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Friday, March 21, 2008

Converting a Born-Again Over Easter

It is Good Friday today. Sister Mary Ann works with the aged in one of the church-sponsored homes in Nairobi. This Easter Friday she is driving to visiting home bound patients when all over a sudden she runs out of fuel. Luckily enough an Oil Libya petrol was just a kilometre away.

So Sister Mary Ann walks to the station to borrow a jerrycan can and buy some gas. Rasta, the attendant respectfully apologizes by telling her that the only container they owned had just been loaned out but she could wait until it was returned if she didn’t mind.

Since it was almost lunch hour and Sister Mary Ann wanted to deliver her presents over lunch, she chose not to wait and walked back to her car. She looked for any container in her car that she could use to carry fuel and spotted the bedpan she was taking to one of the beg-bound patients.

So the resourceful Sister Mary Ann carries the bedpan to the petrol station and have it filled it unleaded super fuel. She delicately balances the full bedpan back to her car and as
she pours the gas into her tank, two born-again Christians Karish and Waf watch in amazement across the street at.

Bewildered Karish turns to Waf and declares emphatically, "If the car starts, I'm converting to Catholic straightaway."


Anonymous said...

This guy is indeed 'total man'! totally untouchable by the kenyan govt and western countries. why are his assets around the globe left untouched? And still, we need to know who really killed robert ouko? who pulled the trigger or are the rumours true? kweli greed knows no bounds, something needs to be done to prove we are all equal under the law. the joke so far, is on you and me!

Anonymous said...

Kenya is the true definition of a banana republic, anything and everything goes. The way they are amassing wealth, you would think that is the gateway to heaven.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree on this - he might be 'untouchable' by the Kenyan Government but not by the Western countries who have asked many times before to lift his immunity including Scotland Yard who have named him as the main suspect of the Ouko-killing.

But he was protected - first by Moi who even denied John Troon to ever question him and then also by the Kibaki Regime who refused to lift his 'immunity' as Member of Parliament.

Reasons for all this: Biwott was and is so clever to associate himself with he leading class - and this includes even the Prince of Wales and his 'associates' in the Mossad (the Israeli Secret Service).

Anonymous said...

ai..........are these comments in the wrong thread?!!

Taabu said...

Mrembo you are not lost they are. You seepeople don't fail exams becasue they are idiots but they chose to set their own questions instead of answering what is before them. And to ice the cake now kuna top-up marks for the right schools and candidates. This is Kenya for Kenyans.

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