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Friday, February 22, 2008

Hopes Fade, Mediation Team Takes Weekend Adjournment

Kenya's 'de facto president' Raila Odinga, of the popular Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

It now appears that the deep divisions regarding the powers of the proposed Prime Minister's post have driven the weary mediation team apart and in effect left very little hopes for a political deal between ODM and PNU anytime soon.

No deal? Kenyans brace for the worst!

By the time the talks adjourned late Friday evening, hopes for a deal announcement quickly evaporated when neither Annan nor his spokesperson showed up at the press briefing. Media houses who have set up permanent camps (complete with OB vans and satellite) at Serena Hotel were disppointed when Annan failed to show up. The press have been forced to work in shifts so as to keep a 24 hour vigil at the five star hotel where the talks are taking place.

An optimistic and upbeat Annan last addressed a press conference accompanied by US secretary of state Condi Rice a couple of days ago. It looks like the agreement that was apparently 'signed' by the warring parties in Kilanguni lodge last Friday is already being disregarded. How is Annan taking all this?

To add insult to injury, this morning, the ODM captain Raila Odinga (pictured) skipped an appointment with Jean Ping, the new chairman of the African Union (executive) Commission. That was after the PNU team needlessly kept Kofi Annan, his eminent persons panel and the ODM team waiting for five hours after taking an early break (buying time) yesterday to attend, sic, the funeral of the man who set-up the infamous Nyayo House torture chambers and the brainchild behind Kenya's biggest scam of all time - Goldenberg International. That man was known as James Kanyotu.

Jean Ping was met by Uhuru Kenyatta on arrival in Nairobi's JKI Airport and carefully shepherded to Kalonzo Musyoka's Harambee House office yesterday before meeting Mwai Kibai this morning. While the AU have not officially endorsed the PNU government, their behavior and amateurish actions clearly show which side they fall on. During Mr. Ping's visit, ODM were kept out of the picture as was Annan and his team. Ironically, Annan is in Kenya under the AU auspices. Perhaps this tightly and remote-controlled itinerary may have probably upset the ODM and made them send a junior team to meet Jean Ping.

Although Raila was reportedly flown to Nigeria on chartered jet, no official in Abuja nor Lagos can confirm his presence in Nairaland. The Nigerian foreign affairs minister is not aware of Raila's visit. In a nutshell, Raila's whereabouts - Kenya's de facto president - is publicly unknown. What is going on?

Both PNU and ODM teams reportedly emerged from Serena Hotel late Friday evening saying that they were giving each other the weekend for consultations and would resume talks on Monday. Kofi Annan was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, state intimidation moved to another level when ODM pointman in Uasin Gishu Jackson Kibor spent the second night in police custody after police announced they would arraign him in court on murder charges. Family, doctor and lawyers have been barred from seeing the 72 year-old diabetic Kibor. This afternoon, Kibor was subject of a heated argument between ODM legislators and journalists who had gone to cover the ODM Parliamentary Group meeting.


Steve said...

PNU and their dirty politics are taking this country to the very brink.

When I mentioned a few posts previously that the longer this takes, the more organized the militias become, I was admonished for being alarmist. Who's being alarmist now?

I hope Annan stops treating pnu with kid gloves now. There is too much at stake to be talking mediation. We need arbitration NOW, NOW, NOW!!!.

Jamaica-Kenyan said...

I come to aya the mighty people of Kenya. I and I born ina Kenya n mi mada and fada ran away to Jamaica. I come to aya di people of Kenya to tell al a dem wicked people to figo go to hell. Kenya right bout now is led by sons of bitches, sons of wicked Babylon, the sodomite. The last time I and I comeith to Kenya was 2006 and mi mada and I would never come again. I salute thy warriors who are fighting against that bloodglad regime sisedem kibaki.

One o the other di people of Kenya, ya fini need a coup. The momasucking creature kial kibaki never bow down. Marcus Garvey said that all immoral lords shall be disobeyed. Never get weary Kenya.

Jah Jah guide aya.

Anonymous said...

This has been one hell of a roller coaster ride.

Kenyans, this is the price we must pay for democracy.

Anonymous said...

Annan appears to be holding steady.

He has told both parties to deal with outstanding issues over the weekend and return on Monday read to sign an agreement.

Anonymous said...

As an American,When you rig an election, you shouldn't be surprised when anarchy is the answer.i dont know whats next!!! God bless kenya.

Mimi nalala na silaha yangu chini ya my mattres.

Anonymous said...

With the rigged election, Kenyans have all the right to go at war this time.....roll in guys....

Anonymous said...

Let constitutional reform start NOW!

An executive P. Minister as ODM demands or civil disobedience next week!!!!!!!!!


deroo said...

Everybody arrested has for subversion has medical complications. Kibor will be sorted out. I wish the government does it fast to allay fears and rumours. Before the rumourmills start operation.

Phil, it is not done until one puts pen on paper. Kilaguni was an MPs Day out or Breakaway. Until the day they sighn the things and you read it, keep on guessing.

AU's job is not to endorse governments. Within AU, apart from Southern Africa, the whole continent is burning. they do not even know ehere to start from. Congo, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Chad, Algeria etc.

When it was OAU, they elected, IDI AMIN as chairman at the height of the butcher in Uganda!


Anonymous said...

It's good Kibor has been caught,
one down, maore to follow till we get to RUTO!

Sam Okello said...

Thanks for the update, Phil. As time has gone by, it has become clearer to the world who has Kenya's interests at heart. Just look how far ODM and the captain have climbed down to make things work. What PNU and Kibaki has done is to rub their impunity in our face. But if there is one thing history teaches us, it's that people like Kibaki always end up losers...because however long it takes, evil never wins. It never wins in the movies, in the novels and in real life.

We shall overcome!

Anonymous said...

Strange things are going on.

Is Kibor being persecuted for allegedly masterminding the violence. If the government has evidence to this effect, why not take him to court directly. The timing of the whole thing doesnt sound right. The whole thing will increase tension in Eldoret. Kenyans are not seeking to heighten tensions, instead they are seeking a return to normalcy.

I believe Kenyans should expect the(proverbial) worst but hope for the best as far as the mediation is concerned. Part of the reason PNU doesn't want to give real powers to the PM is because they fear they will be prosecuted for their misdeads(such as funding mungiki, electoral offences, police brutality, standard raid, PNU link to crime that was about to be exposed by Standard, grand corruption), in the same way that they are prosecuting Kibor. It is widely believed there is adequate evidence to send many PNU and alliesto Kamiti. The other reason is of course that they are waiting to enrich themselves by buying into Safaricom during the "IPO".There is real fear of what will happen should PNU lose power.

Whatever PNU does, they CANNOT be in power forever and its only a matter of time before they get what they deserve.

I think Raila did the right thing in ignoring AU. AU had a chance to do the right thing during the conference in Etheopia but they blew. ODM has nothing to gain from talking to AU.

Anonymous said...

Raila is in SA

But wait a minute. Did you say Nigeria's Forein Minister is not aware of Raila's planned visit to Nigeria? Why should he? Raila is not an official of the Kenyan government. He is a nobody in Kenya. Nigeria's foreign ministry is not notified of all the persons arriving in Abuja. If Pius Muiru were to visit Uganda today, it would be delusional for him to expect the foreign affairs minister there to be aware he is in town. That would surely be an idle foreign affairs minister.

Anonymous said...


stay in jamaica,

I'd rather live in kenya anyday than Jamaica...

Jamaica too much crime and too grimy!

Steve said...

Phil, does this illegitimate government realize that any gains that have been made in the last 40 years (however sporadic) could be lost in a matter of months (if not weeks)?

I imagine Raila and his team have come to realize the insincerity of this administration and he is doing Kenyans a huge favour lobbying for support within Africa. If there are no significant concessions by Tuesday, it would not surprise me if the EU brings on sanctions, and processes are put in place to remove Kenya from the Commonwealth. Given the volatility, the other distinct possibility is a military takeover - which would set Kenya back several decades.

PNU’s intransigence is unbelievable. It seems like they want to take Kenya down with them. This is a dangerous game with no winners. There is still time to save the day. Will the moderates in PNU speak up before it’s too late?

Anonymous said...

Check out today's Daily Nation pg 6, last column. Salim Lone says about the alleged death threats published in this blog-

"The Kumekucha website's contents have a certain credibility but there are clear falsehoods in the story...But the writer of the article, who clearly knows alot about me, could easily have obtained my phone number or email to establish the basic facts!"

Chris, over to you as this blog's credibility is put on the spot in a national media.

Anonymous said...

Firstly Jackson Kibor should be released.
Nowadays it's become quite simple to predict PNU moves..there is no strategic plan in their actions except holding onto power even if by the whiskers and threads...apparently they have no ideas left BUT abuse the power vested unto them constitutionally...the use of Brute Force on innocent civilians seeking justice from a rejected regime will NEVER wish away the thorns deeply rooted in PNU flesh!
Delaying tactics,death threats,court threats,gagging of the media,TAPPING KOFFI ANNAN'S ROOM.....making sulky faces at opponents ..wasting tax payers fuel on trailing ODM leaders is yielding only NEGATIVE press for this country abroad!
The reality..Kenyans know the truth,they already knew the outcome,this is just a bargain to keep the country in peace and stability!
The Rumour Mills are ROLLING at full capacity...the rumours are everywhere....lets hear them because usually where there is SMOKE its Kibaki and his fellow goons burning in the FIRE he started!

Anonymous said...

Release Kibor.
PNU tactics are easy to predict!Apprently they have banked on issuing threats to get results!They cannot AVOID getting their hands dirty!Their hands are already soiled with the deaths of 1000 Kenyans!
The threats against anyone that basically SAYS THE TRUTH is unjustified.Threats against Maathai,Kiai, news reporters, tapping Koffi Annans room, making sulky faces will only yield negative press and add misery and pain to an already wounded country!
the RUMOUR MILLS are spinning...we have to listen because where there is SMOKE there is Kibaki burning in a FIRE that he STARTED and ARROGANTLY continues to FUEL!

Anonymous said...

Creditors are up in arms. Some foreigners invested heavily in Raila's delusional ventures. So he has gone to try to reschedule the repayments of these dues. It is not going to be easy because the understandingg of these sharks was that he was after the Presidency and not PM. He tried to delay the inevitable claiming lack of air fare so they sent him a charter plane. On the home front it is no better; his troops are restless demanding to be shown the fruits of the blood they have shed before they are called to the streets for a second round of bloody sacrifice. I tell you, I would never wish my worst enemy to be in this guy's shoes. But again, in life you get what you bargain for.

Anonymous said...

@ Jamaica-kenyan: No comment.

That was an informative post.I really wonder what is going on - no ODM or PNU insider to tell us?
On another issue: Esther Passaris and the incomplete Nominated Councillors List. What happened? Did the Pentagon screw her over or is Uhuru conferring on himself powers he doesn't have i.e editing party nominees? As always, PNU does the unthinkable: i mean mayoral elecctions are on Monday ant the 'Mayor in Wating' is not a councillor - am sure on Tuesday, Uhuru will profusely apologise for the oversight and gazzette her name - but PNU would have achieved their goal.

Anonymous said...

why are u blocking OUR COMMENTS!
I LOVE THE BLOG BUT WE MUST ALSO PARTICIPATE.otherwise you will be forcing YOUR OPINIONS DOWN THE THROATS of readers of this blog!
if you filter all comments the site loses its CREDIBILTY!
give us our free space to VOICE OUR OPINIONS!UNATUFUNGIA!you will lose us!
Charles Nairobi

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.06.
What IS so DELUSIONAL about winning an election EMPHATICALLY!500.000 votes to be exact!
Still let me get you up to speed here!
1.ODM supporters are fed up with the cheap, archaic,BOUND TO BACKFIRE delaying tactics by PNU and its one sided,WE- ARE- LUCKY- HE- STOLE moderators.
2.ODM supporters wanted to go back to the streets TWO WEEKS AGO,but were held back at the last minute due to talks.IF the rally is called on Wednesday...this country will come 2 a standstill on Wednesday AND YOU WILL NOT GO TO WORK!
3.No-one really cares about Railas bank accounts except PNU-negatives who instead of concentrating on the talks look to scuttle every attempted effort.
4.The world from the EU-UN-world bank,including the leader of the free world,await the outcome of these talks,SWALLOW THE BITTER PILL!We are here to stay-LONG TERM!

Anonymous said...

William Kipchirchir Samoei arap Ruto is young, sexy, charismatic and stinking rich. He is a politician, a leader and a businessman. All these cast into one, add that to him being dangerously sharp and witty and you know why the hate groups are swelling in like manner. Ruto is a good orator and he belongs to a generation in the Kalenjin community that prides itself for courage. The Kaplelach generation is one full cycle complete after the previous one which was represented by none other than Koitalel Samoei, the Nandi Orkoiyot.

Those who like the man do so with religious reverence. Those who hate him are equally passionate about their feelings. The haters have brought a new dimension to Ruto-phobia. There is now a sustained media and cyber-campaign to tarnish the man who can articulate his position without fear. He is unfairly linked to the post election violence.

But why do Gema and PNU-leaning politicians loathe Ruto? The man is one of the brains behind the Orange Movement that would later transformed into the political party that won the 2007 election in Kenya. An astute team player, Ruto would later help strike a regional deal to solidify the Western Kenya Alliance of Luhya, Kalenjin and Luo communities in ODM while solidifying Coast and North Eastern regions to the surprise of many a political pundit.

Ruto is widely perceived by GEMA (Gikuyu, Embu, Meru) hardliners as a representation of a resurgence and virulent independence of an ill-perceived Kalenjin hegemony and a quest to establish an autonomous Western Kenya jimbo, which, according to them, will engage in the business of driving away non-indigenous communities (read Kikuyu) from parts of Rift Valley. He is feared, in fact loathed. This does not wash; not in Rift Valley. The people of Rift Valley see a leader they trust.

The Mt. Kenya Mafia planned to use former President Moi in the Kibaki 2007 re-election campaigns to marshal the rich vote-basket Rift Valley for the bandit president. It was a tragedy. William Ruto, the ODM pointman of the Rift Valley held a mammoth rally in Moi’s Kabarnet backyard where he engaged him in a barrage of slur. Mzee Moi has never recovered from the humiliation he faced. Ruto led a strong campaign against Moi’s three sons Gideon Moi, Jonathan Toroitich and Raymond Moi and his protege, John Lokorio, who were contesting for parliamentary seats in Koibatek and Baringo districts. They all lost. Moi’s attempt to reach out to the people of Rift Valley to support Kibaki was met with rage and fervent resistance, with the province instead throwing its weight behind Mr Ruto.

The man was also in charge of the troops that fell the Goliath of Keiyo South Nicholas Biwott. The GEMA operatives then shifted their base to Bomet, Kericho and Nandi, hiring crowds to attend PNU rallies using Kalenjiin traitors Salat, Sang, Kimeto, Tarus and Barngetuny. They were shocked at the stanch and following ODM enjoyed from the community. By December 27, Ruto had rendered Moi permanently irrelevant in Rift Valley politics. Moi now spends most of his time in hospitals. The last time I heard of him he was seeing Dr. Silverstein, after spending weeks in Germany in the winter.

When parliament was summoned by bandit Kibaki, Ruto treated the house to brave theatrics which have only been a preserve of lawyers. In the ensuing stalemate following the stolen presidency, Ruto was conscripted to provide bedrock support at the mediation. Even after a sub-committee was constituted to fine-tune a power-sharing arrangement, ODM did not flood the team with lawyers as did PNU. Ruto, a peace-maker and strategist was in the core team that is driving the details of a transitional power-sharing pending proper elections.

And as the talks edge towards conclusion, it is becoming clear that power sharing is the only option out of the deadlock. Who knows who Raila Odinga may pick for the post of Prime Minister to fight the ‘wars’ in the House as he consolidates his troops for a grand election without the black-and-blue President Kibaki who many think may not be contesting for the presidency in two years? Watch this space.

Unfortunate attempts have been made to link Mr Ruto to an unfortunate torching of a Church in his Eldoret North Constituency. In fact PNU has attempted to link the key leaders of the ODM party to the mayhem in the country. That violence was spontaneous and it was reported in other places. If those who claim that Ruto organized the arson in Eldoret were sincere, what would they say about the Mungiki arson of 20 Luos in Naivasha? Were they funded by the area Kanu-MP, Hon. John Michael Njenga Mututho?

Ruto represents the future of Kalenjiin leadership and to attempt to link him to genocide is an attempt to drag the whole community into a needless strife with the illegitimate regime of Mwai Kibaki. The Kalenjiin will not take it lying down.

Kali said...


i BETTER MENTION THIS TO OUR ODM SUPPORTERS AND ALL OTHER BLOGGERS - POST IT ON HAVE YOUR SAY ON BBC- we can't let one sided posts to be posted supporting only PNU - our people depend on us to post the truth out!!on all the blogs
jukwaa,,,,, gerald baraza's blog, odm stockholm blog, rcbowen (sometimes), ntv,,kuna wengi., all this blogs allow bloggers to have thier opinions without taking sides.

very sad day for Kumekucha showing it's true colours- I guess Martha Karua already got to you like she did with Mashada! but Mashada is now back and thing it has decided Kenyans are allowed to have opinions so long as they are not abusive I.e threatening death or inciting people to kill each other- the rest it is political opinions and I respect Mashada for that.

Kumekucha you started with respect and that is why you got 1million hits but now you will go down in history like Kibaki!! disgrace and shame on you!!

SamWaithaka said...

I've not been around for long. but I've been praying for the posterity of Kenya. Let's all have HOPE.
I want to comment about the ongoing mediation efforts (I believe it's still mediation). What honorable Karua and others seems to be saying is this ,"Yes, we've heard and seen that you're killing yourselves, and Kenya is going down fast but there's a more important issue: The constitution. This is very uncomfortable. It's very self centered. But as i said, let's have hope that things will work out for Kenya. And let's pray.

Anonymous said...

Sam Waithaka, that's the PRAYER that Karua and her ilk need to be PRAYING. There will be no Kenya to govern, or arrogant attitudes to flaunt if they do not read the mood on the ground and the writing on the wall. I bet you in a million years, they did not anticipate this, they thought that things would quell down after a week or two. There is nothing as strong as a will of a people and an IDEA whose time has come. God save Kenya.

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