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Monday, March 10, 2008

Breaking News: ODM Hits Out At Muthaura “Peace Deal Clarification” Circus

ODM emerged from a crisis meeting moments ago with both guns blazing and poured cold water on the shocking Muthaura statement made earlier today saying among other ridiculous things that the Prime Minister would Be third in command in the new government structure (after the president and vice president) to accommodate the Anan peace deal.

Speaking on behalf of ODM, legislator Amukoa Anangwe quite rightly pointed out that the only people who could issue a clarification of the peace deal were the two principals, namely Hon Raila Odinga and President Mwai Kibaki.

He added that it was hardly surprising that the historic peace deal is witnessing some “resistance” from civil servants who will be drastically affected by the Anan brokered peace accord.

Although some readers of this blog had already panicked and viewed this latest development as a clear sign that President Mwai Kibaki is doing his favorite thing of reneging on signed agreements, keen observers believe that what we are seeing are the “kicks of a dying horse” as PNU hardliners fight to derail things and for attention in a situation where the previously easily accessible president is no longer reachable.

Only time will tell where the truth lies.


Anonymous said...


only a statement from Kibaki will clear the air, Not from Raila, not from Karua, but from Kibaki, and unless he makes such a statement, all else is hogwash and muthaura's statement should be presumed to be true. not even the PPS or govt parrot issuing a statement will make sense. it has to be kibaki himself

Anonymous said...

can muthaura say anything without blessings from above?!

let kibaki come out and tell us exactly whether his 'irrelevant junior officers in the pecking order are just throwing non-existent weight around' or whether those 'clarifications' came from statehouse(him)!!

this is critical!! and it clearly not the time for his 'hands-off leadership' ama 'hiding in statehouse' stunts!!

if kibaki is playing us atakiona cha mtema kuni!!

Taabu said...

True Chris ONLY TIME will tell. As Achebe succintly put it no toad crosses the road when there nothing after its life. It may be hardliners kicking back hard but you never know whose feet are kicking. Kenya is uniquie in her brand of deceptive politics.

Can you imagine Muthaura being NAIVe enough to doing things that would upset his boss? It leaves room for speculation and that is what they wished to achiev in the first place. And it must have been a smart script following Daily nation-Karua-Muthaura. Depending on what you belive it is either testing waters or flexing muscles.

PS: Point of correction sir. Dr Anangwe is a consultant at ODM and not an MP. The MP for for Butere is Wycliff Oparanya.

Anonymous said...

But Kibaki will not..........he loves this sort of environment, where there is so much uncertainity.

Thats his way of wielding power and off course protecting himself.

He never does anything wrong....others do it for him

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha and your readers, this is politics we are talking about. You can attack Muthaura all you want but the truth remains that Raila Odinga has once again been duped. Kibaki will bend backwards for now, smile with Raila just to give him some sense of importance, but mark my words; When he is done with him which will be pretty soon, it is Raila who will shout all over about the president's inaccessability.

You said in your very informative blog yeaterday that Raila and Kibaki have a secret deal and that the deal is about the Kibaki succession. Can I tell you something? Raila is nowhere in Kibaki's mind when it comes to succession politics. The two people you want to look at are Kalonzo and Uhuru. There will be a joint ticket of these two with Kalonzo as the candidate and Uhuru as the VP. Whether they can win the election is a different story, but you better believe me, these are the candidates being backed by Central and Eastern Provinces.

While still on Muthaura, can Phil/Chris or whatever your name is explain how Muthaura was wrong. All he said was that you cannot politicize the civil service. There are some important positions in government which you cannot fill on the basis of party loyalty. That is why Kibaki refused to fire Amos Wako and Margaret Kamar despite all the pressure. The prime minister will be appointed by the president (but of course it has to be the leader of the majority party, the president's appointment of the PM as well as all ODM ministers will be a mere formality). Let me tell you something else, the new cabinet will be named tomorrow afternoon or latest Wednesday morning. It will not be 50:50 and Raila will not complain.It will be 37 ministries, PNU 20, ODM 17. Musikari Kombo, Mutula Kilonzo and Danson Mungatana will top up the PNU side. Kalonzo will retain his post as VP, minister for Home Affairs and leader of government business in parliament. Raila will be PM and minister for National Reconstruction. Mudavadi is Deputy PM and minister for Transport and Communication.

Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

THERE WILL BE NO PEACE, if the Kikuyus start to play games again.

1)It is true that PM will be just another Minister. It has been published.
2)Karua wants post-election rioters to be jailed, but leaving out Mungiki and the killers in Kibera and Mathare North.

Kenyans dont allow this to happen. ODM won the elections and should pull out of the coalition after 2 weeks. New Presidential Elections. You can not form a coalition with a hyaena. The Mt Kenya people can not be trusted at all at all.

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that these statements originated from Kibaki himself. Muthaura is too junior to make a public attempt to alter an agreement of such significance even before the ink has dried.

My take is that Kibaki believe that Kenya is now calm and it is time for him to test how much of the agreement he can trash and carry on with status quo.

Dont blame Karua or other side kicks, blame Kibaki

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are too sharp these days.

They will not rest until the Deal is entrenched in the constitution - as it was agreed on.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12.41; I agree with you.

Only a clear statement on the issue from Kibaki and none other will calm the waters.

Under the present constitution, he has everything it takes to scuttle the deal and plunge Kenya into darkness again.

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought that Kibaki and his gang had learned from the recent catastrophic events, they prove that they are still as clueless as ever. First the report in the Nation about the fake ODM demands then this. I am floored by this development. Do they understand what real power sharing means? They are clearly playing with the lives and patience of Kenyans. Their hubris is mind blowing. I agree with anon 1:18PM, Kibaki is responsible. By now he should have reigned in all the hardliners considering how destructive their collective agenda has been for this country. If there was ever a time for them to change course, this is it. All this talk about moving forward and uniting this country is a bunch of bull. Someone get Kikwete, Annan, Machel, Mkapa and all the other SIGNIFICANT dancers behind the curtain on the phone!

Anonymous said...

Surely these kyuks.....

Abass said...

ODM could have changed things for the better, we owe it to the over thousand dead and the hundreds of thousand displaced but while time will tell, I am very sceptical of whether they even had an iota of success. One thing that struck me after this result was THE COMPLETE LACK OF studying the agreement by anyone, mainstream media or any other body like LSK, not even Chris. Apparently, either they were fearing to be termed as pessimists or against the treaty or it was yet another instance of naivety. When will we learn? Now, unless I missed it, fellow Kenyans help me with this. Before I start, lemme make it clear that I am no a lawyer. I want you to tell me where in the agreement does it say that
1. ODM should have a 50-50 civil service job share.
2. Raila is higher than chief betrayer Kalonzo.
3. Kibaki is NOT the head of gov't.
I mean, seriously, what we have for Raila is a cabinet position in the name of a prime minister with no clear defined responsibility (almost like the first lady). Remember co-ordinating and supervising gov't functions etc can mean like being instructed by Kibaki to call for a cabinet meeting that will, of course, be chaired by Kibaki. No one could have made it clear than Mutahura: “The Prime Minister, who coordinate and supervise the Government functions, is going to be extremely important in the efficient running of the Government which is not an easy task,” It is a painful mockery but it is what Raila signed. And if ODM dream of asking for something they only dreamt of but didn't really think of it in a wise way, Kibaki can comfortably pull out leading to the collapse of the coalition and it will be back to status quo-yes, that is what the agreement says in the form of a surprising silence as to the aftermath of a collapsed coalition.

Tobias Nyumba said...

isn't it rather insincere to take a position with authority and remain ANONYMOUS? What are you hiding? Let us know those who reason well to be counted but not the anonymuses. their points may as be anonymous and meaningless.
Let us reason with authority and confidence to build Kenya of minds and not cronies.

Anonymous said...

As many students of so called power sharing have attested to, these deals are good at only one thing: managing the immediate crisis. They do not solve the underlying causes which fester and at some point boil over again and secondly, they create power struggles that allow for nothing to get accomplished. Add to that the fact that Kenyans by nature are unprofessional and lack ethics in governance where junior members usurp the role of spokesperson (of the president/GK) to conviniently leak talking points or test out theories on the public, and you can understand the coming game of musical chairs that is about to ensue. Nothing will get done. Kibaki learned all his politiking at the feet of Moi who was notorious for equivocating and double/triple speak. The public was never allowed to learn the true stand of the president or GK.
Now you have oppotunists like Mudavadi...ehhh....Kalonzo who have foresaken their so called values and are having crippling wet dreams of occupying the statehouse and sleeping in between the (stained)red sheets at statehouse.

Anonymous said...

Easy people, easy! Of course the pnu is testing the water to see how far they can go, and some are already panicking ati Raila lost. Raila lost kitu gani? When Raila said that rigged elections will not be accepted - he was met with the same attitude ati "uta-do?"

After signing power sharing, you think Agwamnbo is sitting around waiting for Kibaki to act? If his political history is to go by, he has thought through all these [especially after the MOU fiasco] and what Kibaki would face he can not imagine - ask Moi - KANU iko wapi?

Moreover there is a team drafting the terms that Muthaura is not privy to. This is porojo - and their days are numbered!

Do not watch this space - it is over for the Muthauras

Anonymous said...

" The two people you want to look at are Kalonzo and Uhuru. There will be a joint ticket of these two with Kalonzo as the candidate and Uhuru as the VP."

Where? In Kenya or Ukambani? A Kamba to be voted for by Kikuyus? Let us be realistic, that will NEVER happen. There is no precedent of the GEMA community voting for a non-GEMA and it is not bound to change. So try again.


deroo said...

It came to pass what I said here some time back about celebrations. Uncorking the bottle of Cristal before the real thing happens. Nobody is wrong at all. People did not even read the document. They only read KENYAN LEADERS SIGN ACCORD and they poured into the streets.

I am a great learner; I read between the lines and know when politics is being played. From day one, politics was played big time and the two protagonists were at play in the game they know best. Go back and see the timings of the most eventful business functions that took place in the last one week.

When I said here that the Kofi Annan deal had it that there will be a president, a PM, a VP, who will be the leader of government business, it was rubbished with sarcasm and insults. I swallowed all that.

If one goes through the Annan thing, and what people were saying here that Kalonzo Musyoka will be powerless is true, then I do not know what analysis, digestion and comprehension is. That Kalonzo will lose all the powers vested on him has come to pass. That Kalonzo will cease being Leader of Government Business, that Kalonzo’s party will be out of government because the deal was between ODM and PNU, then I wonder how mature arguments cease to exist.

If one goes through the metaphoric comparisons between the duties that the PM's office holds and the powers that rest on the feet of the president of Kenya, then one will buy my argument from the word GO. I simply said, Kibaki will lose no powers at all!!!; Kalonzo will remain VP and Kibaki will call shots!

Politics, and for the sake of the government meant that people settle down, shake hands and kazi iendelee. The next day, Mwai Kibaki despatched a cavalcade to Raila Odinga's doorstep and rendered some loons hanging around him jobless and that was the beginning of power never seen in Nyanza since 1966.

But then, if one goes by the syntactic dispensations of the wordings of the Annan document, it was said that the PM will serve, the above post at the discretion of the President, coordinating his ministries and ensuring a smooth running of the government policies. The president remains the head of the cabinet which he chairs every week, and perfunctorily, the VP like in any other country has to be there…just in case. Above all, the president’s man in parliament is usually the VP, meaning Kalonzo was assured of kazi ya miracles! Miracles never cease for this bloke (now a globetrotting ambassador at large)

Since that time, there have been arguments and counter arguments of the posts that ODM will take and which PNU will take and people in this forum have come up with 'powerful' and otherwise ministries and even gone to the extent of saying that the parastatals and other posts will be served on equal ratio.

After getting their inch, ODM were now stretching their hands to touch a foot and the wild statements and shenanigans that have been experienced in the last week will confirm to many an observer that powers was really sweeping.

On the Amb Muthaura statement, many in officialdom saw it coming and it was just a matter of time before it was unleashed and it will sure scuttle smooth operations in some works. Right now, Raila cannot call MASS ACTION, HE CANNOT RENEGE, WILL NOT DENOUNCE IT, unless KAJWANG or LONE does it and is inaccessible to the people behind mess. Indeed, he is government material now. Now, it is clear what the government want people to hear and what they want them to come to terms with the situation.

It is on this blog that some of the visitors have left comment that some jobs are already targeted by the ODM leadership when it assumes power at the PM’s office. But that is not about to happen.

PSs are appointed by the president using his own judgement at his own discretion. Alfred Mutua, the greenhorn propagandist/mouthpiece/pawn is equally appointed by the president, just like Muthaura, Justice Gicheru, Amos Wako, Police Commissioner, and most of the heads and it rests on the president’s advisors and mandarins.

Finally, if all goes well and Raila Odinga is fast-tracked to the post, then remind me if I am wrong, Raila will serve as PM for five years and if ODM remains intact as a powerful political force, then the demographics of the current government will colossus to such a mighty one in 2012.

Still too early to say President Raila Tosha. It is fluid and the undercurrents are flowing too fast.


Anonymous said...

Ati in Ukambani? I like that! in my view these are just shananigans to pass time until the next round of elections which might be sprung on the unsuspecting public. It's now a matter of jocking for positions and cutting deals and so on. Raila is doing it, Kalonzo is doing it, Kibaki is protecting his legacy and one is interested in what happens to Wanjiku. It will be the similar to the last term of Moi. Knowing Kenyan's penchant for campaigning and politiking 24/7; it will not take a year before they start a succession talk and all that BS. So sit back for the show and enjoy...

Anonymous said...

Ok, you cannot wash clean chicken legs inpreperation to meet guests of honour. For chicken do not operate or understand clean they only understand and operate in dirt and mad. PANU OR PNU are like ticks who suck a cow's blood even if the cow is in death row.

Watch this space, Mwai arap Kibaki must take out excess baggage. These include Karua, Muthaura, Mutua, Mutula, Michuki, Kalonzo, Karume, Muhoho, Kombo kombo etc. Status quo chiefs must leave the scene for MK and RAO peace deal to work. It will be 50-50 OR NOTHING.

deroo said...

I beg to have this one posted. PLEASE!!!

Remember that all the analysis and comments made here are emotional and not even accorded to distinction of an afterthought. Abbas, if you have been following this blog, go back to a few days before it was signed and there is a person who told me that I do not KNW anything. I said. THERE IS ONLY ONE CENTRE OF POWER. The OTHER CENTRE OF POWER is in the OPPOSIOTION, which Uhuru Kenyatta rendered rubbish.

Abbas, look at the wordings, sorry, I am replying your post after I made another one.

I posted the following as a main post but it never appeared.

Can you read it and understand it.

"Raila's body language told it all. He did not smile during his whole speech.

Further, he mentioned that some people will say that "Raila amefanya hivi na hivi lakini Kenya ni Kubwa kuliko Raila" to which there were loud claps from the PNU side.

They say the devil is in the details and here is why:

- First, the PM post is NON-executive. Non - executive i must repeat. The President remains as both Head of State and Head of Government. The PM's work is to "supervise and co-ordinate the execution of the functionas and affairs of the govt". ODM wanted a separation of the State and Govt. CLealry, they did not get it. Winner = Kibaki

- The PM does NOT chair the Cabinet. The President does. And in his absence, the VP chairs the cabinet. If you heard Annan and read the agreement, the Cabinet shall consist of the President, the VP, the PM, 2 DPMs and other ministers. This shows who calls the shots. Winner = Kibaki

- The VP is still the leader of govt business in Parliament. Nowhere does the agreement say that the constitution will be amended to make the PM the leader of Govt business. That was why Kalonzo was all smiles. Winner = Kibaki

- The President determines who joins the Cabinet. The Agreement says that the President can appoint any person from his party without any consultation with anybody. However, parties that are part of the Agreement and are not part of the Agreement ie ODM will nominate names to the President. The leader of ODM has to consult the President before the President appoints them. This means Raila can nominate Ntimama and Kibaki says no. Once again, Raila/ODM cannot say no to Karua/Kimunya et al but Kibaki can say no to Ruto/Balala et al. Winner = Kibaki

- The President cannot sack ODM members without Raila's written consent. However, this clause is dependent on the clause above ie Kibaki will only consent to moderates so as to avoid ODM hardliners who he cannot sack. Winner = Kibaki and Raila

- The principle of portfolio balance. KIbaki has to reconstitute his Cabinet so that ODM also gets heavy duty ministries. This is a major win for Raila as it means his ODM members will get powerful ministers. Kibaki will have a difficult time determining who to let go and who to stay. Winner = Raila.

- There will be no new elections until 2012. The AGreement says that whenever Parliament is dissolved, a new Constitution enacted, or the Coalition collapses, then this whole Agreement dies. It does NOT mention any new election. This means Kibaki serves as President until 2012. This was meant to avoid a situation whereby ODM boycotts the agreement after just 3 months so as to force an election in which Kibaki cannot particiapte having served his second term however short it may have been. Winner here is obviously Kibaki. If the coalition collapses mid-term, then the post of PM dies with it. Winner = Kibaki

- 2 Deputy PMs (DPMs). ODM wanted both of them. In fact they said that if PNU wants one of the DPMs then the VPs post must be up for grabs. eventually, KIbaki got his way and got one of the DPMs. So now PNU has the President, the VP and one of the DPM. Raila will have a hard time choosing his DPM between MUdavadi and Ruto. And i bet PNU will not let Ruto anywhere near a DPM as the DPMs have to be approved by Parliament. Winner = Kibaki.

So what is in it for Raila?

Raila will milk the PM post so as to gain political mileage for 2012. He has decided that fighting to be President of Western Kenya is not good enough. He wants to be President of the whole of Kenya.

As it stands now, the 2 most powerful politicians are Kibaki and Raila. Kibaki is 76 and cannot stand for election again. Raila is 63 and will be 68 in 2012 - a young enough age to rule for 2 terms.

Now that Kibaki and Raila have a truce, the fight is between Raila and Kibaki's successor. And this is Kalonzo.

Beware of the fight that Kalonzo and Raila will fight. One is a VP and the other is a PM.

For one, I expect Kibaki to appoint a PNU DPM who is either Luhya, Kisii or Kalenjin. This is so as to break the ODM Western alliance. That person will be Kalonzo's running mate in 2012 ie no Kikuyu as President or VP.

I can bet the people who will hate this agreement most are the Kalenjins. They did not want a deal with Kibaki at the top. Secondly, all these talk about resettling the IDPs they do not like. With the Luo and Luhya happy, if the Kalenjin fight, they will find themselves alone.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh man, the miujiza that is Kenya. Kenya is an amazing place. We have some of the most educated citizenry but at the same time we don't have leaders or professionals in certain fields held high and dispersing knowledge. Unlike here were young republicans/democrats are in most colleges and high school. In Kenya we have young farmers club. Which is fine. As long as we don't quit our day jobs (farming). So I dare say that Derek is closer to the reality on the ground. It is a big shame. Back during Orange v Banana, I wondered what the hell kind of changes they really wanted in the constitution. Come to find out, the changes basically concerned more or less power of the PM/Prezzo. So they finally got it. I windered why they were not looking at changes concerning empowering offices like the ECK? How do you commission ECK for millions of Kshs to over see an election and then bar them from even re-evaluing the results short of a court order???? And I bet there are alot of similar areas that actually help to consolidate the powers of the president.

Fact: We are a tribal based community.
We should therefore acknowledge this and fit our political system to accomodate this rather than fight it. We should have a lower house comprising of representatives from all tribes and they should have powers to vote similar to the US and UK. We should also have the president elected by parliament. Enough of this wananchi business. They should vote for their representatives and MPs.

Lastly, enough with the karua, Michuki hating. They serve a purpose much like Biwott and Kamotho and Ntimama and Nassir did. They are integral to politiking in Kenya if you are to survive.

Anonymous said...

Once again the old fox is at his tricks again.All Kibaki wants is to gain legacy mileage and prove to the world that he is in charge, just like he did Karua after sending her with hardline positions then totaly turning around, that is exactly what he is playing here .He will step in and appear to take charge and control then get credit , the more he does such moves the more we forget that he stole elections and cospired with mungiki to kill children and women.

Taabu said...

Deroo your analysis may be incisive but why all the bravado. You have valid points but they come out shrouded in that arrogance of riot act to dimwits. You make you reply to Abbas so personal such that the points betray the belittling tone.

Bw Deroo why would brand ALL comments as EMOTIONAL except yours? You should know better bro, pals are never won with grandstanding clothed in KNOW-IT-ALL.

You only hold forte to any Kenyan politician at your own peril. Our politicians stand for nothing and consistency in one virtue they lack in abundance. You CANNOT PREDICT anything in Kenyan politics. All people offer are consipiracy theories and none in a tad above the other.

Just look at the wavy nature of our leaders and their flock on tow. When the heat is too much some go mute others engage the denial gear. When the coast miarge appears the political amphibians jump out of hibernation and shout out in glee louder than the birds who have been out all through winter and summer.

Pretending to be custodian of undiluted Kenyan political truth not known to any living soul is self-deception per excellence. Touts shout and maim just just schooled psycophants engage in shameless grandstanding cheacting themselves as unrivalled gatekeeprs of teh truth. I repeat Kenyan politicians stand for nothing and you only invite eggs on your face by standing for them.

Anonymous said...

We were blind in thinking the old order would just disintegrate by itself.

Muthaura's statement has set the scene for the collapse of the coalition. Kenya will return to civil unrest sooner than later. Kibaki once again is the one man with the power to stop it.

He's in the sunset of his life;for once he should stand up on a matter of principle.

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua and Kalonzo Musyoka wrote the that statement Muthaura read

Anonymous said...

derek, You are very naive to think that the luo and luhya are ecstatic about powersharing. How stupid do you think they are? They know like everyone else in Kenya that Kibaki cannot be trusted and they are just cool because Raila is keeping his cool right now. Secondly Kalenjins were fighting by themselves for these other tribes in Kenya any way and they were are real headache to the government. Derek Kalenjins dont need luos or Luhyas to fight lesotho people.

Anonymous said...

Deroo's right

he might be gloating, but the facts are there for all to see.

ODM has been screwed proper, Raila is totally toothless. face it, guys its going to be another messy year in parliament

Anonymous said...

One step back - and we are back to square one.

If there is no move to genuine 50 - 50 power sharing, then darkeness will descend on Kenya by the end of the week.

People in Kericho are planning on stocking up the moment daylight strikes...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kumekucha and your readers, this is politics we are talking about. You can attack Muthaura all you want but the truth

I like it when people are i dream land!!yes «I will watch your space and since i`m in the mix of things- i can tell you right on your dream wont happen !!it will be 50|50
don`t under estimate the hand that played the last note!!!read between the lines! kibaki will toe the line.

Anonymous said...

Blogger deroo said...

It came to pass what I said here some time back about celebrations. Uncorking the bottle of Cristal before the real thing happens. Nobody is wrong at all. People did not even read the document. They only read KENYAN LEADERS SIGN ACCORD and they poured into the streets

I GET HAPPY WHEN I READ YOUR WORDS FROM MARTHA KARUA`S MOUTH AND THE WAY YOU TRY very hard yet again to convince yourself that PNU will indeed be allowed to rule over Kenya!! then I guess you are happy with civil unrest in kenya!!

when the mungiki went on the streets kenyan asked to be allowed to go deal with them- by the way all provinces except for central!!

so I`m saying this to you in confidence and with pure confidence that kibaki will not rule or remain on that seat unless he agrees on the 50|50 power sharing!! and I will repeat this to you I`m in the army and we officers will not let our country enter into a civil war because of a greedy leader!!

please pass on the message- we are divided but the kikuyu`s in the army are not!i repeat anywhere near as many as other tribes!!

ask your kenyans!!why karua and Saitoti have gone back to recruiting mungiki`s in police for traing again!!the same ones they send home!!!why are they getting 3 days training being given uniforms and guns and being dispatched to Rift Valley!!

warn ODM -Kibaki does not plan to sign any 50|50 let them not be naive- but we are here to give them support - those mungiki`s being dressed in police uniform that the public should send a team to check and reject or we will wipe them off the face of this earth- 3000 marched on that Wednesday!! only 200 of our elite captain force can take them down-


THANKS FOR GIVING US OFFICERS A PLATFORM TO SEND OUR THOUGHTS TO OUR FELLOW KENYANS WHO WANT PEACE FOR KENYA- we will not stand by anymore Kibaki and his cronies have let Kenyans down and as officers we are here to protect innocent KENYANS- THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha i hope you post my views and message!we army guys don`t have much time but we ask a relative for a lap-top!!just incase we need to send out an urgent message!
thank you!-like someone in Britain said it maybe be the army that brings peace to Kenyans - Though we were hoping this power-sharing agreement to work!!

Anonymous said...

deroo said...

I beg to have this one posted. PLEASE!!!

I come across deroo and i had to reply to his post just to correct him since i;m privy to some facts

- First, the PM post is NON-executive. Non - executive i must repeat. The President remains as both Head of State and Head of Government. The PM's work is to "supervise and co-ordinate the execution of the functionas and affairs of the govt". ODM wanted a separation of the State and Govt. CLealry, they did not get it. Winner = Kibaki


i`M SORRY TO POUR WATER ON YOUR FANTASY- PLEASE TELL PNU TO GIVE RIGHT INFORMATION before you print propaganda fro KENYANS on here!I don`t think it is fair!
that is all I can say.


Anonymous said...

PNU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT The Coalition government being created by the Accord is a brand new government. It is not a continuation of the Kibaki government that they tried to smuggle into office in that shameful swearing in ceremony at dusk. In that case even issues about appointments in public service will have to be done in the same spirit.

PNu can not tell Kenyans they will keep all their appointments in high offices to avoid politicizing the civil service. That is bullshit anyone can see through that nonsense. looking at the civil service as we speak now kibaki has changed and sacked most of the people who were serving when Moi was in power!!from begining of 2002 he clean swept the public service offices and named his own people in most of the top offices-

on the 50|50 power agreement for anything to work it has to be 50|50 through out!! kibaki should not send his juniors do do his dirty jobs! in the eyes of Kenyans he becomes a lesser man with no respect!!

Abdi said...

Deroo, You have some good points but you come across as a very arrogant person, who only thinks their points matter.

Anyhow, while the agreement is good for Kenya, this whole thing seems to be unclear. Obviously, Karua et al. are so upset with the whole deal and will do anything to sabotage it.

Two days ago, there was an article in Kikuyu gutter press, the hitherto popular daily nation that suggested Central Kenya MPs were to meet Kibaki. They felt threatened since the 50-50 sharing meant central kenya will not get their rightful PNU share (read PNU non GEMA ministers were also seen as a threat).

My brain tells me Karua (yesterday) and Mathaura (today) were reading from the central kenya parliamentary resolutions. May be Kibaki was serious about the deal (or was forced by external pressure via Kikwete), but the central Mps are not. Probably, they have threatened/forced Kibaki to renegade on this. What the heck, they probably reasoned, if he is so fearful of outsiders, they is so much they can do as well-including Lucy.

What does this all mean?
1) Kibaki may not be incharge, meaning the hardliners wil try to have it their way. They will:
a) Try to have Kalonzo have relevance. So expect them to fight hard to keep him as leader of Govt business. However, they will dump him in Mid 2012 and get behind Uhuru. They will assume that he would have served his political usefulness by then and will not have enough time to put up a fight in a few months.
b) They will try lobbying for a hardliner like Martha Karua to be the PNU Deputy PM, to check on Raila's influence. Karua will probably spy on whatever Raila is upto. Imagine Raila and Karua working together
c) They will continue using surrogates to downplay the role of the PM
d)They will try to keep Raila busy with national reconciliation and if things don't work blame him for all their failures. Kenyans will unsually short memory wil not remember how they got into this whole mess after a couple of months. They will just be blaming Raila if the IDP are not relocated in time or they may even use the Mungiki to frustrate his reconciliation efforts and then blame him for lack of leadership qualities.

2) Raila has no choice but to accept it since he has been out of a deal too many. The good news is he will appear nationalistic, like his dad, and will get be in a better position come 2012. He has to walk a fine line as he will have to please ODM supporter's high expectations and deal with the frustrations of the PNU hardliners. a) PNU will almost certainly force him to ignore Ruto for the Deputy premier position. Appointing Musalia as DPM may alienate Rift Valley as they will feel the Luhyas also have the speaker's position. It will not be easy for Raila to deal with this tricky balances.
b) Raila will try to be the vocal guy that he naturally is and that is his main asset. I mean even if Kibaki calls the shots, he may not get much credit due to his laid back approach, so Raila gets on the news. Now, the PNU hardliners knowing Kibaki well, will try to out do Raila.

All this suggests, we are in for a tough time ahead.

Anonymous said...

the agreement was in the spirit of reconcialiation and not in the semantics which are subject to interpretation that can make it illusory. If this is debouchery,deciet and lying from pnu strategists to the World; Violence should launch the pathway to 'Somalia','Kosovo' or 'Rwanda'.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5.37; Great to hear from you army personnel.

The army has been deathly quiet and if the worst comes to the worst, they may just have to step up to the plate.

Meanwhile, we hope that thugs like Muthaura who are trying to subvert the cause of justice and democracy will eventually be defeated by those very forces.

Anonymous said...

Let me send a warning to the ODMers who will buy into this deal and not renege. If Raila goes ahead and takes the position of PM and ODM is short changed, we want forward thinking people with ambition to be the head of Kenya not to be part of this ploy. If Musalia Mudavadi wants to ascend to the presidency in 2012, let him bow out gracefully and remain in the opposition. Come 2012 people will vote with their conscience. Raila should become PM, Musalia mulls out since Kibaki is likely to renege on his pledge, we go ahead and reform institutions, strong ECK, strong judiciary etc, Raila will ofcourse also push through his agenda, come 2012 when Kibaki backs Kalonzo or Uhuru, Raila breaks away and together with Ruto etc support Musalia who will be Kenya's fourth president.


Anonymous said...

Tobias Nyumba:
What is your point. Why do you need peoples names. Either you agree or disagree with their contribution/points. Or are you a bigot such that you take positions based on ethnicity. How cheap and low that must be.

Anonymous said...


Your comment on a DPM coming from Kisii, Kalenjin or Luhya being appointed to check ODM influence. Your analyisis makes a fatal assumption, that such a person will easily be elected as an MP in 2012. Dont you think that ODM zone has demonstrated that such that even for big wigs like VP, DPM no re-election is guaranteed. Lets wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Ruto 2012 is our only hope.

If this mafia succeed in breaking the coalition or diluting the agreement, Ruto might as well consider himself the nxt president of this Republic. Change will come either way.

Anonymous said...

The way to a Jaluo's heart is by giving him a fleet of escort cars. He gets so delusional that he almost considers himself the president. Ati mimi nimeongea na Bw Kibaki directly! Ati Kibaki is now an agent of change who played his second liberation role. He has now stopped being a tribalist who won only in one province. Agwambo amazes me. Who is the smart one in this game? Can smeone get me the pop corn??

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Taabu, you can wax lyrical all you want but Deroo is 100% correct.
It is incredible that you can call him arrogant and a dimwit for telling and pointing out the truth. What is the message of your post except emotion and anger? Deroo has explained word for word the gist of that agreement and instead of countering his points, you call him names. The National Accord is a mere one and half page document and i fail to understand how grown ups failed to understand its content.
Accept the truth. In a game of political chess, your hero Raila turned out not to be so smart after all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Francis Muthaura just like the president is a senile old man, who is supposed to be reading bedtime stories to his grandchildren, he is not and i repeat again NOT supposed to hold any position in this republic of Kenya. So i will choose to ignore his sentiments for now. And if Kibaki thinks he played us then shock on him and his cronies......We like minded kenyans will deal with them firmly and decisively. We cannot afford to have violence that we had in the past few months.....And to one Derro don't underestimate the intelligence of Raila tafadhali and to our mount Kenya brothers.....Kenya is bigger than you and you can't hold us at ransom coz you think that power is supposed to be consolidated in your hands tafadhali.....Think men, you can shout the more you want from the rooftop here in Nairobi but think of your brothers who are scattered all over this nation, the other day i just heard that life is normal back in Homabay and the businessmen have started streaming back there, so just what if? I guess you are one of the most selfish people i know, IDPs from RV have refused to go back to their homes, yet Nation is reporting that their own relatives have rejected them...Na bado munakaa ngumu for once think beyond, I, ME and Myself wacheni hiyo ujinga...Those IDPs dont deserve the life they are leaving right now at all


Anonymous said...


Phil said...


1. Our attention has been drawn to a statement attributed to Amb.
Francis K. Muthaura, Permanent Secretary/ Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Public Service on March 10 2008. This statement has caused shock and alarm amongst ODM supporters.

2. The Grand Coalition Government is to be established between PNU
and ODM as a result of a mediation exercise facilitated by a Panel of
Eminent Persons namely; H.E. Kofi Annan, President Benjamin Mkapa and
H.E. Graca Machel, and with the goodwill and support of the
international community, Kenyans managed to transform an otherwise
dangerous conflict into an opportunity for national healing, peace and reconciliation.

3. The National Accord reflects the good will and positive attitude
of not only both our parties' leadership but also the genuine desire of all Kenyans.

4. Both ODM and PNU are in the process of ratifying the National
Accord through Parliament. They are doing so as equal partners.

5. Kenyans from all walks of life have expressed their unqualified
support for real power sharing as provided for in the National Accord.

6. Appropriate Bills have been published and will be tabled in
Parliament for debate this week. Their passage will entrench the
National Accord into our laws.

7. For avoidance of doubt, the National Accord provides as follows:
"The Prime Minister shall have authority to co-ordinate and supervise the execution of the functions and affairs of the Government, including those of Ministries."

8. It further provides that "the composition of the coalition
Government shall at all times reflect the relative Parliamentary
strength of the respective parties and shall at all times take into
account the principle of portfolio balance."

9. It also expressly provides for a 50-50 power sharing formula.
The power sharing is at two levels: Cabinet and Government, and that
include the Civil Service and Parastatals.

10. Any statement clarifying, interpreting or explaining the content of the National Accord must be jointly released by the two principals, namely President Kibaki and Honourable Raila Odinga.

11. The structure of the new Grand Coalition Government is being
worked on before it is announced to the public by the two principals.

12. Kenyans have begun the slow process of healing, reconciliation
and rebuilding their shattered lives. They will not accept to be
dragged back to the period of mayhem, violence and disruption by
retrogressive forces bent on resisting change.

13. Any other interpretation of the National Accord undermining,
circumventing or delaying its ratification, in both spirit and letter, is mischievous, unacceptable and must be rejected by all Kenyans.



10 March 2008

Anonymous said...

Phil - Thanks for the update @ 11.03. However, it would have been better if you posted it as a story. I almost missed it before going to bed.

Anonymous said...

The Muthauras of kenya can try their nonsense but we shall oblige them if war is what they want...........we have always been ready for this, let them not think that they took anyone by suprise.....The troops are in place let kibaki clarify that this is indeed his interpretation and then the games will begin this time its no rereat no surrunder.....

Anonymous said...

You soud bitter and threatening with some kind of military action. As an army officer you claim to be, don't you think it also the high time we implement regional/tribal balancing in the forces too?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

The full text of the agreement as follows:


The crisis triggered by the 2007 disputed presidential election has brought to the surface deep-seated and long-standing divisions within Kenyan society. If left unaddressed, these divisions threaten the very existence of Kenya as a unified country. The Kenyan people are now looking to their leaders to ensure that their country will not be lost.

Given the current situation, neither side can realistically govern the country without the other. There must be real power-sharing to move the country forward and begin the healing and reconciliation process.
With this agreement, we are stepping forward together, as political leaders, to overcome the current crisis and to set the country on a new path. As partners in a coalition government, we commit ourselves to work together in good faith as true partners, through constant consultation and willingness to compromise.

This agreement is designed to create an environment conducive to such a partnership and to build mutual trust and confidence. It is not about creating positions that reward individuals. It seeks to enable Kenya’s political leaders to look beyond partisan considerations with a view to promoting the greater interests of the nation as a whole. It provides the means to implement a coherent and far-reaching reform agenda, to address the fundamental root causes of recurrent conflict, and to create a better, more secure, more prosperous Kenya for all.To resolve the political crisis, and in the spirit of coalition and partnership, we have agreed to enact the National Accord and Reconciliation Act 2008, whose provisions have been agreed upon in their entirety by the parties hereto and a draft copy is appended hereto.

Its key points are:

1. There will be a Prime Minister of the Government of Kenya, with authority to coordinate and supervise the execution of the functions and affairs of the Government of Kenya.

2. The Prime Minister will be an elected member of the National Assembly and the parliamentary leader of the largest party in the National Assembly, or of a coalition, if the largest party does not command a majority.

3. Each member of the coalition shall nominate one person from the National Assembly to be appointed a Deputy Prime Minister.

4 The Cabinet will consist of the President, the Vice-President, the Prime Minister, the two Deputy Prime Ministers and the other Ministers. The removal of any Minister of the coalition will be subject to consultation and concurrence in writing by the leaders.

5. The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers can only be removed if the National Assembly passes a motion of no confidence with a majority vote.

6. The composition of the coalition government will at all times take into account the principle of portfolio balance and will reflect their relative parliamentary strength.

7. The coalition will be dissolved if the Tenth Parliament is dissolved; or if the parties agree in writing; or if one coalition partner withdraws from the coalition.

8. The National Accord and Reconciliation Act shall be entrenched in the Constitution. Having agreed on the critical issues above, we will now take this process to Parliament. It will be convened at the earliest moment to enact these agreements. This will be in the form of an Act of Parliament and the necessary amendment to the Constitution.

We believe by these steps we can together in the spirit of partnership bring peace and prosperity back to the people of Kenya who so richly deserve it.

Re item 7 in Anangwe's statement. He has added his own text to what is in the agreement which reads:

"There will be a Prime Minister of the Government of Kenya, with authority to coordinate and supervise the execution of the functions and affairs of the Government of Kenya."

Where does the agreement read the phrase "including those of Ministries"? Nowhere! Anangwe is trying to sneak in his own interpretation which is not recognized under the terms of the agreement and which as are as clear as daylight.

Anonymous said...

They can twist, lie, spin or whatever way they do it. The people who are not from Lesotho are watching and we know what we want. Executive powers on PM THAT ARE REAL. By the end of the day this kikuyu people have to learn to keep their words, to be trusted. How are we gonna start the healing process if we are dealing with hyenas in a goats coat? We need our Kikuyu brothers and sisters to be truthful to themselves or start practicing to be genuine and truthful if at all by nature they are not. This one they can not win. Unless really they are decided to govern themselves in their own republic.

Kheng.Fu said...

These guys are just testing to see how far they can push Kenyans. What business has Muthaura got commenting on issues about his superiors he forgot to tell us where he is slotted in his view of the government.

Anonymous said...

Yes i echo the words of ODM, any other interpretation whether by the errand boy Muthaura, or the loud mouthed Karua that is bent on circumventing or delaying its ratification in both spirit and letter is mischievious, unacceptable and will be rejected by all like minded kenyans, and again i repeat if it is the GEMA Mps who are playing hardball may they be banished to Central province and from thier they can continue exercising their power and authority....When will they realize that Kenya is for all of us and it is greater than them? When will they realize that you can never govern people by force? People started accepting Kibs just coz of the peace deal.......Otherwise atashangaa


Anonymous said...

Muthaura and his tribal pals in PNU will look like a piece of garbage the Cat threw away when kenyans are through with them!

Anonymous said...

What Muthaura did shows how complex a government is, obviously he is given certain leeway in deciding what to brief the press, but probably no one even checked it, including ODM guys, who frankly should be there like hawks, I wouldnt trust the govt to do anything considering the bills havent even passed through yet! And its not fair to say GEMA MP's are all hardliners, obviously its just some of them, damn! even GEMA's have their moderates, kweni you think every GEMA person goes aroung trying to derail everything? Doesnt work like that... even if PNU have lost the most and happen to be full of GEMA's

forest said...

I know you might fail to post this comment because it sounds too harsh but here goes:

I am deeply ashamed of being a Kenyan because it seems someone cast a spell of tribal hatred into our blood. When I read statements like "these Kikuyus cannot keep their words.. etc"

How foolish are you to think that you will benefit as a Luo when Kikuyus keep their word i.e. when Raila successfully becomes powerful? It will not mean a THING to you, all you short-sighted fellows.

I am a Kikuyu and I don't give a hoot about my tribe. Kibaki is a selfish glutton plus his pathetic kitcheners. No wonder Dr. Watson recently said that Africans have tiny I.Q.s and I fully agree with him. You think you are of the same tribe as Raila, but let me tell you one thing you poor, miserable freak. Raila belongs to the tribe called RULING CLASS or you can call it the RICH if you want. He never thinks about you guys. Otherwise he would have advised you not to destroy your properties etc recently, he would also have told you guys to stop wife inheritance and all that archaic rubbish because it'l kill you. But because his capital is your stupidity, mantain status quo. Go ahead and even die for him.

Anonymous said...

I'm I missing a point or did Raila not say (Last weeks Newsline) that the VP remains leader of government business?

Did he not also allude to the fact that while the VP remains LOGB, Parliament might soon adopt the 'Prime Minister Questions Time' just as it is in the British Parliamentary practice ?

Finally is it not Raila who said that the President remains Head of State and Government?

Correct me if i'm wrong, this does not sound fundamentally different from Muthaura's statement. On the 50/50 power sharing of Civil Service, I guess each camp is translating the accord to suit its own needs.

Anonymous said...

By kamalet

I have been able to see the Bill in the form it was released after 28th February.

This bill in its present format will be a constitutional headache to get through and only raises the possibility of it being rendered illegal by the high court as it is in various places inconsistent with the constitution.

Section 3(1) There shall be a Prime Minister of the Government of Kenya and two deputy prime ministers who shall be appointed by the President in accordance with this section

This section would need to be entrenched in the constitution since if these offices are not named in the constitution, then they can be read as subordinate to the offices established in the constitution, namely the President, the Vice President and cabinet ministers. Ideally then, unless the constitution is amended first before bringing this Act to the House, then the time lapse is enough for a smart alec to render this Section illegal.

The Act has constant reference to "the Coalition". Can this be construed to mean ODM? PNU is already in a written and agreed Coalition arrangement with ODM-K. I think that the PNU can and would be entitled to enlist the sipport of ODM-K and other parties to form that coalition in competition with ODM. If you read section 2 it becomes clear what this is all about:

The person to be appointed as Prime Minister shall be an elected member of the National Assembly who is the parliamentary leader of:

a) The political party that has the largest number of members in the National assembly or

b) a coalition of parties in the event that the leader of the political party that has the largest number of members of the National Assembly does not command the majority in the National Assemblly.

This means that ODM MUST enter into a coalition with another party to get the requisite majority of 112 seats in the house for the party to provide a Prime Minister. (Please read my earlier thread on how Raila can be stopped).

Duties of the Prime Minister:

a) He shall have authority to coordinate and supervise the execution of the functions and affairs of the Government of Kenya including those of ministries.

b) May assign duties to the deputy prime ministers including deputising for him

c) Shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the President or under any written law.

Nothing much really to this apart from the ambiguity of what happens to the role of the head of Public service who previously undertook the duties. If you read section C, then this seems to suggest a case of working together rather than sharing power if the duties of the PM are to be assigned by the President.

Section 4 (2) is even trickier:

In the formation of the coalition government, the persons appointed as ministers and assistant ministers from the political parties that are partners in the coalition other than the President's party shall be nominated by the parliamentary leader of the party in the coalition.

I suppose this takes care of Kalonzo, Uhuru and Kombo with their respective parties in coalition with PNU and the new entrant in the name of ODM.

Section 4(3) throws a spanner in the works!
The composition of the coalition government shall at all times reflect the relative parliamentary strengths of the respective parties and shall at all times take into account the principle of portfolio balance.

This means that Raila's ODM can by right demand to have the highest representation in the cabinet on account of this section as they are the parties with the largest number of member of the national assembly!

Section 4 (4) The office of the prime minister and deputy prime minister shall become vacant only if:

(c) the coalition is dissolved.

Section 6. The coalition shall stand dissolved if:

(c) one coalition partner withdraws from the coalition by a resolution of the highest decision making organ of the party in writing.

If you read my earlier view of who are the coalition partners to this Act, then rightfully, if Kalonzo's ODM-K was to leave the coalition (since they are in coalition and are not members of the President's party PNU), this could kill and dissolve the coalition! What about Uhuru's Kanu?

Section 8. This Act shall cease to applu upon dissolution of the tenth parliament, if the coalition is dissolved, or a new constitution is enacted whichever is earlier.

We all read about a referendum next year for a new constitution. It is unlikely that the new constitution will lead to a general election, so if the referendum endorses the new constitution, this will be the end of this arrangement.

Personal Views

I cannot believe that this Act was the result of the negotiations between the 8 people working with Koffi Annan. In that group were 4 prominent lawyers who would not have allowed for such an Act. My view is that the legality of what Kofi and his team were pushing is what led to suspension of the talks. Kofi and his team then drew up the agreement which Raila and Kibaki signed for the sake of Kenya.

It is an Act riddled with loopholes and illegal sections that other lawyers - including the speaker- will not entertain in the house. It also does not surprise me that some PNU hardliners are so quick to endorse the agreement upon which the Act is based. Question is - are they happy to hoodwink the nation that they support his knowing fully well that it is a bad Act? Will ODM seriuosly walk into this Act knowing it is flawed or will they reject it?

Today, James Orengo explained the difficulties they have as they cannot change the agreement of the principals (and I am hoping this was the reason for the meeting yesterday between the two) and the fact that it is not an Act that can be entrenched into the constitution in its present form.

Someone out there is playing with the minds of Kenyans!

Anonymous said...

The Act as presented and signed for by all the negotiating teams has been published in the local media. My initial reading is that they have not changed the wording of the Kofi Annan text.

I am not sure why you would like to think that we can go ahead with a flawed piece of legislation as the solution for this country. There should be no room for anyone to scuttle the law and its intentions, and if the intention was to "award" the PM position to Raila ( a point I do not have a problem with!), then it should be written in such a manner that there can not be mischief. If you look at the Agreement signed by the two, it refers to Kibaki as President and PNU leader. You and I know that PNU has Kibaki as the PNU member whilst the other 42 seats are representations of members of smaller parties that went into a corporate agreement taken care of by the political parties bill just before the elections. So what happens to those in Kanu or Narc-k who are in some coalition with PNU?

There is a huge difference between Kibaki and Raila negotiation and coming to an agreement and a specific law that does not narrow the issues to the two politicians. That Adongo is the Act. Read it and digest it. When it is challenged in court, it will not be a case for argument that the Act intended Kibaki and Raila to have a cosy arrangement - it will be read and implemented as understood.

It is a pity that you think the politicians have any thought for Kenyans and hence would think about your relatives in Nyanza or mine in Njoro. When they initiated the mayhem after the elections, they were thinking of their positions rather than your and my well being.

I am surprised that you actually think the law in its form means that Kimunya or any other is answerable to Raila. Just what do you understand about "supervise and coordinate" when it comes to the relationship between Raila and ministers he has not appointed and cannot sack? The most he can do to an unco-operative minister is to report him to Kibaki and hope that Kibaki does something. He cannot run to parliament and tell them, "guys, I am sorry I cannot give you and answer because Kalonzo Musyoka refuses to give me the information". That is recipie for a government shambles. To me such a clause only makes him a lame duck PM and that is what I am quarelling.

Finally. I agree with you that the deal is between ODM and PNU and that is fair to say. However, the Act cannot and does not mention ODM in name and the closes that PNU comes to being names is when in section 4(2) reference is made to the President's party. The Act its present form includes Kalonzo, Uhuru, Kombo, Ngily and Mwau for kicks as they will be deamed to be parliamentary leaders in their own right and with legal capability to form a coalition!

I am convinced that the mumblings are genuine and I would honestly be suprised if ODM members do not raise their own concerns about the law.

Raising concerns about the law in its present form should not be seen only on the basis of killing the deal. In my mind I think it should be seen in the light of ensuring that it is strengthened to keep the deal alive. It is pointless to agree on something that can die "LEGALLY" in a few weeks, simply because some of us are too eager to see a PM from our party. I do not think Raila wants to be PM for the sake of his ego - it must be driven by a higher yearning for the country. Consequently, if the law is flawed and it denies him that opportunity because he was in a rush to become PM, the loss apart from being his will be to the country!

Unfortunately, the legal teams did not change anything in the draft bill of 28th February and the entire negotiating team have appended their signatures to this flawed piece of legislation.

You say millions of Kenyan would not wish to be taken for a ride. After you read the draft Bill, I hope you will see where I am coming from and realise the gaping loopholes can only be deliberate.

I think you need to study a bit of law. It is the role of courts to determine the unconstitutionality of any Act of parliament. If they do, the make reference to the constutition which will make that law null and void to the extent that it is inconsistent with the constitution. Parliament makes the laws and that is the extent of its supremacy.

Anonymous said...


Anne-marie said...

I'm beginning to think there are people in government who will not be satisfied until there is total war and chaos in Kenya. I don't mean to be a harbinger of doom but really...why would he release such a statement unless he really doesn't care about Kenya???

Anonymous said...

There is still the option of the Lesotho idea, at all times Kibs and his henchmen should remember that....
On a personal note irrespective of what Deroo, Kimmi, Karua and other PUNU stalwarts say or think about RAO's new position and what he gave and did not give, I hope all Kenyans will constantly remind their MP's that the geanda for this gava is:

We do not care if the thief is the head of the Stolen govt or Judas Musyoka is the leader of stolen govt biz as long as we get above reforms in a year's time.
Once this is done then they will know what it means '' Usifikiri Simba imenyeshewa ukafikiri ni paka''.
If we do not get above three we go back to the Lesotho idea... kwani tunawambelezea nini hawa watu???

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikonnen, Deroo and others,

Please tell us what you understand by the word 'government' in that context.

Having asked that, let's take a worst case scenario by accepting All that you have said here.

Now i want to ask you several questions;

1. Can Kibaki also play around with USA, EU, UK and others and get away with it. Initially you people said USA was supporting him. Then what the hell happened?

2. Isn't ODM still having Parliamentary majority enough to pass a vote of no confidence in the government. This motion just needs a week's notice and suimple majority.

3. What would happen if ODM under such circumstances of passing vote of no confidence in government instructs their supporters to return all MPs as they are - No nominations in their strong holds.

4. Can you please tell us what made Kibaki sign the deal even after refusing for close to a month. Do you know? Or can you guess correctly for our sake?

5. Isn't it Raila who floored Moi. Isn't he the one who floored Kibaki even when word was that he is unelectable.

I'm an ODM Supporter but one thing I know for sure is this: You cannot predict what Raila Odinga will do or say next. The guy is sophisticated and ever one step beyond most of you here.

Just watch this space here and we may soon confirm.


Anonymous said...

Anne - Marie,

That's cute. It's a first. We need to know kila mtu.

I'll try and follow soon.




Kheng.Fu said...

Guys the Vatican after looking at our parliamentarians introduced a set of Cardinal Sins Coz our GAVA is too Much!!!

....... 4. Polluting the environment; 5. Contributing to widening divide between rich and poor; 6. Excessive wealth; 7. Creating poverty.

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