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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Possible Rebirth of Kenya

A call for a transitional government

Honesty in the face of despair is the rarest commodity in Kenya today. The reality is that our jealously guarded cultural and tribal biases have manifested into the most painful event in the history of our nation. Through excruciating personal experiences of loss, pictures of bludgeoned and bleeding children and the circulation of death infested video clips; we have become accustomed to visions of dead or dying Kenyans. The sound of rapid gunfire, the wailing of mothers and the screaming of toddlers no longer disturb our heavy sleep.

This is the Kenya of today….but for how long? Let us not seek solace in the Kenya of yesterday; for it was dogged by tribalism, corruption, ineptitude and suppressed feelings of hate, resentment and impending atrocities. As we live amidst this explosion of tribal hate, we realize that many of our neighbors, classmates, colleagues and friends were in deed living on borrowed time. The demon is us has been awoken.

It is the fire that burns Kenya today that must also provide the light that guides our future. Let no burnt churches or bullet riddled bodies reduce us to hopelessness.

It is clear that the current administration, one of questionable character, unclear mandate and doubtful legitimacy, cannot successfully pursue an inclusive agenda of justice, national healing and reconciliation. It is these overwhelming evidences of deficiencies that call for a transitional government. If Kibaki accepts, we could use the opportunity provided within the transitional period to heal and unite as Kenyans. This would be an opportunity to reconstitute the ECK providing it the capabilities to efficiently and fairly conduct a presidential election….thereby providing Kenyans a properly elected president.

If Kibaki refuses, then he must use his forces to suppress all manner of uprisings with an aim of ‘moving on’. Kenyans are now tired. Let him jail us all if that would mean that our children return to school and our wives find peace. Let him maintain a heavy police presence in every street corner, after all it will also deter carjackers and common pickpockets. Let him espouse his Moism traits and bring order by intimidation and detention; civil order if through fear is better than violence and destruction. Let us in fact tremble at the sight of the presidential motorcade. Kenyans, the ‘half’ that apparently didn’t vote for Kibaki must be hammered into submission. Wameze wembe na kazi iendele.

-Question: If the current real or imagined tribal hate has resulted in the bloody fracas of today, what will happen five years from now when, in addition to the current resentments, that of a stolen presidency is added?


Wanjiku - Mombasa. said...


That picture of Kibaki with the caption "Kenya burning, how much does it cost to steal an election", please keep it topmost in all your posts. Its a very powerful picture and I'm sad to see that its moving further and further below. If possible even make it a permanent fixture in all the posts. Also share it with other like minded bloggers so they can do the same. It'll go a little or a long way in fighting for our rightfully elected peoples president.

Anonymous said...

After much soulsearching, I have come to the conclusion that we need a new election and the people standing should not be Kibaki, Raila or Kalonzo. The parties can choose other people so that we can try to unite the nation. As much as I am angered by the stealing of this election, I think that we need a neutral figure so that the nation can move forward without any community feeling threatened. The problem we have right now is that Kibaki despite being the greater problem, does not seem ready to work at a solution.

Anonymous said...

This country belongs to all kenyans.Irrespective of who won,and how they did it,we must exercise restraint.Killings will never,be the answer,ever.Generational mistakes have been made,and they cant be corrected by force.
You burn kenya,you burn your father,mother,children,friends etc.
Only a bitter kenyan can do that.when war begins,it will never recognise,whether you are pnu,odm or odmk.patience bro,patience sister.A voice of reason.

Dudj said...

Consider the article below by a columnist on Washington post. Although she is a little ignorant on some of the facts, it is the most hopeful analysis of our situation I have seen.

There is some HOPE!

Anonymous said...

You know, I have issues we create ourselves and then pretend to be solving them. Your article well talks of tribal hatred that is consuming our country. Now, who are the parties that were championing this hatred, even before elections? It saddens me every time the ODM supporters claim that 'Kenyans' have been robbed, 'Kenyans' are being subjected to killings and that the options are an election re-run which Kibaki MUST not refuse! The truth is, right now over 52% Kenyans are for Kibaki compared to less than 47% who are for Raila. Yet the ODM guys are trying to hold the country at ransom. Many of us want Kibaki to stay! We do not want Raila anywhere in the picture. When you guys are calling for a re-run, you are in other words saying, 'we will have no one else other than Raila'. If indeed Kibaki lost and Raila won, let Kibaki step aside and Raila takes over. But please, NO RE-RUN. I hate to go to elections any time soon before five years. So save me another election.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl young and delicate
Like the petals of a morning flower
Dripping dew and gushing life every hour
Kidnapped and wounded
From a mother nursing birth pains
Defiled by noon, maimed by the moon
On the holy mountain where gods dwell
As the filthy horde cheer and laugh
At the screams and wails of the poor angel
Echoed through the forest as the masses laugh
Now she is dirty and filthy
To enter the holy shrines
Who will pity her?
Nobody remembers about her purity anymore
They speak of her in low tones
And throw stones on her shadow
Pricking her image
Now she is silent and dry
Who will weep for her?
For the outcast whore who will cry?
Who will cover her nude
Who will shed tears for the demise of democracy?

Anonymous said...

Those of you who want Kibaki to stay must know that there are other Kenyans who do not want to be controlled by one tribe who feels it has the supreme power over others.
If that is the case, let each tribe have its own corner and control its destiny. Some of us are sick and tired of being controlled at gun points.

Anonymous said...

This may hopefully address 1:37am and 12:21am. What do you mean by generational mistakes? This was not a mistake but an intended wrongdoing to the people of Kenya. The country belongs to everyone but not all places in the country belong to everyone. If that is not the case, can you tell me why there are no Kales or Luos or Luyhas in Central province. The central people have always been eradicating and ejecting people from their land and that is why my friends kiosk was ripped apart even before he could start selling back in 2003.

For the 1:37am, I think you are talking about polls conducted by Kibaki, Uhuru and Michuki. 52% to 47% ? Are you insane? You are on your own dreamland. You are one of the folks who are a stumbling block in the path to a democratic Kenya. If you don’t like elections, you can as well stay home, conduct another poll and eat arrow roots. Simply, you don’t have to. This should actually limit the 110% turnout.

Anonymous said...

Three issues that need clarification:Why is the govt. spokesman using taxpayers money(even ODM supporters pay tax)to try and prove that Kibaki won the elections?
They even have a link thro the Nation site!
Why would you announce that you are the one who sired a child unless you doubt yourself?
Why is Kibaki trying to 'hammer in' his presidency unless he is holding something that isn't his.
Are you aware the official inauguration was postponed without any explanation?It was officially slated for Mon.7th by State House and an announcement made.
In the case of a re-run is Kibaki legible to contest?If not what can we do to facilitate that?

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