are the true champions of Justice. This happened while the Kenyan media was prostrating with the Church before the stinking feet of the thieves.

Keep up, all Kenyan lovers of truth, justice and peace. You are the true heroes/heroines.

ORANGE said...

Yes Phil, final liberation.

funnywiseguy said...

Kibaki kept sending Karua for BBC hardtalk.Confornted with hard facts nad evidence on corruption, She was bent on denyng everything and in some instances getting irritable . Any wonder why the world media loathe them so?

Then there's this ODM-UK fellow who was on Aljazeera recently, watching the interview, his eloquence and elaborate way in which he put foward his words made anyone who doesn't know about ODM to be impressed.

Image is everything, and with Karua, Mutua, Wetangula and Kiraithe, you realise PNU are bankrupt of PR strategies.

Anonymous said...

check statehouse website. looks like murage was fired and his name removed from the list of senior staff there. i wonder why

Anonymous said...

Is kumekucha on air???

Taabu said...

Phil please correct me. Are you people making the cart hurtle a head of the horse or I am missing something? And just to spoil the party do you think the weekend coast outing was GOOF given the circumstance? Me think so na wewe? Over to you pronto.

Phil said...


from what I gather, it is PNU and not ODM who want this deal concluded last month. Wonders never cease.

on the other hand, taabu, when you are a 64 year old ex-longest serving detainee, who witnessed you supporters executed by state agents, votes openly stolen from you; and before that spent an average 18-21 hours day on the campaign trail for 8 months, and before that 12 hours a day since the referendum, while your opponents (who include a formidable team of one ex-president and another serving one)hurl insults below the belt,and you manage to unite nearly all kenyan provinces (read tribe) into one opposition party in Kenya - Taabu, dont you think you deserve one year all expenses paid holiday somewhere along the Indian ocean beaches???

Anonymous said...

Chris, you, the duly elected moderator, are the obtuse goofs.
We cannot exchange views here because of yuour foolishness. Wewe ni ngombe sana, set us free!

arap chito said...

Ninakataa hiyo...

Taabu....please note.Raila has a duty to his family and himself too.The Man has suffered enough to bring about change and prosperity to all Kenyans so that we can all enjoy the fruits of this country.

He spent a whole nine years detained away from his family for this country, you and me.

Other than the fact that the hoteliers found it necessary that he goes there to signify the stability of the country to the tourists, it was also his first weekend of which he could finally take a breather.

Remember, we all cannot afford certain lifestyles, and the Odinga family have for years hard earned their every cent and can spend it as they deem fit without the need of anybody's consent.

Moreover, you realise that his good style and strong will to fight for Kenya has been based on a healthy lifestyle that includes time to reflect and appreciate his family.
Being the possible Prime Minister this week, Don't you think that he needs a healthy state of mind and relaxation in order to effectively manage his taxing new post?

If Kibaki and Karua can do it(away from scandinavian winter), why cant' Raila Odinga too? Anyway, they do it all the time(the leaders)and just because the media can't tell when a leader is trying to have some quiet time,doesn't mean he's wrong to have it.

Bado hajaanza kulipwa ndio mnung'unikie pesa za uma...

Anonymous said...

So, Chris, are you part of that spin machine? Because your article has the characteristics of a good spin.

I must agree though, Kenya has not seen a well orchestrated local and international media campaign like ODM. Harvard Business School should do a case study on Marketing and Branding of ODM.

On Raila and the coast. That is one to look at the situation Phil. Another way would: After my people in Kibera have torn down half the homes and railway line, after hundreds are dead and thousands have vowed "no Raila, no peace", after the victory paid in blood by the guy on the street, should I think of himself and what I have been through, but rather think of Kenyans that voted for me, fought for me when the election was being stolen, and pay them a visit?

But no, I am going to take a much deserved holiday along with my family who have been insulated in some home in Nairobi. I am going to acquire the trappings of power and think about me.

If we think Raila is the man for our country. If we think he can make a positive change, we need to hold him accountable. Let us not replicate the mistake we did in 2003 by cutting Kibaki and his crowd some slack. Because they took advantage of that slack and destroyed all the hope we had in them. If we hold Raila and Co. to the highest ideals and call them out on everything that is not in line with what we voted for, then hopefully, we will help them stay above the susceptibility that absolute power provides.


Anonymous said...

Alfred Mutua - Kenya's Comical Ali - that man is pure embarassment to us all.

Kwani there is a shortage of P.R. personnel in Kenya?

Kenya that country overflowing with underutilized talent...

Anonymous said...

According to the Daily Nation (4/3/07); those reports about Kisumu being in a Mogadishu-like state are pure exaggeration.

Read: "Kisumu raring to rise again as it recovers from poll violence."

Kenya will recover; our people are a resillient lot - but we do want constitutional change.

Anonymous said...

Wanjiku of Mombasa; How true...

There are some serious mismatches; Lone-Mutua and yes Livondo v. Raila.

I saw Livondo online (Nation and Standard T.V. links) before the elections and became convinced that PNU was not interested in being competitive in Lang'a.

Anonymous said...

Ivy @ 3.08 you speak much sense.

Had Kibaki honoured the 2002 MoU, he would have been able to face the electorate with confidence and much promise. He actually would have denied ODM an agenda.

But he didn't and insisted on spending his 5 years in office asleep and digging his own grave when he was awake.

Anonymous said...

Where is this picture of Raila on vacation?

As much as we would like to see him be completely selfless and donate his entire wealth to the people of Kibera, we need to be realistic. I don't see anything wrong with him going on vacation with his family. The timing might have been off, but to make it a headline is kinda trivial, don't you think? It's like saying the president shouldn't eat when there are people in the country starving. It's a good ideal, but unrealistic at best.

Stop stressing little things and let's wait and see what Raila and Co. have in store for our country in terms of governance and development.


Anonymous said...

Kenya Revelations @ 3.12; So the Guardian was quoting Kumekucha?

All right Kumekucha contributors; that's another reason why YOU SHOULD KEEP MODERATING THIS BLOG.

I believe it is simply to classy to be surrendered to filthy minds.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Time is running out for the inept.

Kenya's political scene will soon be one of the hardest to survive in as a politician in Africa.

You produce what we demand as Kenyans or you are shown the door.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Raila taking a break with his family for a weekend is a threat to the psychological well being and security of Kenyans. He did not take this vacation during the talks or when Kenya was burning. As Phil said above, this guy has been working in overdrive for the last 2 years. Let the man take a break while showing the world that the beaches and resorts are still intact and they too can come and enjoy Kenya. Note that the hoteliers invited him for that very reason. They have lost a lot of money and they wanted to get business back by getting into the news cycle. Just because his family was "holed" up in a mansion doesn't mean they were not stressed out by the recent events. Every world leader goes on vacation and Raila should not have to apologize for taking time off with his family. After all, those are the most important people in his life...and that's as it should be.

Phil - about the swearing in ceremony, if that materializes, will Kumekucha upload some footage of the event? That would be great. Thanks

Kenyan Revelations said...

Anon @ 7:14, Kumekucha was quoted and yes, our own Taabu. Please copy this link and paste it to your url. Read on:

Kheng.Fu said...

The Nations report on Railas' holiday was in poor taste the guy is huma he took 2 days to rest and he is now an insensitive guy common most of us spend weekends visiting friends and relatives be it shags or elsewhere relax na wacha kazi ina anza sasa!

Anonymous said...

i agree with phil and arap chito the prime minister needs a break...

aki you people have no heart!!...his excellency raila odinga has not had any decent sleep for the longest time...from continuous campaign trails to the nightmare of stolen elections and then martha karua's antics in the mediation process.....he hasn't even had quality time with his family .....heh!! and you guys have the audacity to complain? what is wrong with you people?? is he enjoying your money?

i also dont agree with those saying the timing is off!!did you want him to 'anza kazi' na usingizi?

and kemmy my dear, just go to NTV's youtube website will see a clip of raila enjoying his hard earned victory with his family.

wale wa kumeza tembe jamani ...leo mtameza!!

wanjiku-mombasa, where did livondo go? i haven't heard of that joker for a long time!! does he still want to sue the prime minister?

Anonymous said...

did i hear right today when raila said there will be an opposition composed of those smaller parties that are not part of the coalition?

mmmhh!! i wonder what he meant!!

Anonymous said...

The ODM spin machinery are people who know their work. Just observe the days ahead and see how the limelight will be on the office of the PM.

But I must add, the pressure by international community cannot be attributed to ODM spin doctors alone. We, Kenyans in the Diaspora played a very BIG role. I remember me and my friend (we were almost 7 guys) spent the whole day behind our screens, writing articles and blogging the ODM course. Ofcourse we din't do this for ODM but for justice, equality and peace in Kenya.

Finally, we want to appeal to the office of the PM through the foreign affairs office, which ought to be under the docket of ODM, to look into the law on dual citizenship. I know Kenya will have so much to gain by allowing dual citizenship than it has to lose.

I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

You have to moderate this blog. We have a bunch of PNU and state agents who would like to see this blog dead.
Every time you have removed moderation, they have a field day suffocating and meaningful dialogue. We, your regular readers are patient, and can deal with the minor inconvenience of moderation. I got to know of this blog from the Guardian, you are in great company do not go the Mashada way.

Anonymous said...

Definitely support the dual citizenship law. Right after the amendments to create the PM post.

Kumekucha, can we count on you to help us push this through?

kenyanzuri said...

Yaani, the PNU guys do not cease to amaze me. They have become bankrupt politically and are using microscopes to see negatives in Raila and ODM. Let us get the facts straight. Raila is not yet PM, he has no office and has not started earning.
1. So, waht is wrong with him taking a vacation to relax before serious work of cleaning up PNU mess begins.
2. You should have seen that while at Mombasa, Raila had alraedy started to work. Working while still on a vacation. What has Kibaki done since the peace deal was signed? On the other hand, Raila has been ressuring Kenyans and the international community that peace is back. He said that the port os Mombasa has to be expanded, two dual carriage highways to be constructed from the coast, Govt to come up with ways of marketing tourism beyond the tradiational markets - he said that Kenya has a capacity of attracting and sustaining 10 million tourists per year and lastly, he said that he will implement ODM policies on development.

All these na bado hajakuwa sworn in. Raila hataki mchezo, once he is sworn in, itakuwa ni kazi.


Anonymous said...

Those who are discrediting Raila for spending only 2 days at the coast relaxing are not being fair to the man. He is a family man. He has been sleeping late and waking up early non-stop for almost two full years. I think the small child (must have been Fidel's first born) he was carrying was looking into his grandpa's face at close range for the first time. Should Raila spend all his time at Kibera at the expense of his family? Aren't you the same people who would ridicule him if you heard that he had quarreled with his wife for desertion? Even the most powerful man on earth (Bush) takes an official well deserved rest at Camp David.Incidentally, did Raila actually take a rest? When, when the paparazzi were all over him clicking away at there cameras and asking him many questions? Raila needs a rest so that he can begin his new job with zeal and zest, rigor and vigor, pomp and pump.

On the issue of Alfred Mutua, please do not blame him too much. He had a tough job trying to make wrong things look right. What else did you expect him to do, say the wrong things and expect to keep the job? Would you?

Anonymous said...

Mrembo@8:00AM and Rhyymemaster - I share your sentiments.

Mrembo, your comment echoes what I stated earlier @7:28.

Anonymous said...

Raila should have SECRETLY taken a break if he really needed it.......
The man is too open

Anonymous said...


I did it 2 years ago when I visited Mombasa Beach Hotel. I spent 12000/=Sh for 3 days.

What is wrong when Agwambo is proving to the world that his beloved country is safe and that the Coast is free from Mungiki?

Anonymous said...

The strong media while being powerful in informing people is also the same one that facilitated the sharpening of knives.

Remember that since this time alot was done in the publics eye, Kibaki has nothing to lose in the next 5 years but Raila better learn that the same spin doctors he had can be bought by the opposition in the next 5 years.

Kazi si kuzaa, kazi ni kumlea mwana!

Tom said...


You have finally hit the nail on the head. ODM propaganda has won the day. You are still wrong on the elections though. Until credible evidence is produced that elections were stolen, i will continue to believe that Kibaki won the election fairly, or at least that the elections can be termed 'flawed', but not 'stolen'. Trying to put off truth seekers like me by quoting 3 and 4 year olds will not work. What 3 and 4 year olds can say is that KTN at one point showed Raila with a huge election lead. The fact that he subsequently lost does not prove that the elections were stolen, but it does make one suspicious. The EU report that my ODM pal sent me simply states that there were electoral irregularities on both sides, which again makes one suspicious, but does not prove that the elections were stolen. On the other hand, i dare say the evidence that Kibaki won the election fairly is far more credible, for example, the fact that there was an overnight recount at KICC in the presence of the likes of Orengo. Or the fact that the ODM report on the election claims that turnout in Kibaki strongholds such as Molo, Juja and Kandara was 40% or less, which is ridiculous. The fact that turnout in Kibaki's stronghold constituencies was consistent with turnout in previous elections, as opposed to turnout in some ODM strongholds constituencies which was over 90% (with PNU agents chased away for good measure). The fact that none of the 22 ECK commissioners have contested the electoral outcome (i have read somewhere that 4 did contest it, but i haven't seen their names published anywhere. Again, ODM falsehoods). The fact that no one has responded to the government posters put out Alfred Mutua (wait wait, i know you hate him)challenging ODM, Jendayi Frazer, the EU, etc, to disprove the election results using credible evidence. See, the pro-Kibaki win evidence is much stronger than the pro-Raila evidence, which is mainly indicative and not concrete. So, Chris, until there is credible evidence of a Raila electoral victory, i must congratulate ODM for hoodwinking the kenyan public and the world and actually getting to share power on the basis of misinformation and propaganda.

Anonymous said...

You guys are taking us backwards. Where we have reached, it is no longer important to know who stole what and by how much. Raila is calling Kibaki President and Kibaki has ceded executive power to Raila. What is important now is to know how the irregularities of elections occurred so that we seal all the loopholes and also for us to make accurate history, not to determine who won the elections. Even if you prove now that Raila won or Kibaki lost, MTA DO? Let us move it , guys.

Anonymous said...


I am a Kumekucha fan - huge - and was deeply offended by the taka taka some crooks spewed here in the in the absence of moderation.

Anonymous said...

man u guys ,

the crsis has been settled by the two elephants, can't u wriite about more substantial stuff like how the infrustructure will be built ?

Anonymous said...

Even the french president went on a cruise in a yacht after winning. wacheni raila apumzike kidogo.

Anonymous said...


Now watch and see how these Uncouth ODM followers will throw all sorts of unmentionables at you instead of debating you squarely.

ODM Supporters should re-eroll in primary school, take advantage of kibaki's free primary education atleast so that they get a basic education.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:18 Just so as not to satisfy the curiosity of Anon 2:40 wacha tukuwache tu...Remember it was not only KTN that were tallying both Citizen and NTV were doing the same thing but all over sudden there was black out in both stations. This thing was seen all over the world the elections were stolen period,leave Kirui alone coz the other day someone said that he was Ruto's cousin just coz he is kale. (You people i guess you are fans of twisting things...Remember Kimutai's love triangle) At least we know people who worked in the tallying centre and they can tell you what happened....There is this civil society lady (Koki Muli) who worked the whole night with akina Orengo...Have you had the opportunity of reading her report, all the guys that monitored elections said the tallying process was flawed and if both ODM and PNU stole, then the better let us have elections and know who is the legitimate president of Kenya. Wasn't it not your "DULY" elected president who said the elections were divisive, then why the heck did he have to be sworn in hurriedly in statehouse with only his cronies in attendance...He would have let we kenyans celebrate with him on his achievement.As Mrembo wa ODM says even her nephew who is 4 years old know Kibs stole the elections...Kibaki stole the elections and made us the laughing stock of the world all over. And because of Kenya, Africa is still degraded as people who can't have peaceful elections.
Pls how else do you explain that we have results of Lokichoggio and Marsabit, Kuria and yet results of Kiambaa just behind Nrb fika after 3 days that is an insult even to our transport and communication infrastructure.
Lastly ODM did not have to hoodwink the whole world, the world saw and that is why no leader apart from Museveni congratulated your president. Please we have decided to share the milk with you though you know you didn't deserve it, pls dont annoy us more otherwise we will change our mind, from your heart of hearts you know that Kibs deserve nothing but to be a leader of opposition.
Annon 2:40 ...You we dont have kind words for you ...USAMEHEWE


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:18 Why would anyone in their right mind respond to Mutua/PUNU commedies. Surely you can't stoop that low

Steve said...

The skeptics have it all wrong. Raila could just as easily have taken an incognito holiday - God knows he needs it. However, even during his down-time he is working for the betterment of the country marketing it to tourists and investors as a safe place.

Anonymous said...


Tom said...

Anon at 12.32,

- I agree that we need to move foward, but as long as Chris & co. keep referring to the elections as 'stolen', the argument will continue. Actually, come to think of it, these guys will always refer to the elections as 'stolen', coz to do otherwise would be to admit that all the chaos and strife was for nothing, and the power sharing is undeserved.

Anon at 10:54 pm,

- The Mutua adverts on elections raise issues that resonate with my thinking (see below). Please read what they say
carefully before dismissing them. O

Ivy/Anon 10.50 pm,

Thanks for proving that some ODMers can debate without emotions and insults...i had lost hope.

- As i recall (maybe i 'm wrong), only KTN had Raila far ahead. The other channels had the race far closer.
- What's the story with Kimutai's love triangle? As i recall, it is Ruto who tried to twist things by calling it a political assassination (more ODM propaganda).
- I read Koki Muli's report. Fair enough. Again, just like Kipkemei Arap Kirui, its indicative evidence, but doesn't prove anything. For all we know, she could be lying. The thing that bothers me is, very many kenyans were involved in elections. How come we are only having isolated incidents of people coming out with 'the truth'? Are we saying that kenyans are such cowards or so unprincipled that only 1 or 2 people out of hundreds can speak out?
- Kibaki had to be sworn in hurriedly due to the volatile situation at the time e.g., i had heard that ODM were planning their own swearing in. These are national security issues. Do you think ODM would have allowed Kibaki to be sworn in at Uhuru Park?
- The point about MrembowaODM's 4 year old nephew is irrelevant. For all we know, he could have been indoctrinated by MrembowaODM himself.
- I remember that on Saturday 29th, with results of 159 constituencies in, Kivuitu read a list of constituencies which had not yet reported. The constituencies were from all over the country, including Nyanza. Kivuitu himself quipped as much. Why do you have to focus on Kiambaa only? Btw, Nairobi's results were among the last to come out, despite being held closest to the ECK Centre.
- Its quite possible that leaders weren't congratulating Kibaki because of the uncertain situation at the time. Like i said, and Chris has acknowledged, the ODM propaganda machine won.
- I don't believe we didnt deserve anything. Based on the evidence and arguments presented to date, I honestly don't think Raila won. To be honest, i am just after the truth, regardless of who won. At this point in time, i don't think ODM have a very convincing argument. Its just their usual nguvu, misinformation and insults. Anon at 12:14 am says that i will see the evidence. If so, i am looking foward to it because right now i think ODM spin has won the day.

Anonymous said...

ANNON 8:04

Congrats again on your well reasoned arguments.

I'm surprised that these ODM supporters have been civil today.

maybe chris is moderatinga nd allowing only the civil ones to speak? if that's the case, good job on chris then.

ANNON 8:04 Continue posting your sobering analysis.ODM Propaganda machine definitely won the day, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Tom....Goodness what stakes did Koki muli had? The murder of Kimutai has not been proven in a court of law so wait.....And i hope just like Robert Ouko's mystery no stone will be left unturned.....Pls recall well tafadhali by 29th which constituencies were remaining and from where...i again say tafadhali. Did Kibaki really have to be sworn in hurriedly...Give me another one coz of what? By the way Raila had a choice to declare himself president during the first press conference they had on that Sunday but he didn't....So there was nothing volatile ....The feeling is mutual i also honestly dont think Kibaki won...And your points have not convinced me at all that Kibs won especially the one that the situation was volatile.....And if they all rigged then the better let us have a re-run that has been my position for us to know the legitimate president of kenya...


Anonymous said...

Oh by the way Tom before i forget....The police investigated the case, closed it and passed the verdict before Kimutai's body was taken to the MRTC that it was a love triangle...Ruto just countered it and that is when they bluffed and said that it was outside a hotel.....where it is well known there was no hotel in the estate ....Recall tafadhali ...A coincidence that 2 MPs die in mysterious circumstances in a span of two days...Surelly hata wewe u would have jumped into a conclusion that PNU goofed. Talk to some agents there are all over and you can get info that is if you are interested in really knowing the truth....I guess personally i have done that but let me save my breathe coz it will be called ODM propaganda.
Did Chris actually say that unless i missed it but what i actually read is something like this " Now let us not be naïve to start jumping to conclusions here"
Tom you are not alone all of us want to unravel the mystery of the 2007 general elections when a reknownwed Economist couldn't just do a simple economics of balancing the debit and the credit side.
Well again what a coincidence that you write something then inspite of the moderation the next person to answer you is someone who readily agree with your sentiments. (Dont worry dont pay attention to me...It is just that i am thinking aloud)...Well Anon 8:57 if you and Tom are not the same person then forgive my error, it is not that Chris has moderated...I am just thinking that i am the one who agreed to be played here....Maybe just maybe the ODMers chose to ignore you. It happens no hard feelings


Tom said...


Anon 8:57 AM is not me. You can be sure of that. Frankly, i am hurt that you would insinuate as much.

You seem to know what you are talking about. I will take into account your points.

I recall clearly the events of saturday 29th (lunchtime) that's why i even remember the constituencies (159). By end of day i think there were 189 in.

On the swearing in issue, please don't downplay the sensitivity of national security issues. In such a close election in an african country, you don't want a power vacuum. Also see my generic point on elections below.

Its good that we both want to get to the bottom of this. Till then, i will oppose the use of the term 'stolen election'.

One thing you have to acknowledge is that elections are always dirty. For reference, see ODM nominations. I also remember someone saying on some forum that even in high school and college, elections were dirty. Even in the US. Hence a realistic person (as opposed to naive 3 and 4 year olds that you guys keep quoting) should not expect flawless elections.

Tom said...

Oh, and by the way, don't even think of a re-run. Raila would be beaten hands down. With the kao vote now with Kibaki, and kisiis now pissed off (having been killed by kaleos), and moderate ODM supporters turned off by the violence, it would be a whitewash.

Don't even think of a re-run.

Anonymous said...

Tom if i were you i wouldn't be so sure if Kibaki will win...What has he done so far to merit my vote? Don't understimate the intelligence of the Kaos, tafadhali, Kalembe Ndile can tell you that. Remember i wrote that if you are not the same person then i am sorry for even thinking aloud. Re-Run i can't help it but it is what i want to prove some of you people wrong. But i have just realised that Kenya is bigger than I. So i rest my case!!!
Oh i have just been thinking, the media are reporting that the "DULY" elected president is looking relaxed and jovial unlike in the past, that this past Sunday the man could afford to go to church..Goodness is it celebration that at least he can have his cake and eat it. I am just wondering if you know you won fairly and squarely kaa ngumu why throw in the towel? Enyewe to say the truth Kibs has never been my piece of cake so i am going to have the longest 5 years in my life....I just have to be sitting with my remote and have the mute key in my finger...Sina choice unless i relocate which is not going to help me at all. I SURRENDER!!


Tim said...

Ha ha, good vibe. I never knew i could enjoy an argument with an ODM supporter. Regarding Kibs, welcome to Kenyan politics. I am kyuk but Kibaki has never been my choice either. The reality of kenyan politics (and probably many other countries) is that that often the choice of leaders presented isnt that good. I 'm not into Raila either and believe me he wouldnt do much if he got the big seat either. Now Kalonzo is favourite for 2012 (ignore what Chris & co. write here, with the kyuk and kao support Kalonzo is already a frontrunner) and i think he is just a worse version of Kibaki but i may end up supporting him if the same anti-kyuk sentiments persist in 2012. That is the reality of politics.
In a sense we the common man (and woman) are daft or have low self esteem, always thinking that politicians will deliver us to Canaan.
I am thinking we citizens should take matters into our own hands to develop the nation instead of relying on 'big men'.
Anyways, nice exchange with you.

Anonymous said...

I will echo that....Never enjoyed an arguement with PNU supporters they get so emotional and defensive that you wouldn't want to sit side by side on the table they might just mwagia you chai. Enyewe it was my first time to vote, and i will continue voting every time there is election until the day we will get it right. My M.P will only serve a term, it will only be renewed if he works for the people. Coz what the hell is someone promising if he hasn't worked for the first five years. Five years is a long time for one to prove himself....The only daft people are those who continue recycling MPs since 1960's then they start complaining. We are a different generation and i am thinking by 2012...Kalonzo and his ilk will be obsolete. Kutakuwa kumekucha...Kenya Mpya


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