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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Kumekucha's Stand On Violence And Other Urgent TRUTHS

1. Here is Kumekucha's stand on the violence and killings.

2. I urge all Kumekucha readers and Kenyans of goodwill to take note of the comment made in this blog by a foreign journalist recently to the effect that "HE KNOWS" Kenyan security personnel usually keep very close tabs on blogs like this one. I have plenty of evidence to support that allegation.

3. I appeal to all persons leaving comments here, in the spirit of truth and justice which most of us agree is the only way Kenya will get out of it's current mess to desist from trying to use this forum to spin their crazy ideas to the International community.

I am aware that some people's jobs are on the line because Kibaki has badly lost the propaganda war with the International press and that's why Kimunya and company have been desperately feeding news outlets like Sky with bizzarre "angles" of the situation in Kenya. I am also aware that these government "PR people" blame Kumekucha for playing a part in their loss. While I am flattered (I didn't know I was that powerful) the truth is that the Kibaki team lost it when they shot themselves in the foot by gagging the media. Of course it all started with the rigging done right infront of the eyes of International observers. You can't spin the unspinable.

So I ask you to kindly leave Kumekucha alone and practice your spin ideas in other more popular and "like minded" sites, some of which have announced here that they have taken a lead in peace and seeking solutions to the Kenyan problem in contrast to the "negativity-sells-approach of kumekucha."

Be informed that I will now be actively deleting comments that I feel fall under this category. If this does not work, I will start moderating all comments again.

4. I have also noted that most of these "spin doctors" usually "attack" this blog at the same time at around the time when Kenyan commentators have called it a day and just before those in the US wake up (does this give a hint to the market they are targetting for the spin ideas)? This is the time I will be most alert from now on.

There are of course many genuine PNU supporters who are regular commentators here. Please note I AM NOT referring to you, so please do not make any comments here proclaiming your innocence, I know exactly who I am referring to and they also know themselves. I urge you my genuine PNU brothers and sisters to resist the usual Kenyan "disease" of wanting to comment on issues they do not quite understand too well.

5. Let me also take this opportunity to state clearly that in my view the idea of censoring news and keeping information from the people under the pretext of avoiding provocation/incitement is quite ridiculous for many reasons, the most obvious being that the vast majority of the main combatants on the ground do not read newspapers, let alone blogs like this one. In Rwanda a radio station broadcasting in vernacular was used to incite people. The situation in Rwanda for those who will bother to study it, was VERY different from what is happening in Kenya.

In my view too many people are barking up the wrong tree even as real danger lingers on the ground. Nobody for instance is doing anything about bracing for the second wave of violence (mainly for revenge reasons) that is bound to sweep across the country if the people responsible are not alert. If it happens, it will make what has already happen look like kindergarten stuff.

God have mercy on Kenya. God save Kenya.

P.S. I was in church today. The feeling amongst many praying Kenyans is that what is happening in Kenya now is judgement against the people of Kenya for past sins including political assassinations, arrogance and injustice against the common man e.g. land grabbing, stealing life-saving medicine from public hospitals causing the deaths of thousands of poor people etc. The feeling is that unless Kenyans repent their sins, the worst is yet to come. Every stiff neck (arrogant unrepentant Kenyans) will be cut down by the judgement of the LORD before peace returns to Kenya. So my advice is that as you pray you focus on repentance and also ask the LORD to remember mercy for Kenya.

P.S. 2 Some people believe that this is the "earthquake of judgement" that Dr Awuor was talking about only that it has come in a differet and more devastating form.


Anonymous said...

Totally out of line with the subject. Grow up!

Anonymous said...


I have to commend you and kumekucha for having the backbone and cajones to stand up for freedom of expression and speech even as the Kibaki regime wages war on these freedoms.

A number of other sites have folded like cheap lawn chairs under presumed pressure from so called government spokesperson's threats of inciting the public.

The Kibaki regime is grappling with advances in technology by applying 20th century measures and tactics to limit the free flow of ideas, information and opinions. It goes without saying that if you limit news reports from the ground, then be prepared for rumors and innuendo to rule the airwaves and cyberspace.

While I castigate anyone who funs violence; I am more interested in opposing views from all corners of the world. We no longer live in a boma and it behooves all Kenyans to actively offer their opinions on what is happening on the ground.

Kudos to you, kudos to kumekucha!

Anonymous said...

This blog is for ODM mainstream media who get to publish dubious articles in the name journalism. Continue the good work. By the way if you want to be heard more… some of these near UHURU park.

Tom said...


Can you give us an update on yesterday's meeting at the Cellar in Kilimani. What was he consensus on the way forward?

On the same thought, I have just read in the Sunday Nation update that the government has dispatched Assistant minister, Moses Wetangula to Ghana, to update President John Kufuor on the situation in Kenya. This is a surprise as I thought President Kufuor was on his way to Kenya as head of mediation team?!

Anonymous said...

Don't believe everything Tom Dick and Harry published. It was a stunt. Feel free to take it in though.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9.25=Sam Okello

Anonymous said...

In my view, the lull in violence will be shortlived unless (until) the underlying sense of injustice is addressed

Anonymous said...

Violence is crippling down of you information annon. I think Kenyans have realised that it is doing them more harm than good. did you ever think Kenyans are going to be taken for a ride by Raila propaganda. Watch it and see it happen young man!

Anonymous said...

Once the dust settles it will be time deal with this mess, then make sure it does not happen in future.
The prosperity, peace and harmony must be restored. Then the seeds of destruction must be terminated to avoid this from happening again.
ECK will need an overhaul and the Raila should never be allowed to become an opposition leader nor hold any senior goverment position.

Anonymous said...

Annon@9.29: I hate to disappoint but no, am not Sam Okello. However, thanks for the compliment; Okello has a way with words!

Just to digress.
This issue of GNU is, to me a good idea but totally unacceptable. With all due respect to the law and common sense, why can't Kibaki agree to a run off? Why is he not interested in a legitimate presidency? How does anyone accept to share power under Kibaki who only brings 49 (?) seats to parliament? And lastly, Kibaki will only negotiate when calm and order is restored even as he circumvented the law in regards to the past elections.
Irony if I've ever heard one...

My soln would be a re- vote between Kibaki and Raila.

Anonymous said...

I agree annon 9.29. A re-run is one of the options in the table. Yet, Raila will not accept the outcome of any election where he is on the losing end. Even if a free and fair elections were to be held tommorow, this guy'smentality is set on winning it. Losing it will spell disaster for kenya.

Dont you get it! it is not about democracy or what kenya wants; it is about Raila and his political ambitions. Raila will not accept any short of a win and he is not prepared to share the cake.
No, no way....tinga wants the sit by himself.

papa plus said...

anon@9.49 is papa plus.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9.33, the hundreds of thousands of Kenyans displaced from their homes and livelihood means that we have a huge underlying. Pretending everything is ok is setting ourselves up for a bigger crisis. Until these people feel safe enough to return to their homes any "solution" will simply be a sticking plaster on the problem.

Anon@ 9:41, it's foolish apportion without including Kibaki. And I'm sorry, but if this is to work, Raila must be part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:41 your partisan tunnel vision is staggering...Raila should not be allowed to be... how about Kibaki and company should not be allowed to get away with this?

Anonymous said...

Raila cannot be part of the solution nor can he be allowed to be part of the solution. Dialogue will go on with or without Raila. Our people are dying and more are suffering to what raila terms as 'kenyans seeking for injustice done to them'. If there is injustice here, it is with Raila himself.
how do you reason with someone whose political ambitions must come before the people of kenya?

papa plus said...

Well aren't you assuming a whole lot by saying Raila will not accept a loss even in a run off?

But let's be honest. The way it works is much like a court case. It must be beyond reasonable doubt. There is no way even a true PNU supporter, can say that Kibaki rightfully won the elections. They are happy that he is in state house but at the same time, any Kenyan has to be concerned with the rubbishing of the whole process. And rightfully so. 5 years ago, the vote meant something. I ask you, had the same events transpired 5 years ago, would you feel the same as you do today?

So in my view it is a step back to the dark days when votes do not count. Kenyans came out in droves to exercise their rights and they amounted to knot in some areas. Now remember that PNU has said that there was rigging in ODM areas so that has to be addressed. But am yet to hear any reports of ODM areas voting at 115%.

My biggest disappointed is that Kibaki and ECK with one fell swoop have damaged the credibilty of the vote. But I disagree that Raila would not concede if he lost. Chances are that he will not loose and it will impossible for returning officers to disappear and form 16s to be tampered with this time around.

Anon@Sam Okello said...

SAM OKELLO...where is he? we need a new prophecy about Kibaki's government. In the meantime, there is a new prophecy here.

Angry Kenyan said...

Anon@ 10 it is individuals like you who are making this situation worse that i is. This is not about Raila, it stopped being about Raila the moment Kivuitu announced results from the comforts of Kibaki's bedroom where the CJ and other apologists were waiting to crawl out of the toilet and hastily swear in Kibaki.

You should be more focussed on the way forward rather than vomiting on this blog with your arrogance and tunnel vision.

If Kibaki is sure he was the victor in this elections, why doesent he agree to a re-run of the presidential poll? Maybe because his true colours have shown and the suppoced 98% who voted for him in Cebtral now realise their mistake and will want to perhaps teach him a lesson.

If you cannot speak the truth and in a sensible manner, stop wasting your time on this blog and go elsewhere. Boy Im I pissed with you and your tunnel visioned ilk!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @10:00 Are you listening to yourself? What is the difference between your stance and the person you are vilifying?

Silaha said...


I read and reread your posting and I am still not sure what you are alluding to, so I will assume that it does not refer to me.

While I agree fully with your stance about not tolerating comments that incite or that are blatantly untrue, I urge you not to censor comments that do not agree with your Weltanschauung.

To your final point about nobody being braced for a backlash, that is not true. I see many parallels between the occurrences of this week and those of the time in 1969 after the Mboya assassination. A week ago I wrote a post on my blog entitled "Time for Kikuyu Oaths?" I hope that it is not prophetic.

papa plus said...

It seems to me that this is standard operating procedure direct from Nyayo's playbook. Let the violence and chaos fester tothe point where folks get angry at the situation thereby forgetting about the shambles of an election we just had!
Why else would the Kibaki regime refuse to categorize the 75000 displaced folks as a humanitarian crisis? Why else would they tell the international community that we don't need any help because we can handle it ourselves? In the mean time Raila has been denied access to Uhuru park to address his supporters

quite clever if you ask me...

Hellen Okello said...

Kibaki don't give in. Protect us from these socialist facists.

Phil said...

Chris your point 3 above says in part " the spirit of truth and justice which..."

I am taking this very very personal.

I want to remind all Kenyans who care to listen that the Kenyan national anthem mentions - JUSTICE - the same words Chris is talking about before it talks about PEACE, UNITY, etc. The only other important word that comes before JUSTICE is GOD!

For the benefit of those "diasporans" who are reading this from the comfort of their A/C residences in Europe and North America, here is the first stanza of the national anthem of Kenya:

"O God of all creation,
Bless this our land and nation.
JUSTICE be our shield and defender,
May we dwell in unity,
Peace and liberty.
Plenty be found within our borders..........."

Therefore Chris, as I strongly support your sentiments above, I also urge Kibaki's informers reading this blog to inform him that we are saying that he is not only an IMPOSTOR, but also we take great exception to the fact that he chose to literally "1992 fuata nyayo" and purport to conduct his inauguration within state house accompanied by electoral rejects who advised him to ignore our national anthem quoted above. Let Kibaki, Kivuitu and of late another sorry loser called Kalonzo (cabinet wannabe) be aware, we take great exception to their misplaced assumption that we are fools who can be openly conned out of a basic democratic right! Our national anthem teaches us that after God's blessings - the next most important thing is JUSTICE. Right? all other nice words, eg. PEACE, NATION BUILDING, HERITAGE, GLORY, ET AL, COME AFTER JUSTICE.

PNU...take note please!

Diasporans, I am blogging from Jamhuri Phase II, just a short distance across the Railway line to the Show Ground where innocent Kenyan children and women are camping afraid of mungiki and kenya police violence in Kibera. We have delivered food-stuff and clothing to these Kenyan refugees, but we cannot keep away the mosquitoes and cannot provide adequate sanitation! Children who should be in school assembly tomorrow mornign are sleeping in the open while the likes of tuju, kombo, nyachae, livondo, ndura,etc. enjoy state trappings. Shame on Kibaki - you and your family will be remain forever cursed for causing this suffering to innocent Children and women!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Papa plus, I agree with some of your comments and I commend you for making those distinctions between Raila and Kibaki.
I am no PNU supporter, and i am not happy that Kibaki is in state house. Right now all we need to set politics aside and put the main issue into perspective. The issue of saving our country and our people.
When asked by a BBC interviewer if he was ready to take up rensposibilty and put aside his political ambitions aside, Raila avoided the issue and instead gave the interviewer the conditions as to which he was preapred to do so. the qeustion is, how many people will die before Raila conditions are satisfied? Are these condtions long drawn or are they actionable now? People are dying now even as we post this blog and Raila conditions are long drawn and will be acted upon some time in the future. Of course at expense of a few million souls.
Do you get where i coming from? I do not support Kibaki but this is not the time to play blame games. It is a time for action!!!!!!

Sam Okello said...


Raila knows what we need. He is a going to bring Chavez style liberation to Kenya. That is what Kenyans need. We luo have been marginalized for too long.

Pea said...

It is absolutely true that Kenya is being judged. Which is why people need to stop thinking their deliverance was possible in Kivuitu or Raila or Kibaki. It is only God who can deliver Kenya. Kenyans need to repent. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I thank you for delivering much needed aid to these people, but NO THANKS!

Instead of backing up a good thing with another one, you're blogs at Jamhuri Phase II are inciting acts of violence and even adding more people to the camp site. It is only propanganda like this that makes the situation dire for this people.
May God have mercy on your soul!

Anonymous said...


papa plus said...

Yes I know where you are coming from. And I even empathise with the Kikuyus and Luos being victimized for this. many of them have lived for generations alongside other tribes outside of their home provinces.

The question then becomes whether the loss of life, instability and insecurity justify the stand off we have with Raila and Kibaki. Well I can give you my opnion but it might not be politically correct. So in the spirit of civility I will refrain.

But look at it this way. Kibaki knows that the elections were not convincing. Kivuitu has as much as said this. Don't you think that Kibaki essentially had his bluff called? GSU and police have killed women and children. Media has been gagged.

Why can't Kibaki accept that a re run is necessary. Instead he wants to power share. Raila has backed off from Kibaki must step down to a meeting with credible international mediation. What is wrong with that?

But in the end, I think only a re run will solve this impasse

Anonymous said...

Hey, Vikii, help, HELP. You preferred presidential candidate, Mr. Kalonzo "Holier than thou, Diplomat, Mr. Clean, The Lawyer, miracle, wiper" Kalonzo has arrogantly said the following:
1. That he does not regret putting pressure on Kivuitu to prematurely announce flawed results.
2. That he is against having international mediation in the Kenyan saga.
3. That ODM and PNU rigged results and he's the only one who played it clean.
4. That the suggestion of having a run-off between Kibaki and Raila will not work because (being the refined lawyer) he will go to court to say that Kibaki does not qualify for another term because he will have been sworn in office twice.

These things Kalonzo said ironically after attending a Church service today in which they prayed for peace, understanding and reconciliation in the country.
Kalonzo disgusts me every time he and his bootlicker Kilonzo open their mouths. I dare even say that Kibaki and Raila are power hungry, but he is power greedy. Does he realise that he can only talk on behalf of Kambas who makea paltry 4% of the Kenyan population? Why does he always pose like he is very intelligent, yet he is not? Why does he pose as a pious man, yet his fruits are green and with worms inside? How can he with one side of the mouth say that he is an experienced international peace-maker for Somalia and Sudan and with the other side say that Kenya does not international mediation? Is he aware of the quantity of blood of Kenyans that has been spilt by the mere announcement of Kivuitu's fake results as he arrogantly says he has no regrets for pressurizing him? Can you please tell Kalonzo that he will NEVER be Kenya's president. And please tell him to keep his big mouth shut while people mourn and try to think peace and reconciliation. Why are these Kambas {Kalonzo, Kilonzo, Kivuitu)seemingly enjoying the suffering of Kenyans? Infact, Kalembe Ndile is, surprisingly, the only Kamba who is currently speaking sensibly. Kalonzo must speak like a diplomat he thinks he is. he even lied in the press that he had met with Raila. Then I saw him hugging Koskey and Orengo while smilimg wryly at them just before they were teargassed while trying to go to Uhuru Park yesterday. What will happen when Raila will, after negotiations or run-off, become the president? Will Kalonzo begin cheating us how they have always been friends with Raila so that he can be included in Govt? Atalia na jicho moja. Please Vikii, tell Kalonzo to smarten up, read the mood in Kenya, stop being power greedy and show some modicum of patriotism.

Anonymous said...

Raila had it coming. His hunger for power will lead to his downfall from politics. A move that will inevitably eventuate, unless he addresses the current situation in the country.
The Ball is in his hands. The end is not far. I only hope he does not drag the rest of the country with him. We do not need this!

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 10:27 I have read the piece. And your point was?

Anonymous said...

Anon @10:27, did you actually READ the article in the FT? All I'm reading is that Kenyans were robbed of their preferred president.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:45, Oh, my bad, that is what I saw too. Your title was a bit misleading though - Raila Exposed.

Anonymous said...

Anon @10:39 Puhleez. If you are still blaming this madness on Raila, you clearly need mental help.

Anonymous said...

My point is simple, Raila is also a paid-up member of the business elite.

How is he going to repay the billions of shillings borrowed for his election campaign (at last count over 6 billion), without sleeping in statehouse?

Trebor said...

Anon@ 10:54 Stil missing the point. Whether Raila is a paid up member of the business elite is immaterial right now.

This is not, I repat, not about Raila. It is about a keguoya thief who has robbed the country of its progress.

If he is allowed to get away with this, it will send a very wrong message and somewhere down the line, someone else from that club of thieves will do the exact same thing and there will be violence.

That is the long and short of it.
For peace to prevail, it is important that justice be done, that the integrity of our electoral process is respected. Otherwise we might as well go back to the days of single party mlolongos.

Sam Okello said...

Somebody just used my name at 10:20 a.m. I've got to assume it's Marianne Briner since she's the one who has been obsessed with me on this blog. I ask you, Marianne, to behave your age. Like I've told you before, the issues Kenyans are dealing with here are beyond your comprehension. When the dire situation in Kenya is resolved and we're back to the mood of entertaining bullcrap, you can come back.

Fellow Kumekuchans, pay no attention to Marianne. She's proved she has no solution to our problems whatsoever.

I can't believe how low she's ready to sink. Thank God she's going into that hole alone.

Anonymous said...

As the anon who asked kumekucha to state his stand on violence,his thoughts on ruto and why he has let his blog spew out so much hate I must say I am in shock by his response.
I am not a foreigner,am not been paid to write here and for deleting my comments..its you blog you can pull a michuki what can I do?
I am quite disgusted by people who are stuck at results results results.
People are dying,people have no food,shelter,people have lost everything.Let's not be insensitive!!
As for solution consensus seems to be re-election but me thinks we should focus on geting leaders.
Kibaki,raila,kalonzo have clearly shown how unworthy they are!
So kumekucha,I asked and have to say I am unimpressed by your answer.
What happened to the kumekucha who used to write when this was a patriotic blog?
Only you kumekucha knows!
God bless kenya.

Anonymous said...


for the latest news on kenya

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, you are as sick as your wife. Read the comments Marian's daughter has left today. Her mother is in the hospital since days undergoing treatment for the injuries she suffered by the hands of Jeff Koinange. If you do not believe, ask Chris because Marian told him about it and also that she is signing off from Kumekucha.
Stop continuing publishing your lies and threats here, not to Marian nor to the Kenyan people. You have no right to even open up her mouth. Marian is more Kenyan than you.

Sam Okello said...

If Marianne signed off from Kumekucha that would be great. She should also sign off as anon and all those other names she uses here. And I have no reason to read what her daughter says. A child of a snake is a snake.

Good riddance, Marianne.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, let's continue discussing the issues and find an amicable way forward as sons and daughters of Kenya.

Anonymous said...


Raila is our savior. He knows what liberation is. As for you, Briner you are a sick woman with no place to comment on what our liberation is all about!

Anonymous said...

Okellos, why do you also post as anon? You should not be scared to say your thoughts. You have experienced the struggle. Power to you.

Abdi said...

Can Sam Okello and Marianne (aka Sam Okello, anonymous) stop the personal attacks? Please.

We should all unite to stop the violence in Kenya and peacefully demand for our elected leaders.

Jeff said...

Ms. Briner, you are abdi.

San Okello said...

It is quiet possible that Raila will call it off, be quite and wait for 2012. News from the ground tell me that Raila is really considering that offer because of his moderate capos like Ngilu and Mudavadi. On the other hand, the radical elements of the likes of Orengo and Ruto are scared since Michuki is already lining up charges against Ruto for human killings...
Ladies and Gentelmens, Raila, once more, has proved hisself to be a statesmen.

Anonymous said...

Phil, the media is awash with quotations including videos of ODM supporters on the killings they are conducting. If you need proof, just ask, there is an endless plethora of media sources complete with pictures of what ODM supporters were doing to innocent men, women and children across the country that could fill this blog and tv channels for days on end. If the murdering ODM supporters are now experiencing reprisal attacks then be realistic and not economical with the truth so as to attempt to score cheap political points. The media has it documented that it was mainly the Kikuyu who were driven out of Kibera by ODM supporters. If this wasn't the case how do you explain the attempted marches from Kibera to Uhuru Park from Kibera by ODM supporters. During the burning of the AIC church in Kibera, ODM bystanders were quoted on video saying they burned down the church because that was where the Kikuyu's worshipped, what wrongs against ODM did Patrick Njiru do to get his petrol station burned by ODM supporters? Phil this is not the time to start peddling untruths. We commend your efforts to help those displaced by your fellow ODM supporters and hope ODMers in Kibera can see sense in living in peace alongside other communities who committed no crime other than being from particular communities. As we speak who exactly is evacuating the communities that have nearly been anihilated in Rift Valley province from militia sponsored by opposition politicians? I don't imagine by any stretch that Ruto or ODM are doing the evacuations.

Anonymous said...

Sam and Hellen Okello you are Ugandans not Kenyans, you can be wannabe Kenyans but you could never hope to be true daughters or sons of Kenya at heart given the hate and vitriol you have demonstrated for all to see.

True Kenyan said...

Jeff aka Sam Okello. You are a coward misusing now even this name thinking that all Kenyans are stupid believing that it's Jeff Koinange writing. He is too intelligent and clever to ever write in your low-class style.
We all know in the meantime that you are an international crook. Stop lecturing the people of Kenya. We do not need somebody like you because you are not one of us. Go back to Uganda and leave us Kenyans alone.

Jeff said...

Marianne Briner @ 1:24 PM, for the umpteenth time! our country is on fire. Chris can you eject this international prostitute from this forum!

Anonymous said...


This website is not anti-PNU or pro-ODM. IT IS PRO-DEMOCRACY!!!

The fact is simple and any pinhead can understand it.

Anonymous said...

Did you have your dreams crushed so hard that a blog site is your only remedy???? You are one sick person, and i hope you prayed for your sorry soul today. The country is up in flames and you are busy feuling it. Would it hurt you so bad if you started preaching peace to a badly wounded nation??????

Phil said...


To prove to you that you do not know what you are talking about, I wish to inform you that Patrick Njiru stopped operating the Caltex Petrol Station at Makina way back in 2004 after he failed to pay for fuel deliveries from Caltex. The structure has been abandoned for three years NOW! I am on the ground in Kibera everyday and I have friends (non-Gema) who have had to move out because of police brutality and mungiki violence. Sadly most of the violence against women and children is gang-rape. Men are mostly shot in the head.

To bring you up to date, the entire Toi market has also been burnt down - where most traders were known to be Raila/ODM supporters. All bars and restaurants that line up the Kibera drive from DO's office all the way to 42 bus terminus have also been burnt down. A good number of these business premises belong to ODM supporters. This is a fact.

Therefore my guy, before you post imaginary comments here, please take some time and tour Kibera, then talk to those Kenyan refugees at the show ground and they will tell you what they run away from - most likely answer you will get is GANG-RAPE (very randy policemen out there) and house burning at night.

Phil said...
By KATHARINE HOURELD, Associated Press Writer Sun Jan 6, 6:13 PM ET

NAIROBI, Kenya - Noor Adam begged police to spare his children as he lay bleeding from a bullet wound in front of his shop but they set fire to his store anyway, burning to death his 7-year-old daughter and teenage son inside.

The Nairobi shopkeeper says he was targeted by police from a rival tribe — underscoring how riots that began as opposition protests have sent simmering ethnic tensions boiling over and how some police appear to have fueled rather than tamped the violence.

More than two dozen Kenyan civil organizations say police have taken to using extraordinary force, and in some cases carried out extrajudicial executions, in the face of riots sparked by anger over alleged election fraud. Police deny the accusations.

The unrest began when supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga accused President Mwai Kibaki of rigging the Dec. 27 vote but soon exploded into widespread ethnic clashes, pulling in many more than Kibaki's Kikuyu tribe and Odinga's Luo, and leaving more than 300 people dead.

Adam, a member of the Luhya tribe who have largely backed opposition leader Odinga, said he was sleeping in his shop with his daughter Saida and his 17-year-old son, Rashid, when the police from a different tribe arrived on Dec. 29.

"When I showed my ID, they said, 'He's from the Luhya community ... Shoot him,'" Adam said.

The police shot him in the leg, then turned their attention to his shop.

"I saw the police set the shop on fire. I told them I had children inside," said Adam who was being treated Saturday for an infected bullet wound at the Makina clinic in Nairobi's Kibera slum.

He said he couldn't bear to go back home to sift through the ashes for the bones of his children.

"I can never go back. I want to leave this country," he said, weeping. "They (police) are supposed to protect us."

Police commissioner Hussein Ali initially refused to answer questions about police shootings at a news conference Sunday, finally insisting, "We have not shot anyone."

But 23 civil organizations, including the state-funded Kenyan National Commission of Human Rights, said "one of the forms that violence has taken is in the extraordinary use of force by Kenya's police force ... to the extent of extrajudicial executions."

New York-based Human Rights Watch said opposition protests were met with excessive police force.

Wilfred Arende, 25, sat at the Makina clinic covered in dried blood. He said police picked him up Friday night after he left his house, which was near a group of protesters. They beat him for an hour with sticks and fists then, then urged a nearby crowd of men to attack him.

The crowd attacked him while the police watched, he said, showing deep wounds on his head and forearm. He said he survived by pretending to be dead.

Andrew Otieno, a medic at the Makina clinic, said about half the victims they have treated said they were injured by police.

On Saturday, an Associated Press Television cameraman watched police fire on a machete-wielding crowd that had seriously injured three men. One man was shot in the head and died.

In Kisumu, about 200 miles west of Nairobi, a morgue attendant said there were 46 bodies with bullet wounds, all shot multiple times and many in the back. The attendant asked that his name not be used because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Maina Kiai, chairman of the Kenyan National Commission of Human Rights, told The Associated Press his organization had reports of 100 or more civilians shot in Kisumu, a stronghold of Odinga where protesters were attacked by police.

"We are investigating but our assumption is that they were shot by police," Kiai said. "The shootings come from police, generally speaking, because the protesters do not have guns."

Anonymous said...

To the "Jeff" posting comments in this blog:
I am working in Spain for a Swiss Media Group and have conducted a few weeks ago an interview with Mrs. Briner. During our talks she gave me the possibility to read all mails exchanged between her and Jeff Koinange and I have to say if ever there was a prostitute, then it is a certain Jeff Koinange. I have done my own investigations and found enough information how he not only sold his body but also his mind not only to women but also to men as it is reported in various Internet-Outlets. He never denied these rumours. CNN and before Reuters did not seem to care much as long as he succeeded to deliver good stories. But then he went a little bit too far - and was dropped. Although I feel sorry for him having to go back to his native country Kenya, maybe have to renounce his precious American passport which he only succeeded to get when marrying a 20 years older American woman and to have to face the reality of life starting again from the bottom. After having read his outrageous mails acknowledging to have raped and injured Mrs. Briner in London, begging her to forgive him, I think he deserves no better. So in calling her an international prostitute, what does he think the world community is calling him? I have also read the interview he gave to a South African Newspaper in which he is denying to have had any sexual contact with Mrs. Briner. I agree with many of my colleagues around the world that it would have been better for him to just shut up. Mrs. Briner had already sent copies of his mails to the CNN-Executives and other media outlets and they clearly demonstrated his guilt in his own words.
Being a journalist myself, I strongly suggest to him to go down on his knees and ask for forgiveness, and then maybe he can grow up and finally become a responsible man.
Finally let me refer to the current political situation in Kenya. I have seen some very shocking reports. I have come to Kenya for holidays in the past and have also friends working there for some Aids Organizations. I hope and pray that Kenya and its Leaders will soon find a solution to end this madness.

Anonymous said...

If there are any lawyers in this blog, kindly advice if these police killings can be used to take Commissioner Ali and his ilk to court (international) over crimes against humanity.
How can we have a president that after more than a week after being sworn in has not stepped on the lawns of State House? Instead of blaming and castigating Raila of not doing enough to stop the chaos (Raila this Raila that has to stop), why aren't you asking why the 'President' is holed up in State House.

Anonymous said...

in my view none of them is worthy to be a leader. What happened to the elected MP's everyone just seems to be too sure something can be done but why wait for our seemingly stubborn so called leaders with their useless conditions...

Bungei (wa Kapsengere) said...

you people be warned Marianne Brinner is a racist pig, a swine; ugly, uncouth, uncultured, and without any morals (for a woman her age). the fatso will masquarade as anything to front her agenda. she is bringing back the fake date rape issue when our country is at its worst time. any PNU idiot defending her in the name of attacking ODM or the okellos is not kenyan.

i have 2 words for her jenny craig :-D!!! now will i see u in court too...? LOOOL

Anonymous said...

Kenyan media finally blamed for their failures and cheats...

Anonymous said...

Kibogoyo ajibu maswali yenu.

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