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Monday, March 10, 2008

Electoral Commissioners Must Be Charged In Court

Why should the ECK be celebrating the death of Kenyans at the Coast?

Earlier today members of the civil service disrupted an ECK seminar/meeting in Mombasa’s luxurious Sun ‘n Sands hotel.

What the hell would the ECK be discussing at a Mombasa hotel at this time?!! How to rig the upcoming byelections? Surely that could have been discussed in Nairobi.

It seems that the ECK was celebrating the chaos they caused in Kenya including the loss of over 5,000 precious Kenyan lives. The guys who disrupted and broke up their meeting did the right thing. In fact it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and that of many Kenyan to realize that this fraudulent ECK remains in office to this day enjoying their perks and even having the audacity to celebrate at the Coast when so many Kenyans are still in refugee camps in their own country after the antics of the same ECK. THAT IS JUST PRESPOSTEROUS AND UNACCEPTABLE!

This issue of the ECK is really very simple.

Our PNU brothers tell us that Mwai Kibaki won the elections. Let us assume for a moment that this is true. Then it means that the whole mess the country fell into lies squarely at the feet of the ECK. They should ALL be arrested and locked up to assist police with investigations and should only be released when they tell us what really happened.

The truth of the matter is that ECK and PNU CANNOT both be right. One of them is lying, so police commissioner Ali should arrest Kivuitu and his entire team at the ECK on charges to do with causing the deaths of over 1,000 Kenyans (Kumekucha reliable figures say over 5,000.)

Meanwhile in the new found spirit of co-operation, the entire ECK should be disbanded immediately by the president because its’ continued existence is an incitement to violence to the good people of Kenya who lined for hours to vote in the last general elections as was clearly demonstrated by the reaction of the gallant Kenyans at the Coast a few hours earlier today.

P.S. There is a lot happening in Kenya at the moment. And political temperatures seem to be on the rise once again. We are told that ODM is in a meeting to discuss an appropriate reaction to a so called “government clarification on the peace accord” earlier today (see earlier post in this blog by Phil.).

Indications are that somebody is very busy trying to cool down things after some people somewhere deliberately went out of their way to cause mischief. The suspicion of this blogger is that some hardliners within PNU are trying very hard to derail things. I am currently investigating the issue and will get back to you with a firm answer as soon as I have concrete details.


Anonymous said...

Kenya Army in Mt Elgon-The truth of the matter

Why cant we see this thing.It is not about sorting out the SLDF!
The army was dispatched, just like happened the security forces after the announcement of the presidential election results (Kisumu-the shoot to kill order)
Let time prove me wrong.
The army was put in the region in readiness of the reactions to Karua's and Muthaura's statements.
Kenya is not yet out of the woods!
The Peace deal may turn out to have been a FARCE.
PNU hardliners are on this root.Dont think MK is not a part of this evil strategy against Kenyans.

Number 6666 from the book of revelation ( the Bible) being actionalised.
POle poor Kenyans

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

The Sun N Sand footage came just when I was wondering what happened to one OKIYA OKOITI OMUTATA. It was good to see him again.

Anonymous said...

Some of us jumped the gun.Only time will tell.

Philip Roy said...

WORD OF ADVICE: Don't Trust PNU to keep their word.

Till Raila is sworn in as the PM and ODM gets it's fair share of ministerial posts.

Anonymous said...

yes, ECK needs to be under investigation and Kivuitu needs to go to jail along with his cohorts. We need oversight in Kenya run by MPs representing all parties and citizens of high moral standing and they should be chaired by the opposition and their findings must be carried out.
This idea of the president forming a committee to investigate issues needs to stop. We need oversight on money matters, ethics in governance, military/armed forces and parliament should be able to centure the president or any public official when they act against the interest of the citizens and constitution.

And these are the issues I don't hear Raila talking about. Just smiling and laughing like Hyenas with Kibaki becuase you have now gotten a post in GK doesn't sit well with me. Raila needs to talk about exactly how he is going to supervise the GK and keep an eye on things already!

Anonymous said...

typical... things have started being negatively twisted, leave the ECK commissioners alone! for two months they have sat helplessly as people have been fighting, yes they made the mistake of announcing controversial results but they didnt even have a mandate to speak out it would have been against the constitution, they may be discussing what to do next let them have that chance

Anonymous said...

anon 12:51
You must be in a 3rd world somewhere! You summise that the same people given the responsiblity to run the election, who were then incapable of simple mathematic and common sense; should now be left alone to collude and get their stories straight???? After people died and chaos ensued???? Forgive me becuase I don't know you, but your sentiments are not making sense at all. Instead of these characters being secluded and under oath to tell the truth so that we may learn something from this events, you want them to straighten out their stories. Needless to say you assume that it will be a free and fair exchange of ideas, points of views and so on; and that you trust them to come out for the good of the nation???
You gotta get me whatever you are smoking...

Anonymous said...

I said it here and i repeat again ECK Commissioners including their Chairman (Kivuitu) should have resigned yesterday, and we kenyans would have started forgetting them by now......After they messed us up they still have the audacity of using our taxes, we pay them and yet they can afford to do a shoddy job. Waende nyumbani wote and i think we can join the Civil society in demanding their resignation.... all of them.


Anonymous said...

Kivuitu's continued stay at the ECK is a travesty to Kenyans and their last shreds of dignity. Shame on the man! Shame on him!

Anonymous said...

The whole point is that the ECK is flawed primarily in its structure! Firing them will not do anything now, yes they need to be replaced but they must be able to liase with each other they are still the ECK commissioners. Alot of you are talking like you just circumvent the consitution and easy... things are sorted, its more complicated than that, they messed us up but they didnt even have a mandate to be able to unmess us, its far more complicated that just one person making a decision. Infact if they did, then we could have held them fully responsible for the errors but the truth is our political insitutional structures are really flawed because of guys like Kenyatta who altered them for their own gain. How can a president, who is running for elections, appoint a commissioner? Its like appointing your own referee! You guys fight for your rights yet at the same time you deny yourselves the right to hear their justification for their actions. I personally want them to explain why the hell they announced results that they didnt even agree with. Then they can go far far away and never go near the ECK again but not before they sincerely express their mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Whenever things need to be rectified, I hear the constitution being called as a yard stick. Lets follow the constitution. Yet, ECK did not even follow the law when announcing flawed results!

The issue here is one of personal ethics and respect for the office that one holds. Had kivuitu been a man of honor, he would have resigned to pave way for a clean slate. To now hide behind the constitution is simply ridiculous.

Kenyans hatuna haibu. We have no shame. Anywhere else, if you screw up a jothat you are contracted to do for millions of KShs, you don't go back to claim security of tenure. You resign!

Anonymous said...

Thankfully the guys who kicked out these ECK criminals were sharp enough to take with them files containing F16As.

Q. What were these forms (not copies)doing in the hotel with ECK officials?

Again, only in a country like Kenya can official documents be floating around in Mombasa with ECK officials. These are sensitive official documents. Is there no procedure for looking at these documents? Why didn't they get copies of the original?

Like someone tried to convince me here; ECK guys were just trying to figure out what went wrong, and get to the bottom of the matter.

Yes, did you know that every public official in Kenya doubles up as batman?
The finance minister promised to personally investigate Anglo Leasing and get to the bottom of it. Today chief whip Thuo has promised to investigate the leaflets floating in parliament. Only in kenya...

Kenya O Kenya....

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