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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Stop Press: Eton-educated PR Consultant May Have Been Behind Hate-Pamphlets

Kumekucha’s stand on violence and muzzling of the press in Kenya

The influential Times Online has just reported that a PR Consultant Marcus Courage masterminded the re-election campaign of Mwai Kibaki. Courage previously promoted Bob Geldof’s Live 8 campaign to tackle poverty in Kenya.

The Times says that Kibaki now faces possible EU sanctions for alleged vote rigging.

As head of Kibaki’s communication team it is believed that Courage may have been directly responsible of hate pamphlets against Raila Odinga that were widely distributed in the Rift Valley but seem to have had no effect.

Courage has also been accused of accepting corrupt funds as payment for his work in Kenya. A recent United Nations sponsored report has said that at least 25 % of Kibaki’s estimated 4.8 million sterling pounds campaign kitty was funded from monies siphoned from the State.

Read full Times article


Anonymous said...

Oooh, kumbe. And why was PNU so upset when ODM hired Dick? Is it that Dick was more experienced than Courage? And they dared say that Kenya had well trained consultants!!! Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

I pray for justice to prevail.
In the meantime, if you are calling Kenya check out the STI card at It has some of the best rates: Over 3 hrs on a land line and about 50 minutes to a cell phone from the States to Kenya.

papa plus said...

Why is there such deafening silence from retired president Moi? Wapi baba wa taifa number 1?

Pensive said...

Kenyans For Peace, Truth, Justice
We speak in the name of Kenya's governance, human rights and legal organizations, as well as the concerned citizens who have contacted and chosen to work with us over the last week.

We strongly condemn the violence that has erupted across the country following the questionable outcomes of the counting and tallying done under the electoral process. We express our deepest sympathy to all those who have been injured, raped or killed, those who have lost property, those who have been internally displaced as well as those who continue to live in fear. We are only too acutely aware that the survivors and victims continue to be those with the most to lose from the violence as well as those who least deserve to experience it—Kenya's impoverished women and men in both low-income urban areas as well as in rural areas.

We are aware that the violence experienced has taken three primary forms. First, disorganized protest at the supposed results of the presidential tally. Second, instigated and organized militia activity particularly in the Rift Valley, but also through the re-activation of Mungiki in Central and Nairobi and, now,Chinkororo in Nyanza. And third, extraordinary use of force by Kenya's Police Force and General Service Unit to the extent of extrajudicial executions violating the most fundamental of freedoms and human rights—the rights to life and the safety and security of persons. We strongly condemn all three forms.

We note that the violence experienced is being used to legitimize the curtailing of the most basic of freedoms and human rights—the freedoms of expression, assembly and association. These freedoms and human rights are guaranteed by international law, regional law and our own Constitution. They must be upheld at all times—especially as the exercise of these freedoms and human rights is the only way for Kenyans to legally and legitimately express their protest at the alleged presidential outcome of the electoral process. We believe that the repression and suppression of legal and legitimate forms of protest can only perpetuate further violence.

It is also clear to us that, at the heart of the violence now being experienced, is a violation of other fundamental freedoms and rights directly related to the electoral processes. It is clear that the electoral anomalies and malpractices experienced during the counting and tallying of our electoral process were so grave as to alter its outcomes. Some of those electoral anomalies and malpractices were, in addition, illegal—thus rendering the supposed presidential outcome not only illegitimate but also illegal. We therefore consider Mwai Kibaki to be in office still on his first term.

Our hope lies in Kenyans standing up against the travesty that has been made of the electoral process. Our hope lies in Kenyans who have, at great personal risk, and without regard to ethnicity, on principle provided security, shelter and safe passage to those Kenyans targeted by the militia activity in the Rift Valley and elsewhere. We note the domestic humanitarian efforts coordinated by the National Council of Churches of Kenya with statistical support from the Catholic Relief Services—efforts to which many individual Kenyans and Kenyan businesses have now associated themselves. We note too the domestic peace initiatives being worked on by Amani Focus, the 'Ibrahim group' (including Ambassador Kiplagat and General Sumbweiyo) and Peacenet. And we now invite other concerned citizens to join the 'peace through truth and justice' efforts being carried out by domestic governance, human rights and legal organizations.

In particular, we would like to call on:

1. All efforts and initiatives to consistently stress that peace cannot and will not be achieved without electoral truth and justice;

2. All Kenyans to stand up to be counted not just for peace but also for electoral truth and justice;

3. The state to respect and uphold the rights to the freedoms of expression, assembly and association so as to ensure Kenyans protest only legally, legitimately and non-violently;

4. All politicians and political parties to immediately desist from the re-activation, support and use of militia organizations such as those active in the Rift Valley, Mungiki and Chinkororo;

5. The Ministry of Internal Security, the Police Force and the General Service Unit to exercise their duties within the boundaries of the Constitution and the law and desist from any extraordinary use of force and, in particular, extrajudicial executions;

6. The Electoral Commission of Kenya to immediately resign for having participated in and condoned a presidential electoral process so flawed as to result in our nation's current crisis;

7. African states and the rest of the international community to pressurize for mediation between the Party of National Unity and the Orange Democratic Movement on addressing the electoral travesty that has occurred;

8. The mediation process to, as its first priority, agree upon an interim electoral oversight body to conduct a forensic audit into the polling, counting and tallying process with a view to recommending, depending on its findings, a re-count, a re-tallying or a re-run within a specified time period;

9. African states and the rest of the international community to, in the interim, deny official recognition to the man sworn in as President;

10. African states and the rest of the international community to immediately revoke any and all visas for any and all of the PNU's and ODM's leadership—as well as all of their immediate family members—to ensure they remain in this country to resolve the electoral travesty that has occurred;

11. The man sworn in as President to desist from announcing a Cabinet and otherwise aggravating and inflaming the current violence.


Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG)
Centre for Law and Research International (CLARION)
Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD)
Centre for Rights, Education and Awareness for Women (CREAW)
Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (CRECO)
East African Law Society (EALS)
Haki Focus
Hema la Katiba
Independent Medico-Legal Unit (IMLU)
Innovative Lawyering
Institute for Education in Democracy (IED)
International Commission of Jurists (ICJ-Kenya)
Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC)
Kenya Leadership Institute (KLI)
Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR)
Kituo cha Sheria
Media Institute
Muslim Human Rights Forum
National Constitution Executive Council (NCEC)
Society for International Development (SID)
Urgent Action Fund (UAF)-Africa
Youth Agenda

Silaha said...

DJ Kenya's Odinga: Prepared To Have Kibaki In Kenyan Govt -AFP

Sunday, January 06, 2008 8:39 AM

LONDON (AFP)--Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga Sunday told British Broadcasting Corp. television he was willing to incorporate President Mwai Kibaki in government in a bid to resolve the country's political crisis.

Odinga said he was willing to "walk the extra mile" and enter talks with Kibaki, though he didn't think he should be forced "at all costs" to bring him into an administration.

Odinga claims Kibaki rigged the Dec. 27 presidential election. Poll monitors said the vote-count was rife with irregularities, and more than 360 people died in election-related violence.

"We don't mind the issue of power sharing. But I want it to be known that the problem is to establish who the winner was on these elections," Odinga said, speaking from Kenya.

"I don't think that the winner must be forced at all costs to bring in the loser.

"But in order to resolve the crisis we are willing to talk and then in those processes I am willing to even incorporate Mr Kibaki in the government."

Odinga has rejected an offer made by Kibaki to form a unity cabinet.

papa plus said...

Here, here, Raila! The winner should definately lead the GK and not the loser. Thanks for standing up for the pillars and corner stones of democracy albeit in sub saharan africa.

Silaha said...

Kibaki sends envoys to Ghana & Tanzania

Deputy Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula had traveled to Ghana.

Uhuru Kenyatta delivered a message on Sunday to Jakaya Kikwete in Dar es Salaam

Per AFP: "A [TZ] government official, who requested anonymity, told AFP Kibaki was seeking backing from African leaders in the face of condemnation from Western nations that have highlighted irregularities in the poll counting process."

Anonymous said...

Frankly I don't see how you as kumekucha gain from been pro-ODM and anti-PNU.
The time for this exposes passed and we all participated in the propaganda war.all the tribal texts and emails..
I do not hold brief for kibaki-i know he stole the elections and he's hands have the blood of the dead and displaced.
As for raila-he had a chance to be mandela but he chose to be a tribal warlord.not saying he told people to embrace anarchy but he sure did not ask his supporters who killed,burnt and looted in his name to stop.his 'peaceful' rallies he keeps calling have not helped the quest of peace either.hearing him been called a saviour makes me want to throw up!
I notice you are still quiet on ruto and what his militia are doing to kikuyus.
Post on this and also ask self-proclaimed ODMer phil to share who ruto is.
Notice too you have not talked of the church burnt in eldoret..your views pls.
Still very unsatisfied by your blog but I am willing to be proven wrong.

jAnaM said...

you are right on all your sentiments. but what i don't get is your finger pointing at raila and ruto. They are involved in this only because they are ODM members and felt that they were robbed of their victory. i fail to get your point on your ruto accusations that he has militia killing our kikuyu brothers/sisters...can you please tell us more about this ruto -melitias thing? or is this propaganda you picked up? i hope not.
another point where i fail to understand is that....your accusation of raila being behind the torching of a church in eldoret,him being a warlord,him not trying to stop the chaos....unless you have not been following the news lately,you should have already know by now that,in many occasions raila and his team have been pleading with the masses to stop the chaos since day one. i am yet to get to know what has kibaki and his admin done, save for his chest thumping on dealing with those causing chaos sternly.we could go along way if we refused to be guided by our tribal leanings and start thinking constructively and collectively about our country. on that spirit i urging you and others to start thinking on solving kenya problems not kikuyu/luo/kalenjin/luhya/etc..etc. think about it. i don't care whether kibaki is a kalenjin, luo,kikuyu or luhya..the fact of the matter is, we should not let down our hard earned democracy to be soiled by some few cliques who careless about the wellbeing of the country. fairness,accountability,truthfullness and trust should rule the day and apply to all.and i ask you again to think about it.

Anonymous said...

chris phil, your familiar with abbo and mayaka....they have been found with some serious copyright issues!

Anonymous said...

one of them or atleast one in the tem is blogging in here. We know which one.

Silaha said...

"I refuse to be asked to give the Kenyan people an anesthetic so they can be raped."
Raila Amollo Odinga
This does not jive with "in many occasions raila and his team have been pleading with the masses to stop the chaos since day one".
Let's not try to be revisionist already.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki has brought us back to the dark days. He is solely responsible for chaos.

If he was a Catholic, a gentleman, a democrat and civilized he would have already resigned and paved way for a new presidential election. He studied in Europe and should understand a bit how democracy works.

Kenyan democracy should indeed be measured with that of Italy, French or Germany but NOT with Ghana. It is a shame that we are counting on Koufur to solve our problem. KIBAKI resign immediately to save the Kenyans and East Africans from suffering.


Anonymous said...

The matter here is not tribal. If you mean Ruto is bad, then he could have attacked Kikuyus in 2002 for not having voted in his favourite candidate.

If Raila was a tribalist he could have not declared: "Kibaki Tosha"

I ask you to be analytic and please use your educated brain effectively. Dont think one-diamensionally. THis matter is not a tribal conflict but a NO to corrupt leadership which has hurt Africa so much.

KIBAKI must resign!!!!


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12.34: This site is not about being pro-ODM and anti-PNU.


Anybody who even claims to be remotely intelligent can understand the anger that the rape of democracy has generated.

Anonymous said...

Raila is a warlord. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

I have uncorroborated reports that "Baba" Moi is in Germany, he left soon after the election and is "lying low" (like and envelope?).
As reported in Seasons & Reasons one of the Moi sons was seen at a Mauritius resort after the elections!
No, the big names are not in this with us, but heck, if Raila was possibly about to become president and I was one of them I would have high-tailed it out of Kenya too.
Mai-tai's on the beach in Mauritius are supposed to be pretty good, and it is a little bit too warm in Kenya now.

j. gathecha said...

kibaki is a thief-kibaka..always will be, he has lost his credibility as a leader, and should pave way for another election....nuff said

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.32 typifies the "other" phobia from citizens of Kikuyustan: they typically "fear" being ruled by Kenyans from other ethnic groups.

We are asking them to get off their high horses or posterity will punish them.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 4.32, note that Raila has been out there asking people to demonstrate peacefully to avoid tarnishing ODM'S cause.

The cause must be addressed: Kenyans must be assured that thieving hands will be kept out of elections in future.

21 yr old kenyan said...

Stupid kenyan adults acting like spoilt kids. Some are publishers nursing presidential ambitions, others are lawyers or engineers. This is supposed to be the cèeme de la crème of kenyan society bickering and heckling here.

Who uses what handles on kumekuch I don't care! Kikuyu this Luo that I don't care! I am not Kukiyu nor Luo but I am Kenyan and I want peace in my beloved country.

Kichwa Ngumu will not get us anywhere. People are dying, prices have shot up, It will take years to recover from this.

Please let us think of solutions to stop the violence and to heal the nation.

AAAAARGHHHHHH!! what is wrong with africans? Was Dr. Watson right about our intelligence?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You have potrayed yourself as a peace who would write anything to fuel the fire that seems to be almost under control. You claim to care for the truth but i beg to differ. All i see is one-sided stories, even before the election. You should be an advocate for peace, and i hope all your writers starting preaching peace.

tnk said...

pensive @ 11:49

i'm glad to see the church organisations are not in that list.

church leaders openly took sides in the run up to elections, and after the subsequent election fiasco, it is no wonder that churches are getting burnt, since people appear to have lost respect for the church. that is a great tragedy for a religious nation. I hope future church leaders will learn to express their political stand away from the pulpit just like Mutava Musyimi did by first resigning and thereby not sending mixed signals or at least emphasize that it was personal political opinion.

i hope to see more Kenyans take more seriously and understand their leadership responsibilities and the far reaching ramifications of simplistic utterances and actions.

I listened and observed the passive and active strategies by PNU, ODM and ODM-K think tanks, to Mutahi Ngunyi, the catholic church, those fiery televangelist preachers, kivuitu and eck commissioners, current and ex members of parliament, and even journalists and finally all of us that didn't pay too much attention to the subtle tribal hints dropped here and there, only coming out to defend our own if need be.

We all have allowed ourselves to play right into the very strategy the pre-independence british governors used to divide and rule. where our national fabric took 2nd place to that of tribe and culture or whatever other difference we could harp on.

I know however that we can rebuild bridges across our diversity and heal the wounds once we understand that these differences enrich us as a country and should be channeled to make us a better nation.

Lets all try to find a place to begin the process but most importantly understand why there is so much bitterness and if we are true to ourselves, if we have wronged the others lets address those concerns and where we have been wronged lets put that on the table as well.

P.S - I have always wondered whether current or past ministers when approaching foreign govts for aid/assistance/collaboration whether they subject them to rigorous evaluation of ethnic-cultural practice before accepting any mutual endeavor. Fact is it doesn't matter whether say Bill Clinton, Bush and others is or is not ?? or whether he eats or does not eat ??, All that is just some cheap falsehood applied locally to appease our little egos with no value when faced with progressive economic forces. Lets grow up.

Back to problem on hand, is there any one out there with a real middle ground resolution for the standoff between PNU/Kibaki and ODM/Raila? Use of force (riots, violence, cleansing or whatever other label on the one hand and live bullets, tear gas or other strong arm tactic on the other hand) simply means both sides have run out of ideological, legal and intelligent tact or options. It sadly also points at the massive distrust of institutions that should be turned to in order move forward. Even church leaders and organizations are being totally ignored.

What a mess!!

Silaha said...

The Riots In Likoni - A First Person View

I came across these two frightening first hand letters from a self described mzungu living in Likoni about her experiences there last week. I am fascinated by her graphic description of the whole thing, I wish more of the people who went through it would post a narrative of their experience. I have posted the whole thing on my blog. Here's an excerpt.


Yesterday was very bad for us as some of our watu (workers) were badly beaten and we are not sure of the whereabouts of two of them to date. There were horrific riots in Likoni, Ukunda & Diani (all near us) but the worst being the hottest spot of Likoni. They burnt all the Kikuyu kiosks (little shops, for those who are not familiar with these Kenyan terms) & in turn the Kikuyus burnt the Luo's shops. Tyres were burnt in the roads & they looted & killed. We are not sure how many were killed.


We employ a good mix of tribes here in Pungu, so were fair game for the next "hit". At this point we were at our friend's house (also in Pungu Villas) & waiting for them whilst we made the next moves. We were told that the rioters were all around us in the quarry, on the roads etc., & so the next move would have been to go over the cliff into the caves below Pungu. A friend of ours had been through this in the 1997 Likoni Riots and had leather lengths as long as a rope that they used to escape down to the beach from their houses. So we were about to scale the cliffs & let them pillage, so long as we are untouched. We had all the watu (locals) from Pungu with us too & one other family. It was the most terrifying situation. Then we got a call from a mutual friend who lived down Shelly Beach road and who knows one of the top people in the GSU in our area, and he told us to stay put as all was being controlled. Its extremely difficult to be calm in a situation where you just want to stand on the cliff side & scream like Tarzan & just lose it!!!! You can't coz the kids and the watu are all terrified & look to you to be calm...

Anonymous said...

Kimani, umekuwa wapi miaka hii yote? Ruto was KANU director for elections, he rigged the elections for Moi in 1992 and 1997 and must have given his rigging expertise to ODM in 2007. In '02 ECK determined Ruto was responsible for incitement and vote buying. Where there is smoke there is bound to be a fire.

Komora27 said...

ruto rigged, kanu rigged, everyone rigged; but not in this day and age. that does NOT EXCUSE what kibaki just did-why are kibaki apologists always coming up with flimsy excuses to justify what happened.

kibaki is a FAILURE. he is the worst mistake kenya ever made. anyone backing him is either a fool or an ignorant kikuyu.

think ahead.

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